Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Red chapter 114 . 11/7/2021
Did harry just kill lucius malfoy? I think harry just might've killed lucius malfoy. Fuck. Not good.
Guest chapter 114 . 8/22/2020
Holy crap fanfiction dot net is ridiculously aggressive about deleting anything that vaguely resembles a link or a domain name. Even if you separate every letter of the link with spaces, it can still find and delete the TLD. And it's not shy about removing slashes or otherwise mutilating content. So, I will use the word "dotnet" to refer to the top level dot-net domain - I am hoping fanfiction dot net does not delete "dot net" or "dotnet" but there is no way to know without posting a review, which afterward cannot be altered.

Like I was saying in my review of 113, I wrote my own version of Chapter 114 before reading the official one. It is located at http colon slash slash david dot loyc dotnet slash misc slash HPMOR-final-exam.

I have one final trick up my sleeve. Browsers recognize percent-2E as an alternate representation of a dot, so it's possible that the following link will remain uncensored: david%2Eloyc%2Enet/misc/HPMOR-final-exam

Anyway, I'm skeptical of Yudkowsky's solution:

- I considered antimatter as a solution, but rejected it immediately because it seemed much less plausible than transfiguration of air: surely Harry has never practiced making it, magic isn't necessarily familiar with the word "antimatter" - does Harry at least know how it fits into the Standard Model? Magic might not even be _able_ to make it, and Harry is unlikely to know how to quickly create a reliable containment chamber in order to create the desired quantity. Immediate detonation will probably destroy only the wand. Therefore, I did not think Harry could use antimatter as a threat in parseltoungue. Conversely, if he CAN create it but creates too much, he might also destroy Hogwarts which is just a couple of miles away. Plus, if Voldemort believes the threat of antimatter (which he should in parseltongue) he might Apparate to a safe distance or have Harry killed immediately.
- In my version I forgot that Harry could shrink transfigured objects, but I'm skeptical of the idea of shrinking a single nanotube line. First, because I'm not sure a single nanotube is strong enough to slice through flesh without risk of breaking. The black nanotube line in Chapter 28 was obviously more than one molecule wide, since it was clearly visible on the table. How could Harry know that a single-molecule thread is strong enough? Second, if the line is only a single molecule, it seems to me that the shrinking process itself, if it works at all, is likely to weaken the line because it would have to work by deleting groups of atoms, creating temporary nanoscopic gaps in the line. It is non-obvious whether the 'magical force' that removes these gaps is itself as strong as a carbon nanotube line, and Harry himself certainly doesn't know. My solution instead supposes that Harry knows how to make a braid.
- I was reluctant to kill the Death Eaters outright, thinking that Lucius, who seemed to show signs of redemption, was among them. Also, I imagined that a solution involving 37 separate and precisely-placed invisible nooses would be too difficult for a first-year student to build in one minute, so I found something simpler.
carc chapter 114 . 7/15/2020
just like worm am i right fellow rationalists
HelpmeHermione chapter 114 . 5/18/2020
Wow. Didn't consider that. I did think of the transfigueration part, because it was a power he know not. But not now it could help him. Thought there was wand moving and it would take to long. All hail Harry!
Wicked.A chapter 114 . 3/4/2020
Damn I would not have been able to think of any of that...
Michelle chapter 114 . 7/24/2018
I knew it! I KNEW IT! I KNEW he would bluff! I knew he would use the transfiguration! I didn't imagine it EXACTLY like that, but MAN I still feel smart! Love it. 12/10 better than the actual series.
moodysavage chapter 114 . 1/17/2018
Guest chapter 114 . 4/22/2017
Guest chapter 114 . 4/20/2017
Oh my god you know what this suspense actually would've killed me if I were doing this two years ago. (On another note, I can't believe 2015 was two years ago)

It's nice to know partial transfiguration came into play! I thought about it, even the want bit, but even with sixty hours I couldn't have come up with something like THIS! What would've happened if he'd tried catching the spell instead of dodging it, like in Azkaban?

I will attempt to wait ten minutes before clicking "Next."

(It's been two minutes and I this is barely bearable.)

How would you even go about transfiguring a cubic millimeter of antimatter? Wouldn't it react with matter before it could get to that quantity?

(It's been 5 minutes and I can't imagine repeating this.)

So will we ever find out what happened with Sirius Black, or did he actually betray them in this universe? And can Harry get Dumbledore out of that fraction of Time without violating the Vow? Or can he not even access that place unless it's Voldemort who's trapped there?

(7 minutes and counting. I'm running out of idle thoughts.)

If the pain's beginning to clear, does that mean Voldemort's recovering or Harry is? Or both?

Also, when Harry first got the letter from his "future" self, I was so sure you were going to make Cedric Diggory go with him instead just to tie in the whole "kill the spare" thing, but I like how you did it better. Unless that's coming later, in which I retract my previous statement.

robwar80 chapter 114 . 2/10/2017
Jatok chapter 114 . 11/25/2016
I'd like to call bullshit on anti-matter. Unless it actually exists outside of theory (or if there is proof of some sort that it has to exists. I think you know what i mean). Otherwise, damn, i wish i would've thought of that. On the other hand, i've been under the assumption that you can't damage a wand at all, even though you mentioned nicks and stuff on them :/ Silly me.
The Anguished One chapter 114 . 9/22/2016
I did not think of Harry using partial Transfiguration on his wand... very clever. Using nanotubes to decapitate every Death Eater is effective, to say the least. Considering Voldemort called all of them forth, Harry just wiped out all of the Dark Lord's loyal servants. Even if the elder Tom Riddle survives and escapes, he'll have to build a new army.
kingaphrodite chapter 114 . 7/19/2016
How did Harry Potter have a Swerving Stunner? I always thought it was a separate device but considering that he was naked...
Thingamajig chapter 114 . 6/27/2016

It was such a brilliant idea, with getting people to be PCs this time, and the analogy to Quirrell's unexpected finals, and oh well, I love you for this as much as I would have hated you if I'd read this in time. This was evil and quirrellish and great. Yum.

However. How come Voldie didn't grow suspicious at once at Harry's eyes wandering? How come there was no magic resonance at Harry's transfigured tubes touching Voldie? How come the silver silk didn't get blown away in the night air? How come Harry had no constraint about killing 36 people at once?

The first and the last point bother me mostly, because they feel so OOC. And I see that you've been preparing us for Harry's change of mind about leaving no casualties, eg. Harry's pondering about lashing out on Dumbledore after he showed him his Room of Responsibility (even if it still doesn't feel plausible to me - more like a narrative device to exclude this moment in the plot, rather than what would actually happen). But Voldie not seeing anything coming this chapter? This seems so... Rowling, I guess. That's how her Voldie /might/ get tricked.
Thundersnail chapter 114 . 3/13/2016
Ah, of course it was beheadings. This moment was a long time in the making, I think...

Ch. 8
/"I wonder how difficult it would be to just make a list of all the top blood purists and kill them./i
They'd tried exactly that during the French Revolution, more or less- make a list of all the enemies of Progress and remove everything above the neck."
Ch. 10
/"No, what you remembered was considering lining up all the blood purists and guillotining them. And now you're telling yourself you were not serious, but you were."/i
Guest chapter 114 . 2/27/2016
Montara chapter 114 . 1/27/2016
Well, I thought of transfiguration but nothing like this. I like it! :)
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 114 . 12/13/2015
Yay! Brilliant Harry!
Keybounce chapter 114 . 9/22/2015

Yes, we've seen him do partial transfiguration of his wand - see him take out the troll by turning a bit of wand to acid.

Yes, we've seen him do carbon nanotubes back when Hermione and he were experimenting in the lab.

But running spidersilk through the air, at a long distance? Nothing seen to indicate this. Equally, turning the spidersilk into nanotubes over large area?

The volume of the spidersilk/nanontubes may be tiny. But it's over a very large range/area; the volume of the space that Harry focuses on will be more than just the volume of the strands. It's "fine detail" work, and we have not seen any indication of finer-than-human-hair level of quality manipulation by Harry.

This just seems like a power out of nowhere.

The anti-matter isn't a problem. He's threatening anti-matter, not actually doing it. Doing an anti-matter "hand grenade" from his wand was my own idea for delaying death, so it cannot even be called invalid. But we've been told that he can do, I think, 5 CC in 60 seconds, so 1 CC should take 12 seconds. Not even close to instantly. And the constantly changing form of the destination "string" as it extends and wraps should have taken significant time to keep modifying/altering.

I have enjoyed almost every other aspect of the story. The rest of the ending is ... well, Draco's wrap-up seems more far-fetched than this, but these are the only two bad chapters in the entire book.
flairina chapter 114 . 8/26/2015
Ahh... now that IS interesting. I didn't know how fast Harry could do it beyond a reasonable guess, so although I considered the partial transfiguration I couldn't see a way to apply it. I think I could have come up with something if I'd thought Harry could do it at present, but I didn't consider transfiguring the wand itself- that IS very clever. I don't think I'd have come up with the spider silk thing though, simply because I would have expected that to be spotted, even if small, due to every death eater having their eyes on Harry's wand. But then, they're only JUST back at this with Voldemort in action, and they're standing a fair enough distance away (or so I assume) that this could work with something that fine. Probably also wouldn't have extrapolated that Harry could extend the item he's transfiguring where he wants it to go, although really in hindsight that really only makes sense given how transfiguration works in this universe and I would want to smack myself if I'd thought of it and THEN discarded it, so perhaps it's for the best. The antimatter I won't blame myself for, as I don't know enough about it (despite having been taught about it before) to really think about whether it would be effectively utilizable in this situation.

I believe whoever came up with this solution, if it was not a conglomeration of solutions, was truly determined to use as many callbacks as they could here, what with the transfiguration, the nanotubes, the swerving stunner, etc. Very nice indeed. Unlike my proposed solution, it actually SOLVED THE PROBLEM, in its entirety, as opposed to just stalling it- I suppose that upon reflection, though that was all it was required to do, solving a problem is infinitely better than just putting it off. Ah, I paid too much attention to the specifics and forgot the longer goal. Now I KNOW I failed. Oh well.

I suppose I'll read on and see if this win actually sticks, before I potentially write out more that doesn't apply by the start of next chapter. Had that happen too many times now, and HERE I definitely don't think it's smart to do. Possibly the worst story to consider assuming the best for a seeming "rest" I've ever read, even.
7-7-15 435pm chapter 114 . 7/9/2015
i was the review from last chapter and I am very very pleased! I didn't see the possibility for partial transfiguration of the (air I guess) like that. Also somehow forgot he had his wand, mostly because He would have to move to cast most things. I expected nothing less than this level of clever. I am glad my expectations were fulfilled because that's the best part of this story. I predict what I think will happen and all the sudden there's a great twist and I was only part-right or not at all. It's wonderful to have that feeling. Too many things I read are predictable, possibly because they repeat patterns. I love the layers and depth and this was one of the very best chapters.
Thank you again.
PA chapter 114 . 5/25/2015
FF gets mad at me if I try to post the same exact alarmed expression, so boo on them.
missmawwie chapter 114 . 5/23/2015
I'm going to review 20 times in the next 10 minutes
Partsu chapter 114 . 5/11/2015
oh holy hell that was ingenious yet so fucking obvious!
Nikolai chapter 114 . 4/16/2015
Well, I'd probably fail my final exam anyway.
This solution is so simple and so science! xD
"I don't believe I couldn't think of this myself!"
Rangalang chapter 114 . 3/15/2015
pffffft I just realised Harry basically has the same powers as Donflamingo from One Piece XD
Lendary chapter 114 . 3/14/2015
Thank you. I just finished reading the last chapter. I plan to write an extensive review on the whole story soon, but that might take some time since I might need to reread a lot of it to do it properly. For now I'll just say that I had more fun with this than with any other piece of fiction. In addition it had a big impact on the way I think and see the world. It wasn't perfect, but it was really really good.
pyrovortex chapter 114 . 3/13/2015
The lower bound on the upper limit of energy released by transfiguring "one cubic millimeter" to antimatter is 6.6 * 1025 Joules (1.6*1016 tons of TNT), seeing as transfiguration has been demonstrated to not even remotely need to follow conservation of mass. One cubic millimeter of anti-neutron star would presumably be up to the task of turning most of Scotland into a smoking crater, but yes, surely not a world-ending event, since geocide is a *hard* problem.

I'm a bit confused about his ability to enforce sufficient rigidity on his transfiguration such that it floats in midair, or is the idea that the thread can float by virtue of its low mass and low density?
Pamelina chapter 114 . 3/9/2015
Very good. But hasn't Harry now killed Drako's father, and why wasn't Snape killed, too?

I find it hard to believe that V would leave Harry his wand, unless he is actually planning at a higher level, looking for a way to keep Harry, or to transfer himself into Harry, this time, more successfully than his botched first attempt at Horcrux, advanced version?

Or, better yet, V could have been planning to transfer himself into Hermione-He would then be able to stop Harry from destroying the world, get rid of his cartoon villain version of Voldemort, and deceive Harry into thinking harry had destroyed V. He set up the deatheaters to protect Hermione, and protected Hermione rather beyond what was necessary to buy Harry's cooperation, and beyond what was safe for V to have around, surely? Why? Why make the vow require Harry to consult with Hermione if V really thought Harry wasn't going to survive to ever talk to Hermione? Was it just an insurance policy for V?

If Hermione is still herself, I don't think she's going to like what Harry's done. And if Harry is going to have any hope of staying human, he has to have one person, at least, that he can trust and keep no soul-killing secrets from. Otherwise, isn't it too easy to rationalize what you've done, get used to believing it was necessary, and slip down the slope into evil? Who's Harry's confessor, if not Hermione? It could have been Drako, if Harry hadn't killed his father, I guess.

Couldn't V have been planning to become either Harry or, more likely, Hermione, and thus get a new white hat political opportunity?
XeroLegendaryZ chapter 114 . 3/9/2015
Very nicely done. Can't say I remember anything about what his capabilities involving transfiguration other than he can do it wandlessly and what you just put out. However, with that kind of control, I'd imagine something like emitting CO and trailing it to their heads would also be possible. I find it interest that upon noting that you were going to uses transfiguration I'd also though about creating carbon-nanotubes; though my first thought had went towards binding them rather than killing them. Still, problem solved.
doug corey chapter 114 . 3/7/2015
It's doubtful that nanotubes would actually sever flesh. At the molecular level, we are held together by van der Waals, so as soon as the carbon thread passed through the tissue, the electrical attraction would take over again, sealing the breach. No harm done.
Stagyar chapter 114 . 3/7/2015
By leaving Harry his wand, Voldemort/Riddle fails the test of being an intelligent character, "Level 1" or otherwise.

1. He takes extraordinary precautions to prevent Harry from fulfilling the prophesy that he will destroy the world - he brings Hermione back to life and endows her with the protections of a troll, a Unicorn and a Horcrux respectively. He then binds Harry with an elaborate Unbreakable Vow.
2. He keeps Harry alive briefly after this to coerce him into revealing secrets of magic to which he may be privy, but Voldemort is not.

Yet, despite believing Harry to be not merely a powerful magician, but one having powers which Voldemort does not, he fails to disarm him of his wand. It would have been reasonable to expect that Voldemort let Harry keep his wand to mislead him into another misguided attack which would weaken his position further in some way. But turns out he was stupid.

We seem to have an instance of professor sets hard exam, gives C's and D's to everyone for performing poorly, then puts out incorrect exam solutions.
kzal chapter 114 . 3/5/2015
Wow. As one of those people who had a ridiculous number of things to do this week, and thus was not able to properly dedicate time to your challenge, I'm very, very glad that someone was successful (probably several someones), and proud that I did at least get as far as "transfiguration is wordless and requires no wand movement" and "Harry definitely has a few skills Voldemort doesn't know about that can be used to stall for time." (I had thought of partial transfiguration, but Harry's idea was better.)
Kulyok chapter 114 . 3/5/2015
I saw a very good argument on Reddit that Harry could not transfigure bits of his wand because he was transfiguring *with his wand*. (Yes, Harry's wand can lose a few bits and still work, but that's not the point here). Same as Wingardium Leviosa - you can't use it to levitate yourself. You can't lift bits of the fork with the fork, you can't touch your wand to *your wand*. Maybe he could transfigure a bit of grime on his wand, instead? Harry WAS prepared, after all.

And, of course, my love for Professor Quirrell prevents me from believing that he left Harry the wand. Just like it prevented me from believing that Professor Quirrell simply wouldn't ask Harry to join him for the Philosopher's Stone in Chapter 104, without the mumbo-jumbo with the time-travelled note. I feel that I need an explanation: not scientific, but psychological, the one I could believe in. Because it's not the same Professor Quirrell who made THAT many precautions on the road to Azkaban.
TrollBoogerRegen chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Update on the strength of the braided carbon nanotubes:

Assuming a tensile strength of 100 GPa (gigapascals) for carbon nanotubes from Wikipedia, which is 100 billion N/m2, we want to find the strength of a 0.1 mm cross-section which is what Harry uses. So we'll convert N/m2 to N/((0.1 mm)2. This is easily done (you can use Google to convert but remember the parentheses), and we end up with 1000 N/((0.1 mm)2). This is equivalent to about 102 kg or 225 lbs required to break this thread if you were to pull on the end of it. This thread would support the full weight of a large man. For comparison, a similar wire of steel would break with just 2 kg or 4.5 lbs.

Now, multi-walled and bundled carbon nanotubes are notably weaker than individual carbon nanotube shells due to shear interactions, but newer techniques like crosslinking (see the Wikipedia page) have made them almost as strong. Since Harry's using magic here I think we'll give this the benefit of the doubt and say that his braided bundles are at least as strong as the 60 GPa crosslinked bundles, which at this diameter would support up to 61 kg or 135 lbs pulling on the end of it.
mantimeforgot chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
I was not aware that Harry's transfiguration potential had risen to the point that he could transfigure something to one quarter of its original size in a manner timely enough to be immobilizing/lethal. I discounted strategies involving partial transfiguration and lethal kinetic force because I did not think Harry could impart sufficient impetus even using obscure materials.

Killing 36 people brutally and violently also seems like something that Harry should not get over quickly (Is he still in shock in the next chapter?). It is partly for this reason that I didn't consider it for Harry.

Though, I must admit, that while the previous conundrum eluded me, transfiguring Voldemort in the long term was an obvious solution, considering how much practice Harry has, to the conundrum posted in the next chapter.
m.andregg chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Excellent, engaging, super fun! I especially like the antimatter production.

I didn't see anyone mentioning that using the nanotube filament as a cutting device seems really unrealistic. According to wp carbon nanotube has about 100gpa of tensile strength. That's 100 billion newtons per square meter, which is a lot. But a single nanotube 1nm wide (which is maybe the sharpness you'd want for effortless cutting through flesh and bone) is only 1e18th of that: or 1e-7N. If you held it extremely carefully (buckles or defects greatly diminish it's strength), you could pick up exactly 1ug before it would break. 10 nanotubes and you can pick up 10ug. That's about the size of a small grain of sand.
Guest chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Didn't see this typo edit pointed out yet:
The last two threads stretched out from the dark pattern, black theads - threads
OishiK chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Voldemort never learned the old saying, "Illegitimi non carbonanotubum."
Marcel Mller chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Using a 0.1 mm thick bundle of CNT might perhaps just work. Akording to WP it should withstand 500N, which might be just enough to cut flesh, though clearly not bone, so V. should not lose his hands. If all DE. would be decapitated is highly questionable. Making it thinner makes it less likely to work, since the force needed for cutting decrases slowlier than the tensile strenghth of the bundle. 0.5 mm withstanding 10000N would be more plausible.
Warmach1ne32 chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
whoa... forgot Harry can do the curving stun hex. I also did not know you can't transfigure the air. Even knowing that I have no idea what could be possible. I'm more of a short term planner.
Daerdemandt chapter 114 . 3/4/2015
Annihilation is a microworld process with a microworld characteristic time, while transfiguration obviously has macroworld characteristic time. Being able to transfigure "as fast as he could apply his will" seems pretty fast in macroworld, but not in microworld. Question is how much antimatter will actually be transfigured before the wand is destroyed. If all cubic mm then you get your tactical nuke, but this is extreme case with transfiguration, previously shown as macroworld process, being faster than annihilation. If the transfiguration is slower than that, results may vary, depending on transfiguration speed, to the point of mere flash, interrupting the transfiguration instantly enough. I did consider antimatter, but restrained of its usage because of this gamble. However, if process of transfiguration prevents interaction of material being transfigured with outer material, then everything works, but this prevention then is a thing to exploit heavily.

Process of Harry's special transfiguration required some thorough "visualisation", and organic molecules are pretty complex. Can he really visualise this in sufficient detalisation? I haven't looked up the book for him turning something into protein-level complicated stuff, working on a low level, so keeped around materials with simple molecules. Although using spidersilk is likely the reference I don't get because I haven't read the Worm.
The idea of using thin threads is good, however, because it allows to overcome limitation on magnitude, and usually there is one. This should be pointed out loud.

Levitation of threads.
Growing the thread to crawl on supporting surface is simple thing, growing it vertically up without support is something different, there's a height limit when there's enough thread in the air to overcome windage and drag the thread down as fast it grows, but it all depends on Harry's transfiguration speed. However, if the thread is hollow, filled with helium, it is not a big deal, and thread can also anchor after touching something.

Undetectable threads.
Having the thread touch Eaters' robes is a risky thing. What if one of them was lasy enough to make his wardrobe refuel enchantments, or rich enough to have such wardrobe, or commited enough to maintain enchantments manually? Wasn't there anything about subtly notifying the bearer about foreign magic bein done just right here? With the bearer already alerted and instructed to shoot Harry, this is a one-way ticket. So this move is maybe a gamble.
Using threads to touch Voldemort is other thing. He senses Harry's presence, he senses his magic and no doubt he will detect something in process of transfiguration and move. It also can provoke him. Question is how much time will pass since thread passes Voldemort's detection range and before it severes him. With Voldemort's altitude defined by how good he is with the gun and with thread's advance speed impaired with each meter of altitude, this is a question. It is not, however, with transfiguring 1 mm3 as a free action, but Harry would have explored and exploited that already.

Swerving spell.
Beautiful. That's the exact thing my variant lacked, it simplifies everything. Also, you *misspelled*.
Scottbert chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Skitter is awesome and all, but Harry doesn't have bugs to carry the thread around like she does. How did he do that?
Perin Valin chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
so... The Horcrux system violates it's own rules and apparently ignores the principles of magic in general.

The "powerful" marauders map says that Harry is Tom, yet Voldemort is certain that Harry is not Tom enough to be recognized by the Horcruxes.

Further garbage is being piled on this travesty with each new entry. How does Harry accurately calculate so many variables in order to perfectly transmute the dimensions of the death-web? A gentle breeze or the slightest fluctuation in Voldemort's position as he was FLOATING in mid-air would have completely obliterated any chance of success. If we assume that transmuted objects are fixed in space then they would smash into the planet or fly off into space while being transmuted! There really are no rules anymore... Combine that with the fact that Voldemort is suddenly a dullard with no capacity for observing minute details or even sensing the magical resonance that probably never leaves the focus of his mind when Harry is around. This is all just an insultingly lazy and deeply disappointing attempt to wrap things up.

It's either total crap or the real truth has yet to be revealed.
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
post the short version like you did the alt non ghostbusters version of the sorting
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Gianni Magnolia

worm ended awhile ago. do you mean "til the start of worm 2"? if so not sure how much spidersilk will be in that one
Shay McSudonim chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Man, the sixty hour thing really screwed with my head. As I result, I give you, MOR: the Musical.

To the tune of Awkward Marina's "Anthropology"


"Math and logic fascinate me.
Science seeks utopia.
Tell me, puny wizard, can you reach to moon or lift a star?
Magic is an instrument but science is the orchestra.
Solve the mysteries—


"I've got vodoo I got whodoo, I got things I ain't even tried!

"...And I've got friends on the other side."

Creepy obelisks: "He's got friends on the other side."
Anonymous chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
So glad it worked out!
Brickman chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
While most of that was quite satisfying and impressive, I'm going to throw in with the people scratching their heads at how Harry was able to control the direction of the spider silk he was transmuting-well enough to crawl up people and around their necks, without looking. Not to mention somehow reaching someone who was hovering in the air.
PerennialChild chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
I didn't think you could Transfigure knots and lassos... *side eyes solution* Thought transfiguration was a raw-material thing-you could transfigure a rope, but you couldn't transfigure a noose? Let alone a noose tied securely to a rafter? I don't see why Harry should have been able to partially transfigure his wand into nanotubes wrapped around everyone's necks/hands-the spider silk/nanotubes should have floated from his wand randomly in the breeze and required a separate charm to move them around and tie them in the way he wanted. He didn't show himself capable of doing that prior to this chapter.
Ganurath chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Spider silk! Ha! It's no surprise he channeled Skitter.
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Did he just possibly kill Draco's dad?

I hope Snape is all right. The last description of him as "lifeless" was worrying, but at least if he is passed out in a corridor he didn't join them in the graveyard.

Can Hermione please save Dumbledore by the power of wishes?
thepkrmgc chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
i knew transfigureation was the key, though harry's low key approach worked much better then what i had in mind
hufflepup chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
That was surprising as the partial transfiguration in this chapter required a signidicantly higher level of skill than Harry had indicated he possessed before.

I also find it hard to believe that Voldermort wasn't aware that Harry had this ability. It is implied that he practiced this with Hermione, nad Voldermort would probably have payed close attention to what Harry was doing. He might also have been able to guess it from the Azkaban raid.

Even if Voldermort didn't know about this not forcing Harry to throw away his wand before announcing that he was going to kill him is a stupid risk. If almost any other author had done this I would accuse them of letting the villain hold the "idiot ball" becaude he couldn't find a better way for the villain to win. As it is I suspect that Harry may have done exactly what Voldermort expected. He did suggest faking a victory earlier to convince people that Voldermort as no longer a threat, and he implied he would do this anyway when Harry refused to go along with it ... Given what he thinks of the death eaters I don't think Voldermort would be bothered with sacrificing them to accomplish this.
cvoinescu chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Excellent chapter. My only reservation is that I would have preferred some of the Death Eaters to be spared, but it's explained that that would have been too much to ask, under the circumstances, and I reluctantly accept that - but I look forward to seeing it addressed compassionately in the closing chapters.

Almost all elements of this scenario have been suggested by readers: transfigured antimatter, carbon nanotube series-connected garrotes, the Swerving Hex, and [spoiler for chapter 115 - as if anyone hasn't read it already] leaving Voldemort incapacitated but not dead (and even, specifically, storing him in transfigured form).

To the objectors:
- "Stuporfy" is the Swerving Stunner, an invention of Professor Filtwick, not a typo or accidental deviation from canon. It is distinct from "Stupefy", but intentionally similar. Narratively speaking, that hex bears one of the most obvious "remember this, it *will* be used later" tags in the entire book.
- We know of antimatter from real life, and we know fairly precisely what effect of a milligram of it would have. It should not come as a surprise; actual physics is never a cop-out, and doesn't need to be foreshadowed. (Except that it is, exactly one hundred chapters back.)
- Harry has transfigured carbon nanotubes before; it was one of his and Hermione's first experiments. The next thing he did with the transfigured carbon nanotubes was transfigure them shorter against a large load, to see whether they would pull and exert work. They did.
- The total volume of spider silk, and later carbon nanotube braid, is very small, and Harry stalls for quite a long time (more than a minute, it seems to me).
- Wands have not been presented as either transfigurable or not, but it's been mentioned that Harry's wand had lost some material when slightly damaged by spells it cast, and he dwelt upon the fact for a bit. (Not obviously foreshadowing, like the Swerving Stunner, but it's there.) Only Harry can do partial transfiguration anyway, so the point is largely moot, although the idea of storing a few grains of sand to serve as distinct objects for ordinary transfiguration is certainly ingenious.

The only slightly unsatisfying thing is the way the carbon nanotubes reach the flying Voldemort - that, and, having read a lot of the Chapter 113 reviews, the fourth-wall-breaking constant deja-vu sensation.
Gianni Magnolia chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Seriously? Spider-silk around the neck? How does it work by the way? How does Harry float it? I know he said he can transfigure against forces, but I assumed that during the process the laws of gravity still hold. Anyone cares to explain this, please?

By the way it was brilliant and reminded me that I most certainly have some spider-silk tricks yet to enjoy till the end of Worm.
Jymn chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
If I had read your answer as a guess in the comments I would have considered it extremely clever and interesting, and also extremely unlikely to work. I would expect them to notice the threads, especially at the tip of Harry’s wand where they all came together. Not to mention you’d expect death eaters trained by Voldemort to detect a magic (currently in the process of being transfigured) thing right around their heads.

AND the fact that Harry can control where the spider silk goes like that…How? He’s adding and subtracting transfigured weight to guide it through the air currents? I don’t buy it. Especially not the idea that he did so many in just the time he had that conversation. I could imagine spending weeks practicing guiding spider silk through *indoor* air and still have it be a slow, hit-or-miss process.

AND even though I remember the part where Harry noticed his wand had gotten scratched up, transfiguring a part of it with itself still strikes me like using a marker to color on itself. If he can do that-if the magic doesn’t need to flow out oft he tip of the wand to work-isn’t it practically wandless magic? Or at least a large step towards wandless magic, which Harry does not know?

But, honestly, I’d swallow a lot more improbability than that in exchange for a happy ending. So, hurray! And thankyou for writing this incredible story.
badkidoh chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Another really great chapter.
JFiig chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Perfect so i was right that he would transfigure the tip of his wand and transfigure carbon nanotubes, i can see that i forgot one way of disabling voldemort(transfiguring him entirely) and overestimated the backlash from casting obliviate on him to remove voldemort from the equation.

I thought harry would have larger trouble dealing with Voldemort since he would not want the hundreds of students to die, will be interesting to see how he deals with that. Ofc an evil wizard taking over Britain would just overrule that first problem.

But i didnt think that he could transfigure spider silk to simply float in the air, that one i assumed would invalidate an answer.

Hopefully the author finds that one or more of the answers given in the 60 hour limit, is acceptable or close enough that, he will post up til chapter 121

Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Up until this chapter I still thought Voldemorte was aiming for Harry to win and complete his "Harry defeats Voldemorte" plan. It just made little sense how he let Harry keep his wand rather than having a Death Eater cast Expeliarmus, it's also such an obvious means of limiting Harry's actions that there was no way Quirrel didn't think of it.

I figured V have figured out that Harry could do partial transfiguration by his removal of the block of metal at Azkazam (V would also have interrogated Bellatrix afterwards) and was giving him a final test to see if he was worthy.

I'm also surprised at how Harry can actively transfigure something in contact with Voldemorte without the resonance triggering in a debilitating fashion. And that the Death Eaters didn't have a means to detect this (transfiguration has been used in combat before, ie. Dumbledore was known for it, and ropes cutting people in half seems like a decent and obvious tactic).

Additionally, is there no limit to the force transfiguration can exert?
jim.farley.777 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Oh, bravo! Whoever came up with this is much more imaginative than I was. Carbon nanotubes! And I'm always talking about graphene applications with my friends... sheesh. Oh well.. at least I also thought to use transfiguration... :3
UNziHv9Mxm4SM3c chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Honestly, I liked mine idea better. The wind would have blown the spider silk away. But of course magic

Nobody gets killed, just kissed by a Dementor.
Einwill chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Still, I don't understant why LV let Harry to hold his wand after Unbreakable Vow?!
782782 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
When has Harry demonstrated the ability to levitate or transfigure a substance so finely as to be only a molecule thick? When has he demonstrated the ability to perform such complex levitation/telekinesis as to pull a rope tight, or transfigure a fairly complicated string structure of more than thirty-six loops into another structure of different shape (not just scaled down, the length ratios changed)? Just "transfiguring it shorter" seems, well, non-trivial. And when has Harry been able to transfigure anything into carbon nanotubes at all? He tried to before, and unless I misremember, he failed.

It's very disappointing when the author sets up such a great final challenge and then solves it with a cop-out.

At least one can say for it that it parallels the ending of Harry Potter canon, where Harry sacrifices himself to make Lord Voldemort killable, in the natural culmination of the story fulfilling lots of previous character traits and with lots of nice dramatic echoes to previous events, and then he survives the Killing Curse again and lives happily ever after anyway and thus his sacrifice becomes meaningless because "screw the story, we need a happy ending."
Unmaker chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
In the end, it appears that Voldemort was still responding to two biases:
1. He was trying to get Harry to acknowledge dominance.
2. He was still having a little too much fun with a decent opponent.
And those two biases allowed Harry to string along Voldemort longer than should have been possible. And the fact that V actually bargained in response to counter-moves on H's part was acknowledging him as equal.

But I still have a major objection:
1. V knew H was good at Transfiguration.
2. V knew Transfiguration was wordless, requiring only a wand.
3. V had at least some evidence that H had transcended at least one Transfiguration limit (Azkaban actions, even though V only saw the end results). Even if not, a prepared wizard could embed several grains of sand in the end of their wand to serve as Transfiguration raw material if nothing else was available.
4. Detection of Transfigured material is possible, even over an area.
So why the heck didn't V put up Transfiguration detection? Was he just that overconfident?
douglas.n.corey chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
So, why can't you transfigure air? I mean, other than that the author says you can't. Molecules are molecules.
Flashx11 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
That was awesome!

I looked at a good number of the suggestions on the subreddit, but I have to say that I like this solution best. Maybe something even more awesome turned up (you seemed to suggest so on Facebook), but I found this solution to be completely satisfying.

Aaargh, we forgot about the swerving stun. People thought of the partial transfiguration, and even wand-tip transfiguration, but not the new spell variant. Excellent placement, then.

If you want to put a quote in the omake file 5 for old times' sake, may I suggest
"The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.”
― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

It seems appropriate for the hijinks within.
omegonthesane chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Well it's no longer "so dark I have no more reason to care".

I'd appreciate the use of the Swerving Stun more if I had binged the whole story again to recall where it was mentioned. If I'd had the time or the will to do so, maybe I'd have been less angry at the original Final Exam challenge. Such is the result of a long running fic.

Honestly, though, the idea that a young boy can stay calm enough under the circumstances to pull off that admittedly awesome plan is about as plausible as Voldemort's now-ended lucky streak. I can't really condemn you for that without condemning the original books however, and you only specified that the victory plan had to rely on established plot elements and not "the cavalry", not that it be something a normal scared boy (as opposed to Mini-Tom Riddle) could do.
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
The canon incantation is "Stupefy". Please fix this.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
And now for Voldemort to reveal that was all a scenario played out in a spell cast by one of his minions?
Separ chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Well done, I like it
Nerdfish chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Given some thought to my suggestion, I realized there is a problem, timetuner only go backwards.
Okay then. I will fix my solution as follows.
- Future Harry show up and save present harry
- Present Harry pick up the time tuner
- Present Harry go back in time and save himself, completing the time loop.
Emma Emerson chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
This is LOVELY..
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
oh my god. well, perhaps not mine as i don't believe in any deities.
zeromh chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Can someone explain how Harry would be able to make the wire move through the air?
Laezar chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
That wasn't fair at all. Harry never experienced with antimatter so firt it wasn't only a rational response (we need prior knowledge of antimatter to think of this). And second I'm not 100% sure it's possible to transfigure antimatter (but then I don't know how antimatter works...).

The rest was possible to think of...except... that we didn't know either wands were transfigurable. And if they are why aren't all wand battle ended by wand transfiguration instead of attack spells?

So yeah we really lacked 2 major information here. Also voldemort said he had placed tons of ward, he is able to ward against deathly hollow, but he can't ward to know if someone is using a transfiguration?

It certainly worked but it was 90% luck and luck is what you control, we couldn't write our solutions based on luck.
Nafram chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Does this mean no Phoenix plot? A shame
hablargh chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Spidersilk. A certain supervillain would approve.
Stone.Wolf.80 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
YEAH! Presumably you had this written already, but it's a nice combination/polishing of the popular reader solutions.

Also: "The next chapter will post in 10 minutes." Thank you.
BretheBabbit chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
10 minutes! I could love you!
Nicaragua chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
rpresser chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
It's a little difficult to believe such a long web could be transfigured from a mere cc of material.
Arekanderu chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
This chapter had me at the edge of my seat! Well done. I hope that ten minutes have passed and I go straight onto the next one
Evan chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
I never posted a comment on the previous chapter, but I started one, and its first pagagraph was:

blockquoteI do not think any solution that directly results in death for anyone (including the Eaters thereof) is one Harry should or would choose. Partial transfiguration of poisons, acids, spinal cords severed by buckytube filaments, etc, are no better from an ethical standpoint than iavada kedavra/i, which Harry was himself certain that he could never cast: he rejects death. (Attempting to kill Voldemort with a gun was out of character, and Harry felt the wrongness of that action before he'd even pulled the trigger. Maybe that was because of the curse Voldemort had woven about Tom Riddles threatening each other's immortality, but it could also be because Harry will never want to threaten ianyone's/i immortality.)/blockquote

So I'm a little bit disappointed that this was the solution chosen. I was so hoping Harry would think of a way to experimentally test whether they were in the real world or a mirror simulation. Oh well... On to the next one!
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Fantastic. I think that this is a combination of a few different reviews I've read. TEN MINUTES IS TOO LONG WHY YOU DO THIS EY
Reichenfaust chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Oh, that was wicked! Transfiguration being wordless! And using carbon nanotubes, along with threat of antimatter! Brilliant!

What an a rational, and scientific way to get out of such a situation, or to at least even the score.
jon58840 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Oh man, I saw some of the reviews suggesting partial transfiguration as the solution and they seemed pretty solid but I didn't see the possibility of antimatter being used, even as a legitimate threat. Very very interesting turn of events.
xxApocalypsexx chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Well damn. I did not see that coming, but I definitely approve of how every aspect of Harry's plan had been mentioned beforehand. No deus ex machina to be found. Looking forward to seeing how this ends.
Archangel12575 chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
This violates Occam's Razor so many different ways it's not even funny - but Harry's divine luck somehow holds long enough to implement an absurdly complex plan. Not than mine was any better.

Cool though :-)
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
TEN MINUTES! Too long a wait!
Guest chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
So successful than? It seems like a combination of a few suggested ideas
FeepingCreature chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Belaris chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
Knew the nanowire option was the best option. Bravo, whoever posted that one.
Enei Emmu chapter 114 . 3/3/2015
and i'm right back to saying holy shit.