Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
IdiosyncraticLawyer chapter 101 . 5/2/2023
re: Matt
No single person aside from Lesath Lestrange would be as happy upon the freeing of his mother Bellatrix Black, but there'd be a few thousand wizards & witches being hurt afterward (along with the hundreds hurt by Bellatrix Black prior to her imprisonment for life in Azkaban) and only one happy son would come out of the exchange."

Yes, that's an intentional character flaw. Harry has a blind spot regarding Professor Quirrell's ideas.

"Shall I even go in detail about what would IMMEDIATELY HAPPEN after Harry Delusional Potter conquers Death entirely?
"Bacteria won't die. Viruses will be unkillable. Fungus will not perish. Insects won't die. All creatures with a R-Type Reproduction Strategy won't die.
"When DEATH IS GONE, the world's biomass will be astonishingly quickly converted into R-Selection Species bio-matter. Sure, the humans won't 'Die', but they will be engulfed by gut fungus, buried in bacteria, and packed to solid immobility with viral material. Meanwhile the world will become packed with insects, rats, and small mammals. The oceans will be packed to walking density with squirming live fish.

"Yes, and continuing this chain of logic, all of the earth's carbon would very quickly become locked up in living things as they reproduce beyond carrying capacity; this would effectively eliminate it from the atmosphere, ushering in severe global cooling of 15 degrees C and a permanent Snowball Earth."

Is this interpretation of Harry's anti-death ideology a joke? Harry doesn't believe in conquering death on the scale you describe. Bacteria and viruses aren't even sentient, let alone sapient, and the latter isn't technically even fully alive, and the point of conquering death is to prevent consigning minds to oblivion, so these microbes are meaningless here. As for insects and those other r-type species, nowhere will you find a transhumanist who believes in conquering death for non-sapient species if it's detrimental to the future of the world's peoples, who are the only king on the cosmic chessboard, even if the stars should die in heaven.
Matt chapter 101 . 9/1/2021
"Matrix29bear chapter 101 . Feb 5, 2015
No single person aside from Lesath Lestrange would be as happy upon the freeing of his mother Bellatrix Black, but there'd be a few thousand wizards & witches being hurt afterward (along with the hundreds hurt by Bellatrix Black prior to her imprisonment for life in Azkaban) and only one happy son would come out of the exchange.

Shall I even go in detail about what would IMMEDIATELY HAPPEN after Harry Delusional Potter conquers Death entirely?
Bacteria won't die. Viruses will be unkillable. Fungus will not perish. Insects won't die. All creatures with a R-Type Reproduction Strategy won't die.
When DEATH IS GONE, the world's biomass will be astonishingly quickly converted into R-Selection Species bio-matter. Sure, the humans won't "Die", but they will be engulfed by gut fungus, buried in bacteria, and packed to solid immobility with viral material. Meanwhile the world will become packed with insects, rats, and small mammals. The oceans will be packed to walking density with squirming live fish."

Yes, and continuing this chain of logic, all of the earth's carbon would very quickly become locked up in living things as they reproduce beyond carrying capacity; this would effectively eliminate it from the atmosphere, ushering in severe global cooling of 15 degrees C and a permanent Snowball Earth.
Guest chapter 101 . 6/25/2020
This is Dumbledore at his arrogant asshole worst in this story, I think.
"Do you care at all about the people you hurt, Harry?"
"I dunno, do *you* care at all about the children who get hurt through your negligence and mollycoddling of malicious bastards, Headmaster?"
If Filch's job was so critical to him, perhaps he shouldn't have abused his authority to get his jollies by tormenting students. Except, of course, he'd only ever been shown that *not a fucking thing* would ever happen to him for doing so.
Majerus chapter 101 . 7/17/2019
Don't remember what color Bane's hair was, or was that Firenze. Not good, looks like Sybil's prophecy is in the stars as well.
kar.saadi chapter 101 . 2/19/2019
NineOfHearts chapter 101 . 7/2/2018
So I'm behind on reading all this, but it occurs to me that
1. The last thing Voldemort said to the basilisk might not have been Avada Kedavra, but rather "Imperio," preceded by "Obliviate." Basilisks are useful weapons, and the enemy is really good at memory charms. Maybe even make some memories of false lore. Or maybe he just tortured it into insanity and that's how Myrtle died.
2. Quarrel killed Firenze and made him into an inferiors. That's why he clopped with an odd synchronicity and had a blank stare. False memory charm has an incantation and doesn't need the caster to say "remember nothing" etc. doesn't match up with previous incantations cast. Silly Harry, not realizing that. Poor Firenze, though.
Guest chapter 101 . 4/22/2017
Welp, the Filch situation has been sorted, anyway.
Penguinjava chapter 101 . 12/20/2016
Huh. That was a very interesting re-imagining of the unicorn hunt. I rather like that I can see both Dumbledore's and Harry points of view.
Jatok chapter 101 . 11/23/2016
I'm only sad because this story is soon coming to a close, and i'm beginning to doubt that harry will have meteor summoning, earth ending magical ability, and an awesome evil laugh
The Anguished One chapter 101 . 9/13/2016
A centaur tried to kill Harry... wow. Didn't see that coming, especially after it had talked about how the stars spoke of his innocence.
As for Filch being fired, that's not the worst thing that could happen. Sad for him, but realistically it won't have a large impact outside of Dumbledore's opinion towards Harry. The fact that Hagrid will likely not teach Care of Magical Creatures does upset me, but Harry has a good point.
Montara chapter 101 . 1/26/2016
Green spells to frighten people...Harry should remember that. And the centaur tried to kill him because Harry will destroy the starts...I don't see how he'll do that...
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 101 . 12/10/2015
So, multiple seers have now prophesied that Harry will destroy the world (or at least their words can be interpreted that way). This seems like something someone should tell him
Raistlin chapter 101 . 6/15/2015
I don't like this Chapter, since Harry acts just like the other ordinary numskull student , will drift apart Quirrel after he saved Harry by killing a creature.
PA chapter 101 . 5/24/2015
That's not unnerving at all ...
Ishkabod chapter 101 . 3/2/2015
I have a few ideas but as the deadline has passed i will just summerize guesses. I couldnt find the bit i needed for confirmation so here goes. Both prophisies mention no one specifically but its agreed Harry is part of the first one. He has the neither can live while the other survives bit and the kill or be killed bit. Also the newer one which he vowed to do everthing possible to avoid its fullfillment this could mean he would have given his life up but in doing so he thought that voldie would then destroy the universe so Harrys vow prevented him actually dieing. It makes sense in my head but i am not one for writing articulately. Voldemort still has his vow in play to not harm harry unless harry raises wand or fist first. Another vow means that Hermionie is immune to voldie and cronies so she could rescue harry. He pointed out he hadnt done so by using the gun.
Hermionie is still there wake up and sneek the time turner or somthing.
einna16 chapter 101 . 2/19/2015
so two things about the Killing Curse:
"It damages the mind?"
Again Moody shook his head. "No. It's the killing that does that. Murder tears the soul - but that's just the same if it's a Cutting Hex. The Killing Curse doesn't crack your soul. It just takes a cracked soul to cast."

Sooo, Harry's already enabled himself (not conciously) to cast it in the future (by killing the troll)

Aaaand has Harry realized he's blocked a REAL Killing Curse with his Patronus? (or was it just their connection then?)
Matrix29bear chapter 101 . 2/5/2015
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Guest chapter 101 . 2/5/2015
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Matrix29bear chapter 101 . 2/5/2015
No single person aside from Lesath Lestrange would be as happy upon the freeing of his mother Bellatrix Black, but there'd be a few thousand wizards & witches being hurt afterward (along with the hundreds hurt by Bellatrix Black prior to her imprisonment for life in Azkaban) and only one happy son would come out of the exchange.

Shall I even go in detail about what would IMMEDIATELY HAPPEN after Harry Delusional Potter conquers Death entirely?
Bacteria won't die. Viruses will be unkillable. Fungus will not perish. Insects won't die. All creatures with a R-Type Reproduction Strategy won't die.
When DEATH IS GONE, the world's biomass will be astonishingly quickly converted into R-Selection Species bio-matter. Sure, the humans won't "Die", but they will be engulfed by gut fungus, buried in bacteria, and packed to solid immobility with viral material. Meanwhile the world will become packed with insects, rats, and small mammals. The oceans will be packed to walking density with squirming live fish.

But let's just limit the Immortality to Wizards, Witches, and Humans.
Your body practices some R-Type strategy to keep you alive. Skin cells, stomach cells, liver cells, eye cells. And none of those will die. You will be encased in endlessly thickening skin. Your guts will pack themselves with stomach cells and your innards will become dense & immobile. Your eyes will cloud over as the eye cells over-reproduce into thick scale-like density. But let us be idealists and say that "the body will continue to function normally" but the entirety of it will not die no matter how damaged it becomes. Immortality without superior body-repair functions (have we not seen this in an endless series of zombie movies).

As the name implies, r-selected species are those that place an emphasis on a high growth rate, and, typically exploit less-crowded ecological niches, and produce many offspring, each of which has a relatively low probability of surviving to adulthood (i.e., high r, low K)

By contrast, K-selected species display traits associated with living at densities close to carrying capacity, and typically are strong competitors in such crowded niches that invest more heavily in fewer offspring, each of which has a relatively high probability of surviving to adulthood (i.e., low r, high K). In scientific literature, r-selected species are occasionally referred to as "opportunistic" whereas K-selected species are described as "equilibrium".

hpmor - chapter 101

"Then wouldn't Mr. Hagrid be the worst possible teacher for Magical Creatures?"

"Your mistake," Harry said, looking down at his knees, feeling at least ten percent as exhausted as he'd ever been, "is a cognitive bias we would call, in the trade, scope insensitivity. Failure to multiply. You're thinking about how happy Mr. Hagrid would be when he heard the news. Consider the next ten years and a thousand students taking Magical Creatures and ten percent of them being scalded by Ashwinders. No one student would be hurt as much as Mr. Hagrid would be happy, but there'd be a hundred students being hurt and only one happy teacher."

hpmor chapter 27

"Do you have to do literally anything anyone asks you?"

The Boy-Who-Lived turned back and looked at Neville again. "Do? No. Feel guilty about not doing? Yes."

Neville was having trouble finding words. "Once the Dark Lord died, Bellatrix Black was literally the most evil person in the entire world and that was before she went to Azkaban. She tortured my mother and father into insanity because she wanted to find out what happened to the Dark Lord -"

"I know," Harry said quietly. "I get that, but -"

"No! You don't! She had a reason for doing that, and my parents were both Aurors! It's not even close to the worst thing she's ever done!" Neville's voice was shaking.

hpmor chapter 52
And behind the bars of the third cell he saw Bellatrix Black.

I'm here to save her, I'm here to save her, I'm here to save her, Harry thought to himself, desperately, over and over with an effort like Occlumency, willing his Patronus not to go out, to stay and protect Bellatrix from the Dementors.

hpmor chapter 63
The Great Hall was a hubbub of alarm despite the relative few arrivals, some younger children crying, students running back and forth between tables or standing in knots shouting at each other, a red-robed prefect was standing in front of two green-trimmed students and yelling at them and Snape was striding toward the mess -

"Bellatrix Black was taken from Azkaban!"

"What? " said Draco in shock, as Gregory behind him said something he really shouldn't have and Vincent just gasped.
Anonymous Again chapter 101 . 1/3/2015
WHAT- NO- WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT? How can I go on with my life?
Thank you at least for veering off in a somewhat more positive direction, so that I don't have to run out of chapters right when Harry is drowning in horrible grief...
TheButterflyComposer chapter 101 . 12/27/2014
Dumbledore is losing his grip a little with his arguments...that might be deliberate on your part or not.

So the governors can be made to go to Hogwarts, but it takes one of their children nearly make them do it.
Color Me Void chapter 101 . 12/7/2014
It has come to my attention that I have commented on this piece without mentioning that this quoted my favorite quote.
This story quoted my favorite quote.
jacob.chen.927 chapter 101 . 12/4/2014
So it seems obvious that Quirrell killed the centaur and made an inferi out of the corpse, and since Harry has never seen an inferi before, noted that its movements were weird but did not realize because it was a walking corpse.

Can't wait to find out how Harry is destined to destroy the universe which prompted this centaur (Firenze?) to try to kill him
thepkrmgc chapter 101 . 8/5/2014
yay for evil!centaurs and the expulsion of frankly incompetent teachers!
Nix chapter 101 . 7/29/2014
The centaur knew Lily! So Lily wasn't lying when she told Petunia that a centaur said that the world would end if she was ever nice to her sister! Love how the story references itself chapter 101 . 7/23/2014
Hi "Less Wrong",

I love your fanfiction, it helped me understand a highly gifted (is that the word for"Hochbegabt"?, anyway, very intelligent) friend. But I don't want to talk about that, because I am realy tired. You said you found out, how not to stay up all night thinking about stuff. I think, this intensive thinking is a important thing sometimes, but 4 nights without a good night of sleep are too much for me. I took sleep pills the last too nights, but I don't want to get addicted. I tried thinking relaxing stuff (like "my sholders are heavy, my legs are heavy", counting sheep and so on).
Picta Vulpes chapter 101 . 7/22/2014
I have never read anything as descriptive of human nature or the ever changing cognitive ability of the human animal as this story. I applaud the characters as you have envisioned them but am saddened by the death of Hermione Granger, despite the fact that she is a fictional character. Nevertheless I anxiously await the conclusion of this story. My sincerest gratitude for this author and story.
VegasKid013 chapter 101 . 7/12/2014
...Harry's going to realize at some point he's dreaming or living inside some sort of simulated reality, isn't he. Because there's no other way magic could exist.

Isn't this, like, one of those situations where someone is failing to notice they are confused? Like, Harry in the story is coming up with theories about the nature of magic, but not really asking about why magic exists in the first place, how can it be real, and isn't the chance he's hallucinating or dreaming or something much higher than the chance that the world just... has magic in it? I dunno.

Whatever. It's a really cool, brilliant story, I've followed it for years. Thank you so much for writing it. I have checked out your website and articles and have learned a bit, also.
Guest chapter 101 . 7/12/2014
Skies becoming empty? Whatever does that mean? The street lamps not letting you see the stars? I believe Harry missed the starry sky at some point...
truthfullyours chapter 101 . 7/11/2014
I'm so glad that I started reading this story after completing my exams. I fear that it would have been a great distraction and I can imagine it bouncing into my mind at inconvenient times...

But anyway. Thank you for writing this, I enjoyed it immensely. This is such a brilliant and satisfying story. It's beautifully written, has a fine plot (although it can be a bit slow at times) and is captivating, insightful and illuminating. I admire your wit and cunning and intelligence in crafting the characters, the dialogue and the story... it is quite outstanding. I could really connect to some parts, such as the desire to leave this earth and be surrounded by only stars and of course, rationalizing and procrastinating. The growth of some characters, and the decline of others was very interesting to observe. HP reminds me so much of Artemis Fowl and Sherlock. I have great fondness for all three, and I can't help but wonder if you were inspired by them.

What a powerful story, with lots of important lessons and wisdom. I've noticed that it's affected my thoughts and beliefs... it has made me think more about certain things (like what I want to do with my life, and accomplish before I die), made me question my assumptions and my values, made me care less about what others think about me... Even though I was familiar with many of the concepts that you mentioned, having studied them in my psychology papers, it was still refreshing and fun to read. Your writing is very accessible, concise and clear. I think you have a wonderful imagination and sense of humour, and I look forward to the next arc with thrilling anticipation.
TopoQueHaceHoyosEnTuJardin chapter 101 . 7/10/2014
Moles have short, yet powerful legs and extremely broad front teeth. They are also very good swimmers.
crumbler chapter 101 . 7/9/2014
What is this story about? As far as I can tell, it is blah, blah and zoink!
Guest chapter 101 . 7/8/2014
Ido Bachelet has made crude but REAL nanobots it seems. Just thought you would like to know.
kyuuketsuneko chapter 101 . 7/3/2014
Crackpot theory time!
Before I start, I'd like to point out that rational thinking and detective-styled deductions are REALLY not my strong points, so these are my intuitive guesses. My nose serves me well most of the time, so here we go:

1. I divided the characters into 3 groups: A) 'Masterminds', B) 'Meddlers' and C) 'Effectors'.
Group A: these individuals affect the story plot drastically with their plots, whereby their plots tend to have their intended effects.
- Harry
- Quirrell/Voldemort
- Dumbledore
- Mr X (identity to be discussed later): i.e. the person pulling mysterious tricks that we have not yet identified (e.g. who was that talking with Hermione?), who may or may not be messing with the plots of every other Group A member, or who may not exist at all.
Group B: these characters tend to also affect the plot drastically at times with their plots, but usually it's more of an accidental thing where their plots interfere with that of Group A's, FUBARing someone ELSE'S brilliant plot to hell.
- Snape
- Draco(?)
- Lucius
Group C: these characters don't have major effects on the plot/world with their PLOTS, but their ACTIONS (usually of them just staying in character) may cause drastic consequences, e.g. their DEATHS, or INACTIONS, could have major effects.
- Hermione(?)
- Ron
- Neville & co.
- McGonagall & co. (I have a feeling that something she said/didn't say is going to cause Harry to make a SERIOUS mistake later)
- Most other characters

2. I tried to figure out each of their motivations.
Group A:
- Harry: world optimization *cough, domination, cough*, and now, revival of the death/immortality/complete defiance of death. And the defeat of Voldemort as a side thing. And possibly the defeat of Dumbledore as a side project for the Malfoys. Wow, he's got his work lined up for him.
- Dumbledore: defeat of Voldemort at any cost.
- Mr X: depends on his identity. Currently I think the two most likely candidates are FUTURE HARRY and SIRIUS BLACK. Evidence and hypotheses:
• Both are people that Hermione should recognize (considering her reading and intelligence), and both are 'impossible' existences inside Hogwarts, hence her surprised reaction.
• Given Harry's obsession with conquering death, the constant use of time-turners throughout the story and the ominous 2nd prophecy that implies Harry will seriously screw up the world, a plausible explanation is that Future!Harry discovers a way of turning back time beyond the limitations of the normal time-turners, 'revives' Hermione by messing with time, screws over the world because he's messed with some fundamental laws of physics and magic, annoys Hermione/has a guilt flash, decides to undo his mistakes but cannot directly interfere without causing a paradox, uses his amazing intelligence to find loopholes in paradox-ing whereby he influences small, unrelated events to 'butterfly effect' to his final, desired result i.e. creating a world where Hermione didn't die in the first place/Harry does not get in over his head in trying to bring her back. However, he sets up a self-fulfilling prophecy instead, and screws himself over, and then is trying to figure out a way to un-screw himself and the world.
• During Bellatrix's prison-break, we hear "I'm not serious" i.e. "I'm not SIRIUS". Maybe Sirius broke out on his own. Maybe Lupin helped him and stuck Peter in jail instead, after shuffling around memories to make people see Sirius as Peter so that the real Sirius looks like a dead person (Peter). Either way, I strongly believe that the real Sirius Black is NOT in Azkaban right now, and that he broke out sometime ago. Given how much he meddles in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', it'll be in character for him to try to be 'protecting' Harry from the dark, while possibly making things worse, or more complicated. OR, he really is a traitor in this fic, and is working for his own agendas.
- Quirrell-mort: depends on which of how much of the actions are attributed to which 'persona', or if 'Quirrell' exists at all.
• If EVERYTHING thus far is Quirrel-directed, with only a few pieces advice from Voldemort, then he may be trying to raise a student like himself who is BETTER than him at his own game, to try and kill Voldemort. Or, maybe he's just trying to have fun before he dies.
• If EVERYTHING thus far is Voldemort-directed, and Quirrel is just another mask, then Voldemort might be having fun either raising up his 'equal and worthy' opponent, or he's trying to corrupt Harry before he has a chance to oppose him, or just break him outright when he 'betrays' Harry by revealing his identity.
• If the actions are a MIXTURE of the two (which seems more likely because it's the most confusing and entertaining), then he could be up to any of above, or something else entirely. Or maybe he's trying to learn Harry's tricks and 'powers not known' before Harry can use them against him.

Group B:
- Snape: originally by his love for Lily, and presumably a need to avenge her death at the hands of Voldemort. I suspect he's currently confused as to what 'broad overall goal' he should have, and will undertake petty plots at his whim, making him unpredictable and potentially HIGHLY DESTRUCTIVE to Group A plots. For now, he'll probably keep to things like 'interfering with bullies', 'keeping his students safe', 'long periods of introspection' and anything else that catches his fancy. He may decide to have revenge on Dumbledore AND Voldemort for manipulating him and causing Lily's death once he deduces that it's likely Dumbledore 'sent' the Potters to their deaths, OR join up with one cause or another, OR just wreak mayhem on the level of the Joker due to indecisiveness.
- Lucius: though he's not a great plotter, his political and financial position, as well as the power he holds over Draco and through Draco, Harry and the Slytherins, any petty motivations/desire for vengeance could drive him to act rashly and wreck other plans. He seems mostly motivated by petty desires, vengeance for his deceased wife and his love for Draco.
- Draco: while not on par with Group A plotters yet, he's showing a lot of promise, being mentally flexible in ways I'd expect canon Hermione to be. He's actually learning very quickly about the 'scientific method' and applying this knowledge. This makes him very dangerous to Harry as an enemy (even a temporary one) as he's the only one who can 'counter' Harry without actually 'understanding/predicting' Harry (as shown by the battle involving the green potion goggles - unlike Group A plotters, Draco doesn't actually KNOW what Harry is planning, but he knows how to counter it i.e. by copying Harry's forces' actions). He still seems quite undecided in his final allegiances, and his motivations are also not fully formed. His only 'sure' motivation is that he desires the best for Slytherin. Whether this is sufficient to override his desire to 'please his father'/avoid Lucius' wrath at this stage is questionable, and can go either way. If he sides with Harry, and Lucius sides with them, then he can be a powerful ally for Harry. If he decides Harry is an enemy, he will be the 'unexpectedly efficient and weak secret weapon' against Harry for Voldemort.

Group C: their motivations are less important, since only their actions are important to figuring out what's going on.
- Hermione: I classified her here rather than in Group B because unlike Draco, she exhibits very little flexibility in her methods. She effectively acts like a more intelligent, younger, and more impressionable McGonagall a lot of the time, and is unlikely to screw up anyone's plots by her plotting, though her inadvertent actions/words can have dire consequences, especially on Harry's mental state.

3. I tried then to integrate the above motivations in figuring who was behind certain major mysteries:
- Hermione's attack on Draco, and the Troll's murder of Hermione: it's almost certain now that this was engineered. I believe Harry's list of suspects is quite good, but I favour:
• Quirrell-Voldemort: Quirrell repeatedly points out Hermione's 'effects on' and 'power over' Harry's actions/state of mind, e.g. he questions whether Harry was holding back as a General because he thought his friends would think badly of him otherwise, and tries to separate them. It gives him a LOT of motivation to have 'Miss Granger' out of the way, and if he happens to get the Malfoy scion out of the way, then even better, because he remove Lucius' meddling in his plans, and minimise uncontrolled variables. Note that he's already 'neutered' Snape (for now) as a variable by their little talk in the forest. Had Harry NOT gone to Lucius to strike a deal, Lucius Malfoy may have still had enough doubts to consider Harry Voldemort reincarnated, and Quirrel may have used this to his advantage later. Or, since he said he's "playing the game" at "one level higher" than Harry, he might have anticipated all of this, and also the alliance that followed, as well as the likely scope of the rules put then in place. Thus, this may be the very plot that Quirrell promises to fulfill the 3 winning General's Christmas wishes - the winning of the House cup for Slytherin and Ravenclaw, and the removal of the Snitch. Either he intends to paralyze Hogwarts into a state of constant militarization, and thus making it impossible for any House to lose the House Cup (which can then be interpreted as 'impossible to 'not win'' the House Cup, allowing the two Houses to 'win') and no Quidditch to be played OR he wants Hogwards to further move on from that, with major contributions from Draco (who he seems to have interesting expectations for) and Harry to their House, allowing them to pull ahead, and to revolutionize Quidditch of their own free will.
Also, Granger's death would predictably drive Harry to FURTHER isolate himself, see the 'dark side' of humanity, and push him towards a more dependent relationship to Quirrel, increasing his hold over Harry
avatar junkman chapter 101 . 7/2/2014
This story is confusing
spygirly chapter 101 . 6/27/2014
"And Lily would tell me no, and make up the most ridiculous excuses, like . . . a centaur would tell her not to."
xvector chapter 101 . 6/23/2014
A few weeks after reading this, I must say that it has impacted my thought process. I think of things and come to conclusions in a more logical, rational manner. I went through the sites listed at the end, and I must say, I feel like my thought process has been improved tremendously.
Anonymous chapter 101 . 6/23/2014
Don't know where to post it, but I just thought: wouldn't dense enough swarm of insects block Killing Curse?
In the canon, as far as I remember, Killing Curse works on spiders, so it should kill an insect, and it surely shouldn't be able to kill more than one thing a time.
Maybe if you can emit a swarm in the path of the Curse you can as well dodge it, but it is always good to have alternative options.

Thought of it while thinking how neat can it be to kill mosquitoes in my room with Killing Curse, but then realized that if I miss I can accidentally kill my neighbors, as the Curse can go through walls.
xxlonelycashier89xx chapter 101 . 6/22/2014
I first found out about this at Camp Quest a few years ago, and I couldn't find it until now! I love this!
Kakareen chapter 101 . 6/17/2014
If everything is to be wrapped up in a neat little bow in a chapter or two, with no intention of following Harry through further years, I have one request. If you feel done, do not wish to go further, I respect your decision. I only ask that you write us an epilogue, telling us what you envision for the characters in the years to come. Please, an epilogue, saying what lies in their futures.
SamusOlderBrother chapter 101 . 6/17/2014
My impression of Magical Britain, both here and in JK Rowling's universe, is that they operate largely under the auspices of Might Makes Right and That's Scary, Kill It With Fire. Certain individual characters may not operate under those suppositions, but the sweeping World At Large sure seems that way.

Also, did Dumbledore suffer brain damage during the war? Or is he simply too stupid to care/realize that bullying in the halls of Hogwarts becomes bullying in the Wizengamut? Having been a teacher at Hogwarts for so long, he had to have seen the social circles in Hogwarts become the alliances and movements of the Wizengamut (unless he simply stuck his head in the sand, like an idiot).
Uraharaisgod chapter 101 . 6/10/2014
Interesting...looking forward to seeing more work on this, definitely one of the most ambitious stories I've seen on the site.
Architect Ironturtle chapter 101 . 6/10/2014
Ok, Less Wrong, I'm calling you out. You are a published writer, with multiple actual books under your belt. No mere fan could write something this good, not without extensive training. Also, considering that this story only covers year one, is it possible that there will be sequels in the future? If you tie up all the plot points, it's possible they won't be needed, but the concept should be considered.
MrsH chapter 101 . 6/9/2014
What a horrific way to end what had promised to be the best HP fan fiction ever. I adored the premise, and the way Harry applied Muggle science to the world of magic.

And then instead of an ending, we get an idiotic author's note saying that "by the end of next year" there may be a conclusion - on a fiction posted by the admins as "COMPLETED".

I wasted HOURS of my life reading something that may never be completed. Now I really want a time turner. What a waste.
Mercy Of Baal chapter 101 . 6/7/2014
Wow wow wow. Finally caught up to the uh end not end. I loved it. Might apply some of Harry's sanity to my life.
name chapter 101 . 6/7/2014
What is this story about? I have read many a great story in my time but this one is by far the most well recognized, especially when you see the review count.
Guest chapter 101 . 6/4/2014
Spooooiiiiiihvfffdddffgghhhhh. Re, thrdxvjiedbhhhgvc cf frag. Dd. sedge. Zach. Sagged. Coffin. Biggest. CDC ff d cdc diff. Yeah.
Guest chapter 101 . 6/1/2014
Harry's brain still felt broken. "He was trying to kill me."

"Oh, for Merlin's sake - yes, he was trying to kill you. Get used to it. Only boring people never have that experience."

Harry's voice emerged, hoarse. "Why - why did he want to -"

"Any number of reasons. I would be lying if I said I'd never considered killing you myself."

Oh my god, the last update was in December? How am I just now seeing these last 2 chapters? I love this story. Many thanks to the author.
hah chapter 101 . 6/1/2014
So, just a guess:
Success: Snape realizes and confesses his undying love for both Quirrelmort and HJPEV, the threesome's resulting arousal triggers all their true and unbreakable patronuses, which propagate throughout the species (including activating the only-dormant magic in the muggles), ending insanity, disease, and death, and kickstarting the ascension.
Failure: Dumbledore finally snaps and kills everyone.
Are we close?
Keurjani chapter 101 . 5/30/2014
Hello Less Wrong !

I just finished the French translation of your story. What you have written is really great: complete characters, intelligent story, and a particular style that make this fic absolutely ... special. I like it, really. Thank you for having those ideas and for taking the time to write it.
It is really hard for me to understand what you write about science. Well I suppose that I will never be a scientist, even if I'm curious about how the world works, but I prefer Philosophy to Science to help me understand the world. But I love Science Fiction, and I learn Law and Economy, so I understand a big part of your scientist speeches (or Harry's, but you wrote them). You story is hard to understand, but it's a challenge and I like this. So ... I hope you will publish the rest soon. I will wait.
(and I apologize for my mistakes. Even 10 years of English at schools can't make me write a correct and good English -sigh- ).

Thank you, and see you next chapter !

Djehra K.
Artemis chapter 101 . 5/22/2014
Omg, in this fic people have brains and they use it! One of the best fics I've ever read. I read it without barely stoping to sleep or eat, I just couldn't stoping reading. Next time I read this maybe I'll review the chapters individually.
Guest chapter 101 . 5/22/2014
Argumentum ad misericordiam

There is always some fallacy, isn't there? In every single chapter. ;)
Methodinthemad chapter 101 . 5/21/2014
I can't quite adequately explain how I feel, other than that this is the closest representation to what I want in the "Harry Potter universe" that I have yet seen. All the unspoken questions in the original books left a sour taste in my mouth (admittedly I didn't notice many until I had matured to 14 or 15 and "why" was on the tip of my tongue at all times), this did lead to me not re-reading the originals.

My favorite portion so far has been the Azkaban "rescue" - though the humour portion about the sorting hat and other probable outcomes of it's interaction with Harry did evoke some snort-laughing from myself; the one (I forget which reader submitted it) that claimed the hat simply started screaming shrilly had me guffawing (GUFFAWING!) from the sheer absurdity.

The "incident" with the troll (to put it fairly flippin' mildly), was astonishingly heart-wrenching, I hadn't previously connected with that particular character in any other fan-fic, and the uhh... execution of it (pun not intended as executions tend to be rather painless and instantaneous) was really well done and the minimal description was exceedingly adequate (having experienced a close relative being taken from me at 16 years old I thought that the author not drawing out the "incident" was very accurate).

I will also be keenly looking into this "rationality" thingymabob that is oft spoken of, I already see my future-self thanking my now 18-year-old-self for reading this and not dismissing the import of the content within the fic. Phew.

So yeh. Dope fan-fic breh, I read it all in three days and my life can now continue.

If this review hasn't swayed any opinion for those that are yet to read the story, I suggest you stop reading reviews and read the story. Don't give up until you're at least at Ch.89, what you think of every character in the beginning will be torn to shreds before your eyes. Before I read this fic I hadn't read seriously for around 18 months, so thank you author for reigniting my reading passion.
Milos chapter 101 . 5/8/2014
I've read the 101 Chapters in a week, i was blown away when i started reading this, and it has kept my attention, i am really enjoying it...

When is the next chapter coming?!
xan avalon chapter 101 . 5/6/2014
Slightly OT but thought this might be of interest: plants-and-animals/recently-discovered-wasp-species-named-harry-potter-creature

"If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you probably remember the dementors: dark, ghost-like beings that suck every positive feeling away leaving nothing but an empty shell. These awful creatures have now made the transition from fantasy to scientific literature, as they are now the namesake of a newly discovered species of cockroach wasp. The name Ampulex dementor was chosen through public voting and has been described by Stefanie Krause and her team at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. The paper has been published in PLOS ONE."

the name was given in honor of the creatures' reproductive strategy, which makes Dementors sound moderately benevolent if not downright newborn-kitten-cuddly...
Cat Fishy chapter 101 . 5/3/2014
I've been planning to read this for over a year now, and only just now got around to it two weeks ago. And... I love this story, I really do, but just last weekend a classmate of mine killed himself. And I got to the Time Pressures arc this week. I have horrible timing. *choked sob*
Anyways. I'll be waiting for the next update, and I know you already have the whole story planned out and nothing I say will really make any difference, but I do hope Harry succeeds in his... mission... thing. That is all. (I really need to read something happier now...)
Guest chapter 101 . 4/29/2014
Wow, this fic is fabulous! Please, please, please update! I think this is the greatest hp fic I've ever seen.
BerserkSlash chapter 101 . 4/20/2014
Nice to see you still working on this, it's a pretty awesome story even with my dislike of everything being jammed all up together in a couple months compared to what seems like years and years worth of action and introspection.

Anyway, if you ever end up reading this review, I have a reccomendation for you on an awesome project/website, it's called .
mastigos chapter 101 . 4/20/2014
it occurs to me that
-Dyson spheres would be possible with magic and would cause the stars to go out
-Harry would likely approve of Dyson spheres and set the world on the path for that to happen
-centaurs foreseeing the stars going out because of Harry would likely conclude that this would be due to a disasterous occurance
Kurai Ummei chapter 101 . 4/18/2014
Complete, and utter, win.
Ragez chapter 101 . 4/15/2014
I must say, that this story has transcended the boundaries of what I could consider Fanfiction. This story has become among my highest ranked literary works in existence, higher than most published books that I've read. Every single chapter of this story takes me for an unpredictable whirl, with ups and downs and unexpected salvations from impossible situations that keep me at the edge of my chair.

Your Harry is among the most interesting characters I've ever imagined, an insight into the true genius which must run through your own head. Your Methods of Rationality have changed me and my way of thought, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Thank you so, very much for writing this story. I look forward to seeing more of your literary magic in the future!
Wyrdienne chapter 101 . 4/13/2014
Hi ! I'm sorry for spelling mistake but I'm french. I just wanted to say that your story is wonderful and very beautiful. She's funny and very good written. I wait continuation with impatience same if I can't read the original version.
Good continuation and... thank you and sorry again for spelling mistake.
P.I chapter 101 . 4/12/2014
Best thing ever, (maybe) my new favorite book (solid top 10), etc... Three problems:
1) Now what am I going to read, that both has a plot and isn't plain stupid? I will read everything from Eliezer Yudkowsky, that's for sure.
2) There was a warning somewhere to not screw our sleep patterns. It doesn't work like that. Nerds have addictive personalities, or they wouldn't be nerds. You can't write something as good as this, and expect people to go to sleep on time. It doesn't work like that.
3) Loose the damn glasses. Later on, or preferably in chapter 1 of your next revision (if you ever make a new revision). Seriously, there is no rational reason for impaired vision. Let Harry be surprised that Dumbledore is wearing glasses the first time they meet. Harry can remember an optical surgery from early on, and that will be that.

But seriously, thank you!
The Truth chapter 101 . 4/9/2014
You know, I had hoped that Harry might eventually gain some understanding about souls, about how his brain damage argument simply makes no sense, and that he would use this information to somehow get Hermione back. But, upon research into the kind of author you are, I know see that this is never going to happen, that because you are an adult you already have permanently set your what is true and what is false, and Harry will learn nothing. This is why we teenagers don't like listening to you adults. Your ideas are so set, it's pointless in trying to convince you. But I beg you, don't project your disbelief into this series. It could have potential if Harry actually learned something from wizards instead of it always being vice versa. Don't dissapoint me.
Hannah chapter 101 . 4/1/2014
Thank You For This Story.
Brian1972 chapter 101 . 4/1/2014
Killing Hermione was downright evil! How can you tag it as a Harry P., Hermione G. story and kill her? The story is long in words till her death but in Potter Canon we are still at the very begining!

Wonderfull writing and story. I would have liked it more if Harry and Hermione had explored the path of science. For my liking the plot is much to slow and thick (what happens alone in Year 1 before Hallowen ...).

I had a few good laughs at the begining. I liked the chemistry of Harry, Hermione and Draco. The slow plot progress (much text thin plot) and the newer plot developments lead to me abstaining from further reading it for some time. When I can see which directen you want to go I might like it again.
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 101 . 3/28/2014
You fiend, why would you do that to Hermoine! I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

Alright, now that that's out of my system. Great job with this story so far. I've enjoyed reading it tremendously. The characters are a lot of fun and the Ender's Game aspects were pretty cool. The random anime references were a nice little tidbit too. I'm liking how you manage to keep people guessing with the characters (your Quirrell confuses me, but he's still awesome). Great job, once again. I look forward to reading the next chapter.
Z chapter 101 . 3/27/2014
I believe that this fanfic is probably the best I've ever had the fortune to encounter. depriving me of many hours of sleep as I've blazed through all chapters in 3 days. I can only offer my praises and hope for more of the same.
Osm chapter 101 . 3/27/2014
Thank you for writing this incredible story-it's introduced me to the wonderful community of rationalists and saved me from the dark days of ignorance :)
This fanfic is awesome; I especially love your characters. It's interesting to see Professor Qurriell introduce your rationalist Harry to the more "loosely moraled" world of adults. (I apologise if I'm interpreting your plot wrong, because I probably am.) Hope to hear more of Qurriell's backstory!
GoldenRat chapter 101 . 3/27/2014
Amazing rewrite of the Harry Potter series!
littledormouse chapter 101 . 3/26/2014
This is so unique and incredible! It's so funny, but at the same time you're very serious about the character development and plot. I love it! Aside from the characters and plot, I love that it is simply well written! Your writing is flawless, it's clear and easy to read because there are no typos or errors! I'm so glad to find such high quality writing on . Thank you for a great story!

Rusty Weasley chapter 101 . 3/25/2014
You know what I like most about this story? It makes me forget it is fanfiction, and I expect it to be good. So far it is really good, so congratulations and thanks.
zissy chapter 101 . 3/24/2014
now I'm at the end and still can't decide whether I like this fanfic or not...
Guest chapter 101 . 3/17/2014
This story is awfully pretentious. . .
Guest chapter 101 . 3/17/2014
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Dyrnwyn1994 chapter 101 . 3/16/2014
OUR FANFICTION IS BEING THREATENED by the gov. with their new copyright bill STOP SOPA!


Stop SOPA. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.

We still need about 39,000 more people to sign and the deadline is march 19 a mere 3 days away please give a notice on this story as soon as possible, all you need to sign is an e-mail
RegulusBlackForever chapter 101 . 3/11/2014
I love this story. So, so much. I don't really understand most of it, but that's probably due to my lack of teaching in Science. I've read this three times now. Please update before summer. I just went to visit and you said you're not updating until then. Yes, you are evil. Eviller that Professor Quirrell. I LOVE the Battle Magic lessons. I love the Chaos Legion, the Dragon Army and the Sunshine Regiment. Thanks to this story, I went to sleep at 2:00 in the morning. I spent all night drawing them :D. I love this story. So, so much. And no, I don't care that I've already said this.

And I thought I'd say, WOW. You've got over 23,000 reviews. That's 23,000 emails, not including the Favourites and Followers. Wow.
PerfectDisaster22 chapter 101 . 3/11/2014
I have no words for how much I have enjoyed reading the story thus far.

The complexity of the plot: brilliant.
The way each decision complicates everything and brings about three times as many complications: satisfying.
A story that actually has profound and irrevocable consequences: a miracle.
The characterizations and re-imaginings of canon: fantastic.
The way my brain breaks every time I try to match canon to this plot: amusing.

I cannot imagine where this story will end up, but I am excited to get there.
Orion Grimm chapter 101 . 3/10/2014
so not going to lie but i am lazy, so this story is still in the first year? even though its approximately half the length of the series, just wondering if its worth getting into even with the unbelievably slow pace (500,000 words is approximately 2000 pages)
J-Kid chapter 101 . 3/8/2014
So my whole take on Hermione Granger's death and disappearance? Harry orchestrated the entire thing. An OLDER Harry, somehow managing to go further back in time. Because currently, he's benefiting from circumstances a LOT. Dumbledore's power is weakening (no more "For the greater good" machinations) He's now allies with Malfoy again, even more strongly, because Draco's father is backing the alliance; He has a a clear purpose now (defeat death), he has the backing of the younger generations of pureblood houses such as Nott, Davis, and Longbottom; he's also finally cutting more ties with the DA professor. Also the return of the money is a minor thing on the whole to the House of Potter, but let's not forget that he's no longer beholden to House Malfoy under debt.

I think if Harry is wise, he'll start putting HIMSELF as a suspect just as highly ranked as, say, Dumbledore and the DA professor. After all he's already messed with time once to trick himself and his layers of plot run that deeply. The disappearance of Hermione's body points to this idea too. An older Harry, having defeated Death, (and there's no question that's where this story is going) would HAVE to steal her body to resurrect it.

The idea that Harry will have to destroy stars to defeat Voldemort in the end and get rid of V's Horcrux? No wonder the centaur wanted to kill him.

In regards to the forest: WHY WERE THE FIRSTIES IN THE FOREST AT ALL?! How many weeks had passed since the new edicts from the Board of Governors and the arrival of the Aurors? Also Harry's greatest weakness as a character- assuming WAY too much. Granted he hasn't been told yet about Unicorns, but even then . . . if he was worried about eating sentient vegetables, why wasn't he worried about Unicorns?
lemon-rind chapter 101 . 3/2/2014
I can only wish for the ability to divine the future in an attempt to foresee where this story will head. On the one hand, I do wish for Harry's Quest against death to prove possible, and in that we readers will find ourselves reunited with Hermione. On the other hand, JKR wouldn't have done it as her steadfast rule in regards to death was that dead people stay dead.

In either case, I am definitely going to be intrigued. Thank you for sharing.
Jlargent chapter 101 . 2/26/2014
This fanfic was mentioned on PBS's Idea Channel.
Natenatenate4826 chapter 101 . 2/23/2014
Good story. Holy crop so many reviews
Guest chapter 101 . 2/18/2014
... My brain just exploded
Guest chapter 101 . 2/15/2014
Scope insensitivity. Cool. Plz update soon.
santamonica811 chapter 101 . 2/11/2014
I was told about this fan fic only a week ago, and I blazed through the 100 chapters in just a few days. Overall, just an amazing piece of work. I love that the author took so many characters far from the originals, that the author made Harry Potter a generally unlikeable character, and especially for the sly dashes of humor that unexpectedly crop up.

It's weird to see Ayn Rand books being mentioned. For someone as brilliant as HP is in this "book," I wish he would refer to good literature. Or, at least, no dreadful literature. But on the other hand, I suppose that a pre-teen would be the sort to be attracted to Rand's attempts at creating characters and dialogue. Maybe for Christmas/next birthday, someone will give HP a book of Sun Tzu's quotes. :-)

It was hard to follow the various time-travel discussions. I'm still not sure why it was not standard policy for Hogwarts (Ministry of Magic, etc) to have 4 or 5 time-turners. Get a group of trusted cohorts. Person X goes back 6 hours, with a written note (in Person Y's handwriting). X tells Y to then also go back another 6 hours (now with a note to Z, in Z's handwriting). Z goes back another 6 hours. And so on. With 4 such people, you'd be able to go back a full day. Of course, I guess that if this worked, it would take every iota of suspense out of life and out of this story. So, I'm willing to accept that it does not work, even if I can't find a logical reason (at least, based on the story so far) why it would not work.
Alexja2013 chapter 101 . 2/9/2014
Well then.. I have read all 101 chapters currently posted, and I must say, this is without a doubt the best story I've ever read on this site. The fact that you have written 561,000 words and this story is still in the first year at Hogwarts truly amazes me. I eagerly look forward to the next update.
jameselvendork1123 chapter 101 . 2/9/2014
let the record show that I think professor quirrell is regulus black.
also I really can't wait for the final arc.
in the mean time: binge reading less wrong posts.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 101 . 2/7/2014
Looking forward to the next chapter
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 101 . 2/2/2014
*sniff* Hermione's death was one of the 5best times in my life I have ever cried. The other four being family deaths.

But still, this is literally the greatest fanfic i have ever had the pleasure, the privilege, nay, the HONOR to read. I eagerly await the continuation of this masterpiece.

I apllaud your perfection good sir. Bravo.
Sojurnsts chapter 101 . 2/2/2014
Oh no Rapey Lemons, you started reading Worm!

No really, it's a great story and works well with HPMOR, but Worm is over 1.5million words and it's hard to put down. That's a story you can get hooked to, written by one of those writers who make even better chapters when they're having a bad day. Right now, I'm reading Pact now, another of Wildbow's in progress serials.

Love HP still, but I feel like the latest chapter was really anticlimactic after the one-line ch. Like, releasing a spoiler that makes you freak and think "Game-changer!" and then telling us it was the same main players pulling old tricks. Nothing new was gained, except the death of a subject of innumerable scientific studies. Wouldn't be disappointed if Q used a green stunning hex.
Rapey Lemons chapter 101 . 1/29/2014
Damn, one more arc to go. Thank you for the recommendation for Worm, it's pretty good so far.

Don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading these reviews, but I really like everything you've done to the characters. I love the tragedy and pain and how you have Harry seeking immortality. This is amazing, and I hope you write more things so I can read them :)

Also, it would be amazing to see magic being used to colonize space and other galaxies, or even deal with alien civilizations. But whatever you write, I'll be sure to read it :D

Once again, thank you!
Savannah Percy chapter 101 . 1/29/2014
I honestly ship Harry/Hermione. Always habe. Always will. I really hope she magically comes back from the death.
jotc chapter 101 . 1/22/2014
Thanks for updating. I am always excited to see new material, and I'm looking forward to the story's conclusion.

Concerning Hagrid as teacher: I think the wizarding world has a different philosophy of child raising. It puts less importance on avoiding injury (since most injuries can be rapidly treated) and more on preparing the child for future dangers. Actually, not even that. It places more importance on expecting children to prepare themselves for future dangers, and giving them an environment in which they can either do so, or suffer the consequences. From a Hogwarts perspective, getting a cut or a burn isn't a big deal. Those things can be quickly mended. Dying alone in the field because you messed up, on the other hand, IS a big deal. This makes Hagrid the ideal teacher for his field: children will rapidly realize that magical creatures are genuinely dangerous and that no one else can be trusted to point out all the dangers, so they have to figure it out with their own research/obervations/quick wits. Those who can't do so will leave the field.

Of course, I'm sure Rowling also wanted to create situations that were interesting/exciting/funny to young readers. But this attitude seems pretty consistent throughout the books.
Angela chapter 101 . 1/21/2014
This is by far the best story I have ever read and I am awaiting the next chapter. It should have been called antigravity, since it is so hard to put down. I spent a whole day reading it then pulled an all-nighter until I finished the book at about 7am.
Lunaris-wind chapter 101 . 1/20/2014
This story has lost most meaning to me. In my first review, I said that there were not enough important characters aside from Harry, who I didn't like much. That changed, and Draco and Hermione took on larger roles and became important. Then, one was banished and one was killed, leaving it at just Harry, again, who I still do not like all that much. Draco is back, though he feels like a puppet now, and Harry continues to trust Quirell, despite the mountains of evidence that says he shouldn't. Another loose end that has not been mentioned again is Bellatrix. What happened to her? My love/hate relationship continues, though certainly much closer to just hate, and yet and I want to know how it ends, as I hope that somehow Hermione is brought back, though I do not expect it.
Guest chapter 101 . 1/19/2014
love the story! Thanks so much for writing, glad to see you are sticking with it and I hope to see another update soon
5th Dimension chapter 101 . 1/19/2014
This is perhaps the most brilliant fanfic I have ever read, if only for the fact that despite the setting, this is ultimately a well-thought-out battle of minds. And I love that kind of battle quite a bit.
AlexPancho chapter 101 . 1/16/2014
Casting Soviet actor from HP-MOR:
. /translate?hlru&slauto&tlen&uhttp%3A%2F% %2Fforum% %2Ftopic%2C355. &sandbox1
Hx2 chapter 101 . 1/15/2014
Amazing! This story is amazing! I'm so excited for the next chapter! Question though: how frequently does this story update? My own experience has instilled in me the perception of a tendency for the best written of the stories I enjoy to update about two to four times a year. I'm not sure how accurate that perception is though. Also, how long does it usually take for the update to be posted on after being posted here?

I don't think I've ever read a story as engaging as this. Most of the time reading a novel (at least for me) is a relatively passive activity. I usually dislike watching tv because it feels unstimulating to me-like I'm staring at a wall with some drawings on it, rather than a fantastic fictional world. Most novels I read engage me as much as television seems to engage nearly everyone around me. But this story engages me as much as I would expect from a really good RPG. Thank you for giving the most interesting, thought provoking, exciting and meaningful story I have ever read.
Loonynamelass chapter 101 . 1/12/2014
I'm excited to see how everything wraps up!
senevri chapter 101 . 1/12/2014
Yeah... Already done with Worm, unfortunately.
Also, you killed Twilight, you bastard!
josh148513 chapter 101 . 1/10/2014
When u say the finale arc do u mean for the story or this year for harry
Love this story
Kaveman80207 chapter 101 . 1/6/2014
Dude! So I reread the first chapter and... Dude! One of the things Petunia said was that a centaur told Lily not to do the pretty up magic on her?! DUDE! You've been planning this from the beginning with foreshadowing and stuff. You're really good at this. You deserve a cookie for this right here.
Mader Levap chapter 101 . 1/5/2014
This is one of best, if not best fanfiction, that I read in life. No more words are needed.
AceMaximum chapter 101 . 1/4/2014
have you seen the naruto fanfic... Yet Again with a little extra help? By Third Fang
More than a Million words and already has a sequel in less than 2 years... Managing other stories to boot. Truly Inspirational but your fanfic is intelligently awesome though. I dont even know if half of what your talking about is true but i enjoy yours nontheless
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 101 . 1/4/2014
Irony #1: Since he killed a man when he was a toddler?
Joke #2: That wizard *means* "wise man".

There really should be hattifatteners.
Nem chapter 101 . 1/3/2014
I'm honestly quite surprised Harry's not saying something to the effect of, "Make the same argument you just made with respect to your earlier argument about paying for Hermione's life. You're happy enough to talk about the greater good when its cost is drawn against me, and of wars fought in subtle tones in schools when the cost is paid by children. But now it's Hagrid and Filch things are different? How much of the moral tone of society is set by the hurts that you allow people to suffer in school and the abuse of power to protect those causing such hurts when you happen to favour them?"

Or, "You know, if you think Hagrid would be such a great teacher for COMC you could just pair him with someone else to take students into the Forbidden Forest."

Or, "You're rushing me, and this really isn't how conversations should be framed if we wish to think about things properly. It's sad that Mr Hagrid might be denied his wish, but I value students experiences more than that, but I'm a rationalist - can't we at least see if there's a way to have both *before* we're asked to choose?"
TwentyRings chapter 101 . 1/2/2014
Brilliantly written, although I was hoping for a bit more plot with this update considering we are approaching the end. I can't wait till the next few chapters come out.
civoc chapter 101 . 12/30/2013
This is THE best fic I've ever read, not one of the best, or just 'amazing' but THE best I've read yet. Every new chapter I either want to cry, laugh or team up with your Harry to take over the world. I hope you keep it up
The Last Rising Of The Phoenix chapter 101 . 12/29/2013
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 101 . 12/28/2013
Really? "Troll killed Hermione, Harry resolved to bring her back, Trelawney completed the prophecy, Defense Professor heard it, Aurors are in Hogwarts, Voldemort is in Forbidden Forest" is your summary? What about Bellatrix freed from the Dementors - where is she and why? And what's happening with the book that Dumbledore gave Harry? How are Malfoys doing?..
How is Harry's exploration of magic going? Does he know what Dementors and Patronus are? Because: Dementors can kill a person ('the Kiss'), Patronus can destroy Dementors, and human's thoughts-emotions-magic are enough to create a Patronus. It's a direct link between magic and death. Unfortunately, killing a Dementor doesn't resurrect those who were kissed by the Dementor. Or does it?.. Either way, Hermione was killed by a troll... But fundamental nature of life, thought, being is easier to examine with assistance of Patronus since it doesn't require killing anybody. How would you know the differences between magical human, non-magical human, unicorn, bat by killing them and trying to resurrect them? About Dementors, you already know that their kiss is lethal for anybody and everybody...
Yes, I am insane. Can an essence of Dementor be used as disinfectant? To fight against cancer? Whatever...
Thank you, Silvery Slytherins.
Hagrid, you like living beings, such as unicorns, spiders, so on? Why would you dislike snakes? I heard, you healed a wounded Chimera once upon a time...
Oh dear, how did Voldemort-or-whoever block their magic? It's not like dead unicorn could have blocked their magic? Is Voldemort-or-whoever absorbing the magic emitted by them?
Ah, magical spells in Parseltongue! Hopefully, only Stupefy; Killing takes much more energy. When will Draco and Harry speak about the hissing? When will Harry know that Quirrell speaks Parseltongue, and the last known descendant of Slytherin was Voldemort? I still don't know the conclusion...
What kind of side-effect is medically worse than DEATH? Tell me, what kind of human is better, more beautiful, more kind than unicorn?..
I know that personal feelings can make a person more dear to you than anything in this world, or any world. I know that abstract unicorn, whom you haven't fed from your hands, is not cherished by you. Especially when his/her death allows one-ten-hundreds of people dear to you - live.
But it's said that the one who drinks unicorn's blood, is cursed - unless the blood is willingly given. And to whom would unicorn give his blood willingly?
So the obvious hypothesis is that centaurs have a native magical talent for Divination which you just, well, project onto the night sky." "Perhaps," the centaur said thoughtfully.
Interesting. Another possibility is that events on Earth are directly connected to events in the stars, and truly as predictable as Harry says. Stars are a very fast and reliable (?) computing system for events happening on Earth, but also very vague. The more information you need, the more stars you need to watch.
Darn! Why did Quirrell kill the centaur? Oh, I really should have thought better of him. He only stunned the centaur. A useful if unconventional skill. But why did the centaur try to harm Harry? Surely, he didn't expect that wizards wouldn't know of Harry's death if it happened? Or was centaur as deceitful as Quirrell, attacking Harry, but aiming to disarm him, not to kill? What is going on?
Let's return to the conversation. If centaur wanted to kill Harry from start, he would have done this before Harry would have been able to protect himself - unless centaur was afraid of Harry's magic. Either way, centaur's attack upon Harry was 'precisely at this moment' because Harry said something, or centaur said something. Or centaur heard Quirrell's approach, and hoped that Harry's injuries would distract Quirrell from pursuing the centaur.
Or were centaur's ramblings - about young witch - a memory of that centaur being cast out from the herd, of that centaur killing a foal? It would explain why the centaur wasn't afraid to kill Harry, why the centaur dared to approach Harry when centaurs in general do not interfere. Was this young witch - Bellatrix? Or is she related to Trelawney?
Either way, good luck to you, 'cast-out' centaur.
Darn, darn, darn. If Harry's interpretation is true, the centaur was almost suicidal. He was afraid of consequences that Harry could bring, and was ready to live a half-life, a cursed life, to be cast out, as consequence of killing Harry, a foal. Why would the skies be empty? Why would centaurs be afraid of that? Does he speak of Earth being destroyed, of magic being hurt, of magical beings killed, or of humans going to stars, to other planets? If centaurs have to continuously move from one place in space to another, they will not be able to project their Divination onto stars anymore; stars will be empty, devoid of meaning, and something else will have to be watched instead of them.
Good day, good night, and good luck. Thank you.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 101 . 12/28/2013
Cool chap , i loved it
greenmanza chapter 101 . 12/28/2013
I enjoyed this update.

I was going to nitpick that the course of planets isn't predictable in the long term, but then realized you said it is predictable for "thousands of years", and that the chaos is much more noticeable at longer time scales like tens of millions of years.
Frybozu chapter 101 . 12/27/2013
Poor Twily...
Quirrell better be the big bad.
Anise Nalci chapter 101 . 12/27/2013
Wow, I lost track of this story after my hiatus from and when I reread it I was shocked at how it all turned out! The twists in the story are amazing!
KamikazeTomato chapter 101 . 12/27/2013
You guys remember chapter 1?

When Petunia was talking about how Lily wouldn't make her pretty.

"And Lily would tell me no, and make up the most ridiculous excuses, like the world would end if she were nice to her sister, or a centaur told her not to - the most ridiculous things, and I hated her for it."

KamikazeTomato chapter 101 . 12/27/2013
You guys remember chapter 1?

When Petunia was talking about when Lily wouldn't make her pretty.
"And Lily would tell me no, and make up the most ridiculous excuses, like the world would end if she were nice to her sister, or a centaur told her not to - the most ridiculous things, and I hated her for it. "

Niqi chapter 101 . 12/26/2013
The thought that I wouldn't get to know how HPMOR ends was the only thing that made me want to stick around when I was feeling particularly suicidal and hopeless a while back.
Obviously, this doesn't mean you ought to continue HPMOR into perpetuity, I've come up with other reasons to stay alive since then. I just want you to know that your story keeps me going. Thank you.
Regal Pumpkin chapter 101 . 12/24/2013
I hate to be THAT GUY, but how long does it really take to type 8,500 words? I mean, come on, three months? You say that you have the entire plot planned out, chapter by chapter, so really all you need to do is write filler. When you have so many people riding on this that you've merchandised and have a whole blog just for progress updates, why would you take so long? Pleeeaaaase go faster, Eliezer! Preserve our sanity! Oh, the rationality!
Ckn06 chapter 101 . 12/24/2013
hello , i like this story very much .
not much i can say about what i like , it is the sum and not the parts that draw my attention .
your story actually is very enjoyable to me , i also like how it draws attention to various concepts .
Best of luck , i am waiting for the next update .
thank you.
schumi23 chapter 101 . 12/23/2013
HPMOR makes an appearance at 4:06 at vimeo com/82572038
OMSdigifan64 chapter 101 . 12/21/2013
Awesome fic
Guest chapter 101 . 12/21/2013
It’s clear you have a talent for writing, the intellect to match, and the humanistic drive to make it matter. You are doing much for our society with this grand work. Thank you.
humanoidpatronus chapter 101 . 12/20/2013
I liked all chapters in your story.I never imagined something like this before
Evelhundrege chapter 101 . 12/20/2013
You're spending way too much narrative-time on warning Harry away from his ambition to overthrow Death. As someone said in the HPMOR forums on Reddit, we don't need to be reminded a dozen times that awful repercussions are to be expected from messing around with the balance between life and death. There aren't a heck of a lot of tropes older than that in literature. ARE there even literary tropes older than The Epic of Gilgamesh?

Just get on with the story already. 12 or 13 chapters of post-Hermione epilogue is a bit much. End the school year. I want to see Quirrelmort unravel, and see what harry does with his summer vacation.
bijou2009 chapter 101 . 12/20/2013
I love your story. Even tough your Harry is exeptional intelligent and frighting logical and this makes him seem very grown up and powerfull you have managed to keep him an eleven year old child emotionally.
That is a feat not many writers manages.

And now I am confused regarding Quirrel AGAIN.
Slytherin's Strumpet chapter 101 . 12/18/2013
I had know idea what I was getting myself into when I started this, I'm almost afraid to review out of fear I will write something illogical. This is how HPMOR has changed me: I imagine its how Christian's felt after first reading the bible, however I know now not to take anything I read as fact until I've cross-examined and then analysed to a point where I'll just not believe anything anymore out of convenience. Thank you and thank you again for introducing me to rationality. I will make it a point to do some reading on Less Wrong, and then hire out some of those texts you recommended, followed by texts you did not recommend in order to gain a less biased basis of understanding. (:
saphren chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
I'm still surprised about the centaur's (most likely Firenze) attempt on Harry's life. Great chapter
Bigreader in The Omniverse chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
Wow, your not just killing unicorns, your killing "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" unicorns. That is cold. That's like killing micky mouse or kermit the frog.
Griffin Tabor chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
Thank you for the recommendation for WORM. Just finished last week and it was amazing. Thinker powers were over powered just like they should be :). Humans vs Cheetahs who wins

The flow of the super powers was perfect leading up to the idea that the manton affect was self imposed.

WORM was amazing but still not enough to get my fix of rationality. Can't wait for next chapter of HPMOR.
hedelex chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
Thanx for the update! Great present for us, readers n_n
Awesome as usual! Merry Xmas to all!

PS. The moral conflict coming from "killing to survive" has always pained me :-S Looking forward to read more about it
AlfheimWanderer chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
Just a quick note, but the David Monroe character reminds me a bit of Eanur, last King of Gondor until Aragorn Elessar II. A champion of the Free Peoples and often considered the Witchking's greatest foe, he led armies against nearly impossible odds, achieving remarkable victories...until he rode to single combat with the Lord of the Ringwraiths (who could not fall to his hand, thanks to prophecy, among other things) and was lost, becoming a wraith like his Master. It strikes me that if this is the parallel you are following here (given that you have referenced the Lord of the Rings universe), that could be one alternative explanation for him as both Monroe and Voldemort.
Alessandro chapter 101 . 12/17/2013
So... Quirrelmort killed Firenze. Well, he did try to kill Harry, albeit to save the universe, so we'll forgive them both, I guess.

Harry was in shock, so he never realized Quirrel hadn't actually said "that wasn't Avada Kedavra, that was a green stunning hex" - just that it is useful to know some green stunning hexes. Which I suppose it is.

Really, Mr. Potter, you should understand by now how he operates.

And yeah, Filch should never have been allowed near children, let alone be Hogwarts's caretaker. Makes for a good children story, mind, but while this is how things should be, when four children get sent into the Forbidden Forest at night, you just should never end up with this kind of situation in the first place.

So yeah.

Another good chapter, and I am wondering what exactly Quirrelmort removed from Draco's memories in last chapter, too.
Reviewer 27 chapter 101 . 12/16/2013
Don't get me wrong, this is a great story, written very well, with great plot. But I kind of feel like you've deviated from the original POINT of the story, which was focused on the interactions between wizarding tradition and modern logic. The story changed from a lighter, funny take on the books to a darker, serious look at an AU where wizards are smart.

Just saying...
s-david-m chapter 101 . 12/16/2013
Intriguing development with the centaur...
The Red Dementor chapter 101 . 12/16/2013
Interesting ... so the centaurs believe harry to be some sort of destroyer, but doesn't realise what he's doing.
Serpent91 chapter 101 . 12/16/2013
Well written! It is a very complicated tale, but a good one non the less.
Dawn Darkling chapter 101 . 12/16/2013
I have now shriveled into a small, broken creature. Frothing at the mouth and twitching occasionally in withdrawal because there's no more to read. This is day 3 or 4 of my read-spree and at 3:00 AM today, I have finished reading what exists of this story.
Artekha chapter 101 . 12/15/2013
I have a lot of favorite stories. but of the harry potter ones, this is in the top 5, perhaps number one. the only complaint at the moment is one of my favorite 3 characters (In harry potter in general) is now dead, offset by the fact he's looking to resurrect her. I can't wait till the next update.
Fresh C chapter 101 . 12/14/2013
These last two chapters felt somewhat disorientingly impersonal in places. The brief mater-of-fact sentences during what seem to be very emotional scenes for the character experiencing them is different from what we've seen in previous chapters. I'm assuming that was intentional, since it does help to highlight Harry's inability to express himself, or even really know what it is that he's feeling.

The centaur is arguably more "innocent" than the rest of his (tribe? Fold? Pack?) because he places greater value on the whole of reality than his own personal lot in life. If they really did believe that Harry would cause "the stars to fall from the sky" or some other great calamity, it was the obvious move to make.

Though perhaps the smarter move to make would have been to clearly explain to Harry in no uncertain terms that what he was doing was very very likely to result in a huge disaster. Then, if he was still willing to go through with this, knowing and believing that that was the most likely outcome, who could claim that he was innocent? At that point, he's free game for the stabbing.

But given the fact that he's Harry, you'd first have to prove to him that centaur divination was a valid means of deriving bayesian probabilities.
muumi2three chapter 101 . 12/14/2013
Good update. You had lost me somewhere in the Ender's-war-games arc; I'd already read the Ender novels and it was just tedious to go back and revisit the children's armies theme, because how much can you say about children's war games without getting repetitious? (To my mind, not very much. I was ready for Ender to be over it and move on.) But I'm glad I picked up reading again at the latest update, and went back to read the post-army stuff, because it has become a lot more interesting. The "friends don't let friends die" motif goes right back beyond Orpheus to the first literature ever, with Gilgamesh and Enkidu - I'm interested to see where Harry takes it.

And Dumbledore trying to guilt trip Harry in this chapter. Recurring behaviour with that old coot, isn't it? It worked so well on Severus, but Harry is not falling for it. Good for him.
Stronger123 chapter 101 . 12/14/2013
Amazing! I love the incident with the centaur
jdboss1 chapter 101 . 12/14/2013
Brilliant update

Personally I could never understand why anybody in any story would find it a problem in drinking unicorn blood
other than the taste of blood nothing can be worse than dying

I treat the animal no different to a farm animal EG Cow
or because it has some special magical abilities doesn't make it off the food chain

I believe it would be more interested to have left a gap between your updates the speculation would have gone rampant

Annoying he did not kill the murderers horse man seriously he tried to kill Harry Potter so fully acceptable to be targeted

I can appreciate how important having a couple unique items but why would the magical law enforcement team allow him to follow them
I might expect he might take them back in time but then I would expect he would be left behind

What I am annoyed about his Hermione STILL DIE

I made except her temporary death as long as you're harry Potter demonstrate every episode I mean update
the reasonable progress in reviving her

He hasn't even demonstrated he has found a private part of the castle where he is setting up a lab with her body at the centre
you haven't even confirmed he was the one to have taken the body

It came from nowhere how he became angry and started blowing up trees
even if that is good fun you're harry potter does not seem the type

I would have expected him to snapped earlier what made this particular event more obsessive

If Hermione is frozen then he should be able to inject newly bitten unicorn blood

Even animate her corpse to bite it

Seriously I do not need truly that hard to do to grow a new body and use a switching spell could transfer your brain across to the new body

I might of Fort Draco my of dispatched his snake to tell his father
Be3 chapter 101 . 12/14/2013
Still on the Yuliy thing:)
Firstly, I do agree that it should be a cameo, it certainly sounds like one. I would never dream of correcting the Author in English, he's way too cool;)
Secondly. Ukrainian adjectives end do not always end with -iy (PM me if you want a detailed explanation). Also, there are a lot of -iy nouns (тюхтій, мамій), some derived from verbs ('he/it (but not she - in that case it would be -iyka) who does [something]'): skygliy means 'he who moans and groans [without cause]', dobrodiy - 'he who does good things'. By the way, skygliyko would mean 'a little skygliy'.
Of course, a -ko name sounds more authentic. I, too, don't know any Western Slavic language so I can't say anything here.
As to sounding more archaic (I feel horribly nit-picking here), why would a boy want to do that before a girl?:)
Rjalker chapter 101 . 12/13/2013
The time between these updates is worse than waiting for Sherlock Season three.
Jimbocous chapter 101 . 12/13/2013
Surprised that Dumbles did't go ballistic when the students banded together with their parents to limit his authority within his own domain, Hogwarts. Of course, that is a pretty classic fanfic cliche' ... Many thanks for the updates !
RadicalTurnip chapter 101 . 12/13/2013
It's funny that you mentioned Imp in such a similar fashion to Wildbow without having read that far yet (I assume that was your reference in the Author's Notes). Convergent Narration, I guess we could call it? Although it's probably just a similar reference to an old idea about imps that I'm too under-read to notice.

A very interesting set of chapters, more in more it shows how scary a rational enemy could be. Harry's absolute trust of QQ and alienation from everyone else he could be trusting is shown very strong here, when QQ just dominates a squad of Aurors, McGonagall, and Draco, and Harry just says "What are you doing?"

The Centaur makes a surprising revelation and makes it all tie back to James and Lily, so now I'm really wondering what happened back then along with (of course) what's coming. I think what I'll do as soon as the final arc starts is just re-read everything maybe from SPE on. I've already re-read everything before that (and including that, but it's one of my favorite arcs, so I can perhaps bring myself to reread it again). Anyway, great set of chapters, thanks, and keep them coming.
Be3 chapter 101 . 12/13/2013
Could Quirrell have Imperio-ed Firenze to fail this attack? (Because as someone had already said, it doesn't make sense that Firenze did not kill Harry with that thrust to the solar plexus. Actually, why not just just brain Harry with the first thrust?) Could Quirrell have False-Memory-Charmed Harry about the meeting, too (meaning it either hadn't helped at all, or that he had in fact killed Firenze?)
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Peanuckle chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
An excellent chapter as always. I particularly liked how Draco's use of narrative understanding didn't help him at all. Too many stories make that particular ability a superpower all on its own.

And thank you for spreading the good news about Worm. I love that story and have been singing its praise to all who will listen.
Araytigre chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Interesting that Firenze (assuming that it was him) was going to kill Harry, particularly after the conversation that they had. You know that Harry is going to start researching "Green" spells (while he is trying to get Hermione back), they would almost guarantee him an edge during just about any duel. Also, oddly enough, both Quirrell and Firenze gave him the answers about Unicorn blood that he needed, he just hasn't put the clues together yet. Filch is no loss. Although, sadly, as much as I like Hagrid, I can agree with Harry's reasoning about him becoming the Care of Magical Creature Professor. Thank You. TTFN
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
These last two chapters have been far too rushed, we're missing on a lot of what Harry is up to here.

I did get the hydra joke but did not appreciate the MLP ref.
Evan Warfel chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Hello Eliezer,

I'm a huge fan this whole work - I generally recommend it to friends and peers as an introduction to scientific thinking, cognitive biases and so on. I also like where the story is heading again, after these last few chapters.

One note- Harry mentions that Dumbledore suffers from 'scope-insensitivity'. In addition, from Harry's point of view, Dumbledore is also running into the perils of affective forecasting, specifically 'Impact/durability bias'.

Thanks for writing this!
dragoon109 chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
um i dont get alot of harry's thought process here.

there are some good evidence to point out that harry would be wrong on!

take hagrid. the best potion ingeidents come from dangerous creatures. hagrid knows them. so if he is put through teaching program he could be a good teacher.

the other probelm is the whole find out that quirell is drinking unicorn blood. there are a number of reasons why that could be bad including mind fucking, like rabies, so killing him may be a good thing!

personally i think harry is a bit of a idiot...not as bad as canon but still. look at his treatment of his parents. kids are suppose to be protected so they may learn with out being overcome.

still i dont get his thoughts... they seem a little too focus on him being right and every one else wrong with out any way to prove he is wrong.
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
This story is not going to break 120 Chapters. It might not even break 110 (though that would require very long chapters that we have to wait a long time to get.) We are in May. Let's assume IT ENDS in June, not July. (The World, The Story, what's the difference?)

Story Months per Chapter:

September 11
October 22
November 33
December 44
January 55
February 66
March 77
April 88
May 99
June 110

At sort-of not-quite 11 Chapters/Mo., some Months moving faster:

Book 1 nears it's conclusion as we have now been to the Forbidden Forest, we haven't met Norbert (not shown in this story?) and we haven't gone Through the Trap Door or seen the Man with Two Faces' Other Face.

Book 2 Was resolved EONS AGO, and a kind of NEW Book 2 "Let's Fix Slytherin House", has taken it's place. Still. We haven't actually SEEN the Dead Basilisk, and THAT is very important, especially since if Harry can't yet cast Fiendfyre, and we know of at least one HPMOR Horcrux- the Pioneer Plaque- then Basilisk Venom is of critical importance to one of the plots. AS OF YET. IT IS UNCLEAR HOW MANY HORCRUXES, OR IF INDEED THERE IS MORE THAN ONE AT ALL, THAT VOLDEMORT HAS. So Far, Quirrell has shown specific repeated care about the Pioneer Plaque at very important moments, but some of Harry's own arguments with himself seem to almost deliberately be written by the author to forget to include the possibility of many Phylacteries! It MAY be that Quirrellemort-Monroe-Whoever The Hell, still has enough of canon in him to have another Horcrux. Not the Diary, I think. Not the Locket either, as I doubt anyone from Little Hangleton figures in this story. Not the Cup, Diadem, or Sword from the Founders- though this Voldemort DOES care about Hogwarts, he's not-quite-the-same Voldemort and anyway having a PATTERN to your Horcruxes defeats the purpose of having more than one- THE RING OF THE PEVERELL BROTHERS, though? the RESURRECTION STONE? Now that is an Artefact very likely to appear, since it's been mentioned about as many times as Atlantis, and since the Visit to the Potter Grave.

Book 3 Was somewhat parodied, really, but for good reason- Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape basically got a whole re-write of their origins based more on Book 5-7 to replace everything about Book 3. Bellatrix was the Black that escaped Azkaban, bringing her importance up much sooner than canon as well, so that now we are possibly ready to see Lesath Lestrange, Bellatrix Black, and Neville Longbottom have *quite* the interesting scene (if things get as far as a War- which for all I can tell the Stars plan on going out before it can come to that)

Book 5, 6, and 7 have been very much woven from the beginning throughout the story, not having any recognizable plot MOments come up, just characters, items, and locations, which is fine.

Possible New Character to be introduced:

putting a very low probability on it, but Horace Slughorn. He's prominent enough in the canon, close personal friend of Dumbledore's and Acquaintance of Voldemort's, that you really can't be sure what we haven't seen yet. (Especially if we get Firenze, even unnamed, who was much less important)

There are Two Major Plots going on- Voldemort's and Harry's, and they're both after the same thing, except one of them isn't trying to take the universe down with him ("I live there"), and the other one might just end it to stop him.

All the Student Plots and Organizations are as important to me now as they were in Ch. 33- entertaining, provide fodder for good scenes and lines, but ultimately, *ultimately*, in the Game of Horcruxes and Stars and Hallows, they are All NPCs, and that's just background noise showing ''what's happening at Hogwarts'' the way Book 5 didn't show us any of the War as it began either, really. Sorry "Silvery Slytherins", but you just aren't that important. If Draco Malfoy is still getting rescued by Potter whenever something IMPORTANT happens, like a Mysterious Horror in the Forest, instead of doing something actually on his own, it means none of the grandstanding in Gringotts, in the Great Hall, or in the Wizengamot is actually going to lead to anything greater than being known as Harry Potter's Lab Assistant. Dumbledore, Quirrell, and Harry all play the game too many levels higher than the Malfoys or the Boneses or the Longbottoms or the Greengrasses.

Something I feel quite well assured in predicting will repeat itself from canon, is the Race for the Elder Wand.
Feeling Rather Thor chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Less Wrong reads Worm. Ohmigawd!
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
very interesting... what a twisty story full of awesome.
Arcane Howitzer chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
So, Quirrel has a terminal case of Moldywart, Harry may or may not end up breaking the universe (and be subsequently fined for damages), and everyone has something wrong in their heads, author likely included. This is nothing that was not already known or could not be readily guessed.

I did find the centaur scene quite interesting, though. It's a shame he won't remember his chat with Harry; such things deserve to be mulled over by all parties involved.
Rago Dragovian chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Hahahahaha. I knew it. Lily heard a prophecy about Harry ending the world and failed to change it because Voldemort got in the way and killed her. End of the world, here we come! Hahahaha
badkidoh chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
yet another great chapter.
Guest chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Should someone tell him that no grown man, horse's ass or no, could have hit him in the solar plexus with a staff, meaning to kill him, and failed to do so?
Will chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Dumbeldore knows. About the Centaurs' prophecy.
foolondahill17 chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Wonderful update. I love how you continue to pay tribute to Rowling's work but at the same time tear it to pieces with such seamless grace.

I even like your Author's Notes:
"But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that the important things are accomplished not by those best suited to do them, or by those who ought to be responsible for doing them, but by whoever actually shows up."
QueenMargosha chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
Thank you thank you thank you! All hail the author :)

This is fantastic writing. It's a good thing that we are promised a complete wrap-up. I wonder if unicorn's blood is cursed as it is in canon. I wonder what purpose Quirrel had in leaving the bodies at all, he probably could have vanished them completely.
And most of all I wonder if his illness is the side-effect of the Horcrux he created, because as far as I can see, he had to experiment on himself in terms of Horcrux going far away from the original soul, and I doubt that he could have foreseen everything. Hope to get the answers in 2014 :)
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 101 . 12/12/2013
This chapter is elevated to awesomeness by the inclusion of a line like:

›› "...yes, he was trying to kill you. Get used to it. Only boring people never have that experience."

Now, if I can just get the judge to buy that line of reasoning... ;)
AlchemistofSilver chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Dumbledore finally makes an excellent point - Harry seems to be trying to turn himself into a Kiritsugu-esque figure, and everyone knows how that ended. I was happy that he got a good point in.
And then he says "Oh, don't worry about the prophet trying to kill you." Whyyyy, Dumbledore?

Also, Harry isn't just turning into someone lacking empathy for those he hurt, he's turning into a bad rationalist. If that was on purpose, well done; otherwise, he's being immensely stupid. When Quirrell says that others don't think the way they do, Harry blindly accepts that everyone but the two of them is an idiot, and rattles off a bunch of solutions that wouldn't work. Floo powder needs a fireplace, and if you had a Portkey, then you could just go directly to a healer.

Alternate Hypotheses About Unicorn Blood and Why People Don't Use It (That I Thought of Within Five Minutes):
1) It's cursed, as in canon (and in canon, the curse was fairly bad - there was implied to be luck manipulation and irreversible losses involved).
2) Unicorns are sapient.
3) Unicorns are phoenix-like; they're not sapient, but they've got that quality of understanding.
4) They're innocent enough that it takes conscious malevolence or Dark creatures to kill them.
5) If it was possible to farm unicorns, why not farm phoenixes?

And Harry presumably won't go to the library and check this himself, because he's too egotistical right now to think that the idea he's latched onto is wrong.
tenchifew chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Brilliant as always.
Thank you.
braindoll chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
It seems that somebody, probably EY, is censoring reviews that are hitting too close to home in terms of plot cues. Interesting. (Either that or FF has some strangely intelligent-seeming bugs.)

So, I mainly wanted to agree with one of those censored reviews; the one that noted how Harry was being silly, and it seemed to be because the author is rushing towards the end. However: since this is a far lesser sin than leaving this story unfinished would be, I forgive.

Also, like others, I didn't recognize the math reference, but I did recognize that it was a math reference and easily googled it. Interesting.
Deadzepplin chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Man Harry is really cool in this chapter
greermahoney chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
ManOfConstantSorrow: Because Hermione is not the only character in the story. Because I want to know the ending. Because I want to know what Harry does about Hermione's death. Because it's well written. Because it makes me giggle/smirk/lol/gasp at least once a chapter. Because I enjoy the melding of plot and rationally "teachings."

But by all means, if you are not enjoying this, please feel free to leave us here and find something else to read.
Lendary chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Gah. HP time travel screws with my head. It's so strange and twisty I still haven't figured out how it works in the slightest. At first I thought it was a loop repeating until it becomes stable, but that's propably not it given Harry's experiment in 17.

So I really don't get how Dumbledore going back would cause paradox, just because Harry went back too. Ugh.
MariusDarkwolf chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
G01den Unicorn 11 chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
I did not immediately understand the maths reference, but I did the obvious thing and Googled it, and I'm glad you included it. :)
Man of Constant Sorrow chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
If a fellow reader would please explain something to me I truly would appreciate it. How can you go on reading this with Hermione dead? I seriously fail to understand what motivates ones self to read on after that, I just don't understand, after she died, I really don't see any point in reading on, while the story is brilliant, to me her death kind of was an end in and of itself. I thought for a while that people were reading in hopes that Harry would figure a way to bring her back but at this point that doesn't seem to be the case.

If someone would enlighten me, I would be really grateful.
Guest chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
One more thought to my previous review... If Quirrel was wise enough to just trust Harry, he could magically freeze himself and wait for decades for Harry to invent a cure. Friends don't let friends stay dead. Unfortunately Quirrel to actually understand Harry.
Guest chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Some thoughts, before I read the reddit page and see other people's predictions...

Magi-babble explanation for Centaur divination (with a few traces of some scientific concepts):
Centaur magic needs somethings outside of its light cone to interact with in some retrocausal mechanism. The light from the stars serves this purpose. So to see something 5 years into the future, the Centaur's magic needs to interact with something 5 lightyears (or maybe 2.5 lightyears) away to be able to send the information.
Which leads to my next prediction:
Harry gets his idea for a burn out the stars spell/ritual (to fuel transcendence for humanity/all sapience?) by thinking about mechanisms by which Centaur magic could work. Heh that means Firenze only hastened the future he was trying to prevent... well at least he tried.

Hypothesis: Quirrel did in fact use the killing curse, and created a temporary inferi out of Firenze to get Harry to shut up. If Harry thought about it, he would realize that it is more likely that Quirrel deceived with an animated corpse him than it is that Quirrel can raise the dead/reverse the killing curse.

Harry seriously needs to update on the idea that Professor Quirrel is evil... except he doesn't think about things it pure Good/Evil terms so the one time he needs to recognize someone as fundamentally evil he fails. I guess the sequences about the orthogonality of intelligence and ethical goals is one of the sequences you implied would alter the story. If he categorized Quirrel as evil, then he becomes the prime suspect.

Dumbeldore is so used to seeing himself as kind and wise he can't see when he is hurting his students more than he is helping his teachers... I actually think Hagrid could be a good teacher (given some stern pointers and feedback from students), but I agree with Harry on Filch.
Sun-Tsu Toriden chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
I have to say that I love this story, for all the really excellent work you have done in including the methods of science into magic. The character development and challenging of a lit of really bad ideas the older characters have is just spot on.

However, one thing that really grates against my own mind of science is young Harry's obstinate belief in the most pervading of Lovecrafts legacies: that is not dead, which can eternal lie. And with strange eons, even death may die.

For all of Dumbledore's faulty thinking, he does have one thing right. Harry really hasn't thought through the consequences of his crusade against the laws of the universe. If he finds a way to make it so death no longer exists, he will throw the entire cosmos into chaos, if not destroy it outright.

Removing death from the equation will not mean that everyone will suddenly be able to enjoy eternal life. Just because he is a wizard and has discovered that the previous laws of the universe as he understood it no longer apply, doesn't mean they all do. Entropy still has to increase. the human genome still degrades as it ages and copies after thousands of cellular generations. Aside from that, he will just be sentencing everyone to a long eternity of pain and suffering, unable to die as their bodies shrivel and decay. The population level will explode without a steady efflux, and the planet's resources will be depleted long before we ever figure out how to leave. And even if we do, we'll just be transporting the problem of ever diminishing resources against a population that can't be sustained.

For all his vaunted intelligence, he still sees the world through a child's eyes that death is an enemy. Death is in fact a crucial part of biology, a way to recycle resources and maintain population equilibrium. If death didn't exist, a whole host of species that are either completely or highly dependent on corpses for food and reproduction would die out, which would have massive flow on effects on the planet ecosphere.

As much as he quotes various physics, cognitive theory and emotional studies, he's awfully ignorant of the wider biological and ecological implications of his crusade.

Maybe he'll learn that before goes and cocks up the rest of the universe for everyone.
bakapervert chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Thanks for the update.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
"Do not fret too much about it" Well, that's a pretty good reason to worry about why a member of the future seeing race wants you dead.
Dumbledore, stop being stupid.
That is all.
always-a-time chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Wonderful, as always. I can see how things are starting to pull together in preparation for the final arc, and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for it. I'm not much for long, wordy reviews, but HPMoR has been hugely important to me, and it feels nice to know that soon all shall be explained. I will be faithfully awaiting the next Progress Report. Let it also be noted I must have had some sort of miniature freak-out when I thought Prof. Quirrell had killed Firenze (an "I notice I am confused" moment, if you will). See you in the new year!
Non-Existent ONion chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
The philosophy you espouse is still as silly and self important as Objectivism, but this was a fun update, so thank you.
summerful21 chapter 101 . 12/11/2013
Okay I certainly was not expecting that! For the unicorn's blood thing to come into the picture, I mean. I can't believe I used to be fine with Hagrid being the teacher for Care of Magical Creatures without really thinking about it. I love how you took the "to slay something innocent to slay oneself thing" and gave it an entirely new meaning. The whole Harry-ending-the-world feeling worse. Lol the green stunning spells idea, so great. Gah. Just everything about this story is beyond the best I've ever read. Update soon please!