Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Nigel Siew chapter 5 . 8/17
I am alot late reading this I'm only at chapter 5 thinking wat the hell im reading but you know what...
I simply have to finish this story...
Zyxis chapter 55 . 8/17
Ooh. This is just getting darker and lighter at the same time all the while. I kinda like it. Though I was a tad confused. Who was the other woman Harry wanted to save? I'm confuzzled. Was it just some random woman?
Zyxis chapter 54 . 8/17
I wonder how Bellatrix will recover, if she does. How will she react to finding out that Harry isn't really her lord? Will she recognize Quirell? Must keep reading and find out...
Zyxis chapter 53 . 8/17
I feel like I've missed some chapters when I review. I'm sorry for that. But that's only because I get sucked into the story and forget that there are other options besides continuing to read. I'm incredibly curious as to how this crime will happen. Will it really fail? I have no idea. So I shall continue reading. But first. I might not be able to address every part of the story that I forgot to review, but u know this much. I loved every word. w
Zyxis chapter 52 . 8/17
Nah. Just. I honestly doubt that Voldemort would break through at that specific time with no warning. I'm honestly a bit confused. But. Hm. All I can do is keep reading if I'm going to figure out what's happening.
Rabid fan girl chapter 38 . 8/17
I love u I love u I love u I love u I looooorrrrvvveee uuuuuuuuu I lurve youuuuuuu I love youuuuuuuu I want u to father my babies i luuurrve uuuuu
Ariana Tench chapter 36 . 8/17
Omg I literally just woke up my parents laughing at the no kisses bit my parents are mad but I nearly peed my pants omg I love you what's ur name !{' 0 '}
Zyxis chapter 50 . 8/16
Poor Harry. So very socially awkward. Reminds me of myself. ;w; I love this story.
pixelherodev chapter 15 . 8/16
#include SFML/Graphics.g

int main(){
/*init window etc.*/

(sf::Text("C RULES!\n\n\nPlus Jewish Halacha does in fact say that the beginning of the day is at sunset (I know this for a fact, My bar mitzvah was last year)"),0,0);

/*event loop, close on X, etc.*/
return 0;

Ok, I'll just put this as a regular message.

C RULES! (except for platform independence, garbage collecting, etc. where JAVA RULES!)

Jewish Halacha does say that a day begins at sunset (I know for a fact, my bar mitzvah was last year).

And this is by far one of the best (and funniest) stories here. I mean, most stories are either less than 10,000 words, the quadratic equation (in LibreOffice Math) is {-b-sqrt(b2-4ac)}over{2a}, that was completely off topic, I am the only person in my school who prefers Linux Debian over both Windows (except possibly Window 7) and Mac (still off topic), I acquired a Windows XP computer last week, and immediately turned it into Debian Jessie w/ LXDE, Java, g, eclipse-jdt, vlc, LibreOffice, alsa, and 10,000 other packages, or they are essentially the same as other stories, they are completely unbelievable (I don't mean magic wise, that's never believable; I'm talking about Draco and Ginny going out. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the author missed the whole "I'm going to kill you!" part), or some other annoying thing.

In case you're wondering, I have ADD, and I'm sending this through Ice-weasel on the Debian computer using the Wicd network manager. I'm also simultaneously sending an email, listening to Party in the CIA (Weird Al's parody of Crap (in my opinion; it's actually called Party in the USA)), attempting to create an OpenGL 2.0 emulator using OpenGL 1.3, creating a LibGDX game, playing 2048.c, and reading chapter 16).

Funniest quotes so far:


"Sorting Hat: Headmaster!

Dumbledore: What?

Sorting Hat: Not you, I was sorting Harry where he belongs: the Headmaster's office!"


"Sorting Hat: Slytherin!

/*CHAOS takes over!*/

Sorting Hat: Just kidding!"

And a few others.

Just out of curiosity, do you use C or C (Obviously I noticed your include standard disclaimer preprocessor directive)

-Developer of the games Pixel World as well as Waiting Hero
Zyxis chapter 48 . 8/16
I really do like the relationships you're building up here between Harry, Draco, and Hermione. Even Rowling didn't develop the relationship between the Golden Trio. I commend thee, sir or madam.
Zyxis chapter 47 . 8/16
YUSSSSSS. I WAS WONDERING WHEN THIS WAS GOING TO COME INTO PLAY. Honestly, with how many big revelations you're having happen in Harry's FIRST. YEAR. Then I have no idea what will happen during the other years, or even how you'll be able to fit the other years into the chapters that are left. But I'd love to see you do it, because I honestly think that whoever you are, you're a good enough writer to do so.
Zyxis chapter 46 . 8/16
You do an incredibly good job at keeping people's interest. Seriously, WOW. You've taken this down such a strange path, and I can't even describe how good this story is. Every single chapter I am surprised by what I read, and enjoy every moment of that surprise. I can't eat to see what happens when Harry starts asking about Dumbledore. w
Zyxis chapter 45 . 8/16
This was awesome. One of the best moments I've seen in this fanfic and I loved every second of it. I couldn't stop reading, which is why I forgot to review last chapter. Sorry about that. I actually predicted what his Patronus would be.
write-notright chapter 122 . 8/16
I felt it rude to read such an amazing book and not leave you my thanks. I spent many hours reading this and they were NOT wasted.

a question, though: the plot, all the twists and turns, were they planned from the very beginning, or wrapped up at the end?
beserkerbeast chapter 122 . 8/16
Wow Amazing story
loved it
will check out some other stuff.
Friend told me about podcast but caught up to it and couldn't wait.
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