Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Majerus chapter 112 . 7/18
yeah, that's pretty bad.
Only thing that could make it worse is if Hermione woke up lol
Guest chapter 112 . 11/4/2017
Why did the glasses stay on but not the jewel?! The jewel is also connected to his magic.

Also. I know he thought of Cedric and got Lesath, but why not get both Lesath AND Cedric?!

Still can't believe that was the actual Stone...
Guest chapter 112 . 11/4/2017
Transfigured skin into something that deflects spells! He doesn't need a wand or even movement to do partial transfiguration. Then cast Patronus...

Transfigure air into neurons into brains so killing curse will be stopped
Guest chapter 112 . 4/22/2017
Meh, Harry can take 'm.
Jatok chapter 112 . 11/25/2016
Interesting. I'm not sure what I want to happen, exactly.
The Anguished One chapter 112 . 9/21/2016
Hermione has a horcrux now? If she and Harry live this situation, she's coming out of this overall better than ever.
greycat chapter 112 . 9/7/2016
Guest: [ Why Voldemort made a description for a ritual and put it in a pouch if he will kill Harry anyway? ]

Voldemort is the "Belt and suspenders and enchanted mini-broomsticks" type. He is trying to prevent Harry from ever fulfilling the second prophecy (HE IS THE END OF THE WORLD). He is doing this by "ssmassh[ing] that desstiny at every point of intervention".

It's not enough to kill Harry, because Harry might somehow come back to life, or Voldemort might fail to kill him, or who knows what. So before he kills Harry, he want to make sure that even if Harry survives somehow, Harry /still/ won't be able to destroy the world.

And part of this contingency plan is to make sure Hermione is there to advise him. Always.
Alex chapter 112 . 2/10/2016
Why does Harry have an autopilot for "trying to placate evil overlords that might have paternal feelings for you and whom you'd just failed to assassinate"? That's not something you can pattern match... well, it's not something I can pattern match. It was hilarious though, I was like woah, reread that.
Montara chapter 112 . 1/27/2016
Wow again. It seems Riddle wants to give Harry his legacy...with Hermione by Harry's side.
PA chapter 112 . 5/25/2015
Just alittle bit Harry ... just a little...
missmawwie chapter 112 . 5/23/2015
This is a great chapter so... I'm going to review 20 times (:
Guest chapter 112 . 3/3/2015
Why Voldemort made a description for a ritual and put it in a pouch if he will kill Harry anyway?
FanZ chapter 112 . 3/3/2015
[the last little bit of my response, posted 34 minutes ago, that got cut off by 's silent review truncation system:]

and commanding the dementors to come with him to eliminate one who would flee from death and his followers. With the dementor's immunity to most magic, possible means of permanently killing Voldemort, the Death Eaters' inability to cast the patronus charm, and the possible anti-disapparation wards around the cemetary, a well-timed attack from the dementor horde might actually be able to defeat or at least greatly damage Voldemort and his death eaters.

If Harry gets a distraction but is unable to use the summoning charm, grab his time-turner, or grab onto Voldemort (or he gets the time-turner but Voldemort's wards prevent it from working), he has one last hail mary: cast finite incantatum on his father's rock, where it lays somewhere on the ground in jewel form. If he's lucky (again, hoping fate gives him the luck he needs) it will spring towards and hit Voldemort as it expands away from the ring and the ground; and the rock will have somehow absorbed the magics from Godric's Hollow in a way that allows it to be harmful to Voldemort (the possibility of such a thing is my best explanation for why the heck Dumbledore had Harry carrying it around all this time in the first place). If the rock misses or does nothing and he still isn't dead yet, Harry should try casting any spell at Voldemort and hoping the resonance in their magic can destroy him but not himself in that manner; but I've got a better feeling about the rock, if he only gets one shot. Again, he's hoping that if Voldemort (or at least his current body dies), the death eaters will be relieved enough to not kill him.
agent of weirdness chapter 112 . 3/3/2015
Damn. I was in the middle of typing this review for chapter 113 and accidentally only posted half of it. Probably won't count to post it here, but I wanted it finished, so here is my full exam response.

I have been thinking about this since I finished 113 on Saturday, trying to come up with something that might work that is also something that Harry could do and would do.
I think that he would share with Voldemort what he knows, not only to save his mom and dad but also because he wouldn't want to die without passing on his unique knowledge of magic.
As far as I can see, Harry has only two powers that Voldemort doesn't know or understand-his power to partially Transfigure matter and his ability to cast a True Patronus Charm. Explaining how he does these is probably not enough to make Voldemort capable of doing them, particularly not the Patronus, but I think that Voldemort would be willing to listen to these explanations anyway, and it would buy Harry more time to think. It would also allow him to put forth his mother and his father to be saved, and they are his priorities, since Hermione is already safe.
I spent the hours since Saturday evening re-reading the whole story as fast as I could, to really get a fix on who Harry and Tom Riddle/Voldemort/David Monroe/whoever are as characters. Basically, it seems like they are nearly the same. But there is one huge, fundamental difference between them, the same one that JKR identified in her books.
Harry is capable of caring, love, and friendship, while Tom Riddle is not and never was.
Every other part of their personalities are aligned, except for this one thing. Tom Riddle has always been, not merely evil, but empty inside, and Harry is the opposite of empty inside. The ability to love is what separates the empty from the merely ruthless.
Tom Riddle sees this ability, if not as a weakness, then definitely as an incomprehensible oversight. But every weakness can also be a strength. Tom Riddle grasps Harry's capability to truly care about others enough to exploit it, but not enough to anticipate how Harry might be able to use it against him.
Because Tom Riddle can't understand why Harry cares about others, he also can't understand how the True Patronus Charm is cast, or how it really works. Just as Harry is incapable of the indifference to human life required to cast the True Killing Curse, so is Tom Riddle incapable of valuing human life enough to banish Death.
Since Harry and Tom Riddle are essentially the same, except for this one point, I think this must be the key to defeating Voldemort. We know that at least one wizard is capable of casting the Patronus Charm wordlessly-Dumbledore. Harry still has his wand, so if the ability to cast the Patronus Charm silently is not a matter of magical power but just a matter of strength of will/focus, it's possible that Harry could do the same. Nothing like the prospect of imminent death to prompt one to focus completely.
We also know that the True Patronus Charm can block the Killing Curse, since it is essentially the purest guardian against Death. The question I wonder is, can the True Patronus Charm only shield against the actively fatal, or does it protect from the intent to kill also?
If Harry can cast the True Patronus Charm, would his desire not to die make it shield him from not just the Killing Curse, but any magic that might deprive him of life, even indirectly?
I think that it could, if Harry thinks of it in those terms. Magic works off of intent, it seems.
So if Harry can manage to cast the True Patronus Charm, and if it is moved by his desire to live to protect him from being killed or stunned by the Death Eaters watching him, he might be able to get to Hermione and to his Portkey, assuming Voldemort didn't just destroy it, and escape.
Or, it might give him enough time to force Voldemort to use magic against him, and invoke the magical resonance between them far enough to win a Pyrric victory, destroying both himself and the resurrected Voldemort. Voldemort will of course return to life eventually, but it will have stalled him for a time. Long enough for others to rise up in his place to keep fighting, just as Harry swore when he cast the Patronus successfully for the first time.
Pat55word chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
If I was harry I would expect the dementors to come as expectation guides their actions. Whilst waiting for the dementors to come harry could reasonably believe that partial transfiguration could destroy the world. I would believe that if done incorrectly you could end up with any number of reactions that could be world killers. I would then request to talk to hermione. I would also explain that you would trust hermione to not destroy the world but that the death eaters couldn’t listen. Once privacy is established by voldemort I would then use any magic spell to interact with quirrel taking the risk that it would destroy quirrel first. Hopefully the dementors show up and kill the death eaters. Alternatively magical explosion kills death eaters if it doesn’t then it should at least provide visual impairment via fire. Harry can use hermione as shield whilst getting bag and time turner to escape then fly away on broom.
Delathen chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
I suppose this is more a continuation of my review to 113 rather than an actual review of this chapter, but felt the need to vent.

Throughout this fic, Harry has been presented as a rational person that tries to stick to the Scientific Method as much as he can in trying to understand magic. He certainly has the ambition and personal drive to go far, but I believe that he lacks the element of self-awareness that his quest requires.

To wit - Partial Transfiguration is NOT Harry imagining atoms and electrons and quarks and waves into new patterns. It is Harry enforcing his Will upon Matter, where the limits of his Will are the Power (magic) he contains. His Human Patronus in NOT some fundamental truth of "Life", it is Harry's Will to Life made manifest by his Power.

In the same vein, Parseltongue is NOT some genetic quirk given to Salazar, it is Salazar's Will to Truth made manifest, possibly as reaction to being thought a liar with a Serpent's Tongue. Salazar's Will maintains itself through the ages, as no one's Will has been strong enough to overwrite his in this instance, and Parseltongue as an existence is being maintained in part by the collective Will and believe of the Wizarding World.

This is also why "wingardium leviosa" is the incantation for the levitating charm - someone with Will made it so once, and none since have exerted the Will needed to overwrite it.

To further expound - Magic is nothing more than the (very) limited ability to ... persuade existence to behave a certain way. Magical Prowess is an identifiable "ability to act" that is quantifiable, both to the individual and to a group, much like a muscle. Some individuals have greater capability to Magic than others, and groups can accomplish what most individuals cannot. Like Gravity is able to persuade particles to grow closer or further apart, Magic is able to persuade matter to behave according the intent behind it.

Indeed, most of the "laws" of Magic may be nothing more than self-imposed restrictions thought up by Witches and Wizards, in part, no doubt, to preserve their own sanity. The collective reinforcement of their Will onto many of these laws is why the laws have become Rigid. It takes immense Will and Power to overcome them - hence why Harry is only able to succeed in Partial Transfiguration when he has provided a convincing enough argument to the universe that is not overpowered by the previously established Wills of others.

You said once that the views used by your characters are not necessarily your own. I hold that, while you of course are an advocate - to many of your readers, THE advocate - of rational thinking, you are still aware of the literary elements of your setting. Of course, wanting something very badly does not make it so in this life of ours, but it does in The Methods of Rationality.
TheOneButcher chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
All you people are crazy. You cannot lie in Parseltongue, that doesn't mean that Voldemort can't go back on Parseltongue Promises after we point out flaws in them. As long as he believed he wouldn't break his promise when he made it he could parsel it, that doesn't mean he can't decide something different when he has new information.
spriteless chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
I have read several reviews on here, and posts on lesswrong, that say Harry will transfigure a very thin knife out of the tip of his wand and cut off all the Death Eaters' heads, perhaps while distracting Voldemort with words. While that could happen, I think it would be better for Harry to go for their arms. No arm means no mark, and no pointing wands, but is much easier to survive, especially with magic medicine and the Philosopher's Stone iright there!/i. Actually, Harry could transmute enough phosphorus to burn so bright as to blind everyone behind him that he cannot see and aim at, and cut off the arms of everyone else for maximum survivability. Hmm, he'd have to permanent the phosphorus transfiguration anyways, though, since he doesn't want any bits of inhaled smoke to turn into wood inside people's cells. (or transfigure them into healthy forms and make that permanent)...

And it makes Wizarding wars as deadly-scorched-earth as Muggle wars. This has been a theme of the story, so it works that way too.

I don't want Draco to lose his daddy by his friend...
h sien influence chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
((continued from my previous review, which got chopped in half due to length:))

[...] and again! Not even the presservation of ssuch an acaussal ssysstem iss worth it! Now, convince me otherwisse!"

HP: "You are asssuming that a fully-matured ressimulation-net will be run by fallible beingss, who can be tricked, or make misstakess, or have blind-sspotss. I believe thiss iss not true. Iss my conssidered opinion, ass Wizarding World'ss foremosst Muggle-sscience expert, that if thesse beliefss were carefully formalized insside advanced future verssion of Muggle computer, computer would form perfect utility-function for presservation of ressimulation-net, while only ressimulating thosse who can be ssufficiently analyzed, or contained, or healed, under itss own direction, and allowing all overly-complex ambiguouss cassess to be picked up by more complex frame-universsess only. Alsso believe that any ssufficient intelligence built for other purpossess would eventually arrive at acaussal-trade-bassed ressimulation-beliefss on itss own, but perhapss in very messsy initial manner."

LV: "Like, for example, you."

HP: "And now, you too."

LV: "But there iss one flaw in your plan. Iss sstill a period of time inbetween my learning of ressimulation and acaussal-trade, and your prediction of emergence of infallible computer-intelligence. Iss sstill ssafesst move to kill you."

HP: "There iss further relevant information."

LV: "Really. Well. Continue."

HP: "Thiss conversation, which wass fully compelled by axiomss of Vow, hass already irreverssibly triggered eventss that will fulfill prophecy."


HP: "Am assuming that unknown persson, sstrongly implied to be mysself, hass been prophecized to tear apart very ssun, or ssolar ssystem, or sstars. Thiss doess not mean category of desstruction that would sseem immediately obviouss to wizard'ss mind. Conssider what would occur if advanced combination of magic and technology created computer-sstewardss to esstablissh ressimulation-net in thiss universse. Would gently dissasssemble certain planetss and sstarss, to convert into computational ssubsstrate, onto which living mindss would sslowly hybridize and convert themsselvess - or insstantly perfectly copy themsselvess, if that iss conclussively posssible within ssame universse ass mind'ss origin - to live in peace and prosperity until heat-death of universse, while other perfect computer-mindss handle ssome ssubsset of ssaid matter ass ssubsstrate of ressimulation-net. Iss technically total desstruction, but only technically. All iss presserved, and even made ssafer."

LV: "Am incorporating information into assesssment of propheciess. Yess... you make decent point. And the Vow preventss you from doing anything recklesss in thiss regard."

HP: "Abssolutely. Now, one more quesstion remainss."

LV: "Yess?"

HP: "Why do we exisst?"

LV: "I do not ssmile upon humor, boy..."

HP: "Not joking. Conssider: if all computable universsess are equally real, then why are we living our livess in thiss one, and not another? Could be random chance. But, thiss universse sseemss abnormally exciting and significant compared to most other posssible universsess of ssimilar complexity-levelss that I can reassonably imagine. If imagination iss near-accurate, average universsess in need of ressimulation would contain only marginal lifeformss, mosst consstrained by lack of magic-like ssysstemss. What all thesse universsess have in common iss that they are boring, where our world iss sstimulating. I believe that our universse iss interessting enough to ressimulator-culturess that it iss more commonly ressimulated, acrosss all posssible universsess, becausse many ressimulator-culturess are probably looking, in addition to random ressimulationss, to generate sspecific ressimulationss that are exemplarss of sspecific metaphorical content."

LV: "Foolissh child iss not about to try to convince me we live in a sstory, iss he?"

HP: "No no no. You missinterpret my goalss in thiss line of reassoning. Am trying to make point that - our very exisstence, ass a computable universse of finite data, hass a moderate likelihood of having been anthropically boossted for itss interessting attributess, by ressimulation-culturess sso complex that they may wield it like a textbook, or a Muggle movie, or ssimply a convenient off-hand quip in an argument. Thiss impliess not jusst that our physsicss are sspecial, but that our intentionality iss alsso sspecial. And I can think of no universse more charged with narrative than one that containss Lord Voldemort and the Boy-Who-Lived, competing cooperatively within an infinite fun-sspace, while the perfect computer-mindss they created act ass sstewardss over ressimulation-net. It iss an esspecially puisssant narrative, I think, in that we have come sso closse to throwing it all away."

LV: "...And if I killed you out of ssome attempt to further protect universse, it would sserve no effective purposse, becausse regardlesss of whether universse iss desstroyed or perssisstss, I would be immortal acrosss all universsess by default, and thuss marked with additional acaussal sshame."

HP: "You, and all otherss, are immortal by default, if acaussal ressimulation iss presserved. You now undersstand."

LV: "Truly, thiss iss ssmall fruit on top of horrendouss confection of an idea. Iss there any further relevant information, then?"

HP: "Only one more thing. Now that Lord Voldemort knowss of ressimulation, and anthropic magnitude, and perfect computer-sstewardss, and acaussal-trade, and sstar-lifting... Lord Voldemort will find himsself in ssame possition ass mysself. Even if he casstss memory-charmss unending, and layss thoussandss of tripwiress in hiss own consscioussnesss and thosse of all perssonss to prevent himsself or anyone elsse from knowing, he will be judged more harsshly than anyone upon hiss own frame-universsal ressimulation. Posssibly even categorically conssigned to ssoul-death, do not have enough inssight into ethical ssysstemss of future ssuperintelligencess to be able to know conclussively. Only non-horrible option, for Lord Voldemort'ss utility-function, knowing thesse thingss at thiss moment, iss to presserve acaussal pact, and unilaterally act Friendly, for remainder of caussal pressence in universse."[1]

LV: "It iss good that I am perfectly able to ssuppresss sshock, for you have been tessting that ability sstrenuoussly. But there iss one further isssue."

HP: "Yess?"

LV: "I have done many horrible thingss, child. Would ssteward immaculate ressimulation-net until heat-death of universse, and sstill have mark of immensse cruelty upon entire life when sseen ass gesstalt."

HP: "Irredeemable thingss you have done before learning of ressimulant acaussal-trade, inssofar ass I can reasson, do not count. You were doing them within a framework of non-mathematical-realisst, one-universse, mortality-panic, without an undersstanding of acaussal trade. Doess not apply anymore, categorically. Now iss time to fully break away from passt. In fact, now it iss only thing that can posssibly be done."

((I call this solution "Roko's Basilisk 2.0".))


1. This is not technically a violation of Rule #3. It does not change Voldemort's utility function; rather it is an absolute framework that forces all utility-functions concerned with their own longest-term survival, and who are aware of the framework itself, to act Friendly. Because Voldemort is obsessed with immortality, one would assume he is obsessed with his own longest-term survival, and will therefore cooperate with the acausal-scaling that would make him (1) more likely to be resimulated in simpler-complex universes where he would have more comparative influence, and (2) protected from a punishment of ignominious marginal resimulation for defecting.
Sare Liz chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
This really is the best fanfic since Mozart wrote the Marriage of Figaro. Thank you so much. (And final exam essay is in progress...)
douglas.n.corey chapter 112 . 3/2/2015
But Voldemort had already raised his hand against Harry Potter, when he first pointedim a gun at him. Aiming a weapon at him is most definitely a threat.
rex190 chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
I have to say Harry here is in quite the situation. I tied to think of a good way out of this but I read this story over such a long period of time and read so many other stories recently I’m not sure I remember enough about all the nuances of this story to really come up with a full plan. However there are a few ideas I thought out that might help Harry survive. The first one was that I remember him being able to transfigure pieces of thing separate from the whole. He also was pretty good at transfiguration as well If I recall right. My first thought was he could transfigure the ground into a dome to protect him against the barrage of spells headed his way. The tricky part is ho does he get away afterwards. I do not remember him ever showing any way to appellate, though thought accidental magic I suppose it could be done if he was emotional enough to trigger it, though he wouldn’t leave Hermione behind if he had a choice int he matter and tried to trigger it. Plus the wards probably prevent it even by accidental magic. If he was subtle enough be might be able to use his partial transfiguration to change the air around them into some highly flammable gas or perhaps some gas that could take some of them out but I don’t see that working against so many people and even if it did not for long enough to get away. Along those lines I have to say the situation is simply too dire at this point for much to happen since you made it plain no help is coming. I suppose he might try to strike a bargain with Voldemort by swearing an oath to not disrupt him or to leave England and never return but the man probably wouldn’t be willing to take that chance. Another shot in the dark is some bluff or idea regarding the fact he has a part of Voldemort’s soul in him, assuming I read the modified horcrux correctly. Perhaps he can manifest a patrons using that part of the soul and somehow use that to drain Voldemort himself or something, leaving his own soul untouched similar to how he transfigured part of something into something else. Even after thinking it over though I’m afraid that his enemy is just too smart at this point to fall for most of what I’ve thought up long enough to get away. Hopefully someone else does so this doesn’t end sadly. Either way it ends this was a great story, though I did dislike the Hermione dying part but the whole transfiguring her and then planning to bring her back was a good motivator for Harry I guess if you look at it another way.
Farmerbob1 chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
I have already reviewed chapter 113, and feel that that answer is a possible answer. However, there is another possible answer. Please note that Harry is guessing here. He doesn't know if what I say will work. It's possible that it won't, but it seems to tidy up a few loose ends, and explain some of Voldemort's oddly benevolent-seeming actions.

After a moment of panic, it struck me. Carefully phrasing my words in Parseltongue, I asked a question. "What happens, Tom Riddle, when another Tom Riddle dies, enters the Horcrux network, and the dead Tom Riddle happens to be able to both control Dementors and cast an advanced form of Patronus that does not require a wand?"

I paused. "If you kill me, I win. If you don't kill me, you will eventually lose. You have been very careful to provide a bribe to me to let you live, so the threat of killing me is clearly misdirection. You know you cannot kill me without me destroying your Horcrux network, and you have provided me with a living Hermione to keep me attached to life."

"However, now I am at a strange point. It makes a great deal of sense that I should kill myself now, and use the Patronus casting to consume the life energy within the Horcrux network until there is only one Horcrux left, and then get assistance in raising myself. I could do that easily enough with a Patronus."

"Perhaps, you might do something for me to prevent me from killing myself so I can end your threat? Confund yourself to learn to care about people and take the vow that I just took. Then use the Philosopher's stone to make the confunding permanent, and finally, vow to never attempt to alter your state of mind back to a non-caring state. You cannot be allowed to live forever, if you do not care about people."
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
Okay... About solution. What's Harry's power that Voldemort knows not? Power over life-eaters is out of the question, unless Harry finds a way to teach it to Lord Voldemort?
The power is logic, imagination, extrapolation, or something. Let's see:
1st Prophecy told of Voldemort and Harry dying at the hands of each other; Voldemort tried to prevent this prophecy from happening, by replacing Harry's soul with TMR's; Voldemort and Harry both almost died (definition of death is flimsy), as I am fairly sure that Harry isn't 100% TMR.
2nd prophecy tells of destruction of the world brought by Harry's hand; Voldemort tries to prevent this prophecy from happening, by binding Harry, and by killing Harry; I expect that it will bring about almost-destruction of the world, beginning immediately. How can it happen?
There are several pathways. First, given that Harry is composed of two souls, it is possible that Voldemort's attempt will kill only one of them, while the other will be set free.
Second, even if Harry dies fully, Hermione will live on (unless Voldemort will kill her, too? Did Voldemort ever give an oath to not kill her? Is she aware of her surroundings? Does any unicorn power allow her to curse the ones killing her? Can Hermione interfere at crucial moment in Harry's execution, so that Voldemort would not be able to kill both of them at the same time?), potentially more destructive than Harry ever was.
Third, without raising his wand, Harry can speak Expecto Patronus in Parseltongue, and pour all of his life into the corporeal Patronus, thus avoiding the ugly and pointless death Voldemort intends to give him. I'm not sure about limits of such Patronus, if any; it can be pained-destroyed by Killing Curse, it can dodge it, it can go through walls and into large distances, it can scare away the Dementors. What will happen if it goes through a living human?
Thank you. Good day, good night, and good luck.
Pedro Silva chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
"'Are,' what 'are you sure,' what."

I am afraid I cannot understand the meaning of this sentence... Would anyone help me?...
Uraharaisgod chapter 112 . 3/1/2015 does that mean you will create an ending using a rational plan created by someone to continue, you already HAVE these plans and are waiting to see if anyone can suggest one of them and you will utilise that plan if suggested, or this is all just a painful joke and the only ending permitted is the inevitability of his demise?
Grabix chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
I have reread few things.
In chapter 108, LV said about "saving" Bellatrix that it was for: "Finding out where Bellatrix had put my wand." (said in english).
In chapter 53, Bellatrix said where she hid that wand at their first meeting. There was no point of getting her out (unless this was then just play for Harry Potter who already have been told that they are there to save her). But what she said? "Your wand, I took it from the Potters' house and hid it, my lord... under the tombstone to the right of your father's grave...". Seriously? Graveyard near his father tomb probably was when they was meant to meet, so it would be first place where LV would search for it. And are we suppose to believe that he would be unable to find his own wand if it would be hidden at next tombstone? So did he even go for Bellatrix because of that in first place?

(Chapter 108:)
Harry "What did you do with Bellatrix once she was out?"
LV: "Ssent her to a peaceful place to recover sstrength," (parseltongue)
LV: "I had a use remaining for her, or rather a certain portion of her, and on my future plans I shall not answer questions." (english)

Everything that LV said about why he framed and killed Hermione and how he did this was in english (or i missed something).

How he met Bellatrix and how it all started with her ("She was broken inside before I ever met her"...) - also in english.

Everything about how Voldemort stared and why, and that is was unable to defeat himself because bureaucracy - also in english.
bcjam chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
Another thought on Ch113 actually(sorry): isn't Harry's dark side binding Harry's life to all the horcruxes Voldemort made? So anyway Harry's immortal already, plus all the benefits in the Ch113 comment, it makes it the logical thing for Voldemort to spare Harry's life, at least to keep his person tractable, not like what Voldemort was like before.
Warmach1ne32 chapter 112 . 3/1/2015
Oh, oh. I forgot to add in my last step. Before escaping Harry Accio his time turner and activate it while holding hands with Hermione if there is no Broomstick. If there is a broomstick in Harry's pouch then they escape with the Time-Turner and travel back 1 hour while on broomstick. After that is up to the author.
Winchestro chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Hey. Only one review per chapter, so I'm shamelessly using previous chapter to test MD support before posting hehe. Sorry never posted anything before here.

_snake says_
_snake yells (yes they can do that)_

(maybe it uses the asterisks variant? Let's test that, too. Snake please *say* and **yell** something).

##meta snake needs a header in case snake trails off so much snake needs more structure

greetings, Winchestro
NeutralWotan chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Sixty seconds.

Harry took a deep, shuddering breath. Let it out. Calm born of desperation managed to gift him with some semblance of the icy calm of his Dark Side.

Lord Voldemort was going to kill him.

Harry didn't want to die.

He had a wand he couldn't even raise without being killed. He was naked save for his glasses. Surrounded by thirty-six Death Eaters and Voldemort.

He didn't have any instant escape options. His mind flashed to Fawkes and how the Phoenix had rejected him after his use of the Killing Curse.

Fighting his way out was so astronomically improbable that it was best to forgo the option completely. No playing the action hero.

Among the little skills he had in magic that Voldemort didn't have was incomplete transfiguration, which was silent. Perhaps an instant cylinder of air under his feet, dropping him in, which would then close up.

His mind flashed back to the eraser, and the exhaustion that came with it.

No, it cost to much effort to do anything effective. Any attempt would leave him dead on his feet and in a hole of air that would kill him once it reverted. Not that he honestly believed he could transform that much within a few seconds.

No to the science hero, also.

He could only talk in Parseltongue, which meant the only person he could convince to help him was Voldemort. Yeah, right.

Among the three options, two led to instant death at the hands of the Death Eaters.

Guile hero it was then.

Thirty seconds.

Lord Voldemort was going to kill him.

Harry didn't want to die.

He had his mind. He didn't want to die. To defeat Voldemort, he would need time. He would need to live. What was the best way to use what he had to get the other?

What did he know about Voldemort? No. The one standing across from him admitted to him that even Voldemort was just a mask.

They were speaking Parseltongue. Only the two of them could understand each other. What did he know about Tom Riddle?

Ten seconds.

Tom wanted to survive.

Tom wanted the world to live.

Tom wanted power.

Tom was studying rationality thanks to Harry - don't think about that - but wasn't a master.

Five seconds.

Tom was a wizard.

Tom would expect kindness in plots now.

Tom didn't want to be redeemed.

Tom couldn't use magic on Harry directly.

Tom would do anything to live.


"You shouldn't kill me, and you shouldn't maim me," Harry began in Parseltongue. "It is not in your best interest to do so."

"Ah," Volde- Tom raised an eyebrow that didn't exist. The voice, even in Parseltongue, was high, cold, mocking. "So explain how it is in my best interest to let you live, in detail, and why you wouldn't try to work against me."

Harry trembled, then stilled. Make it seem like he has the upper hand, he thought frantically. "I could swear another oath. I could submit. I do remember your lessons. I could lose with grace."

Not a single lie, but nothing promised. Sweat broke out on his forehead, his wand arm twitched. His nose twitched and he consciously reminded himself that to scratch it would cost his life.

"I taught you to pretend to lose," Tom corrected coldly, "And I have yet to hear a reason as to why you are more useful to me alive than dead, especially when the prophecy states you could destroy the world."

Harry grasped at that, jerking his body minutely as though shocked, "But I wouldn't!" He hissed, "How am I even supposed to know what you think I will do if I don't know the prophecy?"

"You don't," Tom hissed back, "And that is the point. Do not think to ask for the prophecy either, boy. I will not give it to you."

"But what if the prophecy is already in motion," Harry insisted, "what if I have already provided all that is needed for it to happen? You saw my influence on those in Hogwarts. Already, Draco Malfoy is not the racist Pureblood he was before. So many have already listened to what I've told them. What if my influence was to inspire another to commit what you feared would happen?"

Tom twitched. Smiled that snake grin.

"So I will monitor those students," He hissed, "And if any come close to the kind of power that could destroy the world, I will prevent them."

The unspoken message caused a shiver to run through Harry, and he hoped that he hadn't inadvertently killed the entire student population.

"All of them," Harry asked, "and do you really think that none will slip through the cracks? Do you really think a prophecy is so easily avoided?"

Tom's eyes narrowed and flashed.

"...I think you are stalling," Tom's anger was palpable, and the air hummed. "At the beginning of the conversation, you made the statement that it was in my best interest to spare you, and that you wouldn't deliberately attempt to destroy the world. Everything else you said was either conditional, a question, or hypothetical. Answer honestly right now, or I will kill you, in either yes or no. Do you have some form of magic or knowledge that I do not have?"


"Are there any beyond your skills I've already mentioned, your muggle knowledge, and your partial transfiguration skill that you used in Azkaban?"


Tom glared at the boy. "Now, why did you say it was in my best interest to not kill you? Explain your reasoning. Directly, or I shall kill you immediately."

Harry swallowed harshly.

"I was stalling. But it isn't in your best interest to kill me. Despite what you say, your soul is still inside me. I am your horcrux, and to kill me would remove an instrument of your immortality. You desire to live, I am unlikely to ever succeed at killing you, therefore it would be in your best interest to not kill me. There have been cases of pain and blood loss causing death, so it wouldn't be in you best interest to maim me either."

Harry took a deep breath. He was sweating my the gallon now. His hand was shaking visibly, and he was having trouble staying on his feet.

He would only have the one shot. He'd have to make it count.

He'd managed to continue the conversation by nearly three minutes.

In those three minutes he'd managed to slowly transfigure a lot of air from the stone underneath them. Wand facing down, naturally.

In those three minutes, the heavily breathing mass of Death Eaters had managed to use up a lot of oxygen in the cramped room.

Over on the altar, the jewel on his ring exploded as it reverted to the enormous rock. The moment came.

In every living being, there is an instinctual response towards loud concussive sounds, especially in moments of high tension. That is, to turn and look for it. In that one moment that Harry had, he released the magic in the room that kept all the transfigured oxygen stable with a deft, albeit shaking twist of the wrist.

Suddenly, a lot of the oxygen in the Death Eaters' bloodstreams were not. They remained standing, and Harry moved. He doubted that Tom didn't have a bubblehead charm already on him. Too smart to not have one. Harry himself had one as an enchantment on his glasses that he had gotten one of the older students to do for him for a war game.

However, Voldemort had admitted himself that the Death Eaters were wearing nothing but transfigured objects to act as masks and robes. And the enchantments on the originals had long since worn out. And while Harry might have expected Tom to bluff him over that like he did moments prior, he doubted that the Death Eaters were operating on the same level.

Thirty-six Death Eaters dropped dead instantly as the oxygen in their brains turned to calcium, most likely causing massive hemorrhages. Voldemort had already raised his own gun towards Harry, but Harry had taken the moment of distraction to target the gun as well.

The transfiguration was nothing complicated, just enough to ruin and warp the important parts.

Tom screamed in frustration, going for his wand. Harry was already running towards his own bag on the altar.

Right before he managed to grab the bag, it was violently summoned from him. He didn't dare try to reclaim it.

The clothes he left, along with the rock.

He was running on adrenaline now. He hadn't felt this exhausted since Azkaban.

He was nearly to the door when a kick from behind knocked him over. Before he knew what was happening, he was dangling from the air, Voldemort's terrifying visage above him, and slowly suffocating as he was strangled.

"You-" Tom's grip tightened.

"You made a mistake Tom, minutes ago." Harry hissed out quickly. A moment of wounded pride caused the grip to slacken. Harry continued before he lost his chance.

"You imbued Hermione with Unicorn blood, and then you spilled it." The grip was loosening now. Harry continued frantically, trying to keep talking, trying to gain more time, "Quirrel's body may have been cursed, but your new one wasn't. You're cursed now, just as you were in the hospital wing, and no Unicorns in sight. Your followers are dead now-"

Harry dropped to the ground, the grip losing hold entirely. He collapsed. The stress and heavy use of transfiguration left him with nothing. He looked over to the body of Tom Riddle and recoiled.

The twisted face that looked so snakelike was melting. Whatever dark rituals used to sustain the Dark Lord's body and that of his previous host were absent, and the curse of spilled Unicorn's blood was catching up.

"It's not over," Tom muttered, pulling out the Philosopher's Stone. "It-"

"Accio." Harry muttered, the weakened spell barely managed to pull the stone from the Dark Lord's trembling fingers. Sent tumbling and skittering across the floor.

Harry expected some sort of parting curse, or some other climatic one-liner that most villains gave at the end when bested.

Instead, with a quiet cough, the body fell away, reverting to a puddle of melted skin, blood, and bones.

He'll be back, Harry thought.

And didn't that make the victory bittersweet?

He looked over towards Hermione, and then over to the fallen Death Eaters.

Draco's going to murder me, Harry sighed.

And then he passed out.

A/N: This was originally made
Guest chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Okay Yudkowsky, here's my experimental prediction...

Nobody is going to get it.

We, (the readership,) are going to get the sad ending, and it's going to suck harder than a Vietnamese, meth addicted prostitute.

And the devout Muslims I work for, and have described this story as the closest thing to an Atheist's religious text I've ever come across, are going to laugh there collective asses off because of the crappy ending.

Thus ends my prediction.

Note also; the next 76 hours are pointed directly at you... and when I fail (due to NOT BEING THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO WROTE THE FIC) I'm totes going to fantasise about punching you in the throat just so I can watch you die..

..toodles :)




(p.s. this story is fantastic, don't fuck it up!)
I'll get back to you when I figure out how Harry escapes... hopefully
Reichenfaust chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Oh gods, I cannot even begin to think of how Harry is going to get out of this one. I likely will not be able to rationalize a way out of this, given the odds, and restrictions. Hence why I am answering now, with this review, and giving it my best shot.

There are considerable odds against Harry, but the only likely help he might receive is if Hermione wakes and poses a distraction. Still with a logical and rational Lord Voldemort, he will immediately Avada Kedavra her negating the protections given to her by sad mad wizard.

Harry could use the Expecto Patronum spell, and hope that the power he knows not will be his force of will, power of soul, and sheer lifeforce is enough to overtake Voldemort if there is a merging event.

The Power he knows not, since you changed the prophecy, and gave additional ones, could be Harry channeling an extra-dimensional power, from an eldritch source, considering that the prophecy classified him as a bringer of the apocalypse. You have not clarified what exists in this universe of yours, what gods, demons, devils, ancient primal forces of creation and destruction... So he could theoretically channel some X factor and break out of his current situation with "the power he knows not". But that's just me being optimistic with the godlike squash route, which I know you probably won't take.

Who knows, but I do know that your ending will be spectacular, and satisfying. I hope to see a fantastic kaboom of an ending. Hope I made an interesting contribution.
onur chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Wow my solution has more flaws than i thought after rereading it... :/
xeye chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
There were important quest of the Potter's cemetery and the words of the prophecy. I suppose just conveying these words and the context to V. will be enough for some careful pondering from his side and thus prolonged Harry's life, Harry may make the connection to the grim device of Grindelvald and may mention this immediately or later, cause the task of retrieving the device from the mirror may offer many interesting opportunities. And pretty obvious case with Harry-Voldie spirits similarity - he may ask V. if horcrux network may support also Harry's spirit.
t chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
mutecebu chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
"Harry's mouth was operating on autopilot for trying to placate evil overlords that might have paternal feelings for you and whom you'd just failed to assassinate."
Yeah that's a challenging feat.
Rahun chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Where is the rule that we can only submit one review per chapter? I do not see it in the terms of service ( /tos/).
josh148513 chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Awesome story
hope u continue it to next year so much potential
especially. With her creature part the ministry will have to be way more active
please continue it
Savage Wombat chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Priori Incantatem.

V is trying to keep TomJr from doing anything rash until he can challenge him to the duel from GoF. Rationalist Voldemort knows perfectly well what will happen when the wand cores interact - and he wants TomJr to spit out the Patronus 2.0 he just used on Hermione. In front of a huge audience of Death Eaters.

Maybe this is just a way to pull the "Potter defeats Dark Lord" gambit once and for all? Or something more interesting?
Alas chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Well this is looking decidedly similar to the scene that canonically killed Cedric Diggory, who we haven't seen since the Quidditch match.
Alas poor Cedric, we knew ye...not very well at all, actually.
Although I don't know how he's going to show up. It's sorta plausible that the Cloak of Invisibility could get more than thirty hours in a day by being overlooked' by the rules about that sort of thing, but not without being foreshadowed., wait. Future Harry filched Past Harry's Cloak - with intent to return it to his mokeskin pouch before going back in time - and then had someone Obliviate him of the knowledge that he had an invisible shadow. He got himself Obliviated when he only knew he was going to save his mentor, who was dying anyway, from an unknown threat? I'd say that's a little...[Moody voice] *paranoid*.
...of course, seeing as the Philosopher's Stone is *right there*, Cedric probably won't stay dead long enough to suffer brain damage, assuming that Harry *does* win the day and that nobody pulverized Cedric's head for some reason.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 112 . 2/28/2015
Amazing chapter.
Squeamish chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
If Harry's attempt to kill V cancelled the curse, wouldn't V be able to cancel the curse as desired merely by appearing to be something kill-worthy?

Apparently, even if the attackee's immortality isn't truly threatened by the attack, and has staged the scenario to goad the attacker into attacking even non-magically, it is enough to make the magic of the curse lift.
ImpressedAnon chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
So to me it seems obvious that Voldemort's actions since hearing
the star destroying prophecy can be explained these facts :
1 He can't Kill or allow Harry to die even because of his deal with Lily
"the child to live", or he'll die .
2 He values his own life only out of everything in the universe .
That is , he won't trade his own life to save the universe .
3 So , he has to stop Harry without meaningfully risking Harry's death .
4 Nothing he can do will change 1 , because even if Lily resurects , she still held her end by dying in the first place .
5 . He doesn't have a way out of the universe .
6 . Unless he time warps her out of the way of his former self's killing curse , I guess...but whatever...time turner relativistic speeds maybe?
7 . He IS the End of the the simulation is about to stop ,
because the world's purpose have been attained.
8. To be an Alicorn Princess , doesn't she either need pegasi and earth pony abilities as well, or going by the older meaning , a horn ?
9. Are alicorn's even monarchists at all?
Guest chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
In case anyone is wondering what Quirrelmort did to Snape:

The spell he cast was 'hyakuju montauk'
'Hyakuju' is Japanese for '110'

The SCP has a procedure called 'Procedure 110-Montauk'
Ragez chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
Fantastic work!
BoundUp chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
1. Voldemort is leaving Harry with his wand. After the last few re-confirmations that he really ISN'T an idiot, I think we can safely anticipate that he wants and needs Harry to have his wand for some part of his plan.
Could that be part of the ritual?
Or maybe he's expecting Harry to partially-transfigure himself to apparent success even though it's an obvious setup? Why leave him the wand? (He can't magic Harry's wand away, but he plainly has the power to rid him of it if he so desires).

2. Voldemort gives very high priority to Harry being able to fulfill whatever his function is as per #1, but still less priority than to his own current embodiment. He REALLY doesn't want to kill Harry, but EVEN MORE he doesn't want Harry to interact with him at this stage, to the extent of being genuinely willing to kill him.
I notice I am confused. Voldemort is surrounded by loyal allies, can obtain their or another's bodies at will, and use the Philosopher's Stone to get himself right back to where he is, so why should he be so averse to a minor possibility of Harry temporarily slaying him?

Hence the hypotheses that
1. Voldemort is setting himself up to lose in a very specific way, which is why he's limiting Harry specifically to the very narrow scope of what he can do while not moving or speaking (as per free transfiguration) with his wand pointed down.
2. Voldemort is about to do something that will render him genuinely vulnerable to Harry. He's gone to extreme lengths to keep Harry from doing anything, for fear of real death. Additionally, he's clouded Harry's clarity of perception by introducing a variety of fearful consequences (Cruciatus, hexes, etc.) which really ought to be unnecessary if he's just going to kill him.
Therefore, they are to further bind Harry psychologically. Therefore, up the probability that Harry has power to do REAL damage to Voldemort.

Obviously the Horcrux idea seems to contradict that one, leading me to the conclusion that "Harry's" soul really is tangled up with the Horcrux system such that Voldemort is either vanquishable, or prone to be VERY. PUT. OUT. by Harry's slaying him.
That Voldemort is doing the equivalent of painting wide flashing arrows towards the one of all options he wants Harry to take, he REALLY REALLY wants Harry to take.

Given that he's SO adverse to killing Harry, he's worried that Harry could destroy the whole world and even the space plaque, REALLY killing Voldemort, it's EXTREMELY indicative that he's STILL willing to kill Harry if he interferes in this next part!
Therefore, I assign preference to the idea that the stakes for Voldemort are not simply whether or not Harry fulfills his part in some convoluted power play, but are even greater, those of whether or not Harry permanently KILLS Voldemort.

Tentative conclusion:
Voldemort needs Harry to have his wand for what is about to occur, and he really wants to succeed at it, so indicated by the alleged fact that Harry is about to be really capable of killing Voldemort while happens whatever happens.
Marvin chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
The mirror Is a powerfull object Which was supposed to grant wishes, showing a Pocket universe in which the wish had become reality ( Which then 'reflects' [at/The ] reality). The Stone, which was supposed to enable permanent transfiguration/Is a Source of immense energy was hidden inside. Given what we have observed on how it works, you can guess what i'm getting at...
Either that happened or harry will use The mirror in such a manner.
ASDFSSDFASDFASDF chapter 112 . 2/27/2015
he means to block the prophesy along all possible avenues..

so "here are instructions to bring hermoinie back if something goes wring with the next part"
could still mean hes made a backup plan in case he manages to not kill harry here.
succeed and the prophecy is fucked, magic doesn't assplode, happy ending(except for harry)...prior preparations were so worst case, harry lives but has the girl to keep him from breaking magic (which he only resolved to do to get her back)
Pld chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
How about this:
Wand is pointed at the ground
Partial transfiguration vacuum assisted spike trap below each death eater. Deploy and finite. All death eaters impaled then buried. LV still around though. Probably need some witnesses also.
John Sidles chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
On Scott Aaronson's (outstandingly interesting) weblog *Shtetl Optimized*, I have posted a brief comparison of HPMOR themes with themes in Nebula/Hugo/Locus/Sturgeon (etc) winner Ted Chiang’s complexity-theoretic novella "Seventy-two Letters" (2000).

url: blog/?p2221#comment-465520

Prediction 1 (easy): Readers who enjoy Eliezer Yudkowsky's HPMOR are likely to enjoy Ted Chiang's "Seventy-two Letters" too...both works being serious-yet-thought-provoking.

Prediction 2 (tougher): the HPMOR resolution(s) that Eliezer Yudkowsky has in mind will echo at least some of Ted Chiang's resolution(s) in "Seventy-two Letters".
Rahun chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
braindoll: The reason for going to Azkaban was mainly to get the location of his wand, according to Quirrelmort. So they get Bella as an extra, and if they already have her, why not use her. So there is a valid reason for the Azkaban trip, and it gives an excuse to your issue with Bellatrix.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Prof. Sprout was able to take Harry's wand while under Voldie's control. Voldie has stripped Harry of everything except his wand and threatens a painful death should Harry make any sort of movement. This seems like a set-up to compel Harry to do (or think) something very specific.
1. Force Harry to attempt partial transfiguration
2. Put Harry under so much pressure that he accidentally performs magic, and in the process gains a building block for a more advanced magical ability
3. Show Harry exactly how much power Voldie has over him so that Harry fears and obeys him in the future
4. Drive home the point that Harry has been naive and stupid
5. Keep the death eaters occupied in a way that makes sense to them and diverts their attention from whatever Voldie is doing, while keeping Harry so preoccupied that he can't pay proper attention either
6. Set up the scene that Hermione will see upon waking up
7. Set-up for death eaters to witness Harry defeat Voldemort against all odds (memory charm them from behind) (possess Harry - would explain why Harry retains wand)
8. But why must Harry be completely naked? So that he can't throw clothing at Voldemort? So that he can't transfigure clothing? So that any pre-transfigured articles of clothing are unavailable to him? So that he feels exposed? So that all his self-control is being devoted to not shivering so that Death Eaters don't attack? So that Hermione sees him naked, desires him, and remains devoted to him for the rest of her life?
9. Voldemort is toying with Harry for the lolz before finally ending him
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
ChronoMitsurugi: Are you serious? There have been two instances of nakedness in a six hundred thousand word story (the size of the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings combined), both in situations where it wouldn't make any sense for it to be otherwise.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Why is everyone naked? A story about MAGIC and yet every 5 secs someone is naked. Why?
CFAzaka chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Calling it now, Partial transfiguration shaping exercise wand pointed at the earth silent, deadly motionless spiky death. Depends on how quickly Harry understands this and how long Quirrelmort decides to monolog. Bonus points if Harry snaps his fingers just before the first Death Eater dies.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
I wonder if he is simply going to kill Harry. It's not impossible. "Nope, this situation is too improbable, there is no legal way to win the day." There has been sort of a "this story is not a story" theme from the very first chapter. Killing off the protagonist and having the vastly-more-well-prepared villain win simply to make a point would be very in character for Yudkowsky, if you'll pardon the phrase :P
CFAzaka chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Harry got the gun from the Weasley twins. It's one of the things I'd expect him to pick up given several thousand pounds and his renunciation of the code of Batman.

Side note, I'm still wondering about the V retirement possibility. D said
""Only a man exceedingly proud and vain," Dumbledore said quietly, as he turned back to the Floo roaring up again with green flames, "would believe that his heir should be like himself, rather than like who he wished that he could be.""
in chapter 94. Now, if anyone is proud and vain enough to think his heir should be a copy, it would be V. On the other hand Quirrelmort has shown himself to again and again play the game one level higher then his opponents. That implies a certain level of self awareness. Just saying.
braindoll chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
So, if we are to believe that Riddle has now told us all of his plots, and has not mislead us in his most recent statements on any matter (which is probably not true, but worth writing down to start out with):

1. Riddle was a Hogwarts student. Learned of Flamel/Perenell. Begged Dumbledore for introduction, was denied. Starts making horcruxes.

2. Decided to put on a "Defeats Dark Lord" play. Gets Monroe identity, makes Voldemort as a "rough draft dark lord".

3. Voldemort too successful; only Dumbledore can resist him, and that only barely.

4. Gives up on Monroe, but dawdles about destroying Dumbledore.

5. Learns of phrophecy much as in canon, deliberately makes Harry into a copy of self, but first binds self not to kill self.

6. Destroyed by magical resonance.

7. Time out, levels up.

8. Gets Quirrel body. Makes sure he won't get stuck in a horcrux again. (Question: Quirrel body flawed or time-limited, somehow? In a way that he can't fix? Even though he can develop entirely new versions of the horcrux spell? Seems fishy, and not well-explained, but OK).

9. At this point, his goals are, as always, immortality and non-annoyingness. He's already immortal, but in an annoying borrowed-body way. Best means to improved immortality is philosophers' stone. Dumbledore protects stone, so he must engage with Dumbledore. Decides the best way to do this is to become DADA professor, seduce Harry Potter, and use Harry Potter to get stone.

Questions: Is he still worried about first prophecy at all at this point? It's reasonable to guess that it might be fulfilled already, but also reasonable to worry that it's not. So, his goals are: Remove Harry Potter as a threat, get stone from Dumbledore.

10. His initial plan is, look like dying guy who needs stone, get Harry Potter to get it for him to be nice.

Problem: If that's his goal, he could certainly be a lot quicker about it. He could also get Harry to break the mutual nonaggression curse a lot sooner (probably using a Voldemort disguise, so as not to burn the Quirrel persona), so that his hands wouldn't be tied in case he decided killing Harry would be a good idea.

11. The whole thing with sending Hermione to Azkaban or then killing her was really just a side-plot involving Potter/Malfoy connection which spiraled out of control.

Problem: Killing the best friend of one of the greatest threats to your continued existence, whom you're trying to seduce to being your eternal frenemy, and who is one of the few people you can't reliably fool, seems like a risky idea for such a low-priority side-plot.

12. He gets the resurrection stone, makes a super-horcrux. Decides to release Bellatrix because he needs her arm.

Problem: WHAT. THE. HELL. Clearly the arm is because he wants to burn the Voldemort identity somehow but seriously, there are a million easier ways.

13. Then he hears the new prophecy and oh shit, gotta revive Hermione. OK, I can understand this kinda; since he can't kill Harry immediately, and any plot to do so in the long term will probably be contravened by Prophecy-Supercharged Murphy's Law (possibly involving Harry piggybacking on his super-horcrux; a possibility which he would consider unlikely a priori, but which becomes a serious worry if he makes it so that's the only way for the prophecy to come true), he decides that being nice to Harry and permanently reviving Hermione is best. I presume that next he burns the Voldemort persona and exits stage left, having decided that losing to Harry is the best way to make the prophecy work.


Again, there is just no way this all adds up as is. Why go to Azkaban instead of doing the stone-grab back then? Obviously Harry would have gone for it. Also, why not make a cameo appearance as Voldemort and have Harry fire a gun at him, just to untie his hands, on day 3 of school? Why use Hermione to force Malfoy and Potter together, when there must be a million other ways to accomplish that goal? It's just generally cracked.

Chances that there are still important reveals left in the story: 99.99%

Chances that those reveals will try to fix all those issues, most particularly why Quirrel didn't move his plots along faster: on the order of 50%

Chances that such a fix will be successful in my eyes if tried: given how satisfied I've been with the story's fixes to apparent plot holes so far, on the order of 33%.

C'mon, Yudkowsky, I'm rooting for you to roll a natural 6 here.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
or wait-
If you can hear the thoughts of the person you are possessing
maybe... he means for Harry to possess Hermione
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Is... is he going to have BELLATRIX possess Hermione?
god of all chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon..
Wyrvel chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Honestly everyone is more confused than they have ever been in their entire life and I think this is half to do with the fact this is a spectacularly rushed Asspull Congo Line that escelates with every chapter, and half to do with the fact that you neglected to define the Mirror of CEV (which, in this canon, is a completely original object), so we have no idea what its realm of influence is, or how powerful it is. Neglecting to define an object may also be a sign of messing with the reader for a Big Whopper Plot Twist, though.

To my understanding, the plot is going as such-

110: Events occur as they naturally would occur, with a fairly clever and easy to understand plot by Dumbledore and a fairly clever and easy to understand counter by Quirrellmort. However, Dumbledore It could be him reacting strongly to Quirrellmort, but all of the slightly off behaviour all seems to apply to Tom's inherent biases, the most powerful of which being the lack of guilt for the situation that set him off in a big way. He WANTS Dumbledore to be an absolute enemy, not an empathetic one, and whether this is a real CEV or not, it seems to be staining the interaction somewhat. I forgot Dumbledore laughing himself to tears and assumed that it was part of Tom's bias because it just felt like something an Enemy would say. Neither are OOC, but the conversation leans towards Quirrellmort's bias.

111: Scenario plays out as it would in reality, again, but this time it's leaning on HARRY'S bias. Interestingly, Harry is constantly noting that it's strange that the situation is leaning on his bias, and while Voldemort resurrecting Hermoine and keeping her from death forever seems EXACTLY like something Voldie would do, given the prophesy and his lack of forethought when facing these things, there's a notable steep incline of things going Harry's way before Voldemort pulls the rug out from under Harry with the false proclamation of Horcrux System Down.

112: Scenario is suddenly terrible and awful, for seemingly no reason whatsoever, still operating on terms of reality. These are all still totally In Character Interactions, using information that exists in reality, but it's still really off-kilter and feels out of character for YOU to write, to be honest. The negativity comes out of absolutely nowhere, especially that King Of All Unnecessary Asspulls curse of Voldemort's. Except Quirrellmort isn't been reflected in this 'CEV illusion stacking' theory, so where the hell is the bias slanting coming from? I think it might actually be coming from Harry, still! He always thinks of the worst possible scenario, and people often think of a 'cynical' situation as the most realistic. When he starts getting set off by unexplained good things happening very rapidly, I'm guessing he fell into the same axis-shifting doubt he did in the 3rd floor corridor and literally BROKE his own CEV. It is like the sorting hat, except worse in literally every way.

Since we know nothing about the mirror, I have no idea how much of this is reality. For all I know, it could be augmented reality, where everything is technically happening, but operating on the processing power of the mirror, in a sort of meta-reality. Still, 'CEV shenanigans happening on reality at a 3.5 dimension' is better writing than 'this series of infodumps out of nowhere and sudden escalation is actually happening' or 'it was ALL AN ILLUSION'. Mainly in that it is exactly those two things, but kinda mushed together.

Also, since WMG that has very little actual thinking involved is the most fun anyone could ever have: Harry DID see the mirror before, and Hermoine's death is a massive extended extrapolation of his Worst Case Scenario. I mean, there's dramatic irony, and then there's a magic mirror literally plucking a situation from your brain and then expanding upon that reality based on the defined facts of the scenario, amirite?
OishiK chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Hermione wakes up with a streak of white in her hair, and one derpy eye. As punishment for trying to shoot him, V transports naked Harry/Tom to a distant planet to fight the Gorn. Embarrassingly, everyone near V is able to watch. LM quietly urges Harry to reason it out. Hermione hopes Harry can find some pants, then make peace with the Gorn because FIM. Harry decapitates the Gorn with diclonii. Hermione gasps. V murmurs, "The prophecy was right."
Abe P chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
I might be missing something, but should't the Interdict of Merlin keep a certain powerful spell from being transferred on a piece of parchment?
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
So... The new prophecy stated that Harry will become the destroyer of world, unless Hermione lives?

Why Voldemort doesn't just kill Harry, ordering one of his men to do it for him (to avoid resonance)? Unless the prophecy stated something else... and he can't kill him jet for some reasons... but then, why risk telling in parseltongue that he will die if he speak or raise his wand?
Ewing chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Voldie choosing to look like Voldie is a bit suspicious. Unless he wants to impress Death Eaters, but they are morons, and could be convinced other way, why would he want to look like Dark Lord impersonied? Without a nose, either? It's probably for dramatic irony/parallels, but looks suspicious, can't help suspecting he might try to take over Harry's body, defeat "himself" and become a national hero, although how that would work with horcrux system I have no idea and don't have any rational basis for suspicions.
Telenil chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Harry didn't actually try to end Voldemort's immortality. When he decided to shoot him, that was to keep disembodied for a time. I don't think he believed Voldemort would be dead forever, even after hearing his claim.

Voldemort said the curse was real in Parseltongue. He still can't kill Harry. I'm going out on a limb and calling this now.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/26/2015
Simple solution to Hermione's aging: assuming she retains access to the philosopher's stone, she can be periodically transfigured into an older version of herself.
-Such sudden changes could produce correspondingly sudden shifts in personality (due to hormone changes, etc.) if not done gradually enough
Dancingrage chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I have a feeling something akin to the two statements below are going to be issued in the next couple of chapters...

'you are now in the presence of the two most dangerous people in the world.' Voldy wasn't kidding when he said he was going to thwart it at every turn. Even more terrifying that he is willing to go to such lengths to allow Harry to be fettered by morality, as he laughs about how silly it all is: I think he knows damn well who the most dangerous person is in that scenario, and it. isn't. him.

Voldemort is in the process of losing, even in what appears to be his ultimate victory. And he is doing so in good grace, because he knows something Harry does not: That one blasted prophecy. Even at half-measures, he can make dementors flee his presence and bring that one spark of life to the dead. In his first year he has already taken the known methods of magic and turned them upside down. Compared to just knowing two and a half boatloads of Dark spells and only having improved upon a few...he is following his instinct here and losing. It LOOKS like he is winning, but no, he is losing to HP.

I also expect Harry to call out Lucius and if things escalate, to politely ask him to stand back as he likes him and doesn't wnat him hurt ro something along those lines. Less a major point but more a side note and acknowledgement of the defrosting relations between Malfoy and Potter houses.
L chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Will Hermione ever grow any older? Now that she's been permanently transfigured, that might not be possible... although the mechanism of being continually transfigured into herself via troll magic might override the permanent transfiguration.

I think that the reason Voldemort has not killed Harry yet despite the extreme danger goes back to the day when Harry explained what being a friend really meant to him, that true friends don't let friends stay dead. Quirrel tried to convince him that he was still just playing the role of a friend, he just had a more extreme view of what friendship required. Harry replied by saying that supposing he was the first person to ever genuinely care about another person, well, at least that's a start. That day, Quirrel decided that even if Harry brought with him the risk of destroying the universe, he also brought the potential of turning it into a better place, and Quirrel wants to see that potential through because his own attempts to accomplish the same thing have always failed. He's holding Harry at wandpoint just until he can put in place every possible safeguard by any means necessary, and his chosen method is to manipulate Harry through his old guise of an evil dark lord. He already promised to explain everything to Harry after all was said and done, and he's been keeping his promises so far...

...Wait. Has he? He did kill Quirrel for Hermione's horcrux, and I recall Harry demanding some kind of promise along the lines of "Don't kill anyone for a week"... or maybe it was something with loopholes, like "Don't kill any students/teachers for a week"... I'm too lazy to look it up...

He is prepared to kill Harry to stop the prophecy, and he removed the Curse preventing him from efficiently doing so to prepare for contingencies, but he still regards this as a measure of last resort. Perhaps he will implant some kind of device in Harry that can be detonated remotely, or that can freeze Harry in time (the way that Harry's parents were frozen before being removed from Hogwarts), so that V has a better shot at intervening if destruction of the universe seems imminent.

I don't think Voldemort is innocent. I do think that much of what is taking place right now will be misinterpreted if taken at face value. Voldemort is a mask, just as Quirrel and Tom Riddle were masks. Whoever he is underneath all that, he is clearly running the show, but it is not a foregone conclusion that he will lead it to a horrible, nonredeemable end. I'm not convinced that there will be a big magical battle at all; rather, I think the remainder of the story will mostly be about wrapping up loose ends and setting the record straight.
CJ chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
This is amazing your a true author and this is astounding.
SimonJester chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Oops, accidentally hit 'post.'

Anyway, I just think that the idea that the (too-thin, Dark-Mark-bearing) severed arm Voldemort uses belongs to Bellatrix is... disturbingly plausible, hinted in advance. And a great example of how Yudkowsky keeps Voldemort as an obviously-bad-guy without scenery-chewing.

Speaking of scenery-chewing, it also occurs to me that the false "the horcruxes stopped working!" moment at the end of the last chapter was a *surprisingly plausible* failure mode for Voldemort's "greatest creation." After all, we do know that it basically never occurred to Voldemort to use the Horcrux Mark II system on anyone else, even for testing purposes. If he had somehow accidentally written a flaw into it so that creating a new network of Horcrux Mark IIs tied to a new person would overwrite the old network... how would he even know? He never tried it to see what would happen to test subjects.

And while Harry really ought to be clever enough to see through the bluff Voldemort ran at the end of Chapter 111, it's one of those areas where his background and youth work against him. Many of his ideas about how to act in a real crisis against an intelligent villain still come from fiction... and he's still a child with limited life experience of how adults actually behave outside of books and classrooms.

Now, what's impressive is that it looks like Voldemort is smart enough to think of this on his own. He already knows from bitter experience that it has bugs, and that Harry has pointed out that testing it on someone else would have done a lot to catch the bugs. He's cunning- did he invent a plausible failure mode for his Horcrux Mark II network on the spot so he could trick Harry into thinking it had happened?

It takes *real* cunning to convincingly fake a mistake made in your own characteristic style, as a direct result of your own blind spots.
SimonJester chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
...Reading the reviews and getting the idea that the severed arm Voldemort uses to summon the Death Eaters is Bellatrix's... There's been at least one hint of that: "I had a use remaining for her, or rather a certain portion of her, and on my future plans I shall not answer questions."

And somehow that strikes me as one of the best of these touches of utter ghastliness that Yudkowsky's been using to make it clear that Voldemort reallly is a *horrible* person, in spite of all this sympathetic self-serving "I'm the only intelligent man in a world ruled by idiots who hate anyone that tries to help them" crap.

It echoes the Stanford Prison Experiment chapter where

And the Kantian idea that the true and fundamental evil is to use other human beings as a means, rather than as an end in and of themselves.
Julie K chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Oh, Harry. That was really dumb. You had a second chance to do what you should have done back when you realized the note was not from your future self- use your time-turner to go back one more hour and get help.
badkidoh chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Another really great chapter. I'm looking forward to the next update.
notyetrational chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
An amazing story. Really curious about how harry will get out, but... i notice i am as confused as he is as to how he might be able to escape. so, rather than say something like: harry will escape because voldemort lets him go, or, through partial transfiguration or anything like that, i will instead wait and see. Rather than let my foolish hypotheses solidify in my brain, i shall make a guess, just for practice, and watch as i am proven wrong again, in a way that makes absolute sense in retrospect.
Koop chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
This is becoming far too dark and hopeless. I find myself skimming the chapters, rather than reading with the diligence with which I read the first 80. Either there's an M. Night Shyamalan style twist where everything turns out FAR better than expected in the works, or I'm going to have to write this off as a really good story with a really terrible end.
Niqi chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
(review for 111&112)

"That was my mistake from the beginning. I didn't respect the Dark Lord's intelligence, I didn't think that maybe he knew everything I knew and could see everything I saw and had already taken it into account." Me too, Harry, me too. I forgot to say in my 110 review, I take back everything I said about Quirrell going along with Harry's plan too easily. I should've noticed I was confused and that there was something wrong with the belief "Quirrell has fallen for a trap," and it wasn't that EY had run out of ideas.

And then in 111, I noticed that I was confused AGAIN when Voldemort didn't seem to notice Harry had his wand and pouch and then went and shouted that his horcruxes had failed, and I actually thought "is this a trick somehow" about the wand and pouch thing, and then I continued NOT TO DO ANYTHING about my confusion and my brain apparently decided that Voldemort really was about to get defeated despite that being an unsatisfying and idiot-ball-y ending. I'm so sorry. Goddamnit, maybe if you just continue to hammer home this one lesson it'll eventually get through. Although it's the finale, so I keep naturally expecting Voldemort to be defeated, and he keeps staying one step ahead of everybody and being undefeatable, and what is Harry even going to DO?

On another note, can there be. fewer naked kids. Can that be a thing this fic has less of. Can you not inflict discomfort of this sort. Can you give the poor kid some underwear before Voldemort starts summoning people can we nOT have the final confrontation NAKED.

On another-nother note,
"There was no time to think, and Harry's mouth was operating on autopilot for trying to placate evil overlords that might have paternal feelings for you and whom you'd just failed to assassinate."
That is one hell of an autopilot.
Just gonna switch on over to trying-to-placate-evil-overlords-that-might-have-paternal-feelings-for-me-and-whom-I've-just-failed-to-assassinate mode.
I laughed for a solid minute, that sentence is a work of art.

By far the most beautiful sentence I've read today though is "'Are,' what 'are you sure,' what."

And you TOTALLY FUCKING GOT ME with the fucking Hermione horcrux, I was so sure that Voldemort was about to kill Harry to make the horcrux. It sure sucks to be Quirrell. Finds the horcrux, touches it, is instantly possessed, spends a year trapped in his own body without much idea of what’s going on (I assume?), finally gets free only to be immediately stunned unconscious and then killed in his sleep.


Oh! And I predicted that Harry was going to use Patronus 2.0 to revive Hermione! From "She needs a spark of life and magic, just a spark to get her started..." So. That was one small moment of pride amid the sea of shame at not noticing confusion.
Final-Fan chapter 112 . 2/25/2015

I won't even try to predict what sort of ass-pull might let Harry defeat Voldemort in this sort of situation, even one Voldemort is orchestrating. But there is a different sort of victory that seems possible: suppose Riddle is planning to retire, or at least retire/end the Voldemort persona. While his followers focus absolutely on Harry, he will kill or Obliviate or whatever some or all of them. (This will not include Bellatrix, but may or may not include Sirius Black, who is not in Azkaban: "I'm not serious.") Then Riddle extracts a promise from Harry to allow him his retirement/whatever. I would be surprised if Riddle proceeds to impersonate Dumbledore, but that possibility did not go unthought-of; I don't think he would enjoy the act, and am not at all sure he would enjoy the position given the constraints. Anyway, I am very glad I went back to double check the Sirius Black thing because I also saw Quirrel telling Harry IN PARSELTONGUE that he planned for Harry to rule Britain. So there's that constraint on Riddle's plans.
Shay McSudonim chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Hmm. Much as I would like all this to be a hypothetical reflection in the mirror, it would probably take too much backtracking to make it work.

That's Bellatrix's severed arm, isnt it? And I'll bet one of the death eaters is Sirius Black.

Best guess? Voldemort's about to do something nice for his death eaters, and all of them will be absolutely terrified by it.

Up until this point, Voldemort has been trying to get Harry to try and kill him. Now that that has been accomplished, anything's on the table. Up to and including using the resurrection stone and philosophers stone to resurrect his victims. Of course he could also decide to work on killing all the muggles before they destroy the world. That guy is just impossible to get a read on.
CFAzaka chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
So... do trolls age? There is only weak evidence that they don't, eg if you are constantly transfiguring into yourself you would have less time to age.

Similarly unicorns seem to have an aversion to humans in or post puberty. Will this be carried over into HG's new form? If that separates her from HJPEV I cold see him breaking the world, accidentally, to undo that change.

PQ-V says that he will stop the prophecy at every available point. In the past he has said that he is tired of the world. I'm wondering if he has considered stopping the old prophecy at every point as well and intents to leave earth. Not likely, but it would be an interesting twist. Seriously though, the new prophecy could just be referring to death visiting Hogwarts. Since it's has been a long time, 50ish years, since anyone died there that could be momentous enough for a prophecy.
phein39 chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Where did Harry get the belt to tuck his wand and pouch, if he was naked?
Rhea chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Note that the character tag has changed. At first it was Harry P. but it is now Hermione G. and Tom R. Jr.

What does this entail?
Guest chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Honestly man, if you're going to introduce a threat and dispose of it three paragraphs later then you may as well not have bothered. I realize the story's already written and there are probably another dozen Dread Curses of Gobbledygook for us to learn about immediately before Tom defeats them, but I want you to know I'll be rolling my eyes at all of them.
GeorgeGlass chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I can't help feeling a little uncomfortable that Voldemort has, in the past 15 minutes, been in the company of two separate nude 11-year-olds. I know that likely has nothing to do with anything, but it's squicky to picture while reading.

Anyway, great work, looking forward to seeing what happens next. I've given up trying to guess where this story is going a long, long time ago.
s-david-m chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
This is getting a little convoluted, with the curses between Toms preventing them from threatening their immortality, but it sort of makes sense in the end. At least you didn't go for a last minute deus ex machina to tie up neatly. Looking forward to seeing how this gets wrapped up in the end!
Number Six-Sixtysix chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I apologise. For a moment there, I thought you were throwing a deus ex machina. I really, really, should not have expected that of you. Even though I am reading this as a pleasant diversion, rather than treating it as an exercise in rational thought, I should have known better than to think that of you.
Still, I do think it harsh of voldemort to consider Harry foolish here.
There was a brief opportunity for Harry to act between Voldemort beginning to cast the killing curse and his completing it. With Hermione the only possible target, and a non-zero chance that the curse would, in fact,be cast, Harry's intervention was a foregone conclusion.
So, predictable, yes. But not foolish.
Besides which, I find it hard to consider any decision borne of a high-stress, necessarily short decision-making period foolish. The human brain is only able to process so much, so quickly; therefore, to say of a person that their actions were befitting of a fool, when even a genius could be reasonably expected to err in similar circumstances, is an entirely unfair assessment.
Unmaker chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Even after it is looking horribly unlikely to be a mirror-creation, the events of Chapter 110 still seem too perfectly aligned with what TR-V would expect and want.

I suspect the chapters are spaced as they are to give people time to think about the revelations in between them, but perhaps not too much time. Given my thoughts (matched by others) on Chapter 110, if I had too much time to consider I would have assigned high likelihood that the world we were seeing was a TR-V fantasy, only to be disappointed.

If no-one else has pointed it out, TR-V has defeated D and therefore gained the right to wield the Elder Wand. Now TR-V just has to pick it up. The interesting thing is, did D have time to "assign" the Line of Merlin Unbroken to anyone before he was frozen, or is it now up for grabs? What happens if someone who doesn't have the right to it tries to claim it?

TR-V's refusal to simply kill HJPEV to avert the prophecy seems more and more ridiculous. What "further matters" are worth _any_ risk of universal destruction?

Prophecies are given to those that can fulfill or end them. I am sure that TR-V has considered that he is actually the one to fulfill the prophecy, but has probably assigned insignificant probability to that likelihood because TR-V has no intention of destroying the universe. Similarly, the chance that he is fulfilling the prophecy by doing the actions he is doing has likely also been discounted. Given the current circumstances, possibly he is keeping HJPEV alive because he suspects HJPEV's death will fulfill the prophecy somehow. Still, this appears to be a matter that is lacking in full information.

The revelation of the non-compete curse fits prior events and hints far too well. That is one of those obvious-in-retrospect things that TR-V talked about.

Based on prior chapter naming conventions, the next chapter will be named Failure, Pt 3, so don't look for hope in that chapter either.

It would be well within expectation that HG came back partially brain damaged. The troll regeneration and unicorn life-preserving was only added after several potentially damaging events took place, so it is not obvious that those powers would restore her to an earlier state.

HG's reaction upon waking and being told the circumstances is going to be interesting and probably rather extreme.

"Indeed, now that you have pointed it out, I have just now thought of some nice things I can do this very day, to further my agenda." TR-V, Ch 108
Giving HG troll regeneration, unicorn life-preserving, and an improved Horcrux.

"Her [Hermione's] notes said that something dangerous might happen if the Stone stays inside the mirror too long." Daphne, Ch 104. Daphne is one of the people that TR-V says he set up with false reasons to get the Stone (Ch 109, search for Greengrass). So TR-V was apparently aware of HG's research. But faking HG's notes, given HG's somewhat eidetic memory, would have required the false memory charm... which is well within TR-V's capabilities.

TR-V's hints of impatience and memory problems, e.g. "Voldemort began to reach into his own mouth, checked himself, hissed with annoyance again." Ch 111, match Voldemort's persona far more than the patient evil persona the Defense Professor attempted to portray. There was no-one there to fool at the time except for HJPEV, although there was still a reason to fool HJPEV, so perhaps that was the point.

All things considered, magic is broken in the way that gamers use the word - it has far too many exploits and is ridiculously unbalanced. Harry's best move at this point is to crash the system (somehow) and create a better one. Since none of those capabilities is even hinted at that probably won't happen, but really, magic _is_ BROKEN.

Thanks, EY, for completely ruining my productivity around chapter post times.
mgharmon chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
1. Assume Dumbledore has known for 10 years that Voldemort would return.

2. Further assume that Dumbledore knows Voldemort's ultimate goal: true immortality.

3. Further assume that Dumbledore knows that Voldemort will, therefor, go after the one thing that can seal his victory over death: the Philosopher's Stone. This assumption is iffy-Voldemort has displayed other ways, such as possession-but these ways have unsustainable costs or undesirable side-effects.

4. Further assume that, knowing Voldemort's current state (an immortal phantom), Dumbledore knows he cannot completely defeat him unless specific criteria are met (capture him in his current corporeal form, keep him from abandoning said form by choice or through death).

5. Hypothesis: Dumbledore used the mirror and Voldemort's desire to defeat his old teacher and take the stone to fake his own removal from the game. He intentionally allowed Voldemort to take the stone so that V. would recreate his own body-thus locking himself into it unless he is killed (I am assuming that V. cannot simply abandon his own body as he could abandon his possessed hosts). So now "all" Dumbledore needs to do is transfigure Voldemort (which won't kill him immediately), then use the stone to lock in the transfiguration. Result: a "frozen" Voldemort. Since Voldemort is not dead, now all Dumbledore has to worry about are his old horcruxes.

Hmm. Not a perfect solution, but the best I can come up with based on current events.
WildCard-Yes Man chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Damn Harry! Just think one year ago you didn't have to deal with all this bullshit...
Mizu25 chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Well, this is getting rather close.
Emma Emerson chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I just read 111 and 112.

Albus Dumbledore will return

I'm used to listening to the podcast and not reading; and listening to each about 3 or 4 times until all sinks in ...

I'm glad the next installment is not until the 28th.. so I have time to reread the last 8 chapters and get a clear understanding.

I miss Professor Quirrel... (will how Voldemort seem to be when he was pretending to be Prof Q. ) It seems he did want the students to be confident and able to win over darkness and training them to be strong..

Sad that the real Prof. Q was callously killed :(((( .. that seemed unnecessary..

I was feeling sympathy for Tom Riddles... but now as his behavior continues and without any remorse .. it is making it hard to have any empathy .. because even children that grow up in bad homes; have to find a way to overcome their issues and not hurt others...

emma of nyc
peavybob chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I was going to say, there was no reason Voldemort should have lost his horcrux network because of doing magic on hermione since he'd already done several several spells on her without any ill effect, and he'd already confirmed that the diary wasn't already a horcrux (thus forcing 2 different spellets into the same vuld). I read that over and over trying to figure out how creating a hermione horcrux would have that effect and couldn't come up with a single plausible reason.

Also, the prophecy Voldemort is referring to is in chapter 89 I believe.
While it was said right after Hermione died, and Harry made his resolution it does not specifically refer to Harry.

Presumably it is the same prophecy from chapter 21 that trelawney had cut off

Since between the two iterations the only real perceivable change was Harry's state of mind then bringing Hermione back could very well be a step towards preventing it, though it could be twisted to refer to Death itself coming to hogwarts if it were personified. But the tearing apart of stars in heaven is more entropy than death.

as for the prophecy itself, I have a hard time discerning a non-apocalyptic interpretation of tearing apart the stars in heaven and being the end of the world. Tearing apart could theoretically refer to fission, however my high school science tells me stars run on fusion instead (combining rather than splitting).

Heaven could theoretically refer to the afterlife as well, but the stars part does not fit with that (Lucifer's (the devil) name I believe interprets to the morning star or something to that effect, so it might be possible to twist stars to be angels, and if you twist it some more to refer to the angel(s) of death it could be taken to mean destroying the dementors. I really do not think this is a likely interpretation though. Dementors are about the last thing you think of when you hear the stars in heaven.

As for the end of the world, that can mean just about anything, society, civilization, leaving to colonize other planets, or an earthshattering kaboom. however it definitely leans towards the negative side.

Couple this with the Centaur's prophecy that there will soon be no more stars in the sky, I would hazard the guess that it really is an apocalyptic scenario. The tearing apart of the stars part kinda ruins the Dyson Sphere interpretation of the Centaur's prophecy.

All together, it looks pretty bad.
ron chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
no, we saw in the babayaga story that magic is "stupid" when it enforces such things.

broken virginity seal counts as taking something of value and the blood from that counts as "spilling blood/harm" even when babayaga was tricked into it through consensual sex
Ron chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Thanks for all the writing. Normally, when I think something may have been missed, or doesn't make sense, when I think about it longer, it works itself out, or perhaps in the next chapter it does, etc. For example, I thought there was no way v-mort would have missed Harry keeping the pouch, and in this chapter we find out why. There is something, however, in this chapter I wonder about. From appearances, which would be what counts to v-mort (since even he says it is the appearance of Harry trying to end his true immortality even though it wasn't really at risk that matters), to Harry v-mort using his true horcrux spell required a death, and with the only people available to kill HG and Harry, and with the promises made by v-mort about him not going after HG, wouldn't it have been reasonable for Harry to believe that v-mort was about to kill him - which would to his appearance mean v-mort was breaking the curse first, and so v-mort shouldn't have been released from the curse by Harry's attempt to defend, not initiate. Anyway, probably missed something but that who would v-mort kill to power his new Horcrux questions seems to throw a spammer in the works to at least some extent. Thanks
hufflepup chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Perhaps the reason Quirrels curse didn't take hold of Harry is because he is not another Tom Riddle and Quirrel hasn't realised it? In which case there was no need for him to tell Harry about the horcrux system after all.
Inferno Vulpix chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Recalculating. The 'mortality' thing was a bluff, which means that both Voldemort and Hermione have horcruxes. Harry is defenseless, enough so that the only way he is removed from danger in any way other than Voldemort letting him is if he is rescued. He has his wand, but there is nothing he can do with it to keep the 37 death eaters from attacking. Hermione, while alive, has no wand and is similarly limited in ability as Harry.

Voldemort's curse against himself explains any time he might have wanted to kill Harry but didn't, which means that they were all potential lies and Voldemort really does want Harry dead but just wasn't capable until then.

Except that doesn't work, because he could've sent puppets after Harry, and Harry still hasn't been killed, just rendered defenseless. So Voldemort was probably truthful when he said those things about wanting to keep Harry alive. His parseltongue words about why he's reviving Hermione also support this: Voldemort wants Hermione to help keep Harry from venturing on the path to apocalypse, assuming that her lack of guidance and support might be the reason the prophecy triggered when she died, but there could be other reasons.

My best guess is that Hermione's death is the catalyst in that it makes Harry more dedicated to destroying death (an notion furthered by his reviving of Hermione). Would ending a force of nature, an intrinsic quality of the nature of life count as destruction beyond apocalypse? That might be what the prophecy meant, but it also might might not.

Voldemort called the death eaters here. Why? If Harry and Hermione weren't involved in this matter, Voldemort would have taken them away by now, and then summoned the death eaters. That Harry Hermione are here as well means that this is more than 'welcome back, minions'. But Voldemort isn't going to kill Harry or Hermione, or it would be done already. Voldemort has something to gain from this performance. His authenticity is unquestioned, thanks to the dark mark, so it's not that he needs to prove he is Voldemort. My mind isn't quite up to the task of guessing every reason Voldemort might have to do this, so I'll leave it at that.
J Pouncer chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Seer said he would destroy the world? Wand in his hand? Wand pointed down? Wand pointed at, what, then ... the world?

Partial Transfiguration, change (destroy?) PART of the WHOLE WORLD? What part? The part 'beyond imagination'?
graham.d.reid chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
So to people asking why Voldemort doesn't just shoot Harry to prevent the apocalypse, I am betting that Harry can't be killed. Despite using the old form of the Horcux on Harry, it seems probable that Harry, like Voldemort, is keyed into the Horcrux system (the ritual didn't exactly go without a hitch) and if he dies will just become a disembodied spirit, free to possess anyone, like Voldemort. If this isn't the case I can't really think of any reason for Voldemort to keep him alive.

Also I think that Voldemort is really misinterpreting the prophecy. Willing to bet that Harry isn't going to become a great force of destruction but is instead going to take apart the stars/planets and reconfigure the universe to be more optimal and suited to life.
Anonimous chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Thank you! Another awesome turn. Also some time until the 28th to contemplain the future drvelopments.
EriEka127 chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Lendary chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
My current set of hypotheses is starting to look a little wonky. It's starting to look like Tom really does want to be Voldemort again. I did not anticipate that.

I still haven't figured out what Dumbledore's game is here (He clearly knew about both Quarrel and the doom prophecy since long ago). I'm almost sure by now that it's because he knows that missing prophecy part, and we don't.
fghjkjhgfdfghjhgf chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Oof. That must hurt. Poor Harry. How's he going to get out of this mess? Did not expect that.
ArhiMith chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Ok, Voldy might not need to eat or even drink, but Harry must, or he'll faint of low blood sugar. Also I'm pretty sure he'll need to answer the call of nature at some point.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Oh I was a fool with my last review.
Of COURSE he wouldn't have Harry kill him in such an obviously contrived way (the monologue) with no audience. He needs a big audience so that everyone can see Harry end the threat of Voldemorte and complete his plot.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Why doesn't Voldemort kill Harry? A gun or having a Death Eater do it would be easy workarounds to the magical resonance issue.

Theory 1: Sentiment. Voldemort cares about Harry, as a mini-me, and thus will risk the destruction of the world to spare him. Unlikely, given everything we know about him.

Theory 2: Value/Investment. Voldemort has plans for him, and the time needed to make a new one as useful as this one is an unacceptable cost. More plausible, but really, Voldemort's immortal and in possession of incredible power; he can do it better this time, if he has to.

Theory 3: Impossibility. Tom M. Riddle A can't actually kill Tom M. Riddle B. The Hogwarts Map can penetrate any number of magical disguises, including Horcrux possession, Polyjuice, Animagus transformation, etc., and believes them to be identical; the Horcrux enchantment may likewise. If the body of Harry James Evans-Potters-Verres is killed, whether by a Killing Curse, a gun, or any other source, the soul of Tom M. Riddle presently incarnate in it will occupy the Horcrux network until such time as it finds a new host. This would be inconvenient, in that Harry would now occupy a new body without the means Voldemort currently has of controlling or monitoring it, and would have confirmation that he need not fear death so long as any of Voldemort's many Horcruces existed.

Theory 3a: The above would be not just inconvenient, but would also prevent a second copy of existing disincarnate, thus actually threatening Voldemort's immortality.

Now, don't those sound like good reasons to keep Harry alive, and try to prevent him from going all apocalyptic?
hitomi2500 chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Now, now. Voldie said he will attack destiny at every point of intervention, isn't he? That should be a long list of attack points, and i highly doubt that Voldie left "kill Potter" point out of the list, especially when his bloody simple trap worked. It rather looks like there are much more attack points to do with Potter before killing him.
5 Coloured Walker chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Yea, I thiiiiiink that's a bad situation by anyone's standards, hope.

Anyhow, good chapters, I look forward to more.
Darth Parallax chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Harry is Fucked.
Peach Wookiee chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I happen to agree with Harry's voice of hope; this is a rather bad situation.
Paul chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
So Voldemort is trying to avoid a prophecy in which Harry is supposed to become a worse-than-apocalypse force of destruction... by NOT killing him? Recall the conversation between them about Godric's Hollow and not using the Killing Curse. That curse can't be used here, but why on earth isn't the gun being used in its place?
KaiCull chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Haha oh dear, I'd forgotten that he was naked ;
krash chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Kira chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Oh, man. This is bad.
Veriform chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
I'm having a great time.

Writing that's smarter than you are is a treat, and I value it.
Guest chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Do you judge the lengths between chapters by how predictable the resolution to the cliffhanger is? Because even Harry realised how predictable that one was! ;-)
Enei Emmu chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
how many times am I going to say holy shit before this is over? I'm guessing another eight times.
SimonJester chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Welp, looks like the people who figured Voldy was acting were right.

Harry doesn't really have a next move right now, what with being ludicrously outgunned and so constrained as to be unable to take any meaningful action without being killed horribly on the spot. Minor wild-cards like Super-Hermione waking up probably wouldn't help either, because there are three dozen dark wizards around who can neutralize her (Crucio would still work on her for all the regenerative powers she's been given) or kill her outright (Avada Kedavra).

So either the story ends badly or the next event is some kind of intervention by an outside force.

The "Dumbledore isn't really gone" hypothesis seems rather compelling to me still, because I don't think the Mirror of Noitilov actually [i]grants[/i] the things you desire. It just shows you what would happen if you got it.

Perenelle/Flamel or Baba Yaga/Flamel would be the other obvious candidate, with different possible outcomes in either case.
jon58840 chapter 112 . 2/25/2015
Fantastic! I was a little disappointed by how suddenly Voldemort became "disconnected" from all his horcruxes at the end of the last chapter but I suppose I should have seen that it was just him playing Harry one again huh? I honestly have no idea how Harry would pull a win at this point. Voldemort should really win.