Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Mr Foreman chapter 107 . 12/31/2017
I just had to laugh at all the cracks to the first book
Zhalo Shadowcell chapter 107 . 5/14/2017
have to say i love this voldy way more than the real one
Guest chapter 107 . 4/22/2017
And things come out.
Jatok chapter 107 . 11/25/2016
To be honest, I'm quite content to enjoy the ride and find out the secrets as they're offered (i'm too lazy to try and figure them out).
Guest chapter 107 . 9/18/2016
eh it still doesn't click for some reason the man of masks needs harry to really believe in the Lord Voldemort Masquerade
The Anguished One chapter 107 . 9/15/2016
It's kind of hilarious watching how Quirrell and a rationalist Harry approach these tests compared to the canonical Harry, Ron and Hermione. Voldemort is cruel, but you can't argue with his efficiency.
Montara chapter 107 . 1/26/2016
I wonder if Riddle will try to kill Harry after he retrieve the stone, if he'll reach that far or he'll try to convert Harry into a mini him.
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 107 . 12/10/2015
This is a far better explanation for the trap dungeon than the nonexistent one given in the books. The first book reads like a DnD adventure perfectly calibrated to a party of newbies, which has always frustrated me. Your reasoning is far more interesting and logical
GreatWyrmGold chapter 107 . 9/17/2015
I notice "Have not betrayed you yet" has no subject...technically, Harry could have said something like "[My parents] have not betrayed you yet," which would be technically true. Similar lapses of complete sentences also beg to be exploited. I wonder if Parseltongue's unusual grammar can, in fact, be exploited to avoid revealing the truth.

Voldemort's flight is interestingly-explained; I approve of the idea, as I do of many of your ideas.
PA chapter 107 . 5/25/2015
Poor Harry :(
missmawwie chapter 107 . 5/23/2015
only four more to go (:
My Swagg Level Its over 9000 chapter 107 . 3/31/2015
Human Transfiguration. So basically FMA.
cztelnik chapter 107 . 3/29/2015
So did Dumbledore take Hermione away? Is she really alive somehow? Kind of sad this story is winding down. It's very, very interesting and entertaining.
TheButterflyComposer chapter 107 . 3/2/2015
Eh, you have my attention. Amuse me.
Unmaker chapter 107 . 2/26/2015
Upon rereading, it appears the way to distinguish a too-competent wizard would be anyone who:
1) Blitzkriegs the room.
2) Brews the potion too fast, i.e. faster than any student potion-brewer.
So, (spoilers) despite the fact that Chapter 112 is up and it appears that I am wrong in my guesses, I don't see any logic holes in those items. The one thing the theoretical dark wizard would not have is infinite time, so whatever method of finishing the room they performed, it would be the fastest reasonable execution of that method. That is what should have triggered the trap or alarm.
thepkrmgc chapter 107 . 2/21/2015
im surprised that you kept the challenges constant, despite changing so many other things
mdmichener chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
"You had someone else cast broomstick enchantments on your underwear..."
Voldemort isn't a psychopath, he's just angry because he has a perpetual wedgie!
WolfsTrinity chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Don't think I've ever reviewed this but ehh. It's popular; not like I'd have been saying anything original anyway. Still, I have got to say that that was an excellent touch with the Boggart. Certainly made me laugh my ass off.
Elenna123 chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Consider this as an addition to my review for 108. I forgot one question I wanted Harry to ask - How did Voldemort get access to Harry's house? Is Sirius innocent in this reality? If so, does he know where Pettigrew is?
wamyc chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
This story is really good right now, Voldemort is really impressively evil. He's rewarding to see because he fulfills the standards for a truly dangerous and cautious villain. At the same time he's heartbreaking because you see the festering sore of a lost soul behind the mask of professor Quirrell. All that imagined bonding and kindred feeling...

Well the point of this post is to get some of the predictions of my chest:

So I'll start with the "bonding" and supposed kindred feeling

After the fact it becomes apparent that a lot of the bonding was just Quirrell grooming Harry and trying to make him a suitable heir, or new body, or ally, or visible "enemy" in the new war that he's controlling.

He's also trying to contort reality to match the conditions of the prophecy by reducing Harry to a remnant while Tom is ascendant. (I don't see how Quirrell thinks he has succeeded in this, a lot of Harry seems to remain.) To this end, the diary of Francis Bacon is probably a disguised diary of Tom Riddle. Voldemort can't use magic on anything Harry would need to have on him so perhaps the diary is mundanely disguised. But the diary seems like a good way to get the essence of the early Voldemort into Harry; that, and giving him the same grade on his defense final count as marking him "as his equal."

Bellatrix Black was broken out of prison to be a component of the resurrection ritual using the flesh of his follower, blood of enemy maybe this isn't Harry here? So someone else, possibly Dumbledore's blood?) And bone of his ancestor. She also serves well as verification that Harry is the dark lord in a believable way to the other remaining death eaters, just in case Harry needs to be Voldemort's new body or public face. Because it's pretty believable that the guy breaking Bella out is the dark lord, when in fact it's the dark lord who actually IS doing it, albeit standing just next to Harry.

Harry almost fell into the trap of pretending to fight the dark lord, the dark opponent to be supplied by the dark lord himself. Again Voldemort realizes the power of controlling both sides, and Harry, pretending to be Voldemort to "dear Bella," has already once given a convincing portrait of the dark lord. This either serves the propose of eliminating all but a remnant of Harry or grooming him to take his place.

Quirrell almost certainly killed Hermione to position Harry to do what he wanted. Before I realized the philosopher's stone was so near I thought this murder was to push Harry into overtime problem solving mode and direct Harry at Quirrell's biggest enemy, his impending death. But now Quirrell talks as though he's much more invincible and powerful and doesn't seem to fear death. Whether that is a bluff remains to be seen, but it's also questionable that Voldemort fears death as much as Dumbledore wants to paint it as a core weaknesses. Voldemort has certainly done a hell of a lot to overcome death but it may be no more of a fear than Snape's perceived hysteria and impulse of Voldemort was a real shortcoming.

So it appears that the problem of death has already been solved, which begs the question of why Harry is needed by Voldemort? Is it purely to satisfy the prophecy and avoid whatever inherent danger it implies? Harry was useful in Azkeban but he was kept alive well before that. And he's still alive. Sadly, Voldemort might really not have any real opposition and can actually afford to keep enemies around like Snape, Dumbledore, and Harry. But I don't like that idea, Voldemort wouldn't hesitate to kill of out were in his advantage. So their deaths are either outside his power or outside his plans.

Right now we don't know the nature of the magical resonance created by Harry and the Professor. Was the Professor lying when he said it was Harry's doom and not his that flared when they got close? Certainly they can both feel it, since the defense professor has used it to triangulate Harry's position, which makes me think no, its not specifically Harry's doom.

That said, that doom could be
1 the cause of the bounced Avada Kedavra on infant Harry
2 caused by that encounter which involved botched magic for other reasons
3 or is the flareup of the incomplete work of becoming tom riddle

Harry was groomed to learn to lose because Voldemort planned to utterly defeat Harry and needed him to be rationally compliant. We're seeing that utter defeat right now and this is Voldemort harvesting the fruits he sewed earlier. It'd be smarter for Harry to consider just doing something stupidly heroic, like killing himself. Dumbledore's unpredictability really is one of his best assets against Voldemort but unfortunately right now Potter is being too predictable and compliant.

Also Harry REALLY needs to be sending himself his lip biting signal right now. It's one spell he hasn't been robbed of. Now while if this ends with a third party obliviation, I'll literally cry, is there a reason not to do it? I wouldn't let Harry remember any of this, if I let him live at all. Then again I don't know why Harry is alive right now, and that reason or something like it could remain to keep Harry alive and useful to Voldemort.

I'm functioning on the assumption that Voldemort cannot use Legillimancy on Harry due to their magical irresonance. I suppose that could be entirely a faked thing, just an implanted emotion, and he was guessing the time he located Harry using the feeling of dread. This sets up the false sense of security when that feeling of dread is absent and even lets Voldemort be someone close to young Harry like Mrs figg to oversee him growing up.

Also how is Legillimancy a substitute for Imperius? It's been implied several times but I guess I'm too dumb to figure it out.

Hermione and Harry and the trauma


Quirrell's ultimate goals
Dinaja chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Ok, my theory is that the war was Voldemort's misguided attempt at making the world better (and an outlet for sadistic tendencies). Since he believes that the whole caring thing is merely a convenient, habitual pretense, he also believes that people are inherently selfish. Thus, the best way for changing people's behaviour is to threaten them with something unpleasant (such as pain or death). He used the purebloods because their way of life and thinking was detrimental to the progress of wizarding Britain and so their defeat would have been beneficial.

When it turned out Dumbledore was the only one able to take a modicum of responsibility, and the resistance was too small to make a difference, he decided to take up the persona of David Munro and play the other side as well. Only, that didn't work either. So when he hears of the prophecy he decides to end the whole thing and make Harry Potter the saviour, 'The-Boy-Who-Lived', as well as making him his horcrux, a clone of himself and thus someone he can trust with the responsibility (or he can take over).

One of the reasons he took up the teaching position is thus because he wanted to make the new generation better than the old (and is probably planning for that). I'm not sure what he wants to do with Harry, other than make him take over wizarding Britain and change it. I also don't know how he does/did the whole bodyswitching thing. He has likely been working on improving horcruxes, but I'm not sure if that's how he did/does it.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Quirrell-Voldemort is not even hiding, anymore. The most powerful Dark wizard in the world... I wonder, why Bellatrix? Why not somebody else?
I cannot see the clear line between Quirrell and Voldemort. Quirrell says that Voldemort can be impatient and counter-productive in his impatience - while Quirrell is patient enough, but cannot predict Severus's level of thinking well enough to decide on an action.
When did Quirrell tell Harry that Parseltongue is language of truth, does it really work and why, and does it go two-way? I expect that it does work, somehow, and to a limited extent, but why?
My hypothesis is that Voldemort split his (mind, soul, whatever) into several parts, so that when it is needed to prove that he will punish Harry for failing to defend him... he pushes the most arrogant and cruel part of himself forth. Since there is no requirement from speaker to say objective truth - only requirement to say subjective truth - it should be possible for several speakers to elbow each other to push out the one whose subjective truth will allow them to persuade the opposite side of anything they want to. So Harry hears subjective truth of one-part of Quirrell-Voldemort, not whole-Voldemort. Yet, hypothetically,Harry can do the same - Harry has two-parts within himself, right? And yet, Harry's two parts are connected together well enough that Harry is not indifferent, ever - Harry may choose to protect humans over wizards, Harry may choose to fight against Voldemort if that's needed (Quirrell-Voldemort is way too cruel, raising Inferi like that) but Harry will be horrored and sad over Quirrell's transformation into indifferent person - why are you like this?
I am not sure about anything. Mostly, because I need to re-read everything Quirrell has ever said.
Sorry for these questions, but it is too difficult to find out the answers to questions when plain text is split into hundreds of separate pages, without any hyperlinks between them. I probably should download the-whole-file text, so that it would be possible to search it easily. Ok, looking at . The beige colours are nice, by the way.
Lesath Lestrange and Neville Longbottom... Interesting concept by itself, without the whole giant maze around it.
Harry and Ginevra conquering France, as Dark Lord and Dark Lady... Funny, but not my taste.
Harry isn't silly. I can see the reason for Harry to rescue Bellatrix. And, Professor Snape, Harry isn't offended by Lesath's snap - Harry is sad, truly sad.
And yes, Harry's point of view may be true. Lily was shallow, to not notice how Petunia was envious of magic, and hurt by magical tricks. Lily was shallow, to not see the plight of many in the conservative,
light-oriented magical britain. The plight of vampires, werewolves, and other less-known sentient beings.
But Harry failed to notice how Severus was hurt, how Severus still loved shadow of his friend. Maybe, that's why: Lily and Severus were both raised in Muggle-world, poor and not exactly happy; they sought
salvation in Magical world, in Hogwarts, in their respective houses, trying to fit in; Severus joined the Death Eaters under peer pressure, Lily joined the Order under peer pressure. The difference is, Severus
did not forget their friendship; Lily either forgot it, or was not good enough actor to contact Severus despite restraints of the Order. Lily has left no sign behind that she did trust Severus - everything points to
Lily forgetting Severus?
Yes, snakes are sentient. Horses and dogs are, too. Not sure about leeches and trees, though. But all mammals and birds and reptiles and amphibians and fishes are sentient, in their own way. Octopuses are,
too. Other shell-fish probably are, too. Harry, you remember how you said that humans should be friends with anybody who lives and does not want to die? Well, I am not yet ready to consider fungus
sentient... But mosquito is likely sentient, not sure.
What is human-level of sentience? Whales are more sentient than humans, if you compare size of brains? Trees have longer lives and memories?
I like the Slytherin side.
Bellatrix never once chose to serve the Dark Lord, she has spent years suffering alone, and never deserved it.
Sad, wistful smile... What sadness did she go through? Why did she have no choice but to join the Death Eaters? Did she do it to protect Narcissa from cruelty of war?
Are you sure that it was the Dark Lord who broke Bellatrix? Or was Voldemort the one to pick up the pieces of mirror shattered and scorched into blackness by the same fire which killed Narcissa?
No plausible reason, indeed... So why are Quirrell and Voldemort sharing the same body?
Are you sure that Quirrell's eyes did not widen when he saw Harry facing the choice between dying and killing all the Dementors in the jail? And Harry did not die only because Harry knew that Dementors are
not the only reason for humans' suffering.
Why is Dumbledore so keen on Bellatrix not leaving alive? Is it related to Narcissa's death?
I can only hope that Fawkes will never tell Dumbledore that Harry's Patronus is the one which freed Bellatrix from jail.
By the way, Quirrell owes a life-debt to Harry, for the jail-snake incident. Does it affect future in any way?
...deprogram... Everything in human mind is programmed, in some way. By family, by books, by school, by friends, by auothority and example and difference between them. The only problem with "forced"
programming is that it inevitably creates too many conflicts, and that makes the mind fragile, inflexible - unlike a healthy mind which, lacking fixed constraints, can adapt to _almost_ anything.
It is possible that Voldemort has seen Bellatrix shattered, like Harry has seen Lesath in moment of desperation - and Voldemort, unlike Harry, has not rejected the offer, but had undertaken to give Bellatrix
whatever she wanted - I do not know what it was.
The plan is for Harry to rule the country?..
More practice... No, I will not forget that. It would be great if Harry was "official" leader of Britain while Voldemort was his "opposition"; Voldemort could be blamed for breaking Death Eaters out of jail,
while Harry would in fact somehow tame the Dementors (they are living beings, too! do not kill them, unless you have to) "to Voldemort's side", and then people would no longer use Dementors to guide their
jails. Though, I do wonder, what was happening with Sirius - Dumbledore overlooked it in the chaos, but Harry should return to it - maybe, request a trial through official channels.
Let's say that flesh of Bellatrix will be used for the ritual. Blood of Dementor, Dumbledore or Harry? I would say Dementor as greatest foe. Since I never heard of blood of Death.
Crystal is really curious. She is a healer. But what Vow will Quirrell do with Bellatrix?
And, I am fairly sure that Obliviate can be un-done. Just like "delete" in a file-system.
Dark or not, Harry finds it sad that he is not God yet, to help people who bring their prayers to him.
"Doom" is that strange prophecy-related connection between Harry and Voldemort?
Voting for Dementor blood in the ritual! And getting the Stone for Hermione would be a nice touch... She would study it for a long time :-)
There will be further attempts. And the vial is message about Sirius's innocence.
The monster pure and complete... When I imagine their stand-off, I feel sadness - for Voldemort, not for Harry. Since Harry is supported by his allies. Voldemort stands alone.
Why didn't you do anything, Dumbledore?
Dumbledore, cannot you see that Harry is Chaos? That Harry cannot tolerate torture for sake of order?
Glad that Hermione's remains are safe. Though, Quirrell did not tell about powers of stone in snake-tongue, either.
Thank you. Good day, good night, and good luck.
MMMMMMMA chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Saw that the next update will be 9pm UTC. As someone who's in UTC1 I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.
LegendOfTheFox2 chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
A stone of transfiguration. A stone that is the product of an transfiguration? Or a stone that produces an transfiguration. HP's Ring stone, would be the first, whilst flamels would be the latter. The stone that has been spoken about in parsletounge was called, Stone of Transfiguration, or Stone. It has yet to be called, Stone of long life/immortality/other.

HP's fathers rock still has a role to play. Where would you hide a stone if you were as crazy as dumbledore is? You wouldn't put it in the mirror.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Professor Quirrell once suggested that Harry should fake another confrontation with Voldermort in order stop Dumbldore keeping him at Hogwarts during the holidays. Harry refused to go along with this, but Quirrel said he assumed that Harry would not be willing to live within this restriction, and that he would plan accordingly.

Maybe at some point Quirrell is going to imply to Harry that he isn't really Voldermort, and he is only pretending to be him so that Harry can appear to beat him, and thereby get free of Dumbledore?
hp4all chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Here is my bet before the great reveal at 1 pm today.

Voldemort descends from Peverells. His true ambition is to vanquish Death. He was the only one to correctly interpret the prophecy. He "bet" on Harry becoming immortal and put part of his psyche into him.

Voldemort's pureblood movement was a ruse to access knowledge and resources concentrated in the hands of the few prominent families. He must have explored several avenues already, including Horcruxes. The Transfiguration Stone is next.
Harry is alive because Vildemort believes in the prophecy, and Harry's exploits against Dementors have given even more credibility to that belief. Quirrell cannot cast Patronus because he knows what Dementors are, but he lacks Harry's conviction.
Vildemort holds a gun on Harry without intending to kill him. The flashy Dark Magic is a bluff to scare Harry into believing that Voldemort would pull the trigger if necessary.

Quirrell needs Harry's cooperation to retrieve the stone from the mirror. Flamel has probably thought about people trying to get it, and placed protections that differentiate by both intent and IQ. That is where Harry could succeed with higher probability than Voldemort.
Quirrell got Hermione killed to get more leverage on Harry through "carrot and stick" approach..
This is as far as I got.
LegendOfTheFox chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
Every character has been fleshed out, except flamel. Voldemort somehow has all these incredible high level spells but with the interdict of merlin, he should not have been able to learn them from any methods except for word of mouth, i don't believe that leave a cache of memories counts in this instance. Therefore Flamel is voldemort, is david monroe, is quirrel.

Afterall didn't someone say that these wizards shed masks like clothes?
Jade Oaks chapter 107 . 2/20/2015
A Slytherin is defined by his ambition.

The answers will therefore follow from the nature of the Defense Professor's ambition. Clearly, he still wants Harry to be the next Dark Lord - but why? What good is power, when you've already achieved immortality for yourself, and you're utterly indifferent to the wants of others? Is he just looking for validation? Proof that he was correct, that his path is the True Path? No, he's not that petty. He's capable of multiplying, and this much effort implies a commensurate goal.

Suppose Harry - or rather, the Tom Riddle dark side imprinted in Harry - becomes a Dark Lord. What good would that do Voldemort? Magical Britain united, Dumbledore and his allies helpless, much-needed reforms instituted on a systemic level... but what's the endgame?

In his forged note he referred to himself as 'the watcher of stars'. The only time he seems at peace is when he's casting the stargazing illusion.

Hypothesis: Voldemort did all this in order to leave Earth behind, permanently. That at least feels consistent with his character as we've been shown, but the precise way those machinations connect are still a complete mystery.

He made Harry into a clone of himself, as nearly as he could manage. He then forced Harry to join him and help acquire the Philosopher's Stone, which probably makes Transfigurations permanent. Along the way, he's showing off all the powerful toys available to a Dark wizard. And, of course, he plays one level higher than Harry - if Harry's now thinking he's an evil monster, we can bet Voldemort wants him to think that. If Harry's thinking there can never be a truce, we can bet that's what Voldemort wants also.

Does Voldemort want Harry to kill him? Or try to, thus triggering some other machination? He can abandon this body at any time, so it's hard to see how being killed by Harry would help in any way, unless perhaps it furthers Harry's transformation to the Dark.

But then, his pulling Harry into darkness has kind of been the entire point of everything all along, hasn't it? Here, Harry Potter, is all the power available to you, if only you stop treating people as having intrinsic worth. But, again, what is that worth to Voldemort? What are the limits of his nihilism? Only the stars, that we know of. And the stars are jeopardized by Harry's existence.

Prediction: Harry will defeat Voldemort with his father's rock, and Voldemort will be pleased that he did.
Shrike176 chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
My bet, Quirrel created Voldemort to give his David Munroe persona a chance to play the role of a hero; with the goal of ruling the country.

Since he told Harry while in Azkaban that he intended for Harry to rule the country, and said so in parseltongue, I do wonder what his current plans are; some sort of alliance with Harry I'd guess. He still seems to believe that is possible.

My only question now is whether we will get Hermione back.
nekomode chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
OK, even if Quirrel had lied about the Parseltongue and occlumency, how would Harry know? And then, there's also lie by omission and ambivalence, which is exactly what Harry's " have not betrayed YET" was. Thus, Quirrel was definitely lying.
Since it's been such a long time since I read the earlier parts of this fic, I'm reading it again right how. For some reasons, I now find chapter 1 to be incredibly ominous. McGonagall is also rubbing me in a wrong way. Come to think of it, no one would suspect McGonagall to be the final mastermind... My crack theory is that Voldemort here was composite of two people, Tom Riddle Jr - the almost-psychopath and McGonagall - the token good teammate, who then had a fallout of sort due to the drifting philosophy (and moral) and goals. Tom and McGonagall have been playing the game of "I know you know I know..." since the beginning of the year. Their relationship in the beginning may even mirror that of Harry and Hermione. I'm betting that McGonagall is going to turn out to be the "big bad" here. The problem with black and white morality is that you may get it backwards.
What can I say? Crack theory is crack. Well, it's either McGonagall or Snape. Come to think of it, nobody would suspect Snape to be the mastermind after JK Rowling's trickery, either...
What exactly are Quirrel's goals, I have no idea. Though, I do have an inking that the way it could be reached have more to do with the mirror itself than the philosopher's stone it was containing. Maybe he was trying to fit Harry into the mould of Voldemort as his "heir"?
Although, I'm pretty sure that this Harry is a twice time-turned obliviated one. You can't exactly call not saying the truth as lie when you don't actually know that it's not the truth, which may be the reason why people, especially Quirrel, haven't abused Parseltongue to hell and back. The mention of the super-Hufflepuff is definitely not a coincident. Harry must have recruited Cedric's help, if only because it would seen out of character for him to have done so. Once-time-turned Harry and Cedric might be lurking just right around the corner, adding another layer to this overly complicated game.
The fact that the Quidditch game went on uninterrupted leaves us with few possible outcomes:
1) Victory went to Voldemort. The philosopher's stone was successfully stolen. A possible explanation for the lack of alarms may be that both Harries got trapped in the mirror and Cedric was dead. However, this outcome seems quite unlikely if my hypothesis about possible resurrection of Hermione is right.
2) Victory went to Harry. However, he filched the stone for himself and befuddled super-Hufflepuff somehow. Quirrelmort may or may not ended up trapped in the mirror.
3) Stalemate. Highly unlikely.
4) They both lost. Victory went to a third party. Dumbledore? McGonagall? Snape? Ponoma? Cedric? Resurrected Hermione? Distant future thrice-time-turned Harry, who, by the way, I postulate, was responsible for the thief of Hermione's body?
Hopefox chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
The tension is palpable! Well, since this is the last chance to make deductions and guesses, here's mine:

Voldemort didn't die at Godric's Hollow at all. All that was observed was that there were the burnt remains of a body next to baby Harry, and then Voldemort's actions stopped taking place. It is far more likely that the backfiring Killing Curse weakened Voldemort to the point where he had to go into hiding, than that it killed him but he was somehow able to come back to life, which is something that basically never happens. The Killing Curse doesn't even damage the victim's body, so why would Voldemort be "burnt remains" after what happened with Harry? There are no "possessing spirit" shenanigans going on. Quirrell isn't being possessed by Voldemort, he is and always was Voldemort, in his original and only body.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
So, instead of a charm that has the conditions of "drinker/user will do a spit take x seconds from now" causes "charm user to drink in the past", why not "person will enter room and not speak x in 5 seconds" causes "deploy wide array of traps that can only be disabled by phrase x when they enter the room". Then, in order to protect that charm, because someone will think they are clever by pointing out it could be disabled, have the Coded Trap Charm protected by a Linked Chain Charm of "should x or y charm be disabled in the future" cause "send alarm & activate traps" where X is the original Coded Trap Charm and Y is Linked Chain Charm, repeated ad nauseum.

If you were really good, you would have the code phrase itself not actually be set until the warning message is sent and confirmed as received by the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, or Dumbledore. Then, the charm will ask for the password to be set by the person who confirmed (failure to do so results in a random mix of symbols from all known languages, or heck, just Kanji, ancient to current) the message. That person will then have to use a Time Turner to go back to before the message was sent and use their confirmation identification to set the password.

If anyone can find a flaw in this, please PM me. Time travel OP plz nerf.
L chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
suggested that Quirrell used trickery to convince Harry that he can't lie in parseltongue, and that if Harry realizes this, he may be able to lie while still pretending to tell the truth.

In practice, I don't think this would work. Quirrell can still sense some of what is taking place in Harry through the link that they share. (I'm guessing this is how he knew when it was time to pull out the gun: even though Harry kept a straight face, Quirrell sensed Harry's horror at realizing Quirrell was Voldemort.) Depending on how much information gets transmitted through that bond, Quirrell may well be able to sense when Harry is being deceptive.

Even so, Quirrell may still have deceived Harry for convenience's sake.
kzal chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Wait, with that a/n... are you saying that he won't be able to resist monologuing? chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Um, is it scary that I want to set an alarm on my phone for when the next chapter comes out, and then read it right away? Even during work? Ok I won't. But I deeply want too.. well done and thanks for the amazing writing.
Alex Milne chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
The defense protector cannot be destroyed by life eaters, and can abandon his body, which implies that, if you cannot truly lie in parseltounge, he is likely the incarnation of voldemort.
Darth Parallax chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
At the end of the previous chapter I did a count for what I thought would take place in the next chapters. My math for the different challenge rooms was way off, as I hadn't considered FIENDFYRE as a way to blast through four challenges in one chapter...clearly I fail at this "Rationality" stuff. Oh well, still fun to keep guessing about the next chapters.

So, instead of not being at the Mirror of Erised until March, it looks like we're going to be at the Mirror of Erised on Friday.

Characters that haven't shown up in this arc that are totally going to:

Nicolas Flamel

I think we can't completely trust everything Quirrel says, but we are so far trusting most of it, mainly because he has a gun pointed at us so we aren't in an argumentative mood.

So Professor Quirrel is Voldemort.

I think Alastor Moody was right from Chapter 86, and David Monroe was Voldemort's Chancellor Palpatine persona.

WHAT Voldemort was after from the beginning though...must not have been domination of the Wizengamot. That could have been accomplished too easily. He did not destroy Azkaban, so he doesn't care much about justice either.

He wanted immortality, so he made Horcruxes. But why the War? Why the killing of lots of people that weren't used to make Horcruxes?

This is a Voldemort who knows kung fu and how to use guns, both of which arts he deems more useful than Avada Kedavra- or pretends to think so.

Friday is going to be intresting.

Also I think Harry gets his Time-Turner back. Possibly even freely given back after Voldemort gets the Stone, followed by a week of peace between Harry and Voldemort, followed by Harry getting the Stone back from him, somehow.
Ganurath chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
My bet, since I don't want to hold my peace forever:

While the Philosopher's Stone is Plan A, he already has all the components of Plan B. The bones of the father are in the graveyard's original location. He has Bellatrix Black, restored and devoted enough to willingly give her flesh. Finally, he forcefully took blood from Harry in Noticing Confusion when Harry got a paper cut from the newspaper being wrenched from him.

I mean, really. Earlier in that Chapter Harry had explicitly said that Quirrell wouldn't harm him without intending to. Did Rita getting plastered rob so many of you of the arts of rationalism?
Jesper L chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
The Defense professor is testing Harry. He is not Voldemort. Someone's identity is a lie.
AMHAL chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Great story it is! I'm not going to do any bet, as it seems pointless. Too little data. But I have a question which I honestly don't expect to be answered. Harry's behaviour, while rational is still based on dividing the world in "ours-good" and "theirs-evil". What is the actual point of that? I. e. why is Voldemort a priori evil? It's not that he kills people, as it seems no one would last in the magic world a year without killing or getting killed - it's just all too Martin Richard-style medieval. It's also not his desire for power which makes him evil: Harry doesn't seems to discouraging "optimization" himself. So the only option i see is that Harry have been forced to opposite "the dark size" on historical reasons: his parents died for "the great good". But why had he never considered how good it actually is? Dumbledore doesn't seems to be especially different from Voldemort, except for the part that the latter one doesn't pretend to be good and the former one is currently in better position to proclaim himself the good guy. But, neither of them seems to pay any attention to others. So why not ally with Quirrell? He is at least not that crazy.
pisoprano chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
For all those people complaining about why all of Quirrell and Harry's conversations aren't strictly in Parseltongue:
First of all, Parseltongue is an inefficient language. It's easier to explain things in English then switch to Parseltongue to confirm the more relevant parts.
Second of all, Quirrell speaking English gives him the freedom to lie about what he has to. That does not mean that he is always lying in English, as that would be an easy way for Harry to determine what is true and what is not. In fact, it seems probable that Quirrell hasn't lied to Harry at all yet, just so that the lies are easier to slip in when necessary. And Quirrell allows Harry the same privilege of speaking English since the latter knows that he will always be asked to verify himself.
robert.callbeck chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
"Hosstagess are real, hundredss of sstudentss die tonight unlesss I sstop eventss already sset in motion."...

Harry. He's talking about Harry. If he doesn't change the outcome Harry will end the world. That might kill a lot of students.
Shay McSudonim chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
I don't know how we'll get there but I'm pretty sure that, by the time this arc is over, we'll have a Slytherin/Ravenclaw tie for the house cup, Quidditch will no longer be played with the snitch, and Harry will be safe, unharmed, and lying in a puddle of his own melted hypotheses.

Quirrell will have decided that he doesn't want to live on this planet anymore. He probably destroyed his other horcruxes earlier, since no one else had the resources to do so.

Hermionie (and possibly everyone who's died since Atlantis) will be resurrected.

And the magical and muggle worlds will be united.

But I still have no concrete ideas on why any of this will happen.
mgharmon chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Potential Harry Victory:

Harry possesses a power that V. doesn't know about, aka partial transfiguration. While normal transfiguration would require him to transfigure the whole form (Voldemort), partial transfiguration would allow him to just transfigure the gun (or part of the gun), thus neutralizing the direct threat.

Also, the lecture about self-levitation, brooms, and enchanted bones implies that, while Harry cannot attack V. directly with his own magic, he can attack him with someone else's-in this case, the Philosopher's Stone...
jacob.chen.927 chapter 107 . 2/19/2015

(a) Prophecy spoken by Trelawney to Quirrel at the time of Potter's "awakening" that "He is here ... He is the end of the world.";

(b) Quirrell during the jailbreak of Bellatrix said in Parseltongue "but plan iss for you [Potter] to rule country, obviously";

(c) Quirrell also said, in Parseltongue (Chapter 102) that Horcrux imprints ghosts, death not gainsaid, and Merlin's Interdict prevents powerful spells from passing through Horcrux;

(d) Quirrell has allotted 5 hours for this expedition, despite showing an ability to blaze through the "trials" in quick succession without difficulty. (Whether or not the potion room is in fact not warded is not spoken in Parseltongue)

(e) Quirrell cannot cast spells on Potter and any interactions between their spells causes significant damage to Quirrell.

(f) a significant amount of effort went into this last project so that a convoluted series of events took place allowing Harry to "unmask" Quirrellmort's true identity

(g) Quirrellmort is blazing through these trials using incredibly powerful spells

Hypothesis A: Quirrell's sole goal is trying to restore himself to full power and then rule over the world

Refuted by Fact B. The slow and leisurely pace (Fact D) at which he is approaching the issue also suggests otherwise (as Harry observed himself). Lastly it is refuted by Fact F, as in if Quirrellmort's sole purpose was to just get the stone, he could have easily done so without getting himself unmasked. He could have just marched in, stunned Snape, removed Snape, and then arranged for Harry Potter to show up. Or just told HP that the stone is there, have HP go get it for him, and then use it.

Hypothesis B: Quirrellmort decided to teach HP all the incredibly powerful and forbidden spells

That hypothesis is strongly supported by Fact G and Fact D. He's showing HP very high level spells and their pseudo-latin phrases like Inferius and Aveda Kadeva. He shows HP a phoenix spell that presumably HP could cast himself because he also uses a Phoenix wand.

Assuming Quirrellmort does not have much time left, he needs to create a situation where it is "natural" for him to use these overpowered spells in quick succession for HP's observation without implicating HP in any illegal wrongdoing or without putting HP in a situation where his failure to report Quirrellmort's teachings constitutes an unforgivable crime. Also the bone broom enchantment is super awesome.

This hypothesis however does not explain everything. It does explain some of the actions and is supported by some of the evidence, and is not refuted by any specific evidence.

Hypothesis C: Quirrell is trying to obtain the Philosopher's stone to avert the prophesy

The prophesy is fairly unambiguous. HP will end the world. Not may end the world, or can end the world, but WILL end the world. As far as I can see, there's only 2 ways to "avert" the prophesy.

1. Give HP immortality so he can destroy the world when he's a trillion years old
2. Give HP incredible cosmic powers so he can rip apart stars or end the world but that's fine because he'll have the power to create a new and better world, new and better stars.

To do that, Quirrellmort needs to (a) restore Hermoine to life ASAP, and (b) turn HP away from the path of "evil" which he worked so hard to bring HP into in the first place ... only to regret now upon learning about the prophesy. (And maybe restore himself to full power as a nice added bonus).

This whole charade and the threats should be enough to push HP into the Dumbledore faction and away from the Voldemort career choice / alignment. Presumably after this adventure, HP will have no intent on ever being like Quirrelmort.
ArhiMith chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Ok, guys, the time has come. If you want this story to continue into the Second Year (I hope Hogwarts still stands at the end), please let the author know!

A sequel would be just FRIGGING AWESOME!
talia.goldwasser chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
I'm guessing that it really is possible to lie in parseltongue; Harry's attempt to say that 223 was some sort of magical trickery on Quirrell's part, most likely a false memory charm. Quirrell will use this to decieve Harry, but if Harry figures it out it will be a major advantage, as he'll no longer be unable to betray Quirrell without the defense professor knowing. Also, from earlier this arc, I'm very cross with Harry for using time travel so often that he forgot to take the basic precaution of checking for his recognition code in messages from his future selves.
Jonathan chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
There is a technical problem: the whole thing is dependent on Dumbledore's never checking that his detection spells were still functioning correctly. Had he done so it would have been obvious that someone inside Hogwarts was slowly disabling them. Now who could that be...?

Also, where is Flamel in all this? As one of those most directly threatened, he should be taking part personally in the attempt to avert the threat; that is, more directly that simply giving Dumbledore better alarm spells than anyone else has.

It would be nice if somewhere in here there will be some evidence that Dumbledore is something other than a powerful non-entity.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
How is Harry, Tom Riddle Jr ?
foolondahill17 chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
There is only one obvious, almost elementary answer: to stop Quirrell from destroying the world, Harry must destroy it first.

Also, here's betting that Quirrell saw Harry when he looked at the Boggart - either that or a clown.
Dast chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Maybe this is all a test from Quirinus/Voldemort in order to know if his horcrux is in charge in harry's body. He is prety sure that harry will betrayed him, something that tom's horcrux will obviously do. Harry maybe will not betrayed him, in order to protect the students and his friend. We don't realy know the true goal of the dark lord, sure he wants some kind of super magical comunity, smart and powerfull, like him in fact. But we don't know how he wants to achieve that goal. Maybe he thinks Harry will be the political figure that will achieve his political schedual, he is smart, powerfull, he has a large radius of influence but he don't know if he is truly independant ( mind and soul) or if he is just another replica of tom's, unfit to that task. I don't think voldemort can make a great leader for the wizarding world, and i think he knows that, he is something else a creature of shadow, a magical artist, alone in his "greatness". He was prety angry and alone (physicaly but intelectualy too) when he was a child, the magical world give him some sort of hope, hope that disapear when he sees the mediocrity of the average wizard. Harry is like him in that matter (without Hermione ). They both want some kind of elitist sociaty.

Sory for my poor english. I wish i was understendable.
DA Mk2 chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Love your work.
Love the 1pm post time. Works out to 5am where I live. Since I get up at 5:30, that will be an excellent read before I get to work...

Got to say, I am mostly here for the ride and entertainment value.
Still a few possibilities:
1, Bellatrix, obviously for the bone of the father, flesh of the servant revival spell. I don't know if Voldemort is going to cast this, but knowing this Voldemort's character I would say that he has backup plans.
2, Don't know what of why Quirrell didn't pull this earlier, but maybe this is a backup plan. He could have tried other things already off screen, that we find out about only later. Having only one plan would be stupid.

Looking forward to the next edition.
Kulyok chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Oh! Professor Quirrell is teaching Harry his most powerful spells, from one living mind to another! That's why he's saying the incantations aloud, silly me.

I'm absolutely in awe, and a part of me is sad this is going to be over so soon. (And, of course, the best way to deal with Boggart is Fiendfyre. No doubt about that).
Norven chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
Thanks for this great chapter. I would never think of casting broomstick enchantments on bones, by the way... Really inventive. Just like everything else.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
This story is fucking amazing. It's so weird to think that I've been reading it for four years now and it's almost over.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
What was the secrets we should bet on I've lost track?
Arekanderu chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
These short chapters are both a joy and pure torture
Ephemeralen chapter 107 . 2/19/2015
*slow blink*

*slloooooooww blink*

Quirrelmort wants to avert the HE IS THE END OF THE WORLD prophecy.

Quirrelmort believes Hermione's death was what triggered said prophecy, and that bringing her back may avert it. this whole convoluted and seemingly inane stage-play actually Quirrelmort's last gift to his protege? Specifically, to allow Harry to use the stone to resurrect Hermione and thus avert the prophecy *without* Harry being arrested for necromancy and/or grand theft alchemy?

And Quirrelmort could kill Harry at any time, which means he still wants his own twisted version of what's best for Harry *more* than he wants to immediately eliminate all risk of HE IS THE END OF THE WORLD. Who benefits? Harry. Harry benefits.

As an aside, maybe you can't cast broomstick enchantments on underwear, but what about flying carpet enchantments?
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Thank you!
scorpioneldar chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
intersting will we continue this story past year 1? or will it be the end at the end of this year
looking forward to friday
berkeleyjake chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
OK... so a few observations.

Dementors can infact sense the soul of voldemort in quirrell/monroe as was demonstrated when they brought the dementor to school and it had a special reaction to him.

Second... in the lesson where he taught students "how to lose" he had mentioned that he studied martial arts with a great master, but when Voldie went to the same one he killed everyone and never got a lesson. Was this a lie or did quirrell/monroe get the lessons and later voldie possessed him?

Also, Voldie/Quirrell/Monroe mentioned about how Horcruxes don't work and they simply create a ghost of oneself. That he destroyed all but a remnant of Harry Potter and turned him into Tom Riddle. I assume he did this using a horcrux, imposing the ghost of himself on the body of Harry Potter, and letting him grow up and develop into his own person.
Is it possible that he did the same thing with Quirrell/Monroe and there is still the actual body of Voldemort running around somewhere and he is just essentially creating clones of himself?

Oh and what the hell is going to happen with Belatrix?
TheChickWithTheAwesomeUsername chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Where did he get the body? Is there, like, a vault full of coma patients and Voldie just picks them at his leisure? Well, it might be a she, since stuff, but...meh.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
When Voldemort looked into the chamber, surely the boggart changed into what he is afraid of. It squeaked as it died...Is Voldie afraid of mice?
ChaoticAscension chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Looking through some of the reviews, I've noticed some people seem to be assuming that Quirrel was lying about parseltongue not allowing lies... the problem I have with that is if he wasn't telling the truth there why would he rely on asking Harry to repeat things or say things in it? That wouldn't make any sense and would be too easily disproven. My thought is it may not allow you to lie- however promises made in it aren't necessarily binding, they just signify it is truth at that point in time. If anything convinces Quirrel to no longer want to keep his promises, he can still go back on it- broken promises are not strictly speaking lies, just changed intentions.
I think Quirrels reasons for bringing Harry along now instead of having him either not know about it or asking for his help before now is that he needs him for something. So the question is what is different between Harry and Quirrel/Voldemort? Age (something he could get around by controlling somebody else like Draco), morality (could be convincingly faked, but maybe there's a magic method to uncovering that), and the second prophecy. That is the only thing I can currently think of that would mean he needs Harry instead of anybody else- he mentioned he feared for the safety of the plaque, and Harry is supposed to be capable of destroying the stars. I would guess he intends to bring him outside the castle grounds with him then kill him to avoid that prophecy.
D chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
My only prediction is that the horocrux is on the voyager space probe. So there goes any hope of killing Voldemort.
Luna Bass chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I'm curious to know whether the real Professor Quirrell's personality was completely obliterated, and Harry's been taught and mentored by Lord Voldemort all this time.

There were other mysteries that I had thought of, and wanted answered, but I can't remember them. I'd have to go all the way back through the chapters and read carefully, and I don't have the time. Damn it!

But one thing I do want to know... Will there be a sequel to this story that takes place in Harry's second year? That would be awesome.
pisoprano chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Honestly, Quirrell, you're ruining the obstacle course for anyone who hasn't tried it yet.
readerboy7 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I do not recall ever reading that Parseltongue is a language of truth in any canon book or HPMoR. However, I highly doubt you're the sort to ass-pull something like this. Would you mind telling me where it was foreshadowed?
CreativeRoadblock chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I'm just excited the wait is over. This last plot line is a little surreal though.
badkidoh chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Yet another great chapter.
anonymous chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Kokkorhekkus: The evil protagonist of Jack Vance's SF novel "The Killing Machine" (1964) is named Kokor Hekkus; he is one of the five Demon Princes.
DurronKyp chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Out of curiosity, how would fiendfyre kill a Phoenix if Avada kedavra does not? What mechanism does AK use to kill that doesn't stop the phoenix's reincarnation cycle, and what does fiendfyre do that does?
Unformal Sorrelle chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Watching Quirrelmort just blast through all of the tasks was kind of painful. Like it hurt my childhood. I don't even know why, he's very logical and methodical, but I think that's part of it. Just how he's maliciously putting Harry through all of this, flaunting his power, and destroying when it really isn't nessecary just feels so wrong.
Really enjoying the pace of the updated though!
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Huh. So why did the story. Change from Harry P. and Hermione G. to Hermione G. and Tom R. Jr?
aphyer chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
So, time for wild guesses about Quirrell's secrets! (Apologies if something here has been mentioned before or is already well-known, I haven't gone to the effort of tracking down everything the fanbase has said).

-Quirrell's 'student hostages' he's talking about have been taking hostage by him doing something recklessly evil with Transfiguration - Transfiguring them into themselves, getting them to drink liquid/breathe air Transfigured from something solid, something along those lines. With the Philosopher's Stone, they can be saved by making the Transfiguration permanent. Without it, they are entirely doomed, even if Quirrell for some reason changes his mind.

-Quirrell's three extra spells (that he adds onto the end of the standard sequence of twenty-seven) are intended to in some way prevent him from being spied on by the Horcrux-vision spell (the one he uses to create the image of stars). One plausible way to do this is by detecting the presence of specific objects he knows or suspects to be Horcruxes. (If this is true, it implies the existence of at least one other wizard with Horcruxes).

-Quirrell's long-term goal is to have the world be more intelligent so that he doesn't need to be so depressed with stupid people all the time. As Lord Voldemort, he planned to implement a wide-reaching campaign of eugenics (starting with discrimination against Muggleborns and then shifting focus) to try to genetically improve the intelligence of wizardkind. His lessons to the students of Hogwarts, while they work against Voldemort's apparent aims (by making it harder for him to take over), serve this true aim (by making people less boneheadedly stupid).

-The Chamber of Secrets is real, but Slytherin's Monster is still around. While Quirrell is very clever, Salazar Slytherin was also very clever, and Salazar Slytherin would have thought of the possibility of one of his heirs killing the Monster. Possible ways to get around it might include: the monster being phoenix-like in some way, so that it could resurrect if killed (though FiendFyre might make that a bad idea); a breeding population of monsters (or, for that matter, of very loyal human servants...) of which only one would be exposed to any given Heir; or requiring an oath in Parseltongue not to harm the Monster or the Chamber before you were granted entrance.
Space Lightning chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
It'd be amusing, given Snape's opinions of his students' work, if the only way to pass the room unmolested would be to brew the potion incorrectly...
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
What is Harry Potter, or Tom Riddle as it were, to Lord Voldemort? His successor? His doom?

Also, you don't like time and Fate do you professor?
Zakeraz chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
This continues to be extremely riveting. I'm putting my money on Quirrel and Voldermort having separate agendas. I think Quirrel is waiting for a chance to betray Voldermort or at least fully separate himself from He-Whom-Should-Not-be-Named.
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Since he is sixteen there, or at most twenty-seven, he can't really know that about Snape. Snape wasn't even born when he made the diary horcrux, let alone a Death Eater.

Looking forward to the Q&A.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Love Nick's review: Harry will bite someone.

I'm worried EY has written himself into a corner. Quirrelmort (Voldy from now on) is smart and evil, plays one level above Harry and may still be able to lie. Harry though a prodigy is still a child.

Minor predictions: Harry cannot beat Voldy using direct force. It's too late in the game for him to suddenly gain a powerup and use brute (magical) force to win and wouldn't be satisfying from a narrative standpoint. He can't outsmart him in a battle of wits as Quirrelmort is too experienced at being smart in direct head to head.

Outrageous claim time: Quirrel's trap is two chunks of near critical mass weapons grade uranium transfigured into water and mixed together in a container. That's a big boom in one hour when it wears off. Bye bye Hogwarts.

Harry's father's rock is the philosopher's stone.

The power Voldy knows not is science magic. Or scientiffic thinking applied to magic. In his free week Harry will build a fusion reactor and Ollivander helps Harry to use it and the stone to make a permanent transfiguration of them as a core for The Science Wand which does magic and fires Fusion energy beams when he shouts "Nuclear Kamehameha!"

Cloak and Dagger is EY only an AI in a self insert. The source of magic is a superpowered AI that hit the singularity and became all powerful but is simultaneously constrained and good.

Harry uses The Science Wand as a USB drive to add a line to the Magic AI saying Harry is God. Harry channels all the energy available through the stars in the visible universe through The Science Wand for the biggest Nuclear Kamehameha possible and kills every Voldy in every possible universe. Then he Gods the stars back, turns death off and rides Hagrid's magic motorbike into the sunset with a ressurected Hermione (from the universe AI's quicksave files) and Draco.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
To be perfectly honest I can't really see the point of these last two chapters. They didn't really tell us anything except "Harry realizes Quirrel is evil".
reader chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
In the beginning, I thought this fic was kinda clever but bizarre and a little condescending. Now it is one of my favorite stories.

My theory so far is that Quirrell intends to use the stone to mess around with Harry's brain with transfiguration. He will get around the interdict of Merlin, make it look like harry 'vanquished' him, and then Harry will take over magical Britain. Voldemort/Monroe redux.

I feel like that's probably wrong, seems too straightforward, but whatever.
ronald.lambert.503 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
So far so good, in your climactic scenes. You are making more sense than Rowling did, though I do not disparage her story-writing gifts either. These are really two different stories, each of which can be enjoyed on its own.
Delta chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I think I know what Harry's up to: he's playing on the inevitability of Lesath's arrival, and the fact that he hasn't done anything to bring him there yet. Not sure I grok the timey-wimey details, though.
Ella chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I was supposed to be revising... but I read this instead. I am so excited I may explode.
L chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
My Harrymort origin theory: Quirrelmort was a horcrux created by Voldemort before he encountered Harry. Quirrelmort became smarter and his personality changed as a result of sharing Quirrel's mind. He still wanted to live forever, and he wanted to take his parent-self Voldemort out of the picture, maybe because he no longer shares Voldemort's values. He engineered the whole event with Voldemort's attack on baby Harry. He killed Voldemort (leaving the remains as evidence of Voldie's demise), made Harry into a horcrux (of Quirrelmort, not Voldemort) so that he and Harry would be compatible for sharing the same body once Harry grew older, and took special pains as Harry's teacher so that Harry would be devoted to him. He tried to remove Harry's friends so that Harry would be isolated and Quirrel would be the only supporting figure he had left.

Problem with this theory: The following quote implies strong continuity between Quirrelmort and Voldemort, and implies that Voldemort himself wore a false persona that concealed greater intelligence than he publicly let on:
"I would find it easy to comply, smiling the while, and take my vengeance later. But Snape does not know that Lord Voldemort finds it easy to think this way."

Support for this theory: David Monroe was/is the same entity as Quirrelmort. Unless Voldemort has a vastly deeper plot going than he's been letting on, it makes no sense for him to attack himself (well, maybe if people think Monroe is fighting Voldie, they will feel more comfortable taking a backseat, and Voldemort never loses anything truly important); however, a horcrux self that dislikes his former self would make sense out of this behavior.
Thespurgin chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
if this is your finale for the 1st year, I FEAR how you'll handle the later ones...
Slightly Too Heavy chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Man, this story has been excellent so far, but these last couple chapters since Voldemort revealed himself have been the fucking crowning jewel. To put it in other words, I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

Regarding Quirrell's secrets, I assume they're gonna deviate significantly from canon, given that this Quirrell did not have the backstory of Muggle Studies teacher from canon. If David Monroe was legitimate, I'm guessing that is is his body, with Voldemort having seized control. Where he's been hanging out for the last decade or so is anyone's guess. That, or this is just some poor sod what wandered into the wrong woods, so to speak.

I'm curious to see what Voldemort's plan was with becoming a public megalomaniac and terrorist in the first place, given that he's now supposedly smart enough to recognise that as a fucking stupid way to seize power.
timunderwood9 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
In any case, the standard counter charm to a boggart is, of course, Fiendfyre.

He may be indifferent to human suffering, but he has a certain style.
Math-lv chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Wow, A row of chapters after a long(ish) wait. I will consider it as a birthday present :D
Rosa Mundi chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
The standard counter-charm for a boggart is Fiendfyre. Of course.

If I were Harry, the impulse to say "Darn it, I *liked* you!" would be overwhelming.
5 Coloured Walker chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
A good chapter that makes up for the tiny one. I look forward to more.
EriEka127 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Emma Emerson chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I am so slooooow but the reason the Defense Professor is using a gun against Harry instead of his wand is because he can not hurt Harry with his a wand... because of the link between them.. since Lily protected Harry with her motherly LOVE.

Prof. Quirrell was 'disassociate'.. like those with Multiply Personalities from Voldemort being inside of him.. he got more ILL as Voldermort grew more powerful and taking him over more and more..

The real Prof Quirrell was odd and had moral flaws but not to the extend of Voldemort... not at all.. his moral flaws were faster solutions to end problems .. like when squashing Skeeter Rita.. who was an enemy... not like Voldemort wants to kill all..

Prof. Quirrell is too much like a soldier in that sense.. but loyal to Harry and the children at Hogwarts..

Voldemort has to LOSE ultimately..

And I like what someone wrote a few days ago for Chapter 104 that Hermione is transfixed as Harry's eyeglasses...
And the stone is the ring's stone .. his father's stone... Harry always had the power to restore..etc... :)

I will miss this series... and wish for it to go on and on.. like there was 7 books to Harry Potter... but I know it must be very time consuming to do this...

I can just hope...

Thanks again to a GREAT WRITER... I actually like this better than the Harry Potters' books since more of realistic theme... more grown up.. more for adults..

emma of NYC
Lily Brooks chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
"Those of you who have outstanding disputes regarding the Defense Professor's secrets should bet now, or forever hold your peace." So smartly said!
Can't wait till the next one - my brain is encroached with too many they won't come true.

Thanks for your writing :) I really mean it, thanks.
guitarlover56784 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I have absolutely no idea. Your logic is incredibly dense and I cannot begin to comprehend it
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
great chapter as always
keep up the good work
Kira chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Right, so my prediction is that Prof. Quirrel was someone else, then he got possesed by a fragment of Voldemort's soul which had been obliviated of recent event (i.e. being squished by baby harry) and which now thinks that it won ove rHarry. When Quirrel goes zombie, it is his true body (which may or may not be Harry's original body/soul) fighting against Voldemort, which is why the sense of doom is diminished. Voldemort may or may not believe that Harry is actually Tom Riddle, but there is certainly a fragment of soul which Harry and "Quirrelmort" both share, possibly from the original Voldemort, or it may have been a piece of LILY'S Dark Side which has been released at her death, and somehow was inserted into Voldemort and Harry's minds, so when Voldemort went to kill Harry, the Lily-dark stuff resonated as their link and shook the memories out of Voldemort's mind out and inserting the false belief that Harry had been destroyed, meanwhile, when Voldemort and HArry resonate, Voldemort got the most of the spell radiation and was destroyed, Harry was scarred for life by the residue. The Dark Side from Lily stays with both for life. Quirrel can sense harry's emotions because Lily was facing Voldemort when she died, so the original point of reverberation starts at Voldemort's mind and goes to Harry's, so Quirrel was the one to transform in Azkaban when they started resonating. This ends my review, and I will be very sad when I don't have a new chapter tomorrow.
Jay-F chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
I vote/suggest that The main characters be left as Hermione/Harry instead of Hermione/Tom Riddle Jr. to avoid giving undue hints to new readers. (Clever as I think your handling of the 'what are the odds we would BOTH be geniuses' argument was...)

Thanks for writing.
Enei Emmu chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Well. I'm not about to figure any of this out over the next 47 hours.
That said, I have here a word file listing the relevant facts I could think of at this point, although to be fair I haven't reread the earlier chapters to refresh my memory.
I imagine that like me, many other HPMOR readers are checking the latest reviews for facts and theories they may have missed, and I'm happy to share here what little I have. Also bear in mind that I typed this after 104, and haven't updated it much in the days since:

What we know so far

Harry Has a mysterious dark side, and as of now we know that it is Tom Riddle's Horcrux. It is possible, however, that ALL of Harry is said Horcrux. He has held a Remembrall and it lit up like the sun. So he's forgotten some major shit.
Voldemort Is most likely Quirrel. The evidence supporting this is overwhelming on level 1, but in the meta it's possible that Eliezer simply WANTS us to draw the only obvious conclusion he has provided. He is a Legilimens skilled enough to read someone's mind without them even noticing, and his character suggests that he is doing so to Harry right now.
Quirrel Thinks like Harry. He has a gun. He is indifferent to killing innocents. He wants the Philosopher's Stone. He has a Horcrux in deep space, possibly more than one. He has "marked Harry as his equal," literally, in DADA. He thus far isn't aiming to kill with his gun. He believes Harry is going to destroy the universe.
Dumbledore Is dangerous. He plans for evil to win most of the time because he genuinely believes good can't come out on top. He ultimately wants it to, though, and isn't a BashingEvilDore. He supports Harry and is still in Hogwarts. He has used the Marauders' Map to "find Tom Riddle," and likely knows where Riddle is. Whether this refers to Harry or Quirrel is unclear, but either way he may well be making an appearance shortly.
Hat and Cloak uses Memory Charms within the school. Only Professors can do that. This means he could be Quirrel, Snape or Dumbledore... or he could be someone else powerful enough to fool HOGWARTS, such as FutureHarry.
Other - Snape, Sprout, Draco, Lesath, and an adventuring party from the Chaos Legion are unconscious but still present in the hall. There are Aurors in Hogwarts. Bellatrix Black is loose.
Hermione's body is missing, and Harry has resolved to resurrect her. It's possible that she is already alive again, ready to make a dynamic return when she is needed. This is unlikely, however, and if she is alive Harry is unaware of it. His internal dialogue states that he still intends to bring her back and implies that he has her body in cryopreservation.

All involved parties have wands. Harry has a giant rock and a Time-Turner. This rock could be completely ordinary, the Philosopher's Stone, or the Resurrection Stone.
Quirrel has a gun.
Harry also has a bag of holding, which contains a variety of useful wizard and Muggle supplies which may also include a gun. He is wearing a giant rock transfigured into a tiny one on a ring, and he has another transfiguration active which will be triggered if he is knocked out.
Harry has money. Lots of it.
Harry can block the Killing Curse, and Quirrel can cast it infinitely. Their magics react violently and both parties want to avoid contact between them. Harry can use Partial Transfiguration.
Harry has the Swerving Stunner that may well blindside even Quirrel.
There have been two prophecies written:

A third comes from the meta:
Beneath the moonlight glints a tiny fragment of silver, a fraction of a line... black robes, falling... blood spills out in litres, and someone screams a word.
Dumbledore will appear. He too is smart, and may not come alone. He has Aurors he can contact, and they can follow his lead into battle.
The next 16 chapters will not focus on the Third-Floor Corridor, although they may focus on the Stone.
Harry will engage Quirrel in a gunfight. Furthermore, he has some countermeasure against bullets. Since Quirrel is smart in the same way as Harry, he probably has the same countermeasure.
The location of Hermione's body will be revealed. Her status will be revealed. She may make a return.
Harry has been lightly foreshadowed to bite a Hogwarts teacher at some point.
Guest chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
the defense professor is a banana
definitelynotaminion chapter 107 . 2/18/2015
Sooo close to finding out everything. This is such high quality. It's as good now-better than, even- as it was in the first chapter. I wait with baited breath.