Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
egreham chapter 99 . 11/25
There has to be a Wham trope for single-sentence chapter.
The Anguished One chapter 10 . 11/23
Harry's intelligence made the Sorting Hat gain sentience... that is awesome. Such an interesting conversation. No shock that Harry could be worse than any other Dark Lord though. Nice seeing the Sorting Hat actually have a sense of humor, including announcing he would be Slytherin. So he'll be in Ravenclaw. It suits him, that's for sure.
The Anguished One chapter 9 . 11/23
Hermione in Ravenclaw and Neville in Hufflepuff... I had questioned why Hermione had been placed in Gryffindor in canon. Ravenclaw suits her more, and she still could have been friends with Ron and Harry despite being in a different house. Draco is still in Slytherin, but he has a new perspective. I didn't think a single conversation would have caused him to be placed in another house, but even Harry acknowledges it could have happened.
KuramaNaruto chapter 5 . 11/23
Oh. I cracked up! I love this chapter! Great job. XD
Citrus Sinensis chapter 11 . 11/23
Hello? Hello-o?
Oh, there you are! I have something to say to you, it concerns this batch of omake. Here it is:

I scared my mum laughing at this at an annoyingly late hour of the night, while my sisters were asleep.
So I was forced to make a strategic retreat to my bedroom,where I collapsed laughing into my pillow and stayed like that with tears pouring down my face for about five minutes. THAT'S how good that was.

Did I mention that this fic is the best?
No? Ah,well. Must be over-exposure to hilariousness messing with me again.
Best fic EVAAAAH!

*slinks off to re-read the chapter and repeat the above and aforementioned effects of reading it before*
julia chapter 5 . 11/23
oh my god that bit with the flattery was HILARIOUS i couldn't breath i was laughing so hard. if the rest of the book is as good as this i will surly enjoy reading it! 10/10 so far
The Anguished One chapter 8 . 11/23
What a spectacular meeting between Harry and Hermione. Both are now aware of the other's skills. Hermione doesn't love Harry's style, but she does see its merits. Who knows, maybe they'll still be friends. As for Neville and this Gryffindor incident, I think the chances of Harry joining them just dropped to zero. For that matter, Neville has reason to not care for them and Hermione has doubts. Without all three of them, their generation will have a much weaker Gryffindor class.
Newtinmpls chapter 5 . 11/22
Omg you are a devilish genius. Cant write more now as I'm in a tub reading via kindle
The Anguished One chapter 7 . 11/22
This seems to be setting up a friendly rivalry between Draco and Harry, as oppose to enemies like in canon. Introducing him to the achievements of science was a brilliant scene, and this chapter had great humor overall. Thanks to the change in Harry though, I'm guessing him and Ron won't be friends. Can't say I'm surprised; Ron is by no means stupid, but his personality would probably annoy this version of Harry. Now I want Harry to meet Luna though... Interesting that Ron's "rat" is dead though. That'll certainly change some things.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/21
"That is the most Ravenclaw thing I have ever heard."

Best one liner I have read on FF -Pk
egreham chapter 23 . 11/21
Holy Rowling,
egreham chapter 22 . 11/21
Oh my Rowling.
Good chapter 122 . 11/21
This, was my second read through of the only true parallel universe to Harry Potter. In some ways, this 100 chapter-ed piece of fiction is more to me even than the original stories written by JK Row herself. The heroes seem truly heroic, the villains villainous, each having something to teach. This being said, I REALLY wish this fic simply continued on on and on, to the last hogwarts year and all the way up until Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres visited every known star, discovering every known magical lore there is to be discovered; All the way to the top of the power ladder. However, I shall be content with the immediate discovery of immortality and imminent passing of destiny to a unicorn. Thank you for this incredible piece of scientific literature.

P.s. I tried, upon my second reading, to leave one review per chapter. This stopped around chapter thirty, as i could not make myself stop reading long enough to do so. Do forgive me. Thank you.
Entraya chapter 16 . 11/21
I just visited my little cousin today. Jokingly, I called her a bandit.
She responded with 'I'm not a bandit, I'm just creative'
Thought it was a cute coincidence, though I still don't know how her being creative was in any way relevant
The Anguished One chapter 6 . 11/21
Professor McGonagall thinks he'll be in Ravenclaw, the shopkeeper thought he was Slytherin, but I still think he'll be in his canon house. Harry is obviously different in this version, but there are still elements that make me think he'll be in Gryffindor. I still love the back and forth between Harry and Minerva. Conflict is there, but also some understanding.
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