Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Guest chapter 4 . 9/24
I love this Harry!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/24
Ah Mrs. Figg!
Good chapter 4 . 9/24
Just plain good.
Good chapter 5 . 9/24
Jesus its so good.
Good chapter 1 . 9/24
Starts off good.
Good chapter 2 . 9/24
Way good.
Good chapter 3 . 9/24
PrincessBlonde chapter 113 . 9/24
wow...amazing story but why can't Harry just tell Voldy about partial transfiguration and name himself as the one he wants to save?
FierceDeityLinkMask chapter 121 . 9/23
I love this! You must make a sequel! Please...Pretty Please... With Sprinkles on top!
Kaley D. Oscope chapter 3 . 9/23
Ahhh that was so beautiful it hurt to read! It's so nice to see more of McGonagall. Thank you for choosing her to introduce Harry into the magical world. As much as I love Hagrid, Professor McGonagall is a boss.
SpawnofAnarion chapter 108 . 9/23
This is actually the most hilarious chapter.
SpawnofAnarion chapter 122 . 9/23
I don't think there will ever be a fanfiction of its equal.
This is truly a masterful work, and the best thing I've ever read on this site. Thank you so much, for taking the time and dedication and effort to share this amazing thing with us!
May the force be with You.
Pankakejoe chapter 86 . 9/23
Your references are too good. A young Japanese with a shadow replication technique? Bravo/Brava. Death Note, South Park AND Naruto? I'm ever impressed with this story.
Pankakejoe chapter 86 . 9/23
Awww! WYOMING! Its always so fun to see somebody reference Wyoming. Its nice to know people know we exist.
Keybounce chapter 114 . 9/22

Yes, we've seen him do partial transfiguration of his wand - see him take out the troll by turning a bit of wand to acid.

Yes, we've seen him do carbon nanotubes back when Hermione and he were experimenting in the lab.

But running spidersilk through the air, at a long distance? Nothing seen to indicate this. Equally, turning the spidersilk into nanotubes over large area?

The volume of the spidersilk/nanontubes may be tiny. But it's over a very large range/area; the volume of the space that Harry focuses on will be more than just the volume of the strands. It's "fine detail" work, and we have not seen any indication of finer-than-human-hair level of quality manipulation by Harry.

This just seems like a power out of nowhere.

The anti-matter isn't a problem. He's threatening anti-matter, not actually doing it. Doing an anti-matter "hand grenade" from his wand was my own idea for delaying death, so it cannot even be called invalid. But we've been told that he can do, I think, 5 CC in 60 seconds, so 1 CC should take 12 seconds. Not even close to instantly. And the constantly changing form of the destination "string" as it extends and wraps should have taken significant time to keep modifying/altering.

I have enjoyed almost every other aspect of the story. The rest of the ending is ... well, Draco's wrap-up seems more far-fetched than this, but these are the only two bad chapters in the entire book.
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