Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
nanaeleanor chapter 65 . 2/4
Is Harry going to be this dumb for the next sixty chapters? He continues to have enlightened revelations and then turns around and does the wrong thing, every time! Are we supposed to have faith in him when he seems so thick?
Guest chapter 99 . 2/4
Currect crazy theory: Quirrell is actually future-Harry (who found a way around the Time-Turner limitations) and the unicorn blood is part of his plan to bring back Hermione.
Alex chapter 69 . 2/4
I should really stop caring if people look at me weird for laughing at fan fiction.
Guest chapter 95 . 2/4
I have NO idea how this thing is going to end!
Guest chapter 89 . 2/4
Holy crap! :-o
Also, and unrelated, 'ventus'? I think that one belongs to the *other* wizard named Harry. :-)
mayingying chapter 1 . 2/4
suddenly think,Hermione's parents must be very happy when knowing her bring back to life.
mayingying chapter 2 . 2/3
PS:many people think highly of this book in like you!
mayingying chapter 1 . 2/3
I am a Chinese girl, 17years old.I have already read this book,it is very good,so I want to read it again in time I read this in Chinese,someone translated this book to Chinese,thank you and them.I am veryveryveryvery like this book ,although my English is bad,I still want to read it in English.
这本书超级无敌宇宙霹雳棒!倾尽太平洋的水也浇不灭我对你的书的爱!After my 高考 I will do something to make this book be known by more Chinese,though the effect will be small.I think everyone can think better after read your translator no misinformation,I think you support your book wide spread.英语不好,词不达意,以后不抱怨学英语了﹏
nanaeleanor chapter 50 . 2/3
I'm really unclear about the Harry/Hermione relationship. He goes on and on about her innocence, her kindness and goodness, but we haven't been shown that. What we have been shown is Hermione being shrewish and yelling at him a lot, a Hermione willing to do almost anything, including joining forces with Draco whom she hates, to beat Harry on the battle field. And a Hermione who from the very beginning has gone to great lengths to make sure she bested Harry in every class. We have seen her cry and scream about darkness, but nothing in her actual behavior suggests all the innocence and goodness Harry's trying to protect. She seems determined to judge Harry's actions as proof of his going dark, undermining his choices. She has been around Harry more than anyone else and therefore would see and understand that he is doing lots of positive things. So this conflict doesn't make sense to me. I always thought Hermione was deeply loyal and understanding. This Hermione is whiny, teary and judgemental.
nanaeleanor chapter 42 . 2/2
Really? How long do we have to swallow the idea of Sirius and Peter as lovers? Ew! And while I'm on ew, are we heading toward a Harry/Hermione pairing? Again, ew! They are the least likely to be attracted to each other in all fandom.
Guest chapter 70 . 2/2
I had just been wondering if the forbidden corridor would ever get mentioned again. Meanwhile, the Harry/Ender parallels keep on keeping on.
Guest chapter 69 . 2/2
Because of course there needs to be a SPHEW.
ohmygodihavetodothisemail chapter 6 . 2/2
I really haven't even read all of chapter 2, but I was in the middle of reading Harry's dialogue and I just felt that I had to review and get my opinion out, lest I forget. Harry and some of the points he makes, rather eloquently I might add. Your writing prose is just wonderful to read , but I digress. Some of the points he makes and his personality, his attitude about the world and his parents are just things that I've thought and felt over the course of my life. I'm definitely not as smart as him, but I've definitely had the same attitude about books and children and adults. And basically wanting and needing intelligent conversation, and don't get me wrong I know nothing about science or math and I don't study it endlessly like Harry but as far as his thoughts, opinions and cynical ideas, I fell as if your reading my mind and putting it on a screen. I'm definitely making and account just so I can follow and favorite your story! Sorry for making this review so long but I really really really love this story so so so so much!
Guest chapter 63 . 2/1
Okay so here's my crazy theory of the moment: Santa Claus is Severus Black, who escaped from Azkaban somehow by having switched places with someone else - the prisoner was muttering "I'm not serious (Sirius)."
Your Favorite Alice chapter 19 . 2/1
I absolutely adore this. A worthy, funny, brilliant, intelligent take on the Harry Potter books. I doubt ol' JK herself could have done better.
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