Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
ruinedThoughts chapter 86 . 2/26
*sees hs reference* can this fanfic get any better
Synky chapter 122 . 2/25
You did a brilliant job with this book, thank you! My mind is blown.
AlenDarkStar chapter 2 . 2/25
Magic is always the answer.
Harry is smart but a children too and the magic is new for him.
AlenDarkStar chapter 1 . 2/25
A good start. I like this change in Petunia and Harry.
ACertainSameone004 chapter 5 . 2/25
you made me cry.
out of laughter.
that has NEVER happened before.
I am honored to have stumbled upon your story.
sinor gamer chapter 1 . 2/25
my mind has been blown!
dlr chapter 86 . 2/25
Shouldn't Harry be updating his priors on Quirrell at this point ? He's just been told that Avada Kedavra just keeps going forever, through walls, etc, until it kills someone. Quirrell used Avada Kedavra in Azkaban just to make the guard dodge. At least that is what he said. That sounded at least conceivable when he said it to Harry in Azkaban, but we now find out that his doing that means a very high probability of someone somewhere dying, when the curse finally runs into someone : maybe a 100% probability of someone somewhere dying. Quirrell must have known that in Azkaban, so Quirrell is a bad guy, evil, who's willing to kill random strangers for a small personal advantage.

Harry not updating about this is pretty strange. Harry's ALREADY SUSPICIOUS of Quirrell, and should be. Harry's LOOKING FOR an evil guy who would kill innocent bystanders (say, like, Hermoine and Malfoy) to accomplish his goals.

'I knew he would dodge' was pretty weak to begin with. Now it's 'I knew he would dodge and the spell would kill someone else'...
IzzyLinc chapter 30 . 2/24
This is so cool
IzzyLinc chapter 21 . 2/24
Holy hell! this all happened in ONE WEEK?!
dlr chapter 77 . 2/24
Dumbledore's actions here are completely incomprehensible. There is no way that cracking down hard on ALL fighting, ALL bullying, by ALL the students would result in a political problem of some kind for Dumbledore. Harry's suggestion to Hermoine of what he thinks Dumbledore is going to do to crack down on bullying (setting a lot of wards to suppress offensive spells, using Veritaserum to determine if reports of bullying were true) would have been a rational and logical thing for Dumbledore to do, the minute he knew that bullying was a widespread problem in the school. What Dumbledore actually did- allowing the bullying to continue- was not in character, and, what's more, was stupid. It seems like it was forced on him as a plot device. But that plot device makes him, to me, so despicable and weak that I don't care if he is good or not. If he is that despicable and weak he is the same as evil, because he is in a position of authority, like a policeman, and he held his hand out of fear.

It was believable that Dumbledore was so weak politically that he couldn't shut down the Dementor prison, but it is beyond belief that he is so weak that he can't even stop bullying in Hogwarts. There were bully's from all or most of the the houses. It wasn't house against house, it was older kids hurting younger kids. There would have been no constituency for wanting that to continue. All of the parents would have been in favor of Dumbledore cracking down on bullying. 100% of them. The thing that would have undercut Dumbledore politically would to allow the bullying to continue.

And if I'm wrong, and there truly was some reason why
stopping the bullying would have resulted in a political problem, Dumbledore should have explained it to Harry, not taken him upstairs and showed him a bunch of relics of dead people who had died because of bad decisions Dumbledore had made in the past:

"Look at the terrible results of starting a war" is not an answer to "why aren't you going to crack down on bullying at Hogwarts".
dlr chapter 66 . 2/24
I think Harry made a big mistake here. He should have suggested to Professor Quirrell to start killing Dementors together, 10 at a time, say, instead of just going back and being a kid at school again. That's like pretending the evil doesn't exist, or like saying that because you can't solve 100% of the problem, you aren't going to try and solve part of it. They wouldn't have had to start with the ones in the prison. There are presumably ones elsewhere in the world too that they could have tracked down and gotten practice killing. And, not in larger numbers than he was sure he could handle without danger. And killing them in small groups no doubt would have increased his abilities and confidence and made it possible for him to take on more in the future.
There wouldn't have been any need for them to quit their real jobs as teacher and student, they could have just done it as a sideline activity now and then.

He can't kill them all right away. But, he could start.

And if Quirrell wouldn't help him, that would have been a valuable data point too.

And bonus, the phoenix would have discovered what was going on and come on the raids too.
IzzyLinc chapter 13 . 2/24
I'm so confused but i love it
IzzyLinc chapter 11 . 2/24
haha wut is this? im dying
IzzyLinc chapter 10 . 2/24
hahaha omg
IzzyLinc chapter 5 . 2/24
I've been laughing at this for the last 5 minutes.
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