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Xeranes chapter 113 . 12/18/2022
You really did that huh? That's crazy.
Seamus Gregan chapter 113 . 11/11/2022
Have read no forums and have spent about 20 minutes jotting stuff down for fun, seems the thing to do.
In a universe where the author sympathises more with the Defense Professor than the Boy-Who-Lived, the solution will involve a truer avadakedavra, a mass power word kill, reflecting the true patronus. I think this unlikely.
The snakiest part of me sees that HG is probably the best fulcrum for the solution, she is both very much part of voldy's future plans to be the immortal devil to her wolverine angel, and even more so a direction of travel voldy will assume HP will discount rapidly. I fail to see a route here, barring something skewy regarding the resurrection rituals somehow conveying Salazar's Curse to her. However, assuming voldys checks correctly ruled that out, it is also vanishingly unlikely.

There could be something in socratically parseltonguing voldy into understanding the true patronus, wouldn't necessarily change his nature but could delay death with all of the forced recalibration. The true patronus has been used already to revive hg so I doubt it's the full solution.

Partial transfiguration has not shown up much, and with the wand constraints, we could expect hp to try killing all the death eaters like the Troll, somehow. But with the time constraints it seems unlikely.

Dramatically, thematically, and climatically, it's surely got to come down to his parents. They are the truest difference between the Riddles, they are the clearest font of Mugglewisdom that can't be learnt from books, though they value them 2nd to people, quite sensibly. He made several promises to them, which could be written into relevance, if needed.

Love the show, excited for the finales, thanks, praise, and metta to you all.
James Walker chapter 113 . 9/11/2022
Harry Potter is Tom Riddle.
Therefore, it is Tom Riddle who will destroy the world.
And if Harry is killed, he cannot prevent Voldemort from destroying the world.
Therefore Harry can in Parseltongue say "I see a flaw, and if you kill me, you fulfill the prophecy."

Amusingly, I was able to work that out within the 60 seconds available to Harry.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/7/2022
Flaum chapter 113 . 8/1/2022
Voldemort is a f-cking troll XD Did he really make Harry take a vow while he's buck naked in front of these people? If I'm one of them, I'd be struggling to hold back my laughter
Guest chapter 113 . 4/19/2022
very good
W chapter 113 . 12/23/2021
Can harry transform air into something else? I didn't think so, although mass isn't relevant with transfiguration. If he could, he could try the broomstick charm on twigs he has transfigured around his arms, it will fail because everyone will see, but still. Harry's already pointing his wand to the ground, right? And unless I'm mistaken, cavalry isn't coming, but Hermione can still amount to something. So, Hermione wakes up realizing it's important to stay unnoticed, observes the situation, grabs invisibility cloak and time-turner (it still has an hour left (potential flaw; I didn't think anyone other than Harry could use his time-turner)), rewinds back an hour, and uses that hour to create distraction. Everyone distracted, including Harry. He transforms the ground beneath his feet, sinking a little and ducking the rest, to avoid the death-eaters' spells. Then he beats Voldemort to death with the little stick others might call a wand. The End. (You really sure he can't set off a rasengan or kamehameha, awaken ridiculously powerful bankai, sharingan, breathing technique or blood-demon art, suddenly find a devil fruit and/or summon a giant toad or something!?)
Dog from Sinope chapter 113 . 11/14/2021
Okay, I'm like 12 years late to the party, but I genuinely stopped reading here and thought about it a bit. I have three favored solutions that would be satisfying from a literary standpoint, though I think I have not fully fleshed them out. The course ended long ago, so I fear no retaliation from the professor.

1. Rely on the selfishness of others. While those who might want to help Harry are not coming, those who yet might use Harry could. The Malfoys come to mind prominently as not wanting to help him, per se, and not having been mentioned when the death eaters showed up. This option includes totally selling Voldemort on how partial transfiguration takes months to learn. All he needs is a tiny amount of leeway to get the time turner and all other options open up nicely.

2. Turn his own magic against him. Go back in time disguised so that linearly Voldemort tries to hurt Harry before Harry tries to hurt him, and so all of Voldie's wards turn on him; hijack the network of horcruxes. Or use him as a potion component to create something equally as powerful to an immortal wizard. Or ask to see the stars one last time, and magic it something fierce while Voldie's on the LAN with his horcrux; magical resonance destroys horcruxes (this has the advantage that it includes Harry tearing apart the stars AS I HAVE FORSEEN [Palpatine voice]). Or impose on him a disadvantage of immortality, such as being totally immortal and unkillable but permanently comatose (partial transfiguration or his mind made permanent via the Philosopher's stone), or being immortal but unable to do magic (transfiguration of his cells rendered permanent). Perhaps Voldemort is as bound to Harry's vow as Harry himself, and Harry need only point out that a given course of action COULD destroy the world, and Voldie would be stuck because he has no trusted friends to consult (this might be my favorite so far). Harry commands the hallows as their rightful master (which it is implied he might be, as bits of his soul already command two); as one who us fully master of death, he commands vokdemort to die.

3. Be prepared. The book Harry gave Voldemort was cursed or poisoned. His bag contains a thermonuclear device with a timer that will go off if it is not periodically reset. Harry himself has transfigured teeth. Harry eventually did figure out how to make nanobots. And they're everywhere and if he dies they eat the world. Harry has secretly been taking liquid luck every day for months, unbeknownst to all but Snape (this single act could be plotbreaking, so I'm assuming its not this one)

4. Harry snaps his fingers. Book ends and keeps its mysteries.

I'm not sure the professor will be doing any more grading, so I'll summarily give myself an Acceptable and get on with reading
Red chapter 113 . 11/6/2021
I am many years too late, so it doesn't matter what i say and i know this fic still has many chapters left to go, so i won't expend the effort. I have been enjoying this fic tremendously though even more now i am not left wondering at quirrels intentions. I look forward to seeing what follows.
Artem Skvorsov chapter 113 . 10/31/2021
I just want to see some suggestions.
sean.r.taylor.1912 chapter 113 . 10/28/2021
gas is not solid
gas is not a solid because it is not dense It's atoms are too far apart
Harry can perform transfiguration without speaking
Harry can perform partial transfiguration
Transfiguration can make things smaller?
If gas is under enough pressure Moving the atoms closer together it becomes liquid

All of that holding true Harry can perform transfiguration
carbon nanotubes are strong
You can create carbon nanotubes using transfiguration
Thus you can restrain And Silence the death eaters and Lord Voldemort Though I am not sure for how long by Turning the air around them into bonds of carbon nanotubes including gags

Assuming the bonds hold for long enough Harry may be able to get away And avoid immediate death after that I am not sure this is a potential solution to avoid immediate death it may not work long-term avoiding immediate death dose allow additional thinking time though
you matter chapter 113 . 9/12/2021
Harry could tell Voldemort that a Phoenix approached him and almost landed on his shoulder.
Guest chapter 113 . 7/14/2021
"Otherwise you will get a shorter and sadder ending."

Is anyone else incurably curious of what this would have been? Omake Files 5 please!
Guest chapter 113 . 6/16/2021
fghyft chapter 113 . 6/14/2021
Jude Amaranth chapter 113 . 4/11/2021
Hmm... How do I see the reviews of this chapter?
Sam chapter 113 . 2/19/2021
This is great. One question. How to find the attempted answers?
Willowiam chapter 113 . 1/12/2021
My idea for a solution, having not read Ch 114 or later.

"1. By truly undersstanding thingss as ssimply the matter that makess them up, it is possible to transsform only part of an ssomething. Sspare Neville Longbottom. Your wording wass: 'Elsse, I intend to torment certain of thosse you care for. Ssome livess I have already promissed you, but otherss I did may name one more of thosse to insstead be protected and honored under my reign.' I care for mysself. Sspare me.
Late Arrival chapter 113 . 11/13/2020
Harry simply says that he has no other power, and when Voldemort is still trying to figure out if he is using technically true and half-true things, he bull rushes, grabs his stuff, and expelliarmus-es everyone.
Josiah M chapter 113 . 9/20/2020
Well I've arrived rather to late to the game... Alas.
David Levin chapter 113 . 9/1/2020
So sad that I do not have a Time-Turner to go back 5 years. Lol. But then I'm sure everyone would both hate this and call it obvious. Except for the set up of unlucky 113, the extremeness of the measures taken, indicating that they be undone... I personally think they shouldn't be, at least not now. Harry is Tom Riddle, and when he dies, he discorporates. He is immortal just like Voldemort, and neither can destroy the remnant of the other. For as long as a horcrux of Voldemort exists, Harry cannot truly die, and so they must plague each other, doubtless occasionally cooperating, until or unless all the horcruxes are destroyed, probably through the destruction of the solar system and the final horcrux on Pioneer 10.

As for what happens beyond this, immediately...

If Harry dies, he cannot rescue himself without changing the past, which would either be impossible, be a cheat, or destroy the universe in a chain reaction. But that doesn't mean that he can't find a way to travel back further than six hours after he possesses someone in the future and return to steal Hermione from Voldemort. If he is careful enough, it is possible, though highly implausible, that he could avoid the obvious informational light cone of the rest of the world to accomplish this, thus avoiding paradox surrounding the subsequent events of that night. Perhaps he finds a way to reach Dumbledore, or Atlantis, or some alien civilization from which Atlantis came, etc.

Or, for that matter, didn't Dumbledore say he was both in the mirror and outside it? If he used his time-turner to go back after saving the day and allow himself to be trapped in the mirror... but then, that would violate your first rule above.

Very excited to see what actually happened/happens.
David Levine chapter 113 . 9/1/2020
So sad that I do not have a Time-Turner to go back 5 years. Lol. But then I'm sure everyone would both hate this and call it obvious. Except for the set up of unlucky 113, the extremeness of the measures taken, indicating that they be undone... I personally think they shouldn't be, at least not now. Harry is Tom Riddle, and when he dies, he discorporates. He is immortal just like Voldemort, and neither can destroy the remnant of the other. For as long as a horcrux of Voldemort exists, Harry cannot truly die, and so they must plague each other, doubtless occasionally cooperating, until or unless all the horcruxes are destroyed, probably through the destruction of the solar system and the final horcrux on Pioneer 10.

As for what happens beyond this, immediately...

If Harry dies, he cannot rescue himself without changing the past, which would either be impossible, be a cheat, or destroy the universe in a chain reaction. But that doesn't mean that he can't find a way to travel back further than six hours after he possesses someone in the future and return to steal Hermione from Voldemort. If he is careful enough, it is possible, though highly implausible, that he could avoid the obvious informational light cone of the rest of the world to accomplish this, thus avoiding paradox surrounding the subsequent events of that night. Perhaps he finds a way to reach Dumbledore, or Atlantis, or some alien civilization from which Atlantis came, etc.

Or, for that matter, didn't Dumbledore say he was both in the mirror and outside it? If he used his time-turner to go back after saving the day and allow himself to be trapped in the mirror... but then, that would violate your first rule above.

Very excited to see what actually happened.
DPiepgrass chapter 113 . 8/22/2020
Ugh, so
1. mangles some formatting and deletes domain names, so the link in my review was screwed up.
2. you can't edit a review once posted. %#$!
3. you can't reply to your own review
4. therefore, you can only create a second account and post a correction

I shall try to post the link to my formatted alternate version of chapter 114. Most likely the site deletes URLs that begin with "http" so here are some variations of the URL without the prefix.

david. loyc misc/HPMOR-final-exa : / / david. loyc misc/HPMOR-final-exa : / / . misc/HPMOR-final-exam

Having now read the real 114, I must say,
- I considered antimatter as a solution, but rejected it immediately because it seemed much less plausible than transfiguration of air: surely Harry has never practiced making antimatter, magic isn't necessarily familiar with the word "antimatter" - does Harry at least know how it fits into the Standard Model? Magic might not even be _able_ to make it, and Harry is unlikely to know how to quickly create a reliable containment chamber in order to create the desired quantity; immediate detonation will probably destroy only the wand. Therefore, I did not think Harry could use antimatter as a threat in parseltoungue. Conversely, if he creates too much he might destroy Hogwarts which is just a couple of miles away. Plus, if Voldemort believes the threat of antimatter (which he should in parseltongue) he might Apparate to a safe distance or have Harry killed immediately.
- In my version I forgot that Harry could shrink transfigured objects, but I'm skeptical of Yudkowsky's solution. First, because I'm not sure a single nanotube is strong enough to slice through flesh without risk of breaking. The black nanotube line in Chapter 28 was obviously more than one molecule wide, since it was clearly visible on the table. How could Harry know that a single-molecule thread is strong enough? Second, if the line is only a single molecule, it seems to me that the shrinking process itself, if it works at all, is likely to weaken the line because it would have to work by deleting groups of atoms, creating temporary gaps in the line. It is non-obvious whether the 'magical force' that removes these gaps is itself as strong as a carbon nanotube line, and Harry himself certainly doesn't know. My solution instead supposes that Harry knows how to make a braid.
- I was reluctant to kill the Death Eaters outright, thinking that Lucius, who seemed to show signs of redemption, was among them. Also, I imagined that a solution involving 37 separate and precisely-placed invisible nooses would be too difficult for a first-year student to build in one minute, so I found something simpler.
qwertie256 chapter 113 . 8/22/2020
Alternate Chapter 114:
- Long reviews are truncated. Find the full version at misc/HPMOR-final-exam
- I have not read the real Chapter 114
- I believe Harry's wand must be touching the matter to be transfigured, but that the transfigured object can grow to an almost unlimited distance away from the wand. The total mass and volume must be very small for a rapid transfiguration. Partial transfiguration of air should work: Harry fails to convert air into a paperclip in Chapter 28, but this failure happens before he learns partial transfiguration.
- Harry's delay tactic and initial transfiguration are my own ideas, but I needed to skim other reviews for inspiration... e.g. I forgot all about the nanotubes

Chapter 114: 114 seconds of rationality

The young boy standing naked before Voldemort felt like he needed all his strength merely to keep standing. His muscles were tired and aching from miles of walking; his hands and feet faintly cried in pain from the cold breeze. The stress of watching multiple homicides, the news that he was to be murdered, cut into pieces, and his loved ones tortured... all because because he'd failed yet again. A part of him dreamed of falling down that very moment. A vision of giving up, falling to the ground in exhaustion, curses hitting his body in answer for his disobedience. _He taught you to lose_, came the thought. _Now you've mastered it_.

_NO!_ he thought, his dark side stirring. _You can rest when you're dead — find the way out!

His parents... McGonagall... Draco... if he failed here, the Dark Lord would torture and kill them. _No!_ His icy intelligence rebuked him. _There are six billion others._ Anything he did to _help_ Voldemort made it easier for him to conquer the world. Say the wrong thing and millions or billions might suffer. He could say nothing without thought to the consequences, but estimating consequences would take time.

_List possible responses, buffer them, speak the safest — no! Need more time to predict consequences. Buy time. Still confused!_ "You ssaid you ssaved girl child for me. Caussed unbreakable vow. Killing me afterward does not make ssense."

"Foolishness! Is this why you remain composed in the face of certain death? I do intend to kill you, boy, _thiss I promisse_."

"Did not intend to take your immortality," Harry hissed slowly through gritted teeth, eyes looking down. "Only intended to ssave girl-child and esscape. Decission to shoot happened before your deception."

"I designed the curse myself, boy. I knew what would break it and I felt it break. _There iss flaw in my cursse, yes, but it sserved only me._"

Why was a Dark Lord of vastly greater power and experience still asking for help from a first-year student? Harry wasn't smarter, but he had mental tools the genius Voldemort lacked, tools that could help him learn things the Dark Lord knew not. Harry understood people better—Voldemort was unlikely to care about that. But also, skill at weighing evidence. An understanding of cognitive biases. Techniques for finding ideas. The scientific method—though Voldemort might well begin using it himself soon.

"No more stalling, boy, I shall continue the countdown regardless. 50 seconds."

Planning fallacy—his thought process would take too long. Confirmation bias—Dark Lord is _certain_ prophecy refers to Harry! Anchoring—Dark Lord asks you to speak, so you think of things to say! _The wand!_

"The prophessy, doess it sspeak of me by name?"

"No, but the timing of a prophecy is important. In the moment of your friend's death there was but one person with the motive to destroy the world and an instinct like mine to crave it. 40 seconds."

Harry had spent 5 seconds thinking of things that could be partially-transfigured from air. Poison gas? Knockout gas? Slow-acting, Death Eaters far away... Atom bomb? Stupid! Antimatter? Don't know how. Nanotech? Invisible, good! Not sure how to make it—

In his spare time, Harry had often thought of his very first encounter with magic, when Professor McGonagall had transformed into a cat. It was a different species with incompatible DNA, and even two creatures with the same DNA could have different blood vessels and different patterns of fur. First-year wizards knew nothing of DNA, ribosomes, vacuoles, mitocondria, cell membranes—yet even they could transform a material into "wood". This wood would have to be either fake wood (something that _looked and behaved_ like wood), or real wood, with wood DNA, mitocondria and all the rest. Either way, Harry had deduced that the _knowledge_ of how to arrange the molecules (or whatever actually happened during transfiguration) could not have come from the students themselves and so must have arrived from elsewhere, adding itself to the transfiguration process "automagically"—Harry had laughed, thinking that this ought to be a real and perfectly meaningful word in a Hogwarts' dictionary, though it wasn't listed in the dictionary he checked. The behavior of his mokeskin pouch implied the same thing when it had responded to a Hebrew word for "gold" that neither Harry nor the maker of the pouch would have understood. Magic knew and applied knowledge learned by others, like an AI servant with access to — what did they call that new thing? The internet?

So it was on this hypothesis that Harry—who had spent his schoolyear thinking about everything _except_ obvious reasons to be suspicious about the the Defense Professor—had tried to create a desktop nanofactory. When that failed, he tried something less ambitious: transfiguring a rock into a large solar-powered desk calculator. After only six hours and thirteen attempts, he had a working calculator. (After ten attempts he'd consulted with Hermoine, who mentioned something about electricity not working inside Hogwarts, so he'd added a Faraday cage around it, which had proven important). Harry had studied concepts like flip-flops, registers, BCD and digital circuits for addition, but did not know how to do multiplication and division in binary; the calculator worked anyway. Later, the same principle had worked in Azkaban to help transfigure the rocket: rockets were notorious for exploding if they weren't engineered to excellent precision, and just how were the propellant molecules to be packed anyway? Harry had never transfigured something to be burned, and neither Harry nor Quirrel were rocket scientists; but Harry had estimated a high probability that their magic could fill in gaps in their rocketry knowledge.

Twenty percent—that had been his estimate of the risk of death if there were problems in his first attempt to make a rocket, and in the present moment, taking that risk again was a no-brainer.

For five more seconds Harry tried to think of something tiny and simple enough for him to transfigure—

"Thirty seconds."

—and another ten seconds actually starting to transfigure the air near the tip of his wand into layers of tiny vacuoles thereupon. Another part of him screamed that it wouldn't be enough. It was too simple—he couldn't design or program nanomachines fast enough so he'd used simple lipid sacs, but he wasn't likely to have an opportunity to get the wand close enough to Voldemort to unleash the poison he was building.

Finally a better idea came to Harry, but it was going to take somewhat more than the 20 seconds he had left. An thread of carbon nanotubes as thick as his own hair formed at the tip of his wand and lowered to the ground with perfect verticality, the cold evening breeze neutralized by a force of will. At ground level, the thread turned toward the semicircle of Death Eaters and grew in that direction until it passed between two sets of 36 legs before splitting into three new threads, each one-third as thick as the original line. Harry wasn't sure how to split a nanotube thread in a way that would maintain its strength; the magic was doing the job for him, but perhaps he could make sure? Harry added a blob of silver around the tubes at the point where they split, to add strength, and glanced toward it to make sure that what he had built with his mind actually existed out there in the desired location. He extended the silver piece down into the ground slightly, to help keep the nanotubes suspended several inches above the ground. One thread grew leftward while another grew rightward, behind the Death Eaters, with tiny, barely visible vertical pedestals appearing every few feet to hold the lines several inches above the ground. Finally the lines reached the end of the semicircle and extended toward the soil, then into the soil, as Harry's sixty seconds ran out—

"Last chance, boy! Speak or die!"

Harry hissed: "The prophessy—you were involved in it alsso. You killed girl-child, which created future in which we are enemiess. Unbreakable vow bindss me, but not you, sso you are now mosst likely ssubject of prophessy. In Hall of Prophessy, prophessy is revealed only to ssubject of prophessy. If you kill me now, cannot verify later that prophessy appliess to me."

As Harry spoke, the ends of the two nanotube lines attached themselves to small silver anchors which then extended several metres into the ground. Voldemort had been pacing around near the left side of the semicircle of Death Eaters, but stopped and stared at Harry for a precious moment. Harry looked back at Voldemort, feeling his third line growing up invisibly behind the Dark Lord's back. Now what? Harry thought frantically.

"When I die, you will have no one to give you ssecond opinionss, warn you of danger," Harry continued. "You thought that I needed girl-child friend to act against prophessy, but perhapss it is you who needs boy-child friend to act against prophessy. Perhapss you need me."

Harry tied off the line, then began growing a third anchor a few feet away from Voldemort. Beneath the moonlight glinted a tiny fragment of silver, a fraction of a line extending many metres into the ground.

"The boy is being uncooperative, but he makes an interesting point. To verify absolutely that he is the subject of the prophecy, as I believe he is, we would have to take him to the Hall of Prophecy, or bring the orb here. Keep your wands trained on the boy. I need a moment to consider this."

Finally, Harry reversed the transfiguration on the segment of the third line that connected it to the other two lines — so far so good! So now—wait! His wand was made of wood!

Voldemort began to walk toward the altar when suddenly his head snapped back—or rather one leg continued forward while his head did not. A strange sound like gurgling came from his throat as blood poured out, and a few heads turned toward the Dark Lord. "Lord!" screamed one of the robed figures, then all the other heads began to turn. Unseen to any observer, a single loop of nanotube wire was embedded in Voldemort's neck, anchored to the ground a short distance away.

Harry had added a thin layer of iron around his wand and around the beginning of the nanotube line. Perhaps it wasn't enough, but most of the Death Eaters were looking at the Dark Lord and already some were glancing back at Harry. Now or never!

Harry yanked his wand backward, and four Death Eaters in the middle of the semicircle screamed as their feet separated from their bodies. As the others turned to look in confusion, Harry stepped forward, then ran backward, holding the wand with both hands as the nanotube lines began to slice through the legs of the other 32 Death Eaters. It was like a knife cutting through butter, but this was a lot of butter, and Harry needed all his meagre strength to keep pulling. Black robes, falling... suddenly all resistance disappeared and he dropped to the ground, just as spells started flying over his head.

Harry reversed the transfigurations on the end of his wand, freeing it from the nanotube lines and deleting his earlier mistake. The altar was just a few meters away—and beside it, his pouch and time-turner. He glanced toward the fallen Death Eaters as blood spilled out in litres, and someone screamed a word: "attack!"

He rolled himself and with a smooth motion pushed himself up, sprinted toward the altar and dove behind cover, scraping his hands and knees against the sandy ground as three or four spells smacked the altar harmlessly. He glanced around, saw the time-turner, grabbed it—

In an empty graveyard a few miles away from Hogwarts, a naked child appeared on the ground, blood oozing from dirty wounds. The boy screamed in pain, paused, and then took a well-deserved moment to laugh. And then, realizing that he had forgotten his clothes and his pouch in the future, he laughed a second time, as the tears began to flow uncontrollably.

## - - ##
Jackson Paul chapter 113 . 7/3/2020
Note: I know I’m five years late to the party, but I just had to try my hand at the problem anyway. Below is my result

Note: the plan relies on sentences that, while true, do not mean what the Dark Lord will Interperter them to mean. Since Harry cannot lie, he will have to hold the true meaning of the sentences in his mind while he speaks. For the sake of the plan, any sentence that is technically true can be spoken aloud, even if it is intended to deceive

Note: for the sake of this solution: a. Occlumency does not work either on Parseltongue or the mirror b. Since Occlumency involves controlling your thoughts, Harry is presumed to have some control over what thoughts and desires he feels.

Here is how Harry escapes and give himself a fighting chance against Voldemort, or at least stalls him enough to allow the Order to interfere without creating a paradox:

Harry repeats the following thoughts to himself: “The Dark Lord will is the biggest threat to the world I know of, I stopped Dumbledore from defeating him, therefore my actions tonight have put the world in danger, and the only way to save the world is to stop Voldemort.” Since he believes all of these, he believes that the prophesy is referring to him helping the Dark Lord. Strong evidence for this actually being true would be that the Centaur said he was innocent of any bad intentions, and then tried to kill him recently
He informs Voldemort, in Parseltongue, that the prophesy has been set in motion while Harry was in front of the mirror (where he caused Dumbledore to lose) and that going back to the mirror is the only way to not destroy the world (also true, since the mirror will be necessary to defeat Voldemort and save the world)
Harry refuses to tell Voldemort, because “if I tell you I am afraid that you will dessstroy the world. You claim you don’t want to, but if you are immortal, your have an eternity to change your mind” what this really means is that, if Harry reveals his plot, Voldemort will just kill him, but Voldemort will take this to mean that Harry is afraid he will use the magic to destroy the world for himself. Voldemort’s assurances in Parseltongue are useless, because Harry claims to be worried he will change his mind.
If Voldemort asks Harry why a first year can cast such a spell, Harry responds that he cast no magic, but that his folly and the mirror were enough.
Voldemort obviously knows that Harry is up to something, asks in Parseltongue whether Harry plans to betray him Harry responds that he has taken no action that would lead to his defeat, Voldemort asks whether Harry plans to betray him, Harry responds that, if there is an opportunity to kill Voldemort while saving the world, he will take it, but that he will prioritize preventing the prophesy from being implemented (this is true, because the plan does not involve killing Voldemort, but that would be a nice bonus)
Voldemort does a cost/benefit calculation, and decides that the risk of the apocalypse is to great to just kill Harry, so they set off to the mirror.
In order to insure Harrys cooperation, he says that, if this is a trap, Hermione will die. Harry say he understand this, and knows that Hermione would be willing to sacrifice herself if things go wrong.
No death eaters can accompany them to the mirror, because of the wards surrounding Hogwarts (if Voldemort had a way of getting around them, then they would have apparated from the mirror chamber directly to the graveyard, which would have given Harry less opportunity for escape than their walk, so it is safe to assume Voldemort has yet to breach the wards surrounding Hogwarts, and thus the death eaters must be left behind.
Here Voldemort has a choice, he obviously takes Harry‘s wand away, but does he bring it? Harry says that he doesn't know if he will need the wand to undo his mistake and save the world, but that it couldn’t hurt. Voldemort asks whether Harry intends to use the wand against him, Harry replies that, if he gets the opportunity, he will totally betray Voldemort, but that he sees no way to make that happen. Voldemort asks whether Harry has a plan to betray him, Harry replies that he sees no way that Voldemort can be defeated, and thus lacks a concrete plan to defeat him. (Please note that this is very close to not being true, as Harry does have a plan of sorts, but, for reasons that will become apparent later, he hasn’t figured out how to defeat Voldemort yet)
Voldemort decides to take a risk and bring Harry’s wand and cloak, which Harry can still sense. If he doesn‘t, then the plan still might work, but having a cloak that Harry can control and his wand, even if they aren't in his hands, will increase his probability of success.
So they set off to the mirror room, leaving the death eaters with instructions to launch an all out assault on Hogwarts if Voldemort doesn't give them check in every fifteen minutes.
Harry is sure to delay the journey as much as possible. If Voldemort asks why, Harry replies truthfully that delay increases the chances that Harry can both save the world, and defeat Voldemort, After than Voldemort makes him go faster.
All the way, Harry is looking for an opportunity to escape, and if Voldemort makes a false move he takes advantage of it. But lets assume the Dark Lord makes no false move
They arrive in front of the mirror, Harry says the if he is not allowed to look into the mirror, them the world will probably be destroyed. The “if then” phrasing is important to keep him from lying.
Harry tells Voldemort that Voldemort’s interests would be served by killing him if he looks into the mirror longer than fifteen minutes, Voldemort agrees to this, but will keep a close watch on Harry.
Harry, meanwhile, has been thinking about how all of his deepest desires cannot be fulfilled unless he defeats Voldemort, so that, by the time he looks in the mirror, his deepest desire is to think of a way to defeat Voldemort
To clarify, Harry is now standing in front of a mirror that shows you your greatest desire, while his greatest desire is a plan that defeats Voldemort.

It is unclear exactly how the mirror works, and it is possible that Harry will merely see himself defeating Voldemort, instead of a plan...

But Harry has fifteen minutes to plan, with the most powerful magical object in existence to help him...

And even if he fails, there is a plan B...

It is not accurate to say that no one knows where he is...

Because Dumbledore knew exactly what was happening...

And if Dumbledore knew, so did Fawkes...

And Fawkes will probably have warned someone...

So even while the quidditch game continues, with Harry supposedly there...

because interfering in it would create a paradox...

The order of the Phoenix knows that Voldemort is back...

And eventually someone figures out that interfering in the game creates a paradox...

But as soon as the clock hits 11:30...

There will be no more time paradoxes...

And Harry delayed his entrance into the chamber as long as possible, and Voldemort hast exactly been spending hem along


I know its cheating to use the mirror in this way, but the plan might actually work, and even if it doesnt, I think I should get a Quirrell point for figuring out a way to game the rules.

Also, I know that everyone is supposed to believe that Harry is at the game, but come on, they have to know something happened to Dumbledore by now, and its not like the order doesn't know about time travel.

Also, I have neither read the next chapters nor any reviews. So if this turns out to actually be the answer, or alternatively if someone else proposed this plan, and there is a super obvious flaw that I missed, I know of neither of those.

Also, this was originally formatted in a nice list, but when I copied it over, the list formatting went away. I sorry about that!
HelpmeHermione chapter 113 . 5/18/2020
Well, first thought was for him to sneeze, which would be a natural way for his arm to move. Then a silent blinding spell. Drop and roll away. Except I don't recall every spell Harry has learned, and I don't think that would be one that he knows. I'm terribly eager to get to the next chapter, so I'm gonna skip the physical and switch to the mental. By now Harry must have realized that the main reason he's different is because he can love. Suppose he tells him that he loves him? Bellatrix loved him but he didn't love her back because A. he's a psychopath, or B because he manipulated her info loving him, which doesn't really count. Maybe there is some lonely boy inside that was never told that he was loved. Harry did love Quirrell. Perhaps Harry can look through Voldermort as he remembered Quirrell and te!l him that he loves and respects and admires him and that him not being around to show him that love really does conquer all, will result in not understanding how he got his patronus. Therefore he will never figure out how to defeat life-eaters. It will be a knowledge that will be lost in him. Because Harry doesn't hold man in contempt, Harry loves humanity and what they have discovered. Hence the human patronus. So not understanding love or feeling it is a huge disadvantage to understanding magic. I feel like Voldermort doesn't really want to kill him. He is the what if? Goddric's heirs were not as he was but now he would want to be. Now I know Voldermort played the hero, and wasn't satisfied. But it was all acting on his part. He is bound to get bored with immortality with no one currently born that he is aware of to spar with. Ok, this is kinda lame, sorry. Since the next chapter awaits with no 60 hours to really think about it and my extreme eagerness to continue...that's my half assed effort. I feel dumb as a brick. I'd be a dead witch of it were me cause I doubt I'd be able to look deeply into his red slitty she's and tell him that I loved him. Time to move on.
zoey.amatuer.writer chapter 113 . 4/11/2020
Know it's too late, but just wanted to add my own answer to exam(don't know if anyone else has written this, as haven't checked, seems obvious, but will write anyway)
Wand pointed down, can still cast patronus. Very minimal wand movements and whispering the spell - will block avada kedavra and every other smaller spell. from there he can access time turner, using patronus as shield, and escape. Hopefully with Hermionie. Cannot save Dumbledore because has already seen him defeated, but can possibly save himself.
Wicked.A chapter 113 . 3/4/2020
I guess offering him the secrets of everything he knows and eternal servitude? Would probably not work but Tom seemed like someone who would not waste such an opportunity?
Michael Lyte chapter 113 . 12/11/2019
I highly doubt this is even being observed any longer, but in the interest of fully appreciating it in the intended way. I will admit that I did not take 60 hours or even 60 minutes to devise this plan, nor do I fully subscribe to any particular form of rational thought process as described. However my thought process is thus:

Harry has experienced Phoenix Teleportation before, and described it as being burned up and appearing in a different location. That is, "You catch on fire, but you don't burn." We've also established in the story that partial transfiguration is possible by understanding that particles don't exist, and instead the universe is in effect a collection of waveforms that together form what we understand as reality and that interactions within these give the appearance of time. Therefor we combine these two experiences along with Harry doing something an adult had said never to do - don't transfigure living creatures.

We've seen that Harry can do this sort of transfiguration without wand movement so much as wand contact, as with the troll and the acid visualization. The description given for Phoenix Travel indicates some kind of transfiguration is done - conversion to plasma, or light, which then reassembles itself elsewhere.

Harry has never transfigured himself before, but he has transfigured a body. There will be a sickness that might kill him sooner rather than later, but sooner is still further away than now. However Harry's deep understanding of the true nature of transfiguration - and what he is manipulating at a more basic level than any before him - might give him a decided advantage here.
Idhun's Durmgrist Feldunost chapter 113 . 12/9/2019
Here is an easy way of destroying the world using only 'Wingardium Leviosa' without thinking about destroying the world:
It would be so good to go to the Moon with Hermione in the next 60 secs. Everyone dies.

Other way would be to take a big breath and transform chlorine gas out of air.
Guest chapter 113 . 10/9/2019
Way way way late to the party but...Voldemort already bound himself (but not his death eaters) and Harry has already noticed magic doesnt always obey the laws we expect. Even the validity of our own mind can be suspect.
Voldemort accepts this as an acceptable but no fantastic attempt and allows him to choose one person to save.
Harry says that according to the rules of the game, he chooses to save...his throat sticks. The vow will not allow him to speak. He realizes the joke and starts to laugh. Voldemort sees the realization occur but still doesnt see it.
"I am you. We did it, I did is already occuring. One day the darkest of Dark lords will kill us all...for love. And we taught him strength and bravery. Bow down before Neville, while we can."
Realizing how very profoundly they have lost...Voldemort leaves the shattered shell...there is no fun in being denied the game. It is time to take what can be taken now...and death eaters must learn...for the only hope now is the stars...far from the evil they have unleashed.
Daniel Spine chapter 113 . 10/7/2019
Please, I'm confused... can Harry die at all? I mean, Riddle's magic is his magic, confirmed by the map, the wand, so appears by the rules of wizarding world. That means Harry has exactly as many horcruxes as Voldemort, including the improved one, which helps spirit travel. Or does that not work for him, because the improved horcrux was made after the imprint of Riddle's magic on Harry? Does this time pattern even matter in the context of existing souls/spirits traveling with the help of resurrection stone (can't see any other reason that one exists at all, so might be another step towards defeating death or something) so the horcrux is the vial to which the stone gave some kind of transition system (omg) and so there basically is just one spirit of Riddle otherwise there would not be a paradox.
So if you kill Harry: will he be trapped in the stars forever until anyone finds one of the horcruxes; will he return soon in the body of some Gilderoy Lockhart, as Dark Lord did with Quirrell; will he get killed for real because he does not exactly equal Tom Riddle (although I don't see why he doesn't); will he and the original Tom Riddle die simultaneously - that would be logical in terms of them basically being one and the same person with just opposite charges, but not in terms of prophecy, which implies there can remain only one in THIS world (of living) and supposedly one can remain in ANOTHER (of dead, meaning horcruxes or such), thus if the two of them inhabit different bodies and interact, that leads to an anomaly but if one is "dead" it's OK.
I'm trying to say that - what if question is otherwise? How does Voldemort kill Harry? He shouldn't have experimented dark spells on little kids because now he's may be gonna have to go look for and destroy all the horcruxes that he created - in the end it occurs that he has done something nice for a friend, without intention. If he does not go destroy his own horcruxes, Harry might return, and who knows how powerful? If he does go - he will destroy his own survival system and in the end one horcrux will still remain and it will be himself, so to kill Potter he'll have to die. That would be the least likeable scenario for him. So killing Potter is not a very clever thing to do at all right now, is it? No, I'm kidding of course about him killing himself, clearly he isn't a horcrux, but isn't that all too much? He could just store Harry away, like Dumbledore did to Grindelwald, for at least one lifetime and figure out how to kill him for good. Or come to some sort of agreement - it's not like Harry actually is agressively trying to destroy world and nobody is forbidding him to resurrect Hermiony which was the point in general... If Harry actually happened to grow up lonely, misunderstood and unhappy, like Quirrelmort was saying about earlier, then he would have a real problem - he would have successfully created a powerful and intelligent dark rationalist not wasting thought on feelings or boundaries and in addition - an immortal one, which would be harder to persuade not to destroy anything. That would be time to panic and do all of the redundant moves like graveyard killings with guns and axes...
IDK all of this is quite strange, may be I'm just being very stupid somewhere. Is there any topic explaining all this I could read?
a sane person chapter 113 . 10/6/2019
My main reasoning flaw becoming appearent in that I am actually unsure of harry potters full capabilitites at this point.
a sane person chapter 113 . 10/6/2019
I suspect this is pointless as I am quite quite late to this but: Perhaps Harry potter could bargin for his life using the knowledge he has about dementors and patronuses and how he has faced death before, since this has been finished for quite some time and I have other life matters to attend too I shan't spend hours on this.

I sadly suspect its all I would think of in his situation and that this is far from an optimal offer.
Majerus chapter 113 . 7/18/2019
You know, I saw mentions of the Final Exam in several threads. I consciously avoided reading them.
Not being a particularly rational thinker - I prefer flights of fancy and fantasy - I'll happily move on to read the other reviews, and then see what happens.
Regardless, dear author, I thank you for bringing such an amazing Voldemort 'to life'.
Guest chapter 113 . 6/4/2019
LionessOfTrebond chapter 113 . 6/4/2019
I've already read this chapter, but on this reread I managed to think up don't solutions other than the one Eliezer chose to use. I don't think either of my ideas would work, but it doesn't seem like anyone else posted them yet so here goes.

1. Phoenix travel is presumably very fast and rate enough that people may not take many precautions against it. Harry decides to do something heroic, maybe to finally take out Azkaban before Voldemort kills him. He summons Fawkes and escapes before the Death Eaters can neutralize him. If he completes his heroic mission without dying, or can get his hands on more supplies for that matter, he could have a fighting chance against Voldemort.
Drawbacks: it seems Fawkes is no longer interested in him in that way, as stated in an earlier chapter. Though he may be looking for a new master, since Dumbledore has vanished. Also, a phoenix might not respond to a heroic intention that's also motivated by wanting to run away from a Dark wizard.

2. The Knight Bus. Okay, this one is just silly. Harry manages to non-threateningly stick out his wand hand. He probably needs to pretend to lose and drop his wand on the ground in submission first so that they aren't watching his wand hand so carefully. The Knight Bus barrels in, responding to the customary summons. In the distraction, Harry... does something interesting. He could hide behind the bus (and its passengers) to block spells, including the Killing Curse. Maybe he grabs his Time Turner, or something useful out of his pouch. Or the bang as the bus appears wakes Hermione up so she can help.
Drawbacks: I'm sure the wards Voldemort has set up would block it from appearing. If the cue is to forcefully fling your hand out, Harry would probably be stunned before he could finish the gesture. Also, if the Knight Bus did appear, I bet Voldemort is plenty smart enough and has a good enough reaction time to keep the attention on Harry and destroy the bus.
briana.schmidt1 chapter 113 . 1/5/2019
I hope this isn't too late. I only recently started reading. But you didn't specifically say anything about Hermione, and more to the point, Voldemort didn't say anything about her in reference to Harry's death/wand/speech. Earlier this scene (I speak as the begin of the ritual to now) voldemort stated that she was alive. That she was just sleeping. No one is paying attention to the incredibly kick-ass Sunshine General. She wakes up. Therfore it is rational to me that Hermione will wake up hearing them talking or the cries of Mr. White. It is also ration that she would attempt to be as stealthy as she can. Not to go get help, but to take out the threat. (This just occured to me, but suppose the Patronus... Added? something? Something that naturally happen in a play. But obviously more realistic. Can Hermione wingaurdium leviosa multiple items? As in the Death eaters? Can the Death eaters survive a fall like that without being knocked out? I'm sure that Voldemort could. But that would allow Harry the opportunity to distract Voldemort. Just long enough for the two of them to escape. Because as sad as it is. As realistic as it might be for Harry to die. I, the reader/audience, find it too horrible to comprehend. Anything even a literal Deus ex machina would always be my expectation for Harry. Even an evil Harry. However. I cannot assume that Hermione would be able to do that.) I suppose that she could sonnium a few and then the Death Eaters turn to find her... Voldemort notices and commands them to shut up and turn back. When one dares to try speaking up, Voldemort demands their silence. Allowing Granger to cast on Voldemort. (Hopefully it takes)
But you know... It's just a whole lot more likely that, listening, she casts on Voldemort first. No one notices. Except Mr. White and Mr. Grim. Who start to say something when she puts up a sheild. The death eaters confused (assuming that they alone might be the one to serve the dark lord the best.) will all be turning their heads to stare at her. Harry will grab his time Turner and be waiting outside the door, jump in or send in his Patronus and call Hermione and then they will both run like hell to the Quidditch Pitch. As they run Harry will send his patronus to call the Aurors to arrest the Death Eaters (who will also be wasting time renerverating him or just leaving him so he gets arrested. Draco will try to persuade, or Harry will use Draco to persuade Lucius to send Voldy to Azkaban. Harry will take a bit, trying to at least teach Herminone the Patronus Maximus. I think that he will also teach Draco and the Weasly Twins. They will then go to Azkaban. Harry needs to save that woman. That is the most rational I can be without excluding Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. RAVENCLAW: and I had an extremely difficult time reigning in these idiots.

So yeah, Sanders Sides videos have prepared me for a lot. And I tried to understand the connections. If I needed To (mostly all the time) I would go back again and again until I did understand the reasoning.

Thank you. Please don't kill Harry?
Guest chapter 113 . 10/25/2018
Mr. Grim IS Sirius, then?

How did he get out?!
FireInLife chapter 113 . 10/3/2018
So I decided to give this a shot. Here is everything I thought of, in order.

The first ability that jumps to mind is the ability of partial transfiguration. I can't recall if this requires wand movements, however I assume it doesn't. In which case, he is capable of transfiguring the earth his wand is pointed at.

My first thought is that he'd be able to create a bomb, say C4, underneath him, strong enough to kill anybody nearby. But that leaves Voldemort still alive, and Harry dies.

Second would be to use antimatter, but same result.

Perhaps enough antimatter in the earths core would blow the planet up, thus fulfilling the prophecy. However, Harry dies, so that won't work. Further, we don't know much about the earths core, so it's uncertain how much would be required to quickly destroy the planet. Not to mention transfiguration over such vast distances could count as a brand new superpower.

While stretching the limits, it's not certain that Harry has to point the wand at what he transfigures. And if the wards Voldemort has against transfiguration don't trigger for partial transfiguration, it's possible Harry could, say, transfigure cyanide (preferable a stronger poison) in the stomach of Voldemort. However that would not put an end to Voldemorts immortality so he would be back soon, and it relies on the death eaters not firing when Voldemort dies.

Answers such as Harry transfiguring himself into Tungsten (or, well, some material strong enough to withstand a nukes worth of energy) and setting off an anti-matter bomb or something similar at his feet probably counts as a super power. And it assumes the stone would survive the attempt, as without it he would die soon after the transfiguration wore off.

Transfiguring Voldemorts brain to think differently implies a level of knowledge Harry doesn't have and is basically a super power. Transfiguring another Philosopher's Stone doesn't work.

Transfiguring the ground into pure energy same problem as using bombs. Plus, super power.

Partially transfiguring Voldemort into air would hinder him for a time (assuming that it doesn't count as a super power). But still leaves the problem of Death Eaters.

If Voldemort was hindered, Harry could possibly take advantage of the Death Eaters confusion and connection to Lucius to survive. But that's not certain.

If Harry could transfigure the ground into a poisonous gas, it's possible he could stop breathing and let everybody else die. However that requires him to finite the gas, and thus speak. It's risky, but could immoblize Voldemort (if not considered a super power).

A potion created from the ground saturated in dark arts is impossible, unless he discovers how to make potions while skipping all the steps. Huge risk.

I have to assume it's impossible to cast spells in Parseltongue.

Transfiguring a singularity is out for a variety of reasons previously explained.

I notice that I am stuck on the idea of transfiguration. It appears to be the only avenue open to him. Whatever he does has to be done with transfiguration or using parseltongue words. It has been foreshadowed since a long time ago.

It is possible he could use finite on what is already available. The rock in his ring, perhaps. But that by itself wouldn't be enough. Unless his ring is next to the time turner, and the finite is enough to shatter it. However the results are unpredictable and would require a lot of assumptions.

He could maybe transfigure the time turner or something near it to activate, in hopes it will work. But without a person nearby, it won't so much good. And if it brings him into the past, it likely brings Voldemort and others too. No good.

If he manages to transfigure the stone (which is likely a superpower), it could mean that all permanent transfigurations go away. It disables Voldemort, but also kills Hermione.

High yield explosives under the feet of all Death Eaters likely qualifies as a super power.

Hermione could wake up to help, but this breaks your rules (although it can be argued it doesn't).

Parseltongue to call snakes for help would result in immediate execution.

If Dementors are Death, and Harry can scare them with the right frame of mind and sheer willpower...well, it'd probably break the rules if he could call forth Dementors and resist Death (aka killing curse) by that alone.

Hmm, I don't fully understand, but if Harry and Voldemort's magic resonates amd causes him great pain, he could potentially try partial transfiguration on him.

Parseltongue, Harry could bluff by saying a certain amount of antimatter in the Earth's core would destroy the planet, and he can partially transfigure objects. But that would likely result in immediate death.

Killing curse can go through anything, so transfiguring shields won't help.

Harry knows that the key to Avada Kedavra is indifference. However his only target is the Earth, which doesn't help.

Are there distamce limitations to his pouch? We know language barriers don't affect it, so parseltongue should work to grab items. But as for what item to grab, I am unsure...

Hmm, available information includes...
1) Wand
2) Transfigurable dirt
3) Rock that he is holding a transfiguration for
4) Pouch standing out of reach (parseltongue should work)
5) Alliance with Lucius
6) Hermione Altar nearby
7) Voldemort possesses stone
8) Loyalty from Death Eaters is tenuous
9) Only 36 Death Eaters...likely not Snape. However Snape can't help
10) Voldemort cannot affect Harry's wand or glasses, or any spell due to resonation
11) Death Eater robes are transfigured
12) 2 dead corpses nearby
13) Mr. Grim appears confident, and strange
14) Barred from destroying the world (so my previous suggestions didn't quite work)
15) Will to scare/command/resist Dementors
16) Patronum to destroy Dementors
17) Ability to do partial transfiguration
18) Knowledge to cast true Avada Kedavra
19) Knowledge of many muggle artifacts, i.e. rockets

The lifted curse could mean that Voldemort is now vulnerable to Harry as well, in which case previous solutions COULD work...technically, Voldemorts horcruxes are Harry's as well? Perhaps?

Wait, if Voldemort couldn't grab Harry's wand, nor his glasses, how did he get his transfigured rock? So he may not have that available either.

Ugh, I'm not sure. I believe I am missing some variables. I'd look up what others have said, but I may as well read the next chapter.

So nope, I am unable to think of a method that could prevent Harry's immediate death without taking a variety of assumptions into account. At least, no method with a good chance of happening.
Raven chapter 113 . 8/15/2018
I've read a rereader's review of the chapter in which Harry met Lupin. They said "Tom" (Voldemort? Which Tom?) never wanted to kill Harry, he just had to, which was sad. So Voldemort may not want to kill Harry, this is like a test?
I've skimmed through the reviews. Many of the solutions seemed brilliant, but then I had to remind myself that Voldemort is extremely intelligent, oops.

-the self control not to read the next chapter before either I figure it out or 60 hours has passed... Why, author, you cruel genius?! (jk, I actually am enjoying this)
Helen D chapter 113 . 8/15/2018
Okay, I'll give myself 60 hours to solve this. My best guesses are:
- some holes in the Vow (Voldemort is the friend, since he was Quirrel? Tricking him to break the Vow? But Voldie is smart...)
- Time-Turned help (Harry still had one more hour, he might have used it but the author didn't tell us?)

Let's see what we have here:
- Voldemort
- Death Eaters
- Harry with only his wand which he cannot use
- Harry's pouch which he cannot take (can he?)
- unconscious Hermione
- lots of graves and leaves (lol? nah.)
Not much to do with the first three. Accio-ing the pouch may not require raising his wand, but will certainly attract attention, thus getting himself killed. Hermione? Can she suddenly sit up, like a plot twist? There's a quote from Sherlock Holmes, something about after eliminating the impossible, what remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. So, what can we do with Hermione? Hmm...
Chaan Aakash chapter 113 . 7/17/2018
As far as I know, Voldemort is not wearing the jacket with all the things in it- use the stone to trans figure a barrier and a method to get out.
Guest chapter 113 . 7/3/2018
Can you wish someone more skill? I'd appreciate that.

Anyway, it occurs to me that there are multiple parts to this problem. It's not just "get Voldemort to not kill Harry within the next 60 seconds"; it's
- avoid being killed by Voldemort or the Death Eaters
- incapacitate and/or destroy Voldemort and/or get the Sorcerer's Stone from him. And maybe destroy the Resurrection Stone, too. For that, you'd probably have to take all 37 enemy actors out of the equation, at least temporarily, so the solution might have to involve something relevant
- escape

Of course, if all enemy actors are killed or incapacitated, the last bit isn't necessarily necessary. I actually came up with the updated plan on Stones after the escape plans, since I thought Escape might be the last bit, and working backwards would be easier. Can Hermione access the stuff in Harry's pouch, since she technically has Harry's life in her and his magic, and the pouch is probably tied to Harry's life and magic? Is Quirrel also incapable of having his magic interact with her, since she's got Harry's magic in her? If she wakes up, would the Death Eaters' instructions change quickly enough? They're too scared of the Dark Lord to think creatively, so they'd keep their wands on Harry and if Hermione was fast enough, maybe she could do something. Potential resource, at least.
I'm thinking this'd be like an NMR problem, where you come up with bits and pieces of the best solution and start aligning them in order and start stringing them together. So you have Quirrel intrigued by something Harry said, someone wakes up Hermione, and then I'm pretty sure Harry has an excuse to explain to Hermione what's happening, although surely this is SUPER awkward for her since he's naked - anyway*.
Hermione is a very useful ally because she's resistant to everything except Fiendfyre and the Killing Curse, although they haven't said anything about mind magic or torture. Also Quirrelmort and his people aren't supposed to hurt her. He said that bit in Parseltongue. Although I guess he's allowed to change his mind. She might still get a few seconds to do something before he changes his mind, though. Is she still going to be all "but we're only children! We shouldn't have to do things like this!" or has heroism and then getting eaten by a troll beaten that instinct out of her?
I'd wondered if Harry's glasses had any special powers, like if he'd transfigured things to put on his glasses beforehand, but (a) Harry isn't a lenscrafter and really is nearsighted, and (b) it said in an earlier chapter that he was only maintaining two transfigurations - the rock and Hermione. He can do partial Transfiguration wandlessly now, though, so that's something. Maybe under the guise of bending down to talk to Hermione, he can Transfigure part of the thing she's lying on into something.
Harry can probably hide behind Hermione and buy a few seconds that way.
Harry's Patronus charm can protect them both from the Killing Curse, though not necessarily the Fiendfyre
Maybe he actually dies and this story does become HGMoR instead... XD
Anyway, what can incapacitate 37 grown wizards at once?
- bomb
- nuke
- flashbang grenade (does Harry even know how to make this?) (does Voldemort even have normal eyes?)

Actually, flashbang is useless since Harry can just make his Patronus bright enough to blind everyone. That sounds like a good way to move around and/or do stuff without people watching.
It would've been smart to have Harry get some kind of portable Disillusionment egg in his pouch, just in case, but maybe he didn't do that.
He still has a broomstick for 3, but idk if it works anymore.
Power of love doesn't work in this universe.
- Acid?
- Flying blades?
Harry can transfigure things into sulfuric acid... but that's just H2SO4, a structure easy to visualize. Although idk how exactly transfiguration works. Can you transfigure explosives if you don't know how to - no; he transfigured a rocket with fuel and everything; surely he can make a bomb. Just blow everyone up. Hermione would survive. Her Horcrux might not.
People speculated about whether or not the mirror played a part, but that's not the kind of solution this story is looking for.
Superglue? Transfigure ground into superglue? Into lava?
Hermione knows some spells, too. Like that wide-range explosion spell she tried to use on the troll. Could that work?
Ideally, they'd kill all 37 enemies, but it'd be acceptable to just blind or incapacitate the Death Eaters and... go back in time and get help? Voldy would probably just start casting area-effect curses if he couldn't see anything, so maybe some kind of knockout gas - mustard gas? And a mask for himself? Hermione would survive it and probably not even be damaged, so one of them could get the Time-Turner out of the pouch and buy themselves another hour to think. They still have to destroy all but a remnant of Quirrelmort. The Death Eaters are pretty useless, but it'd be ideal to kill them, too. The remnant is probably the missing pioneer plaque, but that's fine. Destroying the whole earth wouldn't be enough.
Oh, hey - Quirrel doesn't mention partial Transfiguration this time. Did you change that?
Harry could literally transfigure part of Hermione into something and she'd be able to change it back. So.. turn Hermione into a turret thing like the kind you stay in during a zombie apocalypse and just spray the enemy with bullets?
Anyway, it'd go "I do have a power you haven't mentioned yet, actually, that you don't know yet but could learn," and then the "I could've destroyed the world" stuff with waking up Hermione. Hell, maybe under the guise of teaching Voldy partial Transfiguration, teach Hermione partial transfiguration, and have her transfigure something... but it'd be way easier for Harry to just do that himself. I think just have him kneel by Hermione, put one hand on the side of the altar under her, away from the Death Eaters so they can't see what he's doing, and turn that into a gas mask. And then put another hand and turn that into a mustard gas bomb thing and give that to Hermione to throw into the middle of the semicircle of Death Eaters...
Too easily deflected. They could just cast Bubble-Head charms or Vanish it away or any number of countermeasures. Hmmm...
The light thing could work. Quirrel's already seen Harry using light as a weapon, but he still didn't transfigure himself any sunglasses, so that might be a temporary measure...
No throwing. It'd just have to be explosives or something. Harry would die; Hermione wouldn't. Still worthwhile trade-off. The Stone would be destroyed, though. Also Voldie would survive anyway, so nah. The Resurrection Stone is an anonymous pebble at this point. If they destroy that, they'd buy some time to hunt down all of the Horcruxes using magical tracing.
* Destroy the Resurrection Stone
* Get the Philosopher's Stone out of the way
* Escape
* Stop all of the Death Eater's attacks and things
* Incapacitate and/or kill all of them

tbh, these aren't all necessary. THey could just escape or incapacitate and/or kill all of them. Or they could kill all of them before they attacked. Lots of options, really...

Looking at the reviews again. A lot of the reviewers brought up the first excerpt at the beginning of the fic, which... dang. Clever. I should have thought of that. I guess it culminates with some sort of thin nanotube, or maybe antimatter or something, being transfigured out of the air or ground and used to stab Death Eaters? Would it be Death Eaters or Voldie? We want to keep Voldie alive, at least until Horcruxes are destroyed, so probably Death Eaters. Blood pouring out in liters implies multiple people - humans do have something like 5-6 L blood, if I'm not mistaken, but... ALL of the blood coming out of a person is unlikely. So maybe that one reviewer was right - the thin line has to go around slicing all of the Death Eaters?

Maybe first transfigure part of the altar into a thin nanotube, and then pick that up and conceal it in palm and stand up, hide behind Hermione, transfigure the nanotube he's holding further, by making it longer, do that as quickly as possible, stab the Death Eaters - Hermione's resistant to a bunch of things. Cast the Patronus Charm - he can do both those things at once.

*although I'm just imagining that conversation
"Professor Quirrel turned out to be Voldemort..."
"Of course he did."
"He's the one who framed you"
"...and then he killed you..."
"Yeah, not surprised."
"...oh, and you kindafailedDefense"
"He did WHAT?!"
NineOfHearts chapter 113 . 7/3/2018
Shoot, I just realized that I shouldn't have posted that review on this chapter, as it is a spoiler. Ignore my last review on this chapter, if you're reading the reviews for clues!
NineOfHearts chapter 113 . 7/3/2018
These instructions are too explicit... kinda babying. I imagine some people would be turned off.

Anyway, obvious solution part is to wake up Hermione

I accidentally read part of someone's solution before solving it fully, so I know it involves Harry saying in Parseltongue "yes, I have secrets I can teach you that you'd like to know" and then "maybe you'd also like speculations on how I'd destroy the world" and use that as an excuse to wake up Hermione. Beyond that...
CreativSociopath chapter 113 . 11/5/2017
I gleaned a few things from one review (I haven't read the ones for 113 yet - just 112): Harry can tell Quirrell that it's in Quirell's best interest to keep Harry alive. The Horcrux network may work strangely - if Harry is a Horcrux, and is ALSO a Tom Riddle Jr., the horcruxes may also tether Harry to life, and so while one lives, the other cannot die. May, not must. Still don't know how useful that is. Harry can transfigure the air into something to kill the Death Eaters. Eh. Idk... he's magically exhausted, and that's an extremely difficult Transfiguration, and doesn't he actually have to be touching the thing to Transfigure it? That's why I suggested his skin - he's touching his skin. Arguably. Close enough to count for magic. The reviewer also suggested that Voldy was cursed because he took the unicorn blood. How exactly does the short-half-life curse work? What are the side-effects? That might be useful to know, but you didn't give us the information, soooo... it's probably not relevant to the solution.

CreativelySociopathic on ; hit me up if I'm interesting.
Guest chapter 113 . 11/5/2017
Because, honestly, I think the real solution is: Harry ALREADY KNOWS he has the power to tear apart the very stars in Heaven and cause the end of the world. All he needs to do is figure out how he does it using what he has - the prophecy happened because of his resolve to save Hermione, not because he developed any new skills, so it should be possible using the skills he has. So as long as he can figure out how to do it and tell that to Quirrel, Quirrel won't kill him yet. Then... I'm not sure where he'll go from there, but it's a start.
CreativSociopath chapter 113 . 11/5/2017
Okay, so someone suggested explaining the True Patronus first bbecause Quirrel would never be able to use it. I agree! Do that instead of explaining Partial Transfiguration.
If Harry could somehow figure out within sixty seconds a way that he could use what he has to destroy the world if Voldy tries to kill him, he should ABSOLUTELY say so, and then Voldy would stay his hand, because he'd rather keep Harry alive than let the world end. SO.
If Harry transfigured his organs into nukes, he could... blow up the planet?
Maybe Harry should do that anyway. All the Death Eaters need to die.
If Harry transfigured his blood into supernovae, or into black holes... but he doesn't know what those are made out of.
If he transfigured a finger into a supernova, that might be able to reach one of the Pioneer Plaques, and also all of the horcruxes on the planet... actually, all he needs is to destroy the planet. So all he needs is to say to Quirrel, in Parseltongue, "I can destroy the planet before you kill me."
Is that it? Did I get it right?
CreativSociopath chapter 113 . 11/5/2017
One more thing!

You've been pretty canon-compliant so far, so I think Harry might be onto something when he thinks that grabbing hold of Voldy's skin will hurt Voldy a helluva lot. It might hurt him, too, but, hey - small price to pay. He's been through pain before and stayed standing.
Not sure how he'd manage that, though.
Am I the first person in years to take this exam?
For the record, I actually started reading this fic in 2010. There was a too-long hiatus after the chapter where Hermione meets the Hat-and-Cloak dude/lovely lady, so I stopped and didn't come back to it until 2012, and then I followed it regularly until 2015, when the last few chapters were being posted and I didn't have time so I took a hiatus. And then I read to 109 last year but decided not to read the "DeathTrap Chapter" until I had some time to spare trying to figure out on my lonesome how Harry was going to make it out.
Now I'm going to read the reviews for hints. Now that I've already come up with a hypothesis. Yeah, it's not enough, but it's WAY more effort than I usually put into a story with a cool plot, so... there art thou happy?
CreativSociopath chapter 113 . 11/5/2017
Evidently Quirrel doesn't know about partial transfiguration, so that buys him, what, a few minutes? If he explains that to Quirrel? Actually, it might be even longer because he'll have to talk about how to visualize things through timeless physics...

Currently, Harry possesses his wand and his glasses. Are his glasses ONLY held with a stick-to-me charm? Or are they also charmed in another way? It might've been the smart thing to do to have transfigured, say, a mountain troll into a pair of glasses... at least then he'd have a shield to hide behind from the barrage of killing curses.

Wand - so far, we've seen time and time again that the Patronus charm is the only thing that would be at all useful against any of these people; especially Voldemort, though it can apparently stop the Killing Curse, too. I feel like behind both a Patronus and a mountain troll, he'd be safe for a few seconds... but to do what?

I STILL don't understand why the rock left his finger when it was tied to his magic.

Anyway, Harry also has his power of partial transfiguration, which he can do just by touching and visualizing, iirc. Not sure how that'd be helpful, though.

Harry has... knowledge of all this muggle shit. Some science, to maybe an early college level, since he doesn't know about chromosomal crossovers. But he knows about quantum mechanics and timeless physics, which is actually kinda late college level. So... roughly half a college education's worth, maybe?

Seriously, Dumbledore should've just blasted both Harry and Voldemort out of existence. Would've made everything a lot easier.

Anyhooo... I can't remember anything else Harry has without his allies. He can't do nonverbal magic yet, so that's out. He can't talk Death Eaters into betraying Voldemort, since Macnair couldn't. He can't lift his wand or speak in anything besides Parseltongue, but as said before, he could talk about partial transfiguration to buy time. I still think he should partially transfigure his skin. And then cast the Patronus charm as quickly as he can. And then...
And then I have no idea what, honestly. Unless his glasses are something exceptionally special, like a bunch of fired bullets with their momentum conserved that function as a last-resort weapon to be transfigured, set up for him by Dumbledore or Flitwick or something, and he unleashes that... and takes out some of the Death Eaters...
A dementor would be more helpful than a mountain troll. But how in the world would you transfigure a dementor. And not even the Boy Who Lived could get a dementor for his own.
Maybe the glasses are a Portkey/the transfigured card that when you tore it in half would take you to the witches' school in the States? And Harry regroups from there to take on Voldy from a safer place. He can have the American government; as long as he ousts Donald Trump, even this brat is preferable.
The glasses could summon help, like a portable dark mark... but you said the cavalry wasn't coming. Soooo...
Voldy said "strike the boy down at once," but he also said "we will stun him first", which means that if he does anything, the spells being cast at him will be stunbolts, not killing curses. Hiding behind something, or even just partially transfiguring his skin, would actually help. It'd help long enough for him to cast a True Patronus, though I don't know if that'd help enough to let him escape. Maybe he could send it straight at Voldy and then snatch up his Time-Turner and thereby escape? He can't use the Invisibility Cloak because Voldy's already mastered that or something.
I guess my answer for now is just: Partially transfigure skin to something that blocks stunners, say diamond; cast Patronus; send at Voldy; run and grab Time-Turner; go back an hour. Then send people to get there after he departs to stop the Death Eaters.
There can't possibly be no more wizards in the world than Dumbledore who's as powerful as Voldy. There has to be at least one in some other European country. Maybe get some of those. Except, of course, it'd be exceedingly difficult...
Maybe just summon the Stone and run?
Run? From Voldy?
Ugh. This defeating Voldemort part is a lot harder than coming up with a wrong answer for Harry's escape. Can he even transfigure his own skin within a minute?
Maybe to tungsten instead?
Maybe something flesh-colored. Or maybe even to the fullerene tube... something sturdy that wouldn't be too obvious but would stop a stunbolt. Voldy still can't touch him with magic, so he wouldn't do anything, and the time it took for him to yell at his followers to Avada potter might be enough time to cast a Patronus to block the Killing Curses
Still leaves the issue of the gun, but honestly, Harry's transfigured skin might be able to handle that.
Of course, the obvious means of escape is that none of this is real because it's all actually just happening in the mirror; they'll come back out when they die like in Inception and do this all overagain.
Even so, who's to say that being in the Mirror wouldn't let you kill people who are also in the Mirror? Harry might still die, even if his loved ones aren't being tortured.
Quirrel is such an asshole. Never going to be okay with this.
Okay, so... I came up with *a* solution, but that solution probably isn't going to be the right one. What other possible solutions are there?
Nothing has been as effective as Harry's Patronus for dealing with Quirrel, save for the Dementors, and Dumbledore, but neither of those are an option. The Patronus would probably have to stay.
Hide behind transfigured skin/untransfigured rhino/explanation of partial transfiguration... can't hide behind explanation from stunbolts; has to be transfigured skin. Maybe can explain partial transfiguration while transfiguring skin if takes longer than a minute... but wow no that's stupid.
Explain timeless physics to get some extra time?
What else does Harry even have?!
Guest chapter 113 . 7/9/2017
Imtoolazytologon chapter 113 . 7/4/2017
Bit late, but loved it. Can't wait to see the results
Guest chapter 113 . 4/22/2017
I regret that i have no smart ideas.
Guest chapter 113 . 4/20/2017
I don't quite remember what I was doing the days leading up to Tuesday, March 3, 2015, but if I didn't have a project or important assignment or something, it sounds like I'd have had a thoroughly enjoyable time trying my hand at this. It would've been such a journey reading this as it was being written, but this way is enjoyable too!

What sucks now is that I KNOW I'll only have one chance to wonder about what comes next and make my own solution about it, and I COULD optimize my time to actually try thinking of a solution other than "stall for more than sixty seconds by explaining something complicated" or "trick them into thinking they need a demonstration" or something equally simple-minded, but if I did that, I really would sacrifice too much study time. Which SUCKS.

That being said, I think it was a really cool opportunity, and I'm glad you decided to give it!
Alicia chapter 113 . 4/4/2017
It's really...thrilling
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 113 . 2/26/2017
I really do not understand Voldemorts actions in this chapter. If he wanted to kill off Harry - his younger self, the younger version of Tom Riddle - anyway, then why did he bring Herminoe back, went to the trouble of giving her a Horcrux, and make Harry swear an unbreakable vow to listen to her before taking any action that could destroy the world? If he did go to all this trouble, then why does he not leave it at that instead of going on to threaten and kill of his younger version? And the final prophecy of Trewlany was made to him, the older version of Tom Riddle. So, why does he not come to the obvious conclusion that it could mean him as well, and that Tom Riddle combined with scientiffic knowledge and creative thinking in general is a bad idea with the power to threaten the very stars? So that commanding his younger self to give him all unknown powers that younger version of him may posess would make *him* becoming the one who was the threat referred to in the prophecy?
I do understand that the Dark Lord's utiliy function cannot be changed by talking to him,but this is an external (meta) factor, not an in-universe story factor; it does not make Voldemorts actions here any more logical. So, while this chapter certainly made for a great dramatic climax, the way Voldemort acts in this still does not make much sense to me on the whole, I fear. Sorry. :(
Still,great dramatic dialog.
Guest chapter 113 . 1/19/2017
Harry needs to call in his favor from Voldemort in return for saving his life. Harry after all did save Tom Riddles life, not just once but twice. The first is by being a horcrux and the second is by assisting Voldemort in finding the Sorcerors Stone. Voldemort should agree and in exchange Harry will make Voldemort take an unbreakable vow as well. Voldemort will bow to always assess whether there was a nicer means to accomplish any given goal without killing or hurting anyone and if that possibility exists he must take it before going down the road of violence.
Voldemort will take the vow and then let Harry go as a result.
Laterreader12345 chapter 113 . 12/19/2016
Also am late to the party but the solution seems easy enough to me.

Harry transfigures his own hair, on his head or on the back of his hand to a sufficiently long carbon nano tube with a little weight attached, slowly spins around himself to lengthen the wires. This can be done with a casual turn of the head.

The wires cut everything in the radius he choose to transfigure.

Best would be barely below adult shoulder height, but if he can only manage at the hip that should be fine as well. Most important is that Voldemort's wand hand gets severed but that he doesn't immediately die from blood pressure loss or the like, as would be if he were decapitated.

The cut should be finer than nerves can register iirc, so it should massively confuse everyone present, because they'd simply stop feeling their extremities.

Death Eaters should be sufficiently confused when falling over, even Voldemort would need a short time to understand what's going on.

His old body had the broomstick enchanments on his bones, his new body does not.

So basically everyone either falls over and is losing extremities from the waist up to whereever harry can safely reach without killing V immediately.

All Death Eaters and V lose bodyparts but most importantly their wands and hands, if there is still magic they can cast without those, there is nearly nothing that can save them.

Apparation to a healer might, but they probably don't have a backup like that set up, being confused and all.

Possible path a) V is too slow to understand what's going on:

The next most important step is that harry cauterizes V's wounds with magic flames to prevent V from losing more blood pressure, summons his pratonus, sending it to Mad Eye Moody, who should not be on Hogwarts grounds, thus being able to apparte to the little graveyard, then taking Vs torso to Sanct Mungo, preserving his immediate, armless state for as long as necessary for harry to reverse engineer accio to retrieve Vs Horcruxes. Then, in possession of the stone, ship of theseus hermiones body, so the her being a horcrux gets nullified. Then kill V for good. Alternatively simply preserve V indefinitely.

Possible path b) V understands what's going on:

He understands he has lost nearly all effective methods of casting magic, apparates away, dies, gets locked in a horcrux, somewhere.

In both scenarios Harry lives, Hermione lives, Harry has the stone, can use any time turner (doesn't have to be his own) to warn Dumbledore and make him put a transfigured and enchanted copy or an illusion into the mirror, he can make the perfect illusion since he knows how the conversation has to happen. Thus some meat puppet or less than that gets trapped.

The transfiguration doesn't have to be a cable like nanotube, on that distance a tube should perfectly hold it's own weight, it could also be a pointed solid beam, resulting in laser like cutting. For better aiming it could be fixed on harry skullbones or something, that way he could ensure a head tracking cut and be sure the insure V in the right way.

This is literally the first thing Harry and Hermione tried to do together iirc. Literally uses that and the first lesson V gave.

The time needed is easily gained by talking about general relativity or some other concept that appears like it could be useful in combination with magic, alternative topics could be virology, any kind of logical principles behind computers or higher math. Doesn't matter, the point is to gain the time to finish transfiguring the nanocutter.

As a review I must say that I find Harry's creativity and analytical thinking severely lacking, over most of the chapters. There was no logical reason to free Bella Black. At all. V/Q:"Oh she's innocent." *produces no evidence* *Harry simply accepts it*. F'n really? There would be plenty to nitpick about the whole Q/V Harry interaction overall. The amount *plot* thrown at the heroes and heroines simply to get them into trouble is just stupid. Harry gives Hermione stuff and it just *plot* doesn't work. That's literally the first thing to check. The purpose is for them to be safe. Do they have the stuff? How can I make sure the stuff works reliably as intended? - Deadman switch. As if Dumbledore wouldn't notice his portkey enchantment or whatnot being disabled. Yeah I'm salty about her dying, because it made nearly no sense.

Will finish reading because of the commitment and I'm kind of curious how this is resolved by other people, namely the author, but there was very little "rational" or "methodical" about most of this fanfic. Where it is used, I found the read very entertaining, obviously, since I got here.
T0PH4T chapter 113 . 12/15/2016
Transfigure Harry's left leg into the least stable element possible. Everyone on the planet (except Voldemort and Hermonie) gets super cancer and dies. World remains intact. Alternatively, rethink what "world" means, blow Earth straight to hell, and tell everyone who isn't Voldemort to suck a sack of sour grapes. I know I'm REALLY late to this, but this is my solution. If Voldemort is the alternative, I'll rot for eternity and leave him to be on a blasted wasteland with a woman who hates him. Either he learns to be good over the course of eternity (win, though outlaws by rules) Hermoine figures out how to kill him (also good and maybe within the bounds of rules) or Voldemort becomes god (acceptable).

This isn't a solution, by the way. Just the maximum CHAOS ending.
Jatok chapter 113 . 11/25/2016
I have no idea off the top of my head and i'm certain i don't know enough about rationality to determine an answer in 5min. So, I intend to read on and hope to see some cool solutions!
Guest chapter 113 . 10/23/2016
His feet have been touching the found long enough to partially transfigure it into acid or lava pools below the death eaters
Guest chapter 113 . 9/28/2016
Hey I don't know if this would work but maybe. While this is happening Harry can maybe transfigurate the ground on what he is standing to pure oxygen that will be breathed in by everyone.

He will say
What I have deducted from my life is this I know not if it's a lie.
The power that you know not. Is Lily. In the my last memory I saw her throw herself towards the curse. She sacrificed her self to save me. Dumbledore mentioned love but I have never seen a true materialisation until then. That is why I could block the spell in Azkaban with my patronus because it is an extension of me.
You will only be able to get that power by having myself sacrifice for you to transfer the pure power. I must be standing right in front of you .
Voldemort agrees as he has nothing to lose apart from his body right now. Stands next to Harry Harry grasps his hand and says his favourite line from a muggle movie.

The graveyard explodes sending shivers through the surrounding forest leaving nothing but the charred remains of a child whose skin healed as fast as it was burnt and the figure of a boy whose glasses are lying next to him.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/23/2016
It is now 09/23/2016, and i'd like to point out that if Hogwarts in its incredible magical knowledge considers Harry to BE Tom M. Riddle, he should be able to use Tom's perfected Horcrux to come back to life.
The Anguished One chapter 113 . 9/21/2016
This is one hell of a final exam for Harry. Naked, no Time-Turner or Cloak, cannot persuade his enemy (even if Bellatrix was here, it's not like she'd confuse the boy who saved her and the man who is clearly the real Voldemort), has no aid available to him (technically Hermione could wake up, but she doesn't have her wand and has no idea what's going on, so she'd just get Harry killed), and will be fired at by over thirty Death Eaters if he tries to run, raise his wand, or speak anything but Parseltongue.
While it is unlikely to work, my immediate thought, what popped into my mind as soon as the Death Eaters were summoned, is that because this rationalist Harry is also Tom Riddle, he may be able to control the Death Eaters as Voldemort does. Using that power, he could create chaos in the ranks by making them attack each other. Voldemort would be unwilling to fire at Harry himself, fearing a repeat in history, and in the confusion Harry could try to escape or simply strike at Voldemort. I don't believe this conflicts with the "new magical powers" bit, because he's been giving into what he believed was his Dark Side before. Harry has used the shade of Tom Riddle in the past, this would just be taking it to the next level.
StoneFaceSamVimes chapter 113 . 9/9/2016
I'm not sure why this series has so many glowing reviews. Don't get me wrong, it's not *bad* per se, but it is incredibly over-written in the middle chapters, which were a struggle to get through. It's a testament to the captivating strength of Miss Rowling's Universe that I was able to make it through. It feels like you were trying to shape this into actual literature instead of an amusing and entertaining piece of fan fiction. I think over-confidence may have got the best of you

Also, you make it a point to mention that no character should perform an action that *only* forwards the plot and doesn't make rational sense, but then in Chapter 113 you [SPOILERS] have Voldemort enforce an unbreakable vow on Harry despite the fact he is planning on killing him *immediately* afterwards. Why would he need Harry to make the vow? He would be dead, an unbreakable vow wouldn't matter after death. The only positive outcome from the vow occurs *after* Harry defeats Voldemort, by halting his slide into dark lord territory, essentially reversing the plot up until that point. If that isn't a deus ex machina, I don't know what is. Without the vow, Harry would have been in danger of becoming the next dark lord anyway, and Voldemort didn't have a decent or rational reason to place the vow on Harry before killing him and destroying all trace of his body. You broke your own 'rational' rules. That was pretty disappointing after *so* *many* chapters extolling the benefits of rationality within fiction. Hoisted on your own petard, it seems

Still, I'd give the story a 3 out of 5. The Harry Potter Universe and characters are just too likable to give it a lower score
Saa chapter 113 . 7/19/2016
I cant see reviews
shane.mileham chapter 113 . 6/25/2016
I have come up with my solution in less than 60 hours, without referencing other solutions, looking back through the book, or looking ahead. My goal was to create a solution that did not depend on probabilistic outcomes of persuasion/science/magic and contributed to the best chance at defeating Voldemort.


- Begin by partially transfiguring a time turner from the ground below Harry's right toes. This is possible because Harry has previously transfigured a magical broomstick and his wand is currently pointed at the ground.
- Because this transfiguration may take a while, it is crucial to buy time. Harry shall do this in parseltongue with an offer that the Dark Lord will listen to, namely, explaining in vague terms that he has the ability to create a nuclear explosion with minimal magic (transfigure uranium into existence in an unstable state, etc.). Bargain for life as that is what Voldemort would expect. This will likely take a while as Voldemort wants Harry dead.
- Once the time turner is finished, go back one hour. Recruit Dumbledore (if possible, depends on magical mirror enchantment), Moody, Aurors to help plan Voldemort’s demise. Voldemort is currently in Snape’s time trap and won’t be an issue. Brainstorm ways to incapacitate Voldemort so that he stays with his current form but is unable to do anything else. One solution: command Dementors to leave Azkaban and kiss Voldemort, or if that’s too evil, suck all the magic out of him so he can’t do evil.
- If necessary, go back another hour and steal own invisibility cloak from self (don’t worry, can still go back 2 hours again in future and return it, so events will unfold in the same way). This assumes that you can’t transfigure a true invisibility cloak or want one that is resistant to finite.
- Persuade death eaters to assist at a certain cue, given whatever they want. Specifically, recruit Lord Malfoy who can convince the others. We have Draco’s life as leverage. Can promise to time trap Dumbledore (since that’s already happening).
- Arrive at cemetery at correct time, not interfering until past Harry uses time turner. Plan will be dependent on what Dumbledore/Moody/Aurors do, but general plan would be to simultaneously:
- Rescue Hermione
- Accio
- Disillusionment
- Innervate
- Remove Death Eaters
- Transfigure sleeping pill from water and levitate it into their mouths (disillusioned)
- Or kill them
- Incapacitate Voldemort
- Magic resonance?
- Sleeping pill thing and restrain
- Remove wand after sleeping
- Imperius unbreakable vow?
- Remove limbs, cauterize
- False memory charm him that he changed his mind, did this to himself, and wants to do good in the world now, so even if he escapes, he wouldn't pose an immediate threat.
- Azkaban?
- Anything else that Moody would say. He’s the expert.
- After it's all over, make sure to up security
- Use marauders map to identify Tom M. Riddle at any time
- If necessary, go after horcruxes. Figure out how Voldemort's work.
- Etc. (Many other things to protect against. Consult Moody.)
Janus Daniels chapter 113 . 6/5/2016
I wish I'd read this months ago. Current theory: Harry has already won. He recognized the message from the future as not his immediately. He time turned, and all since has happened to the memory modified version of himself. Yes, have to work on the details. :-D
Laura Brubaker chapter 113 . 2/26/2016
Reading this late obviously, so mad I wasn't here a year ago! Anyway, this isn't a fail-safe to resist immediate death, but Harry could point out that the prophecy doesn't necessarily mean him! We've seen previously with the marauder's map that magical items believe that Harry and Voldemort are the same person. Therefore, whatever prophecy Voldie was referencing, could mean him. Voldie obviously doesn't want to destroy the world, so it would at least buy time to think. Also, explain partial transfiguration and Harry names himself as one not to be killed.
Da epic Lord chapter 113 . 2/19/2016
Okay. I have only one way to let Harry evade immediate death, and it took me about an hour to fully form. Harry decides to become a death eater, and tells Voldemort that he will serve him faithfully forever if he agrees to not harm any of his friends or family. He makes another untreatable vow, to serve Voldemort to the best of his ability, to never betray him, directly, or indirectly, and to follow Voldemort's every order. He survives by turning to the dark side, and is given a magical arm and eye, so that Voldemort can always monitor him, and torture him with the arm in the case of betrayal, like Peter Pettigrew in the original books. I know that it's kind of late, since I didn't read the chapter until nearly a year after it was published, but I hope you appreciate it anyway. Thanks!
Joshua A. Moore chapter 113 . 2/9/2016
I am listening via pod cast, long after the event has closed, almost a year after.. But I just had stop what I was doing and post. So for the record some quick facts: a) I listen to this while working and I am currently delaying said work to post. b) Because I am posting this nearly a year after the fact, I am not going to be shy about posting my first thought with only some few minutes of thinking on it.

I will also be brief in my explanation of the idea for reason "a". Here it goes:

" Go Nuclear."

harry; Asses the situation - The only answer is to kill every target at once. - How can you kill 34 people before they react, or block, or something? - "Wait, earlier they mentioned muggle weapons." - Nukes?- " can we even do that?" - Conversation goes " we don't have to control it, we just need a way to start a chain reaction. - How? - " it would take everything we have" - More.. -" I am not an expert in nuclear physics" - Don't have to be, can you conceptualize it? - maybe. - It doesn't have to be literally nuclear. - " Time is running out" - "I only have to generate something that generates enough heat to be lethal to everything in... a 20 meter radius? - " So It just has to explode immediately and violently?" - I can do that. - Wait, the resonance... If I put all of my magical energy into something unstable or uncontrolled.. it might do it... - What would be the damage? - " Maybe a few hundred meters?"

And that is a very hastily constructed line of reasoning I would have used.. Oke, I am going now to 114 to see how it ends! Excited!
Montara chapter 113 . 1/27/2016
Harry controlling the death eaters through their dark marks since he is Tom Riddle, or incapacitating everybody with his Patronus. Than escape with Hermione via a portkey (I'm sure he has one in that bag of his) since everybody is down and so the anti-portkey spell should be broken.
TheOneInBoredom chapter 113 . 1/19/2016
I know that this challenge was made a while ago, but I will write my answer as Harry Potter regardless.

If no one and no wards are set up I would make Harry banish the air, so that everyone would be forced to apparate and take down the wards, they would take Harry with him but I would make him focus, and if possible summon his patronus and make it carry him.

Second choice would be summoning the patronus regardless and hopefully it can take guns shots as well as AK. The patronus would the proceed to carry Harry away to help, or have Harry create two patronuses, a man and a woman. This would be possible because Harry realises that a single man can not take over the universe, but would need a friend (Hermione). The man would protect him and the woman would carry him. Cue Hermione waking up if possible.

If this does not work make Harry transfigure evyones hearts (except for Hermione and Harry) into water and they all die.

Another possibility which is not wholly dependant on the ability to use magic is that the realisation that Harry is dying makes him flashback far enough to remember T.M.R's life and Harry can choose that as his knowledge. At the same time Harry realises the difference on how H and T look at the world and makes Harry wonder about the rules of the world, and he manages to solve one of the puzzles, how can two words said correctly with magic make something fly but not the same words said differently. This causes Harry to change the rules all wizards use and he makes new ones, so that the DE Voldie cannot use magic via. wand.

Might I jus add that even if this was highly unusual I enjoyed the challenge very much, and I cannot wait to see what you chose.
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 113 . 12/13/2015
First of all, you're a horribly sadistic author!

Second, I know the time for this exam has long since passed, but I wanted to try the challenge anyway, before reading further. Plus, this felt way more solvable than my machine learning take home final...and more fun. So here's my attempt.

Harry says, in parseltongue, "I have a power with transfiguration that you do not know, which requires a very specific way of thinking. If you use legilimancy on me, I will show you that power." Hopefully, this makes Voldemort descend and enter Harry's mind, as Legilimancy requires eye contact. He can explain that he plans to transfigure part of an object, and ask permission to pick up a rock, so he can turn part of it into iron (actually iron sulfide, but parseltongue doesn't have the word sulfide I suspect, and saying iron isn't actually a lie, just an evasion.)

When Voldemort uses Legilimancy, Harry carefully keeps most of his mind on the timeless physics, walking Voldemort through the necessary thought process to view the matter. Behind occlumency barriers, the rest of his mind summons the patronus charm thought and energy. The chapter with Lupin showed that the motions aren't necessary for the light to form, and the gestures aren't mentioned when he casts in on Hermione either. But he's not exactly casting it.

He should transfigure the rock from the inside out, so the iron sulfide doesn't contact air until he's ready. Once he has all the life energy that he can build up without the gestures, he lets the iron sulfide touch the air. It should immediately burst into flames, momentarily distracting everyone. Drop occlumency barriers, flooding Voldemort's mind with life energy, and cast the patronus (shaped into a shield). It was shown that he can control the shape the patronus takes, and a semicircle shield is a good shape.

Voldemort's body is composed entirely of death magic, and his existence relies on it. That, combined with the resonance from his and Harry's magic, should severely damage him when he comes in contact with the life energy of the patronus. I hypothesize that the energy, which is built up in the mind before the spell is released, should flood his mind once Harry releases his occlumency barriers, and cause a great deal of pain, if nothing else. Best case, it dissolves the death magic holding him to earth.

The physical casting of the patronus in a shield form should then protect Harry from retaliatory curses long enough for him to run. It blocked a killing curse already, and should at least impede others, which don't rely on death magic. The sheer shock (especially if Voldemort's severely hurt) should stop any effective action from the death eaters until Harry can get a couple hundred yards away. At night, it's incredibly difficult to hit a moving target, and the bystander effect among the death eaters (who fail at cohesive action anyway) should further inhibit effective action in capturing Harry.

If he can, he should cast an innervate on Hermione, since she's now practically invulnerable and it would be very good to have an ally. But she shouldn't be in to much danger if he can't wake her immediately, so that shouldn't be a primary goal.
The Final Lament chapter 113 . 11/20/2015
I would suggest the simplest solution is that Harry allows himself to die, Hermione's life has been assured as a permanence and she possesses the intelligence and the time to eventually reverse engineer the process. It need not matter how long it takes to aquire the Stone again as long as she has a fragment of Harry's body. She also knows that resurrection is a possibility due to her own continued existence. I would argue this falls within your constraints as Hermione's continued life is a product of Harry's own actions.

The other most viable solution I can see has unfortunately been ruled out by your constrictions but not entirely eliminated within the rules set by the narrative, which would have been for Harry o have previously gone back in time to set a warning by time turner for after meeting Quirrell at the corridor before going to meet him. Risking a false alarm but not violating causality.

The Prophecy also places no time-limit on destroying reality, which would be a good thing to point out, nor does it say new things will be remade or that Harry will be the one to do it. Harry should point out these things and point out to Voldemort he's making assumptions which is one of the easiest ways of self-fulfilling a Prophecy and the more reasonable recourse is to simply lock Harry away somewhere with access to magic where he can be safely monitored as well as used as an advisor incapable of lying.

As a defence Harry could attempt to transfigure the air into a wall of some form, this should not be an issue on the magical side as magic easily violates conservation of energy so the material of choice would be an energy resistant ceramic such as used in spacecraft for re-entry, diamond, or tungsten carbide.
I submit this is a single solution as there is nothing preventing them concurrently.
SpSt chapter 113 . 10/12/2015
I wish I had more time to re read the bok again. I feel like I am a missing a thread between Dumbledore choosing to disappear, Atlantis and the ritual to bring back Hermione.

I.m going to read on and find out.
Idiodabble chapter 113 . 10/2/2015
My solution (whose inspiration has taken me 14 minutes to arrive to, and an additional 16 minutes to fully think and write out):

Tell Voldie that the world will be destroyed if I (Harry) am killed. (This is a true statement: Either the Sun will eventually swallow up the Earth, which will quite literally destroy it, or its surface will get scorched and all life will die on the planet, or it will drift away when the sun runs out of enough mass to engulf the Earth, and life will die from the lack of solar energy... all perfectly valid definitions of "end of the world.") You know I am not lying, and also I am sworn to take no chances in not destroying the world, which is why and how I'm saying this now. (By the oath, I have to figure out how to stop the Earth from getting engulfed in the sun, and it has to be me because I'm in the best position to do it, being tied with the smartest wizard on the planet - Tom Riddle - and also by being the better scientist.) By my oath, the best way to stopping the end of the world is by keeping me alive and working together. (It might also be possible that keeping me alive will CAUSE the end of the world, but there's almost certainly no other wizard who cares or will care about an event that will happen, by our best estimates so far, over a billion years from now. I judge that the probability of me helping to stop this - even if it's just by making this widely known, so people can put effort into it - exceeds the probability that by some random fluke I end up single-handedly destroying the world. These priors might look different taking into account the prophecy Voldie heard, which he could be mistaken about or lying about.) HOWEVER, I cannot tell you what this threat to the end of the world is, because if I tell you, the chance of it happening increases, and I am sworn not to take risks. (If Voldie heard I was referring to the end of the world a billion years from now he wouldn't care the slightest bit and he would proceed to kill me. As I established earlier, I'm the most likely to stop this end of the world, because I'd be the only person thinking that far ahead.)

Hence, you have to let me live, but I can't tell you why.


Too bad I didn't know about this story (this is my first fanfic) back when this was being written, back when everyone was trying to pass the exam and speculate what would happen and people would know that my response is legitimate if by some CRAZY happenstance I actually guessed this right (which I doubt, because I assume the Harry's actual solution will involve partial transfiguration), but regardless... I hope that somebody appreciates this response, and I hope that had this been submitted before March 3rd, 2015, it would have been accepted as an adequate solution to the exam and would have thus been sufficient to avoid the shorter and sadder ending (which I feel absolutely confident that the readers did, because if I could come up with this in half an hour, I wonder what people could have come up with in 60 hours!).

And also, I've been loving this fanfic since I started reading it, I am grateful for it!
Mentathial chapter 113 . 9/24/2015
wow...amazing story but why can't Harry just tell Voldy about partial transfiguration and name himself as the one he wants to save?
Keybounce chapter 113 . 9/22/2015
Here is my solution. I came up with it within 60 hours of reaching the challenge. I am sorry that it is so late compared to the deadline, but I was late to the story and did not finish in time for the final.

It features "Refusing to Lose" and "Escalating the War", as seen in his early days in Hogwarts, taken to the extreme.

It is worth an "acceptable" grade; it evades immediate death, and nothing else.

(No preview? I hope this doesn't need editing, it looked fine in my text editor)

Harry thought quickly. _60 seconds; perhaps 5-10 CC. I've done the tip of my wand before, I can probably do half of it. And I just practiced layered transformations. Hmm ... this is potentially dangerous, but if I maintain an outer shell to protect the middle ..._

"... Very well, teacher. I have six thingsss that I wissh to sshare with you.

"The first is the science of the atom, of atomic energy. How atoms are made of parts that don't have the same mass-energy when put together in different ways, and how to use that to release the energy.

"The ssecond is anti-matter; how to use that to the extreme, and convert all matter into energy.

"The third is the constant monitoring for atomic blasts world-wide that is done by all the muggle governments that fear nuclear war and will strike back if they think they have been attacked.

"The fourth is the very nature of time loops, and paradox, for I have attempted to use time loops to force a question to be answered for me, only to receive, in my own handwriting, a note saying not to mess with the laws of time.

"The fifth is the realization that seers leak what has happened in the future back into the past MORE THAN 6 hours - and that this prophecy says that I shall be a threat of annihilation".

Harry paused for breath, noting that between the first 60 seconds, and the time for this, he thought his wand past the handle had been properly transfigured. _McGonnal will hate me for this, I've broken almost every rule on transfigurations here_.

"The sixth is called the laws of robotics. It was an attempt to define rules for intelligent, self-acting machines to prevent them from turning on their creators. Not only were they failures, but one of the rules - the least important - was the preservation of themselves. It turned out that removing any of them, even that one, was enough to trivially permit these robots to turn on their creators. _Your vow that you made me swear did NOT require me to protect my own life_. Now, about half of my wand is that antimatter grenade that I spoke of, that will trigger nuclear weapons from all the major countries. I _AM_ now the threat of annihilation, and if you kill me, the wand goes off, and you rule over radioactive rubble. Tell them to back off, or else"

Harry has done partial layered transforms on half of his wand: To make an outer shell of neutrons, which requires constant maintenance, and an inner core of anti-matter.

Take Harry out, and will the wand maintain its form? Sure. But the neutron layer won't stop stay electrons or even occasional protons/atoms/air molecules from crossing to the anti-matter; that requires constant re-transforming to make sure anything in there stays neutrons. (This is why there even is the shell - to make sure that any matter that would touch the anti-matter has to spend time in the de-kaboom-erized zone to become harmless. Well, "mostly harmless")

Result: Harry is truthful. Do anything to him, and an anti-matter grenade goes off. It will be detected, and fearful muggle governments will be in a nuclear war very quickly.

The only requirement was that Harry manage to avoid immediate death. This is Refusing to Lose, and Escalating the War, taken to the extreme - Harry's classic moves since early in the story.

The vow:
That I shall not... by any act of mine... destroy the world...
It would be the muggles, not Harry, that destroy the world

We dare not let this Vow force Harry Potter to stand idly after some disaster is already set in motion by his hand, because he must take some lesser risk if he tries to stop it.
True, there will be the potential for disaster set in motion after the explosion. But Harry won't be around to do anything about it. Harry DOES warn Voldemort, so that Voldemort won't do something to set it off; but if it does go off, it will be Voldemort's action.

He shall not gamble with the Earth's fate! No researches that might lead to catastrophe! No unbinding of seals, no opening of gates!
This is nothing special, nothing research. This is well-understood physics.

You will not trust yourself alone in making such a determination, you must confide honestly and fully in your trusted friend, and see if that one agrees.
Unfortunately, she is not currently able to be talked to, something about not speaking English, let alone her not being ready and able to speak yet.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/20/2015
Call fawkes. Flame voldemort and harry to azkaban. Allow dementors to eat volde, destroy dementors, deal with the consequences afterwards.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/4/2015
flairina chapter 113 . 8/26/2015
Oh WOW. This "exam"... this is- was- no, IS, brilliant. Now I see why that scheduling bit was going up at the bottom of the last few chapters; fast updates and preparation for THIS to occur. I'm always a fan of interaction that requires thinking, and BOY is this a doozy. Although it's already written and out I HAD to see if I could actually come up with anything, hence this review.

I... originally actually planned to take the 60 hours in totality, see if I could get something I was completely satisfied with, but I'm gonna have to stop after 24, only five to six of which actually ended up being spent thinking/writing up my thoughts on this, unfortunately. Like you noted at the bottom, I just can't take the time- the semester just started for me. This was either a supremely bad time to decide to finally read this story in totality (now that it has finished), or a supremely good one given that I have classes that actually relate to rationality (to an extent) this Fall. So, here's what I managed to come up with in that short interval- mind, I wasn't following the discussions (wasn't here when they happened) or reading the website (due to, again, lack of time) as I went along, so I'm probably not going to be/have been the best at this, but please have it anyways.

What does Harry Have:

-His glasses, his wand, his body
-Various spells (assume only the ones we've seen actually used due to stated rules)
-Theoretical knowledge of many other spells (useless, cannot actually be cast)
-Theories of magic (which are only helpful if he figures out how to wandlessly apply them, while stalling, within the next 60 seconds)
-Rationalism, Ingenuity (not helpful, genius, this is relying on YOUR rationalism/ingenuity)
-True Patronus (Cannot be cast without wand movements)
-Partial transfiguration (takes too much time, not likely to be of help here)
-Occlumency, imperfect
-Items he cannot access at current (behind altar)
-"Super" Hermione (on altar)
-Some other stuff we probably forgot since we read this over a week and not a day like we should have (Well I didn't know there would be a test!)

Immediate Death, in this case, we shall define as escape from death for the next 60 seconds. NOT necessarily putting Harry in an advantageous position, but simply a better one than the one in which he currently lies, where he has more options.


-Harry has no access to items outside this graveyard, unless he leaves it, as no one (fawkes, dementors, etc) is coming, and thus nothing new that has not already been spoken of is here, unless something you forgot from earlier in the story is present (do you remember EVERYTHING about those items?).
-All of Harry's things (gun, pouch, clothes, ring) are by the altar, besides his wand and glasses. Assume that the Death Eaters are competent enough to fire at him within a second (probably less). Whatever he does, he would need at least a second or two to get to them, another one to retrieve an item. He has nothing which he could shield himself with or use to dodge that many curses. They are between Harry and the altar. This is an unlikely avenue to help unless he can get there, and Voldemort knows everything Harry has, so unless he can use something in an unexpected way these are likely not helpful anyways (at the moment).
-Harry is in a building. There seem to be windows, or a lack of roof, as the moon is visible. But Harry cannot fly without a broomstick, a broom which is in his pouch, and how is he to avoid being hit even if he gets it...
-Hermione, sleeping but alive and immune to all but fiendfyre and the killing curse (and even then she may revive via horcrux) is sitting on an altar. An altar which is blocked by the death eaters. Could Hermione's Patronus kickstartered body reflect killing curses sent at it, if Harry
could get behind her? Voldemort would know to simply attempt Fiendfyre- but would he try it immediately, given that he did not want to do that first, and thus some of his procedures would be missed?
-There are graves, and at least one tree on this battlefield. Their positions are indistinct, but the killing curse would pass through them anyways so they're more tripping hazards than anything. Transfiguration material at best, and there's no time for that.
-Voldemort is in the air, presumably directly over his semicircle of Death Eaters.

We aren't focusing on the real issue. What we need is a way to escape IMMEDIATE death. So the real question is not "how can Harry win", but rather "how can he stall or otherwise drag out his currently-60-second life expectancy?" Whatever it is, it must be quick, due to said time limit.

Line of Logic:

-In order for Harry to escape immediate death, he must not be killed by the death eaters or Voldemort.
-In order for Voldemort not to kill Harry, Harry must say something of interest to him that is true. Potentially, cause a realization of a sort in Voldemort that forces him to NOT kill Harry? -There appears to be no other way to keep Voldemort from killing Harry, as he has accounted for nigh on everything.
-In order for the Death Eaters to not kill Harry, he cannot speak anything to them, or raise his wand. He may be able to move slightly, but that is all. Is there a way to take them out, en masse, or otherwise send them in to chaos that will keep them from stunning/killing him?
-Voldemort has three major points to push at- his fear of death, his fear of the prophecy (world being destroyed)- potentially applicable to other prophecies (any media prophecies Harry could bluff he's heard and be believed about?), and his need to enjoy/entertain himself (as seen by dragging on of war because he figured he'd be bored otherwise). How can these be used against him?
-If Voldemort tells the Death Eaters not to attack, they will not. If Harry hurts Voldemort somehow, they may either gape or attack, or a combo of. The risk is not low, therefore he should probably get Voldemort to hold off for a moment, give him some doubt that this plan will succeed. That IS what Voldemort is basically even asking for, after all. Therefore the plan most likely to work must involve dealing with Voldemort directly.
-The only way to deal with Voldemort directly right now, given his absolute overpowering of Harry, knowledge of the resonance link and what to avoid doing, and Harry's total lack of options right now, the most likely solution is one where Harry does exactly what he says, and tells him something he believes he wishes to know.

...well, that was a lot of work to lead to an obvious conclusion. Not that it's shocking, but options are limited right now.

Major Questions:

-What can Harry say to prevent Voldemort from WANTING to kill him? Anything? He cannot offer a deal, or bribe, or anything of the sort, he must SCARE Voldemort in to not killing him. Can he link the idea of his death to the prophecy? Harry does not know the exact words, only that in it he supposedly threatens the world. If he can do this, the Death Eater problem also ceases, at least for the moment. However, if he cannot do this...
-What can Harry say or do, in his current position, and with Voldemort in the air, to keep Voldemort from killing him? He cannot fight him, Voldemort can counter everything he might try, unless the resonance forces backlash, which the death eaters will stop. Hence, unless Harry can pull off a solution to the below issue while keeping Voldemort occupied long enough for him to cast a spell (Voldemort's reaction times are essentially instantaneous) or present him with something he has no answer for (like...?), there is no answer to this.
-What can Harry do, through means requiring no voice and without magic requiring a wand, to, at least temporarily, remove the threat the Death Eaters pose? He can reflect killing curses, but that requires at least a few seconds mental prep, and the time required to say "Expecto Patronum". Also, unless solution 2 (see below) is possible, they will stun, not kill him, and the true patronus will not reflect those.

Suggested Solutions:

In order of creation; not all made after line of logic created so as to at least toss out obvious, as well as unlikely plans. Percentage rates are arbitrary.

1. Can Harry command Hermione, without words or gestures or magic, to awaken and fight for him? She cannot be killed, and the magically binding oath suggests such, but if she cannot heed his command due to being unable to receive input, this is useless. Furthermore, Voldemort would be able to disable, if not kill, her for a time. In order for this to work, Voldemort would need to be taken out of the equation. That requires an entirely different plan.
2. The first thing they intend to do to Harry is stun him. However, Voldemort's last command was to "strike the boy down" if he moved. If they interpret this as killing him (via the killing curse, naturally), it is possible he could deflect them via patronus. Voldemort would be
distracted by trying to STOP them from doing that, as it violates his procedures. Harry uses this time to somehow move to a more advantageous position. Caveat, how attached is Voldemort TRULY attached to that procedure? He is unwilling to risk much with a prophecy, but if things start going wrong (say, his death eaters are all suddenly dead due to reflected killing curses), what will his immediate course of action be? To stun, or to kill? Again, Voldemort, even momentarily distracted, remains a huge problem.
3. The rules state Harry cannot develop any new magical powers (relative to him, presumably) or transcend previously stated constraints on them in the next sixty seconds. Harry, however, rejected the constraints on ALL magic from the start. Thus said constraints do not exist, if taken by the literal meaning of the statement. That being said, previous wording was "only use capabilities the story has already shown him to have", so unless he's been doing something we haven't not
1 chapter 113 . 8/3/2015
I love this
Guest chapter 113 . 7/25/2015
I was just about to move on, but after reading Voldemort's exact wording one more time I realised that knowingly or not, he's left Harry a get out of jail free card. For each secret Harry tells him, he gets to name one person to be protected. Reveal how to do partial transfiguration, name himself to be saved. Problem solved.
Guest chapter 113 . 7/25/2015
Several months late to the party, but I finished Chapter 113 yesterday and gave myself one day to think of a solution before I read on. The way I see it, from Harry's position he can only do one of three things:
OPTION A: The Hero's monologue.
Harry is able to speak to Voldemort one last time in Parseltongue. To extend his life, he must use these words to convince Voldemort that killing him would be a bad idea. Perhaps a warning that the curse might actually backfire and cause the end of the universe, or the revelation of a skill which requires Harry to stay alive. However, I can't think of any true statement which would be enough to stop Voldemort so that brings me to
OPTION B: Here's one I transfigured earlier.
This method worked against the troll, and we know the very same rock is in the ring, and could be un-Transfigured without speaking. Not that this would help Harry, of course. But what if he foresaw how useful this option might be and before he put down his wand he managed to get a Transfigured object near Quirrelmort, which would be fatal when Harry stops his magic. This requires a fair bit of planning, though, and assumes Harry has been sustaining magic away from his person. So onto
OPTION C: Banned Transfiguration.
Harry's wand is pointing downwards, and any attempt to lift it will cause alarm. My first thought was to transfigure the air it's touching into water, in such a shape that the air in Voldemort's lungs changes too. But that sounds implausible, so what else could Harry transfigure? Well, if he touches the wand against his leg he could change his whole body into either a weapon (which would possibly kill him too ie a bomb) or something more defensive (an insect of some sort, after which he could crawl away unseen). I'm not sure what the limits on human transfiguration are, but if Harry can achieve this in a minute then it's the only way I can think of in a day that he will survive.
Time to move on to 114! I sincerely hope that the true solution is more plausible, intelligent and downright brilliant than any wild escape I've thought of, and the story continues in its perfection.
Guest chapter 113 . 7/21/2015
I have only one question. Why didn't Voldemort make Harry drop his wand "just in case"?
Wanted to share chapter 113 . 7/9/2015
i know I'm late anyway. I, however, have not yet gone past this chapter and my prediction is untainted by future knowledge.
Harry just simply has to convince voldemort that it's his death that will trigger the prophecy's completion. Perhaps he could use the argument that the mess that is made of the world is a direct consequence of his being unable to stop voldemort here. As he needs to be a balance to the dark lord to keep him from mistakes he would make because of lack of care for those around him. Which is highly probable. That's the argument I would use, honestly.
And if that didn't work, then I would attempt to turn the death eaters against voldemort. Perhaps by revealing that he was also Monroe. That would require more thinking and more finesse probably. Of course there is the idea that he could play himself as a power more to be feared than voldemort. (Voldemort himself did admit that Harry scared dementors.) Sadly the further along the ideas go the less likely I find the outcome to be life. There is some idea, perhaps, of playing off the treatment with Hermione, but the way voldemort phrased it left little opportunity.
I am curious about where the ring ended up, the one with the large rock, because depending on where it is... It would at least revert when Harry died and that could be fun.

I'm not sure if Harry could try to get voldemort to hit him with a spell, because that would be another possible scenario. It's even less likely considering voldemort would know not to, but I still feel like perhaps he could get him to curse a death eater again, close enough that Harry can jump in the way. I feel like that would be thoroughly unexpected and I understand Harry wants to live but back when he was cursing people it would have been a fairly good option considering.
So these are listed in order of my idea of most likely-to-work and better for Harry to less likely to work and then to worst for Harry.
(Question though, is there absolutely nothing /Hermione/ can do? They aren't to harm her. How out is she? I know that's not as good for a Harry solving the problem, but.)
So yes, late by a lot but I just wanted to put these here.
Guest chapter 113 . 6/19/2015
Harry teaches Voldemort how to create a 2nd level Patronus, but since the description does not match the usual Patronus instructions, Voldemort does not realize the implications. He instead describes it as "how I control Dementors." He includes that it requires a sacrifice: the spell will reach a limit where you feel you must END -not just die- if you put any more of your energy into it (Harry's own feeling in Azkaban). The willingness to END is the only sacrifice necessary (a la sacrificing your free will in the Unbreakable Vow.) Since Harry and Voldemort are the only magical people Harry knows of that do not believe in an afterlife, they are the only ones capable of casting the spell. All other wizards might sacrifice their lives, but not their hope of an afterlife.
In order for this to work, Harry needs to teach Voldemort Partial Transfiguration FIRST. Trust needs to be established. Trying to kill Voldemort through a botched PT would be ineffective; Dumbledore and McGonnagall's caution when it came to experimenting with Transfiguration would indicate that Voldemort would be just as careful. But after successfully proving the possibility of a PT, Voldemort would be willing to try the Patronus 2.0. They port with the Death Eaters to Azhaban to to destroy all of the Death Eaters there as the first declaration of Voldemort's ascension to power. This would also help establish Voldy as occasionally benevolent, something he is newly interested in. HP demonstrates it on a Dementor, but the pressure of casting the spell causes the both of them pain. HP and Voldy separate to opposite ends of the prison to prevent their magic from interfering, HP guarded by nearly all the Death Eaters. Voldemort commits completely to the spell, dying and destroying every Dementor with him.
Gradus chapter 113 . 5/28/2015
I realize the discussion is now over, but for fun, without reading any other reviews or looking ahead, here's what I think a solution that works well with the story so far would look like:

Excruciating seconds tick by as Harry frantically thinks, struggling to find any solution. He realizes he must not vocalize anything or move, and yet must destroy the Death Eaters instantly, in a single blow. He realizes Transfiguration is the only magic that can let him cast with incantations, and wracks his brain to find something he can partially transfigure to gain an advantage.

In a desperate gamble- remembering with a flash of insight what he saw within the darkness of the cage one winter afternoon at Hogwarts - Harry uses partial transfiguration to reshape a tiny fragment of quantum space at the tip of his wand. He increases the point-mass of this space, and pulls at the fabric of the quantum foam until a tear appears in the fabric of space time.

This tear is a magical black hole, the embodiment of nothingness, inexorable death, given existence and consciousness by magic - a Dementor.

The Dementor, responding to the probability wave of its surroundings and directed by Harry’s expectations, immediately drains the magic and lives of the Death Eaters.

Voldemort leaps backward on his broomsticks and is able to fire off a killing curse, his own despair still potent in the face of Death. The Dementor instantly interposes itself between Voldemort and Harry, consuming the magic effortlessly. Voldemort struggles to control his mind and prepares to destroy Harry with another desperate curse, but Harry cries out in Parseltongue that if he dies the transfiguration will end and the Dementor’s rift will collapse, with unknown physical consequences. Harry suspects the results would be catastrophic, as the sudden collapse of a magical black hole could release untold energies.

Struggling to think through the pain caused by the dementor’s presence and horrified by the drain on his magic, Voldemort reluctantly agrees not to kill Harry for fear of the Prophecy of Destruction being fulfilled. Harry suggests the Philosopher’s Stone be used to make the Dementor permanent, then Harry can use his patronus to banish it safely.

Voldemort, rapidly being drained of his magic and in unbearable psychic pain, resists but finally agrees. Harry takes the stone, and attempts to apply it to the rift he created in space.

A crack, a seam in the very universe as two opposed forces collide. The Stone’s power is to give Permanence, to sustain existence - the Dementor’s very nature is Death, Endings, Non Existence. Time and Space themselves are rent as these two magics collide in a paradox that threatens to TEAR APART THE STARS AND END THE WORLD.

This is the very death of the universe - yet it was Foretold.

In an ancient city, where magic was first forged and shaped to match men’s minds, this moment was seen. In their final act, the Archmagi of Atlantis created a temporal paradox, a bubble in time that would coincide with this very moment. With a magic kin to that of the Mirror, invoked through a dark ritual that reshaped time and sacrificed not just themselves but their entire Continuum, their slice of Multiverse, the makers of Atlantis trapped the Rift in an alternate universe, where it spiralled into a Big Crunch that consumed all matter, space, and time. Thus was Atlantis destroyed from all Time.

In the Graveyard, the two wizards saw only a great flash of energies as both stone and Dementor were destroyed forever.

In that moment, both wizards meet eyes, and go for their wands… only to find they have no magic. It has been drained by the Dementor’s passing. In a moment of realization, they each dart forward, diving for the gun...
A Common Hero chapter 113 . 5/27/2015
Well first of all, without having read these chapters, I did check how many chapters were posted alongside my check as to whether the story was completed or not before reading through it a third time. Thus I now know that you did not end your story before chapter 121, and therefore this challenge was solved. There are other possibilities still, but I assign them a very low probability. This grants me an advantage that those who read the challenge as it was posted did not have. I know for a fact there is a solution. Those participating at the time had to take it on faith that you were playing fair, and had I been in their position I might have doubted that you were. I so note this because it provides me with a psychological benefit that the challenge does not intend, and so my results are not as valid (though then again, they won't be tested either, and this benefit does come at the cost of a lack of urgency in my thinking).

Secondly, I wish to note that your rule about time turners contradicts evidence already presented in the story. Harry has already saved himself from a precarious situation at one point by going back in time and sending himself help. He did this when Draco Malfoy cursed him after their first real discovery as scientists. But I will allow that he at least had access to the time turner at the time, so if he had to he could have used this to go back in time and scream for help in pain all the while, rather than going back and getting help after the curse was mostly neutralized. Furthermore, these rules of time travel are not information harry Potter has, he never observed that these rules are true in story and so naturally his first thought should be his time turner, especially since this has been in character for him in the past right up until the situation that caused this mess he is in. Therefore without knowing that this rule about time following some weird path of least resistance exists, Harry Potter should precommit to the plan of going back in time to fetch help the moment he has his Time turner in hand, and precommit to it so strongly in his mind that no matter what happens next he will go back that last hour he has remaining, then use the time to arrange a rescue. At which point Harry Potter should then die due to ignorance of how the world works.

Therefore that does not count as my one proposed solution, because it is not a solution (especially since it does not keep with the rule that Harry is allowed to be a perfect thinker who does whatever the hell I want him to that is physically/magically possible, and does not actually have to act in character).

Unfortunately my best attempt is not very good. I know it isn’t good because I can imagine myself in Voldemort’s place, and simply put I would not allow Harry Potter to move on single centimeter beyond the movement of his lips to speak to me (as I have asked him to). Yet I do not remember any magic Harry may have learned that does not require him to move from this position. Furthermore, this solution is absolute rubbish because I have only solved the problem in technical terms. The Challenge is, “Harry Potter needs to survive ‘IMMEDIATELY,’ he can do so, how?” Technically the solution I propose below will allow that, but it leaves no room for Harry to escape afterwards and he would very likely die in short order. I have failed to become the Super Rationalist.

My proposed solution was this:
Harry Potter offers, in Parseltongue, to explain the secrets behind his ability to kill Dementors. He sits down on the ground as he does so, saying in Parseltongue ‘I do not intend to escape by this action,’ expanding on the truthful deceit as needed to be allowed this action. The words are true, he does not escape by sitting down. He does, however, get the chance to place his wand upon the ground. At this time he assures Voldemort that the reason he cannot explain the True Patronus is that to understand you have to understand the entire process by which he came to that magic. This is also true, but the words are a tactic by which he can buy time. The plan is to take as much time as reasonable being detailed in hi story telling in hopes that Voldemort’s respect for the idea that one must be ‘ready for knowledge’ before they may use it (the wizarding culture’s principle behind who should be told magical secrets) will cause him to not instantly jump to the conclusions he might need in order to cast the True Patronus. Or rather, that when he does jump to that conclusion on his own, he will still wait and listen to be sure.

During this time Harry is creating a hole in the ground, using his wand which he has been able to place to the ground when he sat down. Voldemort should not find the placement of the wand to be threatening (though I acknowledge the solution is doomed anyway because ANY movements by Harry should be disallowed by a smart Voldemort) because Voldemort does not know Partial Transfiguration, and would thus have to believe Harry can transform essentially the entire planet in order to do any transfiguration at all (the only magic Harry should reasonably be expected to be able to do without saying a verbal spell, which he either can’t do in Parseltongue or wouldn’t know he can do anyhow, thus breaking the rules of our Challenge). Even if Harry somehow could do that in magical terms, Voldemort knows he can’t because that would pretty damn well destroy the world, thus breaking his Vow.

Harry uses the skill of controlled transfiguration, which he learned in one of his final on-screen transfiguration classes, to cause the effect to form from the bottom up (all changes happen underground at the bottom of the soon to be hole first, then ascend). The hole is created in three stages. First a circle of ten feet in diameter, 3 feet deep, the Earth of which is transformed into a net which can safely catch us without breaking our bones from the kinetic energy (I never ran the math on this, I don’t even know if the fall is dangerous or if the net could save us). Secondly, a hole above this one, square with an internal volume of five by five by five feet, but an opening at the bottom (into the previous hole) of only 4X5 feet, the Earth being transformed into a diamond plate that is square with a width of 5 feet and a length of 5 feet, angled such that we will not hit it as we fall into the hole. Finally, the ground we are sitting on will be left untransformed to fall apart naturally so that we may fall.

As we fall, we cast Stuporfy at Voldemort, taking the gamble that our magic can in fact do him far more harm than it does to us. We also are gambling that he knows he can’t use a shield, so will dodge, and that he doesn’t know about the spell somehow (I don’t see how he should, but he might because Voldemort has often seemed to have knowledge he really, really shouldn’t have), thus being caught off guard and getting hit by it when it redirects at him. We are also gambling that his Death Eaters will be too surprised to hit us with Avada Kedavra (or other harmful spell) before we are within the cover of our hole in the dirt. Frankly none of this should work, which is why I deem this plan a failure. The Death eaters are too ready for us (although they were shown to be pretty distractible during this chapter). Voldemort is too good a fighter to be caught off guard by the need to dodge twice. And we have no idea what our magic and his magic mixing will do to us. But we have to do something to take Voldemort out or having cover from Death Eater fire will be a transient phenomenon. And this was the best I could come up with.

Once we fall into our hole we use Wingardium Leviosa to tip the diamond plate over the hole, thus covering the smaller gap at the bottom of the second hole and preventing death Eaters from firing down on us immediately without first casting Finite on our transfiguration.

At that point we basically just have to hope Voldemort is actually dead or incapacitated over the long term and we aren’t. If so we may be able to negotiate with the remaining Death Eaters for our freedom and continued safety. If not Voldemort either personally finites our transfiguration on the Diamond or rallies his troops to do so, and we die in short order.

Technically our immediate survival is sort of made possible under this plan, but not by much. I consider it a failure, but then it’s the best I have.
PA chapter 113 . 5/25/2015
lol ... let's see where this goes then.
missmawwie chapter 113 . 5/23/2015
I'm going to review 20 times woohoo and I am close!
Nikolai chapter 113 . 4/16/2015
Well, this was unexpected.
Maybe because I was reading translation from and found myself here only after I've read everything they translated there.
As for solution - I think that Unbreakable Vow could be abused by harry in some way. I'm not going to elaborate it since it is 1. pointless right now (I missed my final exam! :( ) and 2.I really want to read rest of the story.
tH1s chapter 113 . 4/8/2015
You are horrible and I believe you are in league with George R. R. Martin
Adam Zerner chapter 113 . 4/7/2015
I may be missing something here, but the way Voldemort is acting doesn't make sense to me. He's demonstrated that he thinks there's things Harry knows that he would like to learn. It also seems reasonable that he'd expect Harry to continue to learn useful things that Harry could teach Voldemort. So is giving Harry 60 seconds to do this really the most use he could get out of Harry?

Playing this card may buy Harry time, maybe a lot of time. With this time, I see a variety of possible outs:

Hopefully the muggles will develop FAI one day, which will have the power to finally destroy Voldemort. To increase the likelihood of this happening, I'd think that Harry a) has to communicate to the muggle scientists to keep this secret so Voldemort doesn't find out about it and stop it. And b) could try to distract Voldemort and lead him towards doubting the usefulness of muggle science. b) unfortunately diminishes the usefulness that Harry provides which may end up in Voldemort deciding to kill him, but this may not be a horrible outcome to Harry given the circumstances and his utility function.
Make people more rational. It seems that Voldemort enjoys harming people because their stupidity frustrates him. There isn't anyone in the world who Voldemort thinks is actually smart, and thus there isn't someone he actually respects. Harry has been the closest thing to someone who matches his intelligence, and thus he has demonstrated some respect (in a way) for Harry, and has demonstrated deriving some happiness from mentoring Harry. Additionally, in a more general sense, he seems to take pleasure in making stupid people smarter. Perhaps Harry could accelerate the process of making society smarter. Maybe he could use a combination of magic and drugs to make people smarter. (as an alternative, maybe Harry could use the 60 seconds to propose that Voldemort tries making people smarter and seeing if that makes him happy)
Continue to contemplate how magic really works. There seems to be incredibly potential power there, far beyond what Voldemort's current powers are. Harry already figured out partial transfiguration and how to kill death eaters at the age of 11(?) and within a year of figuring out that magic exists. Perhaps he'd continue to make discoveries like this and might eventually gain enough power to fight Voldemort. This very well may even happen quickly after one insight. Alternatively, maybe he could figure out the secrets of happiness and propose that Voldemort spends eternity in a magical version of wireheading (Voldie's terminal goal does seem to be happiness, not power or chaos). Granted, Voldemort probably is smart enough to monitor Harry to make sure there isn't anything useful that Harry knows that he doesn't. I'm not sure how to get around this. Making him think you're stupid would make him less likely to monitor you closely, but that also would make him not want to keep you around.
kokoPedli chapter 113 . 4/3/2015
Patronus can be invoked here and is more powerful, as it has already been described, than the hold voldemort has on the deathEaters..
Also, Harry has just made a promise to survive this scene because it is the lesser evil then not surviving.
He must awaken Hermione to consult about this and she, of course will help )
He need not teach Voldemorte anything but love to win.

ps, I just discovered this chapter after finishing the rest of the book a month or so ago, this is my answer in about 90 seconds.. no more needed...
BTW, thanks for an awesome great story and the rest of what you are up to with your teachings!
Guest chapter 113 . 3/26/2015
Guest chapter 113 . 3/22/2015
The 9th Element chapter 113 . 3/21/2015
I know this is already finished, but before I head on to the next chapter, I have a rather morbid solution. Harry could transfigure the air around him into carbon monoxide gas while he holds his breath, then finite the transfiguration once they all collapse. This wouldn't take long, and he needn't say a word or make a move the whole time. It's a colorless, odorless gas, and considering their relatively equal distance to Harry, should make them collapse at about the same time. It's also irreversible. It binds to your blood instead of oxygen and stays there, killing you rather quickly. Best of all, Harry knows all this already, AND Hermione will live thanks to the troll and unicorn stuff. It only took me about 2 minutes to come up with, so it's conceivable for Harry to make the same plan.
CMVreud chapter 113 . 3/18/2015
Bah, idiot, He should have said I, Harry POTTER, by now we know [spoiler] that he's TOM RIDDLE, there could be problems with the MEANING of the vow, but we're talking about a boy who frighten dementors and has two, three(?), prophecies on his head...
... and wasn't there somewhere earlyer a vow to conquer death? How would that not destroy the world (as we know it)?
Perhaps Albus' now unbound Phoenix?
And what is when the actual not telling of the prophecy to Harry, or Harrys death trigger it?
Let's ask Shikamaru Nara. 'Troublesome.'
Jojiro chapter 113 . 3/14/2015
Can you show us now the alternate, "bad" ending, as an omake chapter?
It's clearly something you've already planned out, it's clearly something you have written, and it shouldn't take too long to post.

I feel like its existence will make the already satisfying ending more satisfying, at minimal inconvenience to you. A very low-cost nod to the readers, of sorts.

Thank you for this crazy, crazy ride!
Martin47 chapter 113 . 3/12/2015
I know I am way past deadline, but I was on vacation (bouldering in France), so just to share my opinion (before reading next chapters and other reviews):

I think (and so Harry could come to that conclusion too, and be able to say it in Parseltoungue, as it is a valid concern), that there may be a possibility, that the prophecy will be fulfilled by killing Harry, which may have unexpected results and create large magical resonance, etc.

Regardless of the exact wording, if the prophecy says that Harry will destroy the universe, and we take the premise that the prophecy will find its way to be fulfilled (and furthermore that Voldemort has heard it, so he might be the one to make it fulfilled), it is possible, Harry will destroy the Universe by magically blowing up after being killed by Voldemort.

I know that Voldemort is trying to evade this by pointing a gun at Harry, rather than wand, but the argument that this very situation may be the point of foretold destruction is still valid.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/9/2015
XeroLegendaryZ chapter 113 . 3/9/2015
I know its way to late, but I only recently read chapter 113 and when I was able to come up with a viable solution I decided to mention it. just to point out, I have not yet read chapter 114 and within 20 minutes of having read the challenge developed this Idea:

Voldemort gave an Absolute order to his Death Eaters to not harm or take any sort of action that can harm or even affect Hermione. The Death Eaters are unaware of her magically added protections and even if they were would not be allowed to so much as stun her in order to follow the command given. By using the enemies conscious attempt to monitor his wand arm, the natural distraction of his nude state, their desire to follow his verbal dialog with Voldemort who will additionally be paying close attention to the wording and need to formulate his own carefully worded responses, and purposefully adding in movement of his non-wand arm to play on their minds natural desire to take note of and follow movement he can split their focus. The mind cannot multitask as its ability to balance multiple focuses is limited. By splitting their attention to multiple aspects of the conversation they are less likely to notice the gradual natural movements that can be used to position himself near Hermione.

Using Parseltongue, he can open up with a point that if he's going to die that he'd want some assurance that after being killed Voldemort wont purposefully seek out and harm his loved ones and not cause any further harm to any of the students there; in exchange Harry will put forth his best efforts to come up with a plausible answer to the question posed. If Voldemort won't then, being that Harry will die anyway, there's no reason for him to waste any thought or effort in answering the question. There are other potential avenues of discussion, and they'll all have to be carefully worded as not to further complicate the situation or give Voldemort and actually advantage.

If he can maneuver himself close enough to quickly conceal himself behind Hermione and the alter she's on the majority of the Death Eaters will hesitate and not attack due to Voldemort's orders and those that do violate his orders will be using stunning methods as instructed. Voldemort said in Parseltongue previously that he would not stand by and let harm come to her in the slightest, so any attempt to seriously harm her can be counted on being defended against by Voldemort himself to keep that statement true.

If Harry uses Accio to summon the time turner when he makes his initial move he should be able to don it, grab Hermione and go back one hour-going back further would require more turns and prolongs his escape by the required amount of time it takes to turn it-before Voldemort can stop him due to his human shield and potentially any Death Eaters throwing a killing curse, which I honestly wouldn't put past at least on of them doing despite orders to the contrary-like with attacking Hermione.

Of course there are two fundamental weaknesses in this plot. One is the possibility of having the movement noticed and subsequently halted. The other is the possibility that Voldemort will be able to stop him before he can activate the time turner despite using Hermione as a shield. Still, that's a possibility I came up with soon after reading the challenge that I find to be plausible, realist in the given situation and limitations, and should satisfy all requirements. Coming up with something better would frankly require more time than I have and am willing to spend on the topic. I look forward to seeing what approaches others took!
Anonymous chapter 113 . 3/8/2015
Before I explain my solution, I would just like to thank Yudkowsky for this story. I've been following it anxiously since last autumn, and really enjoy it. I'll have to re-read it all again once this is over, and find all the clever little foreshadowing twists thoroughly. And I've learned a lot as well. I've got a mini-Harry in my head asking me what I know and how I think I know it.

Okay, so I did come up with this before the deadline for Chapter 114, but I've only gotten around to posting it here now. I know it's very late, but there are thousands of words of answers and I thought I'd put in my own solution. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend as much time working on the exam as I'd have liked, what with school and other tests, but the solution is viable, though not optimal.

The prophecy (concerning the stars and the end of the world) simply states 'he'. Voldemort assumes this is Harry, or his natural enemy (whom he assumes to be the Boy-Who-Lived, created to be his enemy, and not Dumbledore, whom he claims cannot plot), and builds his future actions off of this assumption; however, the prophecy could also refer to Dumbledore, who 'came' almost immediately before Trelawny gave the prophecy. The only person who can release Dumbledore from his self-imposed exile Outside Time on the other side of the Mirror of VEC is Harry Potter.

If Voldemort truly wants to disrupt the prophecy at every point of intervention, then leaving Dumbledore behind the Mirror isn't good enough. He needs to kill Dumbledore like he plans to kill Harry. One could argue that destroying the 'key' (Harry) will prevent him from opening the 'lock', but keys can be copied and locks can be picked. That way is not safe.

Voldemort needs Harry to unlock the Mirror and 'rescue' Dumbledore so that Voldemort can kill him, once and for all. Believing in death as the 'next great adventure', Dumbledore would not have created any horcruxes or measures of immortality, so he could be permanently killed.

Of course, Dumbledore cannot be killed if Harry is killed. And while the prophecy does not necessarily refer to Dumbldore instead of Harry, it will be fulfilled. If it is fulfilled through another person, so be it - unless Voldemort can stop it at every point of intervention.

Harry has also taken an Unbreakable Vow to prevent the prophecy by every means possible. If freeing Dumbledore will lead directly to the continued safety of the stars and the world, then he will do it. He has sacrificed his free will.

Voldemort has left a vital puzzle piece under the bed and forgotten about it. He needs Harry Potter to fetch it for him. Harry must live in order to fulfill Voldemort's goal and act out the requirements of his Unbreakable Vow. He cannot be killed until he has found a way to, and succeeded in, freeing Dumbledore from Outside Time on the other side of the Mirror of VEC.

Harry presents this case to Voldemort in Parseltongue. He evades immediate death, despite being naked, holding only his wand and facing 36 Death Eaters plus the fully resurrected Lord Voldemort.
Azrael38 chapter 113 . 3/8/2015
Actually I'm really just hoping Harry dies since he's an arrogant douche. Your writing is very nice but this story seems needlessly complicated to introduce your Mary-Sue main character.
xvector chapter 113 . 3/5/2015
Totally cop-out ending. Harry is an idiot. He should die. Voldenort would make this weak, pathetic world a better place.

But fine. Harry can channel transfiguration magics through is feet to create a reactive nuclear substance right under his toes. Then he can blow it up and kill everyone. He would die too, but who cares?
tighearnach chapter 113 . 3/5/2015
And then HPMOR was quest. Alas, the deadline is over, but even if it was still running, my talents lay nowhere near the realms of planning and rational thinking.
mantimeforgot chapter 113 . 3/4/2015
Best I could come up with given 5 minutes to think about it would be that Harry tells Voldemort that he must keep him alive or he will command the dementors to swarm and thus Voldemort will be ruling over a kingdom of ash. This would run counter to the necessary precursor to casting the Patronus charm of "Valuing Life sufficient to make its propagation and protection a primary Utility Function." So I am uncertain whether or not he could actually voice this aloud in Parseltongue.

There are no incantations known to Harry that Voldemort could not foresee, and I do not think Harry's knowledge of chemistry is sufficient to setup a trap capable of immobilizing 36 death eaters at the ready and simultaneously prevent Voldemort from acting in a lethal manner using partial transfiguration.

Partial transfiguration in order to create a trap would have to be subtle enough to avoid Voldemort's notice. Voldemort has, probably, since Azkaban, managed to deduce Harry possesses a special method of transfiguration. Ergo, whatever reaction produced via the interaction of components would not be allowed to produce evidence of itself such that Harry would not be giving away its interaction until it was time to "dodge," its conclusion would have to be nearly instantaneous so as to not allow the reaction itself to be countered via spellcraft, its reaction would have to be so precise as to allow for Harry to predict its conclusion, and it could not be so strenuous to perform as to make Voldemort believe that Harry was performing a wanded magic of some sort.

I am willing to admit that I do not believe myself smart enough to think of a way out of a situation with this setup. If I were placed in both Harry and Voldemort's positions, then I am fairly confidant that "Voldemort Me" knows too much for a "Harry Me" to be able to get out of this situation.
isaac.a.park chapter 113 . 3/4/2015
I know it's already done, but still here's my solution.

So transformations don't require movement of a wand at least if I understand correctly. Harry's wand is already facing down. Harry has the ability to transform small parts of a greater whole. I'm not quite sure in how wide an area he can transform, but he should be able to transform a large amount of dirt and into air or something much smaller. Air if possible would be better though much more dangerous as it would do to things. First assuming a large enough volume of air was created it would push harry up and out of the line of fire for a while. Quite a significant while if done right. Second unless the death eaters are incredibly fast they will breath some of the transformed air and it will immediately be incorporated into their cells. Depending on the volume this would either make them incredibly sick or kill them when it was transformed back into earth. Given just the smoke of a rocket puts people into the hospital I'd say it would probably kill them. So then they have good reason to not allow the transformation to lapse, which killing Harry would trigger. Harry would also be fairly high up in the air which would give him a bit of time. His next move is to try to summon as much as he can to himself. If he can get the pouch he's won. It will give him access to a broomstick and as already mentioned they can't kill him while he is powering the transformation. Now of course he can't let it lapse either as he will have breathed in a good deal of the air as well. He will therefore have to at some point use the stone to cement the transformation, but this will take time. In the mean time once his present situation is stabilized he contacts as many people as he can, or possibly gets some dementors to help. While I don't think they would be able to kill Voldie they should at least be able to snatch Harry away especially given the threat Harry still has to hang over everyone. At some point the transformation will have to be cemented with stone, but Voldie will probably do this on his own. I suspect he won't need to be physically touching Harry. If not with the proper care harry would probably have an ok chance as the transformation relapsed.
Matt Falk chapter 113 . 3/4/2015
Step 1: Buy more time.

Honestly respond in Parseltongue that "Before I can teach you how to cast the true Patronus, I must consult my trusted friend as to wether or not this will cause a mass destruction." I believe this to be a valid (true) concern and gains him access to Hermione. Hermione has not yet been awaken, so this may or may not be safe. Either way, Harry has just bought himself some time.

Step 2: Acquire Philosopher's Stone.

As the stone is still with Hermione (I believe), Harry should be able to take it at this point.

Step 3: Use Hermione as a shield.

Hermione has been sworn the Dark Lord's protection, thus she can come to no harm at the hands of the Death Eaters. Voldemort, himself, said in Parseltongue that there were but 2 things that can harm her now. While discussing anything during Hermione's revival, put her between yourself and the death eaters. Thereby you will both be protected from direct line of sight attacks. Hermione may or may not be fully conscious, but that, I believe, is irrelevant.

Step 4: Acquire the Time Turner.

While behind Hermione, use "acio" to gain his Time Turner, which has a remaining hour left.

Step 5: Acquire the Invisibility Cloak.

Similarly, "acio" the Invisibility Cloak to himself.

Step 6: Go back 1 hour.

Simply use the Time Turner very quickly, while putting yourself under the cloak. Assuming the Dark Lord can not tell the difference between 3 Tom Riddles and 2 Tom Riddles (which by nature of not reacting before, he did not), we are now 1 hour back in time in the graveyard with our wand, cloak, and stone, hidden from view. (Ironically similar to having the Deathly Hallows, which makes one the master of death).

At this point, I am unsure of whether or not Voldemort and Harry have made it to the graveyard or not, but one just makes his presence less detectable. Either way, he is now free to formulate a stronger plan.

I believe that the plan will center around a massive transfiguration, but they do take time. He only has 1 hour. It also needs to be something that happens without being noticed. You are right that he has the true Patronus, possibly to be used as protection?

Step 7: Begin Transfiguration.

Harry has 1 hour to perform a transfiguration that will immobilize of all the Death Eaters (and perhaps Voldemort), simultaneously. After 1 hour is up, he will still have the element of surprise. He will have just disappeared from the graveyard, to be replaced by himself under the cloak. Begin collecting a bunch of very large branches, exactly 37 of them (37 death eaters - 1 dead death eater Voldemort 37). 1 by 1, transfigure them into unnoticeably small pieces of sand (or other small particle). It took him 30 mins to transfigure Hermione to a ring, so transfiguring a branch to a piece of sand in 2mins could be doable (especially under pressure), but read on for a further explanation.

Step 8: Acquire pouch.

While performing the transfigurations, but after the pouch has been used to get the gun, simply walk over and grab it.

Step 9: Strategically place the particles.

Levitate each of the 37 particles into a different Death Eater's mouth. There are wearing masks, but need to breath, so sand should be able to get in.

Step 10: Finite Incantatem!

As soon as Harry winks out of existence using the Time Turner, Harry reveals that he is now hidden among them. He announces what he has done. Thus, if he dies, the sand particles lose their spell and transform back into branches. No one will now attack Harry. Harry can confirm this in Parseltongue. He can also just say Finite Incantatem to kill them, further protecting him.

It is worth noting that Harry need only threaten a few Death Eaters. If he is only able to transform X branches in time, simply choose 37-X other random particles. Mix them up and put 1 in each Death Eater. Harry will not be able to reveal who has taken in a real branch and who has just inhaled sand.

At this point, Harry and Hermione are both protected to some extent. Harry has numerous items in his pouch as well as his cloak. In true General Chaos fashion, he is now free to simple snap his fingers and kill a death eater. He may or may not do this to prove control, as Parseltongue should be sufficient.

Step 11: Need to think about how actually to destroy Voldemort, and not just "this" body.
CJT chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I noticed this "contest" a bit too late, but I'm submitting ideas anyways, in the hopes that you find them amusing.

The most rational thing for Harry to do right now is take it as a given that he's dead, and work to minimize the damage that Voldemort and the Death Eaters can do in the near-term future.

To that end, he should transmute a few tens of milligrams of the air his wand is touching to antimatter. A 1 kT explosion will leave almost everyone else in the city alive, won't permanently kill Voldemort, but will certainly kill Voldemort's current set of trusted assistants and will certainly be at least as destructive as Fiendfyre with respect to destroying artifacts that Voldemort has in the vicinity. It'll also be a great big sign to the rest of Magical Britain that something has gone very wrong, and that they should do something about it.

(I'm assuming that the "Engine of Magic", for lack of a better name for the Clarketech widget implementing things, has a limit to how much energy it can directly or indirectly liberate, but this seems likely to be within that limit. A more rigorous test of that limit would be coming up with a potion formula that reminds a large vessel water of where oxygen came from, with a yield equivalent to fusion fuel, or where the protons in it came from, with a yield equivalent to antimatter. Doing this on the other side of the moon, rather than on Earth, is recommended.)
Tom Riddle chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Solution: Partially transfigure Voldemort's hormones (if he has any) to oxytocin or such. Yup, I know this is lame.
Transfigure phosporous powder in VOldemort's gun, like in Sherlock Holmes A game of Shadows
I have a few problems with this chapter though. Help me?
#1- Why didn't Voldemort take HJPEV's wand too?
#2- Why didn't he just make Harry take a Vow to not try to kill/thwart him or through inaction, allow his body to be killed/ thwarted.
This kinda suggests that Voldemort didn't actually intend on killing Harry?
Sensibly Tainted chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I don't know if I'm too late, but the first thing that came to mind was that all help isn't strictly true. Fawkes is still around. And it would have some resonance with canon if he assisted the escape/victory. Perhaps he flashes in and takes Harry to Dumbledore's office before Voldemort and Death Eaters can do anything. In the office is Dumbledore's time turner. Harry - dressed, armed, and with a plan - can attack Death Eaters from a strategic spot as soon as his past self disappears with Fawkes. Maybe Dumbledore even has a portrait or something that can assist Harry.

Sorry if this isn't as clever as your usual plot. To be honest this story really challenges me. All I know is I've followed this story faithfully since it first was posted. And I know it is completely unrational of me, but I really REALLY don't want a tragic ending. I've really bonded and invested in this universe.

Well. Good luck, Harry! From the bottom of my heart. I really wish I could think of a way to save you. I know others already covered the nonverbal partial Transfig. And on the subject of possible help, what about Dobby? Or centaurs? Those were cannon characters that aided Harry in the original series.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Anonymous II chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Note: Apparently there is a limit to the size of the review. So here's Part II (please read part one below first), posted under Anonymous. It's possible I might need to make another split.

[i]And you can turn these geness on?[/i]

[i]Maybe. I’m not ssure, but I believe I can. I have thought about it ssince my father ssent me the paper a month ago. But even ssetting asside the ethicss of it all, it takess time to learn how to use your magic and to ssusstain that intricate of a transsfiguration for any length of time would be beyond my abilitiess. Either now or the forsseeable future. I could make a Muggle a wizard, or a wizard a more powerful wizard, but they’d jusst lose it once I tired long before they could harnesss their new-found abilitiess.[/i]

There was greed now in Voldemort’s eyes. The boy could increase a Wizard’s power, beyond that of even Merlin. To that of the legendary Atlanteans. If the boy could do as he said, power, true power, the one thing Voldemort could not resist. His abnormally long fingers dipped into his robes and pulled forth the Philosopher's Stone. His mind was already racing.

[break here]

“Mister Harry Potter will be making another vow. Come forward Mister White”. Voldemort spoke in English.

“No No No”, the man piteously said, “Choose another, I have so little magic left”.

“Crucio” The man began to squirm under Voldemort’s wand.

“No No No”, Mr. White wailed, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

“This one will be shorter, and simpler. You have enough magic left for that.”

“Harry”, his tone now syrupy and sweet, “You will repeat these words, ‘I shall not injure Lord Voldemort or through inaction allow him to come to harm. I shall obey orders given by Lord Voldemort, except where such orders would conflict with the first rule. I shall protect my own existence as long as Lord Voldemort wills it and it does not conflict with the first two rules.’”
Harry recognized the twisted version of Asimov’s Laws of Robotics.

Harry repeated the words and Mr. White bound them to his very soul.

As before, it changed his entire outlook. He knew now, that opposing Voldemort was pointless. Perhaps he could control him, placate his rages, steer him toward favorable outcomes.

“Now boy, you shall make me into the most powerful Wizard that ever was.”

Glancing at the various Death Eaters with their wands still pointed at him, Harry continued to speak in Parseltongue [i]Yes, My Lord.[/i] Even as the last two words escaped his mouth. He knew them to be true. Voldemort began to laugh.

[slyth]Well, we just joined the Dark Lord. We’ve given every single one of these Death Eaters another reason to kill us. We need to make allies … fast[/slyth] Looking around, Harry spotted the perfect candidate. He was doubled over, weeping softly. [i]But My Lord, do you not remember Godric’s Hollow. We should test the procedure first. Mr. White, I could try to increase his power so that he’s not so ...[/i]

Looking over at the man, Voldemort finished the sentence in English “pitiful”.

“Yes, wise council my servant.” The triumph Voldemort purred. “Mister White, come forward.”

“No more my Lord, please, no more.” Mister White pleaded.

“Has that ever worked?” With a swish of his wand, Mister White went rigid and floated before Harry. His eyes continued to weep and glance around like a cornered animal.

“Harry, is once more going to cast a spell on Mister White. It should return his powers.”

For a moment Mr. White’s eyes relaxed, but Voldemort glanced at the pitiful man and changed his mind. “Harry, could you do the reverse, could you change him into a Muggle.”

Even though Voldemort’s paralysis Mr. White made a wimper.

[i]Yes, yes I could.[/i]

“Do so.” He said with a cold chuckle.

Harry stood before the man, and realized he must do as his Lord commanded. He also knew at that moment, he’d failed even more completely than he’d suspected. Each evil act he performed would change him, he’d rationalize it and make it part of his character. And after a while he would not be able to steer or reason with Voldemort, he’d become as black as his Lord and Master. [raven]Cognitive dissonance, the word you’re looking for is cognitive dissonance.[/raven]

Harry began the spell, and even with Voldemort’s paralysis Mr. White squirmed and whimpered beneath Harry’s wand. It was, in some ways easy. Transfiguration had often changed one animal to another, this was just a part. When it was done, Mr. White stood rock still, breathing heavily and weeping silently. Harry already felt changed and wanted wretch.

Lord Voldemort, his object lesson complete, placed the Philospher’s Stone on Mr. White and waited for it’s effect to be complete.

Once complete, Harry’s Lord released the ex-Death Eater. Mr. White stood. “Try to cast a spell Mister White.” Mr. White raised his wand “Illuminous”. Nothing happened. He shook his wand more frantically. Intoned louder. Pleaded with his wand. “What have you done?”

“Go Mister White. You are no longer one of us. You are just a dirty Muggle now.” Voldemort commanded. Before the cold command of Voldemort, Mr. White fled. Falling over gravestones and tripping through the mud.

“Now, my servant, you shall make me into a god. This I command!” Voldemort laughed, his triumph complete.

[break here]

Harry stood before the Dark Lord, as he had with Mr. White. He raised his wand and began the spell once more.

Concentrating on each of the genes in turn, picturing them in his head as he had with the atoms when doing a partial transfiguration, he turned them on or off as needed.

Voldemort gritted his teeth, it was painful, but not unbearable. His breathing grew ragged. He began to shake. Something was wrong. “What are you doing to me?” He glared at the boy in front of him.

He tried to draw the gun, but found it too heavy. His long and impractical limbs would not respond. It fell from his fingers into the dirt, moments before his legs gave way and he sprawled forward.

Harry looked around, the Death Eater’s seemed confused. None were sure what was going on. All but a few had lowered their wands, suddenly free of the network of vows that bound them to the Dark Lord.

Harry quickly kicked the gun aside and picked up the Philospher’s Stone from where it lay.
“Don’t worry, he said to the gathered spectators, “he will arise greater than before.” Harry spoke aloud. [slyth]That should give any true believers something to consider.[/slyth][raven] No one’s killed you for speaking English. That’s a good sign.[/raven]

Harry suddenly felt very cold. Harry swish his wand about, “Acrio”, The Dark Lord’s robes flew off and wrapped themselves about Harry. Leaving Voldemort naked on the ground.

Voldemort tried to stop him, but his limbs barely worked as Harry placed the stone on his chest.

“A famine victim is very scary. A giant famine victim doubly so. An impressive psychological weapon. But, Tom, a real life famine victim is … helpless.”

“How? How did you break the Unbreakable Vow?”, Tom weezed.

“I think … it was your spite. I would have made you a god, I wanted to make you a god, the most powerful wizard that ever was, but you wanted to make a lesson of poor Mr. White. I didn’t even know it would happen. I couldn’t have known it would happen, else I’d have stopped you. It seems it takes three magical creatures to make an Unbreakable Vow. One to accept the Vow, one to make the Vow, and one to seal the Vow. If any one of them stops being magical …” Harry trailed off as he watched the stone turn, finishing the ritual he had begun.

“You know that nose, it’s really not very good for anything, I don’t think you’re getting enough Oxygen.” Harry noted detachedly.

“I will come back, you forget, I have my horucruxes. I will have my revenge on you and your’s, Harry Potter.”

“No Tom, I think you’ll find that a horocrux only works for magical creatures. You’re a Muggle now.”

Harry watched as a look of pure terror crossed Tom Riddle’s misshapen face. Then it went slack as the impractical body finally gave way. [slyth]You know, he’d probably have been just as scary if he looked like someone normal … like Ralph Fiennes. And he wouldn’t be dead now.[/slyth]

Many of the Death Eaters had fled, not fully understanding what was happening and no longer wishing to be apart of it. Those that stayed stared at their arms. The Dark Marks finally fading. A few bowed before Harry before they took their leave. None wanted to be known to be in this graveyard on this night. Harry wondered about the prophecy, and decided that prophecies are dangerous things to dwell too much upon.

Harry walked over to were his friend Hermione lay and wondered how he was going to waken her.
Bezbozny chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Voldemort is pretty confident now, but he is playing pretty fast and loose with the evil Overlord list.
I mean he told Harry his plan to kill him out loud, when he could have used legilimency to tell only the Death Eaters then pretend he was going to let Harry live and then just kill him without any warning after he finished questioning him. It's almost like he is intentionally "Provoking a strong and vicious enemy." Then he felt the need to ask "One Final question" before he killed his enemy, and the question was "What secret powers do you have that I don't know about which are prophesied to defeat me?"
And of course he bragged about how he tricked Harry into shooting him when he could have let the "Oh no I've lost connection to my horcruxes!" ruse keep going.
I guess it just comes down to the fact that anyone who succeeds in becoming an evil overlord will always have too big of an ego to not make these mistakes.
Anonymous chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I don’t normally write these types of things, so I’m hoping you will cut me some slack. I haven’t read any other reviews, so don’t know if I’m stepping on or stealing anyone else’s story ideas. If you see something that looks like your idea, all I can say is “Great minds think alike.”

I’m also assuming, that “Less”’s enthusiasm for writing this story is waning, so I’m going to wrap up the story line. Furthermore, I’m going to assume that Harry behaved in a rational manner (kinda the whole point of the story) in the past, even if the story didn’t directly touch on some of the reasonable actions he should have been taking (but I’ll give reasons why they weren’t mentioned earlier). Last but not least, I don’t think I’m changing any of the abilities Harry has been shown to have in the past, nor will I make any of the characters behave in a manner totally unbelievable. I believe much of this “chapter” is foreshadowed in the previous writings. But you’re always free to disagree with me…

Okay, this turned out to be eight pages… I thought it’d be a page or two at most. Sorry.

With those caveats said:

Harry had to pee. [slyth]You know, you’re going to die in a minute. It’s going to happen anyway, might as well do it now.[/slyth] [gryph]We will not give him the satisfaction.[/gryph] [slyth]It’s silly to die uncomfortable.[/slyth][huff]We aren’t going to die, someone will notice, our friends will save us.[/huff][raven]No, no they won’t, we wouldn’t notice if they were in trouble, they definitely won’t notice our plight. We’re on our own.[/raven] Harry was just about to pee when, “[i]Your time iss almosst up. Do you have anything to ssay?[/i]” The Dark Lord said.

“[i]I’m more usseful to you alive.[/i]” The words just popped out of Harry’s mouth, but the moment he said them he knew they were true. “[i]More usseful for your planss.[/i]”

“[i]Ahh young Potter. I have no doubt you are more usseful alive, that hass never been under debate. But I can achieve all my planss without you, it may take more time, but worth it. You are too dangerouss to let live.”[/i]

[huff]We should let him kill us, you heard him, it may save the world.[/huff] [slyth]Basing your decisions off a Prophecy you’re hearing third hand is stupid. Besides we just swore an Unbreakable Vow that we won’t destroy the world. We’re harmless now.[/slyth] Harry had never like losing an argument, even ones he knew he should lose for the good of the future. So no sooner than the thoughts crossed his mind, than the words were out of his mouth “[i]Falssse[/i]”.

“[i]You cannot knowingly lie, so you believe this. How can you help with my planss. Within dayss I will rule Britian. Monthss I will rule the world. Could you accelerate that by what, a week? I thought more of you Potter[/i]”
“[i]Thosse are not your planss. Thosse are but meanss to an end. You wissh to know the ssecretss of wizardry itsself. You will never have them, you forget the firsst prophecy. I will have powerss you will never know.[/i]”

“[i]Sso you would have me rissk the world, for what, control of Dementorss, I already have that. For ssome new ability you might manifesst in a hundred yearss. An ability I do not even control. I’m not a fool.[/i]”

“[i]I have them now.[/i]”

The Dark Lord seemed somewhat taken aback at the pronouncement. “[i]Pray tell young Potter, what are they?[/i]” The tone seem sickeningly sweet even thru parsletongue. Harry realized that the Dark Lord may be a psychopath, but he was a curious psychopath. [slyth]That is something that could be used.[/slyth]

“[i]I remind you, that I will crucio you … or her[/i]” He said glancing the direction of the sleeping Hermione, “[i]or those Muggle parentss you are sso fond of. You will tell me, one way or another.[/i]”

“[i]I can transfigure a part of an object. Not the whole, but part.[/i]”

“[i]An interessting parlor trick. You sstake your life on knowledge of a parlor trick? I am disssappointed.[/i]” The Dark Lord dismissed.

“[i]A meanss … a meanss to an end.[/i]” Harry glanced around, looking for any way out. Any way from sharing this information with his worst enemy. The Death Eaters still trained their wands on him. Poor White was barely able to contain his shaking. Like a junkie going through withdrawal.

[gryph]We could always die.[/gryph] Harry was surprised that that thought came in the voice of Gryffindor. It had come to this, suicide was the brave way out. [slyth]Don’t be foolish. Look at him, we wants to know too bad. He won’t let you die now. Not until he’s wrung every last bit from us. Most people think they can last under torture, but everyone folds. He’ll break us and leave us a shell. Only if you believe it will prevent the destruction of the world will you be able to resist him, and even then he has Hermione as leverage. Tell him and perhaps we can control him.[/slyth]

“[i]What end Harry Potter?[/i]” The Dark Lord asked in a chilling tone.


[Add break here…]

“[i]Wizards?[/i]” The Dark Lord asked, glancing about at the collection of misfits and rejects surrounding the defenseless boy.

“[i]I could … or might … be able to make Wizards. From Muggles that is.[/i]”

The Dark Lord stared at the boy, moments becoming seconds, seconds becoming minutes, as he pondered the implications of this power.

“How?” he spoke in English, his Parseltongue leaving him for the moment.

“[i]I will need ssomething from my pouch. I promisse it iss not a weapon, it can do you no harm. Might I perform an Acrio?[/i]”

“The boy is going to summon something from his pouch. Do him no harm.” Voldemort commanded his minions.


There was a wrustle as the thin binding of paper shot from the pouch and landed in Harry’s outstretched hand. He stood there for a moment, reading the title and authors. Tears came unbeckoned from his eyes as he read the first author “Michael Verres-Evans”. Was he betraying his father’s trust. It wasn’t even his father’s field, although he’d taken a marked interest in it in recent months. He threw the paper in the dirt between him and the Dark Lord.

Voldemort waved his wand, and the paper floated to his hand.

“Genetic markers indicating a diaspora of a pre-Mesopotamian civilization in the Mediterranean region”, the Dark Lord read on. [i]Your muggle father?[/i]
The Dark Lord flipped through the pages. It was dense. Much of it cutting edge biology. Far beyond what the untutored mind of Voldemort could even begin to understand.
Suddenly, some comprehension came to the Dark Lord. [i]Atlantisst! Your muggle father … you … you’ve been sstudying uss. You’ve let him sstudy uss.[/i] The Dark Lord seethed at the implications. [i]You’ve betray all of Wizardom. The minisstry would would wipe them all, and leave them drooling idiotss. How? Why?[/i]

[i]When I firsst came to Hogwartss, I thought I would become a Wizard-Sscientist. The firsst of hiss kind. It might take decadess for me and my team of peerss to learn all of the ssecretss of magic, but I wass up for the challenge. But then I realized that you were likely real. Not jusst some boogey man. I needed knowledge, and I needed it ssoon.[/i]

[i]’I can ssee further because I sstood on the sshoulderss of giantss’,[/i] Harry quoted. [i]I needed a giant, a giant I could trusst. I needed my father.[/i]

[i]I couldn’t approach him until after my Occlumency had reached the point where I could protect him, but once I had, it was ssimple. I ssecretly ssent him ssampless. Blood I gathered from the sstudentss during your exercissess. They lined up to perform blood ritess with me. Any ssquib I could find. Magical creaturess from herbology class. I even got ssome your ssaliva and Dumbledore’ss hair.[/i]

[i]My father approached his colleaguess. Mosst sstill don’t know where he found thesse bitss, but they loved them. Sstrange new gene combinationss, indicating sstrange new sspeciess! A few I believe, he even told the truth, but most jusst did it because it was new and exciting. It wass difficult for him to keep them all from publishing. Ssome, I think, even did, but only two Wizardss alive would have the inssight to realize what they were doing … and they both sstand here.[/i]

[i]They ssequenced the ssampless and ussed the mosst powerful ssuper computerss to analyze them. All culminating in what you’re holding in your hand right now. A blueprint … a blueprint for the genetic makeup of … not jusst a Wizard … the ideal Wizard.[/i]

The Death Eaterss were beginning to bore. Unable to undersstand what wass being ssaid, many of them had begun to fidget. Voldemort glared around at them. Each imperfect and flawed in so many ways.
[i]What do you mean … the perfect Wizard … Dumbledore?[/i]

[i]Not Dumbledore, the ideal wizard hass probably not exissted since Atlantisst fell. In the paper, Dumbledore iss labeled ssequence D3. There are 97 sseparate genes that appear to be disstinct between a Wizard and Muggle, not all of them need be sset, although ssome are more important than otherss. Dumbledore has 89 of the indicatorss set. The highesst of any of our ssampless. It’s not a perfect indicator, Ron Weassely has 85 of the indicators. Mosst practicing Wizardss have anywhere between 45-55. Ssquibss have 35 or lesss and ssome sseem to matter more than otherss. It’ss all in the paper. I should point out that drive matterss as much or more than genetic factorss. Hermione only hass 61. But like an Olympic Ssprinter, when the two come together…[/i] Harry trailed off.

[i]And you can turn these geness on?[/i]

[i]Maybe. I’m not ssure, but I believe I can. I have thought about it ssince my father ssent me the paper a month ago. But even ssetting asside the ethicss of it all, it takess time to learn how to use your magic and to ssusstain that intricate of a transsfiguration for any length of time would be beyond my abilitiess. Either now or the forsseeable future. I could make a Muggle a wizard, or a wizard a more powerful wizard, but they’d jusst lose it once I tired long before they
Dartanian-15 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
the planning fallacy strikes again
josh148513 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Sorry this is late but why not point out that killing him might cause it and much harder to reverse and to be held prisoner might as well that for one to die or be contained might off tilt the other one with no challenge to him
a yin yang thing
EternalTimeLord chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
My best solution:
Harry offers to tell Voldemort the secret of partial transfiguration, demonstrate how it is possible and teach him the basics of how to do it. (makes offer in parseltongue).
Voldemort is obviously suspicious but finds it a valuable skill and tentatively accepts the offer.
Harry explains (in parseltongue) that he cannot use parseltongue for parts of the description because parseltongue does not have the correct words for describing the thought process behind partial transfiguration. (refer to the exact wording Harry uses when he first discovers partial transfiguration)
Voldemort allows him to use english only for the parts of the description necessary and tells the Death Eaters to expect some words that are not hisses and to not cast curses during the transfiguration lesson unless something seems extremely suspicious.
Harry explains the thought process behind partial transfiguration, how exactly it is done, and how it takes some time to perform because of the complexity. Harry uses parseltongue for as much of that as he can and specifically makes sure to say that "partial transfiguration takes more time than normal transfiguration because it is much more difficult" in parseltongue to make sure Voldemort knows that is 100% true.
Harry offers to demonstrate some partial transfiguration to prove to again (in addition to telling him it is true in parseltongue) that it is possible and true. Harry says in parseltongue "If one of your Death Eaters will bring me a small rock, I will demonstrate partial transfiguration."
Voldemort finds this slightly suspicious and asks what Harry will be transfiguring.
Harry explains in parseltongue that he will transfigure half of the rock into glass and leave the other half as it is.
Voldemort asks one of the death eaters to bring over a small rock and the death eater brings over a rock slightly smaller than a baseball.
Voldemort comes closer to Harry to be able to observe his actions more closely and make sure there is no trickery involved.
Harry now begins to put his plan into action. While pretending to partially transfigure the rock He actually begins to partially transfigure the air directly around Voldemort into a mixture of methane and chlorine gases. Harry continues the transfiguration as long as he possibly can without drawing suspicion and he makes sure to only transfigure the air right around Voldemort and not around himself. When he transfigures as much of the air as he can safely transfigure he begins to quickly do a partial transfiguration on the rock turning half of it into glass. (the parseltongue was not a lie because partial transfiguration does take longer than normal transfiguration, Harry did transfigure half the rock into glass, and Harry did not say that he would only do the one partial transfiguration)
The methane and chlorine gas mixture around Voldemort goes unnoticed because the color difference from normal air would not be easily visible in the dark and Voldemort can't smell the chlorine because it is in a low enough concentration and his not-human-not-snake nose isn't as functional as a normal nose.
Voldemort picks up the partially transfigured rock and lifts it up exclaiming that it is marvelous and a skill that he must perfect for himself as he steps away from Harry.
While Voldemort is distract by the new discovery and the Death Eaters are slightly distracted by the demonstration of something they all believed to be impossible Harry casts the patronous charm as discreetly as possible. While Harry tries to be as discreet as possible in the casting of his partronous he puts as much of his life and energy into it as he can without endangering his own life (he will not need to sustain the patronous for long so it is still a very bright, warm patronous).
The bright light and heat cause the methane and chlorine fixture to explode, killing Voldemort's body. The bright light and the explosion also temporarily blind the death eaters allowing Harry to very quickly grab his Cloak of Invisibility (which he memorized the location of earlier) and conceal himself. Once he hid himself under the cloak, Harry could dismiss his patronous and make a silent escape with the Death Eaters are still disoriented.
Fly.By.Night.Manufacturing chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Part A: Transfiguration bridges

Getting started: Partial transfiguration is the most immediately useful thing besides talking, and as I understand it requires wand contact. Harry transfigures a part of his own finger, on a contacting part of the wand blocked from view, and extends the transfiguration slightly to get access to his blood flow. The blood is transfigured into a channel with a covering of false wood on the back of his wand, held on by an exotic fractal surface maximizing van-der-walls forces (gecko tape). The blood faucet at the end of harry's wand is utilized to transfigure an amount of carbon nanotubes with considerable potential energy stored in hairpin folds. The unzippering of the hairpin folds are the (adiabatic) motive force to fire a relatively heavy lance of multiwalled crosslinked carbon nanotubes stippled in nested nanobuds (small appended buckyballs for friction with external objects and linking between layers) at the ground below voldemort's body. This forms a transfiguration beachhead at a desirable location.

The design of the beachhead: The transfiguration beachhead is first used to prepare harry's nuclear option. First, the beachhead would be anchored by growing a fractal network of bundled nanotubes off of a stiff taproot. A multi faceted disk tip of the taproot, with 3 degree facets stacked two high at slightly different angles, disguised with a matte finish the same color and pattern of the surrounding earth, with a bit of dirt on top, like a roof, forms a shape like the word's most covert pop-up sprinkler head. This is the basis of the transfiguration missile battery. Each facet contains a heavy nanotube lance backed by a hairpin CNT held in tension by nanotube zippers. To be clear, the nanotube zippers are fairly extreme nanotubes with nanobuds on them that interlock with nanobuds at regular intervals on the haripin CNTs. This device is unzipped in waves to minimize noise. It should be noted that this device deploying should make a faint, probably undetectable, hissing noise, as the tiny lances break the sound barrier. Voldemort's true form, however, has no external ears, meaning he can only localize sounds by phase and level difference. As Harry's hissing parselmouth and the firing battery are right below and in front of him, both sound sources exist on the same plane as equidistant to V's ears. Thus, the noise is not localized. Harry can fire his transfiguration volleys while vocalizing something with strong sibilance. (wouldn't it be funny if a parselmouth had a lisp?)

Voldy's turret: A bouquet of CNT zippered lances on top of the battery remain in reserve as an offering to Voldy. Part of the bouquet contains three dozen CNTs aimed at an angle that will not hit Voldy if fired directly at him. The angle should be as tight as possible (I'm not sure how high he's floating, but Harry would) for example, if Voldy is 5 meters up and presents a rough cross section no more than one meter in diameter, plus one third for error, gives a minimum angle of about 8 degrees, though 10 degrees would be OK in case voldy drops a few feet or does a broomstick crabwalk in the air or something. These lances are special in that they should be CNT loaded to go about 50 meters up in this case, or otherwise a good bit higher than voldy currently is. mounting this portion on a flex mounted head (like a pyramid with a CNT connection from the tip to the base of the beachhead) aimed by a set of tensioned CNT guy wires is also pretty key, as it allows harry to re-aim if voldy decides to fly around. Harry has demonstrated the ability to transfigure CNTs into shorter CNTs, even under tension, so this provides an aiming method. (The reason I'm not just having harry lengthen a set of fat CNTs instead of using the zipper hairpin springamabobs is I haven't been able to find enough information on how CNTs do under compression, it's likely someone here will know better to make a workable solution.)

Part B: The Nuclear option (No time shenanigans based survival)

The time it might take to get started: Based on the beach head being a bunch of similar parts of low mass arrayed many times, harry may be able to conceptualize and implement the growth in a matter of seconds. This is based on Harry's practice with the feather, growing out simple similar stages all at once. The springs, zippers, lances, harpoon batteries, facets, lattice structure, etc, are all simple components arranged relative to each other in very few ways. I consider it safe to assume that Harry has a level of concentration right now that makes the battles against the omnicidal AI at the end of Summer Wars look like geriatric speed chess. It might take less than ten seconds, depending on how fast the blood flows down harry's wand to start that initial jump to transfiguring dirt.

Some key calculations: Harry's rate of transfiguration based on one hour to transfigure a unicorn: 8 KG per minute, or 133 grams/second, or 133 billionths of a gram per nanosecond.

Carbon nanotube calcs -

carbon double bond distance: 1.3 A single bond: 1.5A Hybrid Bond: 1.39A

The lattice is hexagonal, h (3)s gives the height of a single layer from flat-to-flat (the lengthwise, strong axis for a nanotube) on the hexagon, which is about 2.4A. There's an additional carbon bond to connect to the next carbon (I'm referencing cycloparaphenylene) so 3.6A per ring of six carbons is the length. 3.6A is really just a jerk way of saying .36nm, so multiplying things out to a full meter, gives me just under 2.78*109 layers of cycloparaphenylene equivalent carbons, which have 6n carbons, where n decides the aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is kind of arbitrary in this case, but I'm going to go with six, since everything else is a hexagon and that makes nesting really interesting.

So, going back to the beachhead, every facet has redundant pair of harpoons, they're spaced out at 3 degrees apart, they have a massive portion at the end so they have a bit of fling and stick capability, and the tethers are a good ten meters longer than they need to be, with intention to go in an arc over the death eaters and just have the strands drape over their shoulders and extended wand hands. 198 degrees of these things (66 facets) should be enough to sextuple-redundant drape most of the death eaters, with some margin for drift in flight. Additionally, 36 single shots for voldemort himself on the tilting turret. 19836234 total nanotubes. Interestingly, while I have the numbers up, thats .4ng per meter if they were all bundled together and totally smooth, but with the nanobuds from the hairpin zipper, I calculate it to be between .405 and .44ng, depending on how many hairpin bends are necessary to really whip everything where it needs to go. (harry might need to experiment with the nanoballistics, that's why there are triple volleys)

What makes this dangerous.
energy per kg of mass (Emc2) 90 petajoules or 22.5 megatons of tnt equivalent

If, using the feather principle and starting from the far tips, harry transfigures the carbon into anticarbon at around the rate that he transfigured that unicorn much earlier in the year, and it reacts with an equal amount of matter, harry will release: 1 kilogram / .4 nanograms 2.5 trillion (2*90 petajoules) / 2.5 trillion 72K joules

Now, this is spread across all strands. If we include voldy's turret with all strands fired, that's a little over 150 joules per strand per meter vaporized, which means each death eater has some 900 joules creeping up behind them, and voldy has 5400. Now, there's inverse square at work here, so however far the propagation is away reduces the heat significantly. This is particularly interesting because:

Sum of all Masses Per meter: .4ng Harry's transfiguration speed: .133ng/ns light-nanosecond: 0.3 m

Harry's propagation rate is (hopefully) limited by lightspeed. He might be a smidge slower after that Hermione magic saving incident, but I expect all of the energy is going to arrive at once from the perspective of the death eater's backs, and it's going to involve gamma radiation, delivered by the relativistic antimatter det-cord they're wrapped in six different ways. Everyone, especially voldemort, is going to be riding the skin rocket to the center of the meat Z-pinch, except Harry, who will be very red and flying very backwards. I also expect this would wake Hermione, but I suspect she's just been playing possum this whole time.

Part C: The Best option

Harry needs to convince Voldy that killing him is a bad move, and will lead to a universe that quirrell will not want to live in medium-term, and no quirrell in the long term. (note: I'm trying not to, but I've caught little bits of people on this page that do amazing snake writing. I'm not going to do that because simple english wikipedia can only take me so far.)

The prophecy has been given as little bits involving stars going out, which I think is a separate prophecy than the one with 'the power that the dark lord knows not'. Taken literally, short term, harry can come up with a powerful sacrificial ritual to harness energy that has left a star, medium term, can pull off various feats of stellar engineering like dyson spheres (this should be the name of a vacuum cleaner model), and long term, can just shut down stars and use the matter for more useful purposes, since energy is completely free for wizards anyways. In particular, I was thinking it'd be funny if Harry made his purple light potion, only instead of leaves, he reworks it to use a collapsed star. Additionally, there's a lot of possibilities for techno-horcruxes to inhabit the galaxy. I doubt Voldy has tried horcruxing a sufficiently advanced robot, and IIRC things are set in the late 80s, so there probably won't by any sufficiently advanced computers or robots unless teams of people like Harry are working at it for a while, partially transfiguring novel computronium, and trying to figure out what kind
Acrinoe chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
im late in response, but this may still be predictive.

The prophecy is a misinterpretation of Harry's actions. He intends and ultimately will succed in creating a Dyson sphere after solving the death problem, thus "ripping the stars from the sky" by obscuring them and "destroying the world" by reallocating the materials into matter efficient o'neil habitats.

Convincing V of this in Parcletongue may be enough to avoid his conviction of the need for Harry's death.
Miko Rune chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The Obvious solution is a combination of invisibility cloak and time turner used by future harry to go back in time save past harry possible while in possession of a second time turner obtained from another student via flaw noted by Voldemort at earlier chpt. Second solution includes use of vow as Voldemort stupidly mentioned importance of intent in spell. The term world can be percieved to mean whatever definition can harry chooses to honestly believe in at the moment of the vow. I.E the belief in a world without death that fuels his patronus. Following this root means that by the power of the vow he made Harry is now obligated to destroy the known rules of the universe.
The only other ideas that are applicable are talking to Voldemort in which the only escape is by revealing some secret that turned out to be his goal the entire time, by utilizing the highly relative nature of truth, or by bluffing very, very majorly.
doctornasty chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
transfigure a large area of the airinto solid iron. the contact of the Stone will make it a permanent effect around voldemort, harry of course knows its coning, so he holds his breath
abiggerhammer chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Drat, that cut off. I'll post the entire thing as a separate story tomorrow; here's the rest, picking up from the paragraph that got chopped:

Voldemort was too far up for Harry to read anything into his expression, not that Harry expected to be able to determine anything reliable from the too-smooth face and uncanny-valley features. Harry just hoped the pause meant the Dark Lord was _thinking._ _The wires on the bus pass through their robes..._

_Sixty,_ Feynman said, and started again.

"_Ssatissfactory._" Voldemort kept the gun trained on Harry, and remained airborne, but Harry's Gryffindor was turning cartwheels anyway. "_Demonsstrate. Can obsserve perfectly well from here._" He reached into his robes for a moment, then flung his arm wide, toward Harry. Something tiny flashed silvery in the moonlight, tumbling, then came to rest in front of Harry's left hand.

"_Take Muggle artifact,_" Voldemort ordered. Harry obediently picked up the paperclip. "_Are risskss of partial Transsfiguration ssame as full Transsfiguration?_"

"_To besst of my undersstanding._"

"_Then sshow me. Ssusstain Transsfiguration, when finisshed, and drop artifact on ground._"

As deliberately as he could, since he was performing for an audience that could see where his wand was, had been instructed to kill him, and had _not_ been explicitly told that Voldemort might tell him to use it, Harry lowered the paperclip to the tip of the wand and began to think. The paperclip was a simple Form, the bus much more complex, and the Most Important Thing In the World right now was making sure that the former didn't disrupt the latter on its way into existence.

The soundtrack in his head shifted momentarily. _Their robes are connected to, my wand, 'cause IS-CONNECTED-TO is, transitive ... the robes on the bus go up and up..._

Something about the Form of the bus _contracted_. There wasn't time for Harry to collar his working memory of what had just happened and interrogate it to find out what it _was_, but when he observed the Form in his mind now, he felt no seams where the wires had already laid themselves - just a single continuous pipeline, branching exactly as he willed it to, interconnecting with its peripheral environment solely by his leave. Only the objectives he had yet to gain carried any sense of being _boundaries_ now.

One of those was the paperclip. For a moment he considered zebra-striping it - he could hijack the rhythm of his earworm to speed up the process - then decided it was best not to introduce Voldemort to the _identical_ style he was using to construct the Form whose obscurity he was relying on Voldemort's ignorance of partial Transfiguration to preserve. The last thing he needed was Voldemort suddenly noticing the similarity between the partially Transfigured paperclip and _something else_ already going on in the wild.

You could hear multiple things at once, and _all_ sounds were waveforms, and a half-steel-half-wooden paperclip was a particularly simple superposition of waveforms. Harry closed his eyes. In his mind, gusts of wind, as if from multiple high-speed fans, began to howl. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes. The wider end of the paperclip no longer reflected the moonlight. He pressed a fingernail against it, and it gave, as was proper for thin wood. With his earworm still droning away, he cautiously began the process of Sustaining the transfigured paperclip. As he felt his working reserve of magic drop, the fan noises died away as if someone had hit a kill switch; the earworm carried on unabated.

Meanwhile, the last bundle of wires reached the altar, and Harry _recognised_ the strand that began climbing it to inscribe a cursive message for Hermione into its surface as H0, rather than having to think of its name consciously. Same for H1 through H9, silently anchoring themselves to his belongings in the heap where Voldemort had left them.

Harry dropped the paperclip on the ground. Voldemort raised a hand, and the paperclip blinked away faster than Harry could follow. Above, Voldemort raised his hand and peered up, illuminating the paperclip between thumb and forefinger.

_About that utility function,_ Harry realised.

"_Occurss to me, teacher,_" he hissed. "_Do not know whether Sstone affects partial Transsfiguration jusst as it doess whole. Ssimple enough experiment, though..."

It couldn't be enough, not yet. But with the bus in place and his options far more open, Harry felt a lot more comfortable loosing his grip on some of his attention, exploring a different mind-graph now: _Find me a solution space of incentives Voldemort isn't even considering, because he's playing the game at the wrong level..._
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Loose ends, that I feel may be usefully employed here:
1. Harry has multiple personalities 'his dark side' which may not be fully bound by the Unbreakable Vow. OR his Tom Riddle personality may have been the 'self' bound by the Unbreakable Vow, given that the Marauder's Map has identified him as Tom Riddle.
2. If Harry is (to the Marauder's Map) indistinguishable from Tom Riddle, then he may also share access to Voldemort's network of horecruxes...
3. Dumbledore threw aside the Death Stick (a hallow, and one of the most powerful known wands) and we heard no more about it.
4. The Vow may be broken, at the cost of the breaker's death. This is currently looking like a 'sunk cost'! EDIT: damn, this isn't an option now.
5. Harry knows how to destroy dementors, and can interact with them better than any other character. Could he create one? This would potentially be the power that Voldemort knows not, the one thing that Tom Riddle (and Harry's Dark Side) fears, and the one thing that could save him in this circumstance ... at the cost of his life.
6. The "Thrayen beyn Peverlas soona ahnd thrih heera toal thissoom Dath bey yewoonen." and silver snake of Godrick's Hollow Graveyard is as yet unresolved.
7. Voldemort is now (effectively) giving Harry permission to cast a patronus, and may not have (before Hermione was re-animated) suspected that the spell may have such a wide range of uses.
8. The wrong students arriving as Voldemort's diversion hints at possible time turner activity.

My best hypothesis:
- Harry's life is worth less (to him, and any other) than those of his friends that will be tortured to death by Voldemort now. He does not have enough secrets to give out to save all of them
- Dying is now preferable to death by Voldemort.
- Opening a rift in the world to let in Dementors wouldn't destroy the world ... just all life upon it. Buildings would be left standing.
- Creating Dementors is possible (they exist, ergo it must be) and Harry is well placed to understand how this might be achieved
- As Harry has created the Patronus Charm 2.0, so too might he create the Dementor 2.0.

My cynical answer:
The simplest solution is that Harry dies. Horribly. Part of him may be resurrected by Tom Riddle's horecrux network, and the Unbreakable Vow may be broken by his death. No one ever said that Occam's Razor gave the nicest results...
Daedalus chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Me and a friend discussed this.

Harry can honestly say that he can show Voldie a new power of partial transfiguration, and then threaten to blow them all up with antimatter. If he transmutes 220g of antimatter, it would release energy equivalent to the largest nuclear weapon ever made. If he can transmute it and prevent it from exploding while he's working, he could do a LOT more than that, perhaps threatening all of England. If he describes it this way, he might even scare Voldie into backing down, since it's canonical that Voldie hates nuclear weapons. Other than some sort of deus ex machina, this is the only magical power Harry has that Voldie does not.

This seems to be the most plausible solution about attacking Harry's enemies. However, it seems that this is not the real solution, since EY has spent a lot of work preventing us from escaping or using powerful magic. The real solution would be appealing to Voldie's utility function as it is already established (not violating Rule #3) - self-interest, fear of death, and most of all his boredom. But others have analyzed this route better than I, and I cannot offer anything better than they already have.

It's also worth mentioning that (depending on how V's horcrux system works) Harry may not be able to be killed. IF the Horcrux Network recognizes Voldemort's mind in Harry, he might overwrite the previous backup of Voldemort. Or, conversely, since Harry is the confirmed Master of Death, he should control the Resurrection Stone, which is part of V's network already. There may be some solution there.

And finally, I'd like to register my disagreement with Vinge's Principle - just because one can think of the same solution as Harry given infinite time, does not mean we are as intelligent as him. Nobody here could improvise any of these ideas in 60 seconds, and thus Harry is more intelligent or has more access to his intelligence.
abiggerhammer chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I'm late, but I wanted to post this anyway.

Near Mode, Far Mode

Harry, or rather, Harry's internal Richard Feynman, began visualising numbers going by on a tape.

The second volume of Feynman's autobiography had a story in it about counting up to a minute, and like the real physicist, Harry's internal Feynman consistently undershot.

_Regardless of anything else,_ Hufflepuff started, _we're saving as many people as we can._

_There are a lot of things we know that look like more than one thing, on the object level,_ Ravenclaw pointed out.

From the base of Harry's wand, an almost invisibly thin black line crept up onto the heel of his hand and down the underside of his forearm as he reminded himself, over and over again, that the entire definition of the cornified layer of the epidermis was the part of it that was _already not alive_.

His internal Feynman held up ten fingers.

Partial Transfiguration could in fact look like a bevy of different powers - cutting, lubricating, joining, drilling - if you hadn't already seen through the convenient manmade categories of physical form to the raw yet _completely conceptual_ factors in the wavefunction whose factors you were modifying. Could you perform partial Transfiguration without understanding quantum mechanics? He doubted it. But even if he couldn't buy back multiple hostages with it, he could buy _time_, and that would at least help.

_All right, everybody,_ snapped his Gryffindor, stepping up as field marshal. _What do we know that he doesn't? Partial order, rank by existential risk from disclosure._

_Patronus 2.0 at the meet of the lattice,_ said Ravenclaw. _He's seen it already, he's got to know no ordinary Patronus could_ bring somebody back to life, _the Death Eaters won't understand what we're saying unless they speak Parseltongue, and in any case neither they nor Voldemort can_ learn _it. But he'll see the utility in a spell that children can learn that can_ reverse death.

_Also the fact that Draco can cast a Patronus,_ Slytherin added. _Dangerous to Draco, unless he counts it as a secret worth protecting Draco for._

Feynman held up two fingers, then ten fingers.

The fine black line coursed down Harry's back, toward his leg, as a Form continued to take shape in his mind.

The hypergraph that characterised Harry's memory blazed with activity as he sieved through everything that _might_ be a candidate that could satisfy Voldemort's specification. Most candidates fell _hors du combat_ for one reason or another - something Voldemort already knew, or that fell into the far broader category of Muggle arts - though he deliberately cached a few losers he thought he had a chance to work in opportunistically to pad the conversation. Alongside the Form, a lattice took shape, tracing out a map of options with terminating conditions above and below, related to one another - or not - in terms of how much harm Harry figured Voldemort could do with them. If Voldemort _did_ survive their encounter, there was good reason to buy what lives he could save as cheaply as he could.

He had to keep the Form in his mind, though, no matter what, to re-braid the topological strands of the universe to call it into being. And he might have to do that while simultaneously re-braiding _different_ strands to call a beginner's lesson for Voldemort into being. And keeping enough attention in reserve to be able to guide Voldemort's efforts to learn.

That meant having to maintain the Form on automatic while still being able to talk. In Feynman's informal experiment, when he counted aloud in his head, he could read but not speak, while his colleague, who visualised numbers running by on a tape, could speak but not read. That suggested that anything that didn't empirically get in the way of keeping Voldemort talking was a fair target for mindworming himself with the Form.

To do anything to them, he needed a physical connexion to them. Thirty-six Death Eaters plus Voldemort meant thirty-seven parallel connexions.

There was a name for a circuit that connected one input to dozens of parallel outputs: a _bus_.

_Sixty,_ announced his inner Feynman. It was time to start talking.

_The nanocarbon tubes go down, down, down..._

_Oh, of all the stupid earworms-_ Harry's Inner Critic started.

Slytherin cut him off with a hiss. _If it works, it wasn't stupid._

The fine black line reached Harry's heel, drilled several inches into the soil, and branched two hundred and fifty-six nanocarbon wires in thirty-eight underground directions, because Hermione was _also_ a useful direction and nobody ever died from too much redundancy.

"_Sspell that resstored life and magic to girl-child's body is not sstandard-isssue Patronusss,_" hissed Harry. He wasn't sure how many seconds he had left in the minute - not many - but his inner Feynman started counting on his tape again. Five times through was close enough to four minutes that he could weigh crude estimates of how much time he'd stalled for against how much Transfiguration he had left to do.

_The wires on the bus go through the ground, through the ground, through the ground..._

"_Obviousss already._" Voldemort lifted just the tip of his wand, like a conductor about to lead his orchestra. "_Alsso usselesss. Even could I masster, cannot ressurrect sself if already dead._"

"_Not you, nor Death Eaterss_." Harry glanced at the semicircle, visually orienting the network that was steadily growing underground toward them, then back to Voldemort (and beyond him, the altar) and hoped it looked conversational. "_But you have hosstagess, sstudentss, who can learn. Can devise incentivess to keep ssuccessful ones loyal._" He was fairly sure that was true, anyway; not only had he said it in Parseltongue, he could cast the True Patronus and Voldemort seemed to be doing a fine job manipulating him through incentives, as far as all the outcomes so far were concerned.

"_Not sso sstupid after all, are you, boy._" Voldemort paused, but for less than a second. "_Sstill, you have not_ sshown _me how to masster life-resstoration, only that it can be done. Tempting to keep you alive long enough to insstruct sservant ... but no, too risssky. Too many opportunitiess to fulfil prophecy in time it takes to teach._"

Harry flinched and his breathing quickened. He focused just as much of his attention as he had to on _looking scared_ while he gasped, just as, some part of him observed, the Harry Potter who might once have thought he could sway a Dark Lord from a precommitment with something like _satisficing_ would have done. The greater portion of his attention borrowed the phase of the ginned-up rhythm for the loop that was generating his Transfiguration to lock onto, _the WIRES on the BUS go THROUGH the GROUND..._

Under the earth, the nanocarbon tubes reaching toward the Death Eaters began to converge on their individual targets in bundles of six. One twenty-wire bundle had already settled beneath where Voldemort hovered, and another of the same size was still crawling its way toward the altar where Hermione lay. _Thirty-six six-bit words and two twenty-bit words, that's the weirdest addressing scheme-_ his Inner Critic began, before every one of Harry's other mental models, including ones with no reason to know what an addressing scheme was, turned to it in unison and chorused, "_SHUT UP_."

_Also, sixty,_ said Feynman.

Harry fixed his gaze on Voldemort once more. If he was going to keep on buying time, it would have to be with bribes Voldemort would accept. Giving up Draco's secret would only be throwing him under the bus (Harry's inner Hofstadter quelled a chuckle) for no reason. He reached into the lattice and picked out a covering element he could raise the stakes with. "_Ssame power iss ssource of power over life-eaterss._"

Under the ground, far below where Voldemort hovered, a conical shape, one he had Transfigured once before from an ice cube, began growing downward from the end of the first Voldemort bus wire. _Let's call that V0_, he decided, even though V2 would have been so much more thematically appropriate.

"_Ceasse trying my patience, sstupid child. There iss no pot ssweet enough to convince me to let you leave thiss place alive._"

Right, then. Voldemort considered Harry's _immediate_-future continued existence to be of such negative utility that even ironing out the last bugs in full-on magical resurrection _and_ making him invulnerable to Dementors didn't compensate for it. Harry had not _expected_ that, but that was why he had planned for it.

Besides, on the gripping hand, there was only so much more time he needed to even the odds to a point where he felt safe expending attention on something as complicated as how to flip the sign on an ultimatum-game utility function Voldemort had already precommitted to, which was going to mean _figuring out why his coefficient in it was so absurdly negative_.

"_Can insstruct in Art which ssecured esscape from life-eaterss' sstronghold. Iss ssubtle Art, ssaid by all to be imposssible. Headmasster sspeculated wass power Dark Lord knew not._"

One by one, the tips of seventy-two nanocarbon wires touched the soles of seventy-two Death Eater boots and carried outward to an edge, then upward, fused with the leather as if they had always been there. _D0-0 and D0-1 through D35-0 and D35-1._

"_Sspeak sswiftly, then,_" Voldemort hissed. "_But if usseless, your death beginss._"

"_Can Transsfigure only partss of objectss, without Transsfiguring them entirely. In metal fortresss, ssliced cylinder through wall, sslanted to collapsse insside, by Transsfiguring ssurface area to motor oil. Cancelled Transsfiguration once esscape route was open, left no trace of oil on ssurfacess, your sspell did the resst._"

Voldemort was too far up for Harry to read anything into his expression, not that Harry expected to be able to determine anything reliable from the too-smooth face and uncanny-valley features. Harry just hope
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry obviously needs to post-select for universes in which he survives.
Unidentified chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
What, waiting for last minute reviews? Also, this one is my second for this chapter.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
A later version of Harry appears under the invisibility cloak. Puts a time turner on present version's neck and sends him back in time. Controlled explosives blow under the feet of all deatheaters and voldemort. The future version then calls upon a dementor to suck the soul of voldemort before he dies and the soul gets back to any horcrux of his.

No special powers used and voldemort disabled.

Now how a later version gets here is open for debate.

Food for thought.
metamorpheus chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Per Dakusan, I don't see my guest review showing, so I logged in.
Thanks for this fic and for the opening to participate, however phrased.
kamikazetomato chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Teacher, I truly believe you are under misapprehenssion about asspect of prophecy. You believe that that day you turned me into sshade of sself you desstroyed all but a remnant of Harry Potter. But it is far more likely that I am Harry Potter with remnant of Tom Riddle. My “dark sside” is but a ssmall, distinct part of me and much more likely to be termed “remnant.

In journey to life-eaterss prisson I bonded with sshade by conveying that it sshould not treat fear of death ass badge of sshame but with honor. Thiss ssuggestss that you would alsso be open to ssuch reconciliation.

no time. prophecy that V knows not
Bound Up chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I'm going out on a limb here.

Ever since I read chapter 113, some few hours after its release, I had in mind the thought that for all of Eliezer Yudkowsky's brilliance, he hadn't managed to pull off the perfect rational story.

Most stories are now ruined for me, in one way. To be able to come up with superior ways to solve problems than do the characters, and this within seconds, breaks the suspension of disbelief and emotional entanglement I have with the story.

A small disturbance dwelt in my mind for these days, for I had concluded that Eliezer had already contrived a clever solution for Harry, sealed off all other such pathways, and that a strong indicator of what that contrived plan was, was that Voldemort left Harry with his wand after the Vow.
Curious, that, oui? Voldemort specifically forbade Harry to raise his wand, told his servants to attack him in a flurry of eclectic attacks, the mere thought of which would inevitably have an emotional effect on Harry, clouding his mental acuity.
Since, Voldemort has in his consciousness that Harry has his wand, and has no reason to let him hold it, the clear explanation is that Eliezer could only think of a way for Harry to win if he has his wand, so he made Voldemort make a stupid mistake, it was the best he could do. Still quite good; I did not begrudge him it.

Since victory depends upon the wand, and Harry can't speak, the obvious answer is wordless, wand-based magic, the only such that Harry knows being transfiguration. Partial transfiguration. This also fits in with the heading of the first chapter, some very thin thing at night related to the sudden death of a great many people.

I notice I am confused.

Let me not be thought to brag, I grant it took me a solid 49 hours or so.

Voldemort just makes a stupid mistake? Eliezer just couldn't come up with anything better than Voldemort somehow losing by stupidly just letting the enemy that can cause pain and death to his current form by casting magic on literally anything Voldemort has cast magic on have his wand?

At last I notice I am confused.

I re-conceptualize the matter at hand.
We're going to assume one more time that Voldemort really isn't stupid, no matter how many times the terrible villain ALWAYS and FRUSTRATINGLY is. If there's anything to be learned from chapter 113, it's that Voldemort REALLY is doing it all on purpose, and a bloody, clever purpose 'e 'as, 'asn't 'e?

So. Voldemort obviously is aware of Harry having his wand. I WILL THEREFORE CONCLUDE!
He wants Harry to have his wand.
Why is that?
It is not a mistake, it is a test.
For Harry to submit when there is truly nothing to do, shows nothing. The evil are not good when only good they may choose, and the proud are not humble when only humiliation may they claim.

But! For Harry to submit, and this of his own free will, this despite his apparent Plot-Induced Loophole, this is a proof of his self-mastery, and of his rationality. For to submit for lack of spirit is not the same as to submit for the understanding of its ideal nature.

Voldemort shall ask Harry in Parseltongue at the end of their discussion if he tried trickery, if he concealed secrets. Only if Harry can answer no shall he show himself sufficiently impressed with the absolute dominance of Voldemort to be worth keeping around.

Harry shall disclose all secrets, I need not enumerate them specifically here. He shall at the end ask permission to drop his wand.

Parseltongue has been shown not to be subject to semantic technicalities, so I'll make no great effort to account for Voldemort's Yzma-esque promise, "Tell me what I want to know AND your death begins in 60 seconds."

Should Hermione escape, eh? I'd not be surprised were Hermione not intended to, if Harry survives, be his free companion, but rather a hostage, much as was that one pony in EY's Science is Magic re-write. Immortality can be quite a curse for a hostage of a powerful sociopath. Fits in nicely with the unfriendly AI parable, too.

'Twas when Harry taught Voldemort to be selfishly kind, using the example of experimenting a new idea on a "friend" that Voldemort indicated his intention to do so that very day. Voldemort intends to leave Harry alive and test averting another prophecy first. Leaving Harry alive is the selfish kindness, one which allows Voldemort surer safety by testing the idea on another, just as in the case study for that principle he learned today.
He is merely trying to teach Harry not to make trouble in the meanwhile.

All that being said, Voldemort probably really DOESN'T know about partial transfiguration. While we do need a plausible explanation for him not forcing Harry to rid himself of his wand after the Vow, so that Voldemort isn't stupid, we can still take advantage of his ignorance and pride.

Harry can transfigure the tip of his wand, or some skin into nanotubes to the ground, and then to each Death Eater and to Voldemort, and either transfigure some spring-style projectile death for them all, or a calculated explosive, the selection of which I shall leave to Harry's greater chemical knowledge, unless Harry can use just some few atoms of anti-matter, undoubtedly the most economical of choices.
He can alternatively kill just Voldemort, hoping the Death Eaters what, just let him go? Leave him alone until Hermione wakes up and rescues Harry?
If I have to choose, I prefer killing them all.

It may be preferable to disable Voldemort to some minds, lest he take over Harry's or Hermione's body?
Simple contact, of any transfigured material, should evoke resonance, but that's too slow, he could just shoot Harry.
Better blow him up just the same. Hermione can go inside the cloak, or they can time-turner away, trusting that Voldemort can't inhabit them within just a few seconds, a safe risk, I judge.

All this is only if Harry determines it preferable to submission to Voldemort.

After all we have seen today, the answer is clear. Harry cannot protect everyone from Voldemort as he currently is. Voldemort shall return within a brief period of time, and with his power and sociopathicness easily obtain sufficient leverage over Harry to get him again, this time not leaving him his wand, having discovered that this is too great a risk.

Submission it is. Full disclosure, and wand dropping with permission.

Except, is Voldemort afraid to really shoot Harry? How afraid is he to forego his elaborate fail-safes?
If Harry extends his nanotubes from below Voldemort to the barrel of the gun, or to the trigger, rendering it useless, whatever the case, then:

1. Nanotubes to transfigure death by controlled explosion, anti-matter or otherwise to Death Eaters
2. Nanotubes to disable Voldemort's gun.
3. Nanotubes to touch Voldemort, complemented by a simple somnius to Voldemort, and a weak leviosa wingardium at the obelisks, and Hermione. This is not to lift them, but to interact with Voldemort's magic. Harry seeks to touch Voldemort at the same time.
4. Voldemort goes snake. Harry keeps him so by wrapping him in some cloth and levitating it, keeping constant magical contact with Voldemort to keep him from transforming.
5. Get Hermione, somnium her, just in case, retrieve items, do not use Time-Turner, (we don't want another Voldemort to deal with) and cast patronus to send message to Moody. McGonnogal is more obvious, hence less safe. Just in case.
6. Keep Voldemort's snake form in contact with Harry's magic until another solution can be found, or forever if necessary. Take to Azkaban, potentially, in a snake cage transfigured by Harry, to keep him from untransforming.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Possible solution V:
Testing the neural-link with V using the MoR. Using this to trigger resonance. If V holds to plan, use stone to hold him in animal shape/transfigured shape to prevent respawn. Deal with that in obvious ways.
bboyd235 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"I notice I am confused" noted Ravenclaw, "Is this truly how Voldemort would act given these circumstances?"
"Voldemort is evil" Hufflepuff stated
"not exactly what I meant..." said Ravenclaw
Harry spoke, "need chance to think, it isss not my intention to annoy you"
Harry's Hopeful Personality interjected "Voldemort seems to have an enormous wealth of intelligence, but for all that he comes up with nothing better than 'NOOOO MY HORCRUXES' to lure you to try to kill him? Is he cunning at all?"
Ravenclaw and Slytherin agreed
"the probability that this is reality given an intelligent and cunning Voldemort as opposed to the probability that this is reality given an intelligent and not(cunning) Voldemort seems to indicate a higher prior probability that if Voldemort is not cunning then this is not reality"
Ravenclaw continued
I ran out of time... I held off on proposing solutions for too long
codingchaos chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Since Harry's only wordless magic option is partial transfiguration, he has the option of transfiguring a very thin line of poison gas out of the air from his wand tip out to each of the death eaters, with a larger cloud of the gas in front of each face. As we've seen from Azkaban, partial transfiguration is relatively quick when the target volume is small (the thin ring of oil), and a powerful wizard (Dumbledore) did not detect the magic occurring.

He should do Voldemort's gas cloud last, as there is a good change LV will be able to feel Harry's magic when it passes close by. Hopefully if he can choose a gas that causes brain damage, the version of Voldemort that returns through the horcrux network will still retain the brain damage.
FoodRations chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry's wand is a red herring for escape, he can't use it. There is only one thing Harry can do to get out of this predicament - convince Voldemort to do anything with Harry other than kill him.

There are three limiting factors on whatever Harry says to Voldemort:
1. Parseltongue means he can only speak the truth.
2. Unbreakable Vow means he can only act against the world's destruction.
3. Prophecy Voldemort received means he believes Harry will make the world end, and Voldemort's utility function means he has to act against it as well.

The only viable path Harry can take is to convince Voldemort, in Parseltongue, that he shouldn't let Harry die. Since Harry cannot lie, he must first reasonably convince himself of this truth.

It is reasonable to believe Harry will not intentionally end the world. In fact, Harry knows he will do what he can, due to the Vow, to prevent the end. For this reason, Harry's continued survival is, according to current knowledge, neutral or negative towards ending the world. Therefore, Harry can act towards living.

If Harry can reasonably convince himself of one possible world-risking event, one that Voldemort cannot simply solve on his own, he can relay this to Voldemort and hopefully keep living.

There are many examples of possible yet incredibly improbable events, such as anything involving Dumbledore trying to return, Muggles rising against Voldemort, etc. The best world-risking event I can think of that fits the requirements is Hermione becoming corrupted by the events occurring in the previous chapters.

If Hermione becomes corrupt (due to Necromancy, Troll/Unicorn fusion, Harry's death etc.) Voldemort cannot act against her, as he promised to do so in Parseltongue. Alternatively, Voldemort might not be able to stop Bloodlusted Buffed Hermione. In either case, Harry would be able to attempt to prevent this (In fact, he would have to, due to the Unbreakable Vow).

Another example would be Voldemort himself causing the world's end. Voldemort obviously can't stop himself from doing so, and Harry is among the only people on Earth who have a chance at resisting Voldemort.

After having thought this (Somehow, in the span of 30 seconds or so) Harry simply repeats to Voldemort, in Parseltongue, "I believe killing me may lead to the end of the world, and in order to prevent the world's end you must let me live". Voldemort knows everything Harry knows, and if Harry has reached this conclusion, Voldemort must, at the very least, delay Harry's death for the sake of further questioning.
Metamorpheus chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Keywords: Tomione, Tom-net, Tom-V, H-Tom, Hallows, strawmen, deathless

The threats were so sudden and over-the-top, for a moment H froze, and time seemed to slow.
Then he noticed a familiar feeling crawl up his spine, last felt the moment Professor Sprout appeared in the forbidden corridor. He was being manipulated, misdirected by immediate surroundings. Fooled into self-limiting his thoughts & actions, provoked to act in haste.

Who is controlling this? he wondered again. V, surely, with twelve years to plan. But who else? V seemed suddenly a caricature of himself... A glimmer of some further connection tugged at H but slipped away.

The time limit and threats were meant to disorient, that much is clear: they weren't the real danger. While a part of himself asks routine questions in parsel — Why do this now; Don't prophesies always come true; — most of his mind was focused on the real questions.

What does V want? Every Death Eater was gathered here, Herm restored, H given his wand & as good as challenged to save himself. Saying the name 'Death Eater' to himself reminded H: Q – no, Tom-Q – had said they were designed as caricatures, straw men to be defeated. Along with V himself. H shivered.

Tom-V, not V. What did Tom-V want? To be V at all? If he wanted V and his followers to be defeated at last, here they were now, all in one place. V had even started to destroy them himself, as though they meant nothing to him. He had said he wants H to rule England: how better than by defeating V's army personally. But then, where would Tom return next? H shivered again, darkly.

H-Tom, not H. H-Tom to rule England. Did Tom-V hope to somehow finish the mind transfer started 12 years ago, and win the battle of wills this time? What if he had been exaggerating how resonance affects him, in preparation for this moment?

And Hermione – why was she restored in such an extravagant way?
The effort & protections Tom-V poured into that task went far beyond what had been promised, clearly planned for a long time, perhaps since before her death. More manipulation. Such investment would be rare for someone protecting themselves, not to mention another. Was Tom preparing a new body for himself in Hermione? That would give the Vow just sworn a whole new meaning. And could explain why Tom-V trusts her advice to prevent destruction of the world. Clearly Tom had considered splitting into further facets, since he set up the curse affecting 'all Riddles'.

H realized the simultaneous demise of 36 DEs would create a very powerful soul-flux, wondered what the resurrection magic actually did, and how much of Hermione's own personality could have survived.

An unwanted image of kissing Tomione flicked through H's mind, making him cough and stagger slightly, while his mouth was saying he knew many other secrets – /had V exxxperimented with laughh-drink?/ – but none he could describe in a matter of seconds.

H-Tom decided then: if he wished to determine his own fate, there were two things he must *not* do under any circumstance: kill V (playing into Tom's hand) or allow the DEs to be killed (both unnecessary loss of life & possibly the activation needed for a soul-overwrite).

Before him, Tom-V was saying something about time. Yes, timing is the question. Ever since getting the Stone, seemingly a win condition in itself, Tom had rushed to set up this confrontation to the exclusion of all else. That suggested a vulnerability being ruled out, one that Tom knew about. It suggested a need to make H feel and believe he has lost, rather than blindsiding him with an instant loss. If H didn't feel outnumbered and lost, what might he realize or do, even in the throes of death?

H thought of the greatest sources of power at hand, and realized he had seen a mouth-watering five major relics that afternoon: the Mirror, the Philosopher's Stone, two of the three Hallows, and likely Merlin's Line. He relived the sense of certainty that he knew the Mirror's purpose, that all of the relics appeared in it or interacted with it, how swiftly and unerringly the rest of the day flowed from that moment. And the Hallows felt close at hand, given that he himself heard a prophecy about them. The Resurrection Stone should have made an appearance as well... H let the Tom part of his mind take over, to more fully understand his opponent.

Tom-V had stopped speaking for glaring. Tom-H realizes the reason for the last line of parseltongue questioning: whatever happens next (obliviation if Tom-V projects into Herm, or suppression if he projects into Harry) may affect his recent memory. He needed to act now. He thought about what it means for minds to split and merge, and how that affects magic and commitments.

Part of Tom-H started to explain, in no hurry, how the mirror works. Meanwhile another part relaxed, reaching into his lengthening memory, remembering how to sense magical connections between himself and things bound to him. A strong doomed echo from Tom-V, roiling with urgency; a bright echo from the altar, flickering thought; a fading echo from White. Also one from the Cloak and what lies beneath it, another from the ring with his father's rock, as though he touched them. And then, as breathing slowed, what he was hoping for: a soft echo from each person in the clearing, and one other, clear and resonant in his mind's ear. He reached out to the altar with his thoughts.

Sensing resolution at hand, Tom wondered for the last time whether his earlier idea wasn't still needed: a backup source of immortality, in place and tested. All of Harry pulled together to regain control. 'I will defeat death,' he thought, 'but for everyone, not for myself, and not at others' expense.'

Tom-V reached the end of his patience. "How could you know this of the Mirror?" he demanded. "I will exssplain in a ssecond," H-Tom replies, reaching out with his will to the Cloak, ring, and the echo in his ear. "but firsst: let me tell you a Prophecy of Life that I know".

He felt the texture of his father's rock inside the ring, returning it to its natural form, and called the Cloak and other to him, while pulling strongly on the link to Tom-V which he had always shied away from. The DE's started at the sudden appearance of the rock, and for a moment, Tom-V recoiled. "Noone here diesss today," H-Tom continued, as a solid wand, dark and new yet familiar, warmed his left hand.

Tom-V intercepted the Cloak, raising his gun and declaring "Disable him." in a reverberating voice.
The Cloak settled around H-Tom's shoulders all the same as he leaped to the stone and held up the dark wand, repeating for the others, "Noone here dies today. Today, we defeat Death."

Dozens of curses rained onto where he had landed, without effect. Tom-V in fury sent out a ring of fiendfyre from the altar to every DE, while shooting at H. His fire encountered a protective shield H-Tom had thrown up around the clearing, driving both to their knees. H-Tom was crouched low, bleeding within his cloak and holding Hermione's hand. "I'll be alright," he said, "the next bit is up to you."

"I know what to do," Hermione said, and stepped towards the writhing snake.
In fury, Tom-V sent
dakusan chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I see 4 angles to this. I doubt you would accept the first 2, so I guess I will have to make the 3rd my official angle. 1) You kind of made time turners a bit on the deus ex/omnipotent side of story telling. There was an unexplained blip on the Mauraders map in the potions or chess room, which could indicate someone powerful enough that has blurred their identity, or someone under the true cloak of invisibility. I do not believe we ever established how someone under the cloak showed (or did not show) on the Mauraders map. Since Harry only used 5 hours of his time turner, he could have had someone else with a different turner go back 1 extra hour, watched the events under the true cloak up until this critical moment, then gone back 5 more hours to prepare after seeing the events, and then given harry back his invisibility cloak for the events that had already unfolded. Dumbledore would have been a good candidate for this, even though he would have had to willingly go to his death after seeing events unfold, but still rigging Harry to win via time turns. We know Harry likes thinking ahead and planning for contingencies just like this. 2) We already saw harry had a strong connection with Faux, and perhaps he could summon Faux through his "loyal" words, like in chamber of secrets, who could then help him phoenix-teleport out. Especially as Dumbledore was just killed, I could see Faux concentrating on Harry and his plights. 3) Use the Parseltounge anti-lying to his advantage (I saw this used a lot in the Inheritance Cycle books). Tell Voldemort in Parseltounge "I will not help you in any way unless you agree in Parseltounge to all the terms I am about to list, with this list coming of my own volition and will be unmodified by anything you might say after, or any other external force, from this point in relative time". Notice I said relative and not absolute ;-) . He could then list out that Voldemort will not kill, harm, or have anyone use magic on harry for the next X hours, and add stipulations about his parents and everyone else. 4) Since we have already pleasantly established harry as a naked-child, this is a bit taboo in American culture, and I assume the same in British. Even if someone is completely corrupted, naked children still causes a tiny bit of pause through its taboo-ness. Harry could use this to his advantage by performing a very unexpected and indecent act, like defecating himself, then collapsing to the floor and convulsing (been watching too much House recently). This unexpected action would most likely cause all the death eaters long enough a pause, that after another second, harry could summon his time turner and use it before they reacted.

[This is a repost, as my guest review was not showing, and I wanted to make sure I reached the deadline].
Tom chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I don't know the answer, but I'd really like to read the good ending!

Harry has only a few possible avenues for success. Voldemort has a blind spot when it comes to doing kind things. Also Harry has an information advantage when it comes to the patronus, dementors, transfiguration and science.

I can't think of any physical actions that Voldemort wouldn't be able to predict. Apart from the patronus, he's aware of all of Harry's abilities. I can't think of how it could be useful here unless Harry could give Hermione ALL of his life and magic in some way.

Maybe he could threaten to use his patronus charm to effectively put all of his life force and magic into Hermione unless Voldemort lets him go. Could he release his patronus into the ground where it would be hidden, then it could travel underground and then pop up right next to Hermione so he could make a threat? Harry would not believe that Hermione would destroy the world, but Voldemort (afraid of the prophecy) might want to leave Harry's magic and life force in Harry's body, where it is more easily controlled. Voldemort loses little by letting Harry live for a short amount of time longer. During this time, Voldemort can study the new patronus charm in order to understand what would happen if Harry did put all of his power and life into Hermione. Or plot to kill Harry while he has no chance to do so.

Otherwise, I guess Harry would have to say something that persuades Voldemort not to kill him. (This could be something like naming himself as the person he wants Voldemort to protect in exchange for a secret - but I don't think that would work because it seems far too obvious, Voldemort would have thought of it.) In which case he would have to describe his powers in a way that would make Voldemort think Harry could either kill him or destroy the world at will. Maybe he could talk about dementors in such a way as to make it seem like he could command death. It wouldn't be a lie, so it would be convincing.
Dave Tomczyk chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The mirror says, “I show not your face but your coherent extrapolated volition.” This, I believe, is a key point since so much involved the mirror. So, the image Voldemort reflected (when he wasn't Confundus Charmed) is a reflection of the ideal world he wants—one where Harry is defeated, Dumbledore is banished, and he will rule the world. The problem is when Harry is reflected and not Voldemort since Harry wants conflicting things. For only a brief moment were both people reflected; at the end, only Harry was reflected in the mirror. This may mean that Dumbledore is still around and may have been alerted by the use of the mirror. This is speculation and thus cannot be relied upon.

I'll note that Dumbledore himself said that he was always in the mirror; that is, the mirror was showing an alternate world, not the actual world. I think one other important point of note is what Dumbledore did at the end—he took out his wand and **a short rod of dark stone** and flung them aside. I think the latter was the Philosopher’s Stone. I’m not sure what Voldemort has, but I think it’s his conception of what the Philosopher’s Stone is. There is a chance that what Voldemort holds could be a something else transfigured. If the transfiguration were to end, there's no telling what could result.

Moreover, while Harry was reflected in the mirror, his greatest desire was to be able to reverse time to correct his error (and presumably not die). The mirror, showing Harry's CEV, likely gave him some clue as to how to do something along those lines—reverse time, fix his errors, defeat Voldemort, etc.

If we consider that Voldemort wanted the Philosopher's Stone to stave off death, it's possible Dumbledore, knowing this, may have had the mirror give a person something like a transfigured dementor. Dumbledore believes that dementors attack a person's soul, which he might view as a possible permanent death for Voldemort. The catch would be the ending of the transfiguration. If he suspected that Voldemort would use Harry, ensuring that Harry would learn the Finite Incantatum spell during the year would enable Harry to end the transfiguration. The challenge with this is that the stone has acted like the Philosopher's Stone twice, and I'm not sure if the original version could be used to create a pseudo-copy (e.g. transferring some of its power to the copy) or if the mirror could give something that power.

The problem is that we still have to incorporate the prophecy saying that Harry will destroy the world. I can't help but think that's a reference to one of the alternate worlds created by the mirror, or a realization that his world is merely a reflection (the actual world being on the other side of the mirror in this case). The latter seems like a deus ex machina, so I'll rule that out. The former, though, has promise. So, pulling everything together, here's one option:

Voldemort was never given the actual Philosopher's Stone, but rather his conception of what the stone is through the mirror. Dumbledore (or at least one possibility of him) may have been banished from time. The mirror, though, showed Harry something important to saving himself and fixing the world (Harry's greatest desire). However, by concealing himself from the mirror at the end and having Harry stand in front, Voldemort ensured that Harry's CEV would dominate in the reflection. So long as Harry realizes this, he can conjecture that the stone Dumbledore had in his hands at the end was the Philospher's Stone. That means that Voldemort's is not real (or at least not the true one), and Harry's use of Finite Incantatum (possibly followed by a patronus) might result in his victory as a dementor shows up suddenly in their midst and obeys Harry. Failing that, assuming the Death Eaters haven't moved quite yet, a partial transfiguration would work as well, allowing Harry to use his knowledge of atomic theory and the periodic table of elements to create some rather crippling effects (assuming Harry doesn't want to kill everyone).

Alas, my solution requires several conjectures to work, so I feel like I'm missing something still to this. For example, I haven't addressed the prophecy, although finding out that the Philosopher's Stone is not real would "destroy" Voldemort's "world" insofar as it would shatter his conception of what he knows.
Melanie chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Hi there,

Even though I don't have a plausible solution for Harry's problem, I decided to write a review now, because I simply don't want to be a bystander.
Every solution I came up with had a flaw in it I could see. (To mention one of the solutions - Harry would summon a phoenix by thinking of saving his parents from Voldemort and then going to Azkaban - the only place where he is save from Voldemort and the Death Eaters. But there was anti-phoenix ward mentioned earlier in the book so I'm not sure whether that would work.)
Most of my ideas have already been mentioned by other people so I don't see a point in posting them.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful story and tell you that I appreciate your work, even though I think you are secretly Voldemort because of the last chapter :)
I can only hope it doesn't end too soon.

Best Regards
Achanei Belvar chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Alright, guess its time to post - I don't have a complete roadmap/way to win, but at least some rough ideas I want to throw in before the deadline. Didn't partake in any speculation dicussins or anything, just my own ideas.

The main constraint is obviously Voldemort - he is a huge unknown unknown in terms of defensive power and tricks, also likely to figure out most plans. Removing him from the immediate situation is paramount. To this end, I'd have to give Voldemort a costly bit of knowledge - the elder wand that Dumbledore threw away from himself before he was trapped in the mirror. This artefact seems to be important and dangerous enough that Voldemort will want to retrieve it immediately, and himself. Of course giving him the elder wand is going to strengthen Voldie, but at the same time, with his one rival in magical power, Dumbledore, gone and all the Horcruxes, there is kind of a diminished return on 'yet another thing to make Voldemort invincible'. Definitely preferrable to dying. However, Voldermort might be smart enough to take away Harry's wand before leaving - if he is, we have a further constraint to work around.
Once Voldemort is out of the picture, there are multiple avenues of attack - even without a wand, Harry could use occlumency offensively by making eye contact with various Death Eaters to trick them into believing there is a bomb or some other threat that is imminent, or even more complicated schemes to get them to make some concessions to further exploit. Without Voldemort present, escape is achievable.

If Voldemort does not leave, the only thing I came up with that might catch him off-guard is transfiguring air into a strong knock-out gas. This could be a strong attack against the Death Eaters depending on distance, wind and harry's ability to hold his breath (he doesn't need
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry has to explain to VM that the horcrux still hasn't been tested properly. Both of them are Tom Riddle, meaning Harry may be reincarnated if he is killed now. VM has no way of knowing if this will happen or not because it has never been tried in this kind of scenario. If Harry is a risk to the world, then Hary himself cannot risk his own reincarnation, and VM will have a harder time containing him should that happen. Right now VM does not know even the probability of this scenario.

Instead, Harry explains that VM must have an animagus death eater make a horcrux, then rewritite a baby's brain, then have the baby killed. See if it stays dead or is transferred to the horcrux. It is an obvious test that VM can easily do but did not think of. If it resurrects, then VM must destroy his own horcruxes before killing Potter.

VM is studying the muggle arts but has not learned much from them yet.
RoyalJelly chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry must convince Voldemort that the prophecy cannot be averted by his death (or any other means, really). Given that he believes this (evidence explained below), he should be able to say in Parseltongue, that he will definitely destroy the world right away if killed now.

He should then explain that prophecies, like all causalities that point "backwards" through time, are not subject to being changed. As supporting evidence, he can cite time-turners and comed-tea. Harry might suggest that Voldemort consider attempting to formulate a spell that could alter the past, as a comparable exercise.

We (my co-reviewer and I) posit that Voldemort might not have thought of this, because he is not trained in Muggle ways. Specifically, the magical community is not used to thinking of the universe as a place of inviolable laws.

In order for the prophecy to exist, its future must "already" have come about: then the information gets teleported back through time into the "present". It cannot be undone; it already happened and there is only one timeline. Though there may be some wiggle room on the interpretation of the words of the prophecy...?

Killing Harry now would remove his ability to fulfill the prophecy in the future. Therefore, it would "force" the prophecy's immediate fulfillment. Alternatively, it guarantees that something Harry has already done will have set in motion the fulfillment of same.

Keeping Harry alive, on the other hand, at the very least might prolong the moment of the end. Better, it may provide opportunities to see that the (still inevitable) fulfillment of the prophecy might be shaped to be as non-immortality-ruining as possible.

We submit that this line of reasoning removes Voldemort's motive to kill Harry, and replaces it with a motive to keep him alive (at least for now)... and probably try to control him.
ConfuseConquer chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
My solution involves Harry persuading Lord Voldemort to let him live. Here is the argument in quick form (it can be embellished with parseltongue)

* Harry starts by telling Voldemort that the prophecy may not be about him (Harry) and even if Voldemort kills Harry, the prophecy might still fulfill itself. The purpose of this is to instill doubt in Voldemort's mind.

* Harry the furthers the doubt by telling Voldemort that killing him could have unintended consequences on Voldemort himself and asks him if he's really willing to take that risk.

* Another way to further the doubt is to tell Voldemort that they might actually be in a simulation as a result of the mirror and not the real world and in the real world, the danger might still exist so they should try and establish whether or not they are in a simulation first.
(Note: this is impossible and Voldemort might already know as much, but again the point is to continue to instill doubt and lengthen the time Harry has to persuade Voldemort that he is non-threatening)

* Once doubt has been established, Harry tells Voldemort that their goals are aligned and the same. Just like Voldemort, Harry also wants to defeat death, and he's already proven he can do that with Dementors. Harry then tells Voldemort the Dementors represent death and the secret to defeating them is to reject death on all possible levels

* Harry continues by telling Voldemort that he's already gotten the Unbreakable Vow that he will not destroy the world and that his intention is not to destroy the world but to defeat death.

* Harry then tells Voldemort that ruling Magical Britain as the Dark Lord will be boring without someone to oppose him and that a dictatorship is not the most optimal solution. Harry then reminds Voldemort that Magical Britain already rallies around him and that by changing the curriculum of Hogwarts to teach more Battle Magic, they can create far more superior wizards who are smarter, more battle ready. He then uses the current pathetic state of the Death Eaters as example of weakness.

* Harry continues that with Hermione alive and next to him, he now has someone who can watch over him and act as voice of reason if Harry's experiments get too out of hand.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary for Harry to be right about the prophecy, he only need establish doubt in Voldemort's mind.
Dakusan chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I see 4 angles to this. I doubt you would accept the first 2, so I guess I will have to make the 3rd my official angle. 1) You kind of made time turners a bit on the deus ex/omnipotent side of story telling. There was an unexplained blip on the Mauraders map in the potions or chess room, which could indicate someone powerful enough that has blurred their identity, or someone under the true cloak of invisibility. I do not believe we ever established how someone under the cloak showed (or did not show) on the Mauraders map. Since Harry only used 5 hours of his time turner, he could have had someone else with a different turner go back 1 extra hour, watched the events under the true cloak up until this critical moment, then gone back 5 more hours to prepare after seeing the events, and then given harry back his invisibility cloak for the events that had already unfolded. Dumbledore would have been a good candidate for this, even though he would have had to willingly go to his death after seeing events unfold, but still rigging Harry to win via time turns. We know Harry likes thinking ahead and planning for contingencies just like this. 2) We already saw harry had a strong connection with Faux, and perhaps he could summon Faux through his "loyal" words, like in chamber of secrets, who could then help him phoenix-teleport out. Especially as Dumbledore was just killed, I could see Faux concentrating on Harry and his plights. 3) Use the Parseltounge anti-lying to his advantage (I saw this used a lot in the Inheritance Cycle books). Tell Voldemort in Parseltounge "I will not help you in any way unless you agree in Parseltounge to all the terms I am about to list, with this list coming of my own volition and will be unmodified by anything you might say after, or any other external force, from this point in relative time". Notice I said relative and not absolute ;-) . He could then list out that Voldemort will not kill, harm, or have anyone use magic on harry for the next X hours, and add stipulations about his parents and everyone else. 4) Since we have already pleasantly established harry as a naked-child, this is a bit taboo in American culture, and I assume the same in British. Even if someone is completely corrupted, naked children still causes a tiny bit of pause through its taboo-ness. Harry could use this to his advantage by performing a very unexpected and indecent act, like defecating himself, then collapsing to the floor and convulsing (been watching too much House recently). This unexpected action would most likely cause all the death eaters long enough a pause, that after another second, harry could summon his time turner and use it before they reacted.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Life intervened and I wasn't able to finish my solution. Still, for what it's worth, I did sketch an outline of my first step.

Step 1. Get to Hermione.

1. a) Hypothesis: stars in the sky prophecy related to prophecy that I will overcome death.

1. b) Hypothesis: I am meant to end death, and in doing so will tear apart the stars (metaphorically or not).

1. c) Parseltongue: "I have a reasonable hypothesis concerning the prophecy about the stars in the sky. If I am correct, your plan will bring about the worst possible result [as per HPEV's own ethical beliefs]. I believe I can prevent that and must discuss it with Hermione as per my vow. If I am correct and I explain it to you I am certain I will bring it about."

1. d) Further pressure: "There is an additional piece of information that I believe may be another prophecy through which this was revealed."

1. e) (Debatable if this helps or hinders.) Get more data: "I require any information you have about the three Peverell brothers and the devices they made. These were explicitly implicated as important things I should seek in order to prevent dire consequences."

Additional information may help and buys thinking time, but it also confers the same advantages on TR Snr., who may be better placed to exploit them.

1. f) Material for warmth/concealment/transfiguration fuel (and dignity): "I also desire clothing if I am to converse optimally with Hermione on how to avert the fatal fulfilment of this prophecy. It is cold and I will be embarrassed."

(Would clothes impermanently transfigured by TR be a liability? Unlikely but not impossible.)

1. g) Anticipate TR's objections and probable demands to impose additional constraints; propose own with careful wording to leave wiggle room.

2. Use Hermione as an additional resource.
hyperborealis chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Speech Only
Portfolio Diversification & Word/Thing Category Confusion

Force Voldemort to expand his utility function by looking at the cosmos from the perspective of an immortal. Appeal to him to look at the future from the same perspective that he looks at space from the Pioneer horcrux.

The truth is, Voldemort is curiously parochial, wedded to little things such as preserving the sort of life he is used to or becoming ruler of the rather minor country of Britain. In the long perspective of infinite time, such a perspective is fatal. The key to Harry's survival is his ability to logically present the point so that Voldemort has to see that.

Point out to Voldemort that in a billion years, the sun will go expand to destroy all life on earth (per Wikipedia: "In one billion years' time, as the Sun's radiation output increases, its circumstellar habitable zone will move outwards, making the Earth's surface too hot for liquid water to exist there naturally. At this point, all life on land will become extinct.",) and that as an immortal, Voldemort is going to live to see that. Point out that well before that, the earth can expect other extinction events, such as the asteroid strikes that caused previous extinctions (per Wikipedia: "Notable impact events include the Late Heavy Bombardment, which occurred early in history of the Earth–Moon system and the Chicxulub impact, 66 million years ago, believed to be the cause of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.") Make clear that these are just the ones we know will happen-that there can always be black-swan events which we have no way of anticipating, never having experienced them before. Point out to Voldemort, that, as an immortal, he is going to live to endure these events.

Then, ask him how he is going to deal with these inevitable events. Point out to him that his current goals re preventing human-caused nuclear catastrophe-whether by restricting research or extinguishing Muggles-will severely limit his capacity to cope with these extinction events. Point out that his predilection for killing fools and tyrannizing over second-raters means that he is putting all his eggs in his own basket.

Offer by way of contrast the creativity proven by the Harry's Chaos Army, where Harry's chaotic (as opposed to Voldemort's top-down authoritarian model) decision making process and flat hierarchical model produced many unexpected solutions. Expand the point to include Harry's innovative blending of muggle science and wizardly magic, using by way of illustration Harry's invention of Partial Transfiguration. Point out to Voldemort he is making Harry's own case by asking him now for his knowledge, which amounts to an admission that Harry is a fountain of ideas that Voldemort himself needs.

Make the conceptual point that Voldemort needs to diversify the risk of death he faces by expanding the sources of ideas and solutions. Point out that Harry can do this, has a proven track record in doing so. Point out that Voldemort has a proven track record of failure in this respect. Make the argument that in killing Harry, Voldemort is effectively committing suicide.

Tell him that without Harry, without Harry's scientific imagination, he is doomed-unless he allows Harry to live to destroy the sun first, precisely to fulfill the unbreakable vow he has just taken.

Also, point out to Voldemort he is making the elementary mistake of confusing a word with its referent. Harry as the object of the prophecy is not the prophecy itself. If he kills Harry, the prophecies will still stand; they just won't have had anything to do with Harry. In that case Voldemort either merely transfers the prophecies to himself (necessarily so, if he is to be the only surviving listener to Trelawney's HE IS HERE), or to someone unknown elsewhere in the future. In either case, Voldemort will be much worse off: he cannot escape himself, and he will not know whom to escape in the future.

Point out how elementary these two categories of mistakes are, which should be obvious to any muggle investor and college student. That Voldemort can make them proves he is incapable by himself of averting his own death, that in killing Harry he is proving his mental weakness and dooming himself.
Zidanetribal93 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry saved Voldie back in Azkaban but now Voldie wants to kill him. What a jerk
JBB chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Well - what could Harry do wordlessly, with his wand pointing to the ground?
What about a partial transfiguration of the ground into antimatter?
He should only make sure to calculate carefully... :-D
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry casts the True Patronus in Parseltongue, wrapping it around himself. This either protects him while he makes his getaway or it can teleport him to a safe location.
don't care chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
After the last three chapters of cut-scenes, where Harry was unable to think and did not have any actual decisions to make any way, I find I don't care if he lives or dies. Avada kedavra.
Remixer96 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Omake Entry

As Harry considered his situation, he opened his mind to every solution that his mind could hold. Slowly, the answers started to come in.

"A... A... B..."

Confused, Harry tried to close his mind, but the dam had been broken, and the answers were coming in unbidden now.

"B... Select... A, Up, Down, Down, A, Start, A, BABStartLeftBLeftBLeftBSelectARight..."

Harry began to sweat and shake under the strain. What could this mean? Was this stream of meaningless thoughts supposed to help him somehow? How could anyone achieve anything with this garbage constantly flying through their mind?

As if with a mind of their own, Harry's glasses popped off his face and discarded their transfigured form, leaving only a fossilized shell sitting on the ground.

In a flash, it all became clear to Harry. "_Praisse Helix..._" he whispered.

An expression of annoyance crossed Voldemort's face as he responded in kind, "_Idiot-child... Now iss not the time to usse that_."

"Kill him."

Harry closed his eyes and waited as 36 green flashes of light flew toward him.
RAY chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry will say that as future and past both affect the present (explained via comed tea,time turner and at last prophesies) the prophesies are going to occur no matter what voldemort does... If voldemort is sure that the prophesy says that the world or the universe is going to be destroyed by harry.. All he can do is make sure of circumstances and also it is possible that trying to kill harry will end the universe somehow and they both need to work on the problem together if they are to reach somewhere as soon as possible so that the solution is given before the end of the universe... Harry will then ask for the prophesy to be said to him so that he can say his views.. After hearing the prophecy he will comment on the possibility of alternate universe leaving on voldermort to decide what to do next...

On completely different note i think the universe in which rational harry(a.k.a tom riddle) and voldermort(also tom riddle) are in C.E.V. of tom riddle and as voldermort and harry both are tom riddle they both are highly rational... This universe was created by the mirror cause when the message on it is read backwards read ''i show not your face but your C.E.V."
Hope u give us the long and the better version instead of the short and the sad one...
Victor Kleptsyn chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The fact that one cannot lie in Paraseltongue, and the fact that Voldemort is _very_ afraid of death, can be used to start the negotiations. That is:
1) Assume that Harry tries to transfigure air near his wand into photons - into radiation. If he succeeds, even for a cubic centimeter, everything in the room (well, not only...) will be immediately evaporated. By the way, tightly-packed (or, to be more precise, constantly emitted and captured) radiation is what, among other things, one finds inside the stars.
2) He does not know if he succeeds. But he does not know neither if he is doomed to fail: it might be that all the obstacles that failed the previous (and the only) attempt to transfigure the air, are in his head. And he did not re-try to transfigure the air after passing to the timeless QM interpretation.
3) The following phrases are, at the best of his knowledge, true (if he devotes himself to stopping Voldemort):
"There is a Muggleborn-related magic that I have used to break through the walls of Azkaban. I have just though of another its use; funnily enough, it is related to what is inside the stars. Unless released, I intend to attempt to use it. If it works, everything inside this room will be evaporated; and my honest estimate is that it has a chance of working. We can discuss now discuss the modalities of how you let us go; an attempt to Apparate or attack and I release it."
Dakem chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry could use a combination of partial and timed transfiguration to transform air into a fast acting nerve gas. He does not need to move his wand as his wand is already in contact with the air. Through timed transfiguration he could delay the finishing of the toxic/reactive component to give his gas time to spread. Once spread he starts to finish his transfiguration far away from him, killing or disabling all the death eaters and voldemort. He has to stop or cancel his yet unfished transfiguration, before he is completely done, otherwise he would die himself.
Anya chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Maybe Harry should tell Voldemort that without the thing that he had discovered about transfiguration Voldemort will not posessss the true power of the Philosophers stone. (It's easy to believe this to be true).
Then Harry can say something like "I've proven to have so many ideas and powers You can't even imagine. You might be killing not just the last great mind equal to yours, but also the source of a really great power you will never have. You definetely lack of understanding how the Universe works and this is why you react so childishly and covardly to the prophesy. Youre weak and make emotional decisions based upon the prophesy and You don't even know HOW the prophesies work. You haven't even proved the prophesy to be authentical because it can be one of Dumbledor's plots to make you destroy one of your powerful ally"
Harry might believe this all, right?
James B chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry realizes that the almost certain prospect of his death is FAR less damaging than the relatively likely possibility of him destroying the universe (prophecies are generally right) , he gives up and does not give the damaging secrets that he has found out to Lord Voldemort, thus saving the universe. This is not as short and sad as the alternative ending because the universe doesn't end, or at least not as quickly.

Harry's death would be sad, but you know what's more sad? Everyone in the universe dying.
wibkeschu chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
1)If prophecies really always come true, then Harry must destroy the world, either by actively doing so (for which he has to stay alive) or indirectly causing it to happen (by dying).
Since the Unbreakable Vow does not permit him to destroy the world, he has to either either stay alive because by dying he would break it, or he has to die because by staying alive he would break it. In the first case Harry would be rendered immune against the Killing Curse by his Vow. In the second case nobody could help Harry.
2)The above paradoxon (Vow cannot be broken, yet prophecy must always come true) might create a black hole and destroy the world, but that would not help Harry.
3)Harry explains his secret power of Partial Transfiguration and names himself as a person to be under Lord Voldemorts protection. Assuming lying is still impossible in Parseltongue, Harry would survive.

I know it's past the deadline (I read Chapter 113 too late) but I love the story and do not want to fail my final exam. ;)
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
If we assume that
1. All that is self conscious have an instinct of self-preservation (that is, wants to keep its existance)
2. All that has an instinc of self preservation will look for the better scenario in which to keep it's existence
From 1 and 2, A. All that is self conscious will look for the better scenario in which to keep it's existence
3. The better scenario in which to keep it's existence, for all things, is the one in which all things keep their existance

And that
4. Many things are self conscious
5. Harry is such a thing
6. All that reason reaches 6
7. Harry reasons

B. Then Harry reaches 6

8. If Harry is alive, he will look for 3
9. If Harry isn't alive, he won't look for 3
10. Prophecies can't be changed (whatever that means)

Then, regardless of 10 (and whatever that means), 3 has a bigger chance of success if 8 is true.
Drachefly chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"_Is prophesy essentially..._"

"_Powers, not excuses._"

"_Vow compels to raise this point. More important than powers._"

Voldemort paused. "_Proceed._"

"_Is prophesy essentially same as Centaur prophesy? Stars go dark?_"


"_Plan to do this. Good thing._"

"What. Are you trying to have me kill you _before_ the minute is up?"

Harry struggled not to shake his head. "_You must do this to survive long. Stars are biggest sources of anti-times-times of ways... how to say? Stars are very inefficient. To live forever, must be efficient._"

"_The risks involved!_"

"_Will test on one star extremely far away with a large team of the best people can teach given many-many-many years preparation time. Am not planning to do this SOON, or ALL AT ONCE. Once immortal, have much time. Check work._"

Voldemort paused and considered the implications. "_And how might it be done? What terrible powers will you unlock to rend a star?_"

"_Unsure. Using magic to set up purely material methods seems safest. If no magic, if star explodes, Earth still safe. Does this make the MOST NATURAL interpretation of the prophecy good? Not twisting words. If this is plan, is prophecy what seer would say?_"

Voldemort thought.

"_If kill now, what will happen? Other does it. Do not know plan. Could break seals, could destroy universe. Cannot find, cannot predict, could be anything. If live, will help stop any other._"
Butagami chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Okay, actually making some sort of effort here.
First of all, Harry should probably give him something good. I expect him to start with the Patronus 2.0, but be stopped by LV since he can't even produce the normal version, so why bother. Next Harry will try telling of partial transfiguration, but find he can't, due to the vow. Finally he'll just tell of how potions truly work. These are all speculations, it could be anything Harry deems suitable to tell LV. The point of it is stalling for time, using that to think.

What bothered me, and therefore my mental version of Harry, was the formulation of the Vow, including into it needing to discuss important decisions with Hermione and other specificities. This should fracture his Suspension of Disbelief again, since at least to his 'Dark Side' it would appear illogical. Thinking further he will deduce that by driving him into the corner with no other way out than through Voldemort, Voldie's goal is not to kill him, but to drive him to do his utter best in solving this. Harry knows he can't possibly offer so much new knowledge to LV to save all his loved ones etc. So some will suffer anyway, which will not be acceptable.

I'm expecting LV to have read Sun Tsu's the Art of War, and going by my pop-culture-based knowledge of it, it contains the advice to "always leave your enemies a way to flee, or they will die fighting with everything they've got" or something in that ballpark. It appears as if LV is taunting Harry into taking drastic action. The rational thing for LV to do before telling the Death-Eaters how killing Harry would go, was to have one of them put up a Quieting charm around Harry. Make it seem like Harry will live, and then put the plan into motion.

Instead LV, has let Harry keep his wand and his glasses, made his intentions clear, and gave him time to think. Time to make a plan to prevent his death. So either LV simply wants to know what's the best plan Harry might come up with in his desperation, or he hasn't really decided yet on whether to really kill Harry, letting it depend on how successful/creative his method is.

So on to practical plans:
Patronus 2.0 to soak up Voldie's inevitable counteraction, invoke resonance and blow him up? Impossible, wand-movements required, takes too much time, doesn't do anything for LV's other Horcruxes. It might work as an eventual end-move, after the Death-Eaters are dead and Voldemort's the only present threat left. What I imagine might happen, is that if and when Harry casts it, or any other spell for that matter, the resonance will force LV into his animagus form after discarding his wand. Provided the Philosopher's Stone has not gone beyond Harry's reach, he could simply hold it to Snake!LV, making that transfiguration permanent.
Somehow using the Time-Turner to go back an hour and make more extensive preparations?
Impossible, LV has explicitly mentioned setting up wards to counteract this, never-mind that it is standard procedure for Death-Eaters.
Using partial Transfiguration to make a poison, explosive, hole to fall through, whatever to instantly kill the Death-Eaters and LV? Impossible, Harry needs a lot of time for such extensive transfiguration, more than he has, and even then it would not permanently destroy Voldemort, just piss him off.

Running out of time, hope someone has come up with the right explanation
Quantum Duck chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Besides the true patronus charm and his ability to control dementors, Harry has few other secrets Voldemort may not know with which to buy time. He knows some details about the personal life and loyalties of Severus Snape, he knows how to perform partial transfiguration, and he can sense the cloak of true invisibility as its true owner. Voldemort already highly suspects Snape and will likely not treat any new information as valuable. Voldemort can already sense the cloak through a spell, but would likely accept it as a gift in exchange for a life, since he cannot truly own it otherwise. Partial transfiguration is something he could learn, though it would not be worth it except as a general area of research.

Of these options, and given that Harry must tell the truth, his best chance for talking productively for the longest amount of time is by explaining partial transfiguration. It is unlikely that Voldemort has studied enough to be able to do this himself, so Harry can truthfully explain that it is a secret he does not yet know. In addition to buying time, this can allow Harry to get his mind frame right to be able to perform a partial transfiguration while speaking. We know partial transfiguration requires concentration, but most of it is needed to think about the timeless quantum nature of the universe, and Harry has already shown to be capable of letting his mind wander a little when transfiguring a rocket in Azkaban.

Harry cannot transfigure anything from the air, and he must leave his wand pointing down, but I do not see any reason why he cannot touch his wand to his leg. He does not have much time, so he will want to make something small, but he has the ability to maintain it within his body indefinitely, until he can get medical assistance to get it removed. As far as targets, he doesn't have much choice, since he is monitored so closely, and he knows he can't transfigure nanobots or other technology he doesn't fully understand. His best bet is a weapon hidden under the skin.

Voldemort is not very vulnerable to conventional weapons, but any projectile will harm him due to contact with matter that Harry transfigured. Therefore, the best think to use is a radiation source, possibly surrounded by a layer of lead to direct it. A beta or alpha emitter would also probably be better, since he is not trying to directly damage Voldemort, but just set up a magical resonance with a virtually undetectable source, and larger particles are probably better for being considered transfigured matter, rather than energy. Also, any radiation that hits Harry, will damage him both before and after the transfiguration is released, so it is good to keep this at a minimum by using particles that do not penetrate far.

Voldemort will likely catch on quickly to what is going on, and he has two choices to act before the resonance begins to overwhelm him: he can either shoot Harry or command his death eaters to kill him. Given the evidence, he does not likely trust his death eaters to act instantly when he changes the plan, and would prefer to take action himself, so Harry must prepare to defend against being shot, which may or may not be instantly lethal. If Harry designs his radiation source to be large enough, Voldemort may only have a brief moment to make a decision before being overwhelmed, so it is in Harry's best interest to keep him talking about partial transfiguration, making a large alpha particle source behind shielding material before making a small hole in the shield and in his skin to release a beam of particles. Voldemort will have a change to shoot and/or order a kill before having to throw away his wand and change to a snake form.

If Harry tries this risky plan, he will have to be prepared to dodge instantly upon releasing the beam and cast the largest patronus he can to absorb killing curses (it can take only one at low power, but there is evidence to suggest it can erase more than one dementor, so it should be able to neutralize more than one killing curse if it can neutralize any. This is only a temporary solution, because the death eaters will try other curses, but, knowing their past behaviour, they will be very disorganized if their leader shows any signs of weakness or distress, which is why targeting Voldemort is crucial.

With the limited time Harry has, he must either dive on top of the snake, based on the intuition that Voldemort could be severely harmed by physical contact or try to get to one of the magical items that could help him, such as the cloak or the time turner.

Using dementors in some way in this scenario is tempting, because we know they are the only weopon Harry alone can control, and that the others greatly fear, but Harry has not quite learned enough to have no doubts when attempting to use them. We know that Death was in the area recently, since Quirrel was just killed, and it is a graveyard, but Harry has not yet made the connection between the process of death and the dementors, and whether there is a one to one relationship. It was tempting to think along these lines, but any attempt to summon a dementor would be hindered by Harry's lack of absolute certainty that he had that power.
redwolfpack chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I know it's late, but I still wanted to participate :)

I sswear that I have done no reading or ssearching into what other'ss have ssuggessted.
Here is my solution:

In parseltongue, volunteer that you can perform partial transfiguration and explain what it can do, but that it can't be acquired without knowledge you already have. Say you want a different bargain than what's been offered you (You want both of your parents and Hermione to be spared torture in exchange for showing example of partial transfiguration or teaching him this), but you expect Voldemort to not change his bargain. After piquing Voldemort's interest (this may come after Voldemort forces you to demonstrate the power), yell in English "I know how to defeat Voldemort!" Instantly many spells will be flung at you, but Voldemort will stop them so he can interrogate you further to understand partial transfiguration. This may distract Voldemort enough that you may be able to cast some magic that touches Voldemort. You cast the true patronus (which requires little magic, but may require a lot of life energy). The true patronus touches Voldemort and then proceeds to protect you from other spells flung at you. You may hurt a lot (like when your patronus blocked Voldemort's Avada Kedavra in Azkaban) or you may even die, but it's worth the try. If you survive, you make a run for your time turner and other gear.
Also, as we've seen 1 death eater attack Voldemort, and knowing how none of them tried to find and revive Voldemort after his fall, we can resonably expect that some of the death eaters present are not happy Voldemort has returned. This increases the odds that they may not use their full effort or may even try to counter the efforts of their fellow death eaters in preventing you from escaping.
Also, we know that Voldemort has an elaborate, "safe" method of killing you. Why would he just let you get killed by a reactionary spell from the death eaters? Voldemort said you would die if you would speak so that it would scare you into inaction. He would still have every intention of following his "safe" method, which would mean not allowing Harry to die from the deatheaters (at least while he is conscious).
Additionally, Lucius may be among the death eaters. He may or may not try to hinder Voldemort or help you.
Once Voldemort is incapitated, and if you've made it to your gear, you put on your Cloak of Invisibility and use the last sdpin of your time turner. Now you are out of IMMEDIATE DANGER OF DYING and can think more before your next move.
nofreelunch chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I could think of 2 ways, neither of them according to me are any good:
1. Teach him partial transfiguration, buy a life and hopefully some time. Attempt partial transfiguration of the ground beneath the the death eaters into something dangerous or into something they can inhale( against the words of McGonagall)

2. Probably the whole thing is not even true and is just what Prof. Quirrell sees in the mirror of erised.
thesilverbail chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Last minute review...don't know if this counts...but i just thought of it.

This is a possible mirror universe attack. Harry tells V that it is possible we are still living in a mirror universe, but he has a definite test for detecting that: check for a CP violation:


This will involve creating a relatively large amount of antimatter and storage fields to contain it in etc. so that certainly gives him time to survive 60 secs . Only he can create it since only he knows what it is and can do partial transfiguration, so he can't just tell V how to do it, V has to let him do it.

Also it gives a new asset that only he understands and can control: anti-matter. He could then use some other physics of anti-matter to defeat V. If i had more time I could work out what that would be as well...
Garts chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Alright, let's get on with this.
There are two possibilities. Harry dies (permanently or not) or Harry lives. If we suppose Harry lives, then, considering all the constraints, two possibilities arise.
One, Lord Voldemort chooses to kill Harry, and Harry forcefully stops that course of action, by his own means.
Two, Lord Voldemort chooses not to kill Harry, not because of Harry's intrinsic value as a human being or any ethical or emotional reason, but because of a perfectly practical one.
For the first course of action, many hypotheses arise, though they quite exceed Harry's capabilities as we have seen until this point in the story. Partial Transfiguration, Dementor control, Time-turner tricks, and Comed-tea magic, are examples, just to name a few. For example, for Harry to transform air into some sort of breathable poison, or some kind of unbreakable material to bind everyone around him-far exceeds his current ability. As such, it is possible for him to suddenly realize that, as he understand death, it is not possible to destroy Dementors, but also create them. Time magic is also quite out of his reach. It is also possible, if implausible, that Death Eaters and/or Hermione fight for Harry in a plot twist, though it is unlikely any sort of unprepared magical battle will end in Lord Voldemort's death.
The second course of action seems far more probable, because the Unbreakable Vow has a flaw. It is possible to conclude that Lord Voldemort will cause greater destruction than what Harry could do, and so, Harry is forbidden to do or say anything that could cause Harry to die and Lord Voldemort to live. It has a fundamental flaw that is not obvious-but the Unbreakable Vow could be, in essence, what leads to Lord Voldemort's demise. Silence is not a positive action.
For example, suppose that Harry says, "If I die, the very stars in heaven will be torn apart." In his interpretation of the truth, that will be true, because what Lord Voldemort plans is world domination and the transformation of what society is, even what fate is, "stars" representing something stable in the world that will be changed. It is possible for Harry to say, "If I die, the world will end," and it will be true in similar fashion, so both of this statements can be said in Parseltongue.
Naturally, Lord Voldemort will ask how, why, in what way, and if it can be stopped. As answering any such questions leads to Harry's death, he cannot possibly answer them-unless he consults with Hermione first, alone. He can just answer, in Parseltongue, that it is not possible for him to answer those questions without breaking the oath.
What could Lord Voldemort possibly do? Asking, "if I cut your arm, will the world end?" also do not work, because physical harm lowers the probability of Harry stopping Lord Voldemort and therefore raises the probability of world destruction happening. Therefore, Harry cannot answer such questions either. He is not obliged to tell Lord Voldemort he needs to consult with Hermione first, but it is possible that he demands it.
Lord Voldemort can obviously incarcerate Harry to study him even if consulting with Hermione determines he cannot reveal anything. It is unlikely that Lord Voldemort would try to kill Harry anyway. He went to unimaginable lengths to defy fate; he would not simply go and use a Killing Curse without being sure.
Any variations of this simple scheme can work. For example, Harry sees his Transfigured rock near the Time-turner. If he dies, the rock can return to its original size, and possibly damage the device. He can say, "I am in possession of a powerful artifact that can be destroyed if I die, and I don't know what will happen if it does." As the above scenario, the Unbreakable Vow stops him from revealing more information, because it would lead to greater world destruction. He could just not answer the question-which would make Lord Voldemort confine him for further testing-or wait for Hermione to wake up. Both of those scenarios will lengthen Harry's life.
I am digressing, but that is it. I have never reviewed any single chapter of the story, because I always thought any comment I might make is beneath its worth. It is unquestionably the best fanfiction ever written, because of very objective literary reasons. It is the only story in the site that centers not on the story itself, but the honest, impartial debate of core human issues: Morality, death, friendship, trust, identity, existence, future, science, society, even truth in itself, just to name a few. There is no single point of view, as many are presented in the form of many characters.
Thank you for writing such a masterpiece.
redspaces chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Late but: the "tiny fraction of a line" in Ch 1 could be part of a broken time turner. There was a question near the beginning of just what catastrophe happens if one breaks. Harry could retrieve his by any of the methods already suggested, or Cedric and his time turner could be involved if Harry prearranged to check in with him, and has finally failed to do so.. I have a few ideas what could be triggered/undone by breaking a time turner, but no certainty or time to write them so I'll leave it open
shzami chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
OKay - this is beyond the permitted time and I couldn't work through the things I wanted to because of work deadlines. If I had time I would have compared all the non-parseltongue/parseltongue dialogue in the entire book so far to see what WASN'T in parseltongue and hence plot-relevant in a different way. So, I'm just going to limit myself to some suggestive points:

1) In his first day at Hogwarts, Harry plays an elaborated, complicated 'prank' on himself. Could Tom Riddle be doing the same on 'himself'?
2) Quirrel taught Harry to lose Quirrel once suggested that Harry should stage himself defeating LV (again) - could this be LV staging his own death spectacularly somehow? Remember the Azkaban scene where for all that time Harry thought Quirrel was evil, but Quirrel actually had a simple explanation for everything he had done.
3) Why were the death-eaters summoned? (According to Quirrelmort, they are incompetent etc.) - Is it possible that they have been rallied by Lucius Malfoy and will act in Harry's interests? Observe that the rule says 'the Death Eaters will fire on him immediately' - it doesn't say WHAT they will fire - they could fire shielding charms :)
4) The solution that Harry will end Death seems really really impossible for narrative reasons - Can we imagine a world where everyone lives forever as 'the happily ever after'? Harry should win (as per normal story narrative), but there would be some limitation on the ending death thing. I'm not sure how.
5) I don't think that Harry will cast some kind of 'complicated' spell (such as partial transfiguration in under 60 seconds while distracting LV etc), OR persuade LV in an obvious 'oh I should have told you' before - all this could have been done before the 60 seconds came about, before the unbreakable vow happened. Harry's 'efforts' have to mean a LOGICAL consequence of ALL that Harry has been doing this past year - for instance, stuff like getting Malfoy on his side. It will also be some kind of blindly simple and obvious solution.
6) It says 'Voldemort is evil' - and Voldemort is only Quirrelmort's INVENTED self. We still don't know all the selves behind Quirrel. It doesn't talk about the one who invented Voldemort - and remember that V is good at staging both sides of the battle, and here you have a good vs bad bearing the same name, so Obviously he is orchestrating something other than what it looks like - this isn't Harry vs Voldemort AT ALL. That's just what it looks like.
7) Evil, classically defined, IS about ending the world. A hero, by definition, SAVES the world. Further evidence for point number 6. Voldemort isn't the one pulling the strings here.
8) What if Harry does NOTHING for 60 seconds? Also note, he says 'your death beginss' - Harry's death technically 'began' the day he was born. So that doesn't mean he will DIE after 60 seconds straightaway.
hitomi2500 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Well, i've done my thinking and the results are not that good. I came up with a lot of awful solutions (and i'm not listing them here), a pair of bad ones (they're listed just in case), and a pair of almost-good (as far as i think about them).

1. Transfiguration. A definite loophole was left for Harry to use transfiguration, since it requires no gestures and incantations. The best thing i came around with is either high-energy transfiguration (extremely high temperature tiny piece(s) of plasma, air particle(s) with a 0.1c speed, low size black hole(s)) or hazardous materials (invisible poison with no smell, radioaclives) near Voldie to kill Voldie, or near eaters to kill ALL of the eaters. This solution is based on assumptions that a) one doesn't need to point his wand at something to transfigure it, and b) transfiguration difficulty is defined by either mass or volume, not energy. Neither of this is definitely true, and Harry doesn't have the time to make experiments. Plus there are some additional difficulties like calculating lethal power's gradient to escape death etc.

2. Letting out last secret. Giving Voldie the secret of the partial transfiguration requires going through timeless theory, and i suppose that just explaining this one with all required math and prerequesites can take at least a few days even for a very smart student. So Harry can simply say in parseltongue that he does indeed posess a secret knowledge he can quickly demonstrate but can't quickly explain. And then he need to demonstrate partial transfiguration effectiveness. If Voldie will be persuaded to learn that new secret from Harry, rather than the hard way, then Harry will have another few days of lifespan. The persuasive demonstration can for example include high energy transfiguration described above, or maybe something less dangerous and more spectacular, like transfiguring air into burning napalm or into bullet at 1 mach speed. But giving away the last remaining secret as Voldie wishes somehow doesn't feel like an optimal solution. Playing one (and only?) of the most powerful cards just to possibly get some additional time is not plausible enough if you ask me.

3. Not Avada Kedavra Again. He can answer not the question he was asked, but the previous one, adressed to death eaters. The point here is not to show off (it's not an intellect what Voldie appreciate in his pawns, but obedience), but to show Voldie that his thinking was quite not full, and he should think more. But what possibility did Voldie missed actually? Something can be activated upon death, but he surely considered this and the risk here is less from his point than in letting Harry live. Something can be activated upon killing curse aimed at the boy-who-lived (especially when majority believes it bounced off last time, so someone from that majority can try to recreate the trick), so using avada is pretty stupid, and it in fact reacted with patronus charm 2.0, so it can be blocked after all. But that argument doesn't postpone Harry's death too much, just until Voldie choose another spell to kill him.

1. Science way. Voldie is fanatically afraid of prophecies, yet he only had one unsuccessfull case, he never tested them properly. Capturing a seer or too and testing all their prophecies doesn't look like an impossible feat for a Dark Lord. And now that Voldie is familiar with a way of science, isn't it SAFER to test these prophecy things to gather some information about loopholes, rather than trying to outsmart the unknown again? If Voldie is really afraid of the situation, he might take this step. But his fear can serve as a negative argument here (the more Potter lives, the more the risk) and in any other solution, so relying on fear might be dangerous.

2. Who's Tom? ( That thought is not mine actually, i've seen it somewhere in the previous chapters' comments. But it sounds very reasonable. ) If the map cannot distinguish them at all, will the horcrux system be able to do so? The system is very untested, and there is a chance that Harry will be treated by the system the same way Voldie is. That is really a treat, and Voldie needs a lot of time to test it (create two Rabastans that appears the same on the Hogwarts map, and then kill both, and get reports from both of them after being killed), it will take hours if not days. And he can't kill Harry until then.
nekomode chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The thing that Voldermort definitely won't do is ask for help, so the solution is probably asking for help. While everyone who might want to help thinks Harry is at the Quidditch game right now, it doesn't mean that they can't help Harry at all. Maybe they were confounded or obliviated. Maybe they were simply deceived into believing that the Harry that would go back in time would be the one at the Quidditch game. Harry I stayed through the whole game, received message, started to plot and turned back in time with his own time turner. Harry II stayed under the invisible cloak, didn't go to corridor but instead played the observer, and as such, learnt of the result of both the game and The Game. Harry IV is probably the one that saved Dumbledore via invisibility cloak. All that was observed by Harry III (probably) and Voldermort was that Dumbledore suddenly disappeared after he casted the Banishment charm. Harry IV could just cover over both of them with the invisibility cloak, and then recruit Dumbledore's help. Afterwards, Harry II meet up with Cedric I and convinced him to turn back in time because Harry needed Cedric's help in orchestrating the climax of the Quidditch match, or so he said. Harry III then switched with Harry II, who then continued his Quidditch subplot with Cedric II's help after Harry IV imperiused Harry III. The Harry of now is Harry III. Since Harry III was the one that swore the oath, the oath didn't affect Harry I and II, because they hadn't swore it yet. Harry III can't procrastinate, because Voldemort will detect his attempt immediately. How about, by telling him about the methods of rationality * Cue tittle drop*, the power that could give birth to an infinite number of powers? By using rational thinking and sheer bloody-minded, humanity has accomplished so many great things, after all. Note here that this hypothesis doesn't contradict the first prophecy. The power that the Dark Lord knows not is not the same as the power that the man who played the Dark Lord knows not. While Tom Riddle stated that he grew into the role during the first war, there are small clues here and there that point to the conclusion that he has returned to playing the role of the Big Bad for his final and most well-known performance.
Cue Dumbledore blitzing through the Death Eater. Amidst the confusion, Harry quickly raised the transfigured earth shield, grabbed the time turner, and escaped.
Maybe. Probably. I hope so.
nitrat665 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Solution using dementors:
Remember, one of the recurring themes that makes Harry so cool is that he has different conceptual limitations from the rest of the wizards. Now, as far as we know, dementors are controlled by people's expectations. The reason that dementors haven't exterminated all the life on Earth yet could be that while people are afraid of death, death always seems to wait another day and moves slowly and on its own pace. I mean, for a medieval person, the image of death might be connected to a tiger or a warrior on horseback killing you or disease or hunger doing you in over the course of several days or maybe weeks. Barring freak accidents, the fastest death-related image in a medieval person's brain could be an arrow (or a fast-flying but perfectly dodgeable Avada Kedavra bolt for a wizard).

So, the Wizengamot people whom Harry considered unleashing a dementor upon, and the Death Eaters surrounding him now - they are all medievals. Voldemort, at least, has contemplated nuclear missiles, rockets and spaceships, so for him death could imaginably be something that can cover a good portion of Earth's circumference in under half an hour, reenter the atmosphere at many times the speed of sound and blow a whole city to the oblivion. Voldemort, however, haven't internalized as much physics as Harry did, so he is on the level of a mid-20th century science fiction writer - and he doesn't have the power to control dementors.

Harry, however, is a totally different case. Harry can imagine (and, quite possible, given time and money, construct) a laser cannon that shoots a ray of death at the speed of light. Harry can think of supernova blasts covering interstellar distances. Harry can think of ultra-relativistic projectiles carrying enough kinetic energy to completely blow a planet apart. Harry can think in terms of homing missiles and AI-directed weapons that can track and destroy enemies without a need for human guidance. Hell, now that Harry knows that time-travel is possible in this universe, he should be able to realize that this could lead to FTL signaling (which could be used to kill people faster than light), so in his mind, death literally shouldn't have a physically set speed-limit. And with his Partial Transfiguration, Harry already has demonstrated his capablility of using his knowledge to bypass the concepts that hold the rest of the wizards back. And Harry does have the power to control dementors.

So, to summarize the above - Harry is the only person who can truly control dementors, and in his mind, Death has no speed limit or other limits, therefor, dementors under Harry's control are pretty much omni-powerful. If Harry can figure this out within the remaining 60 seconds - Voldie and Death Eaters simply don't have any chance. There is no explicitly mentioned limits that go against this solution and Harry does have all the pre-requisite knowledge, just needs to make a connection.
KAP chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I have had medical concerns that required most of my attention, so I offer only a shitty imprecise general strategy

Harry's wand is in his hand, pointing down
Therefore it is touching the air
Harry could do a partial Transfiguration of the air
In order to subdue the large number of Death Eaters and Voldemort, the ideal case would be to create some kind of anasthethic gas
I'm not sure if any are actually suitable: the ideal candidate is colorless, so as to not alert the Death Eaters and Voldemort, and needs to be of a density that it will not rise to the top of the atmosphere or sink to the ground before it is inhaled
The counter to this is the Bubble-Head Charm or Finite which is why the strategy fails if Harry can not Transfigure the air quickly and unobtrusively enough into a potent enough substance that the Death Eaters are caught unawares
Also, as I personally can attest, Laughing Gas in particular can have a paradoxical effect on a small number of people, so it is not ideal
Another reason this strategy could fail would be if Harry cannot control where the gas appears precisely enough to prevent himself from also being affected

If none of the anasthethic gases work, there is a much less ideal strategy
Tear gas, mustard gas, or the gaseous form of pepper spray
On the one hand these gases are formulated deliberately to have the best density and behavior to affect hostile crowds, and have enough vertical range to also affect Voldemort
Drawbacks are that the element of suprise is completely gone
A plus is that even if the Death Eaters make Bubble-Head Charms, they will still not be able to see Harry through the smoke, and would be vulnerable to skin blistering
But still the correct move would be for Mr. Grim (Pettigrew?) to Finite the transfiguration
That is why the best move in this set is probably actually the mustard gas, to do maximum damage quickly
Again, if Harry cannot prevent himself from being enveloped by the gas, he is screwed, especially since he is currently naked (one could argue about whether his enchanted glasses would provide negligible protection from tear gas)

Both of these strategies have a low risk of immediate lethality, which is super important because if Voldemort is incorporealized, he could posess Hermione
Or anyone of superior tactical advantage

At any point, Harry can wandlessly terminate the Transfiguration on his father's rock
This might serve as a useful distraction in the current moment although really Voldemort would just open fire
It is worth keeping in mind as an option that does not force Harry to move his wand (and be immediately shot)

If anasthethic gas DOES work, or if Harry can otherwise incapacitate the Death Eaters and render Voldemort unconscious,

a way to prevent Voldemort from being a danger without killing him and releasing him to posess someone else
would be to do a partial or full Transfiguration of his body and use the Stone to make it permanent

Voldemort has said (though not, as I recall, in Parseltongue) that if he experienced the magical resonance again, he planned to throw away his wand and assume his Animagus form

If a wizard in animal form cannot perform magic of any kind, perhaps the best move is to force Quirrelmort to assume snake form, stun him immediately, do a partial Transfiguration on the snake to fuse its vertebrae to prevent movement but not breathing and remove the poison and fangs, and then use the Stone to make it permanent

Magical resonance might prevent Harry from effecting some or all of that process himself, but if Voldemort and the Death Eaters have all been incapacitated he shall have ample leisure time to summon help, ahahaha

If Harry does manage to win, he should ABSOLUTELY NOT so much as TOUCH Hermione until he has consulted with at least three wizards/witches who have more knowledge of magic than he does
I nominate Amelia Bones and McGonagall
If Mad-Eye in this universe is actually Mad-Eye and not Crouch, he would be a good candidate also
and I even if he is secretly Crouch, would be Harry's best choice given the information available to him

*submits final exam*
European chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The rules allow Harry Potter to touch Lord Voldemort.
Selene98 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Okay, so I'm giving this a try, but also thinking it out as I go so...

The way I see it, Voldemort has 2 main goals. Harry's way out of this has to be beneficial for both of these, or else Voldy's just gonna do what he wants. So Voldy's goals are: 1. His continued existence. 2. Not being bored. Now number 1 has a twofold part. First, that he himself doesn't die. This is basically taken care of with the crazy number of horcurxes and precautions and such. The second part is the whole reason why he wants to kill Harry, the continued existence of the universe. Because if the universe is totally destroyed, so is Voldemort. There's an exploitation here, or at least something that perhaps Voldemort hasn't thought through enough. Eventually, the universe will end. Perhaps not because of Harry, but because of entropy, heat death of the universe, etc, etc.

Also, Voldemort doesn't want to be bored. Entertainment has been a key factor in his behavior in the past. What's the use of immortality if everything is boring? The likelihood of someone intelligent enough to entertain Voldy popping up often is pretty low, so Voldemort is also interested in something engaging. And from what we've seen, he had to literally make someone into himself to even get close to "intelligent enough to have a stimulating conversation." So these are the two big issues Harry needs to address.

Basically, Harry needs to 1. Convince Voldemort that killing Harry won't prevent the inevitable destruction of the universe and that he (Voldy) alone could not prevent the heat death of the universe even if Harry is killed; and 2. Convince Voldemort that Harry can either function as a form of entertainment (given the chance to live/mature/become more intelligent) or work towards providing Voldy with a sufficient influx of entertainment/entertaining people.

In regards to 1. I think a big part of this is the way in which Harry's patrons works/his ability to destroy dementors. The elimination of death as a "thing" would, hopefully, be part of working to stop the eventual heat death of the universe. If Harry can convince Voldemort to end death (or at least master it in such a way that he can control whether or not anyone has the "ability to die") then Harry is necessarily an essential tool for this task. Voldemort's inability to produce a patrons as well as the fact that Harry alone holds the patrons secret (I think. I'm too lazy to go double check, my apologies) means that keeping Harry alive is an essential part of the long term plan to keep the universe going forever.

As for 2. I think the elimination (or giving of the mastery of) death serves as an entertaining and engaging endeavor for Voldy. It also means an increased probability of Voldy encountering the types of people who are intelligent enough to entertain him. This may in fact merely be a postponing of Harry's death. But if it's enough to get away from Voldy for this extremely dire moment, I think it counts. Maybe once Voldy truly masters death, he kills Harry at once. (And would Voldy love the challenge of keeping Harry alive and using his powers and giving him the ability to do things, all while working to prevent Harry from prematurely ending the universe? Perhaps. It would be stressful, but also potentially a form of entertainment). But that's a problem for future Harry. Right now, Harry's ability to convince Voldy of Harry's importance serves to fulfill both of Voldy's end goals.

I think that would be enough. Harry convinces Voldy that without Harry, Voldy will never prevent the long term end of the universe, thereby ensuing that Voldemort's two main goals of not dying and not being bored are achieved.
GS Lakes chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Given Harry's wand is lowered and condition 4, his available agency/capability set seems limited to conversation (with limited probability of success, due to condition 3), and partial Transfiguration in the direction that his wand is pointing. (As partial Transfiguration doesn't appear-from HPMOR canon-to require words or wand gestures.)

Given the time constraint of 60 seconds (or possibly longer if he can talk and Transfigure), Harry can only partially Transfigure a small quantity of matter, as partial Transfiguration is canonically slow. Harry should therefore try to maximise his 'bang' for 'buck' by slowly/carefully (to avoid drawing attention) pointing his wand towards a patch of dirt close to the Death Eaters, and trying to Tranfigure it into already-supercritical transuranic elements, or possibly even antimatter, to generate a very distracting explosion.

(Radiation exposure from such being minimised somewhat through distance and Transfiguring dirt a small distance below the surface, if possible. Possibly even further minimised through Transfiguring first an outer layer of lead around where the core of transuranics/antimatter will later go, to damp radiation effects into thermal efforts, which are more useful/less harmful.)

Any harm caused to Harry by the explosion can likely be magically healed later (so long as he's not knocked unconscious/completely incapable of movement), and in the medium-to-longer term, even Muggle medicine has known of something of a 'cure' for acute radiation poisoning for some time i.e. IV antibiotics to prevent sepsis, the main complication of acute radiation poisoning that leads to death.

Harry could then use the resulting cloud of dust and confusion generated by the (calculated by Harry to be small) explosion to try to run/move erratically (i.e. ducking/dodging) over to the altar and embrace Hermoine.

The Death Eaters are under orders not to cause any harm to Hermoine. While Harry is near her, the Death Eaters should (hopefully) hesitate to fire. Even if they do fire, Voldemort should stay their fire quickly, with the potential of these shots being more easily dodged due to poorly aimed reaction fire. Voldemort may even throw up a shield of his own to protect Harry and Hermoine, once he realises where Harry is heading.

Even with Hermoine unconscious, staying close to Hermoine should allow Harry to escape, due to Voldemort's extreme (but rational) aversion to giving Harry a cause to fulfil the prophesy if harm is done to Hermoine. If Harry can't wake her, he can drag her away, using her as a (mostly magic resistant) human shield. Voldemort should even be reluctant to use a carefully-aimed Killing Curse or burst of Fiendfyre against Harry (Hermoine's only remaining vulnerabilities), given the non-zero risk of killing Hermoine and triggering the prophesy.
ItayBM chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
2xterribly sorry:
I thought my review solution wasn't uploaded, so I republished it (It is not exactly the same because it didn't save everything i have written, only some), but apparently it did, only in a delay. Please ignore my second solution, sorry for the trouble...
(I accidentally wrote this message without writing my name, so i had to re-publish it)
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I beg of you, even if a "good ending" solution has been found, please release the shorter, sadder ending as well. Thank you.
Harold Zable chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
(Internal monologues not included. Also, I've really been enjoying reading these stories. Thanks for taking all the time to write them.)

-You have ssixty ssecondss to begin telling me ssomething I wissh to know, and then your death beginss.

(pause, while Harry thinks)

-I believe we're sstill in the mirror.
-Ever ssince you looked in the mirror, teacher, everything you've dreamed of hass come true. You've outssmarted and then defeated sschoolmasster. You have the sstone. You've resstored your own body. You've called your Death Eaterss, who have all been as incompetent as you remember, offering nothing that you didn't think of yoursself. Sschoolmaster iss too ssmart to ssacrifice sself jusst for me. Mirror iss making wishess come true.
-And what about you, boy. Your deepesst wish iss to be naked in front of your enemiess?
-No. My wish iss to defeat Death. And Hermione iss alive, by my sspell.
-Interessting theory, boy. But iss only wordss. Can you prove it?
-Yess, teacher, I can. [...] Two pluss two iss five.
storybookknight chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry has a few advantages here. Voldemort respects Harry's intelligence, and Voldemort knows Harry cannot lie while he speaks in Parseltongue.

My take on how Harry should escape is this. Harry should attempt to convince Lord Voldemort that they are both trapped in an illusion - a simulation, from AI terms. Many things have happened that LV would have expected to happen that have plausible other outcomes - successfully retrieving the Stone, Dumbledore being unwilling to sacrifice Harry and thus being defeated, and so on.

Also, Harry knows that there are threats to the world's destruction that have nothing to do with him, and knows that through inaction he can't allow the world to come to harm. On the other hand, there's a risk that trying to snap LV out of it would indeed 'destroy the world' of the simulation. Therefore, he probably needs to talk to Hermione - she's his one friend, after all.

After that, I imagine that either Harry would try to get a message out to himself, or if less than one hour has passed since V looked in the mirror, he might agree to let Harry time-turn back to before Voldemort looked, assuming Harry agreed to perform a certain action; there are plenty of minions around to bind him with after all.
Sami chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
OKay - this is beyond the permitted time and I couldn't work through the things I wanted to because of work deadlines. If I had time I would have compared all the non-parseltongue/parseltongue dialogue in the entire book so far to see what WASN'T in parseltongue and hence plot-relevant in a different way. So, I'm just going to limit myself to some suggestive points:

1) In his first day at Hogwarts, Harry plays an elaborated, complicated 'prank' on himself. Could Tom Riddle be doing the same on 'himself'?
2) Quirrel taught Harry to lose Quirrel once suggested that Harry should stage himself defeating LV (again) - could this be LV staging his own death spectacularly somehow? Remember the Azkaban scene where for all that time Harry thought Quirrel was evil, but Quirrel actually had a simple explanation for everything he had done.
3) Why were the death-eaters summoned? (According to Quirrelmort, they are incompetent etc.) - Is it possible that they have been rallied by Lucius Malfoy and will act in Harry's interests? Observe that the rule says 'the Death Eaters will fire on him immediately' - it doesn't say WHAT they will fire - they could fire shielding charms :)
4) The solution that Harry will end Death seems really really impossible for narrative reasons - Can we imagine a world where everyone lives forever as 'the happily ever after'? Harry should win (as per normal story narrative), but there would be some limitation on the ending death thing. I'm not sure how.
5) I don't think that Harry will cast some kind of 'complicated' spell (such as partial transfiguration in under 60 seconds while distracting LV etc), OR persuade LV in an obvious 'oh I should have told you' before - all this could have been done before the 60 seconds came about, before the unbreakable vow happened. Harry's 'efforts' have to mean a LOGICAL consequence of ALL that Harry has been doing this past year - for instance, stuff like getting Malfoy on his side. It will also be some kind of blindly simple and obvious solution.
6) It says 'Voldemort is evil' - and Voldemort is only Quirrelmort's INVENTED self. We still don't know all the selves behind Quirrel. It doesn't talk about the one who invented Voldemort - and remember that V is good at staging both sides of the battle, and here you have a good vs bad bearing the same name, so Obviously he is orchestrating something other than what it looks like - this isn't Harry vs Voldemort AT ALL. That's just what it looks like.
7) Evil, classically defined, IS about ending the world. A hero, by definition, SAVES the world. Further evidence for point number 6. Voldemort isn't the one pulling the strings here.
Sodar chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry admits he loses, and for the secret of partial transfiguration asks Voldemort to protect one person - his future child (which he hints he plan to have with Bellatrix), so that one day he might learn love and perhaps create a better world.
sun tzu1 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"Have sseveral ssecretss you would consider worth a hosstage, but before that, ssusspect your plan to get rid of me flawed. Am Tom Riddle. Might have accesss to horcruxes. Unlesss grant ssecurity of parentss firsst, will raise wand at minionss; they will casst avada kedavra, sskipping sseveral of your intended ssteps; am gambling on returning from horcrux before you hurt hosstages."

Nonplussed, Lord Voldemort gestured to his Death-Eaters. "A small change in orders, gentlemen. If the boy speaks in human tongue, makes a sudden move, or raises his wand away from the floor, don't case avada kedavra on him - cast stupefy inst-"

Before Voldemort could finish his sentence, before the Death-Eaters could switch mental tracks, Harry's wand - which had never stopped pointing at the floor - finished casting the partial transfiguration. A very thin section of the floor, in a circle surrounding Harry, was now sand. The younger Tom Riddle, along with the piece of floor he had been standing on, quickly fell to the ground below, away from the Death-Eaters' line of sight.
Kinrany chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Charmed pouch understands Parseltongue.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
1) the ghost of Dumbledoor downloads all his spell knowledge. In there is a super shield that would save Harry.
2) the ghost of D interceeds and takes all the hits.
3) harry builds shield mark 2
4) ground zero second level pratonous somehow solves all problems
Dezmela chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I'm sorry for posting before I was finished (I'm writing on a tablet and manage to hit the wrong button)
Continueing: (the death eaters are shocked about how a gun works) and Harry's patronus hits its target, Voldemort goes down for a while feeling happier than ever before, the death eaters with him since they are linked via the dark mark. Harry accio the invisibility cloak and hides himself and Hermione under it, and walked away, Hermione starts to regenerate her body. Note that neither Voldemort or the death eaters are dead, just temporary down from happiness. To kill the death eaters that are kind of innocent, without a trial is something harry never would do, not just to save himself, it goes against all that he stands for.

Sorry for dubbelposting and my bad English, hade no time to reread it and English is not my primary language. /Dezmela
saschia chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
First, thanks for a great fic. I have read it some time ago, then I had a break and now re-read everything in couple of days and it was very hard to stop reading and go to sleep/work/whatever else.

I did not think to participate in the final exam, as I am not rational enough IMO, but I have my own opinion of prophecies that Harry might us, if he shared it.

So the main given here is that time paradoxes are not allowed. As was already stated, prophecies are delivered due to the pressure that needs to be relieved, and it is relieved in the presence of a person. Where does the pressure come from and why does it come out in a precise moment? Well that's exactly because the moment when the prophecy is delivered, is the moment that conditions leading to it's fulfillment are passed. That means, first, that the prophecy has to come to pass, although nobody knows when and how, and second, the listener is necessary to allow the prophecy to come to pass. Therefore the actions of the listener, affected by the prophecy, will bring it's fulfillment. If the listener wouldn't bring the prophecy to pass, there would be not enough pressure to deliver the prophecy. As with the first time turner event of Harry - he made a time loop. He was asked to play a game and then he asked his older self to play the game. He had to do those things because they did happen. Same is with prophecy - it causes events to happen by being made, ensuring they do happen. If it was not necessary for them to happen, it wouldn't be necessary for it to exist. If it was not always right, it would have to be a world where prophecies are never right, because some higher entity is using them to avoid events it does not want to come to pass.

So Harry could argue - an here I am inspired by previous reviewers - that by trying to kill Harry Voldemort is causing the prophecy to come to pass sooner that it otherwise would, which is of course worse than it would be if it passed later, and according to the Vow Harry needs to chose lesser destruction - certain destruction right now is bigger evil than probable destruction sometimes later, especially if Harry could obtain immortality and therefore could make the prophecy to come to pass in an infinitely far future.
Kurukami chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
LIMITATION 1: Harry may not lift his wand from pointing at the ground.

LIMITATION 2: Harry may not speak any words other than hissing (Parseltongue).

LIMITATION 3: Harry must provide information to Voldemort within 60 seconds. (HOWEVER, after telling Harry that he was going to have the Death eaters kill him a lot, Voldemort monologued extensively about how he was going to extensively torture many of the people closest to Harry and then consign them to Azkaban. Reading these words aloud at a reasonable pace, that gives Harry an additional 90 seconds to work up a plan.)

OPPOSITION 1: 36 Death Eaters arrayed in a semicircle and pointing their wands at Harry, ready to cast multiple disabling spells upon him if he violates either of the above Limitations.

OPPOSITION 2: Lord Voldemort, with both wand and gun in his hand (with three bullets less than it had; unknown what magazine size is). (Unknown whether the sense of doom is still in play, preventing them from affecting each other with their magic.)

OBSERVATION 1: Harry’s use of partial transfiguration is moderately unknown to Voldemort. Voldemort has seen the effects of it during the escape from Azkaban, but Harry finite’d the motor oil before Quirrel/Voldemort got a clear look at it.

OBSERVATION 2: Harry’s partial transfiguration requires no words to be spoken.

OBSERVATION 3: Harry’s partial transfiguration can affect anything his wand is pointing in the general direction of, and “snaps” into place once he has completed the Form he is imposing. (Otherwise, much of the motor oil around the edges of the large metal cylinder Harry cut out of Azkaban would have dripped free before said cylinder had a chance to slide free; i.e. if he created the motor oil in an outgoing line like a lightsaber cutting through the metal.)

OBSERVATION 4: Due to extensive practice with his technique of partial transfiguration (more than an hour every day since his discovery of it, per earlier chapters), Harry can impose this new Form without much magic expenditure and in a relatively short amount of time. As the only spells he has cast recently were the Expecto Patronum utilized to “jump-start” Hermione’s resurrected form, Harry’s magic should be near its full reserve.

OBSERVATION 5: As Voldemort has utilized his eldritch ability-stealing magicks and the Philospher’s Stone to permanently provide Hermione with heightened regeneration and vitality, making her effectively immune to any damage short of Fiendfyre or the Killing Curse, Harry may reign down widespread destruction upon the opponents surrounding him without needing to hold back because of concern for Hermione’s continued safety.

CHALLENGE: Harry needs to avoid immediate death, given the limitations, opposition, and observations listed above.


Obviously, partial transfiguration is going to figure largely in this solution. It is achievable under the limitations listed, and requires nothing more than Harry’s wand – no artifacts, clothing, previously-manufactured technological devices, or magical items are required.

First: provide cover from incoming Death Eater hexes and magicks. This can be accomplished by creating a cylindrical pit/foxhole in the earth beneath Harry’s feet, of a bit more than his own height, in which he may take cover from both the ray-type spells that wizard hexes seem to focus on (Stupefy, Somnium, Avada Kedavra, etc) and from bullets. As the pit is not in place until Harry locks in the form, it will be instantly created when he “completes” it – assuming my understanding of partial transfiguration is correct. (Ideally, Harry could line said foxhole with a buckyballs-carbon shell in a reinforcing honeycombed geodesic pattern and sheathing an interior shell of titanium, but I doubt that he has the time to accomplish this.)

Second: stop/disable/kill the Death Eaters around him. Utilizing the earth that he is removing from beneath his feet as raw materials, create a sandwich of layers (one to several millimeters thick) of motor oil, lead, and liquid rocket fuel out of the top of the earth/grass of the graveyard around him, in a semicircular arc encompassing all the Death Eaters. This arc should extend in a “spoke” from just beyond the edge of Harry’s transfigured foxhole out to a four-meter wide arc encompassing all of the Death Eaters present (with the possible exception of Mr. White, whose identity can be inferred as Lucius Malfoy; Malfoy’s magic is largely tied up in the Unbreakable Vow and he could potentially be turned into an ally since he never wanted Voldemort back in the first place). This arc should also pointedly NOT include, if at all possible:

a) Harry’s clothing, artifacts, and gear, particularly the Mokeskin pouch
b)Professor Quirrel’s body and the varied magical artifacts and devices which should still lay upon the ground near him
c)Hermione, at least not directly, though given Observation 5 above she may be considered acceptable temporary collateral damage in order to knock out all the Death Eaters.

The edges of this arc should be bounded by a “fence” of much harder metal, titanium alloy perhaps, which would channel any subsequent explosion upwards.

If possible, it should be placed in order to target Voldemort as well; given that Voldemort may be floating in midair, this may be more difficult.

This should provide a slippery surface underneath the Death Eaters’ feet, unbalancing them initially and disordering their efforts to immediately target Harry, but once Harry drops down into the foxhole he may immediately cast Incendio (contained in the First Year Book of Spells, per canon; therefore this is a spell Harry undoubtedly knows) upon the transfigured “spoke” end nearest him.

This should create an immediate combustive event that engulfs all of the Death Eaters with both fire and lead shrapnel, hopefully killing or disabling most if not all of them. Harry, in his foxhole, should be able to avoid all damage from this. Hermione may be briefly injured but will immediately recover due to her new regenerative abilities. Any surviving Death Eaters may be targeted with Somnium bolts, which will be more difficult to dodge due to not creating a visible “ray”.

Voldemort may be injured or killed by this strategy, but this is uncertain due to his flight and his astonishing mastery of magicks. His previous defensive tactic of throwing up a wall of earth between himself and the attack should be ineffective, however, as Harry will be transfiguring and exploding the earth underneath the Dark Lord.

Assuming Harry’s attack is at least moderately successful, Harry should then run to retrieve his pouch and his Invisibility Cloak, run to Hermione’s side while retrieving the multi-person broomstick from the pouch, and get both of them out of there. If the attack is highly successful, he may take the time to retrieve his clothing and varied other devices from the magical artifacts near Professor Quirrell’s body as well.

EXTRA CREDIT: flying a multi-person broomstick, with a resurrected Hermione Granger, while partially clothed, into the middle of the Ravenclaw/Slytherin Quidditch game after your earlier self has left , so as not to disrupt the existing state of the game as your earlier self witnessed it.

EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT: catching the Golden Snitch as you do so to end said game, but only when Ravenclaw and Slytherin are effectively tied in House Points, thus ensuring that both of them take possession of the House Cup; additionally, since the students at large now recognize how preposterous and abusable the never-ending game is if neither team ever bothers to catch the Snitch, ensuring that the Snitch is banished from all future games of Quidditch. This manages to grant the earlier wishes of all three Generals.
Dezmela chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry can't tell Voldemort anything without consulting Hermione and Vorldemort wakes her up, she demands harry to get some clothes, and with the dark lord's permission harry disables the transfiguration on his fathers rock. (Just so it will have a purpose in the story). Hermione tells Harry not to give away any more powers, "for the sake of the world". Voldemort knows that Harry know partial transfiguration (after azkaban) and really wants to know how. This whole " go back to being Voldemort" was just to get that power. He tries to reason with Hermione, which obviously doesn't work. He is feed up and raises the gun towards Harry. "Fine, then die!" And shoots. Hermione trow herself in the way. A teary eyed Harry screams at Voldemort and fire the true patronus right at him, the death eaters is deliberately slow to act, hoping their master will be gone (weakest link of story, maybe they where just choked
GetItWrong chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I'd feel sad if I didn't get in on this. I'm sure all the answers that have been hinted at in previous chapters have been posted now, so here's one from canon (that hasn't been contradicted, anyway).

Harry pretends to think desperately, then give up in despair and *drop his wand*. Voldemort, no fool, orders a Death Eater to Accio the wand. Now everybody knows Harry is wandless, and he can safely stick his wand hand into the air to summon the Knight Bus, "emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard," which can go anywhere on land and is covered in protective enchantments. It's unlikely it was around in Voldemort's time, so the ability to summon it by sticking out his wand hand is a power he knows not. And we know Voldemort hasn't shielded the area from outside communication, since he summoned the Death Eaters. Harry dives in to the open door and closes it as the Death Eaters begin casting spells wildly, which bounce off the protective enchantments on the Bus. I assume Voldemort thinks quickly enough to immobilize the Bus, but if Harry throws himself flat he should get the chance to cast his Patronus and send it for help.
Jana chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry could use a loophole in the unbreakable vow: firstly, he would have to put himself into a mental state similar to the one he used to cast his patronus for the first time. Only now he adds a sense of urgency, of immediate danger: there is a very real possibility of death winning, since Harry might be dead and hence unable to stop death. Of course there are others who might defeat death, but Harry sees himself as someone who has heroic responsibility. He can't rely on others to save the world. If Harry fails, so does humanity. If Harry dies, so does humanity. If Voldemort succeeds, in these mere 60 seconds humanity will be lost. And it will be Harry's fault. There are no excuses. If he dies, if he looses, he will have brought about the end of the world (eventually, since he didn't prevent it). This should trigger the unbreakable vow. The magic in the vow can't force Harry to act (LV prevented that), but it does enforce Harry's passive 'actions'. LV intended that to prevent Harry from acting. But what if Harry interpreted it in terms of newton's 3rd law - actio est reactio, reactio being the passive 'action'? The vow would not require the actio part (thanks to LV's precautions), but it would enforce the reactio part. So here's what could happen : harry has convinced himself and the magic of the vow that by not defeating LV he would fail and indirectly bring about the end of the world. The vow can't let that happen. The easiest way to prevent it would be to blow up LV. The vow is however unable to enforce the actio aspect - it can't force Harry to act, to cast a magic spell or otherwise blow LV up, since it is an active action. But the reactio aspect of blowing LV up is indeed enforced. Hence Harry should experience a massive force propelling him away from LV - hopefully out of his reach. He is still in danger, he still hasn't defeated LV, but at least he is still alive, less restricted in his further actions and thus free to come up with a solution for the whole Dark Wizard wanting world domination dilemma. The one problem I see with this solution is that humanity dying is not the same as the world being destroyed, but that can be explained by the world eventually 'dying' via entropy, unless someone (i.e. humans) comes up with a solution for that as well, and for that to happen humans have to be alive.
... Could that work? I quite like the idea of LV being defeated by one of his own precautions...
Also, sorry about the delay! I had written this within the 60 hrs we were given, but then had technical problems with posting it... I hope this still counts as me not having failed the exam :)
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry might have been panicking, but he found instead a deep calm.

I find myself with an utility function close to that of a phoenix.

A mental call brought Fawkes to him, will to the Mirror. In a blaze of flames, Voldemort and the death eaters were left behind.

The Mirror recognized a will nearly as bound against destruction as its own, and as positively commi. This was the key
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"You have taught me well, professssor. I losssst", said Harry in parseltongue.
RebelScun chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I know I'm late, but I still wanted to join the fun!

Harry is basically restricted from any movement or speech, so it seems like the only move he can make is partial transfiguration of whatever is in front of his wand, which happens to be the Earth. He starts by Transfiguring a microscopic part of the earth (nano transfiguration provem ch.28) into antimatter, since he he understands the fundamentals of such a transfiguration (ch.14) and what the matter will look like. If the transfiguration has tp be 1 single piece, it can be a few-molecule thin sliver of a semi circle, located directly underneath the death eaters. While the transfiguration takes hold, he can talk in parsletounge to voldemort about the generalities of this power. It is shown he can multitask like this in ch 58. Then, since harry knows 1 kg antimatter is equivolent to 43 million tons of tnt, he does a quick fermi calculation to make sure he doesnt destroy himself, or, even better, as he finishes up the transfiguration he names himself as a person voldemort must protect and honor, basically cursing him again to be unable to kill Harry.

Im not sure how far that would extend, maybe he could say (still in Parsletounge) "now quiclly shield me for i am about to destroy this area" and Voldemort would have to do it? At very least, death eaters all die, harry, vold, and hermione survive, vold under compulsion to not kill either. Seems to me.
William Pennybanks chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Voldemort is not going to cast magic on Harry - he is not stupid enough to take that risk. That means we have 36 Avada Kedavra's to worry about right now, as well as Voldemort's gun.

We are told that the Avada Kedavra is, as Harry put it, a "a magically embodied preference for death over life", and there is no proof or even hint to suspect that it is not so. Harry, at least, can be expected to assume it to be true.

Harry's Patronus is the opposite of that, a magically embodied preference of life over death, taken to its extreme - the complete *rejection* of death, not just flight from it as the normal patronus. While its ability to block Voldemort's Avada Kedavra may be simply due to the resonance of their magic, I myself would be willing to take a risk based on the assumption that it can block any instance of the spell, provided it has enough energy to do so.

Expending his life force at this point is *not* an issue, since he's going to die anyway - so even if he burns away 90% of it, it'll still be a net-victory, provided he survives. While he hasn't shown the ability to cast the spell wordlessly yet, the Patronus is not really restricted by the usual rules (as it is empowered by intent and life, more than by simple magic), and I would consider it an option that Harry could cast it wordlessly, simply by putting his entire mind behind it. His dark side may even be of help here, as it doesn't want to die, either.

So, my (admittedly not very complex) suggestion would be that Harry cast the patronus, and at the same time drop down to the ground. That should at least let him evade the gunshot, and the initial volley of Avada Kedavra, if they do penetrate his patronus. The simple surprise of everyone present (and Voldemort's inability to cast magic directly on him) may at least buy him a few moments. The Patronus may also blind everyone present (it is, after all, a strong light source).

If his Patronus can take the volley of Avada Kedavras, then having it move in concert with Harry - perhaps even overlapping with him? - might allow him to make a run for his pouch and his invisibility cloak. It is unlikely that the Death Eaters can cast the Avada Kedavra several times in a row, at least most of them. If he gets to his pouch and his cloak, then his options multiply. At the very least, he should be able to stave off his death for a short time.
Perlerot chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
1. Rules of physics dont necessarily apply to magic
2. The concept of object is essential in many spells; e.g. Transformation
3. The concept of object is influenced by the wizards/witch belef/understanding of the object; e.g partial transformation
4. There are prophetic powers in the world that is of unknown source or power.
5. These prophecies have, in retroperspectiv, strange ways of being fulfilled
6. A wizard/witch self and memories have a possibility of existing outside of its body; e.g Voldemorts etharal form
7. Life force are a separat quantity from spell using capability; e.g true petronum
8. Partial transformation is easier is the item is smaller; e.g partial transformation of stone wall at askaban
9. It is not necessary to understand the physics of a given object to transform it
10. A wizard/witch dont need a wand to cast simple spells, this without showing any sign of using spells
11. Harry have the possibility to cast simple spells without wand; e.g ending transformation

Postulat that life force is connected to self, this give that there will be a conection between Harry and Herminons new body.
Continuing to postulate that Harrys self and memories are represented in the physical world and include observation 6 and 9, and add the postulation that Harrys self and memories are physically represented in his brain. It would be possible for Harry to change or move his self and memories from his body to other object.
Using observation 8 give that it should be easy for Harry since the physical representation in his brain is so small. It might not even need to be represented in the physical world (if there is another) since it might just need to be identified as an object.
Following this by observation 10 and 11 it would be possible for Harry to to do this transformation since it is relativly simple in comparison to the partial transformations he have done before.
Using the postulated connection to the new Herminon it would be possible for Harry to move his self and memories to Hermions new body, this without any apparnet change since Hermions new body is for all apperent purposes just inhabited by a part of Harrys lifeforce. It would be no high cost on Harry holding this transformation, since the object is so small and he have so much training with bigger object; e.g. stone in ring. In line with observation 5 this give an interesting twist of the prophecy since the new Hermion body is highly magical since it carry spells which in its nature are temporary but made possible by the philosopers stone.
tearcor chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry would realize that killing him has much less certainty than being trapped in the mirror for eternity (due to connections with Tom Riddle and his own heritage about denying Death).

Voldemort agrees but is mighty suspicious. Removes Harry's wand, and
gets Death Eater(s) to stupefy him and accompany them back to Hogwarts (Harry is
floated back naked just in case). Harry is clear that the mirror is
the best course of action to prevent destruction of world and stars
and does nothing even if he does wake up. Does not attempt partial transfiguration or

Other stuff could happen in the time it takes to trap Harry in the mirror, but may not.
Dan R chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I want to thank you for an amazing story that illustrates rationality well. I have two possible in story ways to stave off the end, although both rely a bit on guesswork.

But first an aside,

I trust that you will publish the ending that best serves your purposes for future readers. I look forward recommending this story to my friends without them having to deal with multiple month breaks. I'm not sure having (only) a lesser ending due to the failings of the initial readers set serves rationality education goals best and this story is likely to end up being reread many times over the coming years. The benefit of having the "best" story per your goals (whichever ending it is) available (maybe both/multiple) and in the mainline text likely outweighs the participation effect of the additional reviews this ultimatum generated if the wrong ending would be indicated.

As you're aware, there are many ways around confirming the bystander effect if the better ending was the longer one without obviously invalidating the challenge if the reviews were not up to par.

My first and best solution involves the three Deathly Hallows. Where is the Elder Wand? Harry has truly mastered Death so it should serve him, and with the cloak and stone present (I think Voldemort would have the stone on him after picking it up/horcruxing it in Godric's Hollow when Harry visited, it's too powerful not to keep around with all the others in the system serving as a backup), along with the Philosopher's Stone the possibilities to access/reprogram the source of magic is immense. How this is accomplished, I haven't the faintest idea, but it seems like Harry might.

Again, thank you for a great story to this point, and I'm sure that all the endings will be amazing when you release them, since there's no reason not to share each and every one.
GuestZeroji chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Meh, I don't think that this counts as a second review.
Just a side note to point out how the 'one level higher than you' involves that EY is smarter than LV, and actually he built LV on a pattern similar to himself. Or more probably, that's what he wanted us to think. Maybe he's just disguised into LV's personality. But that's maybe what he wants me to think, I will never know.

Similarities : EY is clever, looking at this fic amongst others he might be bored by the people surrounding him, he has been for a long while our teacher, we might have grabbed some brain patterns from him, he marked us as his equals by teaching you and know challenges us to a duel (as far as 1 vs thousands is a "duel")

So, just wondering if EY built LV's personality from his, or build his from LV's, or pretends one of those. Or pretends the latter. Or pretends the latter. N levels higher than me.
jameselvendork1123 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I really wish I'd had more time to work out a solution, and I know the deadline has already passed. doesn't help I read ch. 113 24h after it had been posted. however I still want to submit four half baked ideas, one of which would have probably been the seed for a fully flushed out proposal, had I more time.

I haven't been on the subreddit, haven't participated in any internet conversations, these are independently generated... even the fourth, since I predicted the plot twist of that book way before it was revealed.

also can I just say that I think as a proper rationalist, harry should allow himself to be murdered, if the destruction of the universe could be prevented by his death? he should not be trying to save himself here. I certainly wouldn't.

also... this fic wasn't a long and elaborate experiment to see whether creativity can be taught... was it?

in scenarios 1-3, harry has an epiphany, redirecting the threat to another individual. no skulduggery involved.

1. the second prophecy ('he will tear apart the very stars') is about dumbledore, not harry. trelawney's final release is in response to dumbledore's reaction to harry's resolve to conquer death.

2. a conspiracy with bill weasley, if he'd lived to 97, died, and then taken king's cross back to the world of the living, proves the world will at least exist for several more decades.

3. something with sirius black... he was the one with the invisibility cloak and wrote the first pillow-letter, dumbledore legilimized harry and took on the nom de plume (if they had down pillows aayyye, get it?) santa claus...yeah this one is barely even an idea.

4. in the spirit of jostein gaardner’s “sophie’s world,” harry breaks his suspension of disbelief regarding reality and reasons himself into fictionalization (his thoughts have nearly broken the fourth wall before, and I quote, "You know, I don't think we've ever read a story about two equally destined heroes competing to see who's cliched enough to take down the villain," also chapter two where he throws all of muggle physics to the wind despite how ridiculous magic is), and then appeals to the author’s mercy on behalf of his readers' collective hedonic index, which would increase with a happy ending. also really, what would we learn from an abrupt ending? then you smite voldemort and all his death eaters, reanimate hermione, and construct a happy ending.
dreamonvoid chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry partially transfigures a carbon nanotube filament through the surface of his skin, into the ground, looping around the Deatheater's necks, sparing Mr. Grim and Mr. White, and reaching towards Voldie, almost touching him. A minute is perhaps enough for Harry to transfigure such a tiny volume of matter, although the shaping is tricky. When time's up, Harry points his wand at Hermione and casts Enervate, while simultaneously extending the transfiguration to go through Voldie and (hopefully) triggering the resonance in their magic. The recoil from bullet impacts pull on the filament, severing 32 carotid arteries. Blood spills out in litres. Hermione awakens and takes over.

(Thank you for all your work.)
BE chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
1) The Death Eaters were eagerly pursuing power and were drawn to powerful dark wizards.

2) There were quite a few of them, some of them going out of the country (said clearly).

3) Why would England be special, haing D., V, HP ? There are powerful wizards (some, presumably, Dark) outside England.

4) Some Death Eaters found DW - a reasonable leap. I'll call such a Death Eater Karkaroff, K.

5) K was summoned back and answered - why? Either V. power - or a desire to get rid of him. K's new master would've been able to remove V.'s Mark (after all, he could't give his spells permanency yet). So the reason for K's return is probably some kind of revenge.

6) But he finds out V's immortal! So the goal is not to kill V - but to ensnare him in some trap.

7) This can be best achieved by DW actually being somewhere near, hiding in the shadows.

8) HP can deduce all of the above - and after it being pointed out, so can V. What should ensue is either a battle between V and DW, or at the very least a significant delay. DW's best chance seems to be allow HP to get the time-turner, already set to a point where V mught be trapped in the Mirror.
cg0112358 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I'm pretty sure this has already been covered but...
Not knowing the full prophecy it is hard to extrapolate how HP will bring about the destruction of the world but propose to Voldemort that perhaps the world's destruction is caused not by an action of HP but by his inaction and therefore killing him will also lead to that destruction. It is also a possibility that the death of HP is what brings about the world's destruction. Also, given all that HP has discovered about the possibilities of magic who knows what magic he might be able to invoke in the desperation that will occur as his life is about to end.
sokpuppette chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Posting this blind without reading anything else...

Voldemort is being stupid (and stupid in an implausibly out of character way). You can't straight out avert a prophecy like that, and he should know it. Trying to make it impossible will make it come true. That's a law of the universe.

His approach to the previous prophecy was much better, and in fact it WORKED in that he didn't end up completely out of the game. But it created an aversive experience for him, and I guess the point is supposed to be that that's caused him to retreat into irrationality.

So Harry should try to explain/remind Voldemort of that, and hope he doesn't get killed before he gets through.

Something like:

Optional credibility teaser: I have an understanding of time that you lack, and it's enabled me to do magic previously though impossible [true: timeless QM lets Harry do partial Transfiguration].

Prophecies can't just be escaped from in the way you're trying to do, and you should know that.

If you've properly interpreted the prophecy as meaning that I'll destroy the world, there's a good chance that means I'll do it while I still exist. If you seek to end my existence, you will probably force the end of the world to happen immediately. I think you've been blinded to that by your bad experience with a clever approach to the older prophecy about us, but actually that approach had a relatively good outcome as these things go, in that you're now alive and free in the world.

If, for example, you were able to imprison me in the mirror as Dumbledore meant to do to you, the world could very well exist for its normally allotted time, even if I somehow came back at the end to destroy it. That is what I would do if I could do so, and if I believed what you do about the prophecy. You may know of other similar approaches.

It is also possible, and even likely, that you have misinterpreted the prophecy. It is possible that I can help you find the correct interpretation if I am kept alive.
Werdan Matroskin chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I thinks Harry should be able to summon from Azkaban or create out of thin air around 40 Dementors and command then to kiss Death Eaters and Voldemort (6 Dementers on Voldie rest is for minions). Since it was shown in Wizengamot hearing that Harry did not required to talk or use wand to control Demetors. You could argue that Dementors are slow flying and their presence could be felt by wizards but I think that in order to take a prize that is Voldemort Demetors Could be hastend. Even if it isn't so 40 Dementers could easily defeat wizards which can not cast Patronus charm and Voldemort should be incapacitated by thier presence.
AldebaranQuatre chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"Partial transsfiguration", hissed Harry. "Power I disscovered when practissing free form of the sspell. Requires much Muggle knowledge to masster. Should prove mosst interessting together with sstone."

"Explain", commanded the Dark Lord. "You have fifty ssecondss."

In the absurdity of his situation, Harry explained the details of atomic theory, quantum mechanics, and -

"Iss thiss confussion you attempt, boy? Answer."

"Not a trick, transsfiguration iss not ass limited ass it iss taught."

And he explained timeless physics in the narrow vocabulary of Parseltongue, the thought of saving his parents from torture only distant in his mind. His fingers tightened around the base of his wand, still pointing at the ground.

Harry could never feel indifference towards the Death Eaters. He could never hate them enough to cast the Killing Curse, not that it would have helped. But he truly cared for the rest of humanity. His Ravenlaw side, or what was left of it, had noted that from a game theoretic point of view, the current situation was equivalent. Getting rid of Voldemort's minions was saving humanity from darkness. It wasn't just a necessary evil, it was the game's current best move.

"Slay the servants", thought Harry, as if commanding his own consciousness.

Explaining transfiguration had made it much easier to perform. He had controlled the process and made it so that the one meter deep, one meter in diameter cylinder of ground started transfiguring from the bottom up, making it invisible until completion.

During his brief one meter fall to the new ground below him, Harry thought of the stars among the void. Earth floating within the infinite beauty of the mighty universe. Steady, unchanging and ignorant of mere humans, who despite being little but a recent chemical accident in the history of everything, would soon sail among the stars.

Beneath the moonlight glints a tiny fragment of silver, a fraction of a line…


A Dementor was moving though the nearest Death Eater's body, turning his skin dark and dry. And the man behind the mask became nothing but painful wet flesh. His extremities exploding like a shaken carbonated drink.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

"… PATRONUM!" screamed Harry. His feet hitting the bottom of the hole from which had emerged the Dementor. And his patronus glow was as bright as ever, casting hard shadows around him. It rose out of the ground following the Dementor's path, blinding the unknowing Death Eaters with both silver light and surprise.

"Avada Kedavra!" finally said one of them.

Harry's patronus blocked the green bolt. Light splashed like a rock falling in a sea of silver.

"Stupefy!", tried another.

Harry's patronus blocked.

"Expecto Patronum!" said another of the servants, giving life to a small rat, barely brigher than the ambient star light on a moonless night. Another tried to cast the happy charm, but failed.

"The Dementor is transfigured, fools!", shouted Lord Voldemort.

"Finite incantatem" said some Death Eaters in imperfect unison.

Harry's patronus blocked.

"Avada Kedavra" repeated others. The Dark Lord would have Cruccio'd them for the stupidity of trying something twice and expecting different results, if he hadn't been casting another curse.

As Harry's patronus blocked all incoming spells he walked out of his pit, and his Dementor slayed another Death Eater.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

Harry, his Patronus and his Dementor were walking towards the next Death Eater.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

Countless bolts of magic were converging on them from all directions. The raging fire of the Dark Lord's Fiendfyre was circling them and burning the air. The unspeakable air of death of the Dementor was as dark as the deepest trench of Earth's ocean. The blazing light of the tall silver humanoid was brighter than the midday sun, its life energy would have resurrected anyone within a kilometer.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

Lord Voldemort reached in his robes. With the cold precision of a Muggle assassin, he stretched one arm towards Harry's head. Somehow he could aim with perfect accuracy through the ridiculous confusion of the spells, the cursed fire and the silver light.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

… someone screams a word.

"NOOOOO" screamed Hermione. She jumped from the altar and on to the ugly faced, red-eyed stranger who was about to shoot Harry.

A bullet went through her shoulder, and another through her heart.

Before her body could hit the ground, the Dark Lord had gestured with his other hand. Discarding conservation of momentum, the girl and everything around her was pushed into the air with incredible speed. In an instant she was hundreds of meters away. Like a rubber band pushed by the finger of God, she was flying along a mathematically perfect parabola.

Black robes, falling. Blood spills out in litres.

"ACCIO GUN" summoned Voldemort, slightly annoyed that the girl had managed to grab the weapon.

Harry's patronus blocked.

Voldemort turned to the ground where Harry's own gun lied, but the boy had summoned it himself, and it was now out of the dark wizard's reach, for fear of their magics interacting.

As Harry's two minions of Life and Death continued slaying the black robes he approached the center of the battle.

"Ah." said the Dark Lord, with a slight tone of the once afraid Quirinus Quirrel. "That took you long enough, my heir. You have passed your final test, let me now reveal to you the secret of -"

Harry raised his gun and pulled the trigger three times.
CRoseSing chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Dear Author,

Penultimate to wondering how Harry might escape his predicament, I have given much thought as to your motives for offering your readers a chance to devise a solution under threat of an inferior ending. We have watched you play chess with yourself for months, only to be handed the losing color an instant prior to being checked. In order to keep from losing a game which we never knew it would be our responsibility, we are bound to play by your rules.

My current conclusion is that there is a tickle in your brain, delighted to see whether anyone can solve the mystery. Deep down, a cynical person might reason that you are curious to see whether anyone is smarter than you. Unfortunately, this test will be inclusive. Where you have had time to devise a problem (and solution?) we who read your fiction only have had a number of days to solve it. Some of us check periodically and have had even less time.

What I ask is this: 1.) When you post your final ending, that you let us know if we have earned the "less sad, less short" ending and 2.) if we do not, you give the length of time you took to write the story for us to develop an escape for Harry. If that is sufficient for you to unlock your alternate ending, within that extended time period, you will then post that ending.

I have been riveted by your writing, your creativity, and your logic, as have others who follow you. I would be happy to further discuss my point of view and assertions with you, if you wish, but know you have many submissions to read so did not want to take up too much of your time. I am excited to see how this saga ends.

Best wishes,
thaghorbtz chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry says in Parsletongue:

There is secret you do not know of, old wizard told me to do something, something which was as important as anything could be. (which is obviously the truth, as he was advised "with greatest possible stringency" to always keep his fathers rock with him)
You have to let me go or result will be everyone who walks the earth will die - this is true to best of my and old wizards knowledge. (which is true again - neither Voldemort nor Hermione should at the moment qualify as "walking the earth", him floating and her sleeping, and everyone else is mortal, so will at some point die - so as A-B is true when B is true, his statement is the truth)
Vow keeps me from telling you more, so do not try to force more answers out of me. (a little shaky - but you could say he vowed to defeat death while with Lupin and telling the truth behind everything he just said would basically be his death sentence - thus going against his vow)

The hope here is, that the combination of Voldemort believing that Dumbledore has special powers of Divination and somewhat unconsiously wanting to keep "playing" against Harry will lead him to go along instead of just ignoring what Harry said.
Chris Phoenix chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Everyone seems to assume that Voldemort actually wants to kill Harry.

I quote from Quirrell's point of view at the end of Chapter 89:
"He'd felt the fury the boy had directed at some annoyance who was likely Dumbledore; followed by an unknown resolution whose unyielding hardness even he found adequate. With any luck, the boy had just discarded his foolish little reluctances.

Unseen by anyone, the Defense Professor's lips curved up in a thin smile. Despite its little ups and downs, on the whole this had been a surprisingly good day -


Voldemort had some purpose in mind for Harry - something that required unyielding hardness - something that Voldemort was happy about despite, or perhaps because of, hearing the prophecy.

Harry has pretty clearly not fulfilled this purpose yet.

I don't know how Harry will figure this out - I don't remember what clues are known to Harry that he can put together in 60 seconds. But once he knows Voldemort does not actually want to kill him, then he can say what is needed to survive at least until Voldemort's purpose for him is fulfilled.
TrigInTermsOfTau chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Tell the truth.

As Draco discovered in Ch. 100, magic doesn't work, and running doesn't work. And since any sort of offence, magical or otherwise, is unlikely to succeed, we have exhausted the two most natural responses to a life-or-death situation: fight and flight.

Therefore, we must do something UNnatual in this situation.

I have found, in all the years of my existence that I remember, that lies - like dark magic - tend to ultimately lead to bad things happening. Perhaps not at first. But once enough lies pile up, SOMETHING horrible is bound to happen.

To use a modern example, consider the TV series "Sons of Anarchy". I was persuaded to watch it, and found myself thoroughly enjoying season one because the main character was actually behaving perfectly rationally. Sure he was thrust into bad situations, but he responded very reasonably and level-headedly. However, at the end of the season, he killed someone in what ANYONE (including a court of law) would have judged to be clearly self-defence. However, he chose to hide the body and conceal the evidence, for reasons that make no sense. From this moment onward, the show descended into being conspiracies wrapped in enigmas and secrets wrapped in mysteries. Oh, and gratuitous violence and needlessly high emotions. Having been engrossed in season one, I watched until partway into season four, and then gave up when the hate, jealousy and rage came to a head and I found myself shouting at the screen or throwing my arms up in disgust every five minutes. I started to realize in advance which secrets and lies were going to lead them further down the rabbit hole, and I wasn't often wrong.

I'm sure there are other shows like this, too. But the point is, there are so many examples in fiction where NOT telling the truth has terrible consequences that it seems reasonable to assume that it can't be too good in real life either. Yes, I understand that it's not good to be 100% truthful. Like when someone asks your opinion of their outfit, or when someone tells you an embarrassing thing that they did, or somesuch. But making it a habit to tell the truth as much as reasonably possible is a very good thing.

With all that being said, the solution that *I* would use if *I* were in Harry's shoes would be to simply tell the truth: Explain, to the best of my ability, the second level of the Patronus Charm. Voldemort may be able to comprehend what Harry tells him, but it will do him no good. This is the power that, even if he KNOWS, it will be for NAUGHT. The sad thing is that Voldemort has no hope for mankind, which is why he's given up being anything other than Lord Voldemort. He WANTS to be able to simply kill people that annoy him on general principle. And hope for mankind and the desire to expunge death for EVERYONE are the EXACT requirements of Patronus 2.0.

"Life-eaterss are not made of fear. Parseltongue name sshould make obvious. Life-eaterss are death. This iss why happy thoughtss only keep at bay for sshort while. Promise no harm to Petunia Evans-Verres, now that I have told you thiss. Promise no harm to Michael Verres-Evans, and I sshall tell you the thoughtss that destroy life-eaterss, and even give control over."

Harry can't cast the Killing Curse, ESPECIALLY the 2nd level, because he wants no one, EVER, to die. Voldemort can't cast the Patronus because he's never had anything make him truly happy, and especially not the 2nd level because he wants all people that he qualifies as stupid/annoying to die, and he gave up rooting for Good quite some time ago.

This is my proposed solution because it is exactly what I would do in this situation. This solution postpones Harry's immediate death by at least a paragraph or two. And hopefully quite longer, since Voldemort will KNOW that Harry is telling the truth thanks to the Parseltongue. Harry can even bring up that one time that Quirrelmort mentioned that he knew the ritual to summon Death, but that no one dared since the spell to dismiss death had been lost. Voldemort could always get one of his "useful fools" to perform the ritual, after which Harry could expunge the newly-created Dementor again. Or they could return it to the Ministry, claiming it to be the one that Harry destroyed earlier, perhaps after giving it some special instructions.

As a final backup plan, in the event of total catastrophe, I'd simply cast Enervate (or whatever that "wake up" spell is) towards Hermione. Hopefully it wouldn't hit shields or anything else, and no one would bother directly blocking it, instead focusing on attacking Harry. Then, we can only hope that the newly revived Miss Granger has enough sense to GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE. The chances are slim, but they're chances, nonetheless.

And finally, for a Wild Mass Guess, I'm going to publicly acknowledge my speculation that the body on the altar is actually a Harry Potter. It's NOT a Tom Riddle, because it wasn't Harry's Dark Side (Tom) who cast that Patronus 2.0, but Harry. So it is now Harry's life energy that lives on in that body. Voldemort didn't say who the person on the altar WAS, only who it WASN'T. Harry'll get quite the shock when he wakes up in that body, I imagine, but it's better than being dead. Of course, I realize that this would be well into the territory of some of those WEIRD fanfics that Tracy Davis shouldn't be reading until she's older, if ever. Also, once he has time to process, Harry'd be saddened that it means that you can't bring back the dead. But he'd be glad that it means that you can transfer your consciousness without the need of a Horcrux, and thus a death. AND it'd mean that only those capable of a Patronus 2.0 can live on like that. Of course, you need a medically-fine-except-dead body to get into, which can only be created via Killing Curse or Philosopher's Stone. But at least it'd be *A* way.

Just wondering how the prophesy might be applied to Death instead of Voldemort… Does having a Horcrux or being immortal in some way make you Death's equal? Tom Riddle as Voldemort has clearly bested death. Since Harry is supposedly also a Tom Riddle, does that make him Death's equal, too? Or is simply having a Deathly Hallow the only requirement?

TL;DR: Tell Voldemort about Dementors being death in exchange for mum, and that "hope that mankind will defeat death" is the required thought to destroy/control them in exchange for dad. Last resort, try to wake up Hermione and hope she makes it. Wouldn't it be funny if Harry ended up waking up in her body? I wonder what the requirements might be for being Death's "equal"?
Robert Brand chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Theory: The unbreakable vow also binds Voldemort, as the vow was made using the word "I", with Harry being also Tom, there is a likelihood that the vow affects all Tom Riddles. This is testable by Harry asking Voldemort how he would destroy the universe, something voldemort would be unable to do, as planning to destroy the universe increases the possibility of destroying it, even by a miniscule amount.
The vow binding Voldemort will prevent him from killing Harry, as Harry alone knows how to kill dementors. Since dementors are said to destroy the soul, and voldemort has the ability to bring back the dead, then, assuming that the number of souls in the universe is finite, it is likely that dementors will end up (even if the possibility is after a very long time) destroy all souls. No souls means that nothing can grasp the concept of a universe, leaving the universe (or at least the idea of it) "destroyed". Voldemort will not be able to kill Harry as this would break the vow not to destroy the universe, or even take the risk of doing so.
Assuming that the number of souls is able to increase/decrease, then the possibility of dementors still existing means that there is a non-zero chance of all souls being destroyed again leading to the destruction of the "universe" concept.
Even if Voldemort is not bound by the vow, it's possible that Harry is now able to lie using Parseltongue, as the above conditions regarding the universe "destruction" will bind him absolutely, likely beyond the geas laid by Slytherin, as stated in this story, a specific magic may overpower a stronger, more general magic. This means that it is likely that Harry will be able to lie to Voldemort using parseltongue, as long as he thinks it will save the concept of the universe, as the direct magic of "protect the universe" is likely to overpower the more general concept of "don't lie to any descendant of Slytherin with parseltongue.
Assuming that Harry cannot lie, and that Voldemort is unbound by the vow, can Harry really be said to be bound to such a vague vow? Don't destroy the universe... How will he know which action is more likely to bring about the death of the universe? Too much uncertainty.
it's also possible that Harry is not actually Harry, but rather another individual confounded to believe they are Harry, for example if Dumbledore managed to find another of the Horcrux, it's possible that it was confounded to be Harry temporarily.
It's also possible that the time turner was never actually destroyed, we know that Harry is extraordinarily good at transfiguration, and with an additional few hours of planning, it's possible that he transfigured another object to look like the time turner, then slipped it in his pocket after he jumped back, after all, who would Harry trust to obliviate his own memories than himself?
Harry knew immediately that when he shot at Voldemort, he had made a mistake, even before he realised that Voldemort was fine. It's possible that the dark patterns in Harry recognised that Voldemort would never say those lines, and that it would be a ruse. By pretending to fall for the trick, but knowing that it wouldn't kill Voldemort, it's likely that Harry hasn't lost the protection all Tom Riddles share.
If it was Harry who shot at Voldemort and the dark patterns had nothing to do with it, then it can be argued that the patterns are under protection, while Harry is not. The death of Harry would end the dark patterns, so this would count as death, leaving Voldemort without the protection.

Would write more, but I have to get up early tomorrow...
Alex chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"And really truly, I do mean it, Harry cannot develop any new magical powers or transcend previously stated constraints on them in the next sixty seconds."

Harry stalls for exactly sixty-one seconds by explaining to Voldemort the complex theory behind partial transfiguration (in exchange for the life of his mother, say). He then wandlessly wordlessly casts a newly-invented spell: Killify Darklordius, which instantly kills Voldemort (as well as destroying all his horcruxes) and all his Death Eaters. The war is won.
Oh, and also Dumbledore is alive again as well.

But really, the simplest solution to avoid immediate death (and by this I mean death in the upcoming minutes, not the next hour or day or week) would be to *slowly* explain to Voldemort the True Patronus, and then *slowly* explain to him partial transfiguration and timeless physics. That keeps him alive for another few minutes.

I may just be grasping at technicalities, but it does strike me as significant that nowhere does EY actually say that we have to help Harry escape, or defeat Voldemort. "Your solution must at least allow Harry to evade immediate death" does not seem like the problem that many of you have been trying to solve. Maybe everyone is just overthinking this.

Or at least I hope so, because then it's that much easier to save Harry and read the rest of the story in its entirety, which is all I really want.
FanficOnSpeed chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Long-time reader, first time writer, just want to start off with how obsessed I am with this story. It's amazing and seriously every other fanfic I read pales in comparison. That aside, here is my theory:

As Harry is trying desperately to think of powers the Dark Lord "knows not", he realises that he is desperately, truly afraid of death, which has not properly happened since he confronted his dark side back at Azkaban. After more thinking, he realises the Vow has changed him so that he shies away from death, and reasons that his death must in some way cause the prophecy to become true. Harry tries to reason with the Dark Lord by arguing that all that the Dark Lord has done since he heard the prophecy was to try to stop it from happening, up to and including his plan for Harry's death, and suggests that once again Voldemort is falling victim to his own Fate. Voldemort decides to let Harry live for the moment while considering this.

Well, that's about all I could come up with. Hope you like the speculation. As a bonus, here's an idea that made me laugh:

As the seconds counted down, Harry became more and more desperate. Just as his time was almost up, he was struck with a sudden idea, and, figuring nothing could get worse, cried, in Parseltongue: "This ssstatement isss a lie!" Everything goes black, and from the wreckage, it turns out that, by saying this paradoxical statement in Parseltongue, the magic deep in all Parselmouths present suddenly explodes. Because of Voldemort's connection to his Horcruxes, all of them die as well, as does the one in Harry, but because Harry was never a Parselmouth, he was fine, and everything was good again, and none of the fans of HPMOR had to shed very many tears.

Sorry bout the length of this, once again thanks for making this story happen :)
AJ Richardson chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"When I am killed, my transssmutations will ceasse to be maintained. There isss a nonzero chance that thisss might resssult in the dessstruction of the world."
Mirach chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Hold Off on Proposing Solutions is uneffective, made me miss the deadline... Anyways, I see there are hundreds or even thousands of reviews, so I assume they contain (multiple times) anything I was able to think of, and hopefully also a correct solution.

I would just like to remind Voldemort, that he tried to meddle with a prophecy once before, and his actions now might be considered meddling as well. The prophecy never stated any name, and so by killing Harry, he could become the one to fulfill the prophecy. Their best chance is working together to either avert it, or fulfill it in a way that would not mean the end of humanity.
passer-by chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry could call for his phoenix or Fawkes to get him away, if Voldemort hasn't blocked this possibility.
Pedro chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
All solutions involving carbon nanotubes must be thrown out, as their discovery was only published in very late 1991, after HJPVE went to Hogwarts. It is not likely that the Hogwarts library, at the time, carried a subscription to Nature, Science of Physical Review Letters, therefore Harry could not know aboput their existence.
Mikhail chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
This seems to be too late already. Anyway, the simplest solution that came to my mind: the power is the possibility to die, and Harry can name himself as the one he cares for to be protected under the reign of the Voldemort.
The5tranger chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Although I am late, I have a theory of how this could all work out. Lets start by listing the problems. 1 voldi is immortal because he ripped his 'soul' to shreds to create his horocrux's. 2 Voldi can't be killed until his horocrux is countered, because he will just come back. 3 voldi is incredibly powerful and smart 4 there are also several dozen death eaters ready to strike you down if you move or speak in anything but parsley tongue. Now let's list you possible assets. 1 a superior knowledge of science which voldi has only begun to comprehend. 2 the ability to perform partial transfiguration. 3 the true patronis that can kill dementors and block the killing curse (it is also incredibly bright) 4 the fact that voldi wants whatever knowledge you have, and will listen, intently as you tell him of your unknown powers. 5 Hermoine Granger 2.0 if you can manage to wake her up. 6 everything you could possibly need on a dangerous adventure (although slightly farther away than one would like) 6 the resurrection stone, which would be very helpful if obtained) . Now how to bring the pieces together perfectly in a nice little bow. Requirement 1, voldi cannot be killed, or allowed to flee his body(he would just come back in a new body). Requirement 2 both he and Hermione 2.0 must escape with their lives. Requirement 3 don't blow up the world (that should be easy). So let's keep it simple, step 1, begin using partial transfiguration on the air (Herry hasn't actually tried this since he acquired his ability, I think). Starting from the tip of his wand to the masks of the death eaters and voldis face. Changing oxygen to a powerful sedative(nitrous oxide is the one that comes to mind, but I'm no scientist myself). Step 2 once transfiguration is underway, begin describing your 'mysteriouspower' (not about any of you actual powers) begin to explain to voldi how there is no such thing as a soul, site the examples you know of, ghosts, the mirror, the philosophers stone. How they are all just reflections of memory. How at the moment of death it isn't your soul that excapes, but your magic. Just like the patronus, once you know the truth of something, you can't go back to not knowing it. Once voldi knows that there was no soul for him to rip, only his own heart breaking to pieces, his horocrux will cease to work for him. Which brings us to step 3. Voldi is pissed for trying to decieve him (although he may not know about the horocrux yet, not sure how to phrase that). He should notice the effects of the gass (body sluggish, mind slow to react). It should be obvious at this point that the masks the death eaters wear that that the effect would be more effective on them, due to the confined breathing space, their fear of voldi keeping them quiet. Step 4 Take advantage of the sluggish or incapacitated enemies to get to your supplies and time turner, and grab Hermione 2.0 and go back in time. Step 5 use patronous to contact Dumbledore before they reached the mirror warn him that he needs to do something that will trick voldi into thinking he is stuck and then come meet him. Step 6 transfigure smelling salts to wake Hermione. Step 7 actually this is step six, the other one is step seven, put on clothes. Step 8 wait under the invisibility cloak with Hermione 2.0 and shoot voldi in the head as soon as you go back in time. Step 9 Dumbledore arrives and takes them back to Hogwarts.
Veltzeh chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
This is my suggested solution to which I gave too little thought:
Harry could say something like "I am opposed to death and the destruction of the world, and as long as I'm alive, I will work to prevent that. Dead, I cannot prevent it." Implying that the world will be destroyed if Harry is dead.

(Since we're only allowed one solution per review, these aren't my official suggestions, but I'll put them here anyway. Maybe someone else will suggest them.
1. He is not actually "Harry Potter" but Tom Riddle and the prophecy is talking about someone else. (But this works only if a prophecy mentioned Harry by name, which they didn't, I think.) Still, the nameless prophecies could be talking about anyone.
2. The "end of the world" is figurative and means that there will be a brave new world.
3. Partially transfigure a tiny black hole in Voldemort's (and Death Eaters') vicinity.)

I've been enjoying the story. Good job!
I am a user of this name chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
My Answer:

Well Harry knows that dementors are made of or some sort of personification of death. He can destroy them through his deep desire to live. through this knowledge Harry could also perhaps create dementors. Through terror and hopelessness (depression is what inspired JK to invent dementors so it's a nice reference ). Harry has been suffering from hopelessness a lot throughout the last few chapters and this situation is perfect for a mind set in which there would be all the feelings of death. Perhaps Harry would not need a spoken spell to do this because silence is a trait of death so the spoken word wouldn't do Or maybe because he can only speak the truth in parseltongue he could say the word death or something to that effect and the truthfulness of it would add power to his conviction strengthening the spell. Because Harry has his wand just focusing on it would increase the power of the spell (wands just amplify magic) He would not need to move it because lack of movement is a trait of death. Even if he couldn't create them he could at least call them.

The point of creating dementors:
I believe that dementors absorb any spells thrown at them (there is no mention of spells just passing through dementors and stoping once they make contact with something else) so if they formed a protective shield around harry none of the death eaters curses would work. They could get close enough to harry by either he creates them in front of him or they hang back until the death eaters are drained enough that they're slow to reacting. These dementors would be mostly immune to the expecto patronum spell due to harry supplying a steady stream of darkness to keep them alive (also i think there are a few death eaters who can not cast this spell) Dementors wouldn't harm harry because they fear him and also he would have created them so they would accept him as their own. Voldemort (tom riddle) also has a fear of dementors (they are death so he would) So his thought process would be hindered through fear (ooh weakness). This might result in a battle between voldemort and a patronus vs harry and the dementors (wouldn't that be ironic) It's also good because Quirrel mentions in previous chapters that the dementors are coming for him so the foreshadowing is there. Muggle weapons can be deflected by harry with spells once he is protected by the dementors and safe from the death eater spells.

This answer ties in nicely with the whole death theme so i thought it would be appropriate.

I hope this doesn't count as new magical powers, if so I'm sorry. Apologies also for the rather badly worded, spelt and surely grammarly incorrect answer I gave myself a 30 minute time limit to think and write before i stop procrastinationing. Thank you for writing this story, I loved it!
NichG chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The basic idea is, we can't change Voldemort's utility function, but we can exploit it. Before knowing of this Prophecy, his plan was to keep Harry alive and use him in major ways, so if we can show that Harry being alive has a higher chance of preventing disaster than Harry being dead, Voldemort's own plans should logically convince him to keep Harry alive.

So the basic approach is to inject uncertainty into the situation. Here is my best line of reasoning for that.

Four major points:
- Atlantis was erased from time
- The Mirror of Noitilov is an anti-world-ending device made by Atlantis
- Time resists paradoxes or even 'unlikely trajectories', as was seen in Harry's prime factoring experiment (e.g. 'Don't mess with time!' message). In extreme cases, Prophecies are generated.

So the line of reasoning is something like (parseltongue):

"A power I know that you do not is retrieval of novel information from time loops. Comed-tea is potential example of this, as is Time Turner message. Believe this to be lesser forms of Prophecy. Time inconsistency is prevented, also release valves exist to prevent paradoxical states. Prophecy is likely one release valve - influence from future to prevent state in which time loop cannot be resolved from occurring in the first place. Atlantis mirror may be another, creating ambiguity between reality and illusion so most consistent world can win. If you create a situation which would violates Prophecy, release valve of the mirror may cause this world to have been an image, true world is that frozen by Dumbledore. This would be lose condition for us and for world, though would fulfill prophecy of me (Tom Riddle) destroying the world as entire world might be under Dumbledore's time curse. Best option for you now is to create additional save point overwriting Dumbledore, place one of us in each side of the mirror. This resolves both prophecies."
Walen chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
This review is a dictionary attack. Take a set of all the words that has be used in hpmor and in discussions about hpmor. I declare this review to contain all unique permutations of 100 words chosen from the above set with replacement.

A viable solution will be contained somewhere in that 100 words string. Therefore, the viable solution must be contained within this review.
bit late chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Oops, I posted this for chapter 111 by mistake.

Harry can summon the dementors from the school (or elsewhere?). He is free to do this because he can stop them at any time, therefore there is no risk to the end of the world. Harry tells Voldemort that he has three things to tell him. However, due to the unbreakable vow, he must consult with Hermione. Harry requests that he may speak privately to Hermione and have the time to do so. Harry promises not to devise a plot with Hermione.

Harry asks a confused Hermione if knowledge of Destroying a Dementor can threaten the universe. She says no. Harry requests Draco Malfoy's safebeing and tells Voldemort that Harry and only Harry understands how to destroy Dementors.

Harry asks Hermione if partial transfiguration can destroy the universe. Harry requests his fathers safebeing and tells Voldemort about partial Transfiguration.

Harry requests his mother's safebeing and tells Voldemort that he can summon Dementors.

Harry informs Voldemort, that the Dementors are attracted to Voldemort. Even if Harry dies, they will always follow Voldemort. Even if Voldemort changes bodies, The Dementors will track him throughout the universe. This will plant the very idea into Voldemorts mind and garauntee it to be true.

Harry wil say that so long as he remains alive, he can prevent the dementors from attacking Voldemort. He promises to do this until he dies. However, once Harry dies, the dementors will attack Voldemort.

Voldemorts weakness to Dementors has just bought Harry several seconds. Meanwhile, Harry has rescued his Mother, his Father and Draco. Hermione is safe as per Voldemorts promise earlier. (I may have forgotten some people, abilities or details but it shouldn't change much)

Harry can now tell Voldemort of his plan to destroy all the Dementors. Harry explains that it would kill him. This provides a win/win for Voldemort. Harry will die and the dementors will be gone. However, Harry must go to Azkaban to do this.

Voldemort can either imprison Harry. The stalemate will last until Harry dies of old age (unless he is sustained by the stone. But eventually Harry may learn to be more powerful than Voldemort. But even if Harry is imprisoned and he remains weak, he may lose his happy thought and therefore lose control of the Dementors. Harry will inform Voldemort of this risk.

Voldemort is forced to take Harry to azkaban immediately. Harry requests Draco's help due to the vow (I think that Hermione cannot cast Patronus).The Death eaters remain to control Hermione and because they will be ineffective at Azkaban (Although Voldemort may choose a different strategy).

So Voldemort and Harry go to Azkaban with Draco. I think that I can stop here. Harry has escaped immediete death. He has isolated Voldemort. He controls an army of Dementors (although he has promised not to use them against Voldemort directly). He has his dragon (Draco). Voldemort is alone in the most hostile (for him) territory possible.

I didn't check if there are any Dementors at the school or nearby. Nonetheless, Voldemort should take the threat seriously even if no Dementors show up. Its possible that Harry can summon all the Dementors from Azkaban directly to the school. If this is the case, Draco is still needed for his patronus (if something goes wrong). All that will change is that they stay at Hogwarts and don't go to Azkaban. chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I can go on and on about what Voldemort can do to ensure that everything is watertight. We've established that Voldemort is EXTREMELY intelligent. Really.. Harry can't win.
Here are some hypotheticals:
We've established that Harry's occlumency is fairly weak in his encounter with Mad-eye. All that needs to be done is a thorough breaking & disseminating of Harry's mind, which, barring moral inhibitions, can be done in ALL kinds of ways. I doubt even perfect occlumens can retain their barriers if put under extreme conditions.
Read Harry's mind. Take all his knowledge and dispose of him. No trickery, nothing. Even if the resonance thing doesn't allow Volde to read Harry's mind, Volde probably has some powerful and willing wizard who can do his torturing and legilimens for him. Eventually Harry will break. In the meantime, Volde can take over magical Britain, establish his dictatorship, and go from there.
Any magic Harry asks to demonstrate can and will require some oath in parseltongue that he won't do anything. I'm sure Volde is smart enough to create some perfect guidelines to stop Harry from performing anything that would do anything that Volde doesn't want happen.

Really, at this point in time: unless voldemort secretly wants Harry to escape/succeed, there is no way Harry can win. Ok so presupposition: Volde is evil and cannot be convinced to release Harry and join the good guys. Fine. He doesn't have to join the good guys. From what we've seen Volde can be reasonably written as an apathetic villain trying to break the boredom of having no competition. Volde obviously isn't acting on moral impulses. It's clear that this guy is a pleasure-seeker. Now that he's immortal, there's really nothing much left for him to strive for, why not leave Harry alive and see how far Harry goes, what he does, etc.?
So with evil volde's motive of WANTING Harry to fight him in mind, what you really need to do is devise a method for Harry to succeed while plausibly doing it for the other 36 Death Eaters to accept - put on a show like Volde probably wants to see.

So maybe make a mention to what could possibly be drawn up as Voldemort's hidden pro-Harry motive (or not), and take some of the suggestions made by other reviewers (or not) and let Harry win. :)
Will Write chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Well is there such a thing as an absolute time? Sice there is not (accepting that there is an infinite amount of posssible external circunstances that can generate a future in which Harry survives), then Harry does survive... In a definite branching future time from the "final exam " instant. Given that future Harry continues to research into the physical basis and potential effects of magic, including time turners, at some point he will improve them. Considering the disadvantages of those who built it originally (no scientific method, total empiricism thre must be plenty space for improvement.
With the improved model, he goes back in time to before his crisis, expanding his mere survival into an unmixed victory. Since an unrestrained Riddle is much more dangerous to the world than any conceivable consequence of
Harry's travel he is compelled to do so.
Andy chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"Very well", said Harry.

"All thesse precautions you are taking show that you do not know why your attempt to kill me as a baby backfired. If you knew, you would do only need to do one thing to prevent it. But I know. The Marauder's Map showss me as Tom Riddle, not as Harry Potter. I am you, and if your minionss cast their spellss on me, they will backfire on you again, in the same way that your spell backfired on you so long ago. You will be cast into the void again, and by the time you return, I will be an adult magician, not an 11-year old boy. My powers will be far greater, and I will have hunted down your minionss one by one, so you will have no support."

"So what will it be? Are you willing to take the chance? Or will you let uss go?"

The Dark Lord lifted his arms. "Fire" he commanded.
Mark chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Glasses contains some powerful artifact that either apparate Harry away or perform a distraction. Or some transfigured magical creature - Fawkes, dementor, etc.
Monsieur 13 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
It might be over but still fun.

Harry convinces Quirrel that he has the power to actually be the worthy adversary that Quirrel tried to be as David Monroe. He believes in the system as empathy, but is not weighed down by Dumbledore's conscience. If Harry accepts this as the truth he might be able to convince Voldemort, not to be good, but to give him a chance to have a worthy adversary, which Voldemort always wanted. Voldemort is only taking the wizardring world now because he's given up on the good side of being useful. It won't be long before ruling grows dull and the next opponents muggles won't be a threat at all. Well guns might be threatening but magic and impero make those a no sell.

Or Harry could explain what he explained to draco. That the wizarding world is dying due to inbreeding and they need to branch out by marrying muggles which would go against Voldemort's pure blood and anti muggle campaign. He could even say before divulging this truth that his death would be causing the destruction of the (wizarding) world as only he know how to pretend magic from dying out. If he believes it he'll be able to say it in parseltongue and voldemort will believe it.

Exam might be over, but I cannot resist typing this out even if they're wrong and will be ignored.
Fordian chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Continuing from the previous review, which evidently exceeded the unmarked space limitation (seriously, they should just stop letting you type once you hit it!)

As a precaution, he could also simply have a second loop surround each wand, snapping them in the process and limiting the Death Eaters to wandless magic, which they are unlikely to be able to perform quickly given the physical shock of losing an extremity. If he's feeling bloodthirsty enough, he could sever their other hands at the same time as well, though the fact that those hands may be held at their sides (as opposed to extended and pointed at Harry) may make maintaining the loops' positions more difficult.

Thus, the Death Eaters are fairly easily dealt with. Voldemort himself is more of a challenge; Harry should only rely on resonance as a last resort, so his target should be Voldemort's gun, not Voldemort himself. If carbon nanotubes are capable of cutting metal (and Harry's use of diamond rings in his earlier experiments suggests they are), he may be able to destroy Voldemort's gun in the same way. If not, or as a precaution, he should be able to have the nanotube network incorporate a macroscopic tangled mass inside the barrel of the gun, which, if large enough, will render it inoperable, at least temporarily. His attempt to disable Voldemort's Muggle weaponry should coincide with his attack on the Death Eaters.

As that happens, he should sprint for the Time Turner. Given the starting time of the quest, the full hour's delay in the potion room, and the number of other events that have occurred, it should now be past 9, guaranteeing the availability of the Time Turner as a means of escape. If Harry is familiar with the Accio spell, he could use it at this time as well to hasten the process. Meanwhile, Harry should keep an eye on Voldemort.

Two contingency plans should be in place: first, if Harry sees that Voldemort will recover his ability to shoot Harry before Harry reaches the Time Turner, he should repeatedly fire the Ma-Ha-Su spell at Voldemort - it requires only a simple wand movement, is quick to say, is not particularly tiring, and should be hard to dodge (as it reportedly follows sight lines rather than wand position). It should thus be a good resonance trigger. Voldemort's primary and possibly sole defense will be interposition of another object (e.g. the ground, as he did before), in which case he will be unable to retaliate with a gun as well.

The second contingency plan is to suspend his transfigured rock over the Time Turner using the altar as a pulley (given the locations of Harry's quest items). If Harry's plan fails and he is about to be killed or otherwise disabled, he should end the transfiguration, causing the rock to fall on and shatter the Time Turner. Whether the 'strange things' that this would cause will help Harry avoid immediate death is unknowable, but as a Plan Omega, used if all else fails, it is worth including.

A further point of confusion, which I didn't include since Harry wouldn't be conscious of it and using it might violate the 'no cavalry' rule, is that Harry bizarrely doesn't recognize the simple backwards runic writing on the Mirror, despite his knowledge of cryptology. The only reason for that that I can think of is that Harry's made himself deliberately less intelligent than he normally is (presumably via Occlumency) as part of some plan we the readers are not yet aware of, which could allow for any number of possible interventions in the graveyard. Or maybe it's just a plot hole :)
Hikarioki chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
This plan has four steps. Each has a small possibility of succeeding independently, but are part of a larger four-step plot with a slightly better chance of success than each separate part. Each should take no more than fifteen seconds.

The lowest risk solution should be prioritized and first attempted, after which the simplest solution sets priority.

Step 1 is for Harry to let himself shake with fear, which should be easy. The challenge will be to not shake so much he is unable to continue functioning or that he triggers the Death Eater kill order, but enough to hide subtle hand gestures.

Step 2 is to say, in parseltounge, “First power. I have powerss to change partss of thingss, not just whole” Harry should say in parseltounge. If prompted to explain further, then “all thingss are tiny partss, Muggless know. All thingss only made whole becaussse you thinks of them ass whole. Know that part is whole and only part will change.”

Harry should then name Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres, a.k.a. Tom Riddle.

In the likely event that this does not succeed, Harry should name Alastor Moody as a protected person as a pragmatic offering to the resistance. As this is likely to be refused as well, Minerva McGonngall should be named for the same reason, and because she is best poised to assist students.

Step 3 is to say, in parseltounge, “Second power. Power over life eaters is power over death; power to destroy them is same power to destroy death. Can perhapss make one more than just hard to kill, true immortality. Can not explain how now.” There is a small chance that interest in this information will change Voldemort's plans, but this is a very small chance.

Harry should, if given a person to name, name either another high-ranked competent Auror (if Moody was allowed) or another faculty member of some competence (which is a tough choice; perhaps Flitwick)

Step 4 begins during step 1, casting with signing. Harry should transfigure the ground around him into pure Diethylzinc, which ignites violently on contact with air and is a commonly used chemical in organic chemistry, as well as in rocket fuel which Harry could be familiar with. He should focus on the shape of a ring with a large weight/setting, the very visualization and shape he has practised changing stone into all year only much larger, a ring that runs under the death eaters with a large dense weight (the “gem” position) directly under Voldemort. If necessary a tiny thread of earth can be run from Harry's position to the ring, if he is unable to achieve the transfiguration from his distance.

Should this plan succeed (criteria of success being that Harry is alive 61 seconds from now and no longer under threat of immediate terrible death by many wands), he should flee very quickly, casting a patronus to a known Auror as he does so.
Sillylaureate chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I know its past the deadline, but I figured I might as well.
Harry has the capability to summon fawkes with his mind, or believes that he can do so, as shown during the Taboo Tradeoffs arc. Harry will have Fawkes teleport him to Azkaban.
Harry is now in possession of teleportation powers and a dementor army.

Though this solution ignores the strong possibility that Voldemort has anti-phoenix wards, since Azkaban had those too. Many ways in, no way out. I doubt Voldemort would have neglected that as a precaution, just on base principles. He's trying to stop a prophecy, he'd be even more careful than usual.

Harry and Voldemort has a telepathic connection, as noted in Time Pressure. It's said in Voldemort's thoughts, so it should be reliable. Voldemort said he's never been able to influence harry in it. But all the things Voldie tried to do to baby Harry backfired. They worked one way. Like killing Voldie. Or the curse to stop them from threatening each other's immortality. So Harry could influence Voldemort. It's an ability it's likely that he has. Does discovering this ability count as developing a new one? He could influence Voldemort, get him to drop the phoenix block. But that's not very specific, is it?

Though he's allowed to come into his full mental power, his power as a rationalist. It isn't completely ridiculous that he could discover this connection. Though as to how he could convince Voldemort to let him out of the box...

He can stall for time definitely. Voldie didn't say he didn't /want/ the secret to the dementors. And Harry could tell him about partial transfiguration, perhaps. Voldie only said he had 60 seconds to /start/ telling him something.

Harry's mastery over the cloak is another mental ability, but it likely wouldn't help him.

Say, what happened to the Elder Wand and the Line of Merlin? Are they still back there? Could Harry conceivably be the master of the Elder Wand, since he is an instant of Tom Riddle, who defeated Dumbledore, if in a roundabout way. Who's the wand's master now anyways? Does it even have one?

But that wouldn't help him either. No new magical abilities.

Is Lucius in the crowd. But Lucius wouldn't help. Which former Death Eaters would be there. Would the Dark Mark activating bring Snape there too? Cavalry isn't coming though, I'll assume it applies to people not at the Quidditch game too.

Harry probably can't summon Dementors. At least not when there isn't one nearby.

Well I suppose I'll stick with the Phoenix solution as my best answer, despite its obvious flaw. I'll just hope someone else managed to solve it.
Sophronius chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Hat’s off to you mr. Yudkowsky, this is a hard challenge. Though I notice poor mr. Potter has to think 3600 times as fast as we do, plus there’s the selection effect… that’s unfair even for reality’s standards.

In keeping with the spirt of the thing I asked myself what I would actually do in Harry’s situation, without asking for help. I decided earlier that the way to win an ai box experiment is to pique the other person’s curiosity early on, keep them talking no matter what, then try things out and go with whatever works. It seems to me Harry should do the same thing here:
1)Buy time by selling secrets: The nature of dementors, patronus, and so on. The reason being that Harry can’t actually come up with a workable solution in just 60 seconds, that’s fairly impossible
2)Find a way to convince Voldemort to tell Harry what the prophesy is. Harry can honestly say that Voldemort should tell him this so that Harry might find a way to prevent it, pointing out that he can’t actually cause it in his current condition so there’s not much risk.
3)Knowing the prophesy Harry needs to convince Voldemort that killing him will make it more likely to occur. Harry can ask if he was specifically mentioned, and the answer is no. Harry can point out that Voldemort was trying to “cut the strands of fate to see when he would encounter resistance”, yet Voldemort has encountered none by making Harry swear the oath. Why not? Because Harry’s actions are not/no longer causing the prophesy? Voldemort should notice he’s confused. Harry should point out how terrible the base rate is for preventing prophesies by fighting them in this way. They should run tests to find out what the prophesy is truly about, for example using this ‘resistance’ principle. Either way Harry can honestly say that the unbreakable vow forces him to tell Voldemort is making a mistake, which should give him pause.
4)The other path Harry can take (he probably needs both) is pointing out that the Riddle curse was only supposed to go off if Harry threatened his immortality, which he did not. But Voldemort knows better how his curse works, so this is a hard sell.

That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid. No clever tricks. But then, I don’t actually think that trying to be clever would be smart in this situation.
mardukkorn chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Transfiguring the nitrogen in the air into Xenon (an anesthetic gas) will knock out everyone while keeping them alive. They will never know what hit them and simply lose consciousness. Xenon has no smell or color. Harry only has to hold his breath for a minute while they lose consciousness quickly. If you do a finite incantum and xenon gets converted into Nitrogen you get a case of the bends.
Other anesthetic gases are possible wiki/Moscow_hostage_crisis_chemical_agent
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
terribly sorry:
I thought my review solution wasn't uploaded, so I republished it (It is not exactly the same because it didn't save everything i have written, only some), but apperanly it did, only in a delay. Please ignore my second solution, sorry for the trouble...
ItayBM chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
-My only comfort in this life is that now Less Wrong has to read about a thousand pages of solutions to find out if there is a viable one-
My solution is:
I partially transfigure a carbon nanotube from my finger nail so that its end is still connected to the end of my finger nail, and its other end surrounds the time turner (it wasn't said that voldemort picked it up) via a thin (invisible because it can be atoms thick) layer of carbon fabric. As a carbon nanotube is very thin (so the volume of the transfigured material is extremely small), and everything I described should be within 15 m approximately (Otherwise voldemort couldn't talk to me in hisses if he was too far away), It should take about half a minute.
Then, I partially transfigure the ground (see after exactly which ground) to a hand grenade-should take the next 30 seconds, and blow it up, 3 seconds before they begin the stunning.
I don't need to create the hand grenade complicated, no need for safety pin and other stuff, basically 180 gram of steel surrounding a composition B 400 gram explosive material. because it is not so big, it shouldn't be hard or time consuming to manufacture, but as harry knows his abilities better than me, he might decide to create a smaller one (harry practiced a lot with transfiguration, but I myself do not know exactly how long it takes him to transfigure anything). switching a small amount of explosive with Nitrogen triiodide will create the initial blast (It is a matter that very easily explodes).
The kill radius should be about 5m, and injury 15m.
It wasn't mentioned where Mr. white stands, but I would prefer if his side was the one that got hurt the least, because he holds the least threat. What is most important is that the line between me and voldemort is obscured, and that all the death eaters are not too far from the explosion. I myself would get blown by the explosion, but so long as I am not to close, I wouldn't pass out. If possible, it would be better to use the body of macnair as the source of transfiguration instead of the ground, as the ground shall "num" the explosion, and his body will "num" it less, but only if he is positioned correctly.
Then, I expecto patronus the shit out of everything. Everyone (except voldi, it was mentioned he has protection wards) should be in shock (It was mentioned they came in haste, so their protections should be minimal), and also can't hear anything (due to the blast), so they wouldn't know where the expecto came from. All they can see is a huge glowing human being, so the most likely thing they will try to attack is the human being. Voldi can heal them, but it will take him time, and due to the resonant, he would have to be careful not to touch my patronus with his magic.
at that time I pull the string I made before, and the time turner (protected by the shell from the blast... Harry knows better than me how strong is the protection, and if harry has time he shall transfigure the shell to diamond a moment before the blast and stop the transfiguration a moment after it). Then I twist the shell and voila- I go back an hour and escaped death.
Probably Then, I'll call moody to help me better prepare the timeline so that I could also save Hermione, and that the time turner would be more easily reached, but that doesn't matter.
of course after the pulling the string I lie on the ground in case voldi just shoots everywhere (decreasing my chances to be hit).
Also I should note that if harry had more than 60 hrs to investigate he might have found a material (perhaps radioactive? californium?) that could be used to such a blast that is smaller and easier to create and detonate.
btw: In the meantime, I tell voldi about the pinecones and than the general secret to potions, but if necessary I will tell him the secret to partial transfiguration, stalling it as much as I can (otherwise he might get my plan) by first talking about the physics necessary to apply partial transfiguration.
1. of course the moment before the explosion I close my eyes and hold my breath so that the least transfigured material will enter me.
2. If harry knows accio, he only needs to create grenade, blow it up, lie on ground while casting accio time turner shell, use time turner. This plan is more likely to work (less parameters and transfigurations to sustain, perhaps even no need for partial transfiguration by transfiguring macnair's heart to a open-lever M67 grenade), but I think he doesn't know accio.
3. I think this plan has about 10% to succeed, assuming harry is a cold calculator, and can therefore make sure that he won't pass out from the explosion, and the time turner survives it.
4. Before I thought of this solution, I thought of the stupidest solution: transfiguring a 1m schwartsheild radius black hole (which could be a very concentrated ball of even 1cm3 of matter so its volume is actually small) behind voldi, so that they would be in a temporal disadvantage (GR metric twisting in the presence of mass), and then accio time turner, and stop the transfiguration. but then I realized that we would all be sucked in because it would have a gravity of about 1000 earths, and our proximity to it would enhance the gravity even more, so that we all get sucked in, the philosopher's stone make it permanent, and the world is destroyed.
Please please please release chapter 121, even if you don't like this solution or any other. don't do it immediately cause we lost, but do it in let's say 14.3.2016 or something else, because I really like these characters and I won't have closure if I know there is a happier ending out there...
Ephemeralen chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
For those talking about how Harry might be connected to the horcrux network due to the magical equivilent of an IP address conflict, I'm betting that counts as "cavalry".

I've thought it over, and I'm leaning towards partial tranfiguration. Harry's recently learned a new technique for controling transfiguration, which combined with partial transfiguration is just absurdly versatile.

Carbon nanotubes sprout from the ground around all the death eaters, perhaps connected to something under tension so the moment Harry stops concentrating they all get sliced to bits like that guy in The Cube. Killing the death eaters before they can get a shot off is a minor obstacle, only an issue because it'll take up a significant portion of those critical 60 seconds.

The problem is voldie's gun, or voldie dropping a chunk of ceiling on Harry's head, or something other method of ending Harry the second he reveals his move.

So first, as others have been saying, Harry needs to choose a secret to which Hermionie's counsel is genuinely relevant, so she can be awake to shield Harry with her body. It ALSO must be a secret that makes it plausibly necessary that Harry and Hermionie speak privately, because otherwise voldie wouldn't let Hermione get close enough to Harry to make a difference.

So, with Hermione in arms reach, the death eaters die, volie shoots, Hermione takes the bullet / voldie hesitates before magicking Hermione out of the way because she's too close to Harry, and Harry uses the moment this gains him too... some combination of...

cast his patronus to cover them while they flee?

point out that with the binder dead there's nothing enforcing his vow? (do vows work that way?)

reveal an additional net of nanotubes that cuts voldie into chunks when he flies at them?

reveal an additional sneaky nanotube strand that just touches voldie setting off the resonance?

accio his time-turner and cloak and use the remaining hour to craft an escape route ala the partially transfigured wall in askaban?
Zeroji chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I gave the exam to my little sister who likes writing. She's 11, doesn't speak English, didn't read HPMoR, is currently reading HP5 canon, and I just gave her the basics of the exam (aka. conditions 1-6, explanation of ch. 113 and hint about Partial Transfiguration)

She quickly came up with a solution, weak on a lot of points, with a Deus Ex Machina (kinda) and a stroke of luck. But anyway, here is it (summed up, translated from French, and commented by me)

Half the time allowed was spent when Harry got an idea. He partially transfigured the ground beneath him into quicksand [PT too long, wouldn't work], knowing it'd be a less harmful death than what Voldemort planned for him. The latter, busy counting seconds, didn't notice anything [UTOPIA]. Harry collapsed to the ground, seeing thirty-six flashes of red [you surely meant green, lil sis] light passing above his head [lucky day] before being sucked down by quicksand. He started suffocating, but suddenly went falling down at high speed. He landed hardly, but without harm. [Deus Ex Cave Hover Charm]
He was in a cave with only one path, and started walking towards it. (during some hours [a bit too long, and LV can detect])
He came into giants' lair, had to fight them, Hagrid is with them but tied up, imprisoned. [Giant Ex Machina] He won [how?] and save him but was unable to walk, severely hurt. Hagrid took him back to Hogwarts, explaining that he was planning to find LV's lair [Quidditch Time-Turner glitch] but was caught by giants under LV's control [lol.]

Then basically Harry is back at Hogwarts, Voldie looking for him, must be careful, his hurt since fight with giants.

This story doesn't fill the requirements, but well, how many 11 years old child wrote a solution ? without having read the fic ?
genegenie chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
fuck i think my last review attempt might not have worked (it didnt show up)

harry's strength is visualising things (see:partial transfig, dementors, hermione resurrection). he tells in ptongue about partial transfig. v says to demonstrate. harry goes a step further and transfigures the sub-atomic particles, causing very distracting and possibly fatal-to-some havoc. in the chaos he grabs hermione & the time turner and turns time back? or grabs the cloak and escapes w it & hermione. best i could come up with in the 13 min since i finished reading 113.
CoreDumpError chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry *didn't* try to end Voldy's true life when he shot at him. He had intentionally decided to merely inconvenience him by discoporating his spirit from the transfigured body he created for himself. Therefore, the curse that Voldy placed upon himself has not actually lifted. He just thinks it has.

I'm not sure how/if that *helps*, though. Besides, I'm 2 hours too late. But it's the best I've come up with.
Lens of Sanity chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry accepts Jesus as his Lord and Master

The Archangel Uriel instantly and immediately blasts Voldemort with Heavenly Fire

Harry transforms into his heretofore unmentioned White Stallion animagus form and rides off into the sunset with Hermione


Seriously, I've spent the last two days thinking about this and, other than a few half baked ideas, I've come to the conclusion that Harry is fucked..

..sideways, and at all possible angles!
Toastender chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Since I am running out of time and have failed to come up with anything better so far, I'd say partial Transfiguration would be my choice, harry could tell Voldemort, that he has uncovered the true secret of Transfigurations, which probably won't suffice to to convinve Voldemort to let him use magic, so harry would offer a presentation, all in parseltongue of course (he would also have to explain, that Voldemort probably won't understand it if he just told him).
now, Voldemort might or might not feel as if he had the upper hand, he might not even take the risk at all. Assuming he could be convinced to do so anyways, Harry could then transfigure something to incapacitate everyone but him, a flashbang of some sort for example (even though Voldemort might have considered something like this).
Fordian chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I am posting this attempt at a solution after the deadline intentionally (in fact, I started writing it as soon as the deadline expired) in protest of your decision to use your story as a hostage to induce discussion and debate amongst your readers. The situation is an interesting one, and I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out a solution, but I object to your methods. And if this were to be the one and only viable solution posted, and if you were to hold to the arbitrary deadline and shoot your hostage (possibly literally - well, literally in the story) I could live with that, though I - along with most of your readers - would likely lose respect for your literary work... Just getting that out of the way.

At this point, I am (and Harry should be) confused - Voldemort appears to have made two crucial blunders here, ones that are substantially out of character for him. One is that he has left Harry his wand, with no evident reason for doing so once the Vow was completed. It is implausible that it is simple neglect - Voldemort has been known to cast upwards of 30 spells just to have a private conversation, and is aware that Harry is in possession of his wand. Thus, either Voldemort actively intends for him to have his wand, or there is an outside force causing his neglect to force Harry to relinquish it. The most likely outside force would be the Mirror; as others have speculated, there is a possibility that they are still in the mirror. If they were to be in the Mirror or otherwise under its influence, then the Mirror may be attempting to show the combination of their extrapolated volitions, producing a conflict of volitions between Harry and Voldemort - a battle Harry is losing. Under this interpretation, Voldemort's will to be revived was stronger than Harry's will to prevent his revival, while Harry's desire to retain his wand and some hope of escape is stronger than Voldemort's will to see it extinguished, accounting for Voldemort's apparently inconsistent behavior (as well as Harry's earlier mistake).

Furthermore, Voldemort is bragging about his (alleged) future plans, violating Rule 2 of his own Rules For Being a Successful Dark Lord. He is also antagonizing Harry, possibly violating Rule 1 (do not provoke strong and vicious enemies) - Harry is demonstrably vicious, so this is a violation unless Voldemort genuinely views Harry as a weak enemy (certainly underestimating him), has some alternative reason for his actions, or is not acting entirely of his own will - again potentially due to the influence of an outside force like the Mirror.

To test this hypothesis, Harry should exert his volition towards an end that Voldemort will not oppose - e.g. ardently wish for a banana to appear at his feet as a signal that this is the true state of affairs. If they are under the Mirror's influence, it should appear, and Harry can proceed as if in a lucid dream. With sufficient willpower - and as a lucid dreamer, Harry would have a substantial advantage in this regard - none of the ordinary rules of magic need apply. As we have been prohibited in this exam from exploring solutions in which Harry develops new magical powers, we can terminate this line of thinking as it allows for solutions impermissible as part of the requested task.

On the assumption that this fails, then we should ask why Voldemort has intentionally allowed Harry to keep his wand. As there is no apparent immediate need for him to allow Harry to keep his wand, and as he has nothing to gain from Harry having a better hope of escape if he truly intends to carry out his threats against Harry, the most plausible hypothesis is that he is testing Harry (perhaps as a potential 'opponent'), in which case he is deliberately allowing Harry some room to maneuver. Another possibility is that he has monologued and allowed Harry some hope of escape in order to induce him to be freer with his secrets than he would otherwise be. Harry's best course of action therefore lies in attempting to pass the possibly-imaginary test while revealing as few secrets as possible, with a secondary goal of convincing Voldemort that killing Harry is a bad idea (as this could most likely only be accomplished if Voldemort were sincere throughout, which we should assign very low probability to). Disabling the Death Eaters and escaping should pass whatever test Voldemort intends.

The strategy I envision contains two components, verbal and nonverbal.

Verbally, Harry should first try a statement along the lines of 'the world will probably end if you kill me now.' This statement is technically true, so should be allowable in Parseltongue. Of course, he should omit the also-true statement that 'the world will probably end if you do not kill me now.' As Voldemort is aware of Harry's proclivity for bending the truth, he will likely see through this. However, it buys time.

Next, Harry should reveal what he has learned about the nature of prophecy and time-reversed causality through his experiments with Comed-Tea and prime factorization. These are low-value secrets, from a danger perspective, but likely to be of interest to Voldemort. If Voldemort is sincerely primarily attempting to avert Trelawney's prophecy, unlikely as that may be, the knowledge that prophecy occurs only when all possible actions lead to a state of affairs in which the prophecy may be said to be fulfilled could dissuade him from his current course of action. Subverting the prophecy by fulfilling it in a less-devastating way is a far more viable plan than attempting to cut all possible ties of causality between the subject of the prophecy and the stated action or effect, which may be quite literally doomed to fail. However, there is no guarantee that whatever alternative plan he devises will be more pleasant for Harry than death, in which case Harry will still want to escape.

Although it is likely that Harry will be ready to implement his nonverbal plan by the time this discussion is complete (particularly given the difficulties of rendering Comed-Tea and prime factorization into Parseltongue), the method behind the Patronus 2.0 is probably the next least dangerous secret to reveal, with partial transfiguration being only usable as a last-ditch delaying strategy. In fact, it (and possibly Patronus 2.0) is dangerous enough that Harry would likely need to consult Hermione before telling Voldemort of it, which buys still more time and opens a wealth of tactical possibilities, which I will not get into here.

Nonverbally, Harry's best weapon is Transfiguration, of the free or partial variety. It is wordless, apparently nondetectable (as Dumbledore did not identify it during the Azkaban rescue and Voldemort apparently thought Harry's ring was Hermione's body), and does not require Harry to raise his wand. Harry cannot transfigure the air, and transfiguring his skin is very dangerous, but Harry does have access to one safe material: his hair. McGonagall has stated that Transfiguring one's hair to be blond would cause it to fall out when the transfiguration wore off, but made no reference to other harmful effects. Harry does not care about baldness, and only needs access to a few strands anyway. As conservation of mass does not apply during Transfiguration (see Animagi), even a single strand provides all the material he needs. Furthermore, Harry can Transfigure his hair simply by pressing his wand to his body, as stated by McGonagall in her initial lecture. Pressing his wand slightly into the side of his leg should be sufficient, or even just slightly angling his wrist to put his wand tip in contact with his skin.

As many reviewers have noted, carbon nanotubes are likely the ideal weapon here - a hair-thin strand of black thread should be completely unnoticeable at night, particularly given that neither Voldemort nor (especially) the Death Eaters should have heard of them. Even if Voldemort knew of them and noticed them, if he is testing Harry then he may not stop Harry's scheme anyway, but there is no reason to think that he would notice them if they did not contact him.

The most intuitive way to use the nanotubes as a weapon is as a cutting tool. They have been observed by Harry to hold up to the tension of suspending a 100kg weight, and should be far stronger than that; furthermore, Harry's early experiments demonstrated that transfiguration under tension is possible. By surrounding a sufficiently low-resistance object with a loop of nanotubes then transfiguring that loop into a microscopically small loop (or even a point, if we do not require a topologically consistent transformation), he should be able to use the nanotubes as a cutting tool. Human flesh and bone would not be able to provide tensile resistance capable of snapping the tubes, and there are no established limits to how much tension Harry can apply via transfiguration. Harry should be able to use the tubes to cut flesh.

As for targets, the most obvious way of disabling the Death Eaters is simple decapitation; however, Harry may well balk at taking 36 lives, including the parents of some of his Slytherin friends (imagine how Hermione and Draco would react!). As a less-lethal method, I envision him transfiguring a few strands of his hair into a branching structure of carbon nanotubes forming loops around the wand hands of the 36 Death Eaters. The small mass of the nanotubes should make this a quick Transfiguration, certainly within the time allowed by his verbal delaying tactics (or even just the 60 seconds given to him by Voldemort). When ready, he should simply rapidly shrink the loops, severing the wand hands of all the Death Eaters. This should buy him at least a few seconds before any of them recover enough from the shock to reclaim their wands or attempt wandless magic. As a precaution, he could also simply have a second loop surround each wand, snapping them in the process and limiting the Death Eaters to wandless magic, which they are
Genie chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry's greatest power is his power to visualise things strongly via rationalisation (see: partial transfig, dementors, hermione revitalisation). i don't know if i'm in time, i only just finished reading 113, but...

harry tells v in parseltongue about partial transfiguration. v is intruiged. harry must explain/demonstrate. harry uses ring-daddyrock as subject: partially transfigures "ring" into something v has commanded (a pebble, maybe?) V takes hold of it. v finites it, is suddenly holding heavy rock. harry grabs cloak...fuck this is where i wish i had more time.

okay, how about harry tells v about partial transfig. v says to demosntrate. omg yes! harry does. he visualises atoms. then he visualises subatomic particles. then he TRANSFIGURES THE SUBATOMIC PARTICLES TO MAKE SOMETHING BLOW UP IN VOLDY'S FACE. harry is out of blast radius. hermione gets beat up, but regenerates. they skeedadle under the cloak while the death eaters are trying to figure out what just happened/busy being semi exploded.

anyway, SOMETHING with his visualising prowess. please?
ItayBM chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
-My only comfort in this life is that now Less Wrong has to read about a thousand pages of solutions to find out if there is a viable one-
My solution is:
I partially transfigure a carbon nanotube from my finger nail so that its end is still connected to the end of my finger nail, and its other end surrounds the time turner (it wasn't said that voldemort picked it up) via a thin (invisible because it can be atoms thick) layer of carbon fabric. As a carbon nanotube is very thin (so the volume of the transfigured matirial is extremely small), and everything i described should be within 15 m approximately (Otherwise voldemort couldn't talk to me in hisses if he was too far away), It should take about half a minute.
Then, I partially transfigure the ground (see after exactly which ground) to a hand grenade-should take the next 30 seconds, and blow it up, 3 seconds before they begin the stunning.
I don't need to create the handgrenade complicated, no need for safety pin and other stuff, basically 180 gram of steel surrounding a composition B 400 gr explosive material. because it is not so big, it shouldn't be hard or time consuming to manufacture, but as harry knows his abilities better than me, he might decide to create a smaller one (harry practiced a lot with transfiguration, but i myself do not know exactly how long it takes him to transfigure anything). switching a small amount of explosive with Nitrogen triiodide will create the initial blast (It is a matter that very easily explodes).
The kill radius should be about 5m, and injury 15m.
It wasn't mentioned where Mr white stands, but I would prefer if his side was the one that got hurt the least, because he holds the least threat. What is most important is that the line between me and voldemort is obscured, and that all the death eaters are not too far from the explosion. I myself would get blown by the explosion, but so long as i am not to close, i wouldn't pass out. If possible, it would be better to use the body of macnair as the source of transfiguration instead of the ground, as the ground shall "num" the explosion, and his body will "num" it less, but only if he is positioned correctly.
Then, I expecto patronus the shit out of everything. Everyone (except voldi, it was mentioned he has protection wards) should be in shock (It was mentioned they came in haste), and also can't hear anything (due to the blast), so they wouldn't know where the expecto came from. All they can see is a huge glowing human being, so the most likely thing they will try to attack is the human being. Voldi can heal them, but it will take him time, and due to the resonant, he would have to be carefull not to touch my patronus.
at that time i pull the string i made before, and the time turner (protected by the shell, once again- harry knows better than me how strong the shell is. would transform it to diamond if necessary and have time), and if it can survive the explosion. than, I use the time turner and escape the imidiate death threat (probably than call moody to emergently come, and than prepare the area with traps so that the stable time loop would include me calling moody and me preparing traps that will allow me to also rescue hermione).
We assume that i have complete coldness and preperdness, so as long as i don't pass out from the blast (btw, I will lie on the ground as soon as i can after the blast occurs, in case voldemort starts shooting blindly everywhere, and to decrease the chances of their spells attacking me).
for this plan to work i think the two main problems are the need for the explosion to not pass me out, and the time turner to not explode. of course, harry may know other stuff i don't, but i think there is like 30% for this plan to work, which is not that bad, and if we assume harry is completly cold and calculated, he can direct the blast accurately so it won't pass him out, and that it won't blow the time turner.
during this time ill tell voldemort about the potion making- secret, try to divide it to two secerets: The practical one (How i used pinecones) and than the general one. hopefully this will take enough time, but if not I'll tell him that in physics there are no objects (blablabla) and then mention that due to that, partial trasfiguration is possible, and than i will blow the grenade up.
Btw. If i know accio, I only need to create the grenade, accio time turner, and then use it in the confusion.
What written above is my solution as requested, but i would like to mention that i had the stupidest solution that might have caused the appocalypse: I thought of instead of grenade to use atomic fission for the blast, but couldn't find anything small enough, then i thought, what if i create a 1m schwartssheild radius black hole bheind voldemort? than all the death eaters would be at a temporal disadvantage, and I could work much quicker than them (due to the GR metric's twisting) and then when it is over i shall simply stop the transfiguration... however than i realised that we would all get sucked to the black hole (because the gravity is ectremly large, even outside the event horizon), and due to the phylosopher's stone it would become permanent and i would ruin the world...
If you don't approve this solution, and all the others also, please please please give us closure... even if not immediately, please realise chapter 121 in 2016 14.3... I don't care to wait, but i am really connected to the characters and don't won't them to have a sadder ending, if i know a happier one exists...
officeroffkilter chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Quick, Harry thought … T-60 seconds and counting

What do I have what do I know what am I and what can I do with these things in the precious seconds left … think?!

Harry’s teeth began to chatter from the cold … think think think!

His Slytherin side took charge.

No time for panic. Inventory. Now.


I have my wand.

I can transfigure.


I have a deep insight and ability into the nature of transfigurations.

I don’t need my wand for transfiguration.

I don’t need to move or speak to transfigure.

What else … what else … what else … what can I do with this.

Hmmm. I have learned something from that 6th year text book

His Ravenclaw mind interrupted with a seemingly random memory—

Harry had a flash of something from one of his father’s journals, an article about freezing frogs.

No time for mental tangents or panic, Slytherin almost shouted

Ravenclaw said the first word like a Shakespearean sonnet Cry-o-bi-ol-o-gy … Cryp-to-pre-ser-va-tion!

Harry recalled that the journal described how tissue could be preserved in a living object to be frozen, preventing cellular death.

40 seconds

This has to be it. Ravenclaw and Slytherin agreed there were few probabilities that meet all the conditions, maybe only one, and no time to think of something else.

Voldemort doesn’t die - check
Voldemort can’t reappear as one of his horcruxes if he doesn’t die - check
Voldemort is immobilized and incapacitated - check

Meanwhile, Harry doesn’t appear to the death eaters to do anything - check
No movement
No twitch
No speaking

Very low probability that any of the Death Eaters know about his transfiguration abilities.

This is all the self-checking we have time for.

20 seconds.

Harry remembered the journal that crypto-preservation involved two steps: coating the object to be frozen with a thin coating of cryptoprotectants and then flash freezing the object.

Cryptoprotectants were special molecules … which of them would be the most efficient — YES glucose!

Some cryptoprotectants are organic. Glucose is one of them. It was Glucose had been used to freeze the non-arctic frogs in the article and preserve their living tissue. Check.

OK, I need to perform two transfigurations and the clock has almost run out.

Harry tried to calm himself by taking a deliberate slow breath.

In Parseltounge Harry said to Voldemort … have four thingss can tell, but want eight people ssaved for those four thingsss. truly believe you would wish to know and and will come to no harm in learning.

Voldemort responded “I will judge value of knowledge and decide if worth more”

Harry then said want to remind master that with Patronus learning could have unforessseeable consequencess. Truly do not believe foreseeable consequencess will cause you harm, nor will result in the end of the world. Do not see way that world ends from thisss. Masster still most trussted and assk to consider if agree for first thing that it will not result in end of worldss.

Voldemort thought back to the discussion with Dumbledore of Harry’s patronus, how Harry almost gave a hint to help Dumbledore see into the nature of Harry’s patronus, but he had stopped the boy. Surely if he could give hints of it to Dumbledore …

accssseptss and agree on first sssecret to consider two instead of one.

Harry noted that the clock appeared to momentarily have been paused, as more than 60 seconds had now passed. Borrowed time. Harry had to make this perfect. No mistakes. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Harry continued in parseltounge - other thing for masster to conssider. Sssome deatheaterss are parsselmouthsss. If ssome here are issss not wise to say ssecrets in fronts of othersss. Truly believe this.

Voldemort was silent for a moment.

Agreed, Voldemort said out loud in English. You will approach me slowly, you will make no sudden moves, you will say nothing until you are two paces from me. Then you will stop and you will say the first secret to me in parsletounge.

Voldemort said in parseltongue Is thisss trick? Do you intend to kill?

Harry responded in parseltongue isss not trick will tell secret to master

Voldemort replied in parseltongue know I will sswiftly return and kill those you care for in front of you before ssso sslowly killing you.

Again out loud, the dark lord said “I will kill anyone not paying attention to him. I will take my time doing so. Keep your wands on him. If he speaks, other than to me and other than in parseltounge, kill him. If he moves other than toward me, kill him.

Voldemort then said - Come to me now.

Harry had been mentally preparing two very simple transfigurations, one tied to the other. Harry hoped it would be enough. Fast enough. Effective enough. Safe enough. In addition, Harry had a subtile and complex thing to accomplish while he was performing the transfiguration, and it needed to be done very discretely with no hint of the magic he was going to execute based on a theory he had been working on. It followed from some of the same premises that had turned out to be deductively true of magic.

Slytherin reminded him that If Harry could contain Voldemort, he’d still have to deal with 36 death eaters if the nest step didn’t work or if it was discovered, but all of his negative proofs on the idea worked out and this was all he had. Please be enough said Hufflepuff.

Harry began slowly to walk toward the dark lord.

Harry’s Slytherin mind also silently reminded him that a carefully and correctly executed surprise could be the only difference in battle between winning and dying. Harry hoped that the game he was playing was at least one above the dark lord’s level, otherwise this was over.

Using the technique he had been practicing from the 6th year transfigurations book, Harry began the transfiguration wordlessly and without his wand, at the outline and shaping of Voldemort’s head. Be enough.

Harry transfigured two slight layers around Voldemort’s head, almost simultaneous with each other:
First, a thin colorless layer of C6-H12-O6. Sugar. Glucose
Then, a slightly larger but slowly growing layer of Nitrogen with its state changed, from gaseous to liquid form.

As Harry completed the transfigurations on the head and began moving the transfiguration down the dark lord’s body, Harry remembered that he needed to coat voldemort’s insides, as well - the dark lord’s lungs, airways, esophagus, stomach, etc., so that Voldemort didn’t die. That might be the end of the world. Harry may or may not be responsible for the fate of the world, but he wasn’t going to let it be because he let Voldemort die and terrorize the whole planet, effectively destroying it, before venturing on to other worlds, when he deduced how to do that - and assuredly, he would.

As Harry slowly walked, he had a very slight cadence, and as he walked, he ever so slightly began the next step in his plan as let his wand slightly dip. Once as he stepped. Twice. Thrice. his fingers slightly but subtlety changing angles as he walked - Harry calculated that at this distance, the motions for the spell could not be noticed by the death eaters. Four times. And he approached two paces from the dark lord, Harry said out loud in parsletounge “EXPECTO PATRONUM”

Harry did not shout it, but said it with sufficient will. Harryis hypothesis was inferred from his research into wingardium leviosa - he reasoned that a corollary must but that since the magical world doesn’t all speak english, that magic in other languages must also work. Durmstrang would never teach in English. It would be a Norse or Germanic language. In his patronus research, it was clear that Wizards from Durmstrang could also casta patronus, and there was no mention they learned English to do it. Harry knew he must be right but didn’t know precisely why. Harry had gambled on the next step of his plan working - that the correct words would work in parsletounge. It did.

Harry, however, did not summon his patronus to his current location. Harry one this patronus couldn’t match all the death eaters. Instead, Harry sent his will against death in the shape of a man to azkhaban. Harry hoped the death eaters hadn’t seen a spark from his wand, but since he wasn’t dead yet from 36 killing curses, Harry guessed that the expectation that such a thing was possible escaped the minds.

The death eaters suffered from the same weakness as had the dark lord. And Harry’s own parents - the Evans-Verres’. None of them expected a precocious child, a child imprinted from the horcrux of voldemort himself, to see into the world this way. They had underestimated him. They were not, in this exact moment, playing the game at his level. Harry hoped he could continue to leverage this advantage as the dementors he had summoned from azkhaban sped toward his location.

Whether he was living or not, Harry began to speak to Voldemort in parsletounge. Harry could not lie in Parseltongue. Harry told the dark lord the first of his secrets. Harry told Voldemort that he should consider adopting an egalitarian approach to ruling the world. Harry went on at length about the egalitarian approach, and how this technique would greatly improve voldemort’s quality of life. Harry truly believed this was true.

Chapter 114 to be posted 3/15/15. Or, whenever you like.
noahjacobcohen chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry directly partially transfigures a cubic millimeter of everyone's brain stem (the part that allows basic motor functions), prioritizing Voldemort's brain. The target forms are infinitesimal, for the sake of ease.

Harry's goal is not to be perfect with these transfigurations, but rather to make them all occur at simultaneously. Even a failed transfiguration to the brain stem should result in permanent, irrevocable damage.

The damage to Voldemort must not be enough to kill him, triggering his immortality magic.

Voldemort must be kept mentally handicapped, while Harry escapes and informs the ministry of everything. Magic's sheer scope plus large-scale cooperation should be sufficient to hunt down all hidden horcruxes, no matter how geographically daunting that task.

The end.

[This is dramatically unsatisfying, so I doubt it will be "right". Still, thank you for letting us try, E.Y.]
David Fendrich chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry should start by pointing out that since they share identity and soul on some level (two Tom Riddles on the map), the Dark Lords horcruxes *might* work for Harry too. The chance may be slim, but if they do and Harry is killed, he will find out. And if Harry finds out that he can use up the Dark Lords horcruxes, well.. I see a lot of suicides in his future, to gradually make the Dark Lord mortal.

Being mortal is the Dark Lords greatest fear, so the precautionary principle coupled with the little understood state that he and Harry finds themselves in, should make him stay his hand for now. That in itself should count as "avoiding immediate death".


Neutralizing Voldemort:
I don't know the rules for transfiguration exactly (though Harry would), so I don't know if you can transfigure something in your vicinity that you cannot see as long as you can "hold it in your mind". What is clear from earlier chapters is
1) Harry can transfigure wordlessly
2) He is rather fast - he seems to be able to transfigure at least 2 grams per second.
3) You cannot transfigure part of something whole, like a wall, _but_ you can transfigure body parts, like hair and skin (as these are examples that are introduced in the first transfiguration class).

The frontal lobe is a body part. The brain cannot feel pain so it could be transfigured without the victim noticing.

If he can, Harry should transfigure Voldemort's frontal lobe to water, which will lobotomize him and presumably render him harmless. He will continue to function, so his minions will not immediately understand what has happened. He will not be dead so his horcruxes will not kick in, which will buy Harry a lot of time.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The simplest resolution (I know you will not fall for this):
...And suddenly Harry wakes up from a horrible nightmare. It's so natural to take a little nap during the boring Quidditch Final.
DraggonZ chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Tell some irrelevant secret to Voldemort and name Harry himself to be protected and honored under Voldemort reign.
If it will not work, then try to cast Patronus on himself (Harry). Perhaps it will prevent IMMEDIATE DEATH.
Yury Kulakov chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry can partially transfigure soil under his feet into a gas to escape and/or partially transfigure soil under death eaters/voldemort to explode/suck them in (i.e like in Azkaban, transfigure small circle to slide, and a large cavity underneath to be a vacuum chamber of sorts to provide suction, etc.)
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I don't understand. Why did V force H.P, Mr W and Mr G to swear an Unbreakable Vow to make sure that H.P will not destroy the world if he is going to kill him immediately afterwards?
PoignardAzur chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Use partial transfiguration. It's one of the only assets Harry has that Voldemort doesn't know about (he saw the partially transfigured wall in Askaban, but didn't know how exactly it was done), so he couldn't have anticipated it. If he had, he would have requested Harry's wand to be taken away.

My solution is : first, transfigure very small patches of ground into very small patches of slightly different ground at random places all around Harry (some of them as far as he can). That way Voldemort is no longer able to manipulate the ground safely to work around the resonance. Make a wide plate of steel out of the ground directly under Harry.

Then make a perfect cube of diamond under the plate of steel. The cube must be empty, with a vacuum inside, to avoid transfiguring air. Using the method he learned at the beginning of the chapter, only make the walls and the floor of the cube first, and hold off on transfiguring the ceiling of the cube.

Transfigure patches of ground into massive amounts of C4, or other types of bombs (maybe a nuke ?).

If time remains, transfigure more patches of ground around Harry. When the minute is over, finite the transfiguration on the plate of steel. The vacuum will suck Harry in the cube too fast for the Death Eaters to shoot him. He might get hurt from the fall, but he's a wizard, he'll survive. Immediately finish the ceiling and make the C4 blow up.

Given that none of the Death Eaters have shields up, that they didn't have time to bring their armor, and that they'll be busy shooting at where Harry was a second ago, the explosion will probably kill them. Which leaves Voldemort alone. Since the Harry is in a box made of diamond and the ground around him is not safe to manipulate, Harry has at least a few seconds to work unhindered, especially if he can cast a cushion charm on the box.

Harry now has to cast a quieting charm on the box (to prevent any information about the exterior from filtering in), and to send a Patronus message to Moody asking for back-up, with details about what's happening.

From there, there are multiple strategies available, from faking Dumbledore's imprisonment (we know that time-faking a death is impossible, but maybe Dumbledore can send someone else with polyjuice to be imprisoned for him), to Moody using StillAtTheQuidditchMatch!Past!Harry's wand along with a good old wordless Stuporfy to stun/kill Voldemort, but I think past this point the requirement "Harry escapes certain imminent death" is reasonably filled.

Also, I may have over-estimated how much magic Harry has left or how fast his transfiguration is (it's not like I have hard numbers to work with), so the plan may have to be adapted. There are a lot of possible variants : placing small amounts of C4 under each Death Eater (although there may invisible Death Eaters around who would then survive), transfiguring the diamond bunker with an automatic hatch (although it might be easier to open), not transfiguring the ground and assuming Voldemort will assume Harry did anyway (although he might not think of that immediately). My point is, there is a feasible solution along those lines with a more than 10% chance of Harry not dying immediately, even if the one I just described may not actually work.
shootie shootie chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry immediately realizes two things:

1. Either he should expend those precious sixty seconds on planning a way to escape his immediate death; or

2. Allocate all his cognitive faculties on solving the other dilemma, which is, answering the dark lord's inquiry.

In a question of risks regarding the destruction of the world, revealing Harry's ability in partial transfiguration is equally risky (if not more) in not revealing it. As he noted earlier, the Unbreakable Vow does not compel him to action or inaction, but it all boils down to his own choices. And Harry's strong moral code compels him to prioritize the safety of the world rather than his imminent death. He makes a firm decision, and answers Voldemort in Parseltongue.

"Yesss, have the power you know not. Cannot decide whether to reveal or not 'causse revealing may be path to greater destruction. Need girl-childss counssel."

Voldemort is skeptical, but promptly revives Hermione. Harry asks Voldemort to ensure that neither him nor his Death Eaters can eavesdrop on both of them.

Without meaning to, Harry has now escaped his imminent death (for now).
klhes chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
(If this post shows twice please excuse this. Just created this account because my review did not show up.)

"I have the power you know not. I have the power to reach the stars.
And I can teach you how to leave this world to get to the other place, far away, where you should have been. For if our two different spirits cannot exist in the same world, leave this hateful world behind, once and for all."

After promises and pinky swears etc. Harry explains the principle of the space elevator and the possibilities it offers. He explains why it could not be built without stable, long buckytubes.
Harry knows how to transfigure buckytubes and he demonstrates how to connect buckytubes, diamonds and solid objects with partial transfiguration.
Luckily they have a philosophers stone to make all this permanent.

Aftermath, 10 Years later:
With comined efforts of muggle science, magic and rationality mankind and wizzardfolk have built a space elevator.
Harry and Hermione standing at the panorama window of the wisa (wizard space administration) space station and watch Voldemort leave in the ion drive spaceship.
(Similar to luke and leia at the end of sw ep. 5)

- Inspired by Chapter 20 -
"Sometimes," Professor Quirrell said in a voice so quiet it almost wasn't there, "when this flawed world seems unusually hateful, I wonder whether there might be some other place, far away, where I should have been. I cannot seem to imagine what that place might be, and if I can't even imagine it then how can I believe it exists? And yet the universe is so very, very wide, and perhaps it might exist anyway? But the stars are so very, very far away. It would take a long, long time to get there, even if I knew the way. And I wonder what I would dream about, if I slept for a long, long time..."
shootie shootie powpow desu ka chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Alternate to pastebin dot com slash JzY12y3S (Belief in belief: My solution to the final exam). Ironically My answer to final exam.

Harry immediately realizes two things:

1. Either he should expend those precious sixty seconds on planning a way to escape his immediate death; or

2. Allocate all his cognitive faculties on solving the other dilemma, which is, answering the dark lord's inquiry.

In a question of risks regarding the destruction of the world, revealing Harry's ability in partial transfiguration is equally risky (if not more) in not revealing it. As he noted earlier, the Unbreakable Vow does not compel him to action or inaction, but it all boils down to his own choices. And Harry's strong moral code compels him to prioritize the safety of the world rather than his imminent death. He makes a firm decision, and answers Voldemort in Parseltongue.

"Yesss, have the power you know not. Cannot decide whether to reveal or not 'causse revealing may be path to greater destruction. Need girl-childss counssel."

Voldemort is skeptical, but promptly revives Hermione. Harry asks Voldemort to ensure that neither him nor his Death Eaters can eavesdrop on both of them.

Without meaning to, Harry has now escaped his imminent death (for now).
MichaelBoddy chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Solution: Harry points out that if Voldemort kills him now a paradox will be created. Harry's note to himself was in his own handwriting and Voldemort has not forced him to write the note yet. Then Harry tells Voldemort he is about to speak in English. Voldemort now has to tell the death eaters to stand down or else let them shoot him, thus giving him escape via paradox (he never would have been at gunpoint if he had never received the note). Now Harry is in the strong bargaining position, until this point he has traded immediate compliance in return for future promises from Voldemort. Now Voldemort is forced to keep him alive until he writes the note. Further, a paradox lets him escape and is thus a favorable outcome so Harry has the option to not write the note at all. In return for promising to do so before the 6 hours is up he can make one demand of Voldemort.
This solution gives Harry several hours to work on the problem and a single, powerful, bargaining chip.
An alternate solution would be to speak in English, get himself killed, thus negating this entire story arc via the paradox. It's possible the actions Voldemort took ahead of time in arranging everything might have blown his cover, and if Harry isn't there a large portion of his plan fails.
Loyalbus chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
At first, I wanted to thank you and all other contributors for this splendid story.
I read it with pleasure, patiently waiting for each new chapter.

So now you submit us a challenge ? Okay, let me try it.
Hypothesis :
-HP is for one reason or another equiped only with his glasses and wand
-HP is young, and not so powerfull, but has quite a grasp of transfiguration.
-HP is surrounded by 36 ground units called 'death eater' and one flying unit 'Voldemort'
-Hermione may or may not be fonctionnal, he couldn't check her mental capacities, but thanks to Voldemort, her body cannot be destroyed. (thus enabeling big destructive solutions)

What may be done from this ? Many things. But first, some suppositions :
-Harry may cast one spell before beeing took down.
-Harry want to survive the confrontation (and that is the only goal)

Solutions :
1/ transfigure The Earth to make pits uber each ground unit (require certainly to much power, he has then to defeat the flying one... difficult)
2/ transfigure The Earth to make a small hole to fall into. (And escape trough a tunnel) My first tough, but risky considering possible retribution.
3/ Make flashbang incapaciting everybody watching him, then desillusion himself and run or fight perfered solution third : does not necessitate tremendous powers, just have to make some magnesium from a stone.
As for the consecuting fight, too many solutions, but to aiming to kill or definitly incapacitate other (eg : destroying wands) is the only solution to fight a bigger number
4/big destructive solutions : necessite too much power from an 11 year boy

(And sorry for the faults, I hope it was understandable - I'm french)
Thanks for the very nice work
eta beta pi chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"I have the power you know not. I have the power to reach the stars.
And I can teach you how to leave this world to get to the other place, far away, where you should have been. For if our two different spirits cannot exist in the same world, leave this hateful world behind, once and for all."

After promises and pinky swears etc. Harry explains the principle of the space elevator and the possibilities it offers. He explains why it could not be built without stable, long buckytubes.
Harry knows how to transfigure buckytubes and he demonstrates how to connect buckytubes, diamonds and solid objects with partial transfiguration.
Luckily they have a philosophers stone to make all this permanent.

Aftermath, 10 Years later:
With comined efforts of muggle science, magic and rationality mankind and wizzardfolk have built a space elevator.
Harry and Hermione standing at the panorama window of the wisa (wizard space administration) space station and watch Voldemort leave in the ion drive spaceship.
(Similar to luke and leia at the end of sw ep. 5)

- Inspired by Chapter 20 -
"Sometimes," Professor Quirrell said in a voice so quiet it almost wasn't there, "when this flawed world seems unusually hateful, I wonder whether there might be some other place, far away, where I should have been. I cannot seem to imagine what that place might be, and if I can't even imagine it then how can I believe it exists? And yet the universe is so very, very wide, and perhaps it might exist anyway? But the stars are so very, very far away. It would take a long, long time to get there, even if I knew the way. And I wonder what I would dream about, if I slept for a long, long time..."
Anon696 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Without having had the time to do this properly, the only good leverage I see that Harry can use is threatening to partial transmute part of his leg into antimatter. Not being able to lie is worth something. As long as Harry has an offer, he can swear as to his intentions. The real problem is finding anything V wants enough to delay Harry's death. Harry could plausibly transmute enough antimatter to kill everyone in the cemetery before getting hit by a spell, if I understand the system correctly. That's probably not good enough, but it's the best I have.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Secret Voldemort wishes to know: "I am not left-handed."
Paideia chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
How does he do it? Here's my best idea, given the constraints on my time as a parent, writer, and etc. (Notes leading to my idea below, in case anyone might find inspiration of there own while following my logic.)

Given the detailed description written about drawing his magic away from a transfigured object - without touching it, as I recall (if I'm wrong, I missed it when I retread the section) - I suspect his father's rock might be instrumental.

For example: while buying time in Parseltongue, recounting to Voldemort his secret for conjuring a human Patronus - the most valuable secret he possesses - Harry could recall his magic from his father's rock. He's practiced transfiguration to the point of mastery beyond any first year student, and I have no doubt he could concentrate on the one while speaking to the other.

Why should a rock matter? While it's unclear to me where the rock ended up, I presume it went into the general pile with his other belongings. A giant rock suddenly appearing might distract the adults a few moments - long enough or Harry to drop or roll away.

While I doubt it's possible for him to dive behind the rock or reach his cloak and/or time turner in matter of seconds, especially since Voldemort seems to be near these items, he might be able to dodge behind a headstone, buying him a few more seconds and a chance to cast Stupefy, Somnium, or a shield spell.

If he COULD reach his belongings, using the Time Turner, he could go back and assemble a decent fighting team of Aurors and OotP members to arrive just after his disappearance.

Best I've got, but I doubt I'm as clever in the same ways this version of Harry is. I'm just hoping SOMEONE provides a decent enough answer to satisfy an author who seems to either have written himself into a corner, or thinks he's in Quirrel's role as teacher. After wading through 113 lengthy chapters, I want a better ending than dead in a graveyard!

Harry Potter escapes of his own volition from 34 Death Eaters, while naked, holding a wand that if he uses will cause him to be killed. He can only speak in Parseltongue, and no help is coming.

This assumes Hermione cannot help, as she is asleep, or seemingly asleep, and Harry is supposed to rescue himself, though I'd really like her to rescue or aid him, especially since she's under protection.

If he tries to move: death
If he tries to speak in English: death
If he tries to use his wand: death

Is there some project Voldemort would want to use, but only Harry could solve alive?

Is there something he could say that would summon a Phoenix? No. Already established that Phoenixes come only once, and if rejected, never come again. No cavalry.

He is currently the only wizard who can cast a human patronus and banish Dementors. Could that be of value to persuade Voldemort?

Certainly that is something he might be expected to reveal in the next 60 seconds. If he does, would Voldemort be able to learn from just his words? Would Voldemort think he could figure it out and kill him anyway? Probably.

Could he cast a pain or sleep spell on himself in Parseltongue to drop him out of the line of fire? Would it hurt Voldemort the way casting on each other hurts the other? Probably not.

Could he, a first year, cast ANYTHING fast enough before 37 adult wizards accustomed to killing and torturing people react? Seems highly unlikely.

Could he remove his magic from the transfiguration on the jewel of his ring while recounting his wisdom in Parseltongue? Where is it? Is the rock big enough to hide behind? Could it block or distract Voldemort and Death Eaters long enough for Harry to drop and roll? Long enough to cast?

If he talked about the Patronus Charm while pulling his magic away from the transfigured rock, the wY described when he did so with the toe ring to return Hermione's body, then could it really be enough of a shock to buy two or three seconds to roll behind a tree or headstone?

My daughter (who turned me on to HPMoR) suggested he cast Patronus charm and blind everyone, but there's the whole issue of my being able to cast, and the spell requires being able to get into a pleasant mindset, move one's fingers into position, and say words. Seems nearly impossible in this situation.

The time turner, even in a distraction scenario with a few seconds to roll away seems highly improbable given his belongings are in a heap near Hermione's body, and from what I can tell by the writing, Voldemort is near said heap. There are also no indications time has been manipulated, but if he could get to the time turner, it would likely involve getting himself away to an earlier time and summon the best wizards he could to fight the assembled Death Eaters after his disappearance ... But it still leaves a nearly invincible, immortal Voldemort alive or soon to be alive again, even if they could mow them down.

Is the prophecy really about Harry? Could it not instead be about Voldemort instead? How does Voldemort know for certain it's about Harry? Aren't prophecies meant to only be heard by those they're about?

If Harry really is destroyer of stars, would it be better for him to die? Could Voldemort or Death Eaters killing him be the cause of the destruction of stars? Or is it his goals of immortality for all humans that would eventually cause the destruction? (I'm thinking of Zindell's Requiem for Homo Sapiens series where a thoughtless race of humans destroy stars to jump from one system to the next in a perpetual cycle.)

Let's assume saving Harry is actually a good thing, and the prophecy is not, in fact, about Harry himself. The most likely candidate then would be Voldemort, or less likely, another male wizard who entered Hogwarts at the same time.
timur.nuriyasov chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
He should obviously Lose, as Voldy expects him to
anon chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Deadline is now passed. so what will it be? telepathic communication with alicorn princess? Vold quits for no reason? Author spend next month reading throughreviews?
Ignacio chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I admit I am too short on time to post a full attempt at a solution, but I have to make an observation that seems VERY relevant, in case it helps somebody else.

ALL of Voldemort's instructions are for OTHER Death Eaters to kill Harry. All observations point to the conclusion that he, personally, CAN'T TRY TO KILL HARRY, at least not without suffering some horrible consequences.

This seems like the work of the Goblet Of Fire, in whatever magical contract he signed to ensure no Tom Riddle would kill any other Tom Riddle. The contract still seems in effect.

The gun in Voldemort's hand seems like a BIG BLUFF. He does not appear to have any intention of firing it under any circumstances.

It's just way too detailed and specific how every single one of Voldemort's instructions to his Death Eaters tells one of them to try the killing methods. Voldemort is only going to guard the remains for 6 hours (maximum time turner range).

I don't know how Harry can use the knowledge that Voldemort can't kill him personally, but it appears to be valuable information for someone with more time (and smarts) than me.

I can't wait to see the solution of this situation.
Dark Lapras chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry surreptitiously shifts his wand to touch his leg. As he stalls for time by talking about say, his Patronus, Harry uses his abilities of partial transfiguration to transfigure himself into a female.
Now, Harriet cannot be the one the prophecy "He is here. ... He is the end of the world." refers to, and this has just removed Voldemort's incentive to kill her. All else being equal it seems that Voldemort has a preference for not killing his equal. However, it doesn't matter anymore here, because Voldemort himself has a non-zero probability of being the one referred to in the prophecy, and now Voldemort incurs a greater risk of destroying the world by killing Harriet than by keeping her alive. Since Voldemort's greatest motivation here is to not destroy the world, Voldemort will stop trying to kill her.
In fact, since this will prevent Harry from fulfilling the prophecy, Voldemort has an incentive to approve of the plan, lending the Philosopher's Stone (which makes Transfigurations permanent) should it prove to be necessary.
hamnox chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I think it's pretty necessary that Harry readjust his posture and tone to mimic Voldemort. He cannot speak to the death eaters, but he can give them some pretty scary ideas.

*laughs coldly, and wastes a couple of breaths berating Voldemort for foolishness.*

Honestly do not trust you to have interpreted prophecy correctly. Again has prophecy provoked you into extremes you had no previous intention of taking; your actions are suspect, you have taken no binding vows, and you answer to no one. Cannot risk you repeating your folly with the world at stake, especially with what I personally know of time.

*keep performing distinctly Riddleish, maybe smirk evilly at the Death Eaters at some point. If Voldie calls him on messing with the idiots, Harry can always claim it as stress relief. Definitely be trying to summon fawkes and dementors by will, would be fantastic if they showed up even if unlikely.*

(drop tidbits, phrased to prey on fears of destruction, until interrupted to be asked of details.)
Know of world and immortality threats already in play which you do not, one in particular I know you cannot defend against. (patronus popping, entropy, grey goo).
Destroying me now increases risk of world-ending. (by weird paradox things, by lack of intervening, by channeling the prophecy into someone less careful or controllable). Know of ways to harness the power of stars (only dropped by intention if Harry deduces that part of the prophecy). Secrets of transfiguration and potions too...

Most important secret of all is still of time. Cannot tell you former secrets (or allow own death?) unless satisfied that you understand its implications. (because the vow needs him to do everything in his power to get Voldy to take alternate routes seriously, if there's a chance he's directly inciting the apocalypse)

*tell ComedTea story. In the unlikely case voldie agrees to use it on a death-eater as proof-of-concept, even better! Harry can precommit to doing a sexy macarena unless a more surprising opportunity comes along, like an opening for escape.*

Prophesied thing will always happen. You cannot stop them, only add causal constraints on how they can happen. And now you try to add constraints so tight that the end of the world must be set in motion already, or the end of the world in happens in the next few seconds before I die, or my death causes the end of the world, or the prophecy was about another (Perhaps you. Hogwarts magic believes we are both Tom Riddle, why not other magics?) and you'll have killed your best ally against it for nothing. Precautions worthwhile, but makes more sense to delay prophecy with long life while searching for solutions than to force its resolution here and now.
John K chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I spent a lot of hours trying to find a clue. I tried to become Harry and think about possibilities and simething that I will try to do if I was Harry. I have found only one solution that I will try by myselff and that do not violate any of authors constraints. Maybe someone have already post something like this, so sorry.
Harry had already casted True Patronus charm (during Hermione resurrection) that can prevent others from dementors effect and grant him ability to control them. He could easily sent his Patronus to the dementors pit in Azkaban shortly after resurrection and broadcast his will to them. His will must be something like: "I promise you at least one more prisioner if you get to me in time. Do not come very close. Get as close as you can and then I will grant you ability to capture this new prisioner... Oh... New 37 prisioners." And then Harry just need to play for time. He can try to teach Voldemort partial transfiguration and Patronus 2.0.
Thank you for reading it.
P.S.: Sorry, my English is probably not good enough, but I tried at least :)
matsa chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Apologies for the double-post, silently truncated my submission and is not letting me edit it, nor telling me if the author can view the entire thing, nor allowing me to PM, nor allowing me to post a story and link it. Thus here is my solution in full: /zpi3Jswu
Guest chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I did not know my exam would be today.
Here are some of Harry's existing resources:
1) Harry could start explaining the true Patronus charm.
2) Harry could attempt to cast Patronus, wand down, in Parseltongue.
3) Harry could, in explaining any chosen power, wake the new and improved Hermione (with a kiss?). She is essentially now a superhero, and could be rather useful in blocking harmful spells...
4) Harry could guess that the true Prophecy referred to him changing the world (for the better)-ending life as we know it (by making it eternal), and that LV, by attempt to stop him, would be insuring that no one ever lives and learns long enough to be good, clever company for him.
5) Harry talks himself near the pack, and runs inside-LV can only follow as snake. We are treated to a chase/conversation in the pack's interior, which may have interesting rules.
OK, it's late, I know. Thanks a million for the amazing experience you've given to us readers.
Seraphimnoted chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Nerve wracking
ezrah.karotan chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry has everything he needs to come out on top in this situation. Partial transfiguration, the true patronus, and enough observational evidence to shake a tree, never mind a stick, at.

His observations of magic, including his own, should of lead him to the conclusion that magic is powered by intension and entanglement; all spells seemingly operate via the determination [not their will power, but the very act of making a coherent choice, and the internal content of a choice, action, or one’s words... hence intension rather than intention. Harry and Voldemort are ‘intensionally’ identical, but diametrically opposed in ‘extension’; in a similar fashion, harry’s methodology and the general, more standard method of casing a spell, are intensionally identical, but extensionally opposed (i.e. the methods have the same intended properties, characteristics, and states; but, different procedures to reach them.) Accidental magic could also be classified as purely ‘intensional’ magic, in some cases. Note: I am using Intension in the sense of the ‘signified’ component of an action, word, or thought, AND in the archaic sense of having ‘resolved to action’ (rather than ‘intended’ determining a course of action, and undertaking it are separate and quite different.)] In one way or another the imparting, taking, or merging of quantum information via some action taken to reinforce the volition of the caster; be it intense scrutiny, physical contact, or the contact of the implement [wand, potion brewing apparatus, etcetera] or some sort of 'radiative projectile' originating from the implement. His 'gifting' of life to Hermione, the need for Voldemort to -pick up- the item he intended to be her horcrux, needing to 'strike' your target with spells that used projectiles, everything, even the apparent natures of his own resonance with Voldemort and the 'dark mark'; at the most basic of levels it's all a transferring, copying, storing, or other manipulation of information in the state-system of the world at large, in the wave function itself, through indirect and unnecessarily obfuscated means.

Normally this wouldn't be of any use, in order to 'entangle' himself to Voldemort, he'd have to strike him with a 'tracer' from a spell, touch him with his wand, or interact with him physically in some other manner. That, however, isn't quite the case with Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort, or to say it more plainly, Tom Riddle and Tom Riddle. For all intents and purposes, they're the same person; their thought patterns are more similar than they could be otherwise, the resonance also attest to this, the fact that Harry has had such trouble up to this point with him does as well, they are the same person separated only by a phase offset of their 'personal waveform', the two have the same 'information' with the exception of memories/life experiences, expectations, and what they consider 'probable possibilities.' This gave Voldemort an upper hand, for the moment, pragmatism and pessimism can be strengths; in the sense that they render one more expectant of failure, and thus more able to plan accordingly, and set in place stopgaps to prevent said failure. However, they rob you off something; something harry still has, hope, an expectation that anything you feel needs to occur can, if only you try hard enough [I would wager to say that Voldemort isn't in fact 'evil', merely intensely pessimistic and pragmatic; he explained to Harry during their little venture, that the reason he became the 'dark lord' was that being a 'good guy' would get in the way of his intended optimization of the world, he has, in essence the same goal as Harry, he's simply to jaded to take the path Harry has chosen, he believes it will inevitably fail, due to the prejudices of ‘normal’ people, muggle-born or otherwise, and their inability to take a ‘hero’ seriously.]

Altogether, this suggest a strange, and startling course of action. He must persuade Voldemort; not in the traditional sense, as it's stipulated that he is 'evil', that his utility function cannot be 'challenged', by talking to him. The thing is however... that no talking is needed, Voldemort's utility function need not be changed; it is in fact the -same- utility function under which Harry operates, simply with different values for critical variables. What Harry needs to do is find some potent, non-verbal, way of communicating the values he judges different from Voldemort directly to him, without speech, since Voldemort being every bit as rational as harry, but infinitely more pessimistic and pragmatic, could simply rationalize away.

The last piece of the puzzle is the True Patronus; harry should of also figured this one out as well. The Patronus charm is the -desired- volition of the caster, under the experience of extreme duress, pain, or suffering; they manifest as animals, because of the way that the casters have been taught to cast, for them the patronus is a way to ignore the suffering, the threat of loss, the 'gaping hole in the world' [i.e. dementors.] Harry's Patronus is a 'man', because Harry's desire isn't to escape, or deflect, or find safety in ignorance; Harry's greatest desire when confronted with the forces the charm is designed to combat is to comprehend, to see truly, and to overcome. Harry's Patronus is in fact the 'Transcendent Man', the thinking being capable of understanding, analyzing, and solving any problem, without fear, without doubt; to optimize completely, without sacrifice or compromise, irrespective of the situation [Harry didn't 'destroy' the dementor, the only way to 'destroy' a 'hole' is to repair it, to fill it in, he 'solved' the dementor; also, Voldemort, in this story, would likely of had the same Patronus, before his ability to hope was crippled by the world.]

What I suggest Harry do is come to these realizations; start to explain the secrets of partial transfiguration and the true patronus to Voldemort, all the while bringing his portion of the 'tom riddle' wave function, into synchronization with Voldemort’s, in essence to empathize with him, through self-confundus, or partial transfiguration of himself [it shouldn't be hard, they're already essentially the same person, the only thing he may actually have to do is give in to his 'inner darkness'] to change the destructive interference between Himself and Voldemort to constructive interference, and then with his last action, cast the patronus charm on himself, with as much force as necessary to overwhelm Voldemort’s pessimism and pragmatism [by using the patronus’ nature to directly expose Voldemort’s mind to Harry’s method of rationality, in essence allowing him to think of alternate scenarios outside of what he’s already conceived of, and lending strength and further power to the ‘heroic tom riddle’ that Voldemort once wanted to be, (and indeed, in a sense still is, since he wants to conquer the world to cleans it of disorder, and ‘idiocy’) so very long ago], as well as those of the death eaters, through the entanglements that Voldemort himself had created.

[The direction of the wand, nor the words to the charm(s) shouldn't matter as much with those realizations, he can simply choose the entanglement that is to be 'target' by volition alone, in this case 'himself.' It’s a last ditch effort sort of thing, since attempting to target anyone but himself, in any but this very specific manner, would result a rain of curses of varying lethality falling upon him, as well as a clip full of ammunition from Voldemort’s gun. The words to the charms in question, if absolutely necessary, could probably be snuck into the conversation, in parsel tongue with the exact same effect, so long as the volition and intension is still correct. Note: the amount of Harry’s magic and lifeforce required to imprint the unfailing ability to ‘find the best solution’ in Voldemort, one where there is no loss, may very well be –all- of it.]
Here’s to hoping Harry can think laterally, and imagine telling entropy to fuck itself.

[I posted this before, but I don't know if it went through. I didn't see it in the list. :c]
OutsideContext chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
I am going to attempt to strengthen the class of strategies in which Harry tells Voldemort that prophecies cannot be averted and therefore that killing him is at least as likely to destroy the world as not killing him (the relevant tags are prophecyLawyer, comedTea, and possibly AIBox, for the folks sorting through all these entries). The main proposed reasons I’ve seen for why Harry should believe (and thus be able to say in Parseltongue) that prophecies cannot be averted are: (a) he’s never observed a prophecy fail or seen any credible claims that prophesies can fail, and (b) he suspects, based on the Comed-Tea, that magic sometimes involves backward causality, suggesting that prophecies might be necessarily true and thus unavoidable. And therefore that Voldemort should (not kill Harry) / (make Harry immortal to delay the prophecy) / (tell Harry the prophesy) / etc.

I think this is a promising general direction, but are (a) and (b) enough alone to convince Voldemort (or even Harry himself) that prophecies can’t be avoided? Surely Voldemort is not unaware of this hypothesis (he’s already tried trying to make prophecies come true on his own terms), and he also has access to all the same data that Harry does regarding (a), and yet he’s obviously not convinced — he still believes he can sever the threads of destiny. The speculation in (b) is the only new evidence for him — is that enough to convince him to change course?

It feels like Harry needs a more powerful/convincing argument to meet both Voldemort’s standards and his own, or at the very least that a more powerful argument would raise his probability of success (not to mention both his and Voldemort’s likelihood of avoiding the destruction of the world). If Harry can explain how prophecy works as part of a sort of “grand unified theory of magic”, in a way such that the inevitability of prophecy just falls out as an obvious consqueuence, then I/Harry/Voldemort would/should be more convinced. Luckily, I think this is the case. This is my leading theory (and I think it should be Harry/Voltemort’s theory) for how magic works:

1. Magic seems to consist of a lot of random spells and tricks. Harry has remarked several times that this is weird and unparsimonious. It’s likely by Occam that there is one source of all these weird things, it’s even hinted there is a source of magic.

2. The mirror, or something made via the same principle, is hands down the most likely source - it has the most expansive powers, and seems to have the ability to somehow tie states of mind and desires to physical events in the world.

3. Most magic works by some binding (often acausal, timeless) between physical object and state of mind. ComedTea ties together drinking of beverage and experiencing of subjective state of laughter. Prophecy ties together hearing of certain words from certain kind of source, and later belief that words came true. True patronus ties together state of mind of wanting to conquer death, with elimination of a dementor

4. Mirror is liekly computational device which enforces invariant around closed time-like loop, causes whatever timeline is consistent with certain rules. First rule is that mirror enforces own existence around loop in closed consistent manner - it is "absolutely stable". Mirror grants observer-neutral wishes by enforcing invariants around the loop that don't refer to specific observers. Mirror also operates on wishes/desires, binds them to events in physical world.

5. Magic is binding of some wish/desire to some event in physical world. Spell is invented by giving wish to mirror. Spells have built up over time.

6. Invariants created by mirror must be respected as long as mirror exists, which is forever around closed time-like loop. You can't mess with time. If it's ever not possible to satisfy an invariant, maybe what would happen is loop would return to maxent state, except for mirror.

7. Therefore, you can't mess with time. If you somehow do would lead to instant maxent state in unverse. Prophesies are unavoidable, QED.

Out of time, but if prophesies tie the hearing of certain words to later believing that they came true, then Harry and Voldemort need to work together to come up with an interpretation that doesn't involve destroying the world. Killing Harry will either cause world to be destroyed on Voldemort's interp, or change world so that V never heard prophecy (likely bad for V). Talking only solution, also works if V or H are stuck in mirror playing out CEV.
Sage of SH chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry uses occlumency to, not lie, but become someone who believes x (Something more Useful than what Harry currently thinks is Probable), enough to say in parseltongue. He could say he is the only one with the power to defeat death, and destroying Harry would fulfill the prophecy, or some such. (Which would be less difficult to make himself believe than many things; like, that he mightn't crash into a brick wall at King's Cross.) Failing that, he can tell Quirrel that a riddle to solving Dementors / Patronus 2.0 has been left in Hermipne Granger's possessions, and all sorts of other pseudo-relevant facts, which should buy a little bit of time. (Maybe enough to do a partial transfiguration on a few atoms of wood of the tip of his wand, since air might be too fast, since Voldemort was polite enough to leave Harry with his wand) [Or, upon rereading, he can just scrap it all and say he's not allowed to talk to Quirrell about World Destroying Ideas that may be used, until he speaks to his trusted friend, and that he *does* in fact have a sufficient World Destroying Thing which would require this. All of which is also true.] {Of course she would kill him as soon as she woke up and realised what happened, so to buy himself a little more time, maybe say Draco or Malfoy or Dumbledore is his trusted friend. :p} Technically you only ask for Harry to avoid immediate death, presumably that sixty second period, so just talking powers and secrets ought be enough. Maybe tell him about AI, and note that he might want to check on whether that was the real Dumbledore, or a combined hallucination behaving according to the thoughts of he and Voldy both, a la Dementors, for example.
aldeka chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
"Beneath the moonlight glints a tiny fragment of silver, a fraction of a line...
(black robes, falling)
...blood spills out in litres, and someone screams a word."

A solution that fulfills the epigraph of the first chapter:

0. Figure out something to say to Lord Voldemort in case step 1 takes more than 60 seconds. He could start explaining partial transfiguration at like the 50 second mark-it wouldn't be a distraction, it's truthful so it passes the parseltest, and that's probably enough of a decent head start.

1. During the 60 seconds, or longer if necessary, partially transfigure a nano-tiny segment of the earth, out to each Death Eater, up through their robes to some vulnerable segment of flesh (carotid artery, say). Since Harry is standing and transfiguration does not work on gases, even for him, he'll have to include a line down the skin of his leg in the transfiguration as well. What does he transfigure his skin, the earth, the robes, and the flesh of the Death Eaters into? Most anything would work-neurotoxin, air, or a good lubricant-but the quote says "silver" so let's say mercury. A silver fraction of a line will appear, important parts of each Death Eater fall off, with liters of blood ensuing. Messy.

2. Cast Expelliarmus on Voldemort. The evidence suggests that the resonance is worse for Voldemort than it is for HP. So any spell HP can cast on him is a net benefit, once the Death Eaters are no longer a threat, even if the spell itself does not work. Last time resonance resulted in Voldy throwing his wand away, turning into a snake, and *still* passing out. HP didn't pass out at all, he was just in incredible pain. And it's a one word spell, per the epigraph.

3. Recover from screaming pain; enervate Hermione.

4. Either obliviate passed out snake-Voldemort, with Hermione to supervise/take care of HP if he passes out, or escape and find someone who can do that bit of memory magic before Voldemort comes to. Maybe HP could teach Hermione to do the spell; obliviations seem to err on the side of erasing too much, which is *desirable* in this case, and Hermione has been demonstrated to get difficult spells correctly on the first try. It wouldn't even be surprising if she'd read about memory magic before.

5. Take the philosopher's stone, apply to self because of possible inhalation of Transfigured liquid mercury, and restrain Voldemort. After however many timeturned hours remain pass, contact McGonagall or another trusted adult, and make sure nobody just ups and kills Voldemort. It appears that the Horcrux 2.0 preserves his mindstate up till the moment he dies, so he might not be a danger as a wholly obliviated ghost who doesn't even know what magic is, but it's also possible his most recent Horcrux 1.0 backup would kick in then. Or that wizarding souls exist independent of brain damage or obliviation and ghost-Voldemort would be back at full strength. Best not to risk it.
ChaoticAscension chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Current abilities outside of those a standard first year has: partial transfiguration, rationalist, wandless transfiguration, influence over dementors. Dementors is useless, the enemy is smart enough to have already though of most alternative explanations (he does not KNOW it is Harry but suspicion is enough for him to do this), leads me to believe partial or wandless is the way to go. Attempt explaining possible alternatives to V on the off chance he didn't think of them, including the fact that both prophecies are either not about the same people or both apply to the Victor of Trelawneys First- thus meaning it cannot be Harry if he is killed, and is either V or alternate person. Meanwhile try transfiguring parts of the ground in an attempt to tunnel to relative safety while glasses become frontal shield made of titanium. Must otherwise find something he has and V will never have that V wants enough to keep H alive.
Elenna123 chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Well, I had exams, so I didn't have much time to think about this. (Of course, I had a good deal more time to think than Harry will...oh well, in any case I didn't think of anything.)
I might try to continue rereading and give myself some more time, but more likely I will give up a few hours after you post ch. 114 and look at what Harry does.
Also, for the record, I did start typing this before 12:01, I underestimated how long it would take to type.

I did notice a few things Harry could try, but most of them have serious issues.
1. Harry has the ability to do partial Transfiguration, he can tell Voldemort about this, it will at least give him a little more time.
1a) It occurred to me briefly that Harry could offer to teach Voldemort about science in general to avoid being killed. Then I realized that Voldemort would never agree to that.
1b) He could possibly try to convince Voldemort to let him demonstrate? Very, very unlikely Voldemort would agree, since he could just have Harry confirm in Parseltongue that it works and/or that Harry's not planning a trap, but it's a thought. This is the only way I can think of for Harry to have an opportunity to cast a spell. Maybe he could transfigure something into gas and at least take some of them with him? But Voldemort can still come back, so on second thought that's a stupid idea.
2. He does still have an alliance with Lucius? But Voldemort can just kill hm through the Mark
3. Can he call in blood debts on any other Death Eaters? But if I understand correctly, blood debts are mandated through the Wizengamot, they aren't actually some magical thing. And again, Voldemort implies he can kill all Death Eaters through the Mark.
4. Well, there's always Harry's thoughts on the resonance, if he can somehow do something without being killed?
5. He may be able to unTransfigure his father's rock? Can he do it from a distance? Anyways, it won't do much more than maybe knock over a couple Death Eaters and get him killed right after.
StuFru chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
In his current state, Harry still poses a high threat to the Dark Lord.
The Dark Lord has not taken all the needed precautions to ensure that Harry does not come back to destroy the world. (His confidence level now is perhaps only 95% or 99%, not 99.9999%).
If he wants to fulfill his goals, the Dark Lord needs to take further actions to eliminate Harry's existence.
Harry has demonstrated an ability to point out Voldemort's biases, and can offer solutions that Voldemort would not consider.
Therefore, it would be in Voldemort's interest to preserve Harry for a while longer while they devise more methods to ensure that Harry does not end the world.
This buys time for further escape.
CovertCloud chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
1. Escape focus of 36 Death Eaters and Voldemort.
Path 1 - Argument
Test 1 - Is it possible to say in parseltoungue "attempting to kill me will (might) force me to follow oath". Is it possible to say only this or nothing, or will speech be distorted to another truth.
If no -》Test 1.1 - is "I can not distinguish between ssurvival instinctss and prophecy, but killing me will be risking fate of world" something that Harry can say in parseltoungue.
Test 1.2 - Can Harry convince himself that "the oath demandss that I verify thiss prophecy in the hall".
Test 1.3 - Can Voldemort be influenced to lengthen time limit if given partial answers.

Outcomes: convince Voldemort of any number of things, ending the challenge, or just stall for time.

Path 2 - Combat by Transfiguration
Test 2a - is wandless de-transfiguration taught by Voldemort a path to wandless transfiguration.
If yes -》Test 2.1 - is partial transfiguration of self possible in a timely manner.

Action 2.1a - create immunity to airborne toxin hydrogen sulfide (when in dangerous levels) by:
A) Closing respiratory systems at the top of the windpipe, through transfiguration, and providing oxygenation by transfiguring depleted blood cells into oxidized ones in the alveoli. Creation of less than 1.8 grams (adult male at rest, probably half that) of oxygen necessary.
B) Attempting to transfigure the lungs each time a breath is taken, turning hydrogen sulfide mixed with air into pure air. More costly, but allows speaking.

Action 2.1b - create airborne toxin Hydrogen Sulfide from self through wandless partial transfiguration. Build first concentration in enclosed skin sack on back. Once concentration of over 100 ppm (with safety margin, preferably up to and over 150 ppm, for immediate olfactory nerve paralysis) is guessed to be reached, release, and continue upping concentration. Every Death Eater without defenses can be expected to die immediately once 1000 ppm is reached, lowering opposition and sowing confusion. Once safe, transfigure back to optimal state, or remove trqnsfigurations, whichever is safer.
Problem - Serious Transfiguration sickness imminent, must be in care or find cure before time limit ends.

Test 2.2 - is partial transfiguration of the ground, through foot contact, feasable.
Action 2.2 - transfigure peices of ground into shaped shrapnel explosives (calculate )

If 2a is no -》Test 2b - (uncertain) is it possible to free form transfigure without wand contact or indication from light. If so, perform actions 2.1a, 2.1b, and 2.2 with aid of wand. Backup plan due to danger of discovery.

Path 2.1 - Escape
Test 2.3 - Discover if Fawks is available to be summoned.
Action 2.3 - Enlist Fawks aid in reaching pile of items, and in distracting enemies with his song.
If not -》Test 2.4 - Discover is Harry Potter is a fast enough runner to reach items through disarray (and possible explosions), before any surviving Death Eaters and/or Voldemort can stop him.

3. Retrieve Cloak, Time-Turner, Moleskin Pouch, Clothes.
Path 1 - Flee!
Action - Grab items, Grab Hermione, head to safe place (using time turner, broomstick, portkey, or Fawks as available).

End Point
Outcome: escape accomplished, Voldemort is still corporal, ready to take over the world, with the stone in hand. Harry is facing serious transfiguration sickens. (If the timeturner is used) the timelime will probably require someone to come and disrupt any time wards that might have been placed, if that is possible, or Harry will have to hoof it carrying Hermione and his stuff.

Path 2 - The Gambler (Staying in the game)

{Plan to return at this moment and provide a distraction.
Do not look at anything that might be happening.
Take the time to experiment with sense of interference. Strength of signal fluctuated on Voldemorts end, so theoretically it should be possible to manipulate how similar/resonant your spirits/though/magic patterns are. Try concentrating on various feelings and perspectives Voldemort has little to no experience with.}

4. Go back in time an hour.

5. Head to the Mirror and decode it's function.
With the help of Fawks, travel to the Mirror room, bypassing the now broken challenges.
Go over everything that you know about the mirror, and how you know it. Discard all useless information.

6. Retrieve the stone Dumbledor had from the mirror. Optional, retrieve wand from mirror.
Wish to travel or reach into the other side of the mirror. Your reflection should be able to go pick up the items left there, and give them to you.
Test the stone Dumbledor had in the mirror. Is this the real stone of permanence?
If yes -》Timeline must be fulfilled.
If No -》End Point after rescuing Hermione.

7. (Optional for now, only of use for certain paths)Save Dumbledor from the mirror.

Taking a Gamble Path
{8. Convince Dumbledor to divulge everything he knows about the use of the Stone. Optional, convince Dumbledor to hand over the book describing how Horcruxes are made.
9. Optional, Use Tom Riddles mind/spirit/thought patterns as loophole around interdiction of merlin. "One living mind to another". Learn basic version of Horcrux spell.}

10. Return to ritual workshop/graveyard.
Use broom or Fawks, don't get caught.

11. Each time the fake stone is used, use the real stone, then move the fake to make it seem magical.
As you already know that the transfigurations became permenent, ape the effects of the fake with the real one while hidding.

End Point
Outcome: The same as the last end point, but now you have the stone, and might be able to heal yourself with enough medical knowledge/transfiguration. More importantly, Voldemort does not, giving you a significant advantage.

12. Hide on altar with Hermione's body while it is rebuilt. As cleverly hidden flesh, ritual should work double. Optional/or, Participate in troll and unicorn rituals (not advisable).
Test - Is the magic in the body restoration ritual Voldemorts, and will it resonate with harry? In the first run through, Harry felt no Riddle magic during this ritual. (Might have just not been described).
If Harry was able to succeed in shifting his resonance so that Voldemort can interact minimally, he might be able to sneak into the other two rituals. Probably not a good idea though.

End Point
Outcome: Now Harry is no longer facing transfiguration sickness.

13. (Optional) Hit Voldemort with an Obliviate. If the spell is stuck in Voldemorts spirit, no amount of discorporated will allow him to escape the resonance. Has a chance of stopping him for a time, if not destroying him, or both of them.

End Point
Conclusion: Harry might die doing it, but Voldemort might be slain. The best possible ending, with the most risk and effort

In conclusion, this is only part of my plan of action. Several possible conversation paths are missing, along with a plan to ensure Voldemorts demise, one to ensure the prophecy' s distruction, and that involves Harry engaging in auto-necromancy. One part is not feasable without two turns or the clock though. It's also kinda unpolished, but I was rushed.
SplendidBauble chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Transfigure his skin and eyes to be laced with a skeleton (bone/metal/nanotube/whatever) allowing it to remain standing for a few seconds, transfigure the rest of his body (absent the skin and eyes) into a very small insect, fly out his own mouth and activate the time-turner (or otherwise fly back to hogwarts). The self-transmutation is prohibited by rules due to immense dangers to oneself, but strongly implied to be doable by someone with basic mastery of free transmutation: "if you transfigure yourself into an adult bodily form, then, when the Transfiguration wears off, you will die." Potentially lethal in medium term, either requiring constant maintenance of self-transmutation in the future or the philosopher's stone to return body to permanent form.
The Pumpkin Life chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry knows quantum physics; although it hasn't yet been mentioned, he should be familiar with the concept of decoherence. QM straightforwardly predicts that there is not just one Lord Voldemort, but many; that the world is splitting, all the time; that there are OTHER WORLDS, of the sort that Voldemort has several times vocally wished to escape into.

Of course, that's not quite how it works: you can't step from one world into another. But magic is loose in the world, and Harry has already used his knowledge of QM to break the bounds of what should be possible with partial Transfiguration, which he can tell Voldemort about.

Harry Potter is Voldemort's best chance at ending up in a world less hateful; the best of all possible worlds. He doesn't have to understand; he just has to keep his knowledge around.

Not great, but best I can do.
platonicmoose chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry was thinking for what seemed like hours. His mind was racing. *Not dying is the best way to maximize your options* Ravenclaw kept shouting.

He suddenly realized the one thing that would make him valuable.

"The life-eaterss don't repressent fear, they repressent death, and you need to lissten to me if you want to know how to truly desstroy death, and truly defeat it. I know you cannot casst the sspell to ssend them away, but I know you can casst the sspell that will truly desstroy death." Harry quickly hissed.

"I'm lisstening" replied Voldemort.
Tarwatirno chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
First Harry should stall for time and get Voldemort to spare as many people as he can. Some things he could use to do this: partial transfiguration, how he can resist dementors, and possibly what he heard at his parents' grave.

Next since this is how *I* would solve it, and I figured out what the words on the back of the mirror were, I am going to claim that Harry did too. He can then explain to Voldemort what the mirror does, that this whole debacle happening in it's view is clearly the best way not to destroy the world. He should then point out to Voldemort that an idea even better than killing him is to put him inside a device specifically designed not to destroy the world.

He then needs to figure out how to get out of being frozen outside of time, but he has avoided immediate death.
joseph.katzin chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
Harry can control Dementors. He is the only one specifically focusing on his expectations of them, so even though they're far away in Azkaban, they should accept his expectation of their behavior, as follows. Harry decides to expect half of the Dementors to come to his aid very quickly. The others he expects to tell Aurors where to find him (either a cemetery near Hogwarts, or he expects the Dementors to know where he is). These Aurors are instructed to go back in time to prepare and to ambush the Death Eaters. If the Aurors make it to Harry first, he is thus saved (I assume Mad-Eye and Madam Bones are along).
If the Dementors make it to Harry first, Harry expects them to tell the Death Eaters the secret that would stop them from casting the Patronus, that Dementors are Death and the Patronus works by not thinking about Death. This stops them from defending themselves. Then, only Harry can beat the local Dementors.
This has the interesting side effect of possibly snowballing, as the Death Eaters tell their enemies the secret and so on, that if noone can cast the Patronus but Harry, the world is in danger of destruction.
Just in case, Harry tells Voldemort that Harry is a failsafe in case the Horcruxes fail, as we saw him resurrect Hermione. Voldemort might want to keep him alive for that. (But Harry wouldn't want to, and so wouldn't be able to cast it)
Harry Figment chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
So, I'm a little confused about why Harry's Vow does not require him to stand there and die. I infer that if the guy who provided the wording of the Vow says so, he can talk to Hermione about possible actions (rather than refuse to tell the Dark Lord anything) - that seems like a somewhat natural reading.

Harry can probably get away with telling Hermione the general situation (and implying you need to stun the snake instead of killing it). He might get across that V probably killed Narcissa Malfoy. But the main goal would be to touch Hermione.
Keller AKA DP chapter 113 . 3/3/2015
The first rule is that anything Harry does without time-turned aid truly doesn't matter, because time-turned aid can only help and make things safer (Timelines that lead to time-turning don't exist and are still possible, as seen in The Self-Pranking Incident). Thus, this is merely a plan to let Harry survive. The following facts should be told to Lord Voldemort, in front of all his followers.

The first fact is that Voldemort does not believe in blood purism, and this is likely to cause problems for him. Some time won.
The second fact is that Harry Potter, having been Demented, was equivalent to Tom Riddle, AKA Lord Voldemort. Dementors do not give, they only take away. Therefore Harry Potter is superior to Lord Voldemort and Tom Riddle. Tom Riddle should recognize himself in Harry. Perhaps not a long distraction, but a bit of one, and Harry can say it was truly meant as a point for the other Death Eaters, to make them more hesitant to fire upon him.
The third fact is that Lord Voldemort has not yet witnessed all the backup that Harry may have brought (Cedric Diggory, among others. They have not ever apparated, so Cedric can have just walked after them.)(Additionally, Harry learned obliviation after the death of Hermione, we know. Self-obliviation is just the obvious sort of thing to have backups for. Harry might not even know of the backup that is coming. Furthermore, we have yet to see Quirrell casting spells to cancel hiding methods.)
The fourth fact is that Harry Potter is holding only his wand, but this is not the full set of tools he has access to. (See self-obliviation mentioned earlier. We know that obliviation is capable of leaving someone with instructions, so "pull out this thing you swallowed in case of trouble" is a good option, as is "use the keyword to activate this portkey someone enchanted for you a while back". We have not yet seen Harry believe he is about to die, which is a reasonable trigger for that sort of thing.)
The fifth fact is that Harry doesn't know what will happen if Voldemort tries to have him killed, but there are contingency plans Voldemort isn't aware of. (If nothing else, his father's rock has not yet been explained.)
The nth fact is that Harry can do partial transfiguration. This should be said right after the resonance has killed Tom Riddle because Harry has transfigured part of himself, the earth beneath their feet, and as of a micro-second ago, a little bit of Tom Riddle. Nothing has been said, and all is confusion and shock for a moment. If the resonance attack doesn't work, another solution is to tip the time-turner inside his bag.
The nth1 fact is that Harry is an incarnation of their Lord and Master. Perhaps said faster: "I am Tom Riddle and nobody should attack me!" is valid Parsletongue to a utilitarian. If anyone questions this, Harry should simply cast Avada Kedavra upon them (Quirrell did win permission to teach it, after the Expecto Patronum success, and Quirrell chastised Harry for not using it on Fluffy the Cerberus. HJPEV obviously knows it. There are no red herrings, and it was mentioned that Quirrell could teach it. Harry lacked the raw power for the killing curse immediately after the death of the troll, but presumably he's been doing things in the intervening time, and it's already been discussed how regular use of magic left Draco with more endurance than most of his soldiers, so Harry probabls has the raw power now. It's expected that fifth-year Lesath Lestrange can, who has not been doing nearly as much work as Harry.)

I have spent more time than I should, and I have not passed. But I have done this with my own efforts and my own thoughts, I expect I have generated at least one new idea, I have held off on proposing solutions, and I am not sad. My performance was flawed and failing but it was not sad and it should not be regretted. Thank you for making this excellent fic.
DavidTrollMonroe chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry explains the nature of Dementors, and observes that anyone who knows the secret can never be fully protected by the ordinary Patronus charm; that Harry is perhaps the only person in the world currenty able to cast the true Patronus; that Voldemort himself will never be able to do so without ceasing to be Voldemort. Voldemort is amused by Harry's effort to save his own life, but finds the explanation insufficiently compelling. Harry points out that the Dementors that already exist will eventually consume the entire world, and he may be the only means of preventing that. Voldemort remains unimpressed. So Harry snaps his fingers, quickly transfigures the Death Eaters' brains into sulfuric acid, transforms into a peregrine falcon, and flies majestically away into the sunset.
jamie.wahls chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Begin to talk about the secrets of magical heritability. Name himself to be saved, in case fairy rules apply. Name Draco when they don't.

Transfigure leg flesh into pea-sized nanowire pods, full of deadly neurotoxin VX.

Place these into the grass at the feet of the death eaters and V via a 37-limbed octopus of nanowire.

Pods open with a kinetic timer—spring action!

VX pods detonate among the death eaters. Harry hopes for no wind.

Harry releases transfiguration on the rock as a distraction. Harry summons a Patronus. He overlays the patronus on his body to deter V's attacks. He shouts for a phoenix, just in case. He fires stuporfy for resonance.

Charge the time-turner. Great success.
JamesDC chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
0) As an aside, you can't lie in Parseltongue, but you could mouth Parseltongue words and magically cause the corresponding sounds to come out, thereby circumventing the restriction. Harry has surely already determined this; as he noted, Voldemort would be better off able to break his "promises." The only issue is that Harry would have to spell himself for it, but that might be wandlessly/wordlessly possible, as it seems like a relatively simple spell, and he could have cast it *before* this moment. Consequently, Harry can buy time by lying.

1) Voldy's already demonstrated that storing magic stuff in one's mouth is A Thing, and Harry is intelligent enough to determine for himself that it might be a good option. Thus, Harry breaks the capsule of compressed air in his mouth, breathes out, and pretends to breathe long enough for the air to enter his enemies' lungs and blood before releasing the transfiguration so it turns back into a (toxic) solid. Harry is in enough danger frequently enough that this was a practical precaution.

2) Harry has his wand and, as stated at the time of his stripping, his glasses. One or both could be transfigured weapons-more likely the glasses, given better placement. A giant stone might do the trick, especially since Harry's been practicing control and might could avoid transfiguring, say, the center and a tunnel of the ball until he has time to escape. The trick would be finding a large enough stone, but it's possible that he could've done so.

Beyond that, Harry could be hiding any number of things in his mouth or anus while still being naked. He could've transferred (and even transfigured) additional items out of his pack and into his anus while the ritual was underway. Blowing off his ass cheeks might be worth defeating all of the Death Eaters behind him, in case he was foolish enough to make his weapons unidirectional. If he could've gotten another time-turner, keeping it transfigured in his mouth to later turn in a moment of dire need wouldn't be the worst solution.


There are plenty of decent solutions listed here, but I feel like these would have a desirable immediate impact combined with a likelihood of success. Since all we need to do is get Harry through this singular moment, that doesn't sound half bad to me. Thereafter, it might even be possible for him to render Voldy's next charge braindead (or Patronus snipe Voldy forever).
Zathium chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
HP needs to convince LV that HP's continued existence will have a net positive utility for LV. Knowing that LV doesn't want to rule over a heap of ash- he wants to rule over people,
- HP can list all sorts of existential risks including nuclear weapons, grey goo scenarios, unfriendly AI, engineered pandemics, etc. Who knows what other existential risks will exist in the future?
- HP can explain the Fermi Paradox and the Great Filter. Even if HP dies the likelihood of human extinction is still high.
- HP has a unique skill set with knowledge of cognitive biases, muggle science & technology, and magic. He has huge potential for novel discoveries and creative solutions. This can be used to fight against existential risks or be the cause of it, but...
- HP can argue that the risk of him destroying the world has already been minimised with the unbreakable vow.
- HP's knowledge could be used to accelerate space colonisation which would have huge positive utility.

Additionally, HP can argue that:
- LV is still new to science meaning he might be particularly susceptible to biases. He's likely to make mistakes and miss things that HP could point out (like testing horcruxes).
- LV will get bored quickly without a formidable opponent (back to playing solitaire instead of chess). The opposite of happiness isn't sadness, but boredom. LV plans to live for eternity. Get him to consider scope insensitivity.
- HP can ask LV about the prophecy's exact wording. If LV complies, HP can explain that tearing apart the stars could mean using them as a power source and the end of the world would not be such a loss if there are other colonised planets.

Finally, if LV isn't convinced to let HP live, at the very least, HP could try to convince LV to put him in stasis where he can be revived if LV gets bored or there's an imminent existential threat which LV can't solve.
FanZ chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I notice a somewhat disturbing similarity between Voldemort's threats to Harry if he can't come up with secrets, and Less Wrong's threats to the fans if they can't come up with an impossible solution... which character is supposed to take after the author, again? -_-' (I hope, for the sake of fairness, you've already come up with an acceptable answer for yourself before proposing this challenge to the readers). Anyway, as suggested I've come up with my solution without looking at what other people are discussing about the challenge (and by the time I finished, I had no time to look through said discussion, so this is all just my own effort). Sorry I'm submitting so last-minute, but I was traveling all day Sunday and recovering this morning, and it's taken me a while to compose this (partly because the story sucked me in for a while while I was trying to skim it for anything I'd missed :) ). For the same reason, apologies for any typos or messiness.

The condition to evade "immediate death" is a little vague on whether just stalling for enough time counts, and it makes sense to do so as much as possible anyway in the interest of maximizing the faint hope that unexpected aid will arrive, allowing Voldemort and the Death Eaters to possibly grow less alert and trigger-ready the longer this goes on, and give Harry more time to come up with a solution (although for our purposes I gather that the best submitted answer pops immediately into his head); which begins with taking his time in giving Voldemort as many secrets and techniques as he can (which may also mitigate the damage if Voldemort wins; although I'll attempt to propose how Harry can fully escape this particular situation afterwards). Of course, this will be impeded if he's only willing to allow Harry 60 seconds total, but it sounds more like he's willing to listen until he runs out of offerings, as long as he started within 60 seconds. Before or during his first offering to Voldemort, however, Harry should (as surreptitiously as possible) meet each death eater's eyes in turn for a few seconds with his occlumancy shields lowered, in the hopes that one of them will be both a legilimens and unhappy enough with Voldemort's return to help Harry get rid of him if he reads that he's got a viable plan for doing so (unlikely, yes, but given that Harry's situation can hardly get much worse and that he might have destiny on his side for getting out of this, I'd recommend that he take any risks available that have even a small chance of working out in his favor, provided that their failure doesn't preclude later attempting a different risk with a higher chance of success). While meeting their eyes, Harry should think about his plan to escape and return with his best shot of killing Voldemort (as described below) if he gets his time-turner; and how they can arrange that most easily by going over to where his time-turner is lying on the ground while everyone's attention is focused on him, going back an hour, then burying the time turner shallowly in the dirt where Harry will be standing (which means, if he agrees to it, that it will already be there by Harry's feet). He'll also think about how his physically grabbing onto Voldemort or contacting his magic might also be enough to kill him, if that's easier to arrange. He'll also think that they should subtly nod if they've read his mind and are willing to help him, so he can stop if he finds someone to decrease the chances that he'll go on to lock eyes with a loyal death eater legilimens who will spoil the plan.

I've been able to think of the following techniques/secrets Voldemort might be willing to accept (although he'd surely take it, I don't recommend he offer the true nature of the dementors and the patronus charm, as giving him the ability to disrupt enemy patronuses by revealing the secret would be one of the few offerings that would more than negligibly increase Voldemort's power, especially since dementors are one of his group's biggest remaining potential threats. Likewise, to a lesser degree, with revealing the nature of the Phoenix's challenge, by spreading which Voldemort might prevent heroes from aquiring phoenixes. Nor should he mention that Fred and George are the heirs of Gryffindor, which would give Voldemort two new targets and spare only one). Harry should first give Voldemort the Phoenix's Price and Phoenix's Fate passwords, and tell Voldemort that they unlock a hidden chamber in Dumbledore's office in which he safeguards many relics he has collected over the years (technically true). For his first protected person, Harry should first try to name himself (it probably won't hurt to try); other than that, he can name whoever he wishes. Second, Harry should explain his partial transfiguration technique, and explain/demonstrate to Voldemort how to do it; this will likely take a while. If at any point during this he has a chance to grab and hold Voldemort to try to destroy him (or at least his current body) with their (hopefully asymmetric) resonance, he should do so (hoping that the death eaters will be glad he's dead and not kill him afterwards). Here as throughout everything Harry does in front of the death eaters, he should be speaking only in parseltongue.

After he's out of those bargaining chips, Harry should try to reason with Voldemort a little more. First, he should ask again to be told the exact terms of the prophecy of him destroying the world so that he can try to determine how it might be being misinterpreted. He'll be reluctant to agree, but if Harry promises in Parseltongue to listen to the prophecy in the Department of Mysteries if he gets out of this (and points out that it doesn't matter if he doesn't), and promises to honestly try to point out any routes of intervention in the destruction of the world Voldemort might have missed and not to try anything while they're discussing the prophecy, he might be willing. If he does, and the prophecy is as worded at the end of chapter 89, Harry can point out how that might be metaphorically describing him leading the world to a new age, with "tearing apart the very stars in heaven" referring to either him finding a way to revive the dead or somehow harnessing and consuming the energy of the stars as part of a future spacefaring human civilization. All this is unlikely to spare Harry's life, but it would give him valuable info, and again, any low-cost chance is worth taking here. After they're done discussing the prophecy, Harry should try to persuade Voldemort to learn a little more about how to find real happiness from him, pointing out that he's experienced truer and more consistent happiness with his "good" lifestyle than Voldemort seems to experience from his "evil" one, and that, since they theoretically share the same core personality, there should be no reason that Voldemort can't achieve such happiness for himself. Harry should suggest that they discuss these matters for a while, since Voldemort is under no serious time pressure; and should try his best to make Voldemort less evil in the course of trying to show him how he could adopt Harry's thought patterns and outlook on life. Of course, this is very unlikely to succeed (and I suppose actually prohibited from succeeding by rule 3), but again; worth a shot (from Harry's perspective, at least), and likely to buy a little more time and opportunity.

Harry shouldn't keep up this conversation and stalling for time for more than an hour unless it seems to be going unexpectedly well, however, because his best chance to escape is via his time-turner, if he can reclaim and use it (it sounds like Voldemort's warded the place against time-turning, but we don't know the exact details of how that works, and he's foreshadowed his own doubts about those wards); but to do that he needs to either have the time-turner at his feet or to have some kind of distraction. If he's lucky, a death eater will have helped him by burying the time-turner at his feet after having read his mind; Harry grabbing and turning it, and the death eater going to grab the other version of that same time-turner, could serve as distractions for one another, and hopefully Harry can grab the turner before the death eaters' curses hit him, especially since him reaching down to the ground isn't him raising his want or speaking, and he can wait until Voldemort himself is distracted practicing partial transfiguration if he needs to. If the time-turner isn't there, Harry will need some kind of distraction; if he's lucky, a death eater will provide one (again, based on Harry's thoughts), or some kind of opportunity will have presented itself while he was stalling for time or teaching Voldemort wandless transfiguration. If not, the best chance I can think of is for him to try to call out in his heart and mind for Fawkes to come to help him to defeat the greatest evil the world has ever known; the phoenix's appearance, and possibly song, should provide at least a momentary distraction. While the death eaters and Voldemort are distracted, all Harry has to do is use the summoning charm to call his time turner back to himself (I think this is such an obviously useful charm that Harry should definitely know it even if he hasn't been shown to use it in-story; but if that's not permissible, he'll have to use instead finite incantatum as described below, unless he can physically run to where his time turner lies in a matter of seconds), and then turn it over once, using his last hour of time-reversal for the day and escaping to before Voldemort came to the graveyard.

Once in the past, Harry has successfully escaped the immediate threat; although he'll need to have had a plan in mind for coming back and defeating Voldemort if he solicited a death eater's help. I think his best shot for this is getting to Azkaban (Fawkes would be the quickest way, if he can find him, but there may be others) and commanding the dementors to come with him
XxChronOblivionxX chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
1) Harry deduces Voldemort’s connection to his emotions / mental state from ‘Quirrel’ knowing immediately when Harry realized his identity

2) Harry’s Vow would force him to verify that it is indeed Harry that is a danger to the ‘world’, and it is also Harry’s firm belief that Voldemort is a danger to the world. Eventually, in the distant future, the universe will stop working, but Science and Magic could stop that from happening. So researching is the only sane way to protect world. And Harry needs to be alive to research.

3) Harry uses Vow to force his own brain into thinking at full capacity and stay at a reasonable emotional state, like fear, to pull upcoming conversation into his favor as much as possible. He is essentially using it to force himself to do the things he already can do, but are difficult.
Remembers conversation in Dumbledores office. His parents heard their prophecy, so Harry is definitely the one spoken of in original prophecy. Dumbledore, knowing that Harry is Tom Riddle, said that Harry going to Hall of Prophecy would be unwise. Very likely this is because there is a chance that the Hall’s magic would view Harry as Tom Riddle, and would bring all other prophecies about him. Also, there may be prophecies specifically about Harry Potter beyond what he has been told, like Trelawney’s earlier in the year. Dumbledore didn’t want Harry to know of these. Since Merlin himself composed this magic, it might just recognize Harry as Harry.

4) If Voldemort touches a prophecy ball that isn’t his, he will either go instantly insane or his head will explode.

5) Action: Still altering his emotions to convey fake emotions, he says, in Parseltongue, all about Comed-Tea and how magic can make effect (prophecies) come from a future cause (huge event). He speaks of Voldemort actually believing he has outwitted fate and destiny, even though it has probably already happened, like so many fools before him. Speaks of Perenelle not overestimating her own intelligence. He then says that he must go to Hall of Prophecy for both of them to verify that it is Harry spoken of in the world-ending prophecy. Because it will probably be a dangerous secret nonetheless, his Vow requires that Hermione Granger being brought with them and in a state of mind where Harry trusts her enough to make a good judgement on the danger.

6) He now has more time, a conscious and semi-immortal Hermione that may be immune to AK because of Harry’s life patronus, and can finally see what all the fuss is about at the Hall of Prophecies. Voldemort will almost certainly take as many precautions as he can, but Harry will escape immediate death successfully.

Oh, and Mr. Yudkowsky? You're evil. But I can't say I wouldn't grin like a madman if I had the opportunity to pull what you have done. I tend to side with the author with these sorts of controversial decisions. You're making us use the lessons, and become smarter than HJPEV. I tip my hat to you.
Ezrah chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry has everything he needs to come out on top in this situation. Partial transfiguration, the true patronus, and enough observational evidence to shake a tree, never mind a stick, at.

His observations of magic, including his own, should of lead him to the conclusion that magic is powered by intension and entanglement; all spells seemingly operate via the determination [not their will power, but the very act of making a coherent choice, and the internal content of a choice, action, or one’s words... hence intension rather than intention. Harry and Voldemort are ‘intensionally’ identical, but diametrically opposed in ‘extension’; in a similar fashion, harry’s methodology and the general, more standard method of casing a spell, are intensionally identical, but extensionally opposed (i.e. the methods have the same intended properties, characteristics, and states; but, different procedures to reach them.) Accidental magic could also be classified as purely ‘intensional’ magic, in some cases. Note: I am using Intension in the sense of the ‘signified’ component of an action, word, or thought, AND in the archaic sense of having ‘resolved to action’ (rather than ‘intended’ determining a course of action, and undertaking it are separate and quite different.)] In one way or another the imparting, taking, or merging of quantum information via some action taken to reinforce the volition of the caster; be it intense scrutiny, physical contact, or the contact of the implement [wand, potion brewing apparatus, etcetera] or some sort of 'radiative projectile' originating from the implement. His 'gifting' of life to Hermione, the need for Voldemort to -pick up- the item he intended to be her horcrux, needing to 'strike' your target with spells that used projectiles, everything, even the apparent natures of his own resonance with Voldemort and the 'dark mark'; at the most basic of levels it's all a transferring, copying, storing, or other manipulation of information in the state-system of the world at large, in the wave function itself, through indirect and unnecessarily obfuscated means.

Normally this wouldn't be of any use, in order to 'entangle' himself to Voldemort, he'd have to strike him with a 'tracer' from a spell, touch him with his wand, or interact with him physically in some other manner. That, however, isn't quite the case with Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort, or to say it more plainly, Tom Riddle and Tom Riddle. For all intents and purposes, they're the same person; their thought patterns are more similar than they could be otherwise, the resonance also attest to this, the fact that Harry has had such trouble up to this point with him does as well, they are the same person separated only by a phase offset of their 'personal waveform', the two have the same 'information' with the exception of memories/life experiences, expectations, and what they consider 'probable possibilities.' This gave Voldemort an upper hand, for the moment, pragmatism and pessimism can be strengths; in the sense that they render one more expectant of failure, and thus more able to plan accordingly, and set in place stopgaps to prevent said failure. However, they rob you off something; something harry still has, hope, an expectation that anything you feel needs to occur can, if only you try hard enough [I would wager to say that Voldemort isn't in fact 'evil', merely intensely pessimistic and pragmatic; he explained to Harry during their little venture, that the reason he became the 'dark lord' was that being a 'good guy' would get in the way of his intended optimization of the world, he has, in essence the same goal as Harry, he's simply to jaded to take the path Harry has chosen, he believes it will inevitably fail, due to the prejudices of ‘normal’ people, muggle-born or otherwise, and their inability to take a ‘hero’ seriously.]

Altogether, this suggest a strange, and startling course of action. He must persuade Voldemort; not in the traditional sense, as it's stipulated that he is 'evil', that his utility function cannot be 'challenged', by talking to him. The thing is however... that no talking is needed, Voldemort's utility function need not be changed; it is in fact the -same- utility function under which Harry operates, simply with different values for critical variables. What Harry needs to do is find some potent, non-verbal, way of communicating the values he judges different from Voldemort directly to him, without speech, since Voldemort being every bit as rational as harry, but infinitely more pessimistic and pragmatic, could simply rationalize away.

The last piece of the puzzle is the True Patronus; harry should of also figured this one out as well. The Patronus charm is the -desired- volition of the caster, under the experience of extreme duress, pain, or suffering; they manifest as animals, because of the way that the casters have been taught to cast, for them the patronus is a way to ignore the suffering, the threat of loss, the 'gaping hole in the world' [i.e. dementors.] Harry's Patronus is a 'man', because Harry's desire isn't to escape, or deflect, or find safety in ignorance; Harry's greatest desire when confronted with the forces the charm is designed to combat is to comprehend, to see truly, and to overcome. Harry's Patronus is in fact the 'Transcendent Man', the thinking being capable of understanding, analyzing, and solving any problem, without fear, without doubt; to optimize completely, without sacrifice or compromise, irrespective of the situation [Harry didn't 'destroy' the dementor, the only way to 'destroy' a 'hole' is to repair it, to fill it in, he 'solved' the dementor; also, Voldemort, in this story, would likely of had the same Patronus, before his ability to hope was crippled by the world.]

What I suggest Harry do is come to these realizations; start to explain the secrets of partial transfiguration and the true patronus to Voldemort, all the while bringing his portion of the 'tom riddle' wave function, into synchronization with Voldemort’s, in essence to empathize with him, through self-confundus, or partial transfiguration of himself [it shouldn't be hard, they're already essentially the same person, the only thing he may actually have to do is give in to his 'inner darkness'] to change the destructive interference between Himself and Voldemort to constructive interference, and then with his last action, cast the patronus charm on himself, with as much force as necessary to overwhelm Voldemort’s pessimism and pragmatism [by using the patronus’ nature to directly expose Voldemort’s mind to Harry’s method of rationality, in essence allowing him to think of alternate scenarios outside of what he’s already conceived of, and lending strength and further power to the ‘heroic tom riddle’ that Voldemort once wanted to be, (and indeed, in a sense still is, since he wants to conquer the world to cleans it of disorder, and ‘idiocy’) so very long ago], as well as those of the death eaters, through the entanglements that Voldemort himself had created.

[The direction of the wand, nor the words to the charm(s) shouldn't matter as much with those realizations, he can simply choose the entanglement that is to be 'target' by volition alone, in this case 'himself.' It’s a last ditch effort sort of thing, since attempting to target anyone but himself, in any but this very specific manner, would result a rain of curses of varying lethality falling upon him, as well as a clip full of ammunition from Voldemort’s gun. The words to the charms in question, if absolutely necessary, could probably be snuck into the conversation, in parsel tongue with the exact same effect, so long as the volition and intension is still correct. Note: the amount of Harry’s magic and lifeforce required to imprint the unfailing ability to ‘find the best solution’ in Voldemort, one where there is no loss, may very well be –all- of it.]

Here’s to hoping Harry can think laterally, and imagine telling entropy to fuck itself.
Unidentified chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Hmm. Firstly, I would posit that this is not a fair test, as I have not been provided with some basic information that would be available to Harry, such as the arsenal of spells he knows by heart, requiring the wand alone. In response, I shall make several plans, subject to GM ruling, making both reasonable and unreasonable assumptions about his abilities, on the reasonable assumption that he could discard plans that don’t work based on premise.

Sacrifice rituals are obviously critical to a massive chunk of the possible solutions, probably even most of them, but solutions involving them do not necessarily compose the majority of those that will work, especially if they rely on rituals invented on the spot, especially more than one. Upon reading the updated rules, it has been clarified that the GM will rule against them.
This does not mean that convincing Voldemort otherwise is impossible, however.

Having discarded my initial plans on grounds of word from the GM, I’m keeping this one, and trying to come up with another.

Plan Three: I threaten to bequeath my destiny to Tom Riddle, the man who shares a name, hereditary language, history, mind, magic, and memory with me, upon my death. This should be a plausible threat, and hopefully a real one, although I would probably have to invent the ritual on the spot, and according to the GM, probably fail. If all goes well, I can convince him that it's better to let me live under his supervision than to kill me, so long as I promise not to bequeath my destiny to him if I die from a cause he has made reasonable attempts to prevent.

Plan Five: A truncated variant of Plan One, wherein I attempt to inquire as to the actual nature of the prophecy, without getting it quoted. Specifically, I ask if it specifies anyone dying by my hand, or if it’s most logical interpretation is of me optimizing the universe, which has always been my goal. Unlikely to allow more than a very brief diversion, as Lord Voldemort will probably kill me immediately if he thinks I’m stalling. Kept as a possible backup plan, but effectively discarded.

Plan Six: Developed after skimming a few other reviews, then checking Chapter 86 via google to confirm that in character Harry knows he necessary details. The idea is to ask Lord Voldemort to confirm that he is in fact the person referred to by the prophecy, as opposed to one of the only people who could help prevent it, and to prove it by visiting the Hall of Prophecy with me, taking appropriate countermeasures against my escape. This risk seems reasonable, as Voldemort appears to be confident in his ability to defeat any and all opponents still living in magical Britain, and the risk of being wrong and killing Harry anyway does appear to outweigh the risk of Harry escaping, so long as Harry makes an appropriate promise, or possibly another Unbreakable Vow. I, the reader, and Harry both have some reason to believe that at least one more prophecy will appear than Voldemort knows about, and at least one will hopefully provide extenuating context. If Harry states this as his true goal, in Parseltongue, it may be sufficient to convince Lord Voldemort. This is the final version of my plan, as I am too tired to fully trust my further judgement, but the other options are to be considered if an opportunity presents itself. If all else fails, try the buckyball enclosed antimatter dust idea. That looked cool, if not necessarily practical.

Horatio Von Becker, signing off.
Kevin chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
...after a brief pause, Harry hissed, "I can transfigure partial substances. I can turn one milligram of my body into antimatter before you can say avadakedavra." (This was not in conflict with his unbreakable vow, because he is in reflective equilibrium with Tom Riddle, knowing that a credible threat to blow up everything would result in no blowing up.)
daemon3.14 chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry sat on the cold stone floor. All the while keeping his wand pointed somewhat from the semi-circle of Death Eaters.

"Will not wasste time", Harry hissed. "Firsst, I can sshow you how to casst the true Patronuss. You are maybe not able to do it now, but sshould be able to later. Part of ssecret iss to care about otherss, in a way. You musst not want to be able to kill anyone, sso you need to find another pleassure, to casst the true Patronuss. You will probably need to have fun with otherss to be able to do it, to see everyoness livess ass at leasst more valuable than your happy thoughtss."

Then Harry dramatically changed the floor beneath him into air.
Konnifer chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
As an additional evidence for any 'inside the mirror' attempt, the many versions of which I will not rehearse here:

"The gibbous moon riding higher in the cloudless sky, the stars and wash of the Milky Way visible in all their majesty within the darkness"

My research indicates that the night never gets to 'astronomical twilight' in Scotland on the night of June 13-14. The sun sets for several hours, but doesn't go more than 12 degrees below the horizon. The sun needs to go more than 18 degrees below the horizon for the silhouette of the horizon to disappear and to be able to see the fainter stars with the naked eye. So if they can see the Milky Way in all its glory, they aren't truely in Scotland on June 13.

Even if I misinterpret this and it is still twilight, it is surely later than 11pm.
Anon chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
The best solution I have come up with on my lonesome is to convince Voldemort that his interpretation of the prophecy is flawed and that I have a much better chance of preventing the end of the world than I am destroying it. My arguments include but are not limited to:

I(HPJEV) am actually smart. I can collaborate with Voldemort, and can swear an Unbreakable Oath to do so.

I am fairly certain that my death will make the end of the universe more likely. I am a rationalist wizard, which is about as likely as a curious toddler surviving a run-in with an unsecured blast furnace, putting me in prime position to deal with long-term problems like entropy.

I am ALSO more capable than Voldemort in certain ways - specifically, I have proven myself able to teach intelligent/creative thinking. For examples, look at the Chaos army, or Draco Malfoy. Voldemort, perhaps more than anything, abhors idiocy. If Voldemort wants intelligent...not companionship, perhaps, but the potential to have conversations with sane people, is in line with Voldemort's interests. (Or perhaps he enjoys keeping idiots around to torture.)

If that fails, convert a rock into enough antimatter to destroy everything within half a mile, reckoning that my sacrifice is worth hosing over Voldemort, perhaps giving him his true death, depending on how the Horcruxes work. And since I might actually be able to use 'his' Horcruxes.
Michael Keshick chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
So that this Work of Beauty will end as such –

1 – Quibbles on the Cavalry
Firstly, a note on something I noticed. Professor McGonagall was the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. I understand that she was not alerted when Dumbledore was disposed, but it occurred to me that an ancient magical castle might have systems in place to handle transitions that might start on their own, albeit ones Tom might stall, et cetera. Moving on.

2 – Quibbles and Thoughts on Prophecy
From potentially least to most useful;; Harry is the sole heir to the Peverell Brother’s Deathly Hollows. It might be prohibited in Eliezer’s rules, but a part of me would be tempted to laugh if he summoned all three and showed them THE TRUE MEANING OF CHAOS!1!
Next, the Original Prophecy that sent Tom to his first demise got me thinking. Since prophecies can fulfill themselves in a similar way that time remains consistent, I thought the only thing that brought Tom and Harry into opposition was the prophecy, and Tom making Harry into a worthy opponent on accident. They were indeed different spirits even without that inference, and Tom probably would have killed him eventually for something. Tom’s marking did indeed bring them closer in spirit. Could not Harry close the gap further? More on this in a moment. I promise not to break rules.
Lastly, the most recent Prophecy and the Vow that followed. The Prophecy was that Harry was going to end the world and tear apart the stars, and this was told to Tom, who could either fulfill it or prevent it. Tom set the Vow in place before forcing Harry’s hand just incase he managed to escape. I contend that now that Harry is aware of the Prophecy, and has been magically bound to take no risks whatsoever, that he indeed could do nothing to try and escape unless the danger was lifted, or the danger of his escaping and defeating Tom is less than leaving Tom to rule. I suspect that Tom and Harry’s (quite impressive) revival of Hermione averted the danger. Harry could, if he thought Tom would not kill him for insolence, try to point out in parseltongue his ability to act and it’s above implications, withholding the part about it perhaps only being of lesser risk to escape. I expect Tom to have thought of that, myself, though. Better stay safe.

3 – The Potential of the Patronus and its Limits (…?)
This is where we start talking about actions. Harry’s Patronus Charm can destroy dementors, and bridge the gap between a dead person and their resurrection. Version and step 2 indeed, as now we see it not only holds off the fear of death, but its effects. My first thoughts for the utility of these things were towards the end of helping Tom, because I too think it would be just a little better if perhaps he didn’t have to end as a complete marring on the history of the planet. Harry was able to comfort the imprint of Tom in his own mind. *sigh* Moving on. Tom’s Horcruxes are powered by murder. Powered by death. Could a vital component be shattered, if Harry were to cast the charm within Tom, like he did Hermione? It would be epic if that word screamed in the beginning of the book was the first word to our favorite spell. As if Written in Fire.

4 – Power over Transfiguration
And now on the falling robes and liters of blood. This part as I introduce it may go one of two ways. In the first, Harry turns off the censors in a similar way to when he killed that damned troll. His wand is in his hand. He does not need to speak. Harry never tried partial transfiguration principles on the air, he gave up right before then. Now, he visualizes down the lowest levels, transfigures a cord of Buckytubes in a loop around the death-eaters that connects the crypt that he arrived through, and transfigures it to contract at violent speeds. We know he can do this because you can transfigure against tension. Liters of Blood ensues. In the case that the molecules in the air are too inconsistent, a time-turned harry could be waiting with the same trap set, beneath the cloak, right next to a previously-laid cord. I hope I have not misunderstood the rules concerning time-turning.

Here is where I ran out of time. I worked so hard, too. How could Harry, maybe working together with time-turned Harry and anyone he brought with him, distract Tom so present-Harry could grab the Time-turner? All of his objects are all together, right there. I might flashbang with mah god-tier patronus, but now I am just getting more nervous about the power dying or some crap and not getting to turn this in- *leaves to turn this in*

ALSO Harry *NEEDS* to make sure Lord Malfoy is NOT one of the people spilling liters of blood everywhere! Time-turned Harry might be able to do something. Or at least he needs to revive him after. You don’t take away someone’s Patronus.

If anyone laughs at anything I missed, their village will be the first in my restoration of respect. You. Have. Been. Warned.
sillyways chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry said:Pointing a gun at me right away was stupid. Not manipulating me a week ago by asking to heal you with tge stone was even stupider. I don't think that you are stupid. This means that you have some sort of plot in place, like the one you told me after the azkaban. Thus, you should tell me the details RIGHT NOW unless you want to feel my legendary meddling powers.
Yossi Katzin chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry can control Dementors. He is the only one specifically focusing on his expectations of them, so even though they're far away in Azkaban, they should accept his expectation of their behavior, as follows. Harry decides to expect half of the Dementors to come to his aid very quickly. The others he expects to tell Aurors where to find him (either a cemetery near Hogwarts, or he expects the Dementors to know where he is). These Aurors are instructed to go back in time to prepare and to ambush the Death Eaters. If the Aurors make it to Harry first, he is thus saved (I assume Mad-Eye and Madam Bones are along).
If the Dementors make it to Harry first, Harry expects them to tell the Death Eaters the secret that would stop them from casting the Patronus, that Dementors are Death and the Patronus works by not thinking about Death. This stops them from defending themselves. Then, only Harry can beat the local Dementors.
This has the interesting side effect of possibly snowballing, as the Death Eaters tell their enemies the secret and so on, that if noone can cast the Patronus but Harry, the world is in danger of destruction.
Just in case, Harry tells Voldemort that Harry is a failsafe in case the Horcruxes fail, as we saw him resurrect Hermione. Voldemort might want to keep him alive for that. (But Harry wouldn't want to, and so wouldn't be able to cast it)
PrinceSlayer chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry will need to mix multiple of his unique abilities in order to escape from this situation. One for stalling and preventing immediate death, and one to scatter the death eaters with an enemy that they cannot defeat, except to flee and thus leave Harry safe.

First, using around 50 seconds of his time, he needs to mentally reach out for any and all dementors in the local area and summon them with all haste. Voldemort and his ilk (almost all Slytherins from what we've seen) do not possess the basic dementor defenses. Harry has stated previously that he has the ability to dispel lesser Patronuses as well. Fiendfyre, as Quirrel stated back in Chapter 45, does not even have the power to destroy them.

To give his dearth of Dementors time to arrive, he will need to share an ability with Voldy that is truly unique, his partial transfiguration. Using some rapid silver tongue action, Harry will need to describe to Voldemort the long and arduous process of mentally restructuring items and also being able to control in what order they change. Since we have established that the true power of the Philosopher's Stone is to make transfigurations permanent, this will likely entice the dark lord into new levels of through into perfecting his body and world around him with much more delicate touches than full transfigurations. In return for this power, Harry will request the safety of Draco Malfoy.

One thing that has been abundantly clear for this entire series is that the truest, darkest evil is that of the Dementor. It is the only creature that can destroy Voldy's soul, ignoring immortality defenses. Voldy will have tactics to teleport the Dementors away and keep them from feeding on him most likely, but they will steal his full attention.

As He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has so eloquently revealed, merely destroying his physical body is a delay as best, and will bring his wrath down on all innocents Harry cares about. We have also established in this world, all Lucius Malfoy truly cares about is his son. He also has the possibility of having learned the Patronus from his son, and thus able to protect himself from the Dementors. In this moment, Lucius will hear Voldemort swearing to destroy Harry and all of his friends (Draco included), and finally decide it is time for the head of the Most Ancient House of Malfoy to become a leader in his own right and strike at Voldemort.

Using the great distraction from, Harry will need to recover his cloak, his father's stone, and his time turner. Harry then releases his transfiguration on the stone, and uses it as a port-key to get back to the castle. There he will use the time-turner and then snap his fingers to shadow himself with the true cloak of invisibility and then punch Voldy in the face in his Quirrel form, shattering Voldy pre-resurrection, as we do need our white wizard Dumbledore back in the end.
quintopia chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I want to point out first that this chapter misspells "cemetery" as "cemetary". Anyway, on with the solutions:

It only took Harry a few seconds to realize the difference in his thought processes. Usually he would consider a plan for at least a few seconds before rejecting it, but now he was finding certain thoughts had been rejected almost before they'd occurred to him. Certain ideas were tagged "things old Harry might have tried, but I won't." Such it was with the thought Voldemort had prompted him to think, the idea of handing over the secret of partial transfiguration. Voldemort, with his open indifference to the lives and feelings of others and hunger for power, was obviously an existential risk. Harry would not (and could not) permit the risk to the continued existence of human life on Earth (the loss of which, he knew, was the only possible meaning of "destroying the world") to increase, and he judged that Voldemort's possession of that secret could do so.

The second thought, offering Voldemort the secret of the nature of Dementors took even less time to reject, as Harry knew that Voldemort would have no qualms about weaponizing that secret to make his Dementor army invincible to all but Hermione.

There was a third idea that occurred to him, though, one so niche that it could not possibly bring harm to anyone, not even Tom Riddle. Either of them.

"/There are ssecretss I could have told before magic promissse wass made, if I could have been persssuaded. In your handss, ssecretss would be too dangerousss. Very few persssons could be trussted, unlessss they had made a sssimilar promissse,/" hissed Harry.

"/Bad newss for friendss and family. I will make no magic promissse, though I do sssay I never intend to usse powerss in wayss which rissk destroying world. Find sssome way to trusst me in thisss or your parentss may die with you,/" said Voldemort.

"/Perhapss if you could persssuade me prophecy could not be fulfilled by you after my death./"

"/I will not reveal any detailss, but I will sssay I am almossst certain the prophecy could be about no other than you./"

"/I wissh I could be as confident in your beliefss as you./"

"/Ten ssecondss, boy./"

"/There iss one way: Could demonsstrate power without desscribing it. I am ssomewhat confident that the processs of finding ansswer would change you in wayss which would lessssen your chancess of destroying world with it. Will take sseveral momentss longer but not long enough to annoy you./"

"/A puzzle? You undersstand how to bait me./"

"/Iss best I can do under circumsstances./"

"/What will be needed for demonsstration?/"

"/Musst lie down, sspeak one English word. Not a sspell. Will not harm you nor any of your sservants. Will not need wand. Will drop before lying down. Warn sservantss not to fire as I do sso, nor as I lie down, nor as I raisse armss, nor as I sspeak. You may ssee ressults instantly./"

"/Boy, if thisss iss trick, you will die, even if you take ssecret powerss to grave./"

"/I promisse demonsstration iss no threat to you. Any magical ressults can be removed with magic-ending sspell. Tell all sservants to casst it once you have sseen demonsstration ressultss, or give them licensse to usse it if they ssusspect any threatsss. I undersstand that if you not ssatissfied with demonsstration, parentss will mosst likely die./"

Voldemort looked away from Harry and rose several feet higher into the air. "Listen up. I have given the Boy-Who-Lived a wish, because it amuses me to do so and because he has offered me something in return. In a moment, he will drop his wand, lie down and raise his arms in submission. In return, I will allow him to say one English word. Five seconds later exactly, you will all hit him with Finites. Finite him sooner if you suspect any threats to me or any of yourselves. If he moves in any other way, says anything else, or especially if he tries to pick up his wand, hit him with the Hex or Curse I assigned you upon arrival. Do you all understand?"

Bobbing silver masks in the moonlight.

"Say it!"

And in unison: "Yes, Lord!"

Voldemort turned back to Harry, and trained his pistol directly on the boy's heart. "Harry, you may proceed."

Harry dropped his wand immediately, took one slow steady step away from it, then lay down with his feet aimed directly toward Lord Voldemort. His heart was pounding in his chest, as he knew that he was gambling big time on this theory. He'd never tested it. Any part of it. It had never occurred to him. But every part of it just seemed to mesh so well together. The main revelation he'd had after escaping Azkaban was that /magic didn't make sense because it was largely designed by people without sense/. The idea of a broomstick turning just because the rider leaned one way could only make sense to someone who had never even bothered to figure out how things worked in the real, physical, non-magical world as opposed to in their own dreams. He slowly raised both arms above his head, one bent 90 degrees at the elbow, one held straight in the air hands wide open. He took a deep breath and shouted "UP!"

And for once, his silly hunch was true. Wizards really were that stupid. Voldemort jerked and wobbled and bobbed in the air, since the same broomstick charmer who'd taught the sticks strapped to his arms to hover had keyed them with the same retrieval charms used on broomsticks, perhaps not knowing how /not/ to, and that charm responded to the posture of the broomstick's owner, in the same way that the steering charm did. However, the charmer did not know how the charm should respond when its owner, Tom Riddle, was in /more than one place and more than one posture/, and as a result, it bucked wildly trying to respond to both at once.

Upon seeing their Lord being tossed back and forth wildly through the air, and assuming he was under attack, several Death Eaters immediately did as bade, and cast several Finites at Harry's prone body. At the same time, Harry's hands were dropping, one to his face and one to his side. At the same moment as the first Finite hit, the air was filled with a million blindingly bright spinning shapes and while these grew to fill the air, someone screamed. When the illusions vanished, the Boy-Who-Lived had entirely vacated his spot on the ground. He was nowhere to be seen.

"Innervate!" yelled Harry's voice from behind a tombstone. Twenty curses and hexes were flying immediately, some towards that spot and some, strangely enough toward other Death Eaters. Two Death Eaters hit the ground. The rest looked at each other, and all hell break loose. The riot was not quite distracting enough for Voldemort to miss Hermione open her eyes and roll for cover behind the altar. He dove, scooped her up, and vanished with a POP.



Harry's right hand had already taken his wand. His left hand went around to his back, reached awkwardly into his pouch, began to make a silent sign, three English letters: K-I-T.

Knowing that if the situation got dire Harry would need to be able to have instant access to all his tools and quest items, even if someone tried to take them from him, he had modified his magical medkit in preparation for the night's adventure. First, he'd transfigured it into a small black box that could fit into the palm of one hand, as the full-sized kit was too heavy for a tight situation. Every item he expected he might need was attached to the kit via a long strand of quarter-inch-thick Buckytubes wound around spring-loaded reels riveted to the outside of the transfigured kit. He had transfigured the reels and buckytubes from short bars of solid steel he'd gotten from disassembling the bookshelves in his trunk. The rivets were real rivets actually driven into the actual side of the kit with the aid of a Drill-Breaking Hex or twenty performed by Lesath. So, with luck, not only would he be able to reel in any items that were knocked from his hands or stolen and set aside, but also if he was knocked unconscious or something else caused his transfigurations to falter, the items so attached would automatically be dragged back to him as the buckytubes contracted back into bars. He realized he'd also want to be able to get his pouch back if it was taken, so he had Lesath use the sticky charm he'd used on his glasses to attach a tube from the kit to the outside of the pouch, and leave an unbound sticky charm on the pouch and on the kit as well to attach other things to if he suddenly needed his hands free. The only thing he hadn't been able to secure to his person was the Cloak, which he needed Lesath to wear for the time being. As they together left the Ravenclaw dorm, ready as he thought they could be, he transfigured Flitwick's modified illusion device (which, at Harry's most beseeching behest, now could produce visible as well as invisible illusions) into a tiny magnet and stuck it to the hinge of his glasses.

And so it was that when the tiny black box arrived in his hand, dragging along most of Harry's other items with it, he simply dropped it on the ground as he grabbed for the gun that was hanging from it, and there it lay, permanently affixed to the ground until Lesath's sticking charm could be broken.

After the poorly-thought-out move with the gun backfired, snatching from Harry all of his quest items, Harry felt a wad of buckytubes fall across his foot, each one, he knew, connecting the kit on the ground behind him with the pouch or one of the items in it beside the altar. Before bringing his wand arm forward where Voldemort could see it, he spun it quickly in his hand and pressed its tip into his palm. For the next several minutes, as Voldemort's schemes played out and Harry was forced to play along, he transfigured a thin layer of epidermis across his palm into a maze-like winding of more buckytubes.

Thus it was the Voldemort finally gave him leave to speak. He arranged for the Finites that would retrieve his items to the kit lying behind him
Landon Goldberg chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry had part of his mind slip into the world of timeless physics. Another part of him began to speak. “I can think of three powers that I possess of which you know not, and I will try to think of more. The power mentioned in the prophecy may be one that I don't yet possess, or that I do possess and haven't yet conceptualized or realized that you do not also know of it.” How many seconds was that? The look on Voldemort's face did not show any sign that what Harry had said thus far was acceptable. “The power over life-eaters, I can try to explain, though as I said before, it is best if comprehended for yourself. A second needs to use many concepts that snakes lack the words for, though I can try that as well. I am urgently concerned about the third power because I think it might be leading you to misinterpret the prophecy.” Harry knew that he couldn't call this power optimism or the ability to imagine non-cynical outcomes, or Voldemort would do something terrible. “I have the power to envision possible futures that you cannot imagine, or at I can imagine them plausibly occurring whereas you cannot. I acquired this power through reading...” Harry paused to try to come up with a way to say Ray Kurzweil or Ian M. Banks in Parseltongue then realized it was irrelevant and that he didn't have time to indulge his desire to express himself with specific accuracy, and certainly didn't have time to diagnose exactly what was causing him to delay. “... many books by wand-less writers. Fictions that speculate about the future, both serious and for entertainment.” In the world of timeless physics, objects did not have clear boundaries. The wand that touched Harry's leg, and that leg, and the ground that it stood upon, and the ground in lines spreading out from that point were all just clusters of subatomic particles. “My future imagining power could help you to understand the prophecy. Is the prophecy you seek the one spoken by the centaur? He said the skies will become empty. You didn't seem concerned at the time, though. You were concerned after...” Hermione was alive again, why did it it still hurt so much to remember that day? “... after the troll. You tried to dissuade me from whatever I had resolved to do. Urgently. Were you waiting until you were sure that you had interpreted the centaur's prophecy correctly? Or was it another prophecy, from a seer?” Harry also suspected that Lord Voldemort did not put as much stock in the prophecies of non-humans. “Or did you hear the rest of Trelawney's prochecy, 'HE IS COMING, THE ONE WHO WILL TEAR APART THE VERY –' Or is there a new prophecy entirely?” And now that the hypothesis of a new prophecy was in Harry's mind, he remembered finding out that Quirrell had been in the presence of Professor Trelawney. Quirrell had said that he thought that partially heard prophecy was meant for one of them.
“You have a strange sense of what it means to tell me something I wish to know. You would ask questions of me, in your situation? It seems I will have to be inventive in the tortures I unleash upon those you care about.”
Harry winced but pushed forward. “I care more about the prevention of the end of the world than the prevention of my own death, even more than the prevention of the suffering of those I love.” After all, the end of the world would include them as well, and all they loved and cared for. “Thus I will honestly devote myself to prevent that outcome. To best do this, though, I must know the prophecy in its exact wording and context. It is possible that the wording allows a possible future I would interpret in a radically different way than you. It is also possible that I have already triggered the event. After all, I was recently in the presence of a powerful magical object that may have been for granting wishes. If I have inadvertently wished for a possible future that is disastrous, there may be a way for me to unwish it.”
An awful pause. Voldemort's face showed nothing. The death-eaters kept their wands poised.
Harry desperately wanted to tell Voldemort about his experiments with his time turner and comedtea, and about his suspicicion that backwards causation was not changeable, but several voices within himself demanding that he shut up and let Voldemort think. Instead, he focused on the clusters of particles that the other part of him would interpret as the leg/ground.
“You must promise to tell me all thoughts you have on the prophecy, if I reveal its words to you.”
“I promise to tell you every interpretation I can think of and any method of preventing the destruction of the world I can imagine.” In the timeless world, a clump of atoms began to be transfigured into nanotubes.
“The words are simple and translatable in snake speech, except one word that means both the sky and the place where many believe the good will go when they die. 'HE IS HERE. THE ONE WHO WILL TEAR APART THE VERY STARS IN sky/afterworld. HE IS HERE. HE IS THE END OF THE WORLD.'”
“Okay, best case scenario, the end of the world only means the end of the world as we know it, not the destruction of the earth and all its inhabitants. That's pretty standard in wand-less stories of prophecies. Tear apart the very stars sounds bad, though. Well, unless humans become” Damn, what's another word for a type 4 civilization on a Kardashev scale? “able to harness the energy of stars to suit our purposes. There are ways to tear apart stars that aren't cataclysmic, and that could actually fix things instead of making them worse. Possibilities flitted past Harry's mind: Dyson spheres, Shkadov thrusters, Alderson disks, and more extreme ways to optimize stars' energies. “We could reconstruct stars into matter that can store data, or to build new worlds around other stars, or to be giant ships to sail the skies. 'The end of the world' could be the end of Earth being the only cradle of humanity, or the end of our isolation from other intelligent life, or the end of the world where people have to die. This is what I mean by my power to envision possible futures that you cannot.” Harry then proceeded to list off all the other ideas he had, as promised, although as he ticked through the other possibilities it became more and more plausible that he had hit the right answer on the first try.
The last ideas were not particularly interesting, so he used that time to finish the delicate last part of the wordless partial transfiguration he had been performing. The shape of the nanotubes had grown from the ground upward and were now sprouting molecule thin planes in the shape of an asterisk that was perpendicular to the line from the ground upward. He took a deep breath as he finished spouting the last idea that he had to share to fulfill his promise. Harry's emotional state had yet to be anything but panic and helplessness. This effort seemed unlikely to work against Lord Voldemort, but he had to try.
The asterisk shaped planes of nanotubes finished extending outward, slicing through all of the death-eaters, cutting each head into six pieces. Harry had worked hard to ensure his inner Hufflepuff that these people, though they had intrinsic self worth that should be preserved all things being equal, would cause so much suffering in the world that their deaths would be a net gain for good, and besides, if he obtained the philosopher's stone then he could resurrect them anyway. He felt a particular twinge of guild for Draco, and told himself that as a tertiary goal of the evening he would do his best to restore Lucius Malfoy to life, especially if – as Harry suspected – he was Mr. White, and had been drained of most of his magic.
Voldemort fired the gun when the first death-eater fell. The weapon exploded in his hand, since Harry had blocked the entire barrel with nanotube walls. During that brief distraction, Harry cast a spell. The red bolt shot at Voldemort, then swerved, and swerved back towards its target. Somehow Voldemort still blocked the Stuporfy bolt, perhaps be reflex since that caused resonance between their magics. Harry had needed a spell that would stun the target whether blocked or not, and Professor Flitwick's dueling spell was perfect. Pain seared through Harry's scar, and he tossed his wand away, towards his other belongings. Voldemort likewise tossed his wand away and changed into his animagus form, just as he said he should have on the night of October 31st, 1981. Harry sprinted to grab all of his possessions, starting with his time turner and cloak, and the philosopher's stone. Then he used the time turner's last turn.
Time turnered Harry, under his cloak, saw the death-eaters fall, listened for the scream from his past self and Voldemort, then lept into action. He had already retrieved the bottle of ether from his pouch. He poured the contents onto the head of the snake, praying that he wasn't overdosing it. He wished some other trustworthy wizard were around to stun Voldemort as well, but he couldn't risk more magical interaction and he certainly wasn't going to wake up Hermione and give her even worse PTSD from seeing the area full of split heads. He was trying not to look at the gore himself. He tranfigured another mound of dirt several feet underground into more nanotubes that extended above the surface, this time in the shape of a cage that didn't quite touch the snake. He then placed the philosopher's stone upon Voldemort in snake form, making the transfiguration permanent. He hoped to find a way to obliviate Voldemort of all his magic and all his memories, and to otherwise leave him permanently mentally disabled, but that was delicate work that would take time he didn't have. If that didn't work, he could keep the snake alive indefinitely with the stone. Either way, he was sure a long term solution was possible. After all, he planned for himself and everyone he cared about to live for a very long time indeed.
acewyrds chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry starts telling Voldemort various things in exchange for his loved ones' lives. At some point during the conversation, he cancels the Transfiguration on the gem, and it reverts back to a rock with a loud BANG. The rock is large enough that it reaches the other heap by the altar, so when it explodes into being, it smashes that heap as well-smashes straight through the protective shell of the Time-Turner, and breaks it. Weird things start happening as a result, a la that one scene in OotP, and in the confusion Harry manages to run over to Hermione, dodging curses. He contemplates waking her up, but there's no time-so he hauls her onto his back, still asleep, and uses her as a human shield as he runs over to Quirrell's corpse. He hops on and they ride him off into the sunset.
dinnsdale chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
The more difficult task is finding topics for Harry to use to buy time: He should preface by saying he does not know if some of what he says will be of use, but he will try, to save as many lives as possible. More words more time. More interaction from Lord Voldemort [LV] more time. Time is what he needs.

First, tell about Stuporfy, of course waiting for LV's judgment on its suitability as a "secret" magic. Second, Muggle economics. Offer own analysis, which would not be in any book LV could read. Third, tell LV about the dark stone rod Dumbledore cast aside in the Mirror, that it may be vital in seizing Merlin's magics and the might of the Line of Merlin. Fourth, tell Voldemort about Partial Transfiguration. If any are things Voldemort finds valuable, Harry can hesitate regarding whom to save. Not over-long, but some hesitation makes sense- mother or father first, for instance- and hesitation buys time.

While thus buying time, with his wand pointed at the dirt below him, Harry uses transfiguration (which is wordless) to create a cylinder of metal, containing a vacuum (i.e., a lack of oxygen), perhaps a centimeter under the dirt he is standing on. If the specific patch of dirt he's pointing at needs to be transfigured as well, it can be a carbon nanotube that extends about a cm down.

The cylinder would be made of metal, for two reasons: it would be solid enough for the dirt under Harry not to shift (and his trembling from the cold can mask minor shifts), and since metal is denser than dirt, it would allow for a vacuum to be created during its "creation", as Harry uses the inner-most bit of dirt first to create a thin cylinder (the inside surface area) to begin with.

If some dirt is not used up in the process, that's fine, as long as there's a partial vacuum. The last step will be to undo the transfiguration on the top of the cylinder, turning just the "lid" back into soil; due to the pressure differential, plus the effects of gravity, Harry would get sucked in pretty quickly.

If there's _too much_ soil left in the cylinder, and not enough vacuum, Harry can transfigure more soil within the cylinder into rubber padding along the bottom/walls of the cylinder. Like a padded cell.

The magic is directed _away_ from LV, and since the resonance is higher with greater proximity, Harry's own body is running interference, making it difficult, if not outright impossible, for LV to notice what Harry's doing.

The cylinder would be just large enough in diameter to contain him, and deep enough to at least his own height. He might break a leg, but he Survives Immediate Death, which is the victory condition.
caseydotsmith chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
So I think partial transfiguration is the mostly likely solution, since he could have been working on it for some time before now, gets him out of the mess, is a POWER THE DARK LORD KNOWS NOT, and nicely fits in with the passage in Chapter 1.

However it does seem like he has a number of interesting diplomatic moves available:

-Dumbledore gave me a rock to transfigure on my person and I'm still not sure why. For all I know he could have transfigured something into that rock and periodically refreshed the transmutation. But now that he's dead it could be anything, and if I die then my transmutation ends and that object will become whatever trap you don't know that Dumbledore didn't set for you, and he's the only person in this world you think could take you by surprise.

-If you let me live I can help you devise a way to magicallytechnologically visit distant stars. After all you already said you weren't happy here, so why stay and put all this planning and scheming into an end goal that you won't really derive any satisfaction from?
(This has the added bonus of sounding very reminiscent of the second prophecy Voldy heard)

-The only way to make sense of our actions in this situation is that we're both still in the mirror, so you're going to need my help to figure out how to get out.

-Since you still haven't properly tested your Horcrux network so you don't know if I will just enter it when I die, rendering it inoperable.
(If there is some reason I'm missing where Harry could be more confident he would come back then it would nicely follow up on Quirrell's lesson about learning to lose, since he has to die in order to defeat him)
dmitry.shornikov chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
The only reason I'm finally writing this is that NO ONE really thought of it. And it is really pretty strange from my point of view...

My answer for the Exam is that I'm confused. I'm extremely confused with all the events that are going on since the very 104 chapter. The Most Rational Villain Ever doesn't transform into The Typical Hollywood Villain without strong reasons. And I can't see any such reasons for Quirrell to start behaving stupid.

Ridiculously over constrained plan with the crowd at the corridor door. He said that this "should have pointed at Dumbledore", but he HIMSELF told Harry that this was "Not - Dumbledore - Because - Sprout -". And he knew that Harry would notice that.

Untrustworthy answers to some questions and the other questions that just wasn't spoken out loud, The Most Hollywood Dialog Ever (in the worst meaning of this) between Dumbledore and Voldemort at the Mirror, a performance with Death Eaters... All of this looks exactly like the prank that was performed with Rita Skeeter not so many time ago (you told us to remember this chapter, didn't you?). And even with all these "popular" versions with different kind of ways to use the partial transfiguration or the knowledge about Dementors, I still have the feeling of something being not quite right. I notice that I'm still confused even after hearing your explanations of what's going on (I mean the explanations from the 104-113 chapters), and I'll be EXTREMELY confused if Harry will manage to defeat 36 Death Eaters along with their Master when he is only in his first year and is placed in such conditions.

Maybe it isn't quite an answer since I didn't offer any script for Harry to told Voldemort. But you've offered us to try to set us to the Harry's place. And I know that with all these amazing and really priceless skills you've taught me with this Great Book I would be extremely confused at the Harry's place. And I would say... well... something like that:

"My greatest power is my strength as a rationalist. And I told you once that this power is your ability to be more confused by fiction than by reality. And yes, I'm extremely confused with all this crazy staff going on right now" (sorry, my English is actually quite poor to make this speech sounds properly according to Parseltongue vocabulary: I just can't invent appropriate idioms for the missed words like "rationalist" and organize speech weird enough for the snake's language).

And in any case, thank you, Mr. Yudkowsky, for this Wonderful Literature Masterpiece. It's changed my mind completely, and its great. Thank you.
FeepingCreature chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
tl;dr distract into ptransfig into underground fleshy protrusion to time turner

Distract Voldie with explaining the True Patronus. This is a genuine information-based attack against Voldie's utility function and thus a good distraction. If you know a better distraction, use that instead. At the same time, realize that your wand is touching your wand. PT conceptualize a thin strip of wand, a thin strip of arm, a thin strip of body, of leg, of foot, a small patch of foot, into a thin black fleshy protrusion going underground. Thin black fleshy protrusion should contain several bundles of nerves and several capillaries, for redundancy and reasons that will become clear. Extend tendril underground towards where you know the time turner to lie. (Use the nerves to gain feedback to your progress. If you can't find the thing, branch out probing tendrils to locate it. Map them to locations on your foot, it has high nerve density. This is why the tendril has to be black. Proceed calmly, but project a sense of desperation. (This is realistic.)) Slowly PTransfigure the ground under the time turner to lower it down. It's dark, people should miss it. At this point, you can try to turn it, but it probably won't work because wards. Instead, transfigure a tunnel of compacted dirt and use your fleshy protrusion to carry/push the time turner out of the area of the wards. Then use spring-loaded muscles/tendons to turn it.

The reason for the nerves/capillaries is to make sure that the protrusion is considered part of your body by the time-turner logic.

Use the additional hour wisely. Keep in mind that whatever plan you come up with has to incapacitate Voldemort before he can time-turner back. Viable approaches may include "go back to the mirror, Confundus yourself into Voldemort to save Dumbledore." (Not sure if viable, depends on how the Process works. Dumbles might be convinced to fake losing, if Harry somehow gets to him first.)
Toptomcat chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Attempt to stall.

Disclose that the secret of the True Patronus and Dementor control is *not* something that must be independently realized, and that Harry *could* have told it to V...but that the Oath prohibits the disclosure of that secret, since its disclosure involves a substantial risk of the world ending (since it could destroy the world by destroying everyone's capacity to cast the normal Patronus through memetic contagion, after which Dementors eat everyone.) Explain the idea of Comed-Tea exploitation by Confundus-sense-of-humor alteration. Ask if 'Harry Potter' can be the ally saved for this secret, get shot down, name someone else. Explain the idea of Muggle-Wizard currency/commodity arbitrage. Then, if time is still needed, explain the secret of Partial Transfiguration, slowly- explaining the necessary physics first, THEN what they allow you to do.

Use the time this grants to carefully consider and implement the following plan:

If Harry's wand is not already touching something, then over the course of the conversation gradually let it lower until it hits the floor, or Harry's leg- whichever requires a minimum of suspicious movement. Then test the partial-Transfigured creation of loops of anchored nanotube 'cheesewire' which are then Transfigured against tension to shorten and straighten, bisecting their contents. Test monomolecular wire, then 2 tubes braided into one, then four, then eight, and so on until sufficient strength is reached to not snap under substantial tension while still minimizing cross-section. Do this testing somewhere inconspicuous and sufficiently in-view of Harry so that he can do it without turning his head, and somewhere out of Voldemort's line of sight: perhaps take a snip or two off the hem of a Death Eater's cloak or shoelace. Refrain from appearing to concentrate on anything but the conversation above: per the opening of c. 58, this is probably possible due to how routine the mental effort of Transfiguration has become for Harry.

Then Transfigure loops of monomolecular wire around crucial parts of VoldemortDeath Eaters. Voldemort hovering is an obstacle: anchor lines on nearby trees, tombstones or obilisks and extend them from there to reach him. Encircle V to cause dismemberment and rapid exanguination- in particular, sever the carotid artery- but do *not* cause instant death through destruction of the brain or spine. Encircle Death Eaters to kill instantly. Anchor these such that the closure of the loops won't bisect Harry. In parallel, partial-Transfigure nanowire strings and attach to crucial resources like the Time-Turner, the cloak, and the Philosopher's Stone. Forcibly shorten the monowire loops around the Death Eaters to dismember them, then an instant later the ones around Voldemort and the ones attached to resources.

The entire testencircle process should be accomplishable in a very short timespan, since monowire has an extremely small volume and Transfiguration speed is based on volume. If possible, do the whole thing within the window of human reaction time (150-200 ms), since V is known to be able to sense HP's magic. By all means strive to do the whole thing within a second and separate the *tightening* of the loops around the Death Eaters and the tightening of the loops around Voldemort by no more than 150 ms.

V should now be pieces, in circulatory shock, badly hypoxic, disoriented from suddenly falling to the ground due to his torso having been cut off from his broomstick-arms, and *hopefully* unconcious. Attack him with Stuporfy and bodily envelopment by Patronus in rapid succession, the aim being to provoke magical resonance and disable. The magical-backlash incident in TSPE seems to indicate that unconsciousness through magical resonance renders V *truly* unconscious, without much awareness of surroundings or the option to de-possess the host. Throw on the cloak and pick up the Stone the instant after both spells are cast: verify unconsciousness and enforce with whatever other means are possible. Then quickly stabilize V- probably by closing his wounds through human Transfiguration, if necessary by directly Transfiguring his blood to oxygenate it- preventing death. The medium-term plan is to keep him unconscious and thus un-resurrecting until a better solution can be found- keep him that way forever? Oblivate him into uselessness?

Whether or not V's life can be saved, summon as much help as possible as fast as possible with as many redundant communications channels as possible. If V is alive, ask for maximally urgent help in stabilizing him. Whether or not the stabilize-V plan seems like it's working- whether or not he IS alive- get as much information about V's plans, capabilities and nature as possible to as many competent people as possible as quickly as possible.
Chris Sedlak chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Author’s notes, I won’t be hissing for Parseltongue, but instead be using these.

It was really looking like The Boy Who Lived, wouldn’t be holding onto his title for much longer.
Some help you are, what was left of Harry thought to his inner critic.
Well with a title like that, what were they expecting to happen?
Maybe if we use our patronus like a shield- started Gryffindor
We can’t reason with him, but if could provide proof that killing us is against his interests, maybe –considered Ravenclaw.
We have to keep him talking, tell him about the true patronous, he’ll never be able to use it, and even if he could, it’s the most good spellwe know, it couldn’t do any harm and we could save- desperately Hufflepuff said.
I don’t suppose he wants an apprentice? Sorry, I’m not much good if I can’t lie. Said Slytherin.
Voldmort doesn’t know about Flitwick’s homing spell, If we use it in combination- offered what remained of Harry inner Hermione.
Carbon nano-filaments are invisible, and highly conductive- Started his simulation of Richard Feynman- If we had our car battery we may be able to fry him...
Those and a million other thoughts surged through Harry’s head, as if seven thousnad or so voices all proposed their own solutions at the same time, each with their own merits and flaws.
It would take time to sort through this, time he didn’t have.

Time. He was going to need his timeturner.

Harry let out a breath like a balloon deflating, Lord voldemort, hovering just off the ground counting down the sixty seconds, really not helping his focus. His wand tip touched the ground, sinking ever so slightly into the soft damp earth.

As he tried to shut out his surroundings and THINK some part of Harry was vaguely aware that his eyes, which were still accepting photons but whose stimulus he was ignoring, were snapping back and forth across the ground, like a cat following a laser pointer, or like they do in REM sleep.

Finally, at about the 20 second mark, Harry hissed;
I… know secrets about the life eaters. Will you hear them?
Yes, but make no attempt to delay, or else I will kill you.
Mother, will be spared your wrath?
Yes. The time has stopped.

And so Harry told Voldemort everything he had come to know about dementors, not speaking slowly, but including every detail he could think of. Of course Voldemort would have realized that he was doing this, but he didn’t care; he had all the time in the world, and the detail may be relevant at some point in the future.

At the same time, Harry was using partial transfiguration; turning the dirt below his wand into his wand, growing it longer beneath the ground, curving it towards the slab on which his best friend lay, closer to his pilled equipment, which hardly seemed up to the task at hand.
It was not that hard of a transfiguration, since Harry had long since locked the stats of his wand -11" long, made of holly, and had a phoenix feather core- into his memory, and although there haddn’t been much information available about wandlore in the Hogwarts library, he had read it what felt like a lifetime ago when he was first investigating the functioning of magic.
It wasn’t much, but it seemed to be enough with magic doing most of the work, and harry just running the subroutine of copying his wand’s structure over and over again as it inched forward.

It wasn’t enough time though, Harry had just about reached his bag when he ran out of things to say about dementors.

Good. hissed the dark lord, the snake like language sounding more comfortable coming from his strange pale lips than English. Your mother will live. Do you have anyone else you wish to save?

Yes. I will tell you of the true patronus charm in exchange for my Father’s life.
Very well. I already think I know what solution you’ve come to, but I will hear what you say. His lips split into a- well not really a smile. Am I not a generous Lord little Tom?

What? Why was he saying that? Voldemort hadn’t gloated like this before, why was he doing it now? Could he see something Harry couldn’t? Was he trying to convince Harry that he’d thought he’d won already, so Harry would try the stupid plan he was thinking of? This was bad. Voldmort was an n1 player after all. All Harry could do was hope that he had what it took to be an n2, just for a little while.

And so Harry described the method for casting the true patronus charm to his arch nemesis, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to do any harm with it. By the time he was done, his wand had reached his stuff, and snaked through the loop of his bag of holding and was desperately feeling around in the dark for his time turner.

Harry was running out of things to trade with, he really didn’t want to have to tell him about his greatest secret, so instead the boy who lived described the method for summoning a phoenix, and that he had failed his own trial, and what he thought about their mentality and intelligence.

That reminds me boy, are you planning to betray me?

Harry felt his breath catch, but knew he couldn’t hesitate; Plan has no chance of success, cannot help thinking of it anyway. Not worth risking lives of those saved for.

The dark lord laughed, still in parseltong. I appreciate your honesty. What is this plan of yours?

Not complete. Considered freezing you by removing near-by heat with carbon nanotubes and cooling spell. Too slow though, and your minions would fire on me.

Correct. It would not work. Riddle the elder looked disappointed. Where would you get nanotubes? Scientists only made very short ones.

Can make with magic, have some in bag. Even still, not long enough, positioning them impossible from where I am.

All of this was true of course, Harry had prepared for most situations before coming here. Nothing this bad of course, but you never know when you might need nanotubes.
Harry had also considered using partial transfiguration to bring them out of the ground around his enemies, but it would have taken too long. Although you cannot lie in parseltoung, Harry found that he could pick among the many plans he had for defeating Voldmort to reveal. Trying to reach the timeturner was simply survival at this point, Harry had been trying not to think of what he wanted to do after he’d gotten it, and apparently this technicality was enough for the time being.

You are testing my patience, stupid boy. Phoenix not very useful to me. Why should that trivium be worth a life?

Pheonix teleportation can bypass Hogwarts wards, possibly other ancient protections. Possible to devise a spell mimicking effects- secret to better teleportation, possibly ability to be in more than one location, only theory though.

Acceptable, may be worth studying that phoenix which no longer has a master.

Oh ya, something was up. Quirrel would have seen the implications instantly, he was trying to convince Harry he was arrogant, complacent with his newfound power. He also would know that harry would see through this, but the question was which level was this on?

You have anymore secrets of worth?

Nevil. His life for the phenoix lore.

Really, him? “Id forgotten about that one, I will avoid harm coming to him.”

His switch to English has surprising difficult to notice, but harry wasn’t a complete idiot. He wasn’t even a little bit of an idiot, and wasn’t going to let that go. It would seem like Harry was had another plan if he didn’t remark on it. Of course that would prompt Voldmort to test him…

Didn’t say it in snake. Interjected the boy. I know Chaos-bottom will try to fight you, but how much trouble could it be to stun him, or chase away?

Still paying attention I see. Very well, I will spare his life and use other means to deal with him if he becomes a problem. Do you have any more plans to betray me, byt the way?

Same as before; I could destroy the graveyard if I had thought to bring enough high explosive. But you’d come back, I would not.

Pathetic. Where would you get high explosive?

Have some in bag; eight charges of C4, since I have not learned powerful destructive spells yet. Obtained by red twins somehow.

I will see what effect those have against a certain part of the school I’ve never been fond of. Thank you for armaments, although its unlikely they will contend with magic, so your friends have little to fear.

This next one is for Draco Malfoy, and of great worth to you I think, involves mirror.

I will not kill the boy. The dark wizard sounded intrigued, even through the hissing.
Tell me what you know, though this will be your last secret if it is not better than the last.

The words on the back of the mirror were, not sure if this will work in snake; "I show not your face but your heart's desire". You are winning now, you have defeated Dumbledore, have a plan for dealing with prophesy, have regained your own body and the philosipher’s stone and I am giving up my secrets to you, as if I am a desperate fool who has lost all hopes of defiance.

Lord voldemort was no longer smiling. In fact he looked serious, and very angry, his eyes blazing red in his deep sockets. Harry had already seen that this was only his new faces neutral expression however, so he continued.
He was fully focused on Harry, which was excellent considering his wand behind the alter had found his time turner, and quickly forming into a hand to grasp and turn it, hidden from the sight of the death eaters by the remains of Harry’s clothes, and from their master by the alter.

You stood in front of the mirror, as did I, and now it seems that everything has turned in your favor, you must have noticed this, but attributed it to your intelligence and planning. Not uncommon, is called the just world fallacy. You are smarter than everyone else, and so you deserve things to go your way, and when you achieve your master plan, that everything works just as you had inte
Flaas chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I really love your story and I want to take a tiny part in discussions of the final Harry's adventure.
Well, may be my idea isn't new. I also think that isn't quite rational, but I enjoy it :)
What if Harry snaps his fingers and then where'll be flying pies? Pies which will fly to Death Eater's faces (the situation will be like accident between Harry and slytherins in the beginning). Harry, while Eaters deal with pies, gets his Time-Turner, cloak of invisibility he goes to Hogwarts where he calls everybody to help him invisible seven- and six-year students throw pies to the Eaters :)

P.s. I am really sorry for my English
BIJoe chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Proposed solution:

Harry tells Voldemort (in parseltongue) that he does know of a power that Voldemort does not that is possible for Voldemort to acquire. When he says this, he is referring to partial transfiguration. When Voldemort presses for details, Harry refuses to divulge them and claims (in parseltongue if necessary) that giving further power to Voldemort could potentially lead to the destruction of the world and he is therefore required by the unbreakable vow to consult Hermione before revealing its secrets. Voldemort is unlikely to kill Harry with such a large amount of uncertainty in the prophecy (if this weren't the case, Harry would likely be dead already).

Key points:

1. If Voldemort has cause to believe Harry may destroy the world, Harry certainly has cause to believe Voldemort may do the same. Not only are they the same person at some weird and confusing level, but Voldemort has said he's learning Muggle science and he's doing so without supervision or a suitable cultural background. Harry telling Voldemort the secret to a prophesied power beyond his grasp would be CLEARLY dangerous and thus Harry cannot divulge that secret under the conditions of the Unbreakable Vow. Harry does however have powers that Voldemort wants to know about such as the transfiguration trick (any other useful abilities, however minor, could also substitute).

2. This strategy could easily be conceived by Harry in 60 seconds. He is almost forced into it, since he is being forced to reveal secrets that he cannot reveal due to the Unbreakable Vow. The only question really is whether Harry is rational enough to realize that Voldemort poses as much of an existential threat to the universe as he does and whether Voldemort is cautious enough to not kill Harry anyway.

3. This strategy requires no items, no particular skills, does not depend on deception (and thus cannot be seen through by Voldemort), and cannot be resolved by Voldemort except by killing Harry or by letting him consult with Hermione. Voldemort also cannot listen in on Harry's conversation with Hermione if the topic Harry is discussing is whether to provide Voldemort with information. It's a surprisingly powerful standoff.

4. Voldemort's questioning of Harry reveals that he cares about his answer to this question enough to stall in killing him. Harry revealing that there is hidden knowledge that Voldemort is unaware of AND that he has effectively been sworn to die (or talk to Hermione) before revealing that knowledge is the worst possible outcome of the question for Voldemort. Choosing to kill Harry in that position would be a huge gamble, and Harry can add to this by noting that his abilities may be related to preventing the heat death of the universe. I don't see any version of Tom Riddle choosing to kill Harry and lose that knowledge. There is no reason for Voldemort to make a hasty decision when Harry is not currently a threat, so at the very least Harry should live for another few minutes.

5. Concerning meta-gaming of this challenge, I would consider it disappointing if Harry relied on a particularly clever strategy to defeat Voldemort through deception or a better understanding of magical mechanics. Harry has a couple powers Voldemort does not, but Voldemort has a billion powers Harry does not know about as well. Deception is too easily foiled by parseltongue questioning, unless questioning is restricted in a way similar to the strategy described above.

Story Review:

It was not the worst fan-fiction I have read. Will be entertaining to see how Harry gets his limbs removed.
more plots more chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Hell, my last review got cropped. Here is the full version: /Q7SFpiJP
Someone or Other chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I have two suggestions, both hinging on Partial Transfiguration, which does not, I believe, require any wand movement or words.

The first is to PT the ground. The target form should be ground with 38 thin poles (low-mass) made of some very hard metal, such as steel. One pole should impale each of the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Each of the DE poles should be coated with a mix of various deadly poisons, both magical and mundane, such as basilisk venom and cyanide. These poisons should be liquid, so as to further inflict transfiguration poisoning on the enemies. If possible, they should be made such as to spear through the DE's hearts and brains.

Voldemort's pole should not be coated in poisons, not have liquid sections, and not spear through his vital organs. We need to keep him alive, so as to avoid his using his horcruxii to regenerate. So it should be designed to cripple LV and inflict debilitating pain, but not kill.

The other possible solution would be to Partially Transfigure the air around Voldermort the Death Eaters into a block of ultra-cold ice, meant to plunge them into instant deep freeze while keeping them alive, for the same reason we kept Voldemort alive above. Of course, the ice should be shaped such that it does not include Harry, Hermione, or important gear.

In either case, with the enemy disabled, Harry should use a True Patronus to summon the cavalry-Mad Eye Moody, I suppose. Then he can get dressed, wake up Hermione, return to Hogwarts, and take a well-deserved twenty four hour nap.

Incidentally, I do find myself confused about Voldemort's apparent stupidity in allowing Harry to keep his wand, or even his hands. If I were Voldemort, with his approach to ethics and decision making, Harry would not have his wand for one unnecessary second, his hands would have been removed (to prevent his ever possibly holding the wand again), and his Oath would have included a clause forbidding him to do anything to thwart any plan of mine. If there's some way to burn his magic out of him, that would also have been done. After all, Voldemort is only keeping Harry alive in hopes that he might teach him a last secret or two before dying; he hardly needs Harry alive and potentially powerful.
Sirius Beta chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Apologies about the earlier post by Sirius Alpha (ignore it if it turns up)! I'm new to FF and really don't know how anything works. My full post is below:

In retrospect, I should I written everything below in pseudo-code:

Many great and ingenious ideas have been posted. Though I cannot claim to be a perfect rationalist, if I were in Harry's position, naked, wand down, surrounded by 36 death eaters, a fully revived and coldly intelligent Voldemort, given only 60 seconds to respond to the mortifying situation, I would:

0. Panic, truly panic, faced with the idea of my own death. Everyone knows that the rational thing to do in a panic-situation is not panic, but when you are actually in a panic-situation, it's hard to actually not panic (bugs in the human hard/software). (First few seconds)

1. Shut up that part of my brain (I'm HPJEV, I've been to Azkaban and back) and begin to run through idea after idea in hopes of finding the key, the one detail that might save the situation, including: Transfiguring a weapon of some sort (time?), expecto patronus (use of wand?), any spells, backup (no cavalry allowed :(), look for signs of a timeturned-self who's ready to rumble ( cavalry), give in (and risk dying?).

2. Argue with Lord Voldemort (both to save my skin through argument and to stall for time to think of something else). Say that "My death is meaningless" (in parseltongue) because I've already made an unbreakable vow, it's impossible for me to destroy the world now, in fact now I might be able to preserve it, etc. If V asks at the moment my intentions/am I plotting, I can safely respond "am looking for ways to survive, no real plot planned, etc". If V ignores my arguments I'll turn the conversation and aggressively push for why the heck does Lord Voldemort believe that I'm the one who will "tear apart the very s-". Details, details, such as "am I specifically mentioned in the prophecy, what do 'I' tear apart?" and skillfully gain the terms of the prophecy in the process. If I have V's attention, I'll go on and refute portions of the prophecy (ex, tearing apart stars might refer to star lifting) and thus possibly bargain with V, ex by offering him a portion of my future power or by convincing him that the prophecy doesn't refer to armageddon. If V ignores this part and I'm about to die then (in fact, I could probably do this earlier) I'll push even harder and-

3. -convince V that the prophecy might also possibly refer to V himself. (If I'm dead at this point, well, that sucks). V has no "good" morals, but he does care about the world, so if he doubts himself he will obviously want to take steps to prevent himself from destroying the world. Insist that he has to take an unbreakable vow, identical to the one that H/I've taken earlier. No, he cannot wait until some 6 hours after he's done disposing me to do that: the sooner the better! Waiting will only increase the danger of the world being destroyed! No, I have no ill-intentions and I'm not planning any plot by doing this. I/H care about the world just as much as V does, so even if I die, as long as V is prevented from destroying the world everything's great.

4. Of course, I still want to live. If I'm still alive and V is taking an unbreakable vow (after further disabling me [say, binding my limbs and keeping the death eaters on their toes] [if I still have the wand, I'll make a note of Chekov's gun]), time for plotting (V can't ask for confirmation in parseltongue while he's taking a vow).

5. After this, the situation will dictate what action I/H will take (I've escaped imminent death, but I've haven't completely escaped). If I have the wand, partial transfigurate (if I haven't done so already) something (lots of theories about transfiguration already, no need to rant on here) or prepare for a patronus (it'll be nice to be able to summon one and send a message quietly, but this is probably not possible given the context) or some other spell. Look for timeturned self/other possible backup (cavalry allowed now?). Possibly plan to lunge at pouch and timeturner, to either take something out of the pouch or use the timeturner, in a way that would possibly decimate the death eaters (ex, move suddenly and then rapidly drop, either into the ground [or shoot straight up] so that they hit each other) (possibly use transfigured weapon). Implement any of the other plans that are appearing on the reviews list/subreddit. Really, what happens here is really open to interpretation. In any case,

*Notes of some sort*
*6. Don't leave Hermione behind. Yes, she has a troll's regenerative powers and the magic of a unicorn, but it'll be really dumb if I left her in a position where she can be used as a bargaining piece/blackmail by V against myself or any other part of wizardkind. I can timeturn myself away, but not without further plans to return on a different timeline and rescue Hermione. Likewise, if I do manage to survive, it'll be meaningless if Hermione doesn't so all possible solutions have to take Hermione's well-being into account.

*7. Voldemort. Earlier (in some chapter somewhere) Prof. Quirrel/V stated that the sense of Doom Harry felt came from Harry, not V. If the situation calls for it, I'll directly attack V with magic, but if it's not the best option, I will not attack with magic, because if V dies, he can be revived via a horocrux. If I die, I'm dead (unless Hermione does manage to revive me, which isn't exactly her style). Either incapacitate V in some way or avoid dealing with him completely.

*8. Death Eaters. Either completely wipe them out (using whatever method suitable), wipe out some and incapacitate the others, or tame them in some twisted plot into becoming minions loyal to H, not V (possibly by defeating V and "becoming" the new dark lord). It will not be a good idea for any of them to escape, because they might only cause further trouble.

*9. Figure out a way to rescue Dumbledore. This is quite important, because he (1) is a powerful wizard and (2) has political power (headmaster, in the govt) that probably should not fall to any other wizard (maybe McGonagall).

*10. There are other important things to remember, but the other comments have already dealt with them.

Thanks EY for the fun: it's the first time in a while I've actually had to think.
Thanks to the subreddit people who are taking time out of their personal lives to read this stuff for EY.
And thanks to all the other fans of hpmor for reading both hpmor and this review :)
Johnny Cat chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
This is a great story. Read it!

And while I feel I've not spent *enough* time on this, I'd like to at least attempt filling in the paper rather than sitting alone: Speaking truth in Parseltongue:

* Harry knows the "foreign" words he heard (Thrayen beyn Peverlas soona ahnd thrih heera toal thissoom Dath bey yewoonen) and his wand lighting up at his parent's grave, which no one else in the world knows about. Harry can allude to this secret, and may have to divulge it completely, as he believes it may contain hints towards true immortality. Further, it appears to have been linked to himself, Harry, and possibly won't work for anyone else. By itself, this information might be a reprieve from death, or just Sufficiently Interesting to buy Harry time (which isn't really winning but maybe qualifies as not being "immediate death").
* Best response to Voldemorte: The prophecy of Harry's vast destruction may concern Harry's long inheritance whereby he may be the one to defeat death. "THE LAST ENEMY THAT SHALL BE DESTROYED IS DEATH" - that would (in Harry's honest opinion) quite reasonably account for the prophecy Voldemorte heard, but Voldemorte has misinterpreted it severely and might be denying immortality to the world. If Voldemorte aspires to true immortality, Harry honestly believes he may be the only & last one alive to discover it, and tells Voldemorte this. Otherwise Harry believes Voldemorte is doomed to *not* achieve true immortality (or possibly a shell of existence and eternal torment and/or boredom after the heat death of the universe). Harry tells all of this to Voldemorte, who may have to decide if the prophecy he heard could possibly fit "finding immortality", especially given Potter family words passed down the years that explicitly call out 'destruction'. (A possible issue here is that Harry doesn't know the prophecy, so he can't be sure that Voldemorte will interpret this in a favorable way that let's Harry live.)
* Muggle science knows how the universe may end: Entropy & Heat Death of the Universe. Magic doesn't know how to stop this.
* Creation of life requires power of life-eaters; it's not just that you need to learn the power over life-eaters for yourself. "You, Voldemorte, cannot actually learn the secret." This is for the same reasons Harry cannot cast the second level of Avada Kedavra: Harry lacks indifference, while Voldemorte has it in spades. Harry truly believes this, so Voldemorte should believe it *enough* from the Parseltongue, even if he thinks there's a chance Harry is wrong. If Voldemorte ever needs this power, Harry is the only source of it. Keep Harry around! (It's not clear if Harry will need to divulge all details here or not, since explaining it to Voldemorte means he probably WON'T ever achieve second level Patronus... but since Harry is speaking Truth in Parseltongue, Voldemorte *should* trust him, being rational, so the full explanation shouldn't be required.)
* This feels like cheating and not a great answer in-story anyway: MAYBE Harry is aware of other Sentient-existential threats that Voldemorte may have trouble dealing with, such as Unfriendly AI or recurring global catastophes (extinction of dinosaurs coming around again, etc.). But I can't actually justify Harry knowing all these things (especially given the "time" in the universe), and they probably are just temporary reprieves anyway, once explained to Voldemorte. But Harry *might* try these as last ditch efforts if he knew them.
FrostUser chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
"you may name one more of thosse to insstead be protected and honored under my reign"
1. These words of Voldemort have to be clarified. If it means that LV will swear not to kill them and stop DEs from doing so in every possible situation than this plan will be able to succeed.
2. In exchange for some secret (Over 9000 secrets are already mentioned in other reviews), name Lucius Malfoy (presumably Mr. White).
3. Relay this information to Lucius Malfoy via Legilimency.
4. If Lucius moves closer, he will obstruct line of fire for over DEs.
5. If DEs start to fire spells at Lucius, LV will have to attack them. (Hopefully _)
In the best case Harry and Lucius will be able to apparate away. Otherwise this might be an opportunity for Harry to flee (or perform big transfiguration attack).
Lord Voldemort chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Well, thank you for informing me off all this idiot child.

I suppose permanently killing you would be a mistake. I will make you into a horcrux instead.

When I'm in need of your perspective I shall create as many Harry Potters as I require by imprinting the horcrux on a child. With all the necessary precautions to dismantle them, of course.

I will make your parents into horcruxes too, in case you are ever lost to me and I need to replicate your creation.

Thank you idiot child and good bye.
RBK-WM chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
TL;DR: Distract Death Eaters and Voldemort (and set them up against each other), hide, send patronus to Moody, ?, RUN!
Tag: Transfiguration (magnesium); without killing

1. Harry should play for time and tell Voldemort minor secrets:
1.1. Story about Peverells and their headstone.
1.2. About "allele of magic" (Voldemort said "mudblood"!).
1.3. About self awareness of Sorting hat. Plus: not dangerous; Voldemort should be interested in equal interlocutor; chance to know if Hat asked not to be wearing by him and not only by Harry and Baba Yaga (and 12 others); minus: breaking the oath.
1.4. NOT about dementors.

2. During (1) Harry should:
2.1. Mention that Voldemort Monro. Because what if some Death Eaters know Parseltongue (Voldemort said "mudblood"!)? (or even if one of them is Tom Riddle too: for example by using diary from The Secret Chamber or one of other old-style horcruxes).
2.2. Make eye contacts with Death Eaters (not Grim or one of Macnair's killers). Because of Legilimency, yeah. Priority #1: (Malfoy?).

3. Transfigure chemical burn of wand (or air itself?) to something noisy and/or bright (Death Eaters and Voldemort watch at him and his wand in darkness, so flash should blind them for several seconds). Good choice is magnesium set fire by other chemical reactions. Well, Harry may know better option.

4. If Harry needs more time: could horcrux of Tom interact with Harry (Tom)? Resonance between his spirit (after the death) and horcrux network could bring destruction. Voldemort should test his system with someone else first. Plus: Require time (but may be performed in parallel with torture). Minus: Require at least two deaths.

5. Harry should use confusion and run to Hermione. Voldemort cannot fire at Harry and he forbade Death Eaters to shoot at Hermione - second confusion. And, yeah, she is invulnerable.
6. Create Patronus and send it to Alastor Moody (he and Aurors should use Time-Turners and bring one to Harry).
7. Shout: "Lord Voldemort is David Monroe! He wants to substitute you all!" - yeah, confusion.
8. Well... "Ride Quirrell off to the east", if needed after #6. Wake Hermione. Try take your (or Quirrell's) items. Call your chest, Harrwind! Too many variables.

9. Harry didn't Transfigure weapon to his glasses (111), but it is in his style to Transfigure defence to something that always with him (possibly something created by muggle - ch.98). And he could detransfigure anything without wand now - just by touch.

Risks: If someone invisible (Bellatrix) wait Harry near the Hermione, than… yeah. And if Voldemort could take Time-Turner too (but he knows something about future, then possibly not himself will be wait Harry in past/present).
(PS: I'm sorry for my English. And thank you for HPMOR.)
Shaomada chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
First we might as well a few secrets for Voldemort. Might make him less suspicios when we run our plan later, and in the unsurprising event Voldemort will survive we will still have his promisses, Harry worrying about less people is probably unimportant but still nice. Voldemort might consider the way the sorting hat works usefull (running your own software on other peoples minds), who the hairs of Griffendor are (no reason why there shouldnt be secret knolege hidden for them) and if we are lucky even Harrys knolege about Phoenices usefull, for whatever plots. Might try to give him hints how to learn the mindset for the true Patronus.
Finally we tell him what we know about partial transifguration, and offer to demonstrate a transiguration. As success depends on to Voldemort not expect anything, we are offering to not use our wand and demonstrate partial detransfiguration using a normal stone which we transifgured before. Now lets hope we can avoid questions by telling Voldemort, who doesnt yet have much physical knolege, in Prasel we are intending to detransfigur only the inside of the stone. If allowed drop our wand, take the ring which we need to touch, and position ourselves as explained later. Detransfigur the inside of the gem. We now have a weapon which might come unexpeted to anyone else. We dont have much actuall knolege on what it is exactly supposed to mean for the gem to contain a giant rock without changing its boundary, but it sounds pretty instable and explosive to me. If we are lucky, we are asked to hand the stone to voldemort. If yes, we can throw it to him, if not, we rather drop it. Hope for an explosion and to get rit of Voldemort for a few minutes. Really, its just hoping, im in no way sure this is how it works, but if not, its not like our death will get any worse. As positioned previously we and as much tools as possible get knocked in direction of Hermione. We drink her blood. Hermione herself will be fine for her regeneration power. In a perfect world we got rid of all deatheaters, take the transfiguration stone, go one hour back, search someone to apperate us into an anonymous portion of space and live for some time transifuring air and food with the stone while thinking about a way to beat Voldemort. In a realistic world, hope we can grab the time tuner, go one hour back and run the hell away. You dont really need to take Herminone, her live is promised to you, but you have to be right next to her anyway, so you probably can and thus should as she is your friend, smart and usefull.

This is no realy good solution, but i feel like it might at least have a small chance of working, from the assumptions about Voldemorts behaviour to the assumption on how physics and magic work when used this way.

If the plan succeeds in any way we might even try for a stange ideas: Send some Auror as far back in time as you can let him try to reach the mirror first and make him belive he's Voldemort. Give the Auror some orders for Dumbledor who will use the stone to transfigure the Auror in another Dumbledor and place that copy in the mirror.
Harry doesnt know enough wizards who have a magic even close to Voldemorts, so you probably shouldnt just let him get imprisoned if you can avoid it. Just as well I think Quirrel might be a decently usefull Wizard as he maneged to get to one of the Horcruxes, so using your Patronus to revert the deathcurse, which seemingly should be possible as the deathcurse only kills and the patronus charm revives stuff which is allright except for being dead, might be a good idea, even if we unfortunatly have to give up some live and magic. Even if we want, we probably cant just carelessly resurect anyone but only usefull people. Maybe search for Merling or something like that? Also, defenetly try to turn ghosts into level-2-ghosts by patronussing them, more than worth a try.
chaosmage chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
First Harry should give away the wand as a gesture of goodwill.

Then Harry should point out that Voldemort is acting on way too little information concerning the nature of the risk. What if Harry dying triggers the Apocalypse?

Then he should point out there's an absolutely trustworthy source of information available to help solve this problem: the Oracle AI, um, Mirror of Erised. The thing is insanely powerful, built to avoid the world's destruction and vetted by Merlin to do so successfully: What could be a more obvious ally for Voldemort's attempt to defuse the Prophecy?

So instead of the risky act of killing Harry, Voldemort should bring him before the mirror, learn what is to be learned that way, and then proceed in a more informed fashion. While being reflected, Harry could be blindfolded, to make sure only Voldemort gets the relevant information.

Since there's no obvious way of teleporting the Mirror away from Hogwarts, this should at least buy a couple of minutes, i.e. evade immediate death. So this is viable regardless of what happens before the Mirror, e.g. whether they find out they're inside the Mirror or not, whether Harry can summon a swarm of Phoenixes from the Mirror using his now-vowed-to-be-excellent moral outlook, or whether Cedric has managed to alert Moody.
sheepfly chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours.

The voices crescendoed, decrescendoed, crescendoed again, gibbering and screaming and roaring and


For sixty seconds, at least, Harry could suppress the panic that threatened to swallow him and THINK. There was time enough to sort out the potential solutions and then triage based on likelihood of achieving a good outcome, good being survival of people other than Voldemort, not meaningfully increasing Voldemort’s power, stopping Voldemort altogether, or some combination of the preceding. The trouble was, Harry’s mind was already racing ahead of itself.

The obvious self-interested solution, of course, was to offer Voldemort a single trick which was tactically worthless but unique. Because the offer was for any person of Harry’s choosing to survive and Voldemort had made no stipulations against it, Harry could choose himself and force Voldemort to spare him long enough to think of a more permanent solution.

But it was clear that Voldemort, regardless of any promises he made in Parseltongue or otherwise, would never honor such an arrangement, and Harry would die after teaching Voldemort the secret of summoning wingless bats.

Since Harry still had his wand in hand for no discernible reason, another option would be to subtly complete partial transfiguration of a deadly but invisible airborne agent while allowing the Transfiguration of his glasses to wear off, deploying the rapidly self-inflating (and fortunately self-sealing) shelter around Harry. It would be poetic justice to have the Death Eaters defeated by supposedly impossible magic and a mere Muggle invention.

But this solution would not defeat Voldemort, and moments later Harry would be dead if he could not remove the portkey from his rectum in time.

So, regardless of how flawed and insane Voldemort’s terms were, Harry might try to play along. For the sake of his parents, he considered offering the secrets to constructing an organization of less-intelligent individuals who could nevertheless intelligently pursue their leader’s goals on their leader’s behalf even in the leader’s absence. It was clear that Voldemort had not actually figured that bit out and perhaps did not want to, yet the Dark Lord also did not enjoy the real legwork required to reach his goal of world domination-he enjoyed certain aspects of the planning and execution, but very few of them indeed. Just as it would have been for Harry.

However, unlike Harry, Voldemort claimed that his “great joy in life” was “killing idiots.” So, even a utilitarian insight that could reduce effort, increase effectiveness, and more equitably distribute frustration and boredom during the violent takeover of the world stood a good chance of being rejected out of hand and reducing the time which Harry had to work with once he started speaking.

The achingly obvious recourse at that point was to give Voldemort what he clearly was asking for-some new, fundamental insight into existence which was powerful, useful, and potentially deadly in the hands of a wizard. But that was like asking yourself, at the last minute on a final exam, how to change your grade from failing to perfect. It was not a realistic request to ask of yourself-and according to credible sources, Harry was Tom Riddle, with some notable differences, one of them quite recent. And that was the biggest obstacle of all.

Even if Harry could think of something to offer Voldemort that would not be found wanting, he could not actually bring himself to say it aloud. The Unbreakable Vow was in place now, binding Harry with his own magic as much as anything else. Any meaningful idea he offered Voldemort here and now could very well be fulfillment of the prophecied destruction, could it not? Somehow, he could not bring himself to say anything, even to save his parents, even to save himself, if he could not first consult with Hermione Granger.

Hermione Granger, who was now alive and- He looked over at the girl’s body, resting peacefully on the dark altar. Hermione Granger, who- Wait, something did not feel right. The more Harry thought about telling Voldemort something actually useful, the more he knew he first had to consult Hermione Granger, the more his eyes looked at the sleeping form, the more he KNEW something was not RIGHT oh GOD OH GOD

Whoever, whatever, that was resting on the altar, it was NOT Hermione Granger.

The Unbreakable Vow which Harry had so recently taken was designed by Voldemort himself to be foolproof even against deception of Harry’s senses or the clouding of his mind, even by wizardly means, even by internal mechanisms such as wishful thinking. And what he was experiencing right now was the dread certainty that he needed to speak with Hermione Granger, but that THING was not her.

Something here was very wrong. And it had not just been the all-too-easy revivification of Hermione Granger, nor was it the cartoonish body that Voldemort seemed to believe was his true form. (Based on what, Dumbledore’s proclamation that anyone who could pretend to be Voldemort really was Voldemort?) Harry had silently questioned at the time whether the Resurrection Stone retrieved from the Mirror was the genuine article and things had gone more than a little bad after that, but the question still remained unanswered, and Voldemort had naturally given only himself the opportunity to test the hypothesis that the Stone was genuine. If it was a fake designed specifically to fool Voldemort, it was working perfectly so far.

There were other things nagging at Harry. The unexplained arrival of the other students outside the forbidden chamber. Dumbledore’s abrupt appearance on the other side of the mirror, without reinforcements or any coherent plan. Dumbledore’s pointless villainous monologue which served only to give Voldemort the opportunity to turn the tables. (Certainly, Voldemort would expect that of someone whom he considered his mental inferior, but Dumbledore had consistently surprised Harry and-by his own admission-Voldemort when reacting to crisis moments.) Dumbledore’s pointless sacrifice to save Harry, who was merely a copy of Tom Riddle and helpless hostage of Voldemort, whatever else he might be. And those Important Looking Things Dumbledore had thrown aside, out of the reflection of the Mirror, what had become of them?

Harry’s blood froze. OUT of the reflection. As in, not trapped within the reflection. As in, on the REAL side of the Mirror. Unlike Quirrell, and possibly Harry, at the time. Yet there had been no trace of that wand or rod of dark stone on Harry’s side of the Mirror, even after Dumbledore vanished. Voldemort had not even troubled to try to retrieve them, meaning- Meaning-

Time moved forward, and the seconds ticked by.

“The Processs of the Timelesss,” Harry whispered.

“What did you ssay?” hissed Voldemort, eyes flashing. “That trap wass Dumbledore’ss downfall. I have no usse for it or any of the Mirror’ss other trickss.”

“Not offering to show you how to usse it,” Harry hissed back, before he could stop himself. “I am ssaying we never defeated it. I am ssaying all of this”-he looked around, meaningfully; it was all he could do-“is sstill part of the trap, just a scant attempt to show uss-mosstly you-our fondesst wishess...”

Voldemort started to say something, but it was too late.

Out of time.

Harry felt more than saw the shelter explode outward from his face, pushing him down to the ground as green and red bolts arced overhead, pushing the now successfully Transfigured gas (Harry reminded himself not to inhale) out and away toward the Death Eaters who had been so conveniently arranged in a semicircle, whom the Dark Lord had so considerately allowed Harry to stand facing in what should have been his final moments. Harry reached swiftly for the portkey (this was the part that he hated)-
Jean chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I don't think Voldemort is using his best move here. Harry is not a perfect Occlumens ; reading his mind directly (Voldemort is specifically mentioned as not even needing eye contact) is a much more efficient way of finding out anything he needs and while taking less risks. He also can simply False Memory Charm Harry into thinking he's in one of the any number of situations where he needs to tell everything of use to Voldemort - on the top of my head, that Dumbledore was revealed to be evil, and Quirrell had to wrestle with him and barely escaped with Harry but there are pressing matters and something something.
The memory charm in particular is extremely hard to get out of. Indeed, Voldemort can get Harry to do *whatever he wants* with this.
Also I'd expect Voldemort to be carrying time turners with him at all times ? Surely it would not have been difficult to convince Dumbledore or McGonagall to let him have one or two.

That being said, here is my solution :

We need to show that immediate-Harry-survival is more advantageous than immediate-Harry-death to Voldemort. We have several arguments to this effect.

*** The first and most immediate one, and the less risky because it complies directly (and makes use) of Voldemort's rules is to offer partial transfiguration. It's an ability that Voldemort saw the results of in Azkaban so he knows it can be very useful.
The problem with partial transfiguration is, it requires deep understanding of timeless quantum physics, which does not come to anyone overnight. Whether Harry teaches it or Voldemort studies it on its own, it will take days, and Harry will need to be alive afterwards to explain how it works AFTER Voldemort masters quantum theory.
Then we'll need to extract as much compliance as we can from Voldemort for this secret. Harry got himself some leverage with this, but there is a limit ; he can't barter for, e.g., Voldemort shelving his plans of world domination for the purposes of learning partial transfiguration as Voldemort would simply decline and kill him.
We do have to barter for something immediate though : immediate-not-death versus immediate-death-then-resurrection-later to explain. Harry can say he will refuse to explain later if killed now and then resurrected. Unfortunately that relies on Voldemort not realizing he can just memory charm Harry out of this - but since he's already not realizing it right now, maybe he won't realize it later.

Now, if Voldemort is amenable to speak about anything else at all, we have additional arguments :
*** Second reason why Harry is more useful to Voldemort alive now than dead : Voldemort plans to slay Bones, Crouch, Moody and Scrimgeour in short order. He seems confident he'll do this, but took Harry as a hostage to use against Dumbledore. Moody in particular is still a formidable adversary, and even if Voldemort is confident he can overpower him, we can argue that hostage-Harry is additional powerful leverage against Moody and Bones.

*** A third argument for Harry's survival is the following : as far as Harry knows, the second prophecy starts with "He is coming" (reading from chapter 21 and 86, though chapter 89 says "He is here" instead). As Harry pointed out, Harry is already here and has been for a long time. Voldemort could be better described as "coming" than Harry was, and if so, another Tom Riddle working against Voldemort is probably his best option to avert the world destruction.
Of course Voldemort does not want a destroyed world because that would have no value to rule over ; but that doesn't extend to getting rid of himself to avoid the world being destroyed (still no value to him). Thus, have himself taking a similar vow to the one he made Harry take seems like a reasonable first precaution, but having Harry work against his possible destroying the world has good value.
There is also the possibility that it's another, third person, and then their combined might stands a better chance at averting the world's destruction.

Dumbledore also heard the full prophecy and still thought it was not about Harry, as evidenced by his own sacrifice to save Harry's life. Dumbledore has not been known to be shy about sacrificing his pawns for the greater good, but in this instance he thought his own loss was more desirable to the world than that of Harry. Voldemort may put that up to Dumbledore's sentimental fondness clouding his reasoning when he had only a few seconds to make the choice, but we can point out that Dumbledore probably had thought of sacrificing Harry many times in advance. Dumbledore was not a fool, he had the most information of all characters (he heard both prophecies first hand), did not wish for the world's destruction, may have viewed "Voldemort domination" as "world's destruction", and still thought Harry a more important piece than himself.

Of course we also don't know what events may lead to the world destruction - Harry's death may be the trigger.

With all of that I think we can argue that considering the information we have, a world with Harry alive has a better probability of not being destroyed than a world with Harry dead.

*** A fourth, interesting argument is to point out at past, Voldemort-provided evidence that the only time when he really had fun is when he was plotting against Dumbledore because Dumbledore was intelligent. And now Dumbledore is no more, and Harry is the only one with whom skirmishing may keep him entertained and surprised. He even went through a lot all year to make him better over time. That's pretty much why he duplicated himself within Harry in the first place.
Now, as stated in chapter 108 Voldemort knows this and does not *want* to kill Harry ; he thinks he has to because of the prophecy. But growing another Tom Riddle to keep him entertained will take at least another 10 years ; is Voldemort willing to accept 10 years of boredom in exchange for killing Harry now ? It's not obvious that the incremental risk of letting Harry live a few more days, months, years is worth all the boredom. Battling against Harry for a few years until he has grown another opponent (one that is not prophecized to destroy the world) is marginally less safe but immensely more satisfying and should win in Voldemort's utility function.

What's strong about this option is that it actually does bypass the problems with memory charms ; to fulfill the role of entertaining and surprising opponent, Harry needs to be acting on his own will rather than as a puppet.

And there you have it - that's what I've been able to come up with in, to the best of my ability, in the last 60 hours. Hope Voldemort will find at least one of the arguments compelling and lets us have the real end.
RockstarRaccoon chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Ok... So... Having not followed this story well, and having limited brain-capacity to think on it...
Here is what I think I would attempt I were Harry in this situation.

- Harry is hopelessly out-maneuvered and out-gunned here: there is no fighting, and Voldemort is smarter than him, so he probably can't just trick him.
- Harry is armed with only his Wand, and (more powerful than that), his brain.
- Voldemort's utility Function cannot be changed: he wants to live forever in peace, but he hates all the stupid people and will feel utterly alone without him.
- Voldemort wants to kill Harry because, due to his interpretation of 2 vague prophesies, he's pretty sure Harry is going to kill him, either directly or by destroying the world.
- If Harry attempts to say anything or move his wand, the Death Eaters will immediately attack, meaning he cannot rely on any use that uses that spell.
- Even if Harry Escapes, Voldemort will still track him down and make short work of him.
- Two Rational Agents (such as Harry and Voldemort), working from the same priors, will not disagree.

Harry's only real escape is to talk Voldemort out of it by rationally convincing Voldemort that he should not kill him. Preferably never, but at the very least, not yet. The only way to do this is to alter the priors which have lead to this disagreement, in which case, talking in a way where you cannot lie is actually the best method to do so.

My Solution:
Harry needs to start setting up his failsafe right at the beginning (I'll end with that), because this has a good chance of failing. In the mean time, he needs to start talking: he needs to convince Voldemort that Harry is not going to destroy the world, while still giving him secrets.

As a secret, Harry can explain to him the partial-transfiguration thing (while walking himself through the steps, namely on the ground beneath the Death Eaters). It's probably going to be a bit much for Voldemort to master at once, so he'll need to give him books to read, meaning he won't have it that second.

Now, Harry needs to walk Voldemort through a few trains of thought.

He needs to ask Voldemort why he (Voldemort) would destroy the world. This is a good way to get Voldemort to understand that Harry would not do something he thought would destroy the world. Not a big deal, as Voldemort probably doesn't think he'd do it on purpose, but simply the only way to find an angle from which to start making him doubt that Harry would actually do that.

He needs to tell Voldemort how his patronus works: the concept of conquering death. This is a good way to lead into the idea that Harry wants to, and actually believes he can conquer death, which would be the "end of the world" as we know it. That would be a much more secure take on immortality than Voldemort's web of horcruxes, which don't sound like it worked out very well for him anyway.

This is where he needs to explain the "tear apart the stars" bit: defeating death and conquering the universe is going to take alot of energy. The amount of energy that is in the distant stars in un-colonizable systems. Harry needs to explain the theoretical Muggle technology that he will end up using eventually through magic: tearing apart stars to fuel the human race's progress machine.

This should at least give Voldemort a rational take on the prophecy other than "Harry is going to destroy the world."

Finally, with this doubt laid down, Harry needs to talk to Voldemort about why he left him alive so far: secrets is not the only reason. Voldemort wants 2 things: immortality and entertainment. The rush of homicide is fleeting. But Harry would be a potentially endless source of interest. This doesn't seem like a secret, but it is: this is a power of friendship, which Voldemort does not understand, but is beginning to believe in.

That's right: Harry needs to befriend Voldemort. Because Friendship is Magic.

Of course, this requires Voldemort making a choice between TWO gambles: letting Harry live for now and risking his own death, and killing Harry and being left utterly alone. Of course, if he takes the second option, Harry's kept it going long enough to set up a single failsafe: the only spell which would work here...

If the 60 seconds pass without him managing to do this, he needs to transfigure the ground beneath the Death Eaters into Water, thus preventing them from getting a shot in before getting dunked. I say "water" and not "lava", because, as we learned in Quirrel's first class, Harry has a problem with lethality, which Harry wishes to change and so far has not acted on. Also, Lucious is probably there, and that'd kill his ally, and hurt his friend Draco.

Once he does this, he can accio the Time Turner to escape, or at least do SOMETHING. Actually, if I remember right, the Time Turner's limiting mechanism will alert the Ministry if he attempts to circumvent it, so if he does that that's useful right there.

I dunno, that's my take on it. I know my roommate who's much more diligent about it had his own solutions, which were a bit more clever, but this seems like a rational enough course of action to me.
supainanoko chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
A solution:
While beginning to explain partial Tranfiguration, Harry asks if he may make a demonstration of this. Even if he is not given permission, he transfigures the air in front of his wand into Comed-Tea. (The Death-Eaters have no orders regarding Harry's transfiguring anything, only his speaking English, and free Transfiguration is wordless so they may not fire as doing so might risk Voldemort's displeasure at losing the secret.) If he has permission to do so, he may be able to aim it at Voldemort's or a Death-Eater's mouth, or even his own mouth if need be; if not, perhaps he can get it to ricochet. As soon as anyone drinks it, confusion will ensue, in which case he casts the Patronus charm as that will likely protect him against Killing Curses and runs for his pouch, which has many useful things, including a Time-Turner, which allows him to escape to the past. If he thinks he has been in the graveyard for more than an hour, he retrieves the invisibility cloak first so as not to incur a paradox. Once he has escaped to the past, he calls Fawkes so they can be ready to step in and save Hermione/destroy Voldemort as soon as the hour has passed and his past self has left.
Graham Muise chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
The challenge says that the goal is the not be killed immediately (which I take to mean more than 60 seconds). Any attempt to take out all the death Eaters and Voldemort simultaneously seems like such wishful thinking that it really isn't worth considering. The only thing Harry can do, other than talk (assuming any wand movement will get him killed, and recalling transfiguring gas into anything else failed when previously tried), would be to unstick his glasses by using point-of-contact 'finite', which he just learned. Unless his glasses are something else that has been transfigured into glasses, unsticking them would be useless. IF his glasses WERE, in fact, something else, I don't know what would help in a situation where one assumes portkeys and time turners aren't going to work, due to previously mentioned wards. Even on the VERY off chance that Harry's glasses are actually a bomb that goes off when in contact with the air, while that may delay Voldemorts plans and take out a few Death Eaters, it doesn't actually accomplish the goal of prolonging his life.

***On a sidenote, if anybody can think of a way to use Harry's glasses, which he still has and which are known to be enchanted, potentially hiding a different enchantment, please use it, as my imagination is unfortunately not up to the task.

It seems like, in this situation, Harry's best bet is to appeal to Voldemort's desire to take every precaution imaginable to prevent Harry from destroying the "world". While Harry does not know the exact wording, Harry can point out that, if it doesn't mention him by name, it may not be about him. That in and of itself will do nothing to prevent Voldemort from killing Harry, if only as a precaution, but then Harry can use the fact that they are both Tom Riddle to put doubt into Voldemort about how the prophecy could unfold. This could be done by hypothesizing that since Harry and Voldemort are magically recognized as the same person, the prophecy could be fulfilled using Voldemort as a catalyst instead of Harry. Harry can, and would, swear in parseltongue that he would tell Voldemort this for the sole purpose of ensuring that the world does not come to destruction, by his hands or otherwise, since the destruction of the world is something Harry sees as a BAD thing. Harry can also point out that his death may be what triggers the cataclysm, and he may safer is he was frozen, or time-locked, or in some other way removed from reality (which would probably take a little bit of time to orchestrate), especially since, while Harry cannot make any decision that would lead to the destruction of the world, due to the vow, since he is not making the choice to be murdered in the most thorough way possible, there is no guarantee that his death isn't the trigger. In fact, if Harry offers to choose to have himself killed, so that the vow backs up that decision, since he shouldn't be able to choose an option the results in the destruction of the world, in exchange for 5 more minutes of life, then while that may not help Harry actually survive the whole ordeal, if we're going with the victory condition "survive longer than the next 60 seconds", it qualifies. All this hinges on Voldemort seeing Harry make a vow-bound decision to do everything he can (ie embrace the most hated enemy that is Death) to help prevent the end of the world as worth the risk of keeping him alive another 5 minutes.

This is a technical victory at best, and doesn't have an extremely high chance of succeeding, but many of the solutions that have been posted/mentioned to me by fellow HPMOR fans seem to have low chances of success as well, so hopefully this helps cover one of the gaps that may lead to a possibility of succeeding.

I suppose Harry could mention that maybe, since they're the same person, or at least magically recognized as such, he might survive due to the horcruxes as well, but seeing as Voldemort knows significantly more about the horcruxes than Harry, it is likely that he will know whether or not that even makes sense, and will have taken the answer into account (regardless of what it is). Still, it is possibly worth throwing into the list of things Harry should say VERY quickly to Voldemort to sure that the Dark Lord takes more time to be even more thorough with his steps to prevent Harry from potentially destroying the world.

tl;dr Harry's glasses have potential, but convincing Voldemort to take even more secure steps to make sure that he doesn't bring about an end to the world (which none of the death eaters suggested, and voldemort showed displeasure at that fact) seems like the best bet to stall for time. Past that...good luck.

(This is my first time leaving a review, and I would just like to say thank you, for both your story and the resources you have made available. Hopefully at least one of us lives up to your expectations.)
agent of weirdness chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
I have been thinking about this since I finished 113 on Saturday, trying to come up with something that might work that is also something that Harry could do and would do.
I think that he would share with Voldemort what he knows, not only to save his mom and dad but also because he wouldn't want to die without passing on his unique knowledge of magic.
As far as I can see, Harry has only two powers that Voldemort doesn't know or understand-his power to partially Transfigure matter and his ability to cast a True Patronus Charm. Explaining how he does these is probably not enough to make Voldemort capable of doing them, particularly not the Patronus, but I think that Voldemort would be willing to listen to these explanations anyway, and it would buy Harry more time to think. It would also allow him to put forth his mother and his father to be saved, and they are his priorities, since Hermione is already safe.
I spent the hours since Saturday evening re-reading the whole story as fast as I could, to really get a fix on who Harry and Tom Riddle/Voldemort/David Monroe/whoever are as characters. Basically, it seems like they are nearly the same. But there is one huge, fundamental difference between them, the same one that JKR identified in her books.
Harry is capable of caring, love, and friendship, while Tom Riddle is not and never was.
Every other part of their personalities are aligned, except for this one thing. Tom Riddle has always been, not merely evil, but empty inside, and Harry is the opposite of empty inside. The ability to love is what separates the empty from the merely ruthless.
Tom Riddle sees this ability, if not as a weakness, then definitely as an incomprehensible oversight. But every weakness can also be a strength. Tom Riddle grasps Harry's capability to truly care about others enough to exploit it, but not enough to anticipate how Harry might be able to use it against him.
Because Tom Riddle can't understand why Harry cares about others, he also can't understand how the True Patronus Charm is cast, or how it really works. Just as Harry is incapable of the indifference to human life required to cast the True Killing Curse, so is Tom Riddle incapable of valuing human life enough to banish Death.
Guest chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry offers to teach Voldemort partial Transfiguration. While explaining the theory, he Transfigures a very thin segment of his wand along his body and across the ground towards Voldemort. When the wand is touching V/V's skull, Harry Transfigures Voldemort's brain into his own, surrounded by saline. If the Horcrux network is attached to Voldemort's true body and not his brain or soul, Harry can AK himself to get into the Horcrux network and win.
SalivationArmy chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry utilizes the full 60 seconds provided to him and then begins to buy time using the "Stall" tactics covered in the Unified Solutions Thread at r/hpmor.

This tactic is meant to buy him time to partially Transfigure the elements necessary to brew a Potion, utilizing either his own blood and the genetic material therein to expend the magic of both himself and Voldemort and render them both Muggles (counting on Hermione to use the Philosopher's Stone to Transfigure him back to his previous state), or utilizing the putrescine/cadaverine of any bodies beneath him to summon a Dementor (Voldemort does not believe the Dementors can kill him but may not be correct, and will at least need to deal with this new problem thus avoiding imminent death).
Colin chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry can transfigure a small line of poisonous material (or carbon nanotubes or the like) that branches out from his wand through the air to penetrate each and every Death Eater, killing them.
pilgrims1 chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Solution 1: Harry creates his Patronus inside Hermoine again, and feeds it all his life energy, so they both live inside her immortal body.

Solution 2: As per the prophecy, Voldemort reduces Harry to a shred of his formal self, and the life force Harry has given to Hermoine already lets him live through the construct of Harry that Hermoine has created in her head, inspired by Harry's previous suggestion.

Solution 3: Harry states, "My death will destroy the universe" in Parseltongue, referring to the construct of the universe created by his consciousness, as he conceives the universe. This is, after all, what most people mean by "universe".
carefulbear chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry will begin by explaining the power of nuclear weaponry and Mutually Assured Destruction, and explaining the history of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He will not explain the fall of the Berlin Wall, and he will explain that nuclear weaponry renders Mugglekind a serious existential threat to the world. If he is lucky, this will persuade Voldemort that keeping Harry alive to deal with Muggles decreases the risk of world destruction.

If he is unlucky, he will keep talking. He will explain the use of time travel to solve P NP. If he is lucky, Voldemort, who lacks natural curiosity, will not ask if Harry has tested the strategy. It doesn’t matter very much either way. To explain the importance of P NP will take a few minutes.

He will go on to explain the concept of experimental control. If he is lucky, Voldemort will see that having two minds that are fundamentally the same (two Tom Riddles) is an invaluable asset. If he is unlucky, Voldemort will be unimpressed, and Harry will keep talking.

Harry will explain the technique of partial transfiguration. To give oneself the proper mindset for this takes time, as evidenced by Harry’s efforts to explain to the Muggle-educated Hermione earlier on. This will give Harry even more time.

Ever since the first paragraph break above, Harry has been visualizing the transfiguration required to turn a large swath of the surrounding air into water. While explaining partial transfiguration he has been readying to put this into practice, and he suddenly does, near the end of this last explanation.

This will cause massive confusion in which Harry will use his battle training to find his way to the Time Turner. He will then use that to escape and plan further.
jdp chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
/JzY12y3S (Link to entire review on pastebin if this one gets cut off.)

Belief in belief: My solution to the final exam.

Harry, being familiar with logic problems would plausibly try to violate the parseltongue
curse using Godel's methods. He does not know that this would not work, and would
not be able to test it in his current situation without being shot. Harry could in
this situation reasonably conclude that knowing the exact mechanics of the parseltongue
curse is critically important, and knowing the prophecy speaks of him ending the world
and that he and Voldemort are literal kindred spirits, it is possible that sharing
secrets with Voldemort might cause the end of the world. It is also possible that
not sharing secrets with Voldemort might end the world.

Since there are too many unknowns for Harry to make a choice one way or the other
the path of least risk is to ask for more information. In order to verify the information
Voldemort needs to explain to him how parseltongue works and allow Harry to test
Voldemorts explanation.

Therefore Harry's first move should be to say:

"Yesss, have power you know not. If not sshared world may end."

(This is plausibly true of partial transfiguration.)

The only reasonable move for Voldemort to make is to demand Harry tell him. At
which point Harry may truthfully reply: "If sshared, chansse world may end. Do
not know which risssk greater and cannot determine without certain information you have."

Now Quirrel has three options here:

1. Allow Harry to continue.

I believe this is the only rational move Voldemort has, with explanations below.

2. Kill Harry.

Voldemort can only do this if the projected value of the information to Harry
is worse than the possible X risk increase of killing him. Since Voldemort *knows*
Harry has powers he knows not the former is almost certainly lower than the latter.

3. Attempt to force Harry to give up the info.

The prior probability of Harry or Voldemort ending the world is the same for
both, that Harry's absolute probability is lower because he is surrounded by 36
death eaters is situational and has no effect on Harry's descision to give
Voldemort the information he wants. Therefore to take this method to its end would
be equivalent to two, which we know Voldemort does not want to do.

Voldemort will make the optimal descision of allowing Harry this, and asking what
information it is he needs to know. At this point Harry can explain that, since
it is critically important to his fulfilling the vow, he needs to be sure that
parseltongue really is a secure method of communication that does not allow lies.

Towards this end, Voldemort must explain to Harry the mechanics of parseltongue
and allow him to test Voldemorts explanation. Voldemort of course has the ability
to say no, but it would be unreasonable to do so given that this really is a thing
the vow would require and it is to Quirrels knowledge impossible to lie in parseltongue
so explaining the mechanics of it to Harry has almost no projected risk versus the X
risk of deciding the power he knows not is not worth knowing and killing him.

Voldemort would explain something similar to what EY explained in a reddit thread
(See footnote zero) that parseltongue has two axioms:

1. You are prevented from saying anything that you believe at the time to be false.

2. You cannot redefine a word in Parseltongue.

Once Voldemort explains the principles to Harry he would be free to test them out
using the Godel method, at which point he would realize that "This statement is false."
, cleverly redefining words and godel numbering are all disallowed as Voldemort says.
Then Harry would consider the axioms. It might occur to Harry that a confundus charm
would allow you to defeat parseltongue, or parseltongue would be able to tell you
if you're confundus'd, creating an information leak. The second axiom says that
words in parseltongue can only have one meaning. This means that since the parseltongue
dictionary necessarily contains a set of words defined by Salazar Slytherin, one
of the greatest wizards to ever live, the definition of every word in parseltongue
is probably its true definition. The dictionary would then be a source of information.

The second axiom says that you can't say "Torch" when you mean "Pen" as that would be a
redefinition and literally interpreted the statement would be a falsehood. But you
can tell a falsehood when you don't believe it is false. However if you say the
sentence "I wrote a letter with the torch." even if you mean what you say in a
certain sense you would be redefining torch and parseltongue would have to correct
you. Harry would realize if parseltongue corrects you then you are saying a sentence
you believe to be false and the first axiom is false, if parseltongue does not
correct you then you are redefining a word and the second axiom is false. The two
axioms contradict each other and therefore the principle of explosion states all
statements in parseltongue are true.

This reasoning is not actually correct. (See footnote 1) Going by the first axiom
of parseltongue however, one does not need actually correct reasoning to defeat it
through this method. They must simply believe that they have found a contradiction
in parseltongue without being motivated by the ability to practice deceit. As Harry's
investigation is taken without this meta-belief that he is being cleverly deceitful
he can say any statement in parseltongue for as long as he does not realize his error.

Harry might spend a few more seconds trying to analyze the implausibility of this
result before realizing on an intuitive level that further investigation can't help
and can only hinder. There are some problems it doesn't make sense to overthink.
If Harry thinks about it too hard this method won't work, precedent exists in
chapter 111 when Harry has the following bit of internal monologue:

"Harry said nothing about expecting his intentions wouldn't change; he'd simply
blurted out the idea fast enough that he hadn't formed any specific intentions yet."

After this Harry can ask for the prophecy as a red herring to throw off Voldemort.
There is a chance that the prophecy could affect Harry's knowledge of how likely
he is to end the world, except that even if it mentions him by name he is still
the same person as Voldemort. We of course know that the prophecy only says 'he'.
In which case Harry will be able to reasonably conclude that Voldemort is more
likely to end the world because Voldemort is mega evil. In this case the vow compels
Harry to consult Herimone as that is his best chance of defeating Voldemort.

Even if this is not a reasonable conclusion, Harry can say that he needs to consult
Herimone and since all statements in parseltongue are true according to your beliefs
that means anything you say in parseltongue you should believe. In this way you can
say any statement and use it to invoke the vow by saying that the vow is invoked.

Since the vow would be invoked Voldemort can reasonably conclude that Harry really
does need to consult Herimone. However since giving information to Voldemort might
cause the end of the world we need to have a *private* consultation with Herimone.
To this end Harry can have Voldemort promise in parseltongue that he will not listen
to the conversation and that Voldemort will use all means available to him magical
otherwise to prevent anybody else including his Death Eaters from listening to the
conversation since they might relay the information to Voldemort. (People listening
through divination might be persuaded to tell Voldemort after he rules Britain.)

All of this can be reasonably obtained because the vow would require Voldemort to do
it for Harry to be able to consult Herimone. As part of this Voldemort would probably
try to confiscate Harry's wand, at which point he can say that he needs the wand to
demonstrate power Voldemort knows not to Herimone, and that even further towards
this end an opaque barrier must be constructed for him to show her behind.

The important question in all this is if the value of the information Harry might
have is still worth more than denying him these things. Since Harry is a first year
wizard who cannot apparate or portkey or phoenix or teleport or otherwise escape
unseen naked without his trousers, and he knows no spells such as Avada Kadavra
that could pierce through a wall except for possibly the power known not, which
Voldemort believes himself immune to and in the worst case only temporarily killed
by, there is still not a terribly large risk in allowing the boy who lived to have
his parseltongue confirmed and vow enforced wishes to consult Herimone.

Once Harry has the private consultation, he should have somewhere around 15 minutes
to come up with a better solution, since this technically fulfills the requirement
to get him to the next chapter we could consider this a complete solution here.
However I do have a suggestion below:

1. Partially transfigure a large volume of explosives under the Death Eaters feet.
Harry still has his wand so any solution that could not be done in 60 seconds
might be accomplished in 15 minutes. This entire class of solution has been discussed
to death so I'll leave the implementation up to the author to choose something reasonable.

[0]: r/HPMOR/comments/2w526t/chapter_105/conn883?context3

[1]: Actually this probably isn't true because there is a distinction between
words, their definitions and instances of their use. If you consistently say
things involving a word but all the statements have a truth value of false then
the statements do not effect the acceptable definitions in the set of definitions
for a word.
Remulasce chapter 113 . 3/2/2015

Harry does Nothing for 60 seconds.

Voldemort has not said in Parseltongue that he will immediately kill Harry. He has only announced it in front of his Death Eaters, in plain English.

Therefore, he may be aiming towards another goal.

Voldemort's recent actions have been inconsistent with the intention of killing Harry. He leaves Harry with his wand and glasses, instead of forcing Harry to drop them or having a Death Eater take them. He gives Harry 60 seconds of free thinking time, despite holding a gun in his hand, with dozens of Death Eaters pointing wands at Harry.

To the contrary, his actions are still consistent with trying to make Harry Do Something. He already set up a situation to make Harry try to kill him once. Harry's actions, according to Voldemort, lifted a curse. However, there may be more curses and connections between them. For instance, Harry's Sense of Doom is an unexplained phenomenom that seems correlated with Voldemort's proximity and power. If Voldemort cast one curse upon himself and his descendants, then he may have cast a full range of bindings, some of which still require action on Harry's part to break. It would be wise of Harry to try to avoid breaking any more protections he may have.

The original curse might not actually be broken. Voldemort says in Parseltongue he can “kill [him] any time [he wishes]”, but he also claims in Parseltongue that Harry “tried to end [him] true life just then”. He actually believes it, because Parseltongue, but that does not make it factually correct. Harry had already decided to temporarily kill Voldemort, in order to gain Hermione and the Stone, before Voldemort yelled that he was mortal. Voldemort wanted Harry to try to kill his immortal self then, but Harry never actually intended to do so.

Therefore, Harry should not believe he will be immediately killed. Help will come eventually once the time-locked Quidditch game is out, so he should simply wait as long as possible.
AlchemistofSilver chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry tells Voldemort the secret of the True Patronus, and as he talks, manages to say, "Expecto Patronum!" The True Patronus protects him from death.
Abutor chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
He can use the ground for transfiguration material, I think, due to having done partial transfiguration in the past.
So the idea would be to delay for as long as possible with any information he thinks is plausible enough to delay any action being taken against him while he makes things. This seems plausible due to his earlier discussion of being able to do transfiguration while not thinking about it, or while thinking about other things.

Priority #1 is a help message, written below the surface in Polonium or another radioactive isotope. It is possible that either someone will see it, like Moody's eye that can see past the cloak, or that someone from the regular government will see the unprecedented amount of radiation and call it in, as I think that the possibility of a relationship between the two governments was raised.

Priority #2 is as many flash-bangs as he can make. The Death Eaters were told to shoot on certain specific conditions only, and threatened severely if they hit Hermoine, so it's possible that in a scenario where they can't see, they would hesitate to fire. There's a chance Voldemort still cannot take direct magical action, as none of his described plan to kill Harry involved him doing anything himself, and the person only trying to dodge has a tremendous advantage. There have been several documented cases of dozens of police officers firing at close range and hitting nothing, and bullets are apparently faster than killing curses. I don't think flash-bangs are more complicated than rockets.

The idea would be to wait as long as possible to see if someone saw the message, then take the most opportune seeming moment to try his luck at a blind dodge, and accio a broomstick. I think there's one in his bag, and dead-Quirrell's bones might still work.
matsa chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Frustrating! Harry had tried to change the vow, and it had failed.

"I vow..." Harry HAD said. "That I shall not, by any act of mine, destroy the world. I shall take no chances in '(not destroying the world if my hand is forced)'." That was where it had started to go wrong.
The parentheses and quotation marks in his mind had rearranged themselves, as if shuffled by the magic of the Unbreakable Vow.

In saying the next part, "I may take the course of lesser destruction over greater destruction unless it seems to me that this Vow itself leads to the world's end and the (nonexistent hypothetical) friend in whom I have confided honestly (not existing) agrees that this is so," Harry had also run into trouble. Pretending the phrasing invoked a vacuously true statement hadn't worked. The phrasing also seemed to shift in his mind as he said it.

Aaaaagh! There was no gaming the Unbreakable Vow. The Dark Lord had not been lying when he said "and you three must share an understanding of its meaning". (Well he had been technically lying, it was worse... apparently the meaning was set in stone by the first two casters of the vow.)

54 seconds...

Harry had less than a minute to think, the lives of his loved ones flashing before his eyes.

53 seconds...

Wand? No, he could not perform wandless magic besides Transfiguration. Yes, he could transfigure part of his hand into C4, if he could remember the chemical formula correctly, but that wouldn't stop Voldemort from coming back.

52 seconds...

Yes, it was impossible to lie in Parseltongue, but what did lying mean exactly, how did the Slytherin Curse determine the veracity of a piece of information?
Perhaps if he False Memory Charmed or Confundused himself... why didn't he think of that earlier. But... both required chanting and an invocation.
He should have done that while the Greater Circle of Concealment was around him and he was under the cloak of invisibility. After all, Harry hadn't been asked "/have you betrayed me?/" since then. Damn... The risk of temporary brain damage didn't seem that bad right now.

51 seconds...

But the Slytherin curse probably resisted false memory charms... Surely Voldemort would have tried that already, he had after all performed a modified version of Confundus on himself. Let's give the probability of success of that at over %60-

49 seconds...

-wait no requires verbalization in Latin, %0 of success, since Death Eaters would fire. Can't say or whisper 'Confundus' in snake-speak either. The Dark Lord's gaze was fixed on him, fangs retracted, like a snake about to bite into a meal it was strangling to death. The wands of 36 death eaters were fixed on him.

48 seconds...

/Think./ This adenaline wasn't helping.

Voldemort would be bored... he WAS bored... That had motivated him... No wrong line of thinking... simulate Voldemort far into the future...

47 seconds...

"/I thinkssss... that my mental state is not ssufficient to recall many secretssss I could trade.
Prophecy unlikely to come true within next five minutessss.
Give more time you sssshould. No Dumbledore to sssstop you. No one to ressssscue me. No plan in motion.
Give more time and I am more likely to recall secretsssss to barter for lives of clutch and family. For I have secretssss of powerful magic you do not know bessssides those you jusssst mentioned./"

39 seconds...

The Dark Lord frowned. "/Idiot child... I already promissssed sssixty sssecondsss to SSSSTART telling me./"

36 seconds...

No, Harry couldn't trade Partial Transfiguration yet. It might be the wildcard he needed to get out of here. Voldemort might be willing to extend his time if only Harry shared some secret or power first...

Harry then realized in horror... that he could not trade secrets of powerful magic to the Dark Lord, if that would somehow, in some way, possibly maybe, lead to the destruction of the world... would it? The Thwarting of future Light Lords like Harry Potter 2.0? The Unbreakable Vow forced him to confront that possibility.

32 seconds...

Harry hissed "/What secretssssss desiring to know?/"

29 seconds...

Voldemort replied thoughtfully "/How many livesssss would you value enough to give most important secretssss?/"

27 seconds...

His parents, maybe four close friends? Six he guessed? He almost spoke. "/The answer is.../"

NO... He felt his dark side stop him before he blurted out something which could instantly kill him.
His dark side (erm, coldly rational side? tending-towards-rational-but-potentially-blind side...) knew what the answer was.

The answer was zero.

26 seconds...

"What?!" cried every single other part of him. "WHY?"

It... just wasn't worth it. If it involved giving the Dark Lord an edge over future Harry Potters, he'd be dooming that future-Harry's close friends.

24 seconds...

Could he give up and say nothing? Was rule under Voldemort really that bad?

Could Voldemort avert a thermonuclear war? Not that that would necessarily destroy the world... but there could be worse man-made disasters.

Could Voldemort conquer death? Maybe, in time, he could unlock the secrets of anti-Dementation. (But that wouldn't stop the heat-death of the universe. Though Voldemort did know about entropy... and the Mirror of Atlantis...)

But those were only some problems out of a whole CLASS (classes?) of problems that Harry was better equipped to solve than someone with a blind spot.

23 seconds...

A plan came together...

22 seconds...


21 seconds...

19 seconds...

18 seconds...

This world may be destroyed by a random freak occurrence. RIGHT TRACK OF THINKING.

17 seconds...

And we are NOT killing all the people in the world to safeguard a rock. The World means the world-of-humanity, that was how it had been understood by each of them in the Unbreakable Vow, as it had been understood by Voldemort himself.

16 seconds...

A 0.000001% chance of the world being destroyed this year... a 1% chance this century... a 10% chance this a millennium... a 90% chance cumulative over all time perhaps? If he had to make a guess based on his priors and knowledge of muggle science and magical power? The Great Filter paradox and Anthropic Principle. And changing paradigms he could scarcely imagine now... And if Voldemort was ruling the world, the risk of another failed Harry-Horcrux actually being a failed World-Protecting Ritual...

15 seconds...

The answer came together. His enemy had won this for him, in a way. He now had what the Dark Lord knew not: the ability to speak truth, combined with the compulsion to follow a known good, combined with the creative power to simulate possible ways humanity may be destroyed - by anything from a stray asteroid to a failed magical experiment to any sorts of mundane schemes he would not (and could not) share with anyone. None of these solutions required anything very complicated in the way of resources.

14 seconds...

After all, there could be a million creative ways people might accidentally or purposefully destroy the world, and Harry Potter was more creative than Lord Voldemort.

13 seconds...

Now that he had time to think about it, he could think of at least one... two... five different ways that he, Harry Potter himself, could destroy humanity, given time. Not fully fleshed out, but sketches of ideas, maybe an idea every second...

12 seconds...

11 seconds...

10 seconds...

9 seconds ...

Harry knew he would not (and could not, due to the Unbreakable Vow) take such actions. But other wizards and muggles might think of those ways, or stumble across them accidentally. Statistically, at least one of those people would be nihilistically insane. Harry could put safeguards in place to prevent such doomsday scenarios, if Harry had the power and time. But he didn't.

Then there were very-low-probability possibilities. Maybe the Interdict of Merlin was something an all-powerful future Harry Potter had come up with and found a way to travel back in time to create. Maybe he would need to find a way to prevent insane muggles from creating superebola squirrels. Time-turning superebola squirrels? Or... maybe every colonized galaxy undergoes a vacuum metastability event with probability 0.00000001% per year due to some anthropogenic cause.

There had to be someone to protect humanity from accidentally destroying itself, either through muggle science or magical rituals... but Harry could not even exist as Lord Voldemort's advisor, because Harry did not trust Voldemort's mental state, and did not trust that the hundreds upon hundreds of Unbreakable Vows required to serve under Voldemort as an advisor would be sufficient because of Voldemort's mental blindspots. Having Voldemort serve under Harry was least-of-a-gamble with the fate of the world.

YES, this was the LEAST of a gamble with the world. Voldemort could not be allowed to be Dark Lord due to the aforementioned logic. And furthermore, to ensure that Harry himself would be able to affect things (control the Death Eaters for example, make sure other Dark Lords did not slay him, etc.), he at the same time needed this Dark Lord Voldemort as his minion and bodyguard.
Problematic, Harry thought... if Harry blurted out that he needed Voldemort as a slave... Voldemort will try to escape this fate by any and every means possible. Harry could say that Voldemort could escape this fate by destroying all aspects of himself (excluding Harry) from existence, but Harry was compelled by the vow to omit that from the Parseltongue that was on the tip of his tongue.

(Had to be careful not to think too carefully through some parts of this. Or else Parseltongue might trip him up.)

8 seconds...

He may not have been keeping count of time well with adrenaline. (Though Voldemort would not underestimate the time, he promised Harry 60 seconds.)

Time to speak. Now or never. Leave room for error in timekeeping.

7 seconds...

Harry opened his mouth, then realized he almost spoke in English.

6 seconds...

"/Ssssss... I
Evan Slatyer chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Key notes:

(1) Viewed from afar (say, from a Pioneer probe) the Earth and its inhabitants are all one object (see Voyager 1's Pale Blue Dot photo, or Harry's much-loved photo of the Earth from the Moon). The mental acrobatics to see it as one object are ones that Harry would already have gone through when first learning transfiguration; he knows perfectly well that a match is not a single object, but to turn it into a needle he has to view it as one.

(2) Harry is able to perform partial transfiguration on objects that he is touching; if he's naked then he's certainly touching the Earth and (by extension) the Earth-object (touching the atmosphere is debatable; they tried to transfigure it earlier and got nowhere, but transfiguring the atmosphere as part of a larger object might work). If his wand needs to touch the ground, well, collapsing from "exhaustion" is always a good option at this point (or drop the wand and stand on it). Transfiguration is silent, which helps.

(3) The Death Eaters (as inhabitants of Earth) are part of the Earth-object. Harry can't transfigure very much matter, but he is familiar with antimatter, he can apparently transfigure anything that scientists have made (eg. nanotubes) and it doesn't take very much antimatter to turn a Death Eater into an ex-Death Eater. Marginally safer alternatives include converting either their brains or their wands into anything from Derek Lowe's "Things I won't Work With" column. Chlorine trifluoride looks to be perfect. Much safer (and nicer) alternatives include transfiguring a small amount of their blood into alcohol, nitrous oxide, LSD (see Oh God Not Again), general anaesthetic, etc. Obviously the same can be used for Voldemort, although it'd be nice to get rid of the horcruxes too.

(aside) I see no reason why this couldn't be pulled off in 60 seconds, but that's not strictly necessary. It's a power that Voldemort knows not; it'll probably take at least an hour, if not several weeks, to explain all the physics behind it. Harry has to stay alive for that time, and there should be ample opportunities for demonstrations. Presumably the Death Eaters will also get sick of this after a while, and see (7 and 9) too.

(4) Eliminating the horcrux in Harry remains difficult. The most straightforward approach (worth trying even if it doesn't work, since it's unlikely to do much harm) is for Harry to use partial transfiguration on himself in order to convert the horcrux into tachyons (preferably, but we don't know if they exist yet) or neutrinos (shouldn't hurt Harry on the way out since they barely interact with anything, and once the transfiguration wears off the horcrux will be in a very large number of very small pieces all moving away from each other). If the horcruxes are all tightly linked, Harry should hopefully be able to destroy all of them through that one.

(5) If that approach to eliminating the horcrux fails, the approach from the books may be necessary (ie have Voldemort cast Avada Kedavra on Harry). If all the Death Eaters die simultaneously, for reasons that Voldemort does not understand, he's very likely to conclude that Harry is too great a risk and try to kill him immediately. Maybe Harry will die (see 8), maybe not (he didn't die in the books).

(6) You mentioned that the cavalry is not coming, but I think that's potentially wrong. For a start, it's very possible that this will be "over" in under half an hour. Give Harry an hour to find a time turner, and he can be back at the current time with 4.5 hours to spare on it. Spend half an hour helping original Harry out, go back in time half an hour (with Hermione, if possible), repeat ten times or so. As mentioned in the notes, the time turner can't be used unless he can escape first - but it does mean that he only has to escape this time (as opposed to winning) and then leave the rest of the job to others.

(7) As has been explored in Harry Potter and the Natural 20, the muggle police are not entirely incompetent. A bunch of hooded figures in a graveyard with a young girl on an altar and a young boy naked? That's going to get some attention. They might not win, but police guns/tazers/pepper spray and firefighting water cannons (plus all the fancy anti-riot gear) are likely to disrupt proceedings. Furthermore, I'm not sure if there's ever been an opportunity for muggle doctors to work on an Avada Kedavra victim immediately after it's occurred, but that would be worth a shot. There should be an ambulance at the scene (there's a young girl unconcious on an altar! Who knows what the crazy cultists were doing to her?) and doctors do seem to revive people from (technically) death reasonably often.

(8) Lucius has presumably heard the call from the dark mark; if nothing else he's got plenty of associates who will have. He'll know more or less what's happening, and he has an interest in helping Harry (and an interest in Voldemort not finding him). He seems to be in near-constant communication with Draco. Draco can cast a patronus, which allows for near-instant communication with allies. Draco is even familiar enough with muggle advances that he might be inclined to drag the police along too (I forget whether the graveyard is 'protected' from muggles normally - but it's not protected from muggles being brought in by wizards).

(9) Is Harry even able to die? Last time death came near him, he scared it away (as far as I can tell, without actually using any magic whatsoever, and the words were just for the benefit of humans nearby). Summoning death is probably actually a good thing here, since Voldemort *can't* tell it to go away.

So, based on that, my plan would be:

(1) Tell Voldemort that it's possible to partially transfigure an object, to buy time for the possible reinforcements (muggle Malfoy) to arrive.

(2) Demonstrate on a stick (for example), converting a small part into stone (anything, really). Spend a lot of time on this, working on doing it as a transfiguration on the Earth rather than a transfiguration on the stick. While doing that, try transfiguring the horcrux (to see if that can happen) and also start feeding alcohol into the bloodstreams of the Death Eaters. Since Voldemort has never seen this in use before, he will not be aware that it's taking an unusually long time, and will almost certainly not recognise that transfiguration can be done on people standing some distance away by considering them part of the Earth.

(3a) If removing the horcrux worked, that's the end of it. Kill or incapacitate everyone using partial transfiguration.

(3b) If removing the horcrux didn't work, wait maybe 20 minutes, trying to (badly) explain the physics that Voldemort will need for partial transfiguration (he's not going to pick it up that quickly even if it was explained well). Voldemort should be getting a bit concerned about how strangely his Death Eaters are acting.

(4a) If reinforcements show up, that's great. Knock out the Death Eaters (by any method; even putting them to sleep is fine, since an awakening spell will not remove the chemical), and wait for Voldemort to use Avada Kedavra. This should eliminate Harry and the horcrux. Hope that either (a) death is like a dementor, and can therefore be controlled - preferably to the extent of removing the horcrux but not Harry, or (b) death can be cured by muggle doctors, or (c) Lucius/Draco/Hermione can figure out how to use the permanent transfiguration stone to reverse death.

(4b) If they don't show up, kill Voldemort and all the Death Eaters (by chemical means, since that makes Harry slightly less likely to get arrested than if there are bits of people all over the graveyard). The horcrux can be dealt with later (they've got time to look at this).

(5) Locate clothes.

(6) If future Harrys turned up as reinforcements, go back in time to help past Harry.
Mysno chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
Harry argues to Voldemort that he has focused on power, rather than growth. Killing Harry would be short sighted - Voldemort would be just another empire (like the Romans, Greeks etc.) - who rose to a peak and then fell. It is the opposite of the methods of rationality and science itself - which is about understanding, and via that understanding, creating a sustainable, growing curve of power.

Harry could dispense all of his secrets now, increasing LV's power - but LV would have gained the (powerful) secrets Harry had procured after only one year of magical exposure - one year. Harry is smart, and has an advantage (via Tom Riddle) but even in their small sample size (Hogwarts, magical Britain only) he was eclipsed by Hermione. There's no reason to think someone else wouldn't eclipse LV quickly/easily through understanding and learning the methods.

What LV needs from Harry really is to learn/understands the methods of rationality - and this is not a secret to be given. It would take more time, studies - an alliance.
teplatt chapter 113 . 3/2/2015
If I were Harry I would have used Cedric's time turner to go back the initial 5 hours from the Quidditch match. From chapter 17 there is a hint that it is possible to use two time turners to get more than 6 hours extra in one day, but it is definitely forbidden to go back more than 6 hours. So with 6 hours left on my time turner I could go back to before I go through the forbidden corridor, giving me all kinds of opportunities to control the situation, including sending a patronus to find Dumbledore. So getting the time turner back seems to me to be the highest priority. This is also important as Voldemort knows about the time turner but most likely thinks there is only one hour (at most) left on it.

Trying any magic right away seems to dangerous as Voldemort would sense anything immediately and he has too much control over the current circumstances to allow anything to happen. First I would check for other time-turned people under The Cloak of Invisibility. Rule 5 indicates no one is there. I would offer to tell Voldemort about my mastery of The Cloak of Invisibility and prove it with a test. Certainly Voldemort would not let me near the cloak but one of the Death Eaters would be allowed to put on the cloak and I could point to where he is, at which time the Death Eater would call out his locati