Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Julie5 chapter 75 . 1/4
Now see this is where we all become arsonists and set the world on fire.
Guest chapter 75 . 11/29/2023
Snape gave her an out to the thing even she thought was too risky, why us she so upset?
wolfblue chapter 75 . 9/4/2023
Quirrell is a very convincing good guy. If it weren't so obvious that he was evil I would really think that was not a villain. This scene was a good example: all of the 'good' professors (including Snape) are plotting to resolve the tension immediately by letting Hermione take a short detention, but Quirrell, who wants to provoke a larger scale disaster, takes the apparent high road by giving out points to negate the message that the consequences were meant to send.
Guest chapter 75 . 1/4/2023
Love that it's tiled in pentagons. Those little niche bones for niche nerds. Science or culture or philosophy in some chapters. Math here. Only in hogwarts can you tile a plane in regular pentagons.
Guest chapter 75 . 3/13/2022
Was that Penelope Clearwater using reverse psychology lol
Guest chapter 75 . 12/23/2021
Loved that Yoda shout-out
Red chapter 75 . 11/3/2021
The savior is not saved nor is the house defended, no father and no mother, and nothing above.

Damn that's a fancy way of saying maybe trauma will make you stronger. Nice latin.
Justanerd chapter 75 . 1/1/2021
Hogwarts must be truly a magical place, as pentagonal tilijg is impossible. Another great chapter I love your work!
Majerus chapter 75 . 7/15/2019
Epic fail by both Flitwick and Sprout, their measure in my esteem is severely lowered.
Dumbles continues to be an enigma, but sadly he's a generally shite-for-brains on balance type of mystery.
Thank you for portraying Snape, instead of Rickman, despite the no-doubt horrible squalling from the Rickman fangrl base who think Snape is Always a good person at heart.
AlenDarkStar chapter 75 . 10/31/2018
I like this chapter.
ahbuggrit chapter 75 . 3/13/2018
That play with the guy stumbling in on the Death Eaters' ritual and getting a girlfriend sounds fun, more wizard rom-coms are needed.
It says a lot about Hogwarts that the other teachers didn't object to Snape's excessive punishment. It feels very in-character for them.
PhaedraZev chapter 75 . 2/21/2018
At this moment, I want to punch both Shape and Dumbledore hard in the face. I hate bullying with a passion. The enabelers just make it worse.
Guest chapter 75 . 4/19/2017
...Well then.
rmac52 chapter 75 . 2/26/2017
This arc is starting to make me lose interest in the story. I have to quit on a story half way through but this is a bit ridiculous.
skullcrusher1 chapter 75 . 1/2/2017
i retract my previous rude comment
Jatok chapter 75 . 11/18/2016
I giggled inappropriately for a man of my size and countenance during this chapter.
himalay1729 chapter 75 . 8/26/2016
The Anguished One chapter 75 . 8/23/2016
Got to feel bad for Snape, having to keep up his act even as it paints him as the heartless professor. Wonder how Hermione will take to Quirrell "saving" her... or his justification for doing so.
silver chapter 75 . 6/30/2016
Ah, this story. It's so good. So satisfying. So real. So right! It's exactly what's lacking on so many other places. The conflict you addressed here, and they way you comment on it, that's something I've never gotten from anywhere else.

I like it more than the original. I think I can safely say that at this point.
ccannon chapter 75 . 6/16/2016
When it says "but there's still the question of whether it's actually is a good idea, not just a clever one," I think that you meant to say "it actually is" instead of "it's actually is." Perhaps you started with "it's actually" and botched the edit.
Happy chapter 75 . 6/6/2016
So much good fun!
Montara chapter 75 . 1/25/2016
So unjust! And this is how Hermione-the real Heroine was was the final step...
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 75 . 12/9/2015
As Mercedes Lackey wrote in "The Black Gryphon", 'Who heals the healer? The ones he healed.' Hermione should read that, as well as Gryffindor's words; they put a more positive spin on the issue.

Harry ought to read about informed consent, and why it's so necessary.

Wow, the Ravenclaw girls are crazy! I definitely feel sorry for Hermione, for having to deal with their scripted notions of romance
ShadowLDrago chapter 75 . 10/29/2015
Quirrel screwed over Snape. Nice. Also, Godric and the other apparently spoke Latin, interesting.
Silva chapter 75 . 10/28/2015
"Relevant": 2010-11-18 .
GreatWyrmGold chapter 75 . 9/11/2015
I was wondering if the Gryffindor quote was supposed to be a hint about what Godric meant, for those who could read Latin.

According to Google Translate, the quote essentially means "It is not the savior of the Saviour, nor to the defender of the Lord, neither father nor mother, there is nothing [supernatural/heavenly]." Close enough that it could be GT being GT, but different enough that I search it for meaning...

Also, good chapter, leaves stuff to think about, but nothing unusual there. I can't tell if it was all planned beforehand, or if Quirrell messed with the plan at the last minute, or what.
PA chapter 75 . 5/24/2015
Snape is a party pooper.
Village-Mystic chapter 75 . 4/6/2015
Harry's world view of not trusting the adults was proven correct, just when he thought they adults would do the right thing. Very interesting.
Pretender6 chapter 75 . 3/11/2015
Love the tropes in play through out this series, about playing it straight inverting subverting etc and being meta-tropes with brick jokes

Same i cant dumb it down, if you know what i mean, to describe them to other people in order to persuade them to read at least 3 chapters of this
GingerHannah chapter 75 . 2/25/2015
I loved this chapter!
guitarlover56784 chapter 75 . 9/17/2014
Final fucking ly someone stood up to snape. Love the evilness!
Solvarisis chapter 75 . 9/9/2014
This is the second time I'm reading this story. I can't believe i actually forgot to add it to my favourite and alert list. This is incredible. Either you are extremely versatile or you've put an incredible amount of research. You're genuinely talented. Write a book, an original one and tell me about it. I'll buy it as soon as it's available. Come to think of it, you may already have and posted about the same on your profile and it never occurred to me to check it out. Well, onto the next chapter then. Thank You for the amazing story.
thepkrmgc chapter 75 . 8/3/2014
you make a very insightful point about the orgin of heros, you dont get that self sacrificial/reliant mindset of you can trust that a reasonable athority figure will be there to back you up
Gabo 1602 chapter 75 . 6/23/2014
Thank you for using C.E. I think that's like the cherry on top of this fantastic piece of fiction.
Guest chapter 75 . 6/2/2014
Hilarious story!
xvector chapter 75 . 5/11/2014
I find it very very out of character for Harry to give full control of all of his actions to Hermione.

This seems like something you did just to make a plot point. That doesn't mean it makes it right to make your characters do things that are completely OOC. Harry would not surrender his will to anyone like that.
Guest chapter 75 . 12/15/2013
Very powerful chapter. I really loved EVERYTHING. And I do mean EVERYTHING.
HBoD chapter 75 . 11/24/2013
There is no problem whatsoever with a pentagon tiling, no matter if it's in Hogwarts or the real world. The chapter does not refer to _regular_ pentagons, just pentagons. See the "Pentagon tiling" page at Wikipedia, for example.
Kyle chapter 75 . 8/11/2013
Just as a note, tiling patterns on floors are typically tesselations. Regular pentagons (which are the presumed shape when refering to pentagons for tiling) do not tesselate. Either the floor is curved, (which would allow a tesselation pattern of 2 hexgons and a pentagon, or you wish to tile the steps with hexagons.

It's things like that that show perfect polish. Don't want to nitpick, want it to be perfect, bc its so amazing. cheers
Guest chapter 75 . 7/28/2013
I am trying to decide whether Harry has inherited from his biological father the quality of being an arrogant toerag (and what is a toerag; they said it on Dr Who last night) or whether like JD Dunne of M7, he has just read too many books or whether he's not half as smart as he thinks he is (insert B7 quote here re "for a clever man, you're not very bright") or whether he's not half as sane as he thinks he is. (I am also wondering what my English teacher would say about such an outrageously long run-on sentence.) Or maybe it's just that he's eleven, which means he can't help being immature.
Mazzax Manacry chapter 75 . 7/13/2013
Wait, Hermione didn't ask Harry about the ritual? I mean, I think it's quite possible that he might have actually created one by accident of some sort, but Hermione didn't even ASK about whether it was real, and if it was real, what it sacrificed or anything! I understand she's a little upset about things at the moment, but I feel like that's REALLY out of character. If she doesn't ask within the next few days to a week, SOMEONE has too! Quirrel can't be the only person to bring it up with him! I mean, sure, Hermione asked about stuff that happened DURING the "Ritual", but not about the "Ritual" itself. It does appear that Harry was channeled by Tracey as a result of the "Ritual" in some capacity, but only time will tell what (if anything) was sacrificed as a result.
Inferno Vulpix chapter 75 . 7/9/2013
You notice a lot of things the second time around. I just recognized the phrase at the end of the chapter 'nihil supernum.', and since I couldn't remember where I heard it, I went through all the chapters with the phrase in ctrl-f until I found it. I don't doubt that when I get to that chapter again I will see that aspect of it in a different light.
L.E chapter 75 . 6/9/2013
Awesome chapter!
Percabeth for the WIN chapter 75 . 5/13/2013
The ravenclaw entrance wasn't a portrait it was a knocker on the wall.
EternallyPivots chapter 75 . 4/14/2013
I think Clearwater was just doing that to get Hermione to talk to him.
Luna's Meow chapter 75 . 4/7/2013
This part of the story really got me:


["And maybe I'm wrong," Harry said as they walked. "Maybe I've just read too many stories where the heroes never do the sensible thing and follow the rules and tell their Professor McGonagalls, so my brain doesn't think you're a proper storybook hero. Maybe it's you who's the sane one, Hermione, and me who's just being silly. But every time you talk about following rules or relying on teachers, I get that same feeling, like it's bound up with this one last thing that's stopping you, one last thing that puts your PC self to sleep and turns you into an NPC again..." Harry let out a sigh. "Maybe that's why Dumbledore said I should have wicked stepparents."

"He said what?"

Harry nodded. "I still don't know whether the Headmaster was joking or... the thing is, he was right in a way. I had loving parents, but I never felt like I could trust their decisions, they weren't sane enough. I always knew that if I didn't think things through myself, I might get hurt. Professor McGonagall will do whatever it takes to get the job done if I'm there to nag her about it, she doesn't break rules on her own without heroic supervision. Professor Quirrell really is someone who gets things done no matter what, and he's the only other person I know who notices stuff like the Snitch ruining Quidditch. But him I can't trust to be good. Even if it's sad, I think that's part of the environment that creates what Dumbledore calls a hero - people who don't have anyone else to shove final responsibility onto, and that's why they form the mental habit of tracking everything themselves."

Hermione didn't say anything to that, but she was thinking back to something Godric Gryffindor had written near the end of his very short autobiography. Briefly and without any explanation, because the scroll had been meant to be copied by hand, centuries before the Muggle printing press had inspired wizards to invent the Reading-Writing Quill.

No rescuer hath the rescuer, Godric Gryffindor had written. No Lord hath the champion, no mother and no father, only nothingness above.]


Where did you get that? Or did you make it up yourself? It's really good. Really, really good. It sounds like Truth.
I'MNOTCRAZY1 chapter 75 . 3/17/2013
In HP canon, Godric Gryffindor was 10th century and the Peverells 13th century. The dating you have would make them nearly contemporaries. It would also push the founding of Hogwarts back by those three centuries. Is that intended?
Jerden chapter 75 . 2/27/2013
"Harry, you've got to stop coming up with clever reasons for doing stupid things."
Doesn't that just sum up this whole story? Hilarious. I found this incredibly amusing. Yet again, excellent writing.
Guest chapter 75 . 2/22/2013
I wish Wizarding Britain had an unbiased newspaper which verified the facts. I suspect that SPHEW's story would have been huge news. Maybe someone ought to start a Hogwarts newspaper?
Guest chapter 75 . 2/18/2013
(On chapter 75)
I can't guarantee it... but I'm guessing 50/50 that Dumbledore has been given Bahl's Stupefaction, or some variant thereof. It is, of course, ipossible/i that HPMoR!Dumbledore is simply more foolish than Cannon!Dumbledore, or has some deeper scheme than I can see, or has simply "seen enough of war". But my personal guess is that Dumbledore is normally actually wiser than this, but has been made more stupid as a part of someone's plot. Quirrelmort obviously comes to mind, but Lucius Malfoy would ilove/i to do ianything/i to make things harder on Dumbledore, and I'm sure countless others have some reason or another to try to take out Dumbledore.
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 75 . 2/9/2013
Why does it never occur to Harry that Hermione is something of a spoiled brat? When she is faced with a little bit of honesty, she's all, "but I am just an innocent twelve-year-old girl!" and yet the moment Harry steps up to keep her safe she's all, "how DARE you protect me!"

I am so looking forward to a tiny bit more maturity from her in that department.
illuminios chapter 75 . 1/7/2013
...Ten years later it became apparent that that moment was the point of no return. Nothing could have saved the magic world from Dark Lord Potter anymore. The Days of Doom were coming closer...
Wendell chapter 75 . 10/21/2012
I didn't realize at first why Hermione was so breaking and shaking over something so predictable, but then I realized that it's because my trust in authorities pretty much died in kindergarten, and wasn't very strong back then either.

I don't appreciate it when people try to put all responsibility on "laws", as if they believe them to be some kind of divine ruling and not something made up by humans. You have to decide in each situation what is right to do.

And eww, I just realized that if it were GRRM"s story, Snape would develop creepy obsession with Hermione who is brave muggleborn defending people from bullies. Ewww, ASOIAF ruined what was left of my brain.
Nadrek chapter 75 . 10/8/2012
A truly awesome chapter, containing an incredibly believable, realistic portrait of a situation that brings the innately horrific nature of politics at every level of JKR's Western Wizarding world in a way more sympathetic that when JKR did much the same as Albus took the House Cup from Slytherin first years at the very ceremony, deliberately giving Neville the last few points, presumably in order to prop up Gryffindors at the expense of Slytherins.
Hedelex chapter 75 . 8/27/2012
Jeez. I started reading this fanfic about 2 years ago? and then stopped when there were no new entries (just after SPHEW was formed) and then I come and see new chapters and read read until I get to this. As usual I am awed by the deep dialogues and all their implications and the truth of them. I take off my imaginary hat –the one that's always protecting my head– and I bow deeply to this story and its talented clever writer.
Thank you for making my brain work and my throat knot and my heart beat quickly as I read.
voodooqueen126 chapter 75 . 8/2/2012
That is a deep and thoughtful decision.
This chapter seems to indicate that the fact that Dumbledore runs on narrativium makes for a fairly unpleasant learning experience.
Guest chapter 75 . 7/4/2012
The people who were trying to stop the aggressors get accused of aggression.
The people who drew attention to the problem while trying to solve it are the ones who get blamed for the problem.

Un-Romantic chapter 75 . 7/2/2012
I have to say that the Self Actualization arc was my least favorite of all of them - I love rational Harry so much that it's hard to give him up for even a chapter. Your references are great, though - Lagann as the Shield-Breaking Drill? Classic! Thank you so much for giving us this fantastic fic, and I'm looking forward to as much Harry as you're willing to write!
kattastic999 chapter 75 . 4/4/2012
It's a good thing I said so far, because this line beats them all: "Startled me, Mr. Potter?" There might have been a touch of acidity in her voice. "No, Mr. Potter, I was scared. I was frightened. I wouldn't want to admit to being afraid of just dragons or something, people might think I was cowardly, but when you can hear distant voices crying 'Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!' and there's pools of blood seeping out from under all the doors, then it's okay to be scared."

You know, so far.
Mr Stereo1 chapter 75 . 3/13/2012
As to the latest chapter, I get the impression that H&C is creating a situation which could force Harry to choose between Draco and Hermione by setting them against each other.
Sunfall E chapter 75 . 3/12/2012
Please fix the tiled with pentagons bit in this chapter. I know Hogwarts is magical, but pentagons don't cover the whole area. I think you meant hexagons. Thank you for updating.

Really, that is the only problem I've noticed in the story. Thank you for very good proofreading. I haven't checked the reviews, so I don't know if anyone else has spotted this. It is the same way in the mobi that I downloaded from the other website.
CP chapter 75 . 3/7/2012
At times the protagonist seems uncomfortably close to being a Mary Sue but that might well be a side effect of the story premise itself... Boy who lived, etc etc. Still parts with the last battle can get annoying. People like underdogs and the protagonist frequently comes across as an uppity jackass.

On the other hand it's well written, with English that doesn't make your eyes bleed and lots of intelligent humour. References to studies are fun since they are good pointers to go look up but overly long expositions on some of them can get tedious. The Author needs to point without preaching.

By and large a great story that I found compelling and hard to put down.
Deadzepplin chapter 75 . 1/20/2012
I just read the comments at /lw/77u/req_latin_translation_for_hpmor/ and what I read was everyone conversing about the poetry and Latin translations and all that stuff and right at the bottom was

"I just came here from Chapter 75, and that Latin was awesome!"

and that made my day
Shagbark chapter 75 . 12/23/2011
This chapter is, of course, brilliant. The ideas that Harry expresses about responsibility are inspiring - but let's apply as much thought to them as Harry applies to the suggestion that we should fight only violence with violence.

If one person is really, truly, in the right, then we would like them to have heroic responsibility. But we have hundreds of millions of people who all think they are really, truly in the right, about everything, all the time.

If everybody - or even just a tiny fraction of people, say one in a million - acted with this notion of heroic responsibility, of having to right the wrongs /no matter what/ - America would look more like Iraq, with bombs going off every day.

Passing on responsibility to those who are "responsible" is usually the right thing to do, /even if you know they won't handle it/, because they are the ones who are subject to the mechanisms society has in place to protect themselves from responsibility being abused. If you decided to be "heroically responsible", and oops, everything goes wrong and lots of people die - or everything goes right and lots of people die - you may be able to just walk away from it, and no one will even no it was you.

If enough people do that, you have Iraq today.

Eliezer plans to build an artificial intelligence and use it to take over the world and remake it so that everything is right. His more-direct writings on the subject are vague on many of the critical points. You can learn more about his thoughts on CEV by reading Methods than by reading his writings on CEV. Harry in Methods represent Eliezer. The opportunities and the temptations in taking over the world are the same ones Eliezer must feel himself confronted with in his long-term plans.

I love the Methods of Rationality, and I hope Eliezer completes it. But realize that the whole work, and this chapter especially, is Eliezer's justification of why it's morally right for him to take over the world and be its benevolent dictator in absentia. The "friendly AI" he wants to build, you see, is supposed to be programmed with a version of morality that is the logical closure of human morality supplemented by greater understanding. Eliezer appears (based on many years of observing his actions) to believe that he, like Harry and Ender, is so far above the rest of humanity in reason that to consider the opinions of others would be mere dilution. Therefore, his own current views must be the closest approximation attainable to the CEV of the human race.
Lofted Silence chapter 75 . 11/20/2011
I only took two years of latin, and I've forgotten most of it, but I really felt the need to nitpick over your little latin phrase. That way you made it, it reads something like this:

It is not the savior's savior,

nor the defender's lord,

neither father nor mother,

nothing above.

A closer translation of Godric Gryffindor's phrase would be something like this:

Salvator salvatorum non habet,

dominus vindicem non habet,

neque mater nec pater,

tantum nihil supernum.

Which translates into:

The savior has no savior,

the lord has no champion,

neither mother nor father,

only nothing above.

Again, I know only a little about Latin so that's probably not perfect, but I'm sure it's a lot better.
modestlobster chapter 75 . 11/15/2011
Wow, wow, wow. So many great things in this chapter. Quirrel FTW! And the Latin, LOVED the Latin at the end. Goosebumps. Fantastic.
KickAir 8P chapter 75 . 11/14/2011
Checking in, rereading bits, and it occured to me that it'd been a while since I read the original prophecy. Checked it ( wiki/Sybill_Trelawney%27s_first_prophecy ) and found that there's no line, not in the book version nor in the movie version, that can possibly correspond to "FOR THOSE TWO DIFFERENT SPELLETS CANNOT EXIST IN THE SAME VULD".

Does this establish that this prophecy is different in the MoR-verse? I've skimmed through the CH77 comments, nobody seems to be talking about it - is this being discussed somewhere online?

And it's been over two months now - an update would be nice...
LauralHill chapter 75 . 10/30/2011
The argument between the ravenclaws and Our Heroes was brilliant. As is Snape.
M chapter 75 . 10/1/2011
AR chapter 75 . 9/23/2011
I dont quite know how to feel.

Schools are not meant to be revolutionary battlegrounds. Understood.

But maybe...if they were...the world would not be so dark. Maybe if once in a while someone saw the importance of "doing right" even in face of the "what is done" ...there would be less stories of the world being unfair.

I have rules. I have codes...and it is my life long fear that if I lose those codes I will lose myself. But from what I just read...I would have given up my codes in a heartbeat to stand by that girl.

Amazing chapter. Another favorite.
Kutta chapter 75 . 9/18/2011
Great chapter
Anonymous chapter 75 . 9/16/2011
Re: confusing scene beginnings:

I see what you're getting at, but I think you're overworking the solution. In the case you mention, at least, all the author would need to do is replace "they" with "Harry and Hermione," and I think any confusion would have been avoided. Everything else about the style could be preserved with no problems.
Guest chapter 75 . 9/16/2011
Hey there, I wanted to compliment you on a great story you've created here. I've certainly never been a reader of fanfiction, this is my first major exposure to anything serious. I was recommended this by a friend.

But I do have a complaint, and this has to do with your style. I've had this feeling while reading other chapters, so this isn't chapter specific. I should also preface by saying that this is, of course, only my opinion and I apologize in advance for writing this in such an irritated mood but it sums up how I feel.

My complaint is that there are way too many instances where you plop us, the reader, into a new situation with no bearing on what's going on. For example, the scene that starts "If you thought they'd be sitting next to each other at dinnertime, after that, you'd be quite mistaken." It drives me nuts to not know who these people are. Then somebody is speaking and I don't know who it is. Then I realize it's at the dinner table and there are others who have joined him, whoever he is, so I might as well go back and re read the beginning since it sort of changes the context. Then I realize you did say "at dinnertime" so duh, they're in the great hall eating dinner... but I feel too frustrated at this point at having to go back and forth.

I like scenes that set up my bearings correctly. "Harry was sitting at the dinnertable with a large group of older Ravenclaw boys."

Now to be honest, I haven't finished the chapter. So I don't yet know, exactly, why I'd be "quite mistaken" for thinking "they" would sit together. So again, I don't know really who "they" are (Harry and one of the other boys? all of those Ravenclaw boys). After the secrecy of the previous scene, I don't know if they are related! The mystery of the previous scene (which is all well and good) confuzzles my initial interpretation of this dinner scene because I want to know if the statement ("if you thought they'd be sitting together") has to do with what I just read. Adding this to the confusion of the dinner scene itself increases my confusion exponentially.

I apologize if this isn't clear, as I certainly wouldn't consider myself a good writer - and I don't think you're a bad writer because of what I described.

BUT I feel as though you could simplify some things! Again, starting that scene with a simple "There Harry was, sitting among many Ravenclaw boys" I think would already separate the two scenes enough that I don't have to wonder if they're related.

It feels as though you're trying to mystify too much when scenes open and it's really hard to read. Details that bug me ("If you thought") throughout the scene, forcing me to re read, are really distracting to the main point of the scene. It also doesn't help that I'm apparently supposed to be thinking something after something happened without understanding what happened or why I would be thinking it.

You use these mystified, unclear introductions to scenes throughout, and I totally understand that you want to reveal certain details later. But using these revelations too much is distracting. I think early on it was neat, you'd leave a mystery and at the end I'd go "oh, cool!" but then you became dependant on it and have started to add too many details...



Ask yourself:

Does this detail really need to be revealed later? Or does it distract?

What, exactly, is the point of this scene? And does it work by being straightforward?

I hope you see my point, and I apologize again for the harsh tone. I really do enjoy reading this story and I look forward to each chapter. I'm a little behind since I have this bookmarked at work. Since I've started reading it, it has been a wonderful journey of a reimagined world, so I don't want you to think that I hate this story. I truly do enjoy reading it.

If you'd like to discuss or talk to me for any reason, feel free to email me at

Cheers, and looking forward to many more chapters!
Chris Robins chapter 75 . 9/14/2011
That was just amazingly awesome. I can think of no better way to shatter Hermione's belief in authority then that. Congrats on the amazing chapter.
dereckrickit chapter 75 . 9/9/2011
Now that the 'anti-bully' storyline appears to be finished, it occurs to me that both Harry and Dumbledore missed the biggest problem with SPHEW approach to fighting school bullies as well as Harry's adamant refusal to back down from any fight. This actually reflects the current 'politically correct' view that bullying is just so very wrong and evil that resulted from several publicized stories, a view that more and more espouses zero tolerance for such behaviour. The problem is that while bombarded with such stories in the media, most people forget that overall, the extreme outcomes in them are very rare. There are statistics showing how a very large proportion of kids are subjected to bullying behaviour on their way to adulthood, but what is not publicized is that pretty much every single kid at some point will themselves engage in one form or another of bullying behaviour. And the vast majority of us, will quite literally, grow out of that by the time we are adults... because people have empathy and sociopaths are rare. If you are and adult, look around your workplace at the people around you and ask how many of them are likely to enjoy hurting other people if given the chance just for entertainment. Most of us with families and friend and lovers, don't particularly like the idea of making another person bleed and hurt.

Most of us will at some point inflict pain either physical or emotion on another human being, and after a while of doing so, we humans feel bad about it. And try to not do that anymore because it makes us feel bad. Granted, humans are complicated, and usually there is an entire list of reasons that we change when we grow up - allowing bullying without consequence would be bad. But there is a reason why most institutions working with kids, handle this by imposing penalties on the bullies "after the fact" rather than arranging mini wars between students in the halls. The 'after the fact' approach has the rather large benefit of engaging the bully's guilt, resulting from empathy, in tandem with the punishing penalties. It also leaves the bullies room to change their behaviour without utterly losing face in front of his peers - and do not underestimate just much importance teenagers place on that.

In contrast, the approach Harry chooses is to basically become the ultimate bully of the school, declare anyone who engages in this wrong behaviour even once, a public enemy, marginalize them, and in humiliating them, basically leaves them no choice but to either publically bend over, or keep on fighting. He started out with a few bullies, and now has 40 publically humiliated, fearful and hateful.

His approach to this is just as thoughtless as his handling of Snape at the beginning - "think of the poor widdle kiddies", and no consideration given to all the potential benefits for the children of having one blatantly unfair, "bad" professor on staff in the school - especially for the younger years.

In short, he is being a typical 11 year old boy - stupid, rash and thoughtless, with his intelligence merely increasing the scope of the blunders we all commit during those years of our lives. I applaud the author for realistic portrayal of a child with high IQ.
Jillian A.K chapter 75 . 9/7/2011
I have read up to ch. 77, but what I have to say is about this chapter. I don't know if you were heading intentionally in this direction or not, but here's what I thought at the end about why Dumbledore did nothing when Snape punished Hermione: He was trying to teach Hermione to break the rules. To put her in a psychological head space where she knows that rules are made by people, people are fallable, and rules can be fallable too. That if she is going to follow rules, they ought to be her own, and not anyone else's. Because she is going to be a player in the war, and she can't be held back by playing by the rules.

A little like Graff in Ender's Game, with what he did on the shuttle. Teaching her not to trust adults just because they are adults, but to rely on her own self, and what friends she is able to make among her fellow students.
Jeremy Daniel chapter 75 . 9/4/2011
I was interested to see that the one thing that got Hermione willing to agree to Harry's terms was Snape's actions (after Harry told her she had won). I very much like the whole situation you've set up here. The ultimate escalation of violence over something that is mostly trivial at first, and the attempts from Dumbledore and his allies to diffuse it by letting evil win a meaningless victory, which must become more meaningful as more evil is directly involved.

As a minor criticism I had a concern about the tenses in this sentence: '"Gaaaaack," said Hermione Granger, her throat still locked, her brain halted, and her vocal cords spontaneously making a noise like she was coughing up a yak.'. It seemed to me that all 3 verbs really should be the same tense, or at least it makes it feel that coughing is wrong when next to locked and halted. I think it could also be fixed by restructuring it so the and didn't make it the 3rd thing in a list, but a separate phrase.
Styx chapter 75 . 9/4/2011
Ow my sanity! :D
Beazore chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
[For chapter 76, not 75] WHAT. That's the only word I can think right now. Three days is too long to wait to figure out what the hell just happened (in a good way of course).
Loonynamelass chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
A powerful chapter.

I've been feeling bad about the skimpy reviews I've been giving this story. Usually I have lots to say- a few quotes to pull out and commend, parts to critique, speculations... But this story's meat doesn't stay in my mind long enough to remember before the next comes to overtake it, and then putting that final piece makes me feel cheap, since I know that's only a review of the last bit I ready. This story leaves me so speechless and breathless that I daren't speculate, daren't interrupt the tapestry of lines that you are forming...

Things I'm noting slowly now, to try to give you something of value: I find it fascinating how you portray Slytherin, as a network of evil intentions. (I understand the whole Slytherin-does-not-accurately-represent-Slytherin-anymore downward spiral, so by "Slytherin" I mean "the-current-sort-that-ends-up-in-Slytherin."

As always, the bits about romance between Hermione and Harry are hilarious and endearing. I can't say that if I were at Hogwarts I wouldn't too be offering my two cents on their personal lives. You lighten up the incredibly dark bits with these snippets of Harry and Hermione in a school of children, their frivolous gossip taking the spotlight.

The dry voice of Professor Quirrell cut through everything, and that voice said, "One hundred points to Miss Granger for doing what is right."

Masterful. As you intended, of course. Our hopes rose with Harry's confident assertion that things would finally change now, and then plummeted as that thing inside Hermione fissured until "It shattered." Then, Professor Quirrel- who I'm rather ambivalent about, as I've been spoiled by your earlier Author's Notes- comes in and he doesn't save the day... He just takes it. Is that how it's said? He takes the day with his "dry voice" that "cut through everything," like Neville's cut through the fibers of Nagini's neck "that caught everyone's eye" (the final chapter of Deathly Hallows, which I just remembered that you haven't read).

Anyway, this is fantastic. I would definitely buy this as a novel and insert it directly to the right of my seven tomes of Potter (that is, if they could ever stay in their bookshelf... I pull them out far too often).

I hope that review was more satisfying that the few "amazing"s that I usually send to you, and only you. It seemed a cruel irony that you would get less for being so much better than the usual fare that runs past my eyes, so I wanted to remedy that, if only just once.


Mr. Zemme chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
I'm not entirely sure what you were saying about 75 not being as good as 74, but I found it better! Character development for the win, so too for rationality. This whole series has been quite fun (albeit rather long), and I am happy to have read it.

Thank you,

starduske chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
I recently read all of what's currently written of MoR, and I want to say that it's absolutely brilliant and quite possibly the best HPFF of all time. I've also been spreading it as much as I can to every FF reader I come into contact with and have already gotten a few people into it. In the future I will be writing more detailed reviews and am aslfsldkfjlkj excited for more.

I'm wondering, author, could you hint to us how long you plan this to be? Perhaps in terms of chapters, Harry's years at Hogwarts, etc.
MrRobertsIII chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
Go Hermione! I liked how she was the one to stand up to the bullies on a regular basis when it should have been the prefects and teachers.

Dumbledore's cowardice about letting "evil" win shows he certainly should not be headmaster at a school where there are 17 year olds mixed with 11s.

Wonderful fic. Best Quirrell ever.
Silver1226 chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
And that is what it finally takes to cause Hermione to snap. I am impressed. Though I do honestly believe that Snape is helping. SPHEW fighting bullies gave the bullies a target, and Snape is shutting that down from both sides. It is extreme, and it hurts Hermione, but it may in fact be for the best. I do think he took it a step too far threatening expulsion, but I sincerely look forward to seeing where this goes. Thank you for sharing, i look forward to a new chapter.
plzblv chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
Great story, glad to see how much you've been writing over the summer.

I've forgotten most of the little Latin I ever learned, but Gryffindor's closing statement looks so convincing I had to check and see if it was part of a real verse. The guys at LessWrong seem to be very knowledgeable and your final draft is both balanced and extremely memorable. You might regret doing such a good job, it hits pretty hard and people are going to do stupid things with it to show how awesome they think your story is-and what it means to them. Expect pictures of people's new Latin tattoos in the next couple months.
Anonymous chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
I think: Snape is acting out a plot thought out by him, perhaps, but with the approval of the headmaster, to 'outlaw' the anti-bullies because he wishes to make them be even more against bullies. We know Snape was bullied; it goes to reason that he would hate bullies quite a bit. Also, the fact that he is mean to someone isn't proof that he's evil. From what you've shown of this Snape's complex character, he's really far too smart to be doing something like that without thinking it through.
Anon chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
Your story makes me want to be a better person. I think, perhaps, that it does make me better- better able to think. I've never been accused of being overly emotional, but I can get upset. At the end of the day, when chaos surrounds me, I think to myself... what would Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres do to remedy this situation? Perhaps more importantly- how would he frame the question?
AlpineBob chapter 75 . 9/3/2011
Non est salvatori salvator,

neque defensori dominus,

nec pater nec mater,

nihil supernum.


That sums it up. Great chapter!
FunWithAPen chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
Well. Having spent the last two and a half days reading your story at all possible times (including in the tub and while my students tested and in between turns while playing Scrabble) I'm mostly thinking that I should have been keeping an on-going comment or commenting after every chapter because now there's simply too much to say!

First, I am most impressed with your character development. You are a dynamic writer and I've thoroughly enjoyed having to google random terms (or studies or ideas or beliefs) while reading, but more than that, I've loved watching your characters change and grow. Draco especially has slowly been given time to learn and change and adapt to the person that he is becoming. It will be fun to see what he chooses to do in the future. Also, his cockiness is endlessly amusing ("Because he's Draco Malfoy, that's why."). Always great!

I'm completely confused by Professor Quirrell... is he Voldemort, is he just creepy, is he totally playing Harry? I'm inclined to think Yes to all three, but he's just random enough to keep me unsure (like awarding Hermione 100 points... very un-Dark Lord, unless it's simply to annoy Snape or gain her trust). Anyways, I'm really hoping that Harry and Prof. Quirrell's final confrontation is on the last day of their school year (since Harry did promise McGonagall that it would be), which would mean that we've still got ages to wait and see what happens!

Anyways, thank you for creating this and sharing it with everyone- it's hilarious and intelligent and I'm loving it!


P.S. It's intimidating reviewing on a story with 14,500 previous reviews... not sure why, but it's true :)
Hedi Dracona chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
This chapter was a joy to read. I even read some parts of it aloud to my boyfriend, because I just had to share them.
A Changing Persona chapter 75 . 9/2/2011

I never really liked the S.P.H.E.W. in the first place.

And now it's disbanded!

Or, at least I think it is...

Or is it...
random71 chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
We haven't had any Draco and Harry interaction for a while, I'd like to see how their science sessions are going. Great story so far, I love the way that even though Harrys highly intelligent he's not all powerful. He is only eleven after all. And the way his intelligence makes up for his lack of power makes the plot a whole lot more interesting, I specifically enjoyed the rocket!broomstick scene.
Coby chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
I was hoping Hermione would quote Griffindor to Dumbledoor at the end but great chapter anyway.
Ryan Summers chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
It's finally happened.

You let the e-fame get into your head.

Nice story, but it's been dragging on and on and ON...

at this many words I'd have expected the story to be going through denouement or if it's past that, in it's 2nd/3rd act of the 2nd story...

...This is the trouble with intellectuals...
Peanuckle chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
chapter 74 was hilarious. I laughed hard throughout the whole thing.

75 was some damn good character development for Hermione, and Griffindor's quote is perfect for this whole story.
Rigal chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
kewangji chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
I actually enjoyed chapter 75 more than chapter 74. 'twas fantastic.
Guest chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
Now you have me assuming Dumbledore put Snape up to that to give Hermione a push in the hero direction... I'm still not sure what game Quirrel is playing, though...
Sue DeNym chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
Snape is Batman...

Why does he bully Hermione? Because he's the mentor she *needs*, not the mentor she *deserves*.

He'll sneer, bully and break her trust in authority.

Because it must be done.

Because sometimes the truth isn't good enough.

Because he's not a hero. He's a sneering guardian, A dark knight.
meat wearing a mask chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
Brilliant! (As *almost* always ;) Was the 'play' a reference to "Ah! My Goddess"?
NormalAnomaly chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
Excellent. Congratulations on the success of the Singularity Summer Challenge, and congratulations to Hermione on leveling up.
Gettin' Ziggy with it chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
I didn't really like the self actualization arc as muxh as some of the others, but this final chapter was fantastic. The conversations in the great hall were hilarious.
94yonders chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
wow, this had got to be my most favorite chapter ever.

i just love how you ended the arc

it's both and satisfying and heart-quenching at the same time

i really love the relationship between hermione and harry, they really care for each other. and i am so happy also that the most reviewed HP fanfic is a HarMony :)) i hope there will be more moments for them. and also hints of draco and hermione, (yes, i am also a dramione fan) :)

Quirrell is such an interesting character here in your fanfic, i am left clutching on the end of my seat waiting for a back story for quirell. such a mysterious charac : and i love him for giving hermione 100 points

aaargh...and snape, i'd still like to think that he is still a good guy acting all evil. but alas his actions in this chap proves otherwise but i shall not end my judgment on him just for this chap, i hope to see the author's explanation on the next chapters

and amigawd, i want more of draco puh-lease! he is such a joy to read because of the conflict between his close minded slytherins and his open minded self.

oh and thank you so much for uploading this great fanfiction in the net for everyone to read.

blew my mind away.
Where the gras is greener chapter 75 . 9/2/2011
I don't think you have any need to be told of the quality of your story, but I presume the Latin phrase of Godric Gryffindor at the end of this chapter will become a good motto for it.

And please, do continue writing. It is an enlightening read.
Work Designer chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Loved this arc.

Chap 74 was full of awesomeness!

Chap 75 really reminded me of the "No good deed goes unpunished" trope.

But it will silence a lot of people who would have otherwise taken up arms and save snape a lot of face among the dark ones.

Quirell is really subtle. The 100 points - Brilliant. Who would ever ever believe the guy who says he's Voldemort? Is he genuinely trying to build up a determined and truly heroic army? unlike the death eaters who were a bunch of scaredy cats atmost...
tenchifew chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Such an important chapter. Hermione falling for reverse psychology trick from Penelope was just funny. To her protection sh was rather distracted at the time. The talk between Harry and Hermione necessary, but she just was not ready to accept his arguments at this time. And the most important part of this chapter: the resolution.

I must admit I was anticipating one of three outcomes: first would be what the Slytherins were planning in the beginning of this chapter succeeding and it ending in blood, most probably Hannah's.

Second and in my opinion (and also Harry's it seems) most probable outcome would be the school administration stomping down on bullying HARD.

The Headmaster and co., in infinite wisdom, chose the third one. It was beautiful. There is a saying that no one can do more harm to a person than he himself. It was again proven to be true. If there was a contest with the goal to determine: " What can we do to antagonize Potter further and make sure he loses the rest of any good will he has towards us." This idea would be without doubt a winner. As a bonus let us stomp on Granger so hard that her trust in higher authority, till this point in time one of her core beliefs breaks completely, therefore taking this avenue of influencing Harry from us. If she breaks entirely over this (did not happen, but could were Hermione as she was just ten chapters ago) we are sure Harry will understand it, he is such a sweet boy and it is for greater good after all.

Now we have a new Hermione who has just to adapt to he new reality but I feel she is up to the task. We have a situation where Slytherins will be trying to provoke fights to get her expelled. We have Harry who will not stand for it and probably already has pegged Dumbledore firmly as Saruman just before or even after his fall, not in any way shape or form as Gandalf. We have Quirrel who probably is wondering why the hell Dumbledore is making it so easy for him.

We have Harry who probably now is sure that without major changes he wizarding Britin with it's Azkaban is not worth saving after all and if reforming it or heading for Brazilia is a better choice. And Hermione now has the potential to become a heroin or at least a damn good second in command.

But immediate reaction from Harry is what I am looking for most.

Thank ou again for continuing this brilliant story.
kirkr0se chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Well, that was fun.

~Mademise Morte chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
The end of this chapter made me both sad at her loss and profoundly glad that Harry will finally have someone who understands at least somewhat.

And I have to say. This is the best fanfiction I have ever read and is one of my favorite ongoing stories period.
William H. Stoddard chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Eponymuse: Actually, it's completely clear that Godric Gryffindor would not have used a C.E. date. The abbreviation is short for "Common Era," and that phrase was coined ca. 1889—according to many accounts, as an expression of courtesy to Jewish scholars who could not, for religious reasons, use "Anno Domini" ("in the Lord's year") for dates. Godric Gryffindor was centuries dead by then. On the other hand, he could perfectly well have said it *in the year that we now call 1202 C.E.*
The Monster chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I think I mentioned this when Dumbledore first uttered the nonsense about Harry having "evil stepparents". Harry doesn't have stepparents. He has ADOPTED parents, one of whom happens to be his maternal aunt. A stepparent is someone who isn't really your parent, but they're married to your actual parent. Note that means that the only way someone can have plural stepparents at the same time is to have parents that divorced and both remarried. The Headmaster of a school ought not to be abusing the language so badly.

You've really capped off a wonderful portrait of how Authority responds when people fight back against bullies. Authority considers it an infringement upon its job, and furthermore embarrassing.
Eponymuse chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Great chapter! Your Snape is a fascinating character.

You might want to correct this: "the question of whether it's actually is a good idea"

Gardengirl6: It's not clear whether Gryffindor would use "CE," but he almost certainly wouldn't use "AD." Very few wizards seem to have been Christian (see e.g. Chapter 61), and it seems unlikely to me that this particular Muggle phrase would be adopted by wizards. Most likely, Gryffindor didn't date using the Christian calendar at all, and the date is simply the author's addition for our convenience.
Peregrinate chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Poor Hermione. Disillusionment is never fun.
scorpioneldar chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
damm... this is so incredible ... not sure how to respond kinda stunned by awesome
Sidelines chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
excellent chapter!
Gardengirl6 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
It is lovely to see these frequent updates to this bewildering and mind-boggling story! And I'm glad your fund-raiser is going so well.

That said...

I know that "CE" is the current, mod, politically correct means of separating the years as counted before Christ and after his death, but seriously? Godric Gryffindor, in 1202, would NOT have used CE. He was an educated man, writing in Latin, for Pete's sake. He'd have used Anno Domini.

/End rant. That is all. It just really annoys me. But most PC things do. (especially this one, since it's not actually a different measure of time, it's just PC-ing up the nomenclature)
Lady Hamlet chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Ooh, I didn't expect that.
ev chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Hurray for Snape's plotting! (Snapeteering? like Dumbledoring?)

I'm convinced he's Hermione's Wise Old Wizard in an indirect but nonetheless character-building fashion.
Unsigned chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Harry's the next Yog-Sogoth? And whose blood, exactly, was it?
EeriexVerra chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
This is just amazing. Love it to death.
AvengingSyndrome chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
This was my favorite chapter so far, the ending was superb.
Lemur chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
LessWrong said: "Update for Ch. 75: Yes, I know this wasn't quite as good as Ch. 74. They can't all be as good as Ch. 74."

I call B.S.

Case in point:

"Non est salvatori salvator, neque defensori dominus, nec pater nec mater, nihil supernum."

Best thing you've written in the past 11 chapters, at least. Also, the best expression of a thought I've been fumbling towards for some time now. Thanks.
Thomas chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Amazing finish of a good arc in the story, but I'm happy we can return to the aftermath of the Azkaban break-out, the progress of the Bayesian conspiracy and Harry and Hermione breaking more laws of magic as they progress, a school battle here and there, and the overall pace of the story.

With the addition of more chapters and more information it's becoming easier to see the hidden threads that connect events and motifs, wouldn't surprise me if some of Aldeka's speculations (- 5 pages back) are spot on as I've come to the same conclusions as well. Especially concerning how much Snape is actually involved with the story without us having more than the faintest hin about it. Unless we're falling for another devious trap, in which case I can't wait to be thrown off again :D

But yeah, keep up the amazing work and I'm hoping to see more of the topics that we haven't seen in awhile, like the Bayesian conspiracy, characters like McGonnal that were featured in the early chapters but neglected later on in the story, Harry's ever-expanding collection of magical toys that make too much/little sense, the topic of Narcissa, and perhaps it's time to introduce some new characters into the mix. Just some food for thought
Graham Percival chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I'm in awe. Chapter 74 was hilarious, but chapter 75 was incredibly powerful. The relationship between Harry and Hermonine is progressing nicely (it's tricky to have a romantic relationship avoid feeling "forced", but you've done it!), but the thoughts about hero-as-alone (or "the buck stops here") and Quirrell/Snape/Dumbledore dynamic took my breath away.

Part of me desperately wants to read more, but part of me hopes that some snag happens and you won't be updating again for a while - because I cannot see how you can possibly top chapters 74 and 75. Each one individually was a gem, but combined together they are absolutely priceless.
jdboss1 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I think you shood make money of this and when i win the lotter i will give you some for all your hard work

in the mean time

I no lot of updats at you for asking to send more I dont care if it right or not all i care it that lot got piss off at it

So like a vote i stand behind removeing all "asking for money" from your storys/Less Wrong page

Now like all your Chapters i like 75 just as much

love the see

being missing a good harry/Hermione seen for some time now good to see it at last
Dimensionist chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
'"Oh," said the third-year girl, "I was thinking of that really romantic one where there's this very nice, sweet boy who makes a Floo call, only he mispronounces his destination and stumbles out into this room full of Dark Wizards who are performing a forbidden ritual that should've stayed forever lost to time, and they're sacrificing seven victims in order to unseal this ancient horror which is supposed to grant someone a wish if it's freed, so of course the boy's presence interrupts the ritual, and as the horror is eating all the Dark Wizards and everyone is dying the boy's last thought is that he wishes he could've had a girlfriend, and the next thing you know the boy is lying in the lap of this beautiful woman whose eyes are burning with a dreadful light, only she doesn't understand anything about being human so the boy always has to stop her eating people. This is just like that play, only you're the boy and Harry Potter is the girl!"'

Ah, an 'Ow! My Sanity' reference. I didn't think it was popular enough to get one. Nice to read.

Good story, and fairly unique - though you probably know all that by now.

Hope to see more of it soon.
Other chapter 75 . 9/1/2011

Google before you "correct".

mmmm chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
An amazing ending to this great storyline. Can't wait to see more of Hermione as a hero in her own right.
Spidey-phd chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Are you really just one author or is this story a dream team effort?
Prof. H.J Potter chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Some reviews are bad critique. Some reviews are good critique.

Some others, like this, are just written applause, a grand standing ovation for such a stunning piece of art.

Carry on, update, and carry on.
Drix chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
WOW! That was a powerful chapter. Although I love the clarification on Hermione, the end of the chapter leads to more questions about where she's going to end up going then it answers. And the fact the it was Prof. Quirrell that stood up for her is Scary in its own right, especially since he's made it a point to Harry that he has little regard for her, or Harry's opinion on his behavior towards her...maybe he just doesn't like Snape.

On another note, and I am very sure that you have seen this plenty of times in reviews, but I wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for the many updates you've made this week, as well as all those who donated to make it possible. Truly, thank you.
Vercingetorix1234 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I loved the Ow, My Sanity! reference. I'm guessing you found it on tvtropes. I'm looking forward to future chapters!
tyrannosaurus-hex chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Is this where Hermione has finally wised up?

Also, more Draco!
Daniel chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Yeah... I just want to kill Snape or something... And I just thought: Since the curse was placed in the DADA position by Voldemort, he won't be gone automatically by the end of the year! Having "Quirrel" as a recurring professor is goig to be awesome!
uo-chou chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Snape is a greasy fucwad. I don't see why Dumbledore does what he does, he must be insane. Wizards are cowards. Keep up the good work!
T.M. August chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Regardless of what the Author's Notes say, I felt this chapter was every bit as good as #74 (which was very good indeed!), and an excellent closeout to the Self Actualization arc.

I love the character development here, and the Latin quote at the end of the chapter is an excellent touch. Can't wait to see where the story goes from here.
Squeamish Ossifrage chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Congratulations on your FTW.

Essex chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Very well written chapter. I also liked the oblique reference to the Ow, My Sanity webcomic.
Ron chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
after the end of the chapter:

Harry [after explaining how this is about him/what the wider school/society needs to know and so doesn't need to ask Hermione, or asks Hermione and explains and she says yes] rises and approaches the head table / headmaster and says (as the mumblings die down to absolute quiet so all can hear him):

"Headmaster, while I usually try to stay as far away as possible from all the boy-who-lived crap, I do feel a certain responsibility to the public. For example, I do feel that it would be inappropriate for the boy-who-lived to attend school somewhere filled with Dark Wizards and Witches. And since it's just been demonstrated that the great, great majority of the staff of this school are Dark and/or cowards, I feel I have no choice but to continue my education elsewhere - at a more light-oriented school. Please prepare a copy of my student file for schools that may request it when I apply to them. Good-bye."

[Maybe some back and forth about why they're not Dark with Harry throwing it in their faces about doing what's easy instead of right / protecting bullies instead of the innocent / wanting/allowing/etc. bullies to win / actions are what counts / etc.]

"But Harry, you cannot leave."

"Watch me."

"I won't allow it."

"So you'll further prove that you're Dark by imprisoning me against my will, by turning the school into a prison."

"Your guardians have not given you permission to leave."

"I assure you once they find out about your views they will, unless you again demonstrate your Darkness by using an unforgivable curse on them."

... [where it goes from there depends upon where the rest of the story is going to go]

Thx for the story!
Fenrir666 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Love Hermione's conversation with Harry, and Volde-Quirrell helping Hermione. Great stuff!
Seraphina2 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Not as good as the last chapter, you say? Pish and posh. This was fantastic, and I'm glad you finally brought the Self Actualization arc up to the quality of the rest of the story. This is such a major character development moment for Hermione, and seeing her trust in the teachers just kind of /break/ was one hell of a moment.

Good show, and I'm looking forward to more.
OliH chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
First Review ever, just to say that Dark Hermione is coming!
SlickRCBD chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Professor's Snape's action is spot on on how schools deal with the problem when the children of important people start getting resistance to their bullying. Don't address the bullying problem, don't go after the real problems, go after the ones that refuse to take it. Hold THEM responsible for the bullies starting the fight, and do everything you can to make them defenseless to the bullies.
Psilontech chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Heh, I enjoyed the 'Ow My Sanity' reference. Sort of sad that it's on hiatus but what are you going to do? /shrug

Anyway, greatly enjoyed this chapter. Am kooking forward to the next update and keep up the excellent work.
Muminpappan chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I look forward to reading what happens next in your story
sambo chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
hermione's the lawful good to balance harry's chaotic good. it seems that she has finally gone over to the dark side. while i almost always side with harry's utilitarianism in the characters' convos, i fear that this will cause an even greater asymmetry in debate. last chapter, dumbledore was totally a straw man (i think it's more than an aversion to escalation; unless the benevolent revolutionaries can overwhelmingly dominate the government, you won't have a new world order, you'll have a civil war; can harry "win"? he has a lot of enemies, is he strong enough and smart enough to keep himself and his allies safe from all of them? he's dominant in a most un-slytherin way. do they believe in him, or just fear him? can he "win" without quirrel?). and now, hermione is becoming a female harry. i hope the balance against harry (in philosophy, not power) will somehow be restored.

oh yeah, and i really liked it :)
Death by manga chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
another good chapter. I really enjoyed the discussions about Harry and Hermione's relationship, and the two discussing what their name would be.
janefanatic chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I am ridiculously pleased with Hermione in this chapter. It seems like she's making rapid advances in her character, becoming closer to Harry without becoming similar to Harry. That something inside her, cracking and breaking, was that her respect for authority? Or perhaps, her inherent trust of authority. Regardless, this chapter indicated to me that Harry is closer to companionship -true companionship, of equals and not lieutenants. Something needed to either snap or form in Hermione before she could be equal to Harry. Thank you for sharing!
AwsmAdm chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
"But every time you talk about following rules or relying on teachers, I get that same feeling, like it's bound up with this one last thing that's stopping you, one last thing that puts your PC self to sleep and turns you into an NPC again..."

"And," her voice said, "if you want to break school rules or something, you can ask me about it, I promise I won't just say no."

Great character development. I think this does a good job a closing (some of) the power gap between the two of them. I can't wait to see what happens next. I liked the SA arc but it didn't have much to do with the rest of the plot.
TheOneButcher chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
74:Quirrel knows exactly what Dementors are. Harry TOLD him Dumbledore that he thought of his Rejection of Death. He has been told that Death wants to find him wherever he hides and Harry has told him about the Stars. He just doesn't tell anyone because he has nothing to gain from it, and probably saves it for a surprise Dementor attack. Because otherwise they could prepare and Harry would start up Dementor killing lessons.

I REALLY want to See the following things now:

Harry telling McGonnagall and Dumbledore that he is disappointed in them, and Fawkes leaving Dumbledore for the Kids.
Majin Hentai X chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
The NPC is dead and gone.
Anino chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
1202 was A.D., not C.E. :)
Mavarax chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
That is just stupid. I mean if you get 2 weeks detention for fighting in the corridors then she should name all the other bullies they fought with and ask if they get detention too since they started the fights in the first place.
Alohamora chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
LyssaOneiroi chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I love Harry and Hermione's relationship and I think Quirrell is my new favourite character.
AngelForm chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I approve.
MaxManuka chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Why are you apologizing for this chapter? I liked it more than the previous one, in fact I love it when Harry and Hermione, or Harry and Quirrell philosophize like this :). That last scene was gut-wrenching and I wonder what'll happen next. Will they clamp down on the bullies as well, or won't they?

And Quirrell, oh Quirrell ... Isn't he supposed to be the villain? How am I supposed to hate him in scenes like this :D. What a great character!

Oh, and since this is my first comment, let me just say that I love how you wrote Fawkes in the Azkaban/TSPE arc :).
Rae chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Beautiful. Thank you.

Only thing - what's malfoy doing? We haven't heard from him in a while, this seems like something he ought to be involved in.
Arkh Cthuul chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Very interesting chapter,s eeing the real aftermath.

Though Is till think it (even for them,s eeing what the "Bullies" did) as unreasonable for the rest of the staff to do nothing.

Also: loved the quote you put into Godrics mouth. :)
Deathcrow chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Loved the new chapter. I have to admit though that I didn't like the whole S.P.H.E.W. ark too much and am looking forward to some more plot development. The writing is really good, but everything got very slow... hoping things will speed up a bit. I desperately want to find out more about Quirrel, Snape, Bellatrix, Sirius, Dumbledore, etc.
harrypotterspirit chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
And I thought the last chapter was funny.
Ko-pia chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I think my roommate is worried about all my twitches and muffled laughs from the part where Harry and Hermione got relationship advice.
Hez chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Yay, character development! Shame you couldn't squeeze in a joke about, "character development, its kinda a tingly feeling."

RonSa chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Harry Potter and the Methods of Winning
wisecurledqueen chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
This chapter was hilarious, then it got serious, and then it got awesome. -er. Thank you so much!

Itachi's apprentice chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Great work.
urfan chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
my what an utterly intersting chapter... and wowzer, some of these people reading have boocoodles of money to hand out $3000 a piece. Sheesh. Still, good on them... for the betterment of man and science and all that..

back to the story,,

YEsssSSSsSssss, the circle is complete, Now, Hermione must simply STRIKE THEM DOWN IN ANGER!

lol, or something like that. I also believe it would be an appropriate time for Dark Lord Harry to make an appearance.
hvis chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Chapter 75 is solid. 74 was hilarious, sure, but now we at least get some plot development.
L.A.H.H chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Excellent chapter. Thanks for updating x
LM1991 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Go Quirrell! XD

I wasn't expecting that, but wow... Hermione who's ready to break some rules because the rightness is better... oh yeah.
Dave chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Legality of this series, see wiki/Parody#Copyright_issues

I think this fairly covers this fic. It's a commentary on Rowling's work, and a highly amusing one at that. Pretty sure you could have this published, which would be beyond awesome!

Great chapter. Some disliked this arc, I loved it.
admiralskippy chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
In fact on a rereading you're talking total nonsense- this is one of the better written and more balanced chapters in the whole fic. Your other chapters have a tendency to sprawl- not a bad thing, nice and filling in fact, like a really well laid sideboard bursting with nice homecooked food. But this chapter had the quality of a good well balanced three course meal from the better class of foodie gastropub.

-That's a compliment by the way, Michelin Stars can take years if you can do it at all and we have a lot more good writers than good FIAI researchers.

It's not uncommon for writers to feel ashamed of their better work- it's some some extent proportional to the emotional investment they've put in, etcetera. There are no doubt another host of cognitive biases involved. One could probably write a good lesswrong mini sequence on it. Even a rationality master is still vulnerable when they have not trained with regard to identifying and correcting those biases in a new area.

You'll have reduced this compared to most other writers, and might have even done work on rationally assessing your output as writer when writing sequences, but fiction is a level up from that. Looking forward to 76 anyway :)
Paosheep chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I have really enjoyed the Self Actualization arc.
aldeka chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I don't care what the author says - this is one of my favorite chapters of the whole fic, better (in my reckoning) than chapter 74. The dialogue between Harry and Hermione is touching, challenging, and rings true. And Hermione's definitely leveled up, here - it will be interesting to see what a Hermione who does not respect authority does.

I wonder how Harry and McGonagall's next conversation will go...

It's worth pointing out that there's a third way between the "obey authority" / "adhere to societal norms" instincts of Dumbledore and McGonagall and the "seek out evil, no matter where it hides" absolutism (and I do think Dumbledore is correct in calling it prideful, however much I might like it) of Godric Gryffindor. That is, putting in effort to *improve* authority structures and social norms to be more just, through political reforms, rationalist education, and so forth. Institution building is much trickier than the other two modes, of course, and will never have perfect results, but it scales. Individual firebrands don't.

I guess Harry and Draco's mission to fix Slytherin House, and the whole Bayesian Conspiracy concept, could be sources for institution-building. And, indeed, believing that authority structures are unjust and a willingness to defy the existing ones are prerequisites to creating new ones - a transformation that Hermione has just undergone.

I just hope that wherever the fic goes next, we don't just have the main characters doing individual heroic acts that nobody else understands (though that's usually entertaining and nearly always hilarious), but that they do more with *sharing* their scientific superpowers, converting others, and fighting for systemic changes.

Speculation follows:

Throughout, my assumption has been that Snape was both goading the bullies to attack and standing by to ensure that SPHEW won (he being the one who broke down Jaime Astorga's shield in SPHEW's first battle, etc). His purpose: to discredit bullies and fix Slytherin House (similar to Harry and Draco's mission, though not articulated in the same terms).

I would criticize Snape for using his real initial in his bullying notification messages to Hermione, except that, given the rumors that Slytherin's ghost was behind SPHEW, I guess there's no getting around the letter S.

Snape's rage in ch. 74 and 75 has many causes, most likely, but among them anger at himself for being careless-and that carelessness putting his plot in jeopardy. He had to learn from experience that the plot is flawed - because *someone* (Professor Quirrell, I suspect!) cast Homenum Revelio, Snape was put out of commission and unable to supervise or intervene in SPHEW's last battle. If there were other battles after this one, bullies would be likely to rigorously check for hidden people thereafter. Thus, there was no way for Snape to continue to ensure that SPHEW continued to win or, at least, not get severely injured.

The only solution for Snape (and the rest of the Hogwarts staff, though whether Dumbledore or Snape took the lead on persuading the rest is unclear): "Let the wookie win." Punish and humiliate Hermione and SPHEW so that the bullies are placated and stop attacking them in force. Fortunately, Snape's cultivated persona makes this easy and credible.

Whether or not this gambit will work, after Quirrell trolls everyone... we will see!
anon chapter 75 . 9/1/2011

Very clever plan on the part of Snape for breaking her unthinking trust in authority.

Excellent chapter.
admiralskippy chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
To be honest I think this stacks up very well against 74. I mean yes it relies on 74 in the way any concluding chapter relies on it's respective big penultimate fight chapter, but you've crafted Hermione well enough and built up tension over the SA arc well enough that her conclusion is satisfying and gripping. I mean I can think of chapters in the 30's and late 40's that did not involve me as much as this did.

And Quirrel's bit was a touching, and simultaneously a hilarious trolling of Snape. Plus Harry is heroic in an understated way. Also if I'm honest this is the first chapter where the whole Harry/Hermione plotline has really engrossed me, which is impressive for a romance/friendship between two eleven year olds.

All in all a solid chapter.
shhIwasn'there chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
why why why why do you do this to Snape? WHYYYYY?

Just tell me !please! that he has an ulterior GOOD motive for doing what he is doing! is it just a show for the slytherins? is that it? what does Harry know?

oh and BTW how did Harry know about the ambush? (snape told him? yeah?)
Sieisda chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
WOW. This was epic! I just loved it. loved it, loved it. You just made my day.

I must say, I find the character of Quirrel really interesting and I have honestly no idea where you are going with him. In canon he is just bad, but all good at the outside. But here… I always wonder about him. And the szene in this chapter was just amazingly cool, sweet as.

I really can't wait for the next chapter. And I am glad to know that it is coming soon.
AspergianStoryteller chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I reckon several characters have a point but mostly I believe that bullying must be stamped out as much as possible.
timunderwood9 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011

Also Snape is clearly not just being an asshole. Having the school structure come down hard on Hermione will considerably reduce the animosity towards her. And if at the same time the system modifies itself to prevent recurrence of the problem which she was trying to solve...

Anyways very good as always.
Mikko Rauhala chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Seriously, you set fire to a chicken _once_ and you never hear the end of it, do you?

Anyway, nice wrap-up, and level-up for Hermione. Liked McGonagall's conspicuous absense, as well as the Gryffindor quotation. Snape is... being very Snape, which frankly annoys me a bit, considering he obviously doesn't actually condone the bullying bit.

Quirrel, well. Still assuming there's at least an aspect of Voldemort in there, I have to think he's being somewhat redeemed by having an actual _peer_ around, even if young and sometimes foolish, in Harry, and accomplishing stuff with and through him as mentioned in the previous chapter. Getting accustomed to doing more _good_ than harm, just in fiendish and socially frowned on _ways_, in the sick society of Magical Britain and all.

The proposition is also compatible with the author promising to resolve at least as much as in the canon but in a shorter time, there simply being no need for a lengthy battle and getting to the Horcruxes and all that jazz.
DABartlett chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
I see someone else appreciates Ow, My Sanity. Perhaps there's an opportunity for Nancy Alhazred to make a cameo appearance?
skeptic7 chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
oh my god this is great. Hermione Granger has now been permanently cured of trusting authority and of obeying rules with out question. If the authorities do not strive for justice, why should they be respected, if they are not respected, why should they be obeyed? If the only reason to obey authorities is fear, what should a heroine do? When is it proper to give in to fear?

In the previous chapter, Dumbledore stated that it was better for the bullies to prevail then for conflict to continue. This explains the marauders of canon and reveals Dumbledore to be a pusilliaminous Vichy appeaser.

Is Snape acting on Dumbledore's orders? He doesn't much like bullies either and knows what harm they can do.
Dureth chapter 75 . 9/1/2011
Started off slow. Ended up epic.

Latin is always an excellent touch.

Thank you, Lesswrong. You've made my day a little less horrid. _
NothingPretentious chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Chapter 75 seems fine to me. Beyond fine. Excellent, as usual.
Emily rose chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wow! 14k reviews, and I thought Josephine Darcy's "The Marriage Stone" 12k was a lot, but either way... It was a grear story! Please update soon!
Emily rose chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wow! 14k reviews, and I thought Josephine Darcy's "The Marriage Stone" 12k was a lot, but either way... It was a grear story! Please update soon!
Elelith chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Finally, Hermione with a backbone, loved the ending scene, and would not object to a certain Ravenclaw's revenge...
josh148513 chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Nice shift but why are the professors letting him

Update soon
Mortimer Grimm chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Nice chapter! Very good. Nice character development, it's funny, smart and all in all a nice read. If this weren't already a favorite of mine, it would certainly be now.
outofculture chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
This story fuels a great deal of introspection, engaged conversation and rollicking laughter to my life. Thanks.

Also, it feels better now to have a clear sense of what conceptual block Hermione and SPHEW were failing because of, rather than a constant dread that this arc was just a sloppy attempt at adding Feminism. It doesn't alleviate the gnawing sense that female characters still fail more, statistically speaking, but your equitability shines through well enough.
Annabelinda Tsuki chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Best...Birthday Present...Ever!

Today, I finished reading this story for the third time! Twice alone in the last two months!

Such a wonderful story this is. Because, despite the fact that it is Harry isn't Harry Potter! Which is so great about it!

And the way you wrote it, just the writing itself; I would give up almost anything to be able to write like that.

Your characters, flawless.

Your dialogue, flawless.

Your descriptions, flawless.

Your ideas, flawless.

Your plot, flawless.

Every last bit of brilliance and ingenius, flawless.

This is, truly, my absolute favorite piece of fiction in existence. It beats everything I've ever read. It's smart and clever and BRILLIANT to the point that it can keep me mentally satisfied. It's funny in the most fantastic of ways, the jokes are even still laughable after round three. And it's just...amazing.

You are, truly, an amazing writer with an amazing head full of amazing ideas and rationalities. I can only hope to be able to write like this one day.

Perks to the last chapter of Self Actualization coming out the day before my Birthday. Perked up my night several times over.
particularlygoodfinders chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
You say in the notes that not all the chapters can be as good as 74 but I think I actually preferred this one. The SPHEW stuff was getting pretty grating so I'm glad that it's concluded (at least somewhat, I'm sure bullying hasn't disappeared). The bully fight sequences don't quite match up to the level of awesome that is the DADA battles and I really miss those.

This chapter also makes me sad that we will (presumably) soon be parting ways with Quirrell. I always appreciated the way you've written that character (as someone truly interesting) but now I'm actually starting to the like the guy.
Suit and Tie Guy chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
The thing I love most about this story is how Less Wrong really understands genius. I never see anyone write evil as subtle as "One hundred points to Miss Granger for doing what is right" anywhere else.

Thanks for this.
solussword chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Number one, probably the main reason you have the most reviews of any fanfic, ever, is because people are constantly posting "UPDATE MORE".

Not that that's something to be ashamed of.

Secondly, if I had any money to speed up your fundraiser, I would donate all of it. Epic story so far-cant wait to see how far you get.
mikey1986 chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
It is always sad when innecence is lost. Masterfully captured and arguably your best chapter yet.
badkidoh chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
another great chapter
boonerunner chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Ow, my sanity. Do they always walk to Ravenclaw tower through corridors made of impossible materials and tessellating pentagons? Or is that merely a side effect of Harry's most recent sacrifice of an eldritch abomination?
loonyphoenix chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
While the previous chapter was very "wow" in every way, this one was very interesting and thought-provoking as well. Thank you for your work and congratulations on completing the summer challenge. Screw everyone who thinks the way you're helping Singularity is wrong. (I'm not sure about the legality of it, because the US have pretty weird laws and justice system. It might be a grey area that only a lawyer can have any authoritative opinion on.)

Good luck, and looking forward to #76!
Zicou chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wow :) Awesome chapter!

Can't wait to read more!


gudge chapter 75 . 8/31/2011

So my question is: who was responsible for the 44-bully gathering?

Snape organized a lot of the earlier ones, but I thought he was opposed to bullying. Would he have set SPHEW up to lose? Did he think he could silently interfere to make them win?

Quirrell said, flat-out, he didn't think the students would self-organize. Was he wrong?
Alsadius chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
I've been reading this story for about a year now, and I've finally gotten around to registering for a FFN account, so it's about time I add to the ever-growing pile of reviews.

I first heard about this story from Eric Raymond's blog, and between his endorsement, and my past readings of Eliezer's, I figured I'd actually read a fanfic for the first time ever(with some trepidation, admittedly - most of what I'd ever heard of fanfic was atrociously bad, though I figured this would likely not be). I'd never read a Potter book or seen a Potter movie, and aside from a bit of cultural osmosis, I walked into the story completely cold. And read all 30-odd chapters in one sitting, laughing myself sick, grinning at all the philosophy, and getting utterly entranced by the story being told. Then I went out and read all seven Potter books, and watched all six movies, just so I could get the references I'd missed the first time through(and I have to say, knowing that Quirrell is Voldemort is useful information when reading a story like this), and of course read the fic again. I've been subscribed ever since, and read everything that's come out probably 3-4 times at least.

As far as I'm concerned, this story is the gold standard of what episodic fiction should be. Yeah, you're setting it in someone else's universe, but you're making that universe better, to the point where I'm actually hard-pressed to remember that some parts of it aren't canon(the explanation of the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, for example). I've laughed myself sick more times than I can count, you've managed to shoehorn in almost all of what made Ender's Game fun as a subplot, you're telling a story I really can't wait for each new chapter of, and I'm learning all sorts of fun bits of philosophy while I'm at it. And, best of all, the months of hiatus are over and we're getting new content again.

So yes - bravo, five stars, 10/10, and keep up the good work.
I chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Could it be possible, that Quirrell is _Changing?_
Lorem chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wait, how do you tile something in pentagons? It's not one of the possible regular tessellations and I'm not sure if you can just describe one of the weird tilings simply as being tiled in pentagons!

On the other hand, that my biggest concern with the chapter is the floor tiling isn't too bad of a sign.
Overlooked Supporting Cast chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
One of the things I have come to appreciate in this fic is how it sticks to its guns with the perspective of the unreliable narrator. We see and understand all of Harry's brilliant maneuvers, and most of Hermione's as well.

Here, when Snape and Dumbledore at last prove their genius in resolving the situation on more levels than the heroes could guess, nothing is explained. They appear as evil and as foolish as their roles demand, and no one seems to notice that the heroines have made it through relatively unscathed, while the bullies raised with an ethos of victory or death are nonetheless sated and held back.

No one except Voldemort, of course, who predictably does not resist the temptation to appear kind and heroic while sabotaging the protection of the kind and heroic. We're left to wonder whether or not the junior death eaters will be cooperative now that their artificial victory has been at least partially robbed from them. I'm looking forward to the greater ironies he will doubtlessly indulge in towards the first year's finale.

On a final note, wtb: fanart of a young girl in a home-made dementor outfit filling her diary with endless repetitions of "Tracey Potter-Evans-Verres-Granger-Davis, Tracey Potter-Evans-Verres-Granger-Davis, Tracey Potter-Evans-Verres-Granger-Davis"...
bakapervert chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Thanks for the update.
DarkRavie chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Another very good chapter. I look forward to reading what happens next in your fic.
Raven3182 chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Well done! This is one of the best chapters I've read in a long time. The conversation between Harry and Hermione going through their motivations was superb. Thank you. I loved it.

Oh, and "'But don't you see? said a fourth-year witch. 'It means that even though he's evil, he loves you!'" was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for writing!
Colour Coded Chaos chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Quirrell is the absolute best prankster ever in this fic.

If he ever does wind up in Snape's domain, one of the other characters would be well within their rights to belt into the Great Hall and shout:

"TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! Thought you ought to know..."
Rosa Mundi chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
... Buh... Voldemort just gave Hermione 100 points for doing what was right. The "Good Guys" just sat there and let it go, and Voldemort stepped in to set things right.


I'm wondering if Mr. Riddle is going to decide that not dying is sufficient and maybe he doesn't want to try to take over the world after all.
Sliver of Infinity chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
I thought this chapter was excellent. What most stood out to me was Hermione's "breaking," as you described it. Previously in this story, your portrayal of her as a model, rule-abiding, student has been almost a parody of the original Hermione's personality. Now don't get me wrong, I like what you did with her and her role in the plot - but it has backed her into something of a corner as far as character development goes.

By breaking out of that mold you've set for yourself - you remove that block. And, of course most importantly, it shows that she is at least somewhat rational. Which is the attribute worthy of promotion in this story.
JoshuaZ chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Ah, so the poem turned out to be Gryffindor not Bacon after all. Nice.

I had a very mixed view of this chapter. It seems to reinforce a general problem that Hermione just isn't dealing with problems of the same level that Harry is. It makes it feel almost like it is token feminism. Canon had this problem also but at least there Hermione was fighting the same things Harry was so it felt more due to him being the protagonist. Here though she's not even really the side-kick. Harry is rescuing people from fate worse than death and Hermione is dealing with school bullies but not even doing that fully on her own? This saddens me.

This chapter did however have its moments. I really liked the line about "Nice well-groomed boys get girls, and Dark Wizards also get girls, but nice well-groomed boys suspected of being secretly Dark get more girls than you can imagine-".

I'm really at this point very interested in what game Snape is trying to play. At this point it seems like he isn't acting under Dumbledore's orders. Given that there's reason to think that Harry already destroyed the primary reason Snape would be loyal to Dumbledore and Harry this is very worrisome. I early thought that a single conversation like the one Snape had with Harry would not be enough to alter the fact that he loved Lilly even if it made him see her as more flawed. But now I have to wonder if he's gone all really Dark. I hope not.
phil chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Like the Ravenclaw girls (and you, I suspect) I have read far too many fictional romances. And yes, I am already trying to imagine their children. Very amusing.

Fascinating insight into responsibility and heroes. I read an article, "Addicted To Being Good? The Psychopathology of Heroism", showing the similarity of sociopaths and heros. It takes a special sort of mindset to set yourself out from society that way, and Quirrel and Harry both have it.

Can't wait to see what you do with Hermione, now that she's stepped out of her role as a sidekick and into the spotlight.

Just more three days!
m-f42 chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Ding-Dong the incredibly tedious story-arc is dead!
Violet Shadows chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Liked the bit with Godric at the end.
Entropic Specter chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Congratulations on achieving the Summer Challenge's goal. Pretty awesome of all these people to donate.

Anyway. Thanks for the awesome new chapters. Please keep up the great work. I suppose, today, saying "and please update soon" is superfluous, though. I'll go back to that tradition, once the written chapters run out.

The bit with the last names was... Well. Seems obvious where that is going. Fun times.

About the end. I wonder, was that just the last straw to open up the path for heroic Hermione? If so, was it simply "coincidence", or was the breaking engineered, by, say, Dumbledore, who allowed a bit of extra injustice, for just this purpose? Either way, this should be interesting. Less-rule-bound Hermione? Oh my.
Matthew Fallshaw chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
"wasn't quite as good as Ch. 74"

Says you, EY - this chapter was great!
GuesssWho chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
At this point I'm thinking Quirrell is the hero :D
BlackRosary chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wow...just wow. I am amazed and thrilled beyond words. I absolutely, positively adore this story. I am so, so, SO, happy you are not making Hermione go with Ron but also for writing such a captivating story. I always feel so happy when I see the next chapter alert in my e-mail. So much thanks nothing pleases me more then a good story.
Fresh C chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
This chapter and the last chapter were the first to give me the same enjoyment as the beginning chapters of the story since the self-actualization arc began. I think the reasons for that are as follows: 1) Harry pulled some truly crazy stunt that only a nerdy/disturbed muggleborn would think of. 2) You provided us new insight into the mindframe of the characters which were thought provoking.

Harry's idea of responsibility is scary and panic inducing. What I mean by that is I can't see anyone actually following that belief without being perfect or suffering from crushing guilt and self-hatred. To be truly responsible for the bottom line no matter what, is way too much pressure for one person to take upon themselves. However, Harry seems to think that everyone should feel this way (a thought that holds a bit more merit). If everyone held themselves equally responsible for all of humanities failures, then perhaps there would be less of them.

Getting everyone to agree on what is considered failure and success is another matter entirely.

Good chapter(s)
Dee chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Good chapter :)
Sakura Lisel chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Okay, WHY is Dumbledore AND the other teachers letting Snape get away with his announcement? Unless the guy knows EXACTLY who's in Hermione's Society group, or if they publically wear some kind of ID to show their part of Hermione's group, he's basically just said that ANYONE who's caught fighting in the halls will be expelled from Hogwarts by HIM? What about the students who have NEVER been members of the group, but still fight in the halls? will THEY be kicked out? Since Snape basically said that HE'LL be handling the expulsions from now on, does that annoucement also include his beloved Slytherins as expellees if they are caught fighting in the halls?
Slayer End chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
...Lucky me. I'm your 14000th Reviewer. I WISH you'd mention me... but that's unlikely. This Review, if it can be called that, will only be lost in waves of countless others. Such a shame.

Excellent work. I once again see how this is the number one Harry Potter Fanfic in the world. Congrats.

Forever Signed in Blood,

Slayer End
Darjeelings chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Amazing end to the arc.

The whole being-a-hero-requires-wicked-stepparents thing is going to make me think a bit.
Zargon chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
I enjoy, in retrospect, how I sat down to read this at exactly 10:05 pst, and proceeded to refresh the page every 30 seconds while fiddling around with other inconsequential stuff until the new chapter appeared at 10:09. I can quit anytime I want.

Regardless of how dissatisfied you may be with this chapter, I quite enjoyed it. Covering the social fallout was necessary and entertaining, and the exchange between Harry and Hermione provided yet more insight into what makes them tick.

I find myself annoyed at the concept of house points. If some standard of measurement has been introduced, I missed it, and if it's all just arbitrary anyways, then the only important question is whether it accepts mathematical notation.

I think I'd enjoy a scene where Quirrell awards 33 points to Ravenclaw, totally breaking the ridiculous system for the rest of the year, since none of the other professors would know enough muggle mathematics to fix it.
Anonymous Reviewer chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
i"Oh," said the third-year girl, "I was thinking of that really romantic one where there's this very nice, sweet boy who makes a Floo call, only he mispronounces his destination and stumbles out into this room full of Dark Wizards who are performing a forbidden ritual that should've stayed forever lost to time, and they're sacrificing seven victims in order to unseal this ancient horror which is supposed to grant someone a wish if it's freed, so of course the boy's presence interrupts the ritual, and as the horror is eating all the Dark Wizards and everyone is dying the boy's last thought is that he wishes he could've had a girlfriend, and the next thing you know the boy is lying in the lap of this beautiful woman whose eyes are burning with a dreadful light, only she doesn't understand anything about being human so the boy always has to stop her eating people. This is just like that play, only you're the boy and Harry Potter is the girl!"/i

I really wish that this hypothetical mashup of Ā Megami-Sama and generic cthulhu mythosness actually existed. And is that a hint of Fate/Stay Night?
Hulkishpower chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
YES! Wow. That was good. I'm sorry, I don't want to sound like I'm acting like the better writer or anything...cuz you're definitely better than I am...but could I hope that there's more to the plot sometime soon? I know Harry's life is just waaay to interesting to skip over any details but there's been a lot of chapters where Harry's been pretty steady and I'm just thinking that another rising action and a climax would be a good addition by this point in the story. Just asking. THanks and looking forward to the next addition!
Snowy Flanks chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Well I have to say I like how this chapter ended.
che chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
i can imagine quirrel's evil laugh... ah, that good ol' professor!

are we seeing luna soon?
outlawpoet chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Snape is perfect here. I wonder, in this universe, is he a good enough actor to have fooled Quirrelmort completely? In canon Voldemort was wrong about him to the end, either fooled, or completely misjudging the level of betrayal.

Interesting that Godric Gryffindor is the mythic theme most touched upon in this story. I'd like very much to see your outline of what his autobiography is like, but writing that much concentrated sincerity without ulterior motives would probably make you catch fire.

I know the following chapters are already written, but I want more reaction from Flitwick, Daphne, and the Quibbler headline from Luna.
OwlofNight chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
It is not the savior of the Savior,

nor the defender of the Lord,

neither father nor mother,

there is nothing above.


Good chapter, not as amazingly epic as the last one( but still a great conclusion and i cant wait for 76.
Multipartite chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Many pleasant parts. I should likely note that I smiled at the "Ow, my sanity" reference.

The chapter ending has left me mentally in a state of quiet contemplation. (As always, significant curiosity regarding the future; extreme happiness regarding the update schedule.)
Dinner chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Somehow this chapter felt really sweet, good quality writing!

Cant believe though that sbape did that in front if the entire school students and teachers yet no one but quirrel did anything... Even for this au that a bit ooc for many.
w chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Come on, it's a pretty nice chapter. Nice tangle. I think that the problem with most of the sphew arc is how much Q, Draco and Harry steal more or less the entire scene anytime they are there. The boyfriend/girlfriend parts were nice too. So was the discussion about names. That Snape had chosen to break H's faith in authorities was a bit too convenient to coincide wit h Harry's lecture. And speaking of Q, he really is getting bored, one wonders why. One also wonders if Harry will realize that Snape is doing it for Hermione. He really has it bad, both in the original and here, you could have at least powered him up a bit.
Non-Existent ONion chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
Wonderful finale to the arc.
Callmesalticidae chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
The dry voice of Professor Quirrell cut through everything, and that voice said, "One hundred points to Miss Granger for doing what is right."

That's something that I had to reread a few times. Not because it was utterly shocking, because it wasn't -utterly- shocking (surprising, coming from Quirrel, but then some thought on the matter shows how it does fit him) but because, after everything that's gone on, that little bit there seems like the most appropriate note for this episode of MoR to end on. Which I think that it did, in a way. If chapters had epilogues, that would have marked the point where Chappie 75 ended and then entered its epilogue.

Hell, I do love Quirrelmort.
Nancy Lebovitz chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
'"I don't even know a name for this kind of fallacious reasoning," said Harry Potter. '

Pattern-matching, I think. Or possibly pattern-matching based on fictional evidence.

Other than that, lots of good stuff, though I wonder if there's going to be somewhat about whether it's possible to know whether some rules are worth keeping.

What was the name of that essay at Less Wrong about refusing to shade the truth keeping Eliezer out of bad trouble about FAI?
Eli Courtwright chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
You've mentioned several times that chapters like this, which are mostly just two characters talking to each other, are the hardest for you to write. I remember you specifically mentioning Chapter 47 as an example.

For what it's worth, I love these kinds of chapters. Obviously I wouldn't want every chapter to be like that, but I feel like these sorts of chapters are the glue that holds MoR together. The story just wouldn't work without them, or at least it wouldn't work as well.

Thanks for another great read.
Vericular chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
It might be since I was just skipping through your chapters, but this one struck me as the best somehow. I was in conniptions, and then more conniptions (of /laughter/) and then I added you to my favs.

threecankeepasecret chapter 75 . 8/31/2011
I absolutely loved that chapter. It's my favorite kind of chapter.