Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
badkidoh chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
another great chapter
Guile chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
Nice to end on a moment of levity. Things were getting entirely too serious around here.
couragetcd chapter 2 . 8/29/2011
At first I was afraid the professor was as bad as dursely in his own way, but this chapter made me feel better about that and looking forward to the other chapters. I can definitely see harry and hermione getting along happily. Plus, I like the anti physics vibe,
Unsigned chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
That was the best line of this fic.

Ephemeralen chapter 73 . 8/29/2011
It could be just me, but

[ "But with magic it's going to be a lot easier to get things done than if I had to do stuff using only the Muggle capability set. If you think about it logically, that's why I'm going to Hogwarts instead of just ignoring all this and studying for a career in nanotechnology."]

this seems a bit... inconsistent, I guess. I mean, wasn't Harry's biggest motivation that figuring out how magic worked was his Important Scientific Problem?

Does this mean his priorities have drastically shifted, or is this something else?
E.A.V chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
If this weren't already my favorite story, it now would be after reading this chapter! It was so Funny! It seemed to me to be pitch-perfect childishly insane! I loved it! Thank you! Thank you for making my day!
Megan McAlistair chapter 24 . 8/29/2011
Tragedy of Light?

I should make a Note to look that one up

silly bedtime stories about foolish gargoyles who always ended up furthering the hero's plans every time they tried to stop him?

a reversal of the classic David and Goliath story?

a Beauty and Beast tale played straight and even adressed in-story?

a last name that's in the minds of countless of people that wasted hours of their lives on a single website?

Gettin' Ziggy with it chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
Is it just me or does the description of the thing which must be sacrificed to summon Harry (darkness beyond darkness, which knows the gate and is the gate, etc) sounds like death.
Eponymuse chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
I've really enjoyed reading this fan fic! The ever-twisting plot is fascinating, as are the discussions of important psychological studies in the real world, and the way you've illuminated magic in Harry's universe. Many of the characters are also compelling, particularly Harry, Draco, and Quirrel, though Dumbeldore isn't as believable as the others, probably because his apparent level of sanity varies so widely. Hopefully this was planned from the beginning, and will be explained, but for now it seems like your idea of Dumbeldore has changed a little too drastically since you started writing.

My greatest gripe with your story is the occasional (stylistic?) use of present tense in descriptions, and the overuse of sentence fragments and run-on sentences. Perhaps these are just part of the fan fic genre, but the abuse of grammar doesn't seem to _add_ anything, and it is so straightforward to fix...

I don't mind the fact that everyone and everything in your story is much larger than life, and that the stakes seem much higher than in the original stories. I am, however, very impressed with how well you've managed to balance the characters against their conflicts, while still letting enough childishness show through the younger characters to give them a human side.

I'm looking forward to the coming chapters! Thanks for continuing to write!
Runecutter chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
What a devious, devilish mind you posess.

I've cried tears of laughter and sat with my mouth wide open in the face of utter, brillant awesomeness! I guess there's not much more following up in regards to S.P.H.E.W.? Because my mind simply fails to grasp any way this storyline cculd possibly get even better.

And amused!Quirrell is outright scary.
KuMardagg chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
Hooooly cow, this has been the best chapter since #5.

While reading Tracey's "ritual" the hair on my arms stood up! That has only happened 2 times in all my years reading FF.

Especially when she started invoking 4 Chaos Patrons using their Dark Tongue names.

And then later in the same chapter I was struggling to keep my laughter silent.

Well done!
Kd7sov chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
You, sir, are quite talented. Not only do you manage humor and spectacle quite well, but you have managed to keep me enjoying Dumbledore's part in this story, even sympathizing with him to some degree, while disagreeing with his expressed opinions on a growing list of subjects.

Which is not to say I entirely agree with Harry in this discussion - my personal view is that while Light should always overcome Dark, there are often more effective and less disruptive methods than direct combat - but that I can look forward to the next appearance of characters with whom I disagree so much speaks well of your skill.
Blurr chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
"And if, come that day, you still think that evil must never pass unchallenged"

I think your portrayal of Dumbledore here is a bit unrealistic. assuming Dumbledore's philosophy truly is to overlook small evils in order to prevent them from developing into (in his mind) bigger ones, it is highly unlikely that the way he would phrase this would be that "evil" should "pass unchallenged". He'd probably use a more euphemized word than "evil", for example.

As it is, the phrase essentially presumes it's own guilt- built into Dumbledore's own argument is an assumption that Dumbledore is wrong, which is all well and fine for Harry except it doesn't make sense.

Even if you disagree with your dumbledore's ideas, you should make that slightly less obvious to us as the readers by letting Dumbledore defend his approach in an actual, defensible manner.
SlickRCBD chapter 73 . 8/29/2011
Dumbledore is an enabler of both the bullies and the Death Eaters. That philosophy of preventing escalation by letting the bad guys victimize people and training the victims to take it without complaint is something that ticks me off to no end. "If you don't fight back like that, it's not an incident".

Angers me. The problem is the 44 students who are attacking the first years. They should be expelled. They should not be focusing on the fact that they felt the need to do so because the first years aren't rolling over and being good victims.

Unfortunately, Dumbledore's reaction is spot on for my experiences in school. I'll never understand it. They act like the bully's behavior is acceptable, unless of course the would-be victims try to treat the bullies the same way. Then the victims get punished. The victims also get punished for "allowing it to escalate". It's like there are different standards of behavior for both the victims and the bullies.
randomsample chapter 74 . 8/29/2011
I really like the discussion of rituals, it's always fun to see more re-imagining and clarifying of your take on what magic is and how it works for !wizards.
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