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Judah chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
"I will release completed chapters at a pace of one every 6 days, or one every 5 days after the SIAI's Summer Challenge reaches $50,000..."

The difference between fanfiction and commercial fiction is money. Are you trying to take this straight into copyright violation territory?

I realize the temptation is strong to cash on popularity, but the HP world isn't something you created. Either write the fic, or don't, but trying to extort money (even for a 'good cause') is not what fanfiction is about.
Jamison chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
Wow, one chapter after your fic becomes the most popular HP fanfic around you immediately sell out with a big 'i want money' scheme at the start. Combined with a short filler chapter. And I assume where the 30th rolls by you'll say the next chapter won't appear till after your charity reaches 60K...

I mean, I understand the logic, but if you've completed the chapters, and you're holding it back for dramatic purposes, well...

Seem like a very Slytherin thing to do, to me.
outlawpoet chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
SPEW is definitely your most interesting character set. Fantastic dynamics being revealed, and more insight into the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins.
LordTangerine chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
Did I just read a comment that purported to actually COMPARE the original HP and HPMOR?





Fenrir666 chapter 51 . 8/25/2011
Hell of a twist!
emanon chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
You know, I don't really care to read about 16 & 17 year old teenagers assaulting 11 year old girls, while the adults of the school look the other way. Hell, Dumbledore & Snape encouraged it, and the other teachers refuse to stop it. Are you going to return to the plot of the story anytime soon, or is attacking children all we have to look forward to?
blooming flowers chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
Oh. My. God.

I think I just discovered J. K. Rowling's twin.
celopmuh chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
"I will release completed chapters at a pace of one every 6 days, or one every 5 days after the SIAI's Summer Challenge reaches $50,000..."

NO. This is completely unacceptable. Asking for tens of thousands in donations? For a cause that most of your readers is probably indifferent to?

While I understand MoR's purpose is supposed to be tied to some degree to SIAI's mission, they always remained separate. Not everyone has to believe SIAI's claims in order to benefit from the rationality lessons conveyed in MoR, let alone know these claims. I'm saddened to see this separation ended and the fic used in this way, simply because SIAI hasn't raised enough funds.
Fenrir666 chapter 47 . 8/25/2011
To be fair, it *is* a very important observation.

SANTARII chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
I think I found an inconsistency, but maybe it isn't...

Chapter 43: [You have courage enough for Gryffindor, said the calm voice of the Sorting Hat in her memory, but you will do what is right in any House I give you. You will learn, you will stand by your friends, in any House you choose. So don't be afraid, Hermione Granger, just decide where you belong...]

Chapter 35: ["It told me I might go anywhere but Slytherin," said Hermione. She'd almost asked why she wasn't good enough for Slytherin, before she'd managed to stop herself...]
Raven3182 chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
It's good to have you back. I thought you had given up on HPMoR; it's nice to know that I was wrong. I was a bit confused at first as to what was going on, as it has been so long since I last read a chapter, but I caught up pretty quickly. Anyways, I enjoyed the chapter. I wouldn't worry about people hating on this story line too much, you can't please everyone. Haters are going to hate, especially in the safety of the anonymous internet. I look forward to more. Thanks for writing!
Fenrir666 chapter 44 . 8/25/2011
I love how Harry, for all his genius, for all his madness, is still oh so *very* eleven.
Spidey-phd chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
alchymie chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
I'm a little concerned with the number of active bullies we see at Hogwarts. Ten students sorted into each House each year, four Houses, seven years... roughly 300 students total. We're seeing, what, a 5 percent bully population? Feels high to me.

I felt sure we'd see Tonks at some point, from the moment her name was mentioned. So glad she's as awesome now as a future Auror should be!

The Self Actualization story arc doesn't seem to be furthering the main plot points, I have to say. It's fun, surely, and if it helps Hermione become a heroine in her own mind (there being no question of it in the readers'), so much the better. But that must be so she can participate in the final denouement, also featuring Harry, Bellatrix, Draco, Quirrell, and a host of others, and I don't quite see how that's to be managed. I guess I'll just have to keep reading, won't I?

Thank you again.
dimraven chapter 73 . 8/25/2011
Very good chapter. The thing with Tonks was a nice twist!

And gawd damn... over 13,000 reviews! Not bad, not bad at all (and you certainly deserve it)

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