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dragonfilia chapter 63 . 11/30/2010

Good ending. I especially liked the Hermione part, I hope to see her living up to her MoR potential. ...Though to be honest I hope she does something more worthwhile that SPEW.

One of the best parts, and the part I found the most amusing, was the part about the portkey. Stated like that it really doesn't make any sense. However, I have a theory that the cup was a portkey before Barty messed with it. It was instead supposed to port the winner back to the beginning of the maze. All Barty did was create a diversion, he probably couldn't outright remove it because of Dumbledore. So, in other words Harry grabbing resulted in the residual magics of the original portus and he was sent home. In other words he was very, very, lucky.

Work Designer chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Very good point to take a break. Amazing writing. Thanks for bringing all sorts of perspectives to the sendoff chapter.

The biggest mysteries still lingering, imho

What was the old prophecy? "he is coming..."

Why did the rememberall light up when held by Harry? What has he forgotten?

Santa Claus, identity of.

What is Lucius Malfoy's plan, now that his puppet minister's position would be severely compromised by BB's escape?

What will be the excuse that will remove Quirell? (Now that the prison break doesn't seem like it)

What is Quirell's plan after the year ends?

"I'm not Serious" - well then, who are you?

And last, but in many ways the first

What is the mechanism by which magic works?
Aotrs Commander chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
A truely unique work. In parts hilariously funny (especially the subtle- and not-so-subtle D&D references...), others tragic and all the while, a fascinating study of the mind and science. And a plot, that - for once - that isn't immediately obivious. (Especially as I started reading this literally as I was finishing the last half of my latest read-though of the series itself). I have vague suspicions of what might be going on, but with the story's changes, you've sufficently fogged the mirror that prior knowledge of the old characters doesn't actually help you in predicting anything. That it itself a very clever piece of work.

The science and psychology are fascinating, if the latter sometimes makes my head spin a bit, which is quite an achievement in and of itself. (My background is engineering.) One can perhaps say this is story is not unlike the sort of material one finds in the Science of Discworld in places.

I shall look foward to the continuation of this utterly fascinating read.
EmEx chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
When you are cheering for the hero to fail, you know there is something really wrong with him! Ok, joking, kind of.

I was mildly interested by the title of your fanfic so I decided to give it a go and I must confess that it was a bit hard to reach chapter 10, not because of the plot or because the many scientific facts -au contraire, that was what helped me keep reading-, but because of the slow pace of the development regarding the flow of the reading.

However said flow became more dynamic and the story is now just addictive. I have been enjoying your character's developments, their personalities and description of mental processes and even Harry, who for me, feels like an Original Character in the skin of a canon character, has really grown on me.

I won't deny I feel deeply frustrated at times when it comes to how he rationalizes problems, and I wonder how someone so brilliant can let go of such simple details, but it agrees with his nature. It would seem Harry still needs to learn to find the simple solution to a problem before starting to think about using Hufflepuff's bones as weapons, but his journey proves that he might get there and that is what kept me hooked up to this story for 6 hours in a row.

Of course I deeply appreciate your great usage of grammar, punctuation and spelling and your wonderful dialogs. My favorite part so far has been of course the Sunshine/Chaos/Dragon battles and all the references to experiments of which I had already read in sites such as cracked dot com or howstuffworks dot com.

Harry and Hermione's friendship and relationship development have also put some smiles on my face and... don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly glad you got rid of Ron. There was something in his character that always annoyed me. What? You mean anyone can read this review? Damn!

Thanks for this great story, I'll keep on reading.
Zargon chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Really liked this series, especially the aftermaths.

I like how so many characters get some of their story told, such as Mad-Eye and how he acquired the Eye of Vance and a decent level of caution, as well as the Aurors in Azkaban, for example.

I liked the passage on the Milgram experiments. I knew of them before, but I didn't really know about them. I still don't, really. I'll go looking later today.
wsablek chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
I LOVED this chapter. It is beautiful and amazing, and... well, I had to read it in 3 sittings, and will probably re-read it at least 3 times before your hiatus is over. Take all the time you need. This story is so worth it.
anou chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Another 1000 reviews or so and this will become the third most reviewed story in ff (searched through only 300 000 words though).
koipen chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Past Harrys first year? Unless you rush the events into the first half of the second year this is going to be a loong fic. My guess of 80 chapters is now pushed more towards 100 chapters.

Awesome chapter as usual. Apart from the huge rope still hanging (Quirrel), most of the threads have been solved. It is a question of time how much it will take for the people to go back to their original tracks, and how much this will affect Harry.

The hiatus doesn't actually bother me too much. It will be christmas-time so I have plenty of things to do, and new year will be coming along too.

I really hope the hiatus helps and this will be relaxed for you - the state of the author reflects on the story.
Borror0 chapter 1 . 11/30/2010
"The part of his mind that wasn't convinced was screaming conspiracy! at the top of its lungs. She's in on it too!

The other part of him noted, much more matter-of-factly, she was probably put here to watch you."

While that's an accurate deduction, why is Harry justified in concluding that? At the moment, Harry has no reasons to assume he is special and thinking that every Muggleborn magical child has a wizard watching over them is ridiculous.
poi chapter 5 . 11/30/2010
Single most HILARIOUS chapter of any fan fiction story I have ever read, BAR NONE. :) Thank you so much for putting a BIG smile on my face this morning!
twistyguru chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
excellent, as always.
Hedelex chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
I love every single chapter of this story to this moment. I must admit it is not what I'd usually call light reading, sometimes I get lost thinking about stuff while I read and I have to come back and re-read the paragraph, reading that makes you think your own ideas about the matter has to be good :-P

I enjoyed chapter 63, it is very motivating and funny and, as usual, entertaining.

I hope you enjoy your hiatus and possibly the holidays, since as a coincidence they are timed, family is important (I'd tell your sister anytime that being you is far better than being infamous Paris Hilton or something, your sister is lucky having you as a brother) and... um... be happy! XD
N chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Quest completed.

Lestat joined your party!
Matthew Fallshaw chapter 63 . 11/30/2010
Praise sandwich:

This is possibly the most awesome chapter of 63 awesome chapters of this most awesome story.

"His wandering feet took him near an open window, and Harry went over,"... there's a comma there to warn me to suspend judgement, but that's still an awkward construction, because he didn't go over in the plummeting to an unscheduled visit to Madam Pomfrey kind of way... but I need to read a few words further to set my beating heart to rest.

You're awesome, Mr E.
PersonaJXT chapter 63 . 11/29/2010
Hey, great chapter as usual. Sorry to hear about the hiatus - I'll be suffering from withdrawal for the entire time.

About the Milgram experiment, isn't it more that the people who refused to continue shocking the supposed victim had more individualistic traits than the people who didn't? Like the people who obeyed the scientist conducting the experiment due to the scientist's authority, rather than a willingness to actually shock the person? I'm not a psychology major or anything like that, but I do recall something along those lines when I took a psychology course a while back.

Anyways, it'll be along wait to the next update. Here's to hoping the wait won't be too bad!
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