Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
myownknight chapter 70 . 11/8
omg a Cimorene reference! I loved that series, and I love this fic! I've been chipping away at it for three days, and I am OBSESSED, SO GOOD.
Crack-jouchan chapter 20 . 11/8
Ah... If first year goes to canon, I'll be really sad. Somehow, Quirrel has become a really likeable character that I do not want dead.
Crack-jouchan chapter 19 . 11/8
O...kay. I'm not sure what to think of Quirrel anymore. At first I thought he was Voldie, but his actions don't seem like what Voldie'd do. Confusing...
Tarix chapter 5 . 11/8
Simply amazing, the Malkins parts was pure gold.
Tarix chapter 2 . 11/8
Simply brilliant so far.
Kristian chapter 6 . 11/8
This is how far I came today, between activities with 3 kids, going out to eat, and taking a nap on the couch. Found the book in a "tribute" article to fan fiction in general, and this story in particular, on the tech-site of the Norwegian state television channel ( ) yesterday. 6 chapters in, I am loving the story, and looking forward to the next 100 or so chapters.
jackalopian chapter 64 . 11/8
soooo... you know how you wrote at the top to go to sleep if it was hours past your bedtime... yeah. Thank you. This is now the next morning.
Crack-jouchan chapter 17 . 11/8
O-oh my... Dumbledore is definitely certifiably crazy. Dangerous crazy. Meep meep.
John D. Harrison chapter 15 . 11/8
"what's eight, times four, divided by zero?"
...A simple look at elementary school textbooks teaching division will tell you that, unfortunately, you can't divide by zero.

"The Greek lowercase epsilon ε, the lunate epsilon symbol ϵ, or the Latin lowercase epsilon ɛ (see above) is used as the symbol for: In mathematics (particularly calculus), an arbitrarily small positive quantity is commonly denoted ε; see (ε, δ)-definition of limit."

Other than that, good work!
Crack-jouchan chapter 15 . 11/8
Even if Ms McGonagall doesn't realise it, I think she's already been infected by Harry's insanity! xD Canon her was no where as fun as this!

I find it hilarious how she's learnt to pretty much take his... rather unique mannerisms in stride.

And war! Ahahahaha! Point-based war between Harry and Hermione! This is hilarious! xD and everyone is just staring at them going like 'oooooh' in their heads.
John D. Harrison chapter 8 . 11/8
First things first, this is a wonderful work.

However, it is worth noting that the six quarks are actually "up (u), down (d), strange (s), charm (c), bottom (b), and top (t)", and the initial rant about Conservation of Energy might need some slight wikipedia-ing. Also, perhaps it may be a good idea to not actually quote a book unless you've actually read it, otherwise you end up looking like an idiot trying to sound smart in front of somebody who did.

Hate to be so negative.
Best of Luck,
John D. Harrison.
(Too lazy to log in, direct replies toward my younger brother Rogueninja12374)
Crack-jouchan chapter 12 . 11/8
W-wha...? If I'm getting this right somehow... somehow Voldie takes control of Quirrel whenever he speaks? Umm... I'm pretty sure that's different from canon. Sure does make things interesting though...
Crack-jouchan chapter 11 . 11/8
Worst case scenario: HE'S HER BOSS. Ohhh the chaos that would come from that xD hahahahaha!

Omake 1 is hilarious as well. Harry is all calm like while Dumbledore is probably hyperventilating across the table from him xD I love this Harry!
Crack-jouchan chapter 10 . 11/8
WHAT A TROLL. I thought as well that he was destinied for Slytherin, then the Sorting Hat comes up and say JUST KIDDING, RAVENCLAW.

I can imagine Ms McGonagall thinking, 'The hat has never done this before. He's spread his insanity AGAIN'
Crack-jouchan chapter 9 . 11/8
HAHAHAHA! The poor Sorting Hat! Being bombarded by question after question! Hahahahaha!

Wow, so the incident on the train caused Hermy to go to Ravenclaw, and Neville to go to Hufflepuff. Good for them; they never really seemed like Gryffindor to me. Gryffindor are supposed to be the red-shirts, if you catch my drift...
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