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Majerus chapter 109 . 7/18/2019
Bwahahaha! Except, these two tend to fight epic battles, and Harry ... oh shite.
Guest chapter 109 . 12/19/2017
I have a question. Why the hell didn't the Stone make that Confundus permanent?
Guest chapter 109 . 12/12/2017
Ugh the finale drags...
Guest chapter 109 . 4/22/2017
Jatok chapter 109 . 11/25/2016
Oohhh, fun. I hope dumbledore has a ridiculously complicated plot that is coming yo fruition.
The Anguished One chapter 109 . 9/20/2016
Well, so much for that plan. It was a good one, but obviously not good enough. I look forward to finding out what Mirror Albus has to say to Tom Riddle.
Guest chapter 109 . 2/20/2016
London Knight .
At least we now know HOW Harry got sooo smart !
Montara chapter 109 . 1/27/2016
It didn't work and now Dumbledore knows Riddle is there...maybe he can save Harry and the rest of the kids.
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 109 . 12/10/2015
So, if you took the mirror into outer space, and set it to reflect the Earth, or even the Galaxy, it could create a world the size of a planet, or even the universe?
Mouse Anony chapter 109 . 7/19/2015
Chapter 109:
There appear to be multiple uses of "balefire" inconsistent with "fiendfyre".

Here's another:

The balefire phoenix moved forward in a rush of crimson terror
Mouse Anony chapter 109 . 7/19/2015
Inconsistent identification of object:

Chapter 109:
Everywhere else has refered to it as a "fiendfyre phoenix". But thie following quote uses "balefire".

Shortly after there came a hissing and seething, and a balefire phoenix melted through the
PA chapter 109 . 5/25/2015
missmawwie chapter 109 . 5/23/2015
I'm going to review 20 times (: so this is 6
CMVreud chapter 109 . 3/18/2015
You know, I just had a very disturbing idea of a 3-Riddle-Gambit, including Voldie, Harry and Albus (who somehowly obtained a Horcrux).
Diana12 chapter 109 . 3/8/2015
I accidentally pressed “enter" on my previous attempt of a review, so feel free to delete the first version if it did get posted.

Since around chapter 108, everything started to feel more and more unreal- like Harry suddenly landed in a computer game, with all the PCs becoming NPCs (especially Dumbledore and Voldemort)

Firstly, no one seems that surprised that Hermione came back to life. I mean, it’s not as much of a shock with Voldemort, after all he was such a powerful wizard plus even his name suggested that he did a lot of research on achieving immortality, but Hermione! Even by wizarding world standards, dying and then being alive again, would be a huge, as in HUGE thing, more important than anything about Voldemort or Dumbledore and anything else, because it could potentially mean freedom from death, yet everyone is like “Oh yeah, Hermione came back to life after a troll killed her, so I am really happy for her, but you know, that kind of stuff happens every day”. Where is the "OMG OMG OMG OMG This can’t be real, this is The Historical Moment of the mankind!” kind of reaction? Did anyone even notice that something impossible happened or they simply don’t care?

Also, why is no one using time turners to find out what happened?They couldn’t have forgotten about them, could they?

And why on Earth did super clever Prof. Quirrell who wouldn’t take unnecessary risks let Harry keep such a powerful weapon as his wand, fully aware that he possesses an unknown power and that he already made a valid invention that involved using his wand, and might have made another one?
And why did he tell them not to lose the horcrux and even gave him instructions for future(!) on how to resurrect Hermione, if he didn’t expect Harry to live to be able to use them?

And why did Dumbledore, an amazing strategist (as seen from the armies plot), did not have back up options and just lost so easily?

Compared to previous chapters, it seems like all the characters (except Harry) suddenly became stupid.

So I was wondering, if this is meant to be a rational story, yet everyone seems to behave so..weirdly, then maybe I missed something and there is a rational explanation? I am not sure if my theory has any plausibility or is just entirely absurd, but maybe something happened to Harry/the world because of the mirror in chapter 108?
The writing on the mirror mentioned “coherent extrapolated volition”, but if it was created ages ago, then surely people didn’t use such words at that time? Could it be something specifically for Harry to see, otherwise it would be too much of a coincidence? And if "the mirror’s most characteristic power is to create alternate realms of existence”, then maybe it did change something? That would explain why everything started feeling so unreal after that chapter? Could it be that we have the same harry in a different universe/inside the mirror/in an Inception-like dream?
Nibbled To Death chapter 109 . 3/5/2015
"Even the greatest artifact can be defeated by a counter-artifact that is lesser, but specialized."

Mirror shades?
Daerdemandt chapter 109 . 3/4/2015
"Wearing the Cloak or no, you will stand in range of the Mirror yourself," Professor Quirrell said.
And Harry was standing in range of the Mirror.
"The Mirror of Perfect Reflection has power over what is reflected within it, and that power is said to be unchallengeable"
Either it is not the Mirror of Perfect Reflection, or its having power over Harry doesn't manifest in any way, or it does have power over Harry and we'll see that. Maybe since Quirrel exposed himself to the mirror, it had power over him too, without regard to cloak, because putting on the cloak is challenging mirror's power in a way.

And then: "The Mirror returned to showing the ordinary reflection of a gold-lit room of white stone, without any trace of where Albus Dumbledore had been".

Maybe everything Harry sees later before appearing in this room is an illusion.
jseah chapter 109 . 2/27/2015
This Mirror... does it happen to be an unreliable genie (I use this term in the way LessWrong does)? An unreliable wish granting genie?

One that, perhaps, the Atlanteans forsaw would have someone make a wish that turned out badly and tried to build in a method that would inform someone of what results their wish would achieve?

- From here on, I am going out on a limb:
Suppose then that the Mirror is to predict the world given a wish is granted. Suppose then that the Mirror is given to understand even the future consequences of such a wish (it has to, for the function to be of any use as a wish-predictor).

How could the Mirror determine what such a world would be like? It would have to take the world as it is, add a wish, then work out how the world (including the future) would change, then display the results to the viewer.

On the other hand, the world is not reducible to simple equations. The only way for the Mirror to figure out what the world would be like, would be to calculate it the hard way.

To the calculations that the Mirror is performing, the worldwish would be a world perfectly identical to the real world up until the point the wish effect appears. Which includes all the previous wishes the Mirror granted. And the simulation of THOSE wishes and their corresponding worlds, etc. ad infinitum.

What are the chances that the story we see is inside one of those Mirror calculations?

What happens if you break the Mirror?
Unmaker chapter 109 . 2/26/2015
I see the retcon fairy has struck for the n-th time and flaming monkey vomit has vanished from the world.
GrumpyGrue chapter 109 . 2/25/2015
It's Happening!
badkidoh chapter 109 . 2/25/2015
yet another great chapter.
Guest chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Actually, I'm probably entirely wrong. This isn't the mirror of Erised. It's the mirror of true reflection. The inscription is different. Who knows what rules were invented for it.
Guest chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Quirrel may be in more trouble than he realizes. What does the mirror show? Your heart's desire. What is Quirrel's desire?

Last chapter pretty much spelled it out - he desires someone who he can "play chess" with. But Dumbledore didn't quite measure up, according to what Quirrel said last chapter. It's very possible that he isn't just facing "the real" Dumbledore here. (How would the characters know if he was real within the two seconds he's been there?) He's possibly facing an *enhanced* Dumbledore who will probably know all of Quirrel's moves before he makes them, because he's a reflection of Quirrel's own mind.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
braindoll chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Gahh! Suspension of disbelief, suspension of disbelief, suspension of disbelief!

As happened numerous times in the TSPE and TT arcs, the characters here are showing an ability to "read the DM's mind", as it were. That is, they are engaging in some process of reasoning about how their world works that has certain blind spots, but as it happens the author shares those blind spots, so it turns out they are correct. Worse, despite being purportedly rational and at least closer to being reasonably paranoid than the average person, they don't consider possible failures of their reasoning.

No, I'm not talking about the in-story planning fallacy that Tom Riddle falls prey to here. I mean, why in the hell would the mirror be immune to the effects of confundus from third parties, but not auto-confundus? "An internal force instead of an external one, a state of mind that comes about entirely through my own choices"... that is one plausible extrapolation of the known facts about how the mirror works, but to imagine that it's the only way it could work, and then have that inadequately-founded belief confirmed by the facts... it really stretches my aforementioned suspension of disbelief.

It's actually interesting how the scene itself acts as a metaphor for this issue. Just as Riddle's confundus is only first-order correct, Yudkowsky's simulation of what an intelligent villain would think is also imperfect, and biased towards what he himself would think.

Still... I made it through TSPE and TT without giving up on the story, so I can swallow this one more premise. The ultimate effect on my experience, actually, is not what I would have expected. I don't see this scene as any less awesome a solution of Harry's dilemma here (though it's not over of course, it's still probably the most awesome creative thinking in the whole story. In fact, it's an outstandingly good "end of the mystery story, now watch the main character solve the riddle using only elements already presented". I mean, as a reader, I could not and would not have imagined that stupid trick with the confundus fooling the mirror even as far as it did; but aside from that, full fucking marks.

No, the effect is not to be less awesome. The effect is that my annoyance at the author's intellectual arrogance (in the sense that his blindness stems from a lack of humility) rubs off on my feelings about his Sue. So, still an awesome story, but after at least 3 arcs worth of this kind of stuff, I don't actually like the protagonist very much. And it's not even really the protagonist's fault; I mean, sure, he's insufferably arrogant too, but as character flaws go that one's not too bad. It's more that his arrogance is so often missing its just comeuppance. I'm never going to hate HJPEV as much as that "chaos theory says life will find a way" guy from Jurassic Park, but it's the same basic feeling.
OishiK chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Riddle: Tom Jr, I am your father, err, you are my horcrux.
Albus: If you strike me down, Tom, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Or something.
Tom Jr: Professors, I notice that you are confused.
Hermione: I'm getting better.
RadicalTurnip chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Ooh, very nice. I'm inclined to think that Harry's only real advantages are his scientific knowledge (from his upbringing), partial transfiguration, and his father's rock/Hermione's body. Now that (possibly real?) Dumbledore is there, things just may get interesting.
Lilly K chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Love the story so far!

It helped inspire this crossover idea: What if Everlasting Gobstoppers are Willy Wonka's Horcruxes?!
Guest chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Er.. have you been reading The Wheel of Time recently? Because I'm pretty sure that phoenix isn't made of balefire...
Telenil chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
About the same as the other reviewers. Quirell's rant is out of character, which makes it a blatant Take That to some readers or critics. It really was obvious. Duh. The reference to the AI wasn't as problematic because it still fits with the rest of the story.
On the other hand, the twists were as enjoyable as ever. I like the notion of the mirror reflecting yourself and the notion that not-Avianna and not-Dumbledore would keep talking to each other. If the intent is that Quirell was taking a calculated risk, maybe it could be made clearer, but this is how I understood it anyway.

IMO, the best arc since the Azkaban hide-and-seek.
Psychonix chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Once again, an enjoyable chapter.

Nice reference to Yudkowsky. And thus an interesting interpretation of the mirror.
nekomode chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Well, there goes my crack theory.
On the other hand, "I show not your face but your extrapolated volition". I don't get it. The key is free will?
Also, Quirrel's reasoning in the previous chapter sounds suspiciously like Nietzsche's Ubermensch and Will to Power... So Free Will to Power?
That Take That at Natsu and JK Rowling is rather hilarious.
Both Harry and Quirrel have a nasty case of complexity addiction. Seriously.
Zathium chapter 109 . 2/24/2015
Great chapter, as always.

I had mixed feelings about this line: "What else is Dumbledore to think, that you are an actor in a play whose stupid author has never met a real eleven-year-old? Only a gibbering dullard with a skull full of flaming monkey vomit would think - ah, never mind." While it did make me laugh, it seems out of character for Quirrell.

I would have said the AI X-risk bit was lacking subtlety, but I did end up donating to MIRI after reading this chapter so I guess Rule Ten applies. Well played.
Double-Portion chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
I think your lampooning of those who mocked your characterization of 11 year old Harry was childish and befitting one of those 11 year olds I suppose you learned that from... Plus the criticism still applies to Draco talking about "doing it," rape, and the political intricacies of getting away with it. There are some truly odd big lipped alligator moments, but the twists are decent and explained ad hoc well enough that I believe you planned them.
Erikson chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
While Quirrell reacts perfectly reasonably to the idea that Harry might seem like a realistic 11 year old to anyone that answer while amusing does not really cover the almost equally unrealistic behaviour of the majority of the eleven year olds in the cast. Unless you happen to be about to reveal that they are all horcruxes that point is simply an amusing aside, which of course is probably all it was ever meant to be.
Kulyok chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Assuming direct control! Who would've thought Harry's Ravenclaw side was secretly a Mass Effect Reaper! Oh, that's just so cool.

(Okay, now I'm thinking about naked Harry and getting visions of adult Daniel Radcliffe, which probably WASN'T the author's intention in the first place).

Now, the most powerful Dark Wizard in the world has a year to figure out what to do with the mirror, and he is well-known for his plans within plans. However, when he comes before the said mirror, he asks advice from an eleven-old boy who is coincidently (kind of) his worst enemy. And when the boy delivers said advice, naturally, it backfires - but not before the said Dark Wizard protects the boy with the strongest hiding enchantments imaginable. I notice I am confused.
guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
"How old is this Mirror?" Harry said in almost a whisper. "Nobody knows, Mr. Potter." The defense Professor reached out his fingers towards the runes, a look of something like reverence on his face; but his fingers did not touch the gold. "But my guess is the same as yours, I think. It is said, in certain legends that may or may not be fabrications, that this Mirror reflects itself perfectly and therefore its existence is absolutely stable. So stable, in face that the Mirror and its contents were able to survive when every other effect of Atlantis was undone, all its products eliminated from Time. You can see why i was amused when you suggested Fiendfyre." The defense Professor let his hand fall.

And then he drew his wand killed HP and made the Mirror an Horcrux. GG.
LegendOfTheFox4 chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
I was wrong. Perenelle is in fact nicolas flamel and dumbledore.
Niqi chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
The metaphor you were going for with the Mirror was about as subtle as an anvil, but maybe only to people who have read some of the sequences. Someday, man, someday I will understand why you think this is the most vital problem currently facing humanity. Or my lack of curiosity will kill me first. In which case you have my full permission to roll your eyes and sigh at me and the rest of humanity in the .5 seconds before we're obliterated, even though I probably don't have the brains to have been able to do anything about the problem.
I find it hard to believe that Quirrell would fail to connect the concepts "this mirror is a trap for me" and "Harry is essentially me." I find it even HARDER to believe that Quirrell would go along with Harry's idea so easily after Harry gave such an obviously over-complicated Parseltongue answer as to whether it was a trap. That would be a giant red flag for ME and I'm nowhere near Quirrell's level. At the very least I'd ask Harry some more specific questions to try to close some of the loopholes. Hell, Quirrell might've gone for it in the end even after he'd forced Harry to say "I'm hoping thiss will trap you but I don't know if it will," if they exhausted their options and it started looking like their best bet. Can't help but feel like our dear Defense Professor got smashed in the head with an idiot ball. Like, c'mon man, if you can constrain your problems as much as you did in TSPE and still find solutions, you can handle this without passing Quirrell the idiot ball.
Unless something's up and there's an in-universe reason Quirrell's not thinking straight, but even then it'd feel like a cop-out. Your heros have to win with actual solutions, not convenient coincidences.
ON THE OTHER HAND, THAT CLIFFHANGER. Oh my god. Is that the real Dumbledore who was somehow notified the instant Tom Riddle was in front of the mirror? Is it just an illusion? Is Quirrell still going to be able to resurrect Hermione and stop the spell that would kill hundreds of students? Does he even have the real Stone?
Nainteins chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Dumbledore itself is in the mirror! (?)
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
With Harry in such a serious predicament, maybe you don't want so many fourth wall breaks in a single chapter? The Lament of the FAI Researcher took me completely out of the story.
scorpioneldar chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
very interesting development thank you for this update i can not wait till tonight
Lorem chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
I didn't really enjoy the self-insert Mirror-as-Friendly-AI, but okay. As long as it doesn't become the key to the story's resolution I think I won't feel too frustrated with it.

Also, a typo in case you look at this: "beyond whose door which lay another Potions chamber".
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Uuuuggggghhhhhh, Must fiiiiniiiish. I'm so happy you at least have a schedule for this though. Can't wait for the next chapter .
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Dumbledore give a stone to harry and said it was his father or somethong, maybe it was the philosopher stone. Very cunning and crazy as fu**. Very good chapter !
HogwartsMed chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
"It is not exactly subtle. What else is Dumbledore to think, that you are an actor in a play whose stupid author has never met a real eleven-year-old? Only a gibbering dullard with a skull full of flaming monkey vomit would think - ah, never mind."
Whoah... is EY referring to the commenters who criticize Harry for being an unrealistic eleven-year-old, Orson Scott Card, or someone else entirely? What cultural reference am I missing here? Hmmmm...
Darth Parallax chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Well. WELL.

I just realized I haven't been thinking nearly hard enough about any of this. I am in way, way, way over my head. LOL it is as bad as dropping canon-first year Harry into canon-Deathly Hallows and expecting him to not die.

Things we haven't seen from Book 1: I think we've seen everything we can expect to see.

Things we haven't seen from Book 2: We haven't been INSIDE the Chamber of Secrets yet. We only have 10 Chapters left to check out various Magical Locations. I think the Chamber of Secrets is a higher priority than the Room of Requirement, Hogsmeade, or Another Trip to Azkaban...but a Lower Priority than The Beginning of Time, Atlantis, The Perfected Future, or whatever else The Mirror of CEV can do.

Things we haven't seen from Book 3: Is Sirius Black innocent? I want him to be. But I don't think he is. I hope we break someone out of Azkaban besided Bellatrix Lestrange.
Things we haven't seen from Book 4: The Flesh-Blood-Bone Potion, of course. A Returned Lord Voldemort. Barty Crouch, Jr. The Quidditch World Cup. (Yes I think there is still some Quidditch left in this story. We have to see what the Wizarding World thinks of New and Improved Snitchless Quidditch.) The Merfolk. Dragons. Blast-Ended Skrewts. (I don't think we'll get all of these though)

Things we haven't seen from Book 5: The Department of Mysteries-The Hall of Prophecy. (This is a place about as important as the Chamber of Secrets. With 10 Chapters left, it's hard to think we'll be doing much gallavanting across Magical Places to See though), the Order of the Phoenix (wait, we've actually seen Moody, so that counts. Still need Kingsley, then we can call it a day.) VOLDEMORT VS. DUMBLEDORE FIGHT SCENE. This right here is the first thing on my list that we can really solidly EXPECT to see. It's coming next chapter, obviously. The Room of Requirement (I'm not sure if it's been referred to or not. I don't think it rates as high as the other places we also won't get to see.)

Things we haven't seen from Book 6: Specific memories/locations of Voldemort's Horcruxes. This is going to be side-stepped. With 10 Chapters left, we do NOT have time for a 123,666,223 Horcrux Hunt, and Voldemort has something like that many besides the more symbolic ones. BUT. What about his "Master Device", that has used the Resurrection Stone of Cadmus Peverell? His Greatest Creation/Invention? It's something hinted that is NOT his Horcruxes, either his 5 Elemental ones or the hundred he made after. It is ONE, specific thing. It MIGHT be that the process of getting around the fact that he has too many Horcruxes hidden too well to attack conventionally will involve attacking this Master Device. That Harry still might come into possession of the Stone is too possible.

Things we haven't seen from Book 7: The Elder Wand. Between the Mirror of CEV and the Wand of Deathstiny, and Time Turners, and Patronuses, and Transfiguration, and the Other Deathly Hallows, and maybe Horcruxes, and Methods of Rationality, and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry James Potter Evans Verres will become God. I mean seriously. Harry vs. Voldemort. Prophecies fulfilled. Oh yeah. Magic with a capital M.

Oh. Right. The thing we haven't seen from Book 1: The Philosopher's Stone Itself.
Anonimous chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Alex Milne chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
I hope to god that this story ends in a way that makes a sequel possible.
This book is better than the entire canon series.
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Ooh! Amazing plot twist!
Loonynamelass chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
oh my! I'm glad the wait is only a day!
BCTheEntity chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
So I've been following this story for a while, and I think it's extraordinarily enjoyable; certainly, if I could somehow rewire my brain towards the sort of rational thinking you and yours present, I would absolutely go for it. The only pity is that this story will be ending soon... that being said, do you have any intention of starting a new story of this ilk, i.e. characters at maximum rationality, once this one is concluded? If you do, I'd like to suggest Neon Genesis Evangelion and/or Rebuild of Evangelion as the setting to rationalise; it's reasonably interesting on its own, and I can imagine the sort of reaction some of the characters in it might have to the quite frankly reality-altering presence that angels, EVAs, etc. have. So, uh, suggestion made.
Shadowfang chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Oh, really nice connection to EY's AI work! The mirror shows your heart's desire when you are inhabiting your best head.
I guess Dumbledore has either replaced or somehow reprogrammed the Mirror. Or is a confrontation with Dumbledore really the Defense Professor's CEV?
What would the mirror show Harry? Canon Harry saw his family; maybe MOR-Harry would see Hermione. And what might CEV-Hermione say to him?
And what would the mirror show Draco? Truth about his mother's demise, whatever that might have been?
Thanks so much for posting the notice of the next thrilling episode.
782782 chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
This is really great writing.

What we must ask ourselves now, then, is how much Dumbledore foresaw. (Presuming that the new appearance is a magically powerful Dumbledore—whether the real-world Dumbledore or a genuinely magically powerful Mirror-created Dumbledore—rather than some sort of mirage that can't harm Lord Voldemort, but it is sensible to assume that it is; otherwise Lord Voldemort will just walk away with the Stone and no-one can stop him since Harry/Riddle-junior, unless I've missed something, is assuredly incapable of we doing that; and we know that that outcome isn't going to happen from the entirely cynical meta knowledge that authors very rarely end stories on that sort of note. It sounds far too chancy to believe that Dumbledore would have just got back now by chance. So my working assumption is that Dumbledore did somehow implant the condition that, should events like those which have just occurred happen, Dumbledore would appear.)

For a start, it's probably not the case that Dumbledore realised Quirrell is in fact Lord Voldemort. MoR-Dumbledore would, I think, be very unlikely to allow Harry to regard Lord Voldemort as a mentor figure; he presumably knows that Lord Voldemort can seduce people to his side and if he does indeed realise that Harry is similar in some respects to Riddle then he wouldn’t be willing to risk the new Riddle turning out like the old one. But Dumbledore does believe that Lord Voldemort has some degree of power and, from the episode with the wards with Hermione's death (trying to think from Dumbledore's point of view here) and also perhaps the slaying of the unicorns, he believes that it is likely that Lord Voldemort has a presence within Hogwarts. This does give him reason to believe that Lord Voldemort might appear in person; and perhaps Dumbledore is also counting on Lord Voldemort’s mistrust of underlings and allies and Lord Voldemort’s own formidable intellect and contempt for other people’s in order to make Lord Voldemort confident that he can arrange a way to show up in person. Interestingly Dumbledore’s contact with Harry, so endlessly assured of being more intelligent than other people, may have helped him to learn about Lord Voldemort’s mentality in this respect, provided that he does recognise that Harry has some traits of Riddle. So Dumbledore does all this, setting up this great set of challenges. But how did he figure out when to show up? Did he have a spell which simply allowed him to know when someone took the Stone? That's possible but doesn't seem sensible; surely Dumbledore would want to intercept someone BEFORE they took the Stone. Is it that the reason why Lord Voldemort didn't want to look into the Mirror as himself because he KNEW that if he did then for some reason he would see Dumbledore, perhaps because what he really wants, as demonstrated by the war, is not rule over the wizarding world but rather an equal? That would be elegant but the idea that Lord Voldemort would desire to see Dumbledore doesn’t really fit in my opinion, though the fact that Lord Voldemort was afraid to look in the Mirror might still be plot-relevant if looking at whatever he sees makes Lord Voldemort distracted or weakened in some way. We do, though, because of the above reasoning, have at least some grounds to believe that Dumbledore realised Lord Voldemort would turn up in person.

The REALLY sensible thing for Dumbledore to do, of course, would be to not keep the Stone in the Mirror at all. Harry might be contemptuous of the previous security systems for not being built to tell between authorised and unauthorised personnel but the Mirror too isn't custom-made to do that and one can't presume that Dumbledore knows everything about the way it works, so in spite of Harry's reverence for the Mirror it falls into the same category, though in this case it seems to have worked (presuming that Dumbledore Harry are capable of repelling Lord Voldemort). Lord Voldemort has fooled Flamel and Dumbledore into thinking that they can't just hide the Stone somewhere desolate because he can track it, but Dumbledore can still keep it on his person, provided that it isn't easily extractable. MoR-Dumbledore is probably not going to think of transfiguring it into some sort of particle, implanting it within his body and Confunding himself (or some more permanent alternative) to the point that only he knows how to extract it and even then only if his mind is in the right condition, unlike MoR-Harry (speaking of which, Harry's own transfiguration of Hermione's remains—the one thing Lord Voldemort doesn't know because he guessed and Harry didn't tell him he guessed wrongly—is, I presume, going to come into play here). If Dumbledore, knowing Harry's interest in avoiding death, decided to ensure that NO-ONE should know where it is by storing the Stone, Disillusioned, with Hermione's corpse (so neither Harry nor he knows where it is), perhaps via time-travel to put it there before Harry stole the corpse, that would be neat. (I'm trying to tie plot elements together here! :D) But whether or not this is the real Stone (and because of the 'no-one is holding the Idiot Ball' principle I lean towards thinking that it isn't) it is nonetheless tricky for Dumbledore to have to turn up at the right time, so I will brush it off as a side-question.

Possibly Dumbledore succeeded in coming up with a rule so obscure that not only would Tom Riddle (either of them) not think of it, it wouldn't OCCUR to Tom Riddle as something that he wouldn't think of; the matter of death is an obvious difference between their ideological positions but Dumbledore, with a reputation for subtlety and a talent for unpredictability that even Lord Voldemort acknowledges, might have thought of something more subtle. In that case, could Dumbledore have foreseen that Lord Voldemort would have to Confund himself into thinking he was Dumbledore, since no other attempt of Lord Voldemort's would successfully guess the rule so Lord Voldemort would have to go for such a blunt-instrument approach? That would force Lord Voldemort to be there himself in order to take the Stone, which has obvious benefits from Dumbledore's point of view; it's much easier for Dumbledore to make himself appear whenever the Mirror sees Lord Voldemort or whenever someone's mind loses a Confundus Charm while they're looking at the Mirror (whether it's the real-world Dumbledore or a Mirror-created but still magically potent Dumbledore, the latter idea strengthened by the knowledge that Lord Voldemort himself was afraid of looking at the Mirror with his true mind) than to make himself appear with some other, looser criterion. Could Dumbledore have foreseen that Lord Voldemort would be trapped looking at the Mirror and wouldn't be able to leave quickly enough while he retained Dumbledore's mentality? Reasonably, I think, yes; after all Dumbledore does presumably know what he himself sees when looking in the Mirror and maybe he spent ages there when he first looked at it. I think Dumbledore can realise that Lord Voldemort would turn up in person and I think Dumbledore can probably arrange for the Mirror to produce him whenever someone has taken the Stone in the Mirror (whether it’s the real Stone or not, it makes no difference in this case) but then shows himself to be unworthy of taking the Stone (i.e. the Confundus Charm wears off), so the limiting factor is Dumbledore’s ability to deduce that Lord Voldemort would Confund himself to look like Dumbledore. That’s a stretch but I don’t think it’s impossible.

We have a lot of questions and not many answers, but I do await the next update. And I presume that, being based on ‘Harry Potter’, the author DOES owe us a ‘Dumbledore explains things’ scene near the end of the story, where the magician himself will tell us his tricks.

I also hope that Harry faces the consequences of his actions rather than getting off scot-free. For all his alleged rationality, he fell into that most basic of errors: irrational trust of someone making highly doubtful statements without evidence (i.e. Quirrell telling him lots of things, but especially about Bellatrix Black) without even any serious attempt at confirmation. I doubt the author will allow Harry to be arrested for criminal activity but I would hope that the experience teaches him something.
Arekanderu chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
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Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
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Coherent extrapolated volition.
What Quirrel really wants is a worthy opponent. The mirror just gave him a version of Dumbledore so intelligent and powerful that it will provide Voldemorte with an endless challenge! :D
5 Coloured Walker chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
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Cd chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
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It has just occurred to me how the children are held hostage in such a way that the Stone is required. They have been transfigured, or have eaten/drunk/breathed transfigured matter.
Azirahael chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
"It is not exactly subtle. What else is Dumbledore to think, that you are an actor in a play whose stupid author has never met a real eleven-year-old? Only a gibbering dullard with a skull full of flaming monkey vomit would think - ah, never mind."

I see what you did there :)

Subtle jab at a certain fantasy writer perhaps?
Awaiting chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
Fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, fight scene!
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Coherent Extrapolated Volition. That's you; you came up with that phrase. Having just now read the bit of text Wikipedia has on it, I know basically what it means, but only basically. The sentence on the back of the mirror, then, states that the mirror shows what an idealized, improved version of the person standing before it would think and do, right?

How that translates to NotDumbledore thinking he's talking to his deceased loves is a bit beyond me, but then again we now know it's a trap Quirrel just fell into.
But if NotDumbledore sees his dead relatives, sees what he wants and expects to, does that mean Quirrel only wants and expects to be confronted by Dumbledore here, and it isn't really him?
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
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I still wonder what Harry's "dark side" is. It obviously has to do with Tom Riddle, but that is not even close to an explanation.

"What does that mean, in small words?"
The mirror doesn't show you what you want to see, but what is in your best interests to see. ( wiki/Coherent_Extrapolated_Volition) What language/code is that?

Would Quirrellmort expect the mirror to behave the way it did if he understood the inscription to mean it would show his coherent extrapolated volition? Would he agree to step in front of the mirror, even confunded, without knowing what the inscription means? Supposedly he has all this ancient lore about the mirror, did he know the inscription already?
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The mirror is a focus for creating and sustaining pocket universes, isn't it? Pocket universes with any starting state and resulting outcomes that can be imagined - no limits. And it's not just that - it can act as a gateway into and out of the pocket dimensions as well. Limited in scope by power requirements I suspect, and very dangerous if improperly used, but still an extremely powerful bit of magineering.

WMG: Harry will figure this out and utilise that power to develop a pocket universe with an almost identical starting state to his, but where he was fast enough to save Hermione, then retrieve her from the mirror created pocket universe.
martin.winters.3785 chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
I think I just spotted V/Q's first major blunder, and it isn't the confundus, that's the second one. The first one is getting Harry to repeat his questioning statement, not answer it; Harry has a loophole now!
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"I show not your face but your coherent extrapolated volition."
Now where did I put my thesaurus?
Canon says "your heart's desire."
It doesn't seem quite the same thing, but maybe Dumbledore made a few changes.
I can't wait to see where this is going, and at the same time I will hate to see it end.
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"I show not your face but your coherent extrapolated volition."
What does that mean, in small words?
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I suspect one of the reasons Harry's there is so Voldemort can kill him to make a Horcrux of the Mirror. If the Mirror's as indestructible as it sounds, it sounds like something he'd do.
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This paragraph mad no sense to me the first three times I read it. "increasingly unclear to Harry that it wasn't worth"? How about "increasingly clear that it might be worth"?
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anonymous chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
bAssumption/b In regard to the prophesy "HE IS THE END OF THE WORLD" (of Chapter 89), "HE" refers to Harry Potter, "END" is a synonym of "logical consequence", and "World" is short for "the Magic World".

bFulfillment/b The "Truth Chapters" (chapters 104-108) have exposed the chief deficit in Voldemort's cognition, and the chief strength of Harry's: ilack of empathy/i.

bPrediction/b The iarcana/i of the Magic World "shut up and recite spells" will be revealed as a Voldemort-designed construct that fosters a Voldemort-compatible magical expertise, that is, an expertise lacking in compassion and empathy.

bConclusion/b Upon the defeat of Voldemort, iwands, spells, potions, and charms (etc.) will cease to work/i, and concomitantly, the capacities of some underlying layer of physical reality to be revealed (presumably) will become accessible to citizens and societies that, thanks to Harry's compassion-enabled defeat of Voldemort, are sufficiently humane to exercise these capabilities responsibly.

md5: IGIAs3QGi7ex71MSJWoJDg
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23/2015
set the chicken onfire