Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Guest chapter 60 . 10/5
River king chapter 11 . 10/4
I'm crying!
Dialbrie chapter 122 . 10/4
Excellent story. Best ending ive seen to a saga for a long time . you are worthy of praise of the highest order and I just want to say your awesome, super awesome for taking the time to write this.


Ecomadness chapter 122 . 10/3
God I loved this story so much iv been reading it nonstop since I decided to finally read it. I hope u continue to make new fics in the future.
Dialbrie chapter 64 . 10/3
lol . These omakes makes it worth reading this story. By that I don't mean I haven't enjoyed the story so far, just that these are my highlight of it. And I wish you could give me several hundred thousand more words of it ;)
ruinedsandwich chapter 19 . 10/3
ok I am now able to think staighter and make much more undertandable reviews. Kinda. not really. Anyways. Even with my brain functioning at a much more reasonable rate Im still confused on what to feel about this story. First its all super serious and then all of a sudden it tells me that harry must carry around a rock. I actually love that scene so I dont know why im complaining but anyways. Actually not anyways. this story is making me bitter and angsty about humans and humans in general but it also makes me laugh and extremely happy. Im super confused? I think i love this? But I feel so angry when I read this? what is this. what kind of mystical thing have you done to me? Im dying. Im confused. It like all of Harry's emotions are transferred to me when I read this.
ruinedsandwich chapter 13 . 10/3
This whole story is like one big psychological contraption thats messing with my current sheep like mentality I also feel like i might gain some sort of greater fact of humanity and im not so sure what to feel about that. Or maybe its 2 am and I have no idea what im trying to say and im just really confused but still trying to sound deep and all knowing. You really hooked me to this story at the worst time. im trying so hard to let go and just sleep. i cant. im literally dying. i have no idea what im typing. or do I? seriously this story is making me question myself andnowimrambling i both love you and hate you for writing this. maybe its just love but i cant tell right now. i shall review again in a couple hours
Heavenian chapter 122 . 10/2
Holy shiit I've just read this story over the course of two days. Its crazy.

Can't get a proper response right now, my brain is trembling.

Will come back later
The Disoriented Owl chapter 122 . 10/2
I just want to say that it was fantastic. Every second of it. Perhaps some would say that Harry was a Mary Sue (I'd say that most fantasy caracters are in one way or another Mary Sue... not all authors can be George RR Martin, although Yudkowsky with (SPOILERS) nearly killing off Hermione and all that). The story for me isn't about its story, but about its ideas. And they're some great ideas. My cold nerdy heart is filled with warmth.
Guest chapter 14 . 10/2
I got to chapter fourteen and my mind is gone! Poof! Disappeared!
The Glitch chapter 5 . 9/30
LOVE the budding friendship!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/28
My first time reading and I cannot stop laughing. I am quite sure that my roommates are under the impression that I am crazy.
253910 chapter 5 . 9/28
I'm 5 chapters in and already starting to laugh to near tears at parts. This is just awesome.
The Anguished One chapter 122 . 9/28
And with that, I have reached the end of this incredible story. I have enjoyed this from beginning to end, and I'm truly happy I read this. Thank you for this thought-provoking journey. Whatever your next novel is, I'll be along for that as well. Other readers have declared themselves your friend, and I will do the same. Thank you again, my friend.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/28
Hey I don't know if this would work but maybe. While this is happening Harry can maybe transfigurate the ground on what he is standing to pure oxygen that will be breathed in by everyone.

He will say
What I have deducted from my life is this I know not if it's a lie.
The power that you know not. Is Lily. In the my last memory I saw her throw herself towards the curse. She sacrificed her self to save me. Dumbledore mentioned love but I have never seen a true materialisation until then. That is why I could block the spell in Azkaban with my patronus because it is an extension of me.
You will only be able to get that power by having myself sacrifice for you to transfer the pure power. I must be standing right in front of you .
Voldemort agrees as he has nothing to lose apart from his body right now. Stands next to Harry Harry grasps his hand and says his favourite line from a muggle movie.

The graveyard explodes sending shivers through the surrounding forest leaving nothing but the charred remains of a child whose skin healed as fast as it was burnt and the figure of a boy whose glasses are lying next to him.
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