Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Rambling Drabble chapter 6 . 9/18
1. Just HAD to have at least one overt AI reference, didn't 'cha? Still, the comparison with magic IS pretty cool. And ever-increasingly accurate, too.
2. Harry's sore loser explanation: my thoughts in a nutshell :)
3. "One of my classmates gets bitten by a horrible monster." It's all in the details, isn't it?
4. Oh, the references. Can't recall noticing the Hulk reference the first time around. Or seeing his first dark moments for what they were. It was fun to read through all that again.
5. Saying nothing about the scene before it, I still love what the shopkeeper said to McGonagall. I also don't remember the sweat the first time around.
6. So it doesn't explicitly say that it was McGonagall who told Harry to find Hermione, just that it was whispered to him, and that McGonagall wasn't there when he turned around.
7. Albus said "gravely". That should have stood out to me the first time. Or maybe not, since I'm more rational now, but still...
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 26 . 9/18
Bye bye, Skeeter. For a moment there I thought it might be Riddle's diary, but I guess that wouldn't have made all that much sense.
Rambling Drabble chapter 5 . 9/18
1. Wonder who the mokeskin Hufflepuff is.
2. Can't recall reading about the door waving goodbye to them before. Oh well.
3. So they ran into a total of 3 well-wishers within the alleys of Diagon Alley... don't know if that's important, but okay.
4. Ooohhh, a "sharp look", huh? Thanks for the new synonym for a glare. I might be needing that.
5. Hm. Didn't notice that Draco was wearing a checkerboard-gridded robe pre-Hogwarts. That's cool.
6. "Unutterably delighted" is such a great bit of blubbering praise.
7. House Elf, the real backbone of Hogwarts.
8. That description of Lucius... HOT damn!
9. So much flattering vocabulary in this. Didn't know about laureate either.
10. Six minutes and four seconds in Madam Malkin's. And the description of McGonagall Lucius... (bring tips of the fingers of one hand to lips and kiss them) Magnific!
11. Final note: didn't notice the first time that Harry tried to use the fundamental attribution fallacy at the end there. Neat inclusion.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 25 . 9/18
I really want to see what they come up with.
Rambling Drabble chapter 4 . 9/18
1. Didn't know about seigniorage. So governments can make some profit PURELY by producing currency, according to its definition. Whether that's right or not (because it's probably much more complicated), thanks, HPMoR, for adding new words to my vocabulary.
2. Oohhh, another one: arbitrage. Didn't know THAT was the name for Harry's get-rich-quick scheme. Neat-o.
3. The idea is filed away for a free week. Perhaps for a certain... break?
4. Didn't see it before. That final request WAS (just a bit) too theatrical. Gotta remember that pretty much everything Harry does is calculated. Griphook would be grinning if he knew.
Rambling Drabble chapter 3 . 9/18
1. So there are 3 items you need to complete an infinite cycle of wish spells... I'll look into that later.
2. Gotta have that bookshop be Ravenclaw colors.
3. Those "who stood out most." Reminds me of something a certain Slytherin will say.
4. Nice quote: "Whenever you are most in need of your art as a rationalist, that is when you are most likely to forget it."
Rambling Drabble chapter 2 . 9/18
1. Finding solutions in time, eh?
2. Harry's right. Modern schools, especially underfunded elementary schools, underfunded high schools, and pretty much all colleges (with a few exceptions, like Harvard) really are "disintegrating" as far as educational standards go. I wish there was something I could do to get out of it, or do about it, but, like most people, I'll just have to keep my head down and take the right classes instead.
3. Keeping the books from him was a very effective plot device. One could only imagine what a rational Harry could do with a two-months head start.
Rambling Drabble chapter 1 . 9/18
Time for my review-through of HPMoR. My first read-through was as fast as possible, driven by insomnia and the need to know what happens next, but I'll take it a little slower this time. Don't know how long it will take, but I'll do it till it's done. I need to learn how to write in 3rd person, not just 1st, and I figured another session of HPMoR was just what I needed. In the meantime, I'll be commenting on anything new that I see. Here goes:

1. Verres Glasses (might be a description of the Professor having glasses, or it could be more).
2. A centaur told Lily not to make Petunia pretty because the world would end if she did. :)
3. Show Interest and Good Parent are capitalized? Guess that IS more important than taking children seriously, most of the time. Course, I'm half on the other of that, but I can relate to both sides.
4. Note to self for 3rd person grammarism: Sometimes (Time quantifier) Harry (character from whose POV the 3rd person is limited) wanted (intent/feeling verb) to scream at his father (intent/feeling result).
1st person version: Sometimes, I wanted to scream at my father.
5. Love this quote: "If he was going to descend into madness, he was going to do it in style."
HPMoR in a nutshell.
6. Damn, just realized something that will easily qualify as unoriginal within my own stuff, with how much that something parallels the ending to this chapter. I wish my brain wouldn't be so darn set on using things that I've already read WITHOUT my awareness. When I know about it, I can disclaim or avoid it, but this... damn.

Oh well, that's it for this chapter. #2, I'm coming for you.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 24 . 9/18
Guest chapter 81 . 9/18
I'm supposed to be doing my GCSE coursework, and I've been binge-reading this instead.
I hate you.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 23 . 9/18
Only problem is how can two wizards have a squib child? Unless there are other factors, I'm not very knowledgeable about genetics. Anyway, very interesting chapter.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 22 . 9/18
Wait, if a spell cannot be used unless you know what it is supposed to do, how did Harry use Sectumsempra on Malfoy, in cannon? he didn't know what it would do. Plus, there is nonverbal as well as wandless magic.
I'm really curious about Draco and Harry's research, it's a very interesting subject. Couldn't it be that there is more than one factor at play?
Innarosn chapter 1 . 9/18
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blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 21 . 9/18
Better leave it at that. It can't be Voldemort who's coming, he's also already there, in Quirrells head. I wonder who's coming? The Silence.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 20 . 9/18
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