Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
you matter chapter 36 . 8/24
Fun hahaha
Eliella45 chapter 36 . 5/9
Wonderful chapter! Especially the end!
The Unplanner chapter 36 . 1/8
Here we see being insufficiently pessimistic about how *absolutely terrible* things would be for him if Vernon Dursley was his stepfather. All of his potential would be not just wasted, but actively destroyed and the remains stuffed under the stairs where no one would look at them. All that would be left would be a solid core of determination and heroism that would get him stuck in boring old Gryffindor and defeating the Dark Lord with a heavy sacrificial cost. Any old hero can do that! This Harry has much loftier goals.
Sparrow.arrow chapter 36 . 9/13/2020
This story is Amazing, but it's honestly to much for me
I've made it to chapter 36 and am proud I made it this far
Thanks for this experience and wish you the best
Alyce and Indi chapter 36 . 12/26/2019
Haha, Harmony.
Majerus chapter 36 . 7/8/2019
I really liked the comment about their home, how it was the place they used to keep the rain off of their books :D

(Then again, there were lots of physicists that thought that quantum mechanics was weird, instead of quantum mechanics being normal and them being weird.)

Oh crap, I have had this conversation LMAO

Oh boy, Roberta is quite the insightful woman… so, is Hermione adopted as well then? Mention was made of her “magical mother”.
I do hope that the mother’s insight is clear enough to explain emotional development of boys vs girls to explain Harry’s clear lack of understanding to the idea of kissing lol
Merc chapter 36 . 4/24/2019
This amount of reviews and guest anonymity is dizzying. So I’m just going to say it: Hah, no way in hell. Not once through the books or the movies was there ever indications of the sort of stupifying attraction that makes people like Harry and Hermione hear wedding bells. He is too broken and she is too cautious. And to throw caution to the wind you need stupifyng like a rogue, not a by the book hero and heroine. Or this clever Mr. Hyde and shining Princess of goodness who are heart wrenching but not ground shaking. The physical key ingredient is missing and eleven is not too young for combustion with the right spark or for pregnancy for that matter. Which is worrisome enough to make wish I believed in praying for my boy away from home. Mr. Krum and Mr. Weasley share a type. It is no logical but love seldom is.
AlenDarkStar chapter 36 . 7/15/2018
Good chapter.
Anon chapter 36 . 7/2/2018
God I hate Hermione in this fic, her cringey Mary sueness, her stupid ideas, her pathetic jealousies, everything
Maersikai chapter 36 . 6/8/2018
This is just so damn FUN to read!
GreenMasks chapter 36 . 2/8/2018
They're not *really* married.

Right? It's not arranged? Right? RIGHT?!
Guest chapter 36 . 11/28/2017
Haha didn't know this book had ships. But I'm glad it's harmony and NOT hinny. Though I expected mor dramione during the battle. :D
PhaedraZev chapter 36 . 9/24/2017
I flailed reading this chapter. That ending was hilarious, from a shipping perspective. Also, did I read Roberta' s section correctly? She ISN'T Hermione's mother? She's a halfblood?
Avatar Whitelighter chapter 36 . 8/10/2017
So freakning hard to remember that they are ELEVEN (Harry) and TWELEVE (Hermiane) years old. NOT thirty as they act. This chapter is great.
dariofort chapter 36 . 8/9/2017
Please autor of this book, in 30 years try to sell this story to Netflix, maybe they can do a series of your wonderfull job.
MashiroAzuki chapter 36 . 5/6/2017
Though there has been heated debate about the canonnised ship for Hermione, I certainly hold no anger towards the pairing of choice. In this story, ITS THE ONLY ONE PLAUSIBLE TO HAPPEN. Loved the house visit. Its so entertaining.
ack1308 chapter 36 . 4/7/2017
Ahh, parents who don't take their kids seriously.
BeyondMyReach chapter 36 . 4/6/2017
I like the /idea/ of Hermione and though many of her thoughts (gloating over Harry, being smug, stuff like that) are understandable, normal, even, for kids her age, they irked me very much and prevented me from really liking her.

That being said, I think I can say that I genuinely like Hermione now. There's something very beautiful about this, sad though beautiful, that maybe Hermione craves approval and praises from professors because her parents belittle and don't understand her intelligence, but there's also something beautiful that they love Hermione (in their eye's) in despite of. I think you did a lovely job with her handling her parents and the reason why she did it that way. Harry's reaction was very sweet and her reaction to him is very sweet.
JD73hsnHSBDF chapter 36 . 9/3/2016
This is fun and so enjoyable to read! The Grangers and the Verres.
The Anguished One chapter 36 . 6/15/2016
The Grangers and the Verres-Evans meet for Christmas Eve, Harry defends Hermione, their parents muse about their future together, and the two Ravenclaws share a cute moment... So adorable.
richierich chapter 36 . 1/30/2016
This chapter has done a great job of reminding me of Hermione and Harry's real age. For the last thirty chapters I've been visualizing them as being fifteen or so because of the way they are written. So much intrigue and plots within plots and traps that can spring with the slightest intellectual miss-step, that they just read older. The closest comparison I can come up with is the children in the Dune novels. It's just so hard to match this story's children with the image in my mind of Emma Watson and company from that first Harry Potter film! But this chapter helped. Great story though. I'm enjoying it a lot.
Montara chapter 36 . 1/22/2016
I wonder if Harry's outburst will make a difference or not? Will her parents think differently about Hermione?
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 36 . 12/7/2015
Awkward family get-together, it's lovely to see Hermione's parents interact with her. It explains where some of her social conditioning comes from; her parents are definitely steeped with the hegemonic social scripts. Harry's outrage is both touching and amusing.
ShadowLDrago chapter 36 . 10/20/2015
Well, this is amusing.
Ariana Tench chapter 36 . 8/17/2015
Omg I literally just woke up my parents laughing at the no kisses bit my parents are mad but I nearly peed my pants omg I love you what's ur name !{' 0 '}
Zyxis chapter 36 . 8/14/2015
. . . *Ahem* AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That was an adorable scene at the end! There was manly squealing on my part! XD
Moose Voose chapter 36 . 7/19/2015
I'm dying. This is brilliant and hilarious and absolutely, 100% delightful.
Guest chapter 36 . 6/2/2015
This chapter was so cute u
Especially the part at the end when Hermione kisses Harry on the cheek and they're all protesting :3
PA chapter 36 . 5/20/2015
Bwuahaha, at the end of the day, as intelligent as the two of them are, they are still most definitely 11 year olds. Bwuahahahaha
Berlin chapter 36 . 5/16/2015
That last part oh gog xD
Hippothestrowl chapter 36 . 3/24/2015
This version of Harry gets more and more obnoxious. Definitely Slytherinesque, his attitude to those of lesser intellectual powers is no different than Lucius's view of house elves - contemptuous.

Dreadful sideflash at the Grangers with neither warning nor indication until several paragraphs had passed. It served no purpose that I could see except to annoy.

Still, fascinating writing and an immense story (not just in length.)
Village-Mystic chapter 36 . 3/23/2015
Cute chapter.
TheButterflyComposer chapter 36 . 12/24/2014
Bonus points for putting down the daft parents AND having the daughter be wise enough to know that the reason they believe such things is because they are daft, not because they don't love her.
Smashing stuff.
spoonring chapter 36 . 10/5/2014
I'm still very much enjoying the story!
MEIPHANTOMHIVE chapter 36 . 9/21/2014
Talkingbirdguy chapter 36 . 8/16/2014
Isn't Harry just the most romantic type you've ever seen? XD
Good chapter, loved the dinner scene.
thepkrmgc chapter 36 . 8/2/2014
seeing things from the parent's perspectives its very funny, and props to you for confronting the ingrained gender stereotypes of contemporary Britain
sophomoron chapter 36 . 7/7/2014
Dad seemed to think that the conflict between his intuitions and the universe meant that the universe had a problem.

(Then again, Harry thought that death was wrong)

[spoilers alert for anyone reading the reviews before the rest of the story]

Also, I'd like to commend you on the irony of making Hermione a feminist and then fridging her, which was doubtlessly intentional because I figured it out and I'm still in high school therefore it was obvious and must have been intentional. That was quite terrible and evil and you're welcome for the compliment. (hopefully you're not some anti-feminist or anything and were just being cruel and unusual) And also the irony of Hermione spending 70 chapters trying to create a story for herself where she was the protagonist, and then having her life end because of what she meant to Harry rather than anything she did on her own. Hopefully you bring her back, though, and then she gets to do stuff and make important discoveries on her own and live her life. It's also kind of interesting that Harry's one of the few people in the story that gives her credit for being her own person rather than his "love interest" or whatever, so he wants her to llive her life rather than just be there to love him.

Also, I liked the Aladdin omake. But how exactly would the IQ point increase work? I don't actually remember that clearly, but isn't IQ based on average intelligence of people of each age? So I guess if they didn't age, their chronological year would stay the same, but if everyone got a bit more intelligent every year, wouldn't the average still stay the same, so nobody would increase in IQ points? I'm probably wrong. Sorry if i am.
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 36 . 5/20/2014
"You don't have the tiniest idea," said Harry, the ice now leaking into his voice. "You think she reads a lot of books and it's cute, right? You see a perfect report card and you think it's good that she's doing well in class. Your daughter is the most talented witch of her generation and the brightest star of Hogwarts, and someday, Dr. and Dr. Granger, the fact that you were her parents will be the only reason that history remembers you! It is entirely possible that in a thousand years, the fact that Hermione Granger's parents were dentists will be the only reason anyone remembers dentistry!"
Love it.
Ninjaguy67 chapter 36 . 3/21/2014
"It is entirely possible that in a thousand years, the fact that Hermione Granger's parents were dentists will be the only reason anyone remembers dentistry!" This scene and this line in particular is probably my favorite line in any fanfiction(or thing?) I've ever read.
The Real Enitharmon chapter 36 . 2/13/2014
I have heard many, many possible names for Mr and Mr Granger but 'Leo and Roberta' have to be the oddest. :S
Talonis Wolf chapter 36 . 1/27/2014
Talk about a plot twist! Poor Harry and Hermoine, both mortified in a way that their parents will never let them forget.

Hehehe...the parents are evil little buggers, as well. I wonder if it's obvious to everyone else? The dynamic between Harry and Hermoine? Ooohhh, and Malfoy IS NOT going to be a fan...
Alexja2013 chapter 36 . 1/24/2014
Why do I get the feeling the whole "no kissing" rule will be thrown out the window within the next 7 years
ZipZapBoing chapter 36 . 1/22/2014
Loving the story so far, but the first paragraph made me chuckle at the so completely un-Brit picked nature of it! Looking forward to the next 60 chapters or so!
Grizzmon chapter 36 . 1/13/2014
That was really cute.
DeletedAccount3498 chapter 36 . 11/22/2013
Hmm...I thought the description of the Granger's home was nice, as well as the characterization of her parents. I think you got across their oblivion and somewhat lack of interest in what Hermione's really doing well, and also Hermione's reaction and tolerance of them. It's nice to see she's more respectful then Harry ever was, though the kiss at the end was a little ... overrated. I mean, it's only their first year, and apart from working together, there really hasn't been much chemistry or romantic relationship built between them, so I think it's a bit too early in the story for that.

Also, I have to admit, I like the Hermione in the books better then the Hermione in this story. The Hermione in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter was determined, talented, smart, bossy, straightforward and most of all - sincere. The Hermione in this story is flirtatious and acts older then her age in terms of romance. Something which detracts from the likability of the original Hermione.
addikhabbo chapter 36 . 8/19/2013
John chapter 36 . 7/23/2013
I am stopping here. Obviously there is no place for a working class kid in your fanfic.
GoldenFalls chapter 36 . 7/20/2013
You probably already have an answer to this, but I thought if someone were to be born magical to non-magical parents, the parents would both have to be heterogenous, so shouldn't Dr. Verres have one magical gene and one not magical gene instead of two not magical genes?
Paganimagus chapter 36 . 7/18/2013
Re-read chapter 36 just now, its fantastically writ and makes the most recent chapters all the more horrible and poignant
reddir chapter 36 . 7/17/2013
Ch 36: Nice to have a breather. It reminded me that these are still children, not short wizards.
Cemalidor chapter 36 . 7/5/2013
I absolutely LOVED that last paragraph. *eg* Maybe Harry should plead for self-defense against bodily harm. :XDDD
Anon chapter 36 . 7/4/2013
That was cute
Alissie chapter 36 . 7/1/2013
I'm rooting for Harry and Hermione.
Part of me is also rooting for Hermione and Draco.
I'm starting to fear that ANOTHER part of me is waiting for Harry and Draco.
I have problems.
Laugh Counter chapter 36 . 5/31/2013
Your laugh counter has undergone some repairs but is now working properly again. Accumulated laughs for missed chapters is 263.
L.E chapter 36 . 5/14/2013
There soooo many things to like about this chapter! One of witch(pun) is Harry and Hermione's blossoming little romance.
RussianDestruction chapter 36 . 4/27/2013
Harry was sooo very out of line! At first I thought Hermione was going to slap him. He honestly would have deserved it. Whew!
The kiss was a brilliant way to end the chapter!
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 36 . 2/6/2013
I have trouble seeing why you would make Harry's parents out to be complete morons. Isn't IQ at least partially genetic? Would Harry really have been an idiot if not for the attempted infanticide on him?

I also have trouble seeing how Godric Gryffindor is your self-insert, and yet no Gryffindors apart from the ancient Headmaster and to a lesser extent Prof. McGonagall are even a little bit smart.

I notice that I am confused. Trusting you to make it make sense before the end of it.
Sardonic Irony chapter 36 . 1/14/2013
Hahahahahahahahaha, I love the way Harry/Hermione just spin-off each other in this fic, it's perfect, the character inter-play is superb!
StrangeoneXD chapter 36 . 12/21/2012
Harry's cute for the holidays and it's interesting how the parents are setting the kids up, sorta. So that's where he went...Oh dear though, were they all spying?
BiJane chapter 36 . 11/16/2012
It's delightful to find such an intellectually satisfying fanfiction, as well as one with such an engaging, and intriguing story. I'm in love with the scientific ideas and explanation put forward.
And I have no idea what to make of Dumbledore. He's either a mad chicken-abuser, or some kind of genius, or both. Fascinating story. Hard to keep track of the multitude of plots and motivations etc, but that just makes it all the more satisfying. Wow.
LunaSakne chapter 36 . 10/12/2012
It's not this chapter specifically, but I haven't yet said how much I like your Hermione POV scenes. I think you really nail her; I've been a similar smart, very conscientious kind of silly. She's changing, of course, but the initial humour was sublime. Evil!Hermione is amusing in different ways.
voodooqueen126 chapter 36 . 8/2/2012
As a general rule, men range from retarded to genius, whilst women are more likely to be average.
Poetheather1 chapter 36 . 7/29/2012
Beautiful... just beautiful. The end, with the kissing, was priceless. How eleven year old can you get. Perfect.
Kirinin chapter 36 . 7/11/2012
Wow. I love how you've characterized the differences between the Grangers and the Evans-Verreses. I remember being a little kid and asked to do certain things to show I was 'clever' - probably every kid with an IQ above 100 does - and how 'sweet' and 'adorable' everyone thought that was. And I agree with your assessment that being a girl was part of that equation. Hermione is smart enough to know her parents love her, even though they wildly underestimate her, but I'm with Harry: that's got to sting.

You must have known a large number of very bright children going up (including yourself), because your spot-on characterization of life in a highly intelligent household seems too specific to be made entirely of whole cloth.

My Bent PoV chapter 36 . 7/5/2012
I absolutely LOVE your story! You should check out the webcomic 'xkcd' when younhave the chance! It uses some course language, but is very funny!
Georgie Porgie chapter 36 . 5/9/2012
In canon, I don't ship Hermione with either Ron or Harry, they are both stupid boys! Though I could understand WHY, when I remember that there are smart people who desire partners who are smart - but not as smart as them!

Here though, haha, it is cute, and Artemis Fowl and Hermione makes a perfect couple.

I'm sorry, I mean HARRY, but yes, that boy is like Artemis Fowl.
Sin Oan chapter 36 . 4/29/2012
Kyaa! What a cute chapter! They are just so adorable together. Harry standing up for Hermione like that. Who can blame him, or Hermione for planting one on him.
kattastic999 chapter 36 . 4/3/2012
This line: "The most terrible Dark Lord in history had tried to kill that boy, and the burnt husk of his body had been found next to the crib.

Her possible future son-in-law."

This line is the single-most hilarious line in the story.

So far.
Deadzepplin chapter 36 . 11/29/2011
The problem with your story is that the world is so real and that the nation of magical idiots stuck in the dark ages would be a MASSIVE problem that I would allow myself to lose, if I were in Harry's situation I would just learn enough so that I could make a magic house on a sunny deserted island and live a life of laziness because the people and the system is so broken and stupid it would not be worth the effort and stress that I would have to put in and accumulate now this is not only because everything these people teach is perfect for gargantuan misuse and I could not be bothered to do anything to stop it for a few reasons which I will outline here

1. Why the hell does every magical Child know the name of the magically unblockable killing spell and the mind control and torture spell

2. There are always going to be people who just want to watch the world burn so I would only ever start this problem when I have enchanted most of my everything I have to guard against these things but also to hide to run to fight to distract and a myriad of other things

3. Finally that not only do these people get born with reality altering powers they have little to no reason to not use them there is no regulation for example in Marvel comics there was an event called the superhero civil war where superheros fought over the law o have super human/mutants register to the government and this sounds bad but when you consider the majority of these powers like invisibility, mind control, epic transformation, control of all metals, crazy eye beams, the classic super strength and something like intangibility these people might be decent people but just like the government regulates guns these people have been born with a metaphorical gun in their hand and the regulate this and while that sounds bad I'm sure you can see the reasons the Wizards all have a gun in their hands metaphorically speaking and little to no regulation beyond everyone being a moron that follow the grain of not thinking, leaving the magic world or anything else they just stay in the one spot doing what they have always been doing and never moving past what they have got or seen and while mostly harmless morons are mostly harmless every once in a while you run across a Hitler that makes more Hitlers and then you have got a generation of Hitlers killing everyone they deem to be for lack of a better term Jews to their Hitlers
Mark Ash chapter 36 . 10/2/2011
I had to say, because it deserves to be said and because I could not quite contain the impulse much longer, that this chapter holds a special place in my memory, even months after I first read it.

You are an excellent storyteller, Eliezer. In a single chapter you combined nobility, charm, intelligence, sparkling wit and cutting sincerity to construct a dialogue that I will never forget.

"It is entirely possible that in a thousand years, the fact that Hermione Granger's parents were dentists will be the only reason anyone remembers dentistry!"

How richly you reward us for reading! That one line was a tipping point. It took me from quietly admiring to raving at friends, and today it took me from silence to professing my sincere compliments.
AR chapter 36 . 9/21/2011
He'll never really belong will he? In either world..

It's a little sad..although she has managed to find the balance between her two's too easy. He is too RATIONAL to get it.

It made me sad...the end was funny though. Good to see he's still 11
Megan McAlistair chapter 36 . 9/4/2011
"And nonmagical London, Muggle Earth"

forget that, it was 1991, they didn't even have iPhones back then

or proper internet for everyone, for all I know Elvis was still alive (since it was before my birth), and the German Reunion was only two years old, two years instead of twenty-two!

the CDU still held Baden-Württemberg in its iron grasp

the old Bush was still president(I had to look that one up)

"unless technology leapfrogged over wizardry's quality of life"

do sweeping robots count?

and that exoskeleton that Cyberdyne (not kidding, but you probably know them already) made to help disabled people walk again?

"that of course his parents had waited"

nothing is as warming and sweet as knowing that you're loved

"adult-looking half-illegible handwriting"

which is true, no adult's handwriting is readable

except mine, it looks like an ugly Elementary School scribble

perfectly readable, ugly and without any style

"and then the same bright voice said"

every time it's repeated it sounds more fake

"Harry can be a bit touchy about that sort of thing"

you know, not being taken for full

"Hey! No kissing!"

giving entirely the wrong suggestions

what would interest me: does Harry's father draw the wrong conclusions or does he know his son and the situation enough to at least consider other options?

"everything was just the way it should be"

the innocence of their children was safe
jammer chapter 36 . 9/4/2011
This story is... strange. I will admit that I was about to give up reading it many times. But I always come back.

The characters in your story are acting completely unnatural. I feel like no one would ever talk or act like this. Especially Malfoy, Harry and Hermione - they are just too smart, too unhuman.

It sounds like I am bashing, but I am really not - in fact I like it somehow! I enjoy reading this and I am entertained. Although I feel its not realistic at all. Strange.

I don't really know what the point of my little rant is, except to tell you that I enjoy your story despite having mixed feelings about it. Keep writing it and I shall be eager to see where this is going.
ironhair chapter 36 . 8/28/2011
"You used up all the open space on my bookcases?"

lol, i know what that's like...

Liked the aftermaths of the kiss :p
Just a quick correction chapter 36 . 5/31/2011
First World, Second World, and Third World refer to Capitalist, Communist, and Neutral, not to levels of general advancement. Zeroth World would refer to something like hypercapitalism, or possibly fascism, depending on how you look at it, but not a "cleaner society".
Can't make the login work chapter 36 . 5/30/2011
Soooo funny. It's 2 am and I can't get put it down to go to bed. I'd be mad, if I didn't enjoy being caught in this way.
MouetteHeartsErik chapter 36 . 4/12/2011
Helplessly giggling. It's so... bloody fire and damnation, it's so *cute*!
Jasper Valentine Bluesummers chapter 36 . 4/8/2011
I'm not usually particularly fond of Harry/Hermione as a couple, but the way you handled it here was very sweet and appropriate. Really good going.
RJ chapter 36 . 3/29/2011
I tell myself I won't review, then I come across lines like this and I have to tip my hat to you.

"The most terrible Dark Lord in history had tried to kill that boy, and the burnt husk of his body had been found next to the crib.

Her possible future son-in-law."
ShineX chapter 36 . 3/26/2011
hilarious lol :)
The Karlminion chapter 36 . 3/21/2011
"Hey! No kissing!"

That made my day. Thank you sir.

ARMH chapter 36 . 2/23/2011
Haha, Harry and Hermione are adorable! It's nice to see them getting along so well.
Markus Ramikin chapter 36 . 2/19/2011
Another great chapter. I loved the Harry rant. "You don't have the tiniest idea", indeed.

I have to say though that in a way, Roberta's thoughts are the most disturbing thing so far, even given the other disturbing things you've written. I wonder if you quite realize what you're written there. Although I suspect you do, and it's just that most people reading the story just don't focus on this.
Wymster chapter 36 . 2/10/2011
good stuff. keep it up :)
ssjgokillo chapter 36 . 2/1/2011
I was planning on waiting till I had finished reading the available chapters before reviewing, but I so much greatness has cropped up that I just had to! I apologize for raising your review count, but I'm compelled!

This story is hilarious first of all. Not in a bad crack-fic way, but in a "wow, I wish I was half as smart as an 11 year old" way. If that even makes sense. If it doesn't, then please just take it as the compliment it was intended.

The Tragedy of Light business was also great. Hearing references to Ender's Game just about made me explode. I honestly love all the little references I find.

And lastly, while I've begun reading the LessWrong Wiki, I was wondering if you had and suggestions on where to start? As I find it a daunting (though enjoyable) task.

Thank you, and I'll see you further down the road!
Aelar chapter 36 . 12/15/2010
The story as a whole is wonderful and I find it deeply entertaining. The two questionable moments about justice being unique to the Enlightenment and white people having no work ethic left me unfazed.

I am, however, deeply disturbed by your change to the Granger family. While Rowling may imply that muggleborns are ultimately descended from Squibs, there is no evidence whatsoever that either of her parents had ever had any knowledge of magic. While Professor Slughorn does suggest that Hermione might be related to a Hector Dagworth-Granger, there is neither any evidence to suggest he is correct, nor any indication as to how close the relationship he surmises might be.

There is simply no reason whatsoever in any of the books for anyone Hermione had ever met before going to Hogwarts to have been familiar with magic in any way.

While this may seem like a minor quibble, I find that this alteration detracts from the original nature of Hermione in a major way. She is supposed to be %100 muggle-born. She is supposed to be without magical relatives, tied to the friends she makes closely. I admit that if this relation to wizards and witches unknown is left unknown to Harry and Hermione, it cannot impinge on the plot. I ask, however, if in that case there was any purpose to this detail.

To a limited extent, this invented detail has already impinged on the plot. There is every indication that Mrs Granger was never aware of Harry Potter as the Boy Who Lived. Here, however, you have her fearing that the eleven year old Harry might be a dangerous Dark Wizard. This unfortunately temporarily broke my suspension of disbelief.

In case you forget my first sentence, however, as a whole I found this story amazing and terribly engaging. I loved it.
Raemon777 chapter 36 . 11/24/2010
First of all, as a first post here, congrats on an awesome story.

Second, a bit of a comment on HoosYourDaddy's post(s). I know there's other places to discuss the story in a conversational tone, but the people I want to address this to are less likely to frequent those places.

My guess from reading some of the author's other works is that this story is intended to parallel, to some degree, a series of essays he wrote called "Coming of Age", which describe various beliefs he had over the course of his life, most of which were very wrong despite him thinking at each given time that he was a "strong rationalist." My sense is that yes, Harry does represent the author to some degree, but that he is showcasing a lot of important lessons that young, snide intellectuals often need to learn.

I've noticed a dichotomy between readers: people whose minds really do work like Harry (and the author) and people whose minds do not. To the people who DON'T think like Harry, they assume he is cold and emotionless, because the entire way he thinks feels so alien to them.

As someone with the same basic mental framework as Harry, I must say that he absolutely has Empathy. It just doesn't manifest in the same way that most people's empathy does. It's worth noting that Harry definitely falls under the Myer-Briggs "Rational" archetype, and that that archetype makes up something like 2% of the population. To most people, his mindset IS scary and alien, but be aware that as much as we may seem arrogant and aloof, it is just as insulting for you to call us "inhuman." And the chapter (entitled "Empathy") I thought did an excellent job of showing how this type of person can care a great deal about people and the world. But I've seen several reviews that completely missed that point.

We (Harry and real people similar to him) are not emotionless. We are not amoral. We are not sociopaths. We care about individual people around us and we care about the wellbeing of the world. The difference is that our brains, in addition to feeling those things, are constantly examining the world, drawing connections, testing. If your brain DOESN'T do those thing, then it can be weird reading a story about someone who does. If they spend so much time thinking "robotic" thoughts, how can we also be thinking "people thoughts?"

The answer? We just do.

Please try to set aside your prejudices about how "humans" think, and try rereading chapter 27. Or chapter 37, for that matter. Consider the possibility that motivations you've been ascribing to psycopathic amorality are in fact the same, normal human motivations that most people have.

Part of his motivations certainly do have to with ego ("I want to be the one to save the world.") But if ego was all that was at play here, he wouldn't be spending his time trying to fix the entire world.

Now, is Harry arrogant and think himself better than most people? Yeah. And that's a flaw, but not one that stems from a lack of empathy. Or rather, it does, but bear in mind that by instinctively seeing Harry as "inhuman," you are guilty of the same lack of empathy. An inability to understand someone who not only has different circumstances but a different type of mind. And the reason Harry is bad at it is because it's HARD.

One of the biggest recurring themes in the story is how Harry's flashy egotism and intellectual showmanship is a bad thing, which Hermione is constantly frustrated by and tries to curtail. (I think you're simply wrong about Hermione not being a decent person. Her only flaw I can see is a rather simplistic view of the world. She's the one who points out that Harry tends not to consider people of lesser intelli
HoosYourDaddy chapter 36 . 11/24/2010
Just wanted to say again how intrigued I am with the story. It's unlike anything else in the fandom.

That said, I still have some serious reservations with this story. First, it has become clear that your primary intention really is to write a polemic valorizing your way of looking at the world. The fictional world of Harry Potter is just window dressing. It could not be more clear from looking at your author's page or your blog that you are looking for *disciples*.

Despite your slight toward Ayn Rand, there is something going on here that is distressingly similar to her cultist methods. The blatant and childish egotism at the heart of her philosophy is mirrored in yours. You really do believe that being smart-which is to say, being able to confound other people with complex theoretical jargon-makes one a *better* person in some fundamental way.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only person in this story who is fundamentally decent is McGonagall. The rest are so caught up in admiring their own intelligence that they think of everyone else as subhuman. This is not a problem limited to Harry - you have given Dumbledore, Quirrell, Snape, Draco, and Hermione the same flaws. It's becoming increasingly impossible to laugh at these characters, because you are not laughing at them. Your admiration of them is as subtle as a sledgehammer.

What the hat (and McGonagall) recognized in Harry - his fundamental amorality, a coldness that refuses to empathize with others or see them as equals in any real sense - is pervasive also in the authorial voice of this story, I'm sad to say.

I hope I am wrong about this, and my apologies if I am - but it seems clear to me that you really do think of yourself as some sort of intellectual god, worthy of adulation and praise from the stupid masses. And while being smart is a good thing, it is not the highest virtue to which a community or an individual can aspire. An intellect that is devoid of empathy and compassion is a very dangerous thing, no matter how impressive.

In short, there's egotism and intellectual showmanship by the ton here, but precious little warmth or wisdom. I would not want to live in a world governed by your vision of 'rationality.'
NormalAnomaly chapter 36 . 11/7/2010
Yeah, finally getting around to reviewing (out of order) all the chapters I feel like I have something to say about.

Normally, I hate Harry/Hermione shipping with a passion. However, Ron/Hermione is also deeply lame (she deserves better!), and Rational!Harry is probably the best pairing for her I've seen in fanfiction. So, if that's where you're going, go for it.
Indigo Ziona chapter 36 . 10/28/2010
Aaah, Meet the Parents...

'"Hello, Mum," Harry said with his voice wavering, "I'm back." And he hugged her, amid the noisy mechanical sounds and the smell of burned gasoline; and Harry started crying, because he knew that nothing could go back, least of all him. '

So true. I love the bit in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings where Maya Angelou tells about her summer where, due to falling out with her father's girlfriend, she ends up living with some street children for a while before going back to live with her mother. She then finds herself at odds with her peers at high school – she finds it impossible to understand their trivial concerns after all the things she's done.

On a vaguely related note, I was once writing a love story between two terribly clever, romantically melancholy reclusive characters... Then I started a job working with the elderly. I helped wash and change a terminally-ill man whose days were basically lying in bed while his wife tended to his needs. Suddenly, my story seemed like the most shallow ridiculous and irrelevant nonsense.

'The Verres household was just as he'd left it, only with more books, which was also just how he'd left it. '

Like. Both the sentence construction and the content :)

'Harry was still a little shocked at the idea of pointing to a section of reality and calling it unscientific. Dad seemed to think that the conflict between his intuitions and the universe meant that the universe had a problem.'

Science does hit you like that sometimes.

"Toys?" said Harry in a bright, high-pitched voice, with his eyes wide. "I love toys!"

Heh. Bet he doesn't mind a bit of Lego at least.

'The Verreses had said that Hermione was the only child in

Harry's age group whose existence their son had ever acknowledged in any way whatsoever.'

It must be love, love, love...

'Hermione, who had calmly got up from her seat and walked around the table, chose that moment to grab Harry's shirt by the shoulder and pull him out of his chair. Harry let himself be pulled, but as Hermione dragged him away, he said, raising his voice even louder, "It is entirely possible that in a thousand years, the fact that Hermione Granger's parents were dentists will be the only reason anyone remembers dentistry!" '

I love that image, both the one represented and the one described by Harry :)
Faranda chapter 36 . 10/15/2010
It was a long long wait before I could read such a depiction of the gap between Wizarding and Muggle worlds : really well-done !

I'd just like to note something : when Harry supposes leaving Platform Nine and Three Quarters is like travelling from a First World country to a Third World one, the text is a very exact rendering of how it feels coming from Venezuela or Brazil to Europe.
Nerdfish chapter 36 . 10/14/2010
"The most terrible Dark Lord in history had tried to kill that boy, and the burnt husk of his body had been found next to the crib."

That rabbit is Dynamite.
Kutta chapter 36 . 10/11/2010
Great chapter
LunaSlashSea chapter 36 . 10/8/2010
Excellent chapter.
anon chapter 36 . 10/8/2010
'And whatever sort of potion lasted that long, it must have been terribly dangerous'

is this why she have no other children?
Eli Courtwright chapter 36 . 10/2/2010
My favorite thing about fanfiction is seeing someone take a world that another artist has created and come up with some detailed explanation of how something works in that world that its original creator didn't think about, but which perfectly fits into that world.

Therefore, my favorite part about this chapter is the section about how Lily never brought home a Healer's Kit for her family: "Harry was starting to suspect that most Muggleborns rapidly acquired a tendency to not-think about their family, who were all going to die before they reached their first century anyway."

I love those constant touches that you add to this story; they make the setting more real and meaningful, and they're always very interesting.
Katio chapter 36 . 9/28/2010
harry and hermione...great...
Rebel Goddess chapter 36 . 9/22/2010
Love the fact that their parents are already thinking of wedding bells for those two. I'm intrigued by the part about Hermione's magical mother being killed. Sort of alters the whole blood argument again. Laughing my head off at Harry yelling out at the kissing.
Cinderella98 chapter 36 . 9/3/2010
Loved the chapter! "hey, no kissing!"
Rick Peterson chapter 36 . 9/2/2010
I laughed myself sick at the end of the chapter (and Harry's bedroom and the introductions); an all too common occurence in this story. But their parents really think that, because they are good (and first) friends at 11, they are likely to marry? Surely they have a better grip on how much people and relationships change between 11 and (say) 18? It could happen, of course, but experience (granted it's observational data from a possibly biased sample, rather than a controlled experiment) is against it.

Hermione's point of view is valid: that sort of unconditional love is the most important thing and helps us become someone truly human, rather than a sociopath like Voldemort. There is dark humor in Harry's wondering if, had Petunia married Vernon, he would have grown up in a household like the Grangers. Of course, having them truly understand you is even better.

It takes considerable writing skills and a well though out story line for readers to become so invested in your tale. Thank you for putting that sort of effort into this.
Professor Mordecai chapter 36 . 8/29/2010
I normally wait until I get to the last chapter currently out to post a comment, but I just have to say I love end of this chapter.

Anyonymous reviewer chapter 36 . 8/20/2010
Edao; keep in mind that Harry Potter and the *'s Stone took place in 1991.

Also, keep up the absolutely fantastic work, Yudkowsky.
Where the gras is greener chapter 36 . 8/18/2010
(more of a comment, really, rather than a review...)


I very much liked your story so far and judging by the frequency of barely contained laughter of amusement and awesome it is a fine read. Your unique idea/approach is very enjoyable and refreshing.

A minor nitpick, though:

I was surprised when you mentioned solar powered garden lights. A quick check told me solar cells were economically available as well as means to store the charge repeatedly to use for night. But it being hard to acquire waterproof and distance-fitting motion sensors? I'm hardly an expert on the field (merely an electrician) but judging by the willingness to use (reasonably expensive) photovoltaic cells I don't think they would be hard pressed to buy fitting motion sensors. As I understand passive sensors still have discrepancies in reliable use unless one is willing to pay more for quality it... wait. I probably just countered my point. An active sensor would be to power-hugging and finding an appropriate passive sensor CAN be hard... Oh well.

Still, I very much like your story and hope it will find an end. I'm fearing that will take time judging by the word count.

Have a nice day,

madbrad chapter 36 . 8/10/2010
I've been reading and enjoying this story very much; an intriguing premise and surely the most hilarious fan fiction chapters I've ever read!

Of late, though, I've been feeling that things have been running away with Harry or the story ... too much theorising, too little characterisation. Or maybe things just moved beyond my understanding. Certainly the quintuple-agent thing gave me a headache!

Anyway, this chapter - Harry's return for Christmas, the dinner at the Granger's - really stands out, I think, as a warm and heartfelt installment after the more 'intellectual' chapters that precedes it, a nice change in temperament. I loved this chapter.

As a H/Hr man I was delighted to note the pairing for the story, and I do believe that Hermione is the natural partner for your rational Harry. I just hope you're not planning some 'clever' twist further down the road (everyone acknowledging the two as a future couple in this chapter, so early on, has me nervous!). And I hope your Harry has the intellect to resist the lascivious attraction that may raise its head when dear Ginny and her charms enter the picture when Harry is in the throes of adolescence a few years from now. Rather I hope you're grasping the prime tenant of Harry/Hermione with both hands; acknowledging that the best romantic partners are those who are also best friends, and that you intend to have the two stay close from here on in.

Anyway, the picture you give us of Hermione and her parents, and their totally different handling of their offspring, was both a complete surprise and also rendered in a ... nicely gentle ... way, with Hermione explaining things to Harry with complete acceptance and gentility. I felt I got a whole new look at Hermione in this chapter. And further confirmation that Hermione is Harry's equal in this story. She's simply accepted her parents as they are and has adjusted her home life to suit.

I'm a H/Hr man but I despaired of Rowling's canon, wherein Harry never really appreciated his distaff best friend and her unflagging support for him. In fact in the final novel of the series he acts like a cold-hearted bastiche several times, not like a 'friend' at all. It's always wonderful to read a story where Harry reciprocates Hermione's friendship, where it makes it clear that he appreciates her worth. I got that button pushed nice and hard with this chapter and Harry's 'defence' of her prowess to her parents. This was an excellent chapter. Thank you for your story!
Stick97 chapter 36 . 8/9/2010
another phenomenal chapter.

this is probably one of my favorites so far.

one thng, for some reason it read like Hermione's mother had died during Grindelwald, not her gradmother. took a second read for it to be clearer.

however, the whole scene with H & Hr at the end was perfect.

yes, both are prodigies, both operate far above even some adults.

but they are still pre teens. reading that scene put the whole thing in a different light.

How much of the dark lord potter thoughts are just a young boy with a secret club?

part of me expects to see a no girls allowed banner over draco and harry's meeting room...
anon chapter 36 . 8/8/2010
D'awww... So cute.
Raven3182 chapter 36 . 8/8/2010
This is a superb chapter! I love the interaction between Harry and Hermione. Harry losing his temper with Hermione's parents was great, as was his reaction to Hermione's little kiss on the cheek. Marvelous!
Vampyromaniac chapter 36 . 8/8/2010
Another hilarious chapter I enjoyed immensely )

I was going to correct "he gently took Harry by the soldiers" but when I refreshed, you had already changed it to "shoulders".

Do Americans have to go to medical school to become dentists? Where I come from (Australia), dentists are not technically doctors, though we still address them as "Dr _".
mynameisthedoctor chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
It seems that most if not all of the main cast has been promoted to genius except poor old Ronald. I liked him but I thought he ended up with Hermione in the end because of the "Pair the spares" trope coming into play. The only 'spares' left by the end of the series among main female satellite characters where Luna and Ginny and one was his sister and the other wasn't important enough so the canon pairings feel forced. I ship Harry/Hermione big time in this universe you've created but Ron Weasley got the short end of the stick and faded into complete obscurity after a bad first impression. How about he gets some limelight?

Here is the way I imagine you rewriting him is he gets a similar intelligence upgrade not to genius levels but functional and without the tendency to put his foot in his mouth (previous events notwithstanding) because of the fundamental attribution error. His dislike for Draco wouldn't come from animosity between the families because that would seem petty but instead from when they met before and what happened between them back then. Unlike the other main members in the cast he wouldn't try to make his decisions based on what gets the optimal results for himself but by his moral compass and be the most morally conscious character in their age-group. Give him the hear of a lion and a chance to do something undeniably heroic than catches the attention of the main cast.

If all of this is too much to ask how about an Omake where he just beats Harry in chess?

Also, as a DBZ fan I hope you soon get nine-thousand reviews.
chibiaries chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
This chapter was amazing.

It made me cry at the beginning, laugh in the middle, and gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling at the end.

It's brilliant how you switched from a depressing tone at the start, with Harry feeling all melancholy from thoughts of death and mortality differences between Muggles and wizards, then went for humor in between when the two families met, and then ended the chapter with adorable fluff that wasn't OOC for either Harry or Hermione. Well-done.
Netherwood chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Harry and Hermione's 'tryst' at the end of this chapter may well be the most hilarious thing yet in MoR. Perfectly adorable too, despite Harry's protestations at being treated like a child. I get the feeling you were riffing all those other fanfics that sexualize the characters while they're still absurdly young, just like you were riffing the Snape/student affair awhile back.

And this seems like a basic thing to mention, but thank you so much for not making the main character's idea of how the world works be exactly how the story world works. Too many authors say that if Harry is offended at being treated like a child, then he's automatically more capable and mature than everyone in the universe in every way and has to prove it by immediately stomping all over every adult in Hogwarts (especially Dumbledore). Or, if Harry is a genius, he concocts ideas about how magic works and immediately proves them all right and becomes the most powerful wizard in existence, stomping all the adults in Hogwarts in the process. I was afraid of that last one when I first clicked on your fic, and I can't tell you how gleeful I was the first time Harry made grand assumptions about how magic worked based on what he knew about the universe and came out dead wrong.
pw201 chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Britpick: in BrE, calling a person "smart" means they're well dressed. They'd know that "smart" means "intelligent" but they'd consider it an Americanism, I think. Hermione is "clever": see the note at the bottom of www. dictionary/clever.
CeilingFan chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Okay, that was obnoxiously cute. I love that Harry got offended on Hermione's behalf - but also, that by doing so, it really emphasizes how seriously he takes himself.

...I'm terrified for Roberta. In the books, it is heavily implied to explicitly stated that Harry's wellbeing in the Dursley house hinges on threat of magical retribution for serious damage. Which seems okay, because no one likes a child abuser. But poor Roberta seems like a pretty nice person. And it's very sad that she wonders if she's going to be brainwashed into compliance by the wizarding world, and creepy that plenty of witches and wizards would be okay with that.
SlickRCBD chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Oh, the meeting with the Grangers was hilarious.

Harry's reaction is very fitting for an eleven year old.

To think, in just two or three more years he'll be begging for another kiss like that from Hermione.

Should be interesting however.
uo-chou chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Ha! An awesome Christmas chapter. Keep em' coming, and I'll keep reviewing Mr. Wrong.
Greytune chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
I abso-f*cking-bloody-lutetly LOVED this chapter to pieces!

I am laughing, I am smiling, I am feeling all fuzzy and good inside. This chapter F*CKING OWNS THE UNIVERSE.

I really, REALLY, really like the relationship you have created between Harry and Hermione. I wish to add about ten more reallies with italics in a few of them, but that's not possible so let's ignore that. Anyway. Back to the Harry/Hermione relationship you've got going.


I have always been an Harry/Hermione fan, whether it's a friendship kind of relationship or a romantic one, or something in between. This lovely mix you have of friendship, and the possibility for something when they're older, is bloody brilliant. I don't even care if you make them a couple later on or not at this point, I just want them to be like this forever. Your version of a AU Harry/Hermione relationship is one of the best I've read.

And I have read plenty, let me tell you.

I just... I just wish I could favorite this story over and over, if not for its absolute awesomeness and brilliance, but for the amazing chesmistry between your characters. And not just H/Hr. Harry/Draco interaction is amazing. Harry/Quirrel? Original, and truly unique. The Harry/McGonagall relationship is also interesting and I love them in a scene together.

I love your story. Really, I do. You have such an amazing way of handling your characters together as a pairing or a group, and that is something you don't find every day in an author. You have one of the best stories with this kind of interaction between all your characters, even some rather insignificant ones, like Zabini.

This is all truly amazing. Thank you for writing it all. I don't care if I sound sappy, I just want to cry for the mere brilliance of it all.
Athla chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
hahah. that final kiss was awesome!

looking forward to more.
Jalen Strix chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
*laughter* It's an absolute treat to watch Harry and Hermione's interaction with Harry's parents.
Lucy chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Hey, shouldn't Harry's dad call him "Mr. Potter-Evans-Verres?" And shouldn't it be the Verres-Evans or Evans-Verres household, not the Verres household? I mean, for the sake of consistency.
This is my name chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
It's nice to see the kids acting like kids.

Thanks for the updates, please keep them coming!
farwalker chapter 36 . 8/7/2010

love the dinner, and the interaction between Harry and Hermoine's parents.
Blake R chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
This chapter was incredible! Perfect mix of humor and sentiment. The hint of romance fits Harry and Hermione perfectly. I've been a long term fan of yours, but chapters like these continue to cement my admiration!
Sarah chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Ommmmggg..! How do you manage to write such good 11 year olds? 3 I love this. Cutest chapter ever.
Loonynamelass chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Oh my MERLIN that was fantastically hilarious I am laughing uncontrollably in my chair right now!
NougatEvolution chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
This chapter was the perfect relief from the slightly-too-long focus on the first-year armies. I think the first section really captured that feeling of going home.
Nongarak chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Oh god. Wow. Damn. What a chapter. Christmas!
anon chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
awesome chapter. it's important to remember harry is only 11. and girls are icky cootie infested monsters.
ilikebluepineapples chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
"But Professor McGonagall had made other visits after her first trip, to "see how Miss Granger is doing"; and Roberta couldn't help but think that if Hermione said her parents were being troublesome about her witching career, something would be done to *fix* them..."


That's a terrifying thought... and yet it's totally what parents of Muggleborns should be thinking, and would be thinking, but somehow NEVER think in the books. I like your little touches of gritty realism. Also the transhumanist themes.

This chapter was just lovely. In a way I like it more than I like your fast paced, high information density ones. I love the dynamics of Harry's family, and I cheered internally through Harry's whole ragespasm at Hermione's parents because it was SO RIGHT ON. Also, I'm happy that Harry hasn't lost his skills at indignant ranting. He is a champion indignant ranter.

So the couple is HH, huh? That makes a lot of sense, although I question whether it's really that much of an ~unconventional ship. But it's cute so whatever.
hjcallipygian chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
I love Harry defending Hermione to her parents. It's a nice, interesting progression from their original meeting.

Just out of curiosity: are you planning this as a seven-year fic, a first-year fic, or are you just taking it as it goes along?

Again, as always, thanks for taking the time to write it.
jdboss1 chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
after reading the start of this chapter I never really appreciated the major advantages of the magical community I hope your Harry Potter doesn't feel he needs to give a feel isolated from the non-magical side after so long preached in about the advantages in Hogwarts I felt his enthusiasm waned here

it really pleased me and harry father look into Magic himself I knew that if I had a child that went to Hogwarts I would with every single book and force myself somehow to find my way to the shopping centre ( Diagon Ali) by myself and for my home full of magical artefacts I would like to see the Oxford professor

come up with some theories and possible magical items that how we can easily make within his abilities

I wasn't sure how to feel with the interaction with Hermione's mum and dad most stories that are h/hr have them as decent wonderful people that are easily clever and wealthy dentistry requires to be quite intelligent and believe I knew I couldn't dream of passing the exams and I don't consider myself come

You did it well but I would've liked to have seen them more accepting I can accept a busy lifestyle full time work would have the note was informed of their daughter abilities

I just hope you carry on waiting this until they're old enough to really fall in love the interaction with Hermione was precisely as I would expect

I'm just glad how much harry appreciate Hermione I didn't realise it was not strong in to this chapter

now to review your next chapter

liked the new chapter 32 fitted perfectly

( I would recommend you have one update chapter not broken up chapters

Best story of 2010
badkidoh chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Really great work on this chapter!
Animekitty47 chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Excellent job on a chapter that managed to be hilarious and sad at more or less the same time.
CeriseAnouk chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Harry's going to have to eat those words the day puberty hits. I think you do an amazing job with Harry and Hermoine's child-like attraction to each other. I often get the thought, while reading, that if they were just a few years older, that their rivalry would have a distinct sexual flavor to it. As of right now I am thoroughly enjoying the pig-tail pulling that is going on in the background of the story. You always manage to throw something new our way that changes everything in each chapter and I can not wait to read more.
He Who Rules With an Iron Hoof chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Aw, that's cute.
William H. Stoddard chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
You do comedy of manners itoo/i? Harry and his parents visiting Hermione and her parents just added an entirely new dimension of humor to this series . . . and with just a hint of bitter to improve the flavor, too. I'm impressed.

And I liked the Heinleinian "you can't come home again" moments too, though they're less a surprise than a gratifying adherence to tradition in this sort of narrative.
fontgoddess chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
Saying this to anyone is not something I often do, and I never do it without meaning it, so in spite of the fact that we don't really know each other at all and will probably never even meet, I have to say it.

I love you.
ShaThief chapter 36 . 8/7/2010
I don't know why but its not letting me access your new post of cp32

when i hit it on the drop down it takes me to the old one, and gets removed from the box on that link...

will try again in an hour or so.

Thanks for the update

we love you