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iphis16 chapter 20 . 5/2/2011
"I subscribe to a Muggle bulletin which keeps me informed of progress on space travel. I didn't hear about Pioneer 10 until they reported its launch. But when I discovered that Pioneer 11 would also be leaving the Solar System forever," Professor Quirrell said, his grin the widest that Harry had yet seen from him, "I snuck into NASA, I did, and I cast a lovely little spell on that lovely golden plaque which will make it last a lot longer than it otherwise would."

I don't cry easily. I really don't cry easily.

In fact, I cry even less than I laugh. Which is precious little.

Which makes the fact that that little revelation there made me laugh to the point of tears somewhat peculiar.

~Mademise Morte
HPFan chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
I m a great HP fan...! Having some sort of new experience with him is fabulous! Wonderful work...
anon chapter 39 . 5/2/2011
Sable Katze: The writer himself was an orthodox Jew. If Harry has made a mistake about this than that is due to Harry's lack of knowledge, not the author's.

Leading theory regarding Quirrel&Harry is some form of mind manipulation on Quirrel's part to make Harry ignore the Doom.
iphis16 chapter 17 . 5/2/2011
"Oh, the little fiddly things?" said Dumbledore. "They came with the Headmaster's office and I have absolutely no idea what most of them do. Although this dial with the eight hands counts the number of, let's call them sneezes, by left-handed witches within the borders of France, you would not believe how much work it took to nail that down. And this one with the golden wibblers is my own invention and Minerva is never, ever going to figure out what it's doing."

I absolutely adored that.

~Mademise Morte
iphis16 chapter 13 . 5/2/2011
Of all the inane and useless things I could say, I figured that this would have the highest chance of being vaguely amusing. Bonus points for being true.

I just lost The Game.

~Mademise Morte
Rob chapter 71 . 5/1/2011
This story is in the 99.9th percentile. If it updated more, it would be in the 99.999th.
iphis16 chapter 11 . 5/1/2011
I love omake in general, and these were just lovely.

~Mademise Morte
iphis16 chapter 8 . 5/1/2011
Like many others of my generation, I read the Harry Potter series as an extremely small child. I was never struck with the desire to 'believe' in Hogwarts, or wait five years for an acceptance letter.

Looking back, if the universe conceptualised here was the one I was exposed to, I may well would have.

That last sentence confused me. Apparently I need to improve my grasp of English grammar.

~Mademise Morte
iphis16 chapter 7 . 5/1/2011
I think that there is something severely wrong with me. This hypothesis is based on the fact that I found a conversation about rape versus murder amusing. In the extreme.

If this is not my fault, then I blame Society.

~Mademise Morte
Aloril chapter 26 . 5/1/2011
Hint 1: "large metal plate near a fire"

Hint 2: "Legilimized" (from chapter 46)

So Weasley twins found a person who would be willing to legilimize whole story into Rita Skeeters mind and make her think she had seen it all. It's easy to vanish fake betrothal contract when there wasn't one :)

What makes me confused is why doesn't Quirrel think about this and why this isn't more common thing? Maybe only very few people can do it?
SaintNicholas119 chapter 26 . 5/1/2011
This chapter was BRILLIANT. Quirrell was basically describing every stupid thing Harry ever did in the main universe. These references were very funny. I'm really enjoying this story.
Sable Katze chapter 71 . 5/1/2011
You brought this upon yourself by actually asking people to review.

Bad points: You come off a little preachy on scientific method (yes it's awesome and inventive and everyone should learn it, but there are more things to life than just that, and everyone has a "better way to view the world" for them), you've gotten some really simple facts wrong (Judaism isn't an ethnicity, Hitler wanted to be an artist not architect, etc, but it is probably only because you're focusing on bigger picture things instead of smaller facts. While the hitler thing can be ignored- who gives a damn?- it's an uphill battle to explain to people that no, Judaism is not an ethnicity, and having a seemingly intelligent person (and what's more a writer) confirm it for them is really not going to help me out in this), there are some points where the characters actions seem entirely ridiculous (like going from avoiding a man because of an inexplicably sense of doom to being the pet to his teacher, a rephrasing which I shall have to rethink in the future because it sounds creepy. But it fits. It is creepy. That's a good point though, good job making Quirrel a stealth creep), and a few instances where it kind of looks like you put a character on a bus until you suddenly remember they exist and write them back in (which really, no fixing it now, but it's something to be careful of.)

Good points: Your writing is PHENOMENAL. The references pander to the usual crowd on fanfiction, so good going there, the fact you've got some psych studies in there just makes me inherently happy, as well as some of the finer techniques of manipulation (which also qualify as psychology sorts of things, but are more fitted in the category of awesome), and the fact that you're writing this complex a fic at this level of literacy and it's 71 chapters and counting! That's just FUN. Lastly (and I have to leave it here or it's going to run off with me again, because honestly this is my second attempt at review creation and it's a lot shorter than before) is the idea of Chaos Legion. In general. And giving LOGICAL explanations of how it was done? You have definitely helped me in my road to awesome (and honestly the plan just basically consists of people being very, very confused, which is harder than you'd think), and it's just a fun read.

I did get referred here from TV tropes, who has this mad idea that your fic is some sort of Goliath with more words than the first three Harry Potter books combined, which is probably wrong and should be checked, because I've just read through it in two days out of sheer boredom and inability to sleep. So yeah. That was also a way to imply that this longass review? Purely out of derangement. Also because in your profile you ASKED for reviews, so you shall damn well get one. Even if it is long and pointless and kind of dumb.

I look forward to your next update (providing it isn't like some of the parts that kind of made me want to quit reading, which by the way almost happened at chapter 39 and there was much ranting), and thank you for the link on your profile to accessing some of the theorems you've made it storycanon for Harry to know. Before noticing that, I had, in fact, been looking for a similar list via google. (Google didn't have one)
iphis16 chapter 6 . 5/1/2011
The italics. My God, the italics.

I find that I have, with all due thanks to you and this marvellous story, practically fallen in love with a part of formatting.

That is on your head. Feel guilty, if you think it appropriate.

~Mademise Morte
iphis16 chapter 5 . 5/1/2011
So, um. I suppose I should apologise for not reviewing earlier.

Consider it done.

Anyway, this whole chapter was absolutely hilarious, and oh, isn't that insulting? I should be lauding its wit, its wry intelligence, its beautifully balanced sentences, and here I am, practically mocking it with 'hilarious'.

Considering that I got here from TVTropes, I'm guessing you've gotten more insulting reviews than this, perhaps even (gaspshockhorror) badly misspelled ones that maybe even included phrases such as 'LOL'. In which case, I offer my humble condolences.

~Mademise Morte
di chapter 11 . 5/1/2011
I was laughing so hard at the elf bit I peed a bit. Just thought I'd tell you how funny I find this, even though I loathe the HMS Harmony
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