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Starburstia chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
It might be since I was just skipping through your chapters, but this one struck me as the best somehow. I was in conniptions, and then more conniptions (of /laughter/) and then I added you to my favs.

threecankeepasecret chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
I absolutely loved that chapter. It's my favorite kind of chapter.
youxcan'txstop chapter 11 . 8/31/2011

I aughed so hard at this, particularly the 'Harry is a father' one and the last one, could you tell me if anyone did continue with these as their own continuation fic?
youxcan'txstop chapter 10 . 8/31/2011
Oh my god, I read the SLYTHERIN part and my heart skipped a beat

and then I read the last sentence, and I just thought (God could you imagine if this version of Harry had to deal with himself all the time? I think after a few hours he'd try and kill himself :P)
youxcan'txstop chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
A wonderful story, truly funny, and it's...well to put it simply this is probably one of the most educational and honestly interesting fic on this site, thank you for putting the links to the Less Wrong website (can't believe I've lived, trolling the internet for years, in ignorance of this wonderful tool)

Thank you for letting this particular spawn of your head cannon form into such a fic
Izzyaro chapter 20 . 8/31/2011
Absolutely mind-blowing in so many ways. I can see why it's got so many reviews.
Dee chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
lol! So funny this chapter! Glad that this story is being updated again :) I especially loved this:

"Thank you very much," Harry said evenly. "Though I think Professor Quirrell deserves more credit than me."

That part and the end really had me laughing.
Swamp Adder chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
This chapter is pretty hilarious. Especially the last bit. "Kick your asses" is an Americanism, though.
Selina Novella chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
The amount to which I've been laughing for the past 10 minutes can not be properly expressed in English. I'm sure the Germans have a word for it, but I don't know what it would be. Normally I don't notice that this is a parody/comedy, because it's so cleverly done, however this last scene certainly brought it home. *applauds*
Coby chapter 69 . 8/31/2011
I think Hermiones being completely selfish. Not once did she think about how Harry must be feeling and Dumbledoor had to actually say that harry would be hurt by her rejecting him. Then when she claims shes not after glory the first thing she does after saving the huffelpuff is go and tell everyone about it.

Great story so far!
JelloRaptor chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
A conversation i had that might be of intrest:

me: so I thought of something that might intrest you

Kevin: oh?

me: basically a technobabble explanation for HP MoR's magic system

Kevin: Oh?

I'm listening

me: what do you know about holograms?

Kevin: basically nothing

me: well you make them by shining a lazer at an object, taking the reflections of that laser

and another laserbeam

so that the two beams interefere with each other

Kevin: OK.

me: and getting that intereference pattern recorded on a photoplate

Kevin: Okay

me: now you can reconstruct the image by shining a light back through the plate and it'll form the original image. Here's the interesting part if you take the photographic plate and break it in half both separate halves will be able to produce the original image.

Kevin: ?

me: and you can keep on repeating the procesws taking smaller and smaller bits of the orignal plate, until the the size of molecues starts to interfere with the clarity of the image

basically, every part of the plate, contains all the information needed to reconstruct the original image

Kevin: ok

me: the pattern formed is a fractal effectively infinitely complex, only limited by the fact that the recording plate is made of molecules and those have a minimum size

Kevin: Yeah

me: So, imagine of the universe is like that, there's a physical world but there's also a holographic interpretation of it. As in, our universe, with its physical laws is the data, is the say, teacup and there's also a hologram of that teacup, that contains all the information needed to recrate the teacup, in a fractal self similar form.

Kevin: okay. I think I'm following.

me: now, this hologram, contains within it every possible viewpoint. In that, if you look at it at the right spot and angle, you'll see the universe as it exists to an entity that happens to have a particular viewpoint and because it's infinite and fractal, it can contain every viewpoint so for every possible observer, be it human, robot, beetle, and every possible location there's a corresponding point in the hologram that would show the universe as if that observer were there looking at it. The interesting part comes when you add that the universe as we see it, is the hologram, that if you can figure out how to make a change in the hologram representation of the universe, you make the change in the real universe.

Kevin: nods

me: So, the magic comes in, basically it's way of shifting things around in our universe, so that they reach out, and change the holorgam directly, and in order to do that, you need 3 things:

The first is a viewpoint a place, time and observer, since those are the 3 things you need in order to pick a place to look in at the hologram from.

Next you need a transform, that given the universe looks a certain way, you need a way to define how you want it to look (in the terms of the same viewpoint).

Finally you need the 'magical energy' which would be a physical thing in our universe, that allows you to reach out and touch the hologram at the place defined by observer, and change it in the way defined by the transformation.

When you reach out and make that change at one viewpoint, the change needs to be reflected in every other viewpointif you transfigure a door, you also need to transfigure every part of a door.

Kevin: okay…why?

me: Because

there's a view where there's a door

there's a view where there's a collection of planks

and there's a where it's a part of a house

among many many more and all of them are in there somewhere as represented by the fractal nature of the hologram.

Kevin: ah

me: So, you have this change and because all the viewpoints reflect the same underlying reality, making a change in one, makes a change in all the others (all the others that can see the change at least, light-cones and whatnot) and the change in reality has to be made in such a way that all the affected viewpoitns still reflect the same underlying reality and the more viewpoints that are affected (the more that can see the change) the more magical energy you need to make the change.

Kevin: nods, That is interesting

me: The atlanteans figured this all out and modified their genome so that they could connect to this hologram, and changed the structure of the connection, so that once people could define a transform they could tie it to a particular phrase and wand movement.

Kevin: that is very high-level technobabble

me: So this is why people have intrinsic magic: People with the genetic marker and the connective machinery it provides, define a viewpoint by being themselves (it's their mind at their place and their time), and by wanting something really badly, and once it reaches a certain threshold the machinery clicks and makes the magic happen. And people invent spells by figuring out what they want to happen, and refining that transformation, while also mentally tying it to a spell and set of wand movements. When they've refined this enough, and their mental state and the relevant transform and the little wand movement and spell they made up are all locked down in their head the little program the atleans wrote remembers this and stores it so it's easy to cast later.

This explains a lot things very neastly, except potions and magic that sticks around (magical artifacts and magical creatures and whatnot). If things can have a a little tag in the hologram that they don't in the physical reflection, that allows it to interact with other things with tags, in ways that wouldn't if they didn't ahve a tag then you've got magic items and potions and whatnot but that's not as elegant, and i'm hoping for a better way to put it.

But this theory is elegant in other ways, take aveda kedavra, it needs hate to cast it, and the patronus needs a happy memory. You could cast it without those but the energy use would be so high it's practically impossible, what those emotions do is put you in a particular mental state that makes the tranformation simpler to comprehend and therefore cheaper (energy wise) to cast. A robot without emotion, wouldn't need hate to cast aveda kedavra and a human could probably also cast it with the belief that whatever ze's casting it at is worthless, in lieu of traditional hate, much the same way harry casted a different patronus with a different type of thought.

Kevin: yeah

me: and the mental shenanigans harry did in order to allow partial tranfiguration don't reflect an underlying reality, but put him in a mental state where the transformation was easy to visualize and cheap to perform.

Kevin: Ahhh

me: someone delusional (or not delusional depending on how you want to see it) who thinks that half a door is a separate part in itself could probably also make the same partial transfiguration. That harry did it with science was just Harry being Harry.

Kevin: Hahaha

me: If Harry reinvented the broomstick spells from scratch, before seeing a normal broomstick, they would probably be newtonian, easy to point and accelerate but not Aristotelian like other broomsticks (though seeing and using other broomsticks might taint his view of how things are supposed to work).

It also explains occulamency and legimency legilimency is basically, the other person locking onto your viewpoint somehow, and pulling in information from your viewpoint in the hologram, occulemency is temporarily changing your viewpoint from yours to a a delusion (pretending) and making the legilimens lock onto that viewpoint instead of your real one.

So yeah, it's technobabble, and with a little fiddling could probably be adapted to any magical system but hell if it doesn't sound really nice.
centreoftheselights chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
My favourite part of this story is the intent to create confusion, and I especially loved this chapter just for that.

It also inspired me to write a song:

youtu. be/ 9gxYYw_NO9M
Nat chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
i didn't like the "should've"... seems too informal

interesting concept!

possibly used too many hyphens in the dialogue, felt a bit chopped up at times. also try and create emphasis without using italics, if possible.

ok i feel like i'm being picky now, so i'll shut up. chapter 73 . 8/31/2011
14000! ingenious!

though this should be called

Harry Potter and the Methods of getting lots of reviews

i really like it.

it's great.
arglebargle.IV chapter 74 . 8/31/2011
AlpineBob: "I have no idea how Tonks is managing to take Susan's place without Polyjuice, but I'm sure the explanation will make sense once I find out."

Tonks is a Metamorphagus. She can change her appearance at will, with no Polyjuice potion required. She frequently changes her hair color, but can change other aspects of her appearance as well. She can change from a young to an old woman. I don't recall her ever changing so much that she looks exactly like someone else, but there's no reason to think she couldn't, given what she can do.
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