Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
MigueLemos chapter 115 . 17h ago
I founded this creation after hearing about this on Reddit. And I have to say, after reading it complete, that it is the best thing ever. This specific ending was amazing. Bravo. I will print this and add it to my personal library. Thank you!
5 Coloured Walker chapter 115 . 17h ago
A good couple of chapters.
Sphere Warrior chapter 115 . 17h ago
"Harry was drained of magic for at least the next hour.

Harry mounted the broomstick, slowly rising into the air"
Brooms don't use magic?
CEB1970 chapter 115 . 17h ago
Thanks, that was fun!

It looks like a lot of people actually came up with basically the "correct" answer of winning some time with offers of trading information for lives, and then using partial transfiguration for the take down. Other answers were defensible, but this seemed to be the answer the story was building up to.

I'm curious how (if) any of the possible solutions that readers posted affected the final version. Some of V's dialogue actually seemed directed at the readers more than H.

Personally I had a bias against employing partial transfiguration to create spider silk since that seemed almost too reminiscent of an escape Taylor from Worm might have pulled off, but it has the benefit of being more or less believable (though controlling the direction of the silk in even the slightest wind requires a dose of credulity). Of course the only reason I'm aware of Worm is because you recommended it, so...

The point, I think, was that partial transfiguration offered a way out of the trap, one way or another. You could have easily picked any one of the infinite ways partial transfiguration could be employed, and each way may or may not have "actually" worked if reviewed with a critical enough eye. Ultimately it is just a *story* to explore rational thought, which some people seem to be overlooking. It can't be expected to be 100% perfect. I, for one, am satisfied by how this part of the story worked out and was glad to have the opportunity to "play along from home".

(Side note to people concerned about the Stone: Harry's thoughts indicated that he might use the Stone in the future at some point, so I think it is implicit that he took it, even if that wasn't explicitly stated that he did so.)
Guest chapter 115 . 17h ago
An epic and satisfying conclusion!
Except for one small note of confusion: Why did Voldemorte let Harry keep his wand?
Anonymous chapter 113 . 18h ago
I don’t normally write these types of things, so I’m hoping you will cut me some slack. I haven’t read any other reviews, so don’t know if I’m stepping on or stealing anyone else’s story ideas. If you see something that looks like your idea, all I can say is “Great minds think alike.”

I’m also assuming, that “Less”’s enthusiasm for writing this story is waning, so I’m going to wrap up the story line. Furthermore, I’m going to assume that Harry behaved in a rational manner (kinda the whole point of the story) in the past, even if the story didn’t directly touch on some of the reasonable actions he should have been taking (but I’ll give reasons why they weren’t mentioned earlier). Last but not least, I don’t think I’m changing any of the abilities Harry has been shown to have in the past, nor will I make any of the characters behave in a manner totally unbelievable. I believe much of this “chapter” is foreshadowed in the previous writings. But you’re always free to disagree with me…

Okay, this turned out to be eight pages… I thought it’d be a page or two at most. Sorry.

With those caveats said:

Harry had to pee. [slyth]You know, you’re going to die in a minute. It’s going to happen anyway, might as well do it now.[/slyth] [gryph]We will not give him the satisfaction.[/gryph] [slyth]It’s silly to die uncomfortable.[/slyth][huff]We aren’t going to die, someone will notice, our friends will save us.[/huff][raven]No, no they won’t, we wouldn’t notice if they were in trouble, they definitely won’t notice our plight. We’re on our own.[/raven] Harry was just about to pee when, “[i]Your time iss almosst up. Do you have anything to ssay?[/i]” The Dark Lord said.

“[i]I’m more usseful to you alive.[/i]” The words just popped out of Harry’s mouth, but the moment he said them he knew they were true. “[i]More usseful for your planss.[/i]”

“[i]Ahh young Potter. I have no doubt you are more usseful alive, that hass never been under debate. But I can achieve all my planss without you, it may take more time, but worth it. You are too dangerouss to let live.”[/i]

[huff]We should let him kill us, you heard him, it may save the world.[/huff] [slyth]Basing your decisions off a Prophecy you’re hearing third hand is stupid. Besides we just swore an Unbreakable Vow that we won’t destroy the world. We’re harmless now.[/slyth] Harry had never like losing an argument, even ones he knew he should lose for the good of the future. So no sooner than the thoughts crossed his mind, than the words were out of his mouth “[i]Falssse[/i]”.

“[i]You cannot knowingly lie, so you believe this. How can you help with my planss. Within dayss I will rule Britian. Monthss I will rule the world. Could you accelerate that by what, a week? I thought more of you Potter[/i]”
“[i]Thosse are not your planss. Thosse are but meanss to an end. You wissh to know the ssecretss of wizardry itsself. You will never have them, you forget the firsst prophecy. I will have powerss you will never know.[/i]”

“[i]Sso you would have me rissk the world, for what, control of Dementorss, I already have that. For ssome new ability you might manifesst in a hundred yearss. An ability I do not even control. I’m not a fool.[/i]”

“[i]I have them now.[/i]”

The Dark Lord seemed somewhat taken aback at the pronouncement. “[i]Pray tell young Potter, what are they?[/i]” The tone seem sickeningly sweet even thru parsletongue. Harry realized that the Dark Lord may be a psychopath, but he was a curious psychopath. [slyth]That is something that could be used.[/slyth]

“[i]I remind you, that I will crucio you … or her[/i]” He said glancing the direction of the sleeping Hermione, “[i]or those Muggle parentss you are sso fond of. You will tell me, one way or another.[/i]”

“[i]I can transfigure a part of an object. Not the whole, but part.[/i]”

“[i]An interessting parlor trick. You sstake your life on knowledge of a parlor trick? I am disssappointed.[/i]” The Dark Lord dismissed.

“[i]A meanss … a meanss to an end.[/i]” Harry glanced around, looking for any way out. Any way from sharing this information with his worst enemy. The Death Eaters still trained their wands on him. Poor White was barely able to contain his shaking. Like a junkie going through withdrawal.

[gryph]We could always die.[/gryph] Harry was surprised that that thought came in the voice of Gryffindor. It had come to this, suicide was the brave way out. [slyth]Don’t be foolish. Look at him, we wants to know too bad. He won’t let you die now. Not until he’s wrung every last bit from us. Most people think they can last under torture, but everyone folds. He’ll break us and leave us a shell. Only if you believe it will prevent the destruction of the world will you be able to resist him, and even then he has Hermione as leverage. Tell him and perhaps we can control him.[/slyth]

“[i]What end Harry Potter?[/i]” The Dark Lord asked in a chilling tone.


[Add break here…]

“[i]Wizards?[/i]” The Dark Lord asked, glancing about at the collection of misfits and rejects surrounding the defenseless boy.

“[i]I could … or might … be able to make Wizards. From Muggles that is.[/i]”

The Dark Lord stared at the boy, moments becoming seconds, seconds becoming minutes, as he pondered the implications of this power.

“How?” he spoke in English, his Parseltongue leaving him for the moment.

“[i]I will need ssomething from my pouch. I promisse it iss not a weapon, it can do you no harm. Might I perform an Acrio?[/i]”

“The boy is going to summon something from his pouch. Do him no harm.” Voldemort commanded his minions.


There was a wrustle as the thin binding of paper shot from the pouch and landed in Harry’s outstretched hand. He stood there for a moment, reading the title and authors. Tears came unbeckoned from his eyes as he read the first author “Michael Verres-Evans”. Was he betraying his father’s trust. It wasn’t even his father’s field, although he’d taken a marked interest in it in recent months. He threw the paper in the dirt between him and the Dark Lord.

Voldemort waved his wand, and the paper floated to his hand.

“Genetic markers indicating a diaspora of a pre-Mesopotamian civilization in the Mediterranean region”, the Dark Lord read on. [i]Your muggle father?[/i]
The Dark Lord flipped through the pages. It was dense. Much of it cutting edge biology. Far beyond what the untutored mind of Voldemort could even begin to understand.
Suddenly, some comprehension came to the Dark Lord. [i]Atlantisst! Your muggle father … you … you’ve been sstudying uss. You’ve let him sstudy uss.[/i] The Dark Lord seethed at the implications. [i]You’ve betray all of Wizardom. The minisstry would would wipe them all, and leave them drooling idiotss. How? Why?[/i]

[i]When I firsst came to Hogwartss, I thought I would become a Wizard-Sscientist. The firsst of hiss kind. It might take decadess for me and my team of peerss to learn all of the ssecretss of magic, but I wass up for the challenge. But then I realized that you were likely real. Not jusst some boogey man. I needed knowledge, and I needed it ssoon.[/i]

[i]’I can ssee further because I sstood on the sshoulderss of giantss’,[/i] Harry quoted. [i]I needed a giant, a giant I could trusst. I needed my father.[/i]

[i]I couldn’t approach him until after my Occlumency had reached the point where I could protect him, but once I had, it was ssimple. I ssecretly ssent him ssampless. Blood I gathered from the sstudentss during your exercissess. They lined up to perform blood ritess with me. Any ssquib I could find. Magical creaturess from herbology class. I even got ssome your ssaliva and Dumbledore’ss hair.[/i]

[i]My father approached his colleaguess. Mosst sstill don’t know where he found thesse bitss, but they loved them. Sstrange new gene combinationss, indicating sstrange new sspeciess! A few I believe, he even told the truth, but most jusst did it because it was new and exciting. It wass difficult for him to keep them all from publishing. Ssome, I think, even did, but only two Wizardss alive would have the inssight to realize what they were doing … and they both sstand here.[/i]

[i]They ssequenced the ssampless and ussed the mosst powerful ssuper computerss to analyze them. All culminating in what you’re holding in your hand right now. A blueprint … a blueprint for the genetic makeup of … not jusst a Wizard … the ideal Wizard.[/i]

The Death Eaterss were beginning to bore. Unable to undersstand what wass being ssaid, many of them had begun to fidget. Voldemort glared around at them. Each imperfect and flawed in so many ways.
[i]What do you mean … the perfect Wizard … Dumbledore?[/i]

[i]Not Dumbledore, the ideal wizard hass probably not exissted since Atlantisst fell. In the paper, Dumbledore iss labeled ssequence D3. There are 97 sseparate genes that appear to be disstinct between a Wizard and Muggle, not all of them need be sset, although ssome are more important than otherss. Dumbledore has 89 of the indicatorss set. The highesst of any of our ssampless. It’s not a perfect indicator, Ron Weassely has 85 of the indicators. Mosst practicing Wizardss have anywhere between 45-55. Ssquibss have 35 or lesss and ssome sseem to matter more than otherss. It’ss all in the paper. I should point out that drive matterss as much or more than genetic factorss. Hermione only hass 61. But like an Olympic Ssprinter, when the two come together…[/i] Harry trailed off.

[i]And you can turn these geness on?[/i]

[i]Maybe. I’m not ssure, but I believe I can. I have thought about it ssince my father ssent me the paper a month ago. But even ssetting asside the ethicss of it all, it takess time to learn how to use your magic and to ssusstain that intricate of a transsfiguration for any length of time would be beyond my abilitiess. Either now or the forsseeable future. I could make a Muggle a wizard, or a wizard a more powerful wizard, but they’d jusst lose it once I tired long before they
Enthusiast 117 chapter 115 . 18h ago
Gotta say, I wasn't expecting Obliviation. I had totally forgotten he knew that spell.

It's weird, that so much of the cast are just... gone. It makes me very interested in what will happen next, as well as what Voldemort possibly has done in order to take so many hostages and whether Harry can figure it out and stop it before his time's up.

Seeing Harry at his peak is something of a treat though. I think I like where this all is going.
Guest chapter 115 . 18h ago
Wow, talk about the impossible! Dang that was cool! Can't wait to read the finale.
Jay-F chapter 115 . 18h ago
I think I would have been more satisfied with this ending if we had not had the final exam. Because I had to think so much about it a) I became over committed to the ideas I came up with and b) I do not think that the carbon nano tube stunt was adequately prepared in advance as a possible power of Harry's. It is too much different from any other transfiguration we had seen in the story (with the degree of motion etc.).

Thanks for writing,

Guest chapter 112 . 18h ago
Why Voldemort made a description for a ritual and put it in a pouch if he will kill Harry anyway?
Rago Dragovian chapter 115 . 18h ago
Honestly, I was completely disappointed with this ending. It felt so convoluted and anticlimactic. So what's next? Harry ends his own life? Harry breaks the world? This had to be the most boring conclusion out of all of your story arcs and that's a huge disappointment because everything else was done well.
Guest chapter 115 . 18h ago
It's only like the fence if adding an extra metre took a couple of seconds while you were doing something else.

Why did Harry remove all the Quirrel bits?! He could have fulfilled his dream and just wiped everything but that, leaving just his beloved Defence Professor! :(

Also, how the heck was he able to DIRECTLY TRANSFIGURE a living breathing Voldemorte! The resonance should have made that impossible.
Samariffic chapter 115 . 18h ago
Fuckin hell. Was not expecting that. And now Harry has the Stone! He has his avenue for immortality for everyone!

I liked your solution to the immortal enemy problem, I've seen it once or twice before, but not quite as cleverly delivered.

I'm really really hoping that Voldemort isn't going to show up in the next chapter totally fine and murder everyone. Because goddamn that was so neatly done it'd break my heart to see it undone.
Guest chapter 115 . 18h ago
Is it still possible to go back in time and discover what really happens? Moody can do so...
Guest chapter 114 . 18h ago
Up until this chapter I still thought Voldemorte was aiming for Harry to win and complete his "Harry defeats Voldemorte" plan. It just made little sense how he let Harry keep his wand rather than having a Death Eater cast Expeliarmus, it's also such an obvious means of limiting Harry's actions that there was no way Quirrel didn't think of it.

I figured V have figured out that Harry could do partial transfiguration by his removal of the block of metal at Azkazam (V would also have interrogated Bellatrix afterwards) and was giving him a final test to see if he was worthy.

I'm also surprised at how Harry can actively transfigure something in contact with Voldemorte without the resonance triggering in a debilitating fashion. And that the Death Eaters didn't have a means to detect this (transfiguration has been used in combat before, ie. Dumbledore was known for it, and ropes cutting people in half seems like a decent and obvious tactic).

Additionally, is there no limit to the force transfiguration can exert?
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