Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Smooth Trooper chapter 4 . 2/28/2011
The Gringotts scene was probably the funniest thing I've read in a while.
Smooth Trooper chapter 3 . 2/28/2011
So far so good, the only problem I see far is the chapters are a little short. But that won't be enough to make me give up on a good fanfiction like this one.
Smooth Trooper chapter 2 . 2/28/2011
And here's your second review. Still interesting so far, so on with the reading!
Smooth Trooper chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
This story was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I'd give it a try. Looks pretty interesting so far so here goes. I'll start reading this as regularly and often as I can. So here's your review. I'm off to go read :)
Dain chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
Some reviewers have pointed out that we haven't seen much of actual class work since the first day in school (the Patronus lesson etc was more of a voluntary extracurricular thing, wasn't it?) and I agree that it would be interesting to see what is actually taught, and what learning methods are used in a halfway realistic "magical" school and how Harry & Co. have progressed. How exactly does he beat Hermione in Transfiguration when previously, she succeeded with every spell on the first try (talk about being ridiculously overpowered...).

Rowling suffered from the same problem, after all - she was only very vague with the content of the few shown lessons since she didn't quite know what the children were actually supposed to be doing there, every day, every weak, for seven years. I particularly remember how Harry's homework assignment in astronomy in fifth year was exactly the same as in first year - "name Jupiter's moons and describe them, all four of them" (*groan*).
sinj chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
really loved this chapter. Still think they should be renamed SHREWS - would have loved it if Dumbledore had offered it as a suggestion...

Hope we see a bit more Draco in the next chapters.
AlloraSara132 chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
when will the next chapter be?
ARMH chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
Another not-my-favorite-chapter. Hermione is really getting on my nerves. She shouldn't be able to get away with being so immature and so wrong. If she believes that being a hero is just being conscientious and brave and good then why did she have such a low tally of heroes/heroines. How did Quirrell not notice this discrepancy?

Things I would like in the future:

-Chapters including class life (not just past tense references to what happened in class)

-More research on Harry's part (I liked a lot of what Jester of Doom said)

-An insight into draco's mind. is he still planning to overthrow Harry? how much muggle stuff has he learned?

-General Bayesian Conspiracy stuff

-What is Harry doing with his extra hours?

-How is Harry's occlumency training going?

I agree with what many others are saying, and while I am enjoying the story (less so with the past few chapters but that is personal preference and not something that should necessarily be changed) I think the earlier plot lines need to be revisited. I know that Harry is more mature now, and perhaps the tone needs to stay in its current state (i'm totally fine with that), I can't imagine that Harry abandoned his work with Draco or his will to study Magic. He has shown an interest in Wandless and Wordless magic so perhaps he should pursue those avenues. I still love this story, and I wouldnt dream of giving up on it, but it would be awesome if it could return to some of the more interesting plotlines of its beginnings and focus on what Harry is doing to augment his growth.
hey nonny nonny chapter 19 . 2/28/2011
/"Another bit of advice," Draco said hurriedly as Quirrell slouched toward his desk,

better his desk than bethlehem.
ARMH chapter 69 . 2/28/2011
Again, not one of my favorite chapters. I guess Hermione's point of view just isnt as interesting to me. She seems immature, and still only seems ok with being Harry's friend because she's beating him in something. It would have been nice if she had grown, and learned to lose, because it seems like she doesn't do much of that.
Reader chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
S.P.H.E.W. - The most laugh I had in a while.

Now, the witches have correctly identified that they have to go by themselves to face the evil and the fear and the dark "and teach it to be afraid". But they have yet to find the difference between mindless fearlessness and fighting with something really evil. But it can wait, at first they have to see whether they can do something despite fear AND not harm anybody in the process. Their quests shouldn't end with heart attacks to teachers, now should they?

"Why, that's brilliant, Hermione!" said Daphne in a tone of great amazement. "The way you set it up means we can get away with anything! And I didn't even notice your cunning plan until now!"


And if you wonder how I spent the time waiting for this chapter (brilliant chapter!):

Moon Fire - Too much gods, mind-speaking, avatars, unicorns, undead, and romance. Too strong powers are given to main characters, compared to "normal" wizards. And this balance of light and dark... And so you know, I'm an atheist, I don't believe in afterlife, however beautiful tales you weave.

Two Hawks Hunting - First, I don't like psychological healers... Second, too much of bird-language - hawks and owls should have different languages. Third, I don't like ghosts with minds - a ghost (in magical world) is a weak imprint of personality, not the whole personality; and "auras" and mage-sight confuse me. Fourth, the main advantage of wolfen over werewolves would be in healthy lifestyle, I suppose, not in the mysterious "wolfen are better, lighter, so they are stronger; the werewolves are dark and therefore weak". Fifth, the ritual of renewal is really childish, not related to usual, normal magic - probably, you just needed a plausible way to remove dark mark from Severus. Sixth, astral ways (during Harry's coma) and celestial guardians (Dumbledore's sacrifice) are, again, too much.

Though mostly, the idea is brilliant. Harry mourns losses, tries to find freedom in becoming an Animagus, and at first attempt breaks wings and suffers amnesia. The probability of Snape, of all people, finding him, is small, but not tiny. Snape keeping bird to himself is highly probable. But he should be smarter and guess that if Harry is alive and non-locatable, he is an Animagus, and therefore Snape should have checked whether the hawk is an Animagus. Surely, there is a way to check without forcing the bird into human form.

Harry Potter and the Unspeakable - The idea is good. Lonely Snape wants to be an unique, but instead of Death Eathers' membership, chooses to be an Unspeakable. That explains rescuing Harry and selecting proper wand for him. But the flux of events (Malfoy attack and finding Lily's will previously lost) is too fast. Malfoy would know better than to come himself in place of the Snape's boss, he would use some of his pawns, who wouldn't be identified by the wand as dark wizards. And Wizengamot was too cheerful and disregarded proper procedures.

Too quick and short. And don't forget there is this possibility of Voldemort's return.

Chasing the Sun - Strange: Lily uses her love to protect Harry from Voldemort, and BOTH Lily and Harry stay alive. And despite the fact, that it was Lily who defeated Voldemort, all the fame is still given to Harry, The-Boy-Who-Lived. As if Lily was just kept from death to make her friends and son feel better. Not completely logical...

Common Interests - Too evil Draco, not that I'm going to complain...

Not Myself - Why two sacrifices? Jardin AND Severus Snape? WHY? Isn't one sacrifice more than enough?

And I don't enjoy telepathy, empathy and mind-speaking. Parseltongue is enough, thank you.

The idea of Harry Potter growing up on the streets is plausible, considering Petunia's attitude, except... Why locator charms couldn't find Harry Potter?

And again, High Elves and their plane are a bit too much. Normal magic is quite enough, without High Elves.

In the Midst of the Night - Too much power, like Necromancers. Usual magic is enough for me, without mingling with death.

Rejected Runespoor - Harry is too sharp, disliking all the people around, and Dumbledore is too sharp, too, destroying Harry's home and hunting him as a deer and separating him from his family. Dumbledore should have persuaded, not forced, Harry to go to Hogwarts. Hope, the wise Runespoor will soften Harry's character and Harry will make some friends here. But I wouldn't trust THIS Dumbledore if I were Harry.

A Father's Sin - Well, you made up the whole Serpents' children scheme just to get Severus to be Harry's father without marrying Lily, right? The book is interesting, especially the part, where Malfoy doesn't want to serve to the-one-who-depends-on-a-book, and destroys the book, effectively showing to the Voldemort how vulnerable he was... and how he can be defeated now, without the book and without the Serpents' children.

Full Circle - Charistrega and Chinese Fox. Too childish and complex. Just like the way how Severus and Remus and Harry fought, with optimism, against the dark spirit-or-whatever. Plain magic, please. My head is overloaded by plain illogical magic, no need to add magic-squared or super-magic-cubed to the mix.

Brighter Morning - Could use a sequel. But not necessary.

Resolution - I like it, but it doesn't change the point, that the whole Dark Plane is unnecessary invention. Surely, if vampires could go through anti-apparition barriers like that, they would be used as assasins for well-guarded persons or thieves from goblins (unless goblins already have anti-vampire wards similar to the French prison, but then why Hogwarts doesn't have them). And defeating Voldemort in several universes at once is too much of a task. Just hope the book gets continued.

Hope the next chapters will be lighter, and Harry's health gets better, and Dark Plane will not be visited again.

Realizations - Interesting... Petunia running away is plausible, Harry mistaking somebody else for his uncle is probable, Harry heading to the Leaky Cauldron later is highly likely, he wouldn't want to burden others with his problems (nightmares/{abusive relative running away}/{strong guilt}/{probable attacks from Voldemort}), but the whole "protective folder" is highly unusual. It looks like the Ministry can potentially invade privacy of any wizard with this folders.

It's just to prevent magical locators from working and to give Harry new family, right? To stop others from controlling Harry's guardianship once and for all, and to assign guardians based on their merits, not political manipulations?

Champions - Realistic. And it would be good for Harry to attend the same school as Fleur. It would be the first book where Harry goes to French school instead of Hogwarts. Waiting for update.

The Return of the Marauders - Too bad Dumbledore (putting Compulsion charms on Order members!), and too strong Harry (and his friends). Though, if first Maradeurs made the Map, Harry and his friends deserve to make their own Room of Requirement, which doesn't depend on the Headmaster.

An Aunt's Love - Very interesting... Why couldn't Harry be found by a locator charm, instead of looking in all possible schools?

Is there any chance that Voldemort is turned to light side? He fights corruption in the Ministry... I don't understand what happened with him.

How does Dumbledore know that TomHarry? Did Hogwarts tell him?

Hope that Dumbledore helps Harry.

And, I don't like superpowers.

To Shape and Change - A slumbering mage, too much power for Harry. And too small dragon, I would say. But I'm not surprised that it's easy to calm, as a child, or that it speaks parseltongue.

But I like very much the idea of Snape returning in time, with his knowledge, to help Harry as much as possible.

Did Voldemort guess that Snape is a traitor, or not? In any case, Voldemort is furious, that this corridor is only a bait, without the stone.

I have also read "Children of Prophecies". I'm also waiting for updates to "The Boy Who Died".

Overall, I don't like superpowers, and Elven and Dark Planes, Astral ways and Celestial guardians, and Ways of Twilight, and Chronos and Atlantis.

I don't mind (read: I like) somebody wanting to correct a mistake/problem and returning in time, though it might create a logical time paradox.

I like Animagus, but I don't like the idea somebody could have multiple different forms (I have met it in the book where Harry has so much powers after being taught to fight Voldemort, that he goes on "vacation" and messes up the lives of all his friends, and they cannot find him, and when they meet him, they cannot catch him; over-use of Time Turners; too much superpowers).

I like Darcorn (dark unicorn), but don't overuse unicorns.

Again, I don't like when an author describes somebody's stress and nervous breakdown and invokes lengthy healer sessions to deal with it.

My favorite characters are:

students: Harry, Fred and George (don't harm anybody), Ron (when doesn't overreact), Neville (shy, herbs' friend), Ginny (when she isn't jealous of somebody), Draco (when he isn't an evil coward);

teachers: Severus (when he cares not only about members of his house), Remus (always the gentle peacemaker), Minerva (when she isn't overprotective about members of her house), Charms' teacher - duelist (cannot spell his name correctly), Albus (when he isn't too manipulative).

Going to read "All That Glitters", "But For A Dog", "Six Feet and Falling", "Altered Destinies", "The Final Battle".

Now, how is a review of one chapter supposed to be this long, when I cannot overwhelm it with (short) reviews of whole books I have read? I suppose my memory is too short to write properly long reviews.

Good luck! Best wishes! Thank you!
ARMH chapter 68 . 2/28/2011
I didn't like this chapter so much, at least not after they left Quirrell's office. Hermione seems really needy, and it isn't like she can just ask them to make her into a hero. What did she expect?
venatorr chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
I'd just like to say that I LOVE your story :D even though I should have done my homework rather than reading it
lowasser chapter 68 . 2/28/2011
Oooooh, subtlety!


-Quirrell pushed Tracey at *least* as surely as Dumbledore pushed Hermione.

-Hermione should be smart enough to just cite the "Don't Be Evil" first rule of being a heroine.

-Is the goal here to set up an opposition for Harry and Hermione, albeit charged with gender issues and other fun stuff?
arkleseizure chapter 70 . 2/28/2011
I had some worries, so I went and did a lot of reading on Less Wrong, and then I came back.

I feel, intuitively, as if Harry must be doing something wrong, but I don't have a name to attach to it - mostly, I think I just want him to sit down, write down all of the various things going on in his life and how they might destructively interact, and devise countermeasures.

In general, though, I like what you're doing. I trust that you have a mostly worked out plotline, and subject to that assumption, I like how you're doing it. In particular, all of the characters seem very *self-consistent,* in the sense that they behave consistently according to their characterization. (The possible exceptions are Harry, mostly because the tone of HPMoR has changed over time and Harry with it to some extent, but that's largely explained by plot, and Quirrell - "inscrutable" seems to be approximately the right word for him.)

I'm still mildly concerned about the Laws of Time, because I expected McGonagall's test to work in Chapter 62, but the best explanations I have are quantum and revolve around the fact that McGonagall was the one who thought of the message to send back in time. I've taken a graduate class in quantum computing, so I have some idea what I'm talking about, but I'm not quite satisfied - and I'd be really impressed if you managed to give a quantum-mechanical explanation that met MoR's standards of lay-readability.

This remains at least one of the top 5 works of fiction that I've ever read.
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