Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
tH1s chapter 103 . 4/8
Beautifully done...
Adam Zerner chapter 113 . 4/7
I may be missing something here, but the way Voldemort is acting doesn't make sense to me. He's demonstrated that he thinks there's things Harry knows that he would like to learn. It also seems reasonable that he'd expect Harry to continue to learn useful things that Harry could teach Voldemort. So is giving Harry 60 seconds to do this really the most use he could get out of Harry?

Playing this card may buy Harry time, maybe a lot of time. With this time, I see a variety of possible outs:

Hopefully the muggles will develop FAI one day, which will have the power to finally destroy Voldemort. To increase the likelihood of this happening, I'd think that Harry a) has to communicate to the muggle scientists to keep this secret so Voldemort doesn't find out about it and stop it. And b) could try to distract Voldemort and lead him towards doubting the usefulness of muggle science. b) unfortunately diminishes the usefulness that Harry provides which may end up in Voldemort deciding to kill him, but this may not be a horrible outcome to Harry given the circumstances and his utility function.
Make people more rational. It seems that Voldemort enjoys harming people because their stupidity frustrates him. There isn't anyone in the world who Voldemort thinks is actually smart, and thus there isn't someone he actually respects. Harry has been the closest thing to someone who matches his intelligence, and thus he has demonstrated some respect (in a way) for Harry, and has demonstrated deriving some happiness from mentoring Harry. Additionally, in a more general sense, he seems to take pleasure in making stupid people smarter. Perhaps Harry could accelerate the process of making society smarter. Maybe he could use a combination of magic and drugs to make people smarter. (as an alternative, maybe Harry could use the 60 seconds to propose that Voldemort tries making people smarter and seeing if that makes him happy)
Continue to contemplate how magic really works. There seems to be incredibly potential power there, far beyond what Voldemort's current powers are. Harry already figured out partial transfiguration and how to kill death eaters at the age of 11(?) and within a year of figuring out that magic exists. Perhaps he'd continue to make discoveries like this and might eventually gain enough power to fight Voldemort. This very well may even happen quickly after one insight. Alternatively, maybe he could figure out the secrets of happiness and propose that Voldemort spends eternity in a magical version of wireheading (Voldie's terminal goal does seem to be happiness, not power or chaos). Granted, Voldemort probably is smart enough to monitor Harry to make sure there isn't anything useful that Harry knows that he doesn't. I'm not sure how to get around this. Making him think you're stupid would make him less likely to monitor you closely, but that also would make him not want to keep you around.
Alianachan chapter 18 . 4/7
I have to stop here for today. I've just read the first 18 chapters back to back and I can feel my brain melting. It’s definitely an interesting read; can't say if I like it or not though. I'll try to continue it when I can think coherently again.

If nothing else, I had a few good laughs. Thank you.
Satchit chapter 122 . 4/7
I love this fic, and I can wax long about it, but one point I realised is that the resolution of the story is essentially the Changeling Hypothesis proposed by JOdel, aka Red Hen, down to the manner in which Harry defeats Voldemort.
xTheWandererx chapter 11 . 4/7
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM CRYING! This is absolutely brilliant
RudyHenkel chapter 122 . 4/6
Thank you.

The ending here, with Harry and Hermione, is so bright and beautiful, so hopeful. I've never been as deeply moved by a work of fanfiction as this one, and I can count on one hand the number of times *any* writing has matched it.

I'll be re-reading the entire work at some point, but I know that this last chapter is one I'll be returning to, when I feel that shadow of despair on my mind.

Thank you.
Village-Mystic chapter 76 . 4/6
Strong reveals, good follow through.
Village-Mystic chapter 75 . 4/6
Harry's world view of not trusting the adults was proven correct, just when he thought they adults would do the right thing. Very interesting.
Village-Mystic chapter 74 . 4/6
The weird thing here, even though Harry is frightened is that he actually has made a friend out of Quirrel-mort. Now I don't know which side of him is actually "warming up" a fraction to consider Harry his friend, but that was amazing. Not quite sure if what is happening with Tracey is all smoke and mirrors or some actually effect of her focusing her magic. The emo/goth joke was funny, though.
Village-Mystic chapter 73 . 4/6
The new ground here is getting interesting and complex. I do like the idea that other founders could have hidden rooms with various abilities. Also double magic school sounds like a great Wizarding World young adult book series.
Village-Mystic chapter 72 . 4/6
Your plot is getting even more interesting. I'm glad that Harry is interested in "sharing the wealth" so to speak when it comes to adventures in school.
Village-Mystic chapter 71 . 4/6
I'm enjoying you following the first year girls around and fleshing out their characters. We haven't heard from Snape in a while, so this is quite interesting.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/5
I only read the first chapter, but my friend recommended this to me. So intriguing, my friend! I like the twists and ending already intertwined in each paragraph.
Village-Mystic chapter 70 . 4/5
I like the 2 girls from each house thing - even if it was an accident. I love the inter-house unity and friendships.
Village-Mystic chapter 69 . 4/5
I like that aftermath for the young women. It also isn't what Dumbles expected. A "junior" League.
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