Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Majerus chapter 92 . 7/17
Huh, it seems as though he is now carefully trying to constrain the unstable reaction that he has most certainly trying so hard to spark...
moodysavage chapter 92 . 1/15/2018
moodysavage loved that part when Harry misunderstood and said that well there's a 10% chance that he would someday find Snape attractive. And then he thought it was SnapeDumbledore... not that there is anything wrong with that! So Seinfeld funny. Though I am feeling suspicious of Snape now.
Guest chapter 92 . 12/10/2017
I can't believe Harry thinks forming an allegiance with Lestrange could be considered evil. IT IS IN FACT NOT. Why would he ignore such a great opportunity?
AngelOfTheMad chapter 92 . 5/12/2017
My friend, my love for you soars towards the heavens, and yet my hatred digs deep into the depths of hell. I can my heart breaking with Harry's, and I keep hoping that he'll snap his fingers and bring her back, but I am terrified of the possibility that he can't, that this is one thing he can't fix. I shall try to continue reading, but I'm not sure I can stomach a world where The Dark Lord is without his Sunshine Lady.
Guest chapter 92 . 4/22/2017
So many bad decisions.
Jatok chapter 92 . 11/21/2016
Oh, but is he David Monroe? I have read one too many Shadenight fanfics and learned too much from your bullshit to think for a second that this might not be quirrel taking this opportunity to claim his innocence while furthering his goal for harry
The Anguished One chapter 92 . 9/11/2016
You know, I do keep expecting Lesath to pop up more often. Perhaps he will now, as Harry is more inclined to use his loyalty.
As for Quirrell being David Monroe, I doubt it. If that is the case, all that changes is the name of whoever Voldemort is using as a puppet.
Guest chapter 92 . 2/16/2016
Chapter 87 onwards: why why why? It's turned too bloody dark and not sure i can kept reading. If it goes somewhere I can she why u did it but it strikes me as shock for shock's sake.
Montara chapter 92 . 1/26/2016
Will Minerva succeed to reach Harry if she'll give her all?!
PA chapter 92 . 5/24/2015
Damn x.x
Tyler Coleman chapter 92 . 1/23/2015
I'm reminded of these words by church leader John A. Widsoe: "Yet, despite the lessons of the past, fear, unnecessary fear, lurks in many human breasts. What of tomorrow? is shouted by the forces of evil. In the consequent din is forgotten the glorious promise that "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" (Matt. 6:34). Forgotten also is the ancient truth that fear is the devil's first and chief weapon. Make a man or a nation afraid, and his strength like that of Samson shorn of his locks, is gone. He is no longer useful in the work of the world. He becomes a tool of the unholy forces which seek to destroy mankind."

With the blow to Harry's faith, his fears seem to set in, and others fears grow too when they see it happening. But I trust that Harry will overcome this in time. ;)
humanoidpatronus chapter 92 . 12/3/2014
I will observe that this is actually the first time in the entire story that Quirrel has spoken Voldemort's name. This strongly suggests that Quirrel wants Dumbledore's group to believe that he is David Monroe, intending to let Dumbledore's group believe that he is not, by any chance, Voldemort's secret ally. But this still doesn't give us any clue about Quirrel's actual identity, since you've provided him enough plausible deniability for everything he has done.
thepkrmgc chapter 92 . 8/5/2014
quirrel might just be manipulating mgonnagal but theres no doubt that he is the only one on the face of the planet who knows just how screwed the world would be if harry went to the dark side
Guest chapter 92 . 6/4/2014
"His deliberate choice is not required. Wizards rarely set out to invoke their own dooms. Mr. Potter may not strike you as malicious. Does he strike you as reckless once he is resolved upon a goal? I say again that I have specific reason for the gravest possible concerns!"
Guest chapter 92 . 3/30/2014
Well, shit.
Talonis Wolf chapter 92 . 1/29/2014
Alia chapter 92 . 1/1/2014
Did she completely fail to be alarmed that he knew about the Order of the Phoenix?
Godel Fishbreath chapter 92 . 8/4/2013
HPMOR is awesome.
CMVreud chapter 92 . 7/12/2013
Now, that's just nasty, Professor Quirrell.
Hank chapter 92 . 7/7/2013
I'm glad you made it completely obvious that it is Quirrell is behind everything. It was a nice touch that his plan lead him to fear for his own life after he broke harry from the prophecy. I love that he is now in a panic to fix what hes done.
YlvaThorgalsdottir chapter 92 . 7/7/2013
What's with everyone? It was so obvious that H&H were like brother and sister. The only thing that confused me was the term "getting married" used to describe Hermione's swearing fealty to the House of Potter.

Hopefully she'll be resuscitated soon, so we can get back to the main plot of asskicking. We all know Hermione is a vital part of anything to do with that.
Knut25282 chapter 92 . 7/6/2013
Dumbledore? Pfah. Lol.
pwahsa chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
My first review here, and I try not to repeat anything that I already read in other people's reviews, but I make a single exception: A great compliment to the author of this astonishing and well-written work. Apart from giving quality food for thought, you also manage to stirr quite some emotions. In Chaptor 89, I first thought he would cast the killing curse, but then I scrolled and only read "Wingardium Leviosa" and "ring", and I had to stop reading and laugh for 2 minutes, because I was so wrong, and the stone finally found some use. And then one more minute when he actually pushed his wand through an eye socket into the brain, as described in the first class with Quirrel.

Some opinions on ardhanareeshwaras "obvious" hints:
1) Riddle Quirrel Monroe: This is also my current theory, but I dont see how this is obvious. Could very well be different (I mean the " Monroe" part.)
2) 3) Agree on the first half (Quirrel is behind the latest attacks), but I dont think at all that he likes the prophecy. Look at how it interrupted his "surprisingly good day". I do believe he is scared, his reponses (outing as Monroe, "I have no great fondness for the universe, but I do live there." Please dont destroy the universe.) are quite drastic.
5) Harry used Time-Turner in those two minutes: Agree. One easy-to-miss confirmation of that in Ch. 92: "He'd honestly thought that he'd already figured out all the different ways that he'd been stupid, after spending half a day thinking about it." Half a day, but only 6 real time hours passed since the incident. He first spent 6 hours just thinking, then went back and did whatever immediate action he could come up with, and then spent more time on thinking in the backroom.
7) Lucius thinks that Harry is Voldemort: I didnt think of that, it is a really good theory and explains all of his actions.
9) Harry found out that the stone contains the resurrection stone: I think the stone simply came in handy as weapon, so he wants it back. He wants _his_ stone and not any other, since it might be easier to transform the same stone again after months of transforming. See also: Chair in McGonagall's office.
I doubt the stone contains the resurrection stone. In canon, the stone was discovered by Dumbledore in the summer before the 6th year, and that's because the ring was hidden at an obvious place (Marvolo's old hut). Our Quirrell will have discovered that the stone in his grandfather's ring is the resurrection stone, and has hidden it somewhere safe.
See also Chapter 40: '"There are certain devices said to communicate with the dead, but these, I suspect, only project an image from the mind; [...]" "Which is why the Resurrection Stone is not the most valuable magical artifact in the world," said Harry. "Precisely," said Professor Quirrell, "though I wouldn't say no to a chance to try it." There was a dry, thin smile on his lips'

And one thought on Fred&George's memory issue: It is unlikely that Dumbledore removed their memory, because then they would not remember how to summon the Hat during the battle. More likely, Voldemort might have gained knowledge of the map from Sirius or Peter, whoever was the Bad Mauderer in this universe. He knew it was still somewhere in Hogwarts and deduced that the Weasleys have it from some of their actions, as he deduced the existence of Harry's Cloak.
Marion G. Harmon chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Just some thoughts:

"There was nothing left to do. There was nothing left to plan. There was nothing left to think."

Harry has done all he can at this time, using his time-turner and the arts available to him now to insure that Hermione doesn't "die" all the way before he figures out how to bring her back.

Quirrelmort is, in fact, scared out of his mind by the new prophecy (the story has previously established that DEATH is the one thing that truly frightens the evil little sociopath), and has put his other plans on hold while he tries to thwart it. His warning to Minerva was sincere; he believes that Harry, armed by the "science" he distrusts so much, will End The World.

Quirrelmort is, in fact, the one who framed Hermione for attempted murder, and the one responsible for her death-in both cases because he needed to remove her in order to strengthen his influence with Harry. The clinching scene for me here was his offer/threat to Hermione when he told her of her danger and offered to get her sent away to Bauxbatons in France; this is perfectly in character with Voldemort's offer to Lily Potter to let her live if she would stand aside.

Meanwhile, there are some previously cocked Chekhov's Guns that puzzle me a great deal.

1.) What is "The power that he knows not." from the original prophecy? My guess is "love" since it is the human emotion that Voldemort, a sociopath, possesses not at all; his inability to model the emotion in others has already upset his plans-most recently in his miscalculation of how Harry would react to Hermione's death.

2.) What was the scene with Nevil's remembral about? What has Harry forgotten, or been made to forget, that is so important that it made the little toy practically go nova? It could have been the night in Godric's Hollow, but I don't think so; we all forget our earliest years of childhood.

3.) What is the significance of the "glitches"-one constant, one intermittent-in the Marauder's Map that Fred and George were seeing? I've always assumed one was the constant switching from Quirrell to Tom Riddle (they wouldn't have understood the significance of the second name), but what about the constant glitch? It had to be something very obviously wrong, or Fred and George would not have known it was a glitch. A duplication? A famous name that shouldn't be there?

Less Wrong has plotted this story so well that, while I have no idea where it's going, I am certain that when it gets there we will find that all the groundwork for the denouement was carefully laid. Whether it will be a satisfying ending remains to be seen. However, I have two predictions.

1.) The Philosopher's Stone will be involved. Less Wrong went to a great deal of trouble to bring it back up even though Harry has no idea that the stone (which he doesn't believe in) is in Hogwarts.

2.) The Chamber of Secrets will be revealed, and Salazar's Monster will not be dead (Quirrell let Harry believe that Voldemort killed it, but we learned afterward that basilisk venom is needed for Voldemort's Resurrection Spell).

I may be completely off, of course, but it will be fun to find out.
AlpacaOverlord chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
This just raises more questions about Quirrell. And everyone else...
Just a few hours until the next update. I wonder if there will be any answers.
hirvinen chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed even though I have been reading almost from the beginning. I have to say that your heroin dealer analogy has felt very apt at times. Mostly pure awesome.

I feel kind of embarrassed that this is what finally prompted me to leave a review but it was to give feedback on the time format of the next update; It is frustrating(and inefficient) that you announce it as "Pacific time" instead of UTC-8, because probably most non-american readers will have to check for what "pacific time" means, while probably most remember their own time zone's relation to UTC.

(01:54 here at UTC-3. The tempation to wait until update and read it before going to sleep is strong.)
Enei Emmu chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Chapter 81: "I swear service to the House of Potter, to obey its Master or Mistress, and stand at their right hand, and fight at their command, and follow where they go, until the day I die."

I truly believe you intend to have Hermione return, and if so, I'm certain you'll be making use of the loophole presented in that phrase.

If however, you intend to keep her in her current state, then you are truly vile for leaving Chapter 87 as the most recent upload for half a year.
CrossoverxToxThexDarkxSide chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Ohhhh boy two more hours! :DDDDD
Limro chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
This story has taken a very unexpected turn which - I cannot overstate this enough - is very likely to loose readers :

Without spoilers - The ending of chapter 83 has been bothering me for now half a year. I thought it was a minor loss of the story's further development but it was, lets called it, 'repairable'. The ending of chapter 89 on the other hand is, until the next chapter is released later tonight, at the point of ruining all interesting development since this story does not bring up "undiscovered magic reserves" for Harry to find. His hands are bound by his ethics of getting back a certain someone - even though he got the offer.

I see some options and I do have a few guesses of the story's development:
* Harry sinks down in Dark Mode and unravels some physic/chemistry to get said loss back. (Unlikely)
* Harry gets Alastor to train him against 'Voldie'. (Again - unlikely)
* Harry takes an insanity trip to Azkaban which high likely will fail horrible and this story ends as a tragedy. (-)
* Said loss is a big disguise from the Black Shadow / White Lady (cause I still don't know who that is) which have fooled the entire Hogwarts. (That would be SO awesome - lots of exciting paths here)
* Said loss stays lost and other loss (from chapter 83) returns against knowing wrath will fall upon self and starts a war with someone due to knew knowledge. (Acceptable, somehow)

To the last 3 chapters I will say the tempo of the story very suddenly dropped - I had expected a lot of quick thoughts and feelings from Harry. But Harry seems to take it way too cool despite chapter 89's ending.

Even though I have thought a lot of the text from Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' (the intro) I have kept reading cause I'm still hooked on the story - new elements and new unexpected actions from the a few characters keeps surfacing.
However, I miss the "Oh, that's brilliant"-moments such as the armies battling each other and what comes from them or the layers of plotting from Draco's science study.

But you still have the touch - keep posting. We hunger for more :D
Firedamaged chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Fantastic chapter, as always. Just read through from the end of the current PDF and I have to say, out of all of the thoughts, emotions and reactions I experienced reading this, the only one I vocalised was; "Mad-Eye fought Naruto!?"
Delta chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
I'm confused, and I'm noticing it.

When I read about the sourceless whisper that got Harry to look for Hermione that day at the train station (and, ultimately, led to this), my first thought was that it was obviously McGonagall trying to slyly arrange for the two new students she's most worried about to take care of each other. But we've had a pretty extensive look inside her head this last few chapters, and she hasn't thought or mentioned that she caused this by linking Harry to Hermione, so that means it probably wasn't her.

Did Quirrell do it? We know he was in the vicinity that day, we know he was probably already planning to make Harry stronger (And emotionally damage him, too? Had he already thought this far ahead, that day when he saw Mr Potter-Verres-Evans take his first steps into the Wizarding World?). But Quirrell isn't the sort of person to achieve his objectives through the power of friendship, even if the plot ends with one of the friends as troll chow.

Did Dumbledore do it? Invisibly accompany Harry and McGonagall on their trip to Diagon Alley to investigate him, then tell him about Hermione to give his hero a worthy supporter/partner? That would seem possible; it would also explain why he didn't visit Harry during his vigil, if you think he's too ashamed about bringing them together and (from a certain point of view) ultimately causing this tragedy. That's . . . actually pretty credible. But it's shaky evidence to base this on, and if it was Dumbledore then it won't be the EPIC TWEEST that an eighty-chapter-long setup deserves. 'Specially since "It was just Dumbledore the whole time!" was already used for the Santa Claus thing.

Whoever it was, this event is probably going to become important soon. It's very relevant to the current, um, situation, and we're actually running out of other Chekov's Guns to fire before the grand finale.

(I know that timetravel STILL probably isn't where you're going with this, but I'm gonna hold out hope for it being/having been MetaTimeTurned!Older!Harry.)
david chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
"Ah," said the boy. He closed his eyes briefly. "You did want to save her. You wanted it so strongly that you made some sort of actual effort. I suppose your mind, if not theirs, would be capable of that."

A brief, dry smile from the man. - Harry's future self, under the invisibility cloak, would see that smile.
skywiseskychan chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
I do hope to see the crazed madness for power you describe herein, and the lack of scruiple or other inhibition. I want to see Harry learn, create, and discover new magic. That will shake the heavens and break the earth.

Oh and I still wonder about what he did with those 2 minutes.
Shay McSudonim chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Okay, so now I'm swinging back towards suspecting Dumbledore again. Temporal sequence isn't always the same as causation... but often the two are one and the same.

What really gets me is how Dumbledore's post-trial rant at Harry was only stopped because the Headmaster realized that he "shouldn't have resented Harry's innocence," not because he acknowledged Harry's right to sacrifice himself and his possessions for his friends.

Shortly afterwards, Hermionie dies.

Dumbledore still believes that Harry is the king on the chessboard, and that everyone else is expendable, including himself. He may have been trying to do Harry a kindness by removing his one weakness, Dumbledore doesn't think of himself as innocent, after all, and if he decided that Hermionie needed to go, he would be capable of getting rid of her. I'll need to look this up later, but I think Dumbledore knows about the Marauders Map. He could have mind-wiped the Weasley twins.

On the other hand (still reading too many WMGs), Quirrelmort still needs an enemy for his resurrection ritual. He could use Dumbledore, of course, but if not him then Hermionie would probably be his next choice. Even if she's just a back-up enemy, I can't see Quirrell killing her when she might still be useful. Plus, there was the badge he tossed her during the heroic equality protest. That's got to do something, right?
Nytefyre chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
The past few chapters McGonagall has really taken it on the chin... It'll be interesting to see when she snaps and starts acting out of her role. I eagerly await the next chapter.

Thanks for posting.
Serpent91 chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Well written! Very well done indeed. Well chosen words, a good plot, everything to capture and keep us.

Well done!
Farsan chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
Is it just me, or it does really seem that Harry is suffering a strong bias, where he doesn't want to live in a world where "Hermione is completely dead and there doesn't exist any way to bring her back" is true?

Also, what would happen if someone told him about this bias?
MythologyOfZuko chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
"As for you, madam, imagine yourself at the end of your life, knowing that Britain - but no, Britain is not your true country, is it?"

I am assuming that you are referring to Professor McGonagall as Scottish? Britain is not a country, it is the name of the geographical island that Scotland, England and Wales are located on. However, the term British is used when referring to citizens of the United Kingdom and its Crown Dependencies, even if they are not from the island of Britain. This includes Northern Ireland on the island of Ireland, whose people are North Irish by nation but British by passport.
Mr Stereo1 chapter 92 . 7/5/2013
I find myself engaged by these chapters, and honestly unfazed by Hermione's death. I never became too attached to Draco or Hermione, compared to my attachment to Quirrel. I don't consider either an essential part of my enjoyment of the story.

On Quirrel, I kind of hope he does turn out to be Munroe - and Voldemort is, indeed, only represented in the story directly as Hat and Cloak. I have no idea how likely that outcome is, and you've already decided, but I like the set of aspects they would represent if that's how things worked out. Harry as the idealism, Munroe as the burned out enlightened self interest, and Voldemort as the genuinely ruthless selfishness. (I'm afraid the theory I saw that Quirrel, Voldemort and Munroe are aliases of Riddle is true, though.)
QChronoD chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I'm really upset that Hermione is still dead (especially in such a horrific manner). I was sure that you had some way to "fix" things, and I'm still holding out hope that it will still happen but not for another few chapters.
toraffles chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
You killed my favorite character, and you're not even bringing her back the next chapter? I'M GOING ON A RIOT RIGHT THIS SECOND.
*Throws things* *Yells loudly* *Sets stuff on fire* *Hits people* *Jumps on top of objects*

(... And since that didn't work, I will resort to untempting bribes.)

If you expediate her revival I'll give you a million virtual dollars!
Shamless advertisement!
A virtual puppy!
... Cookies?
Bill chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Draco has left Hogwarts, Hermione is dead, he's isolated from his parents because they can't be trusted not to sneak him out, and now, McGonagall has been persuaded to present herself as an obstacle to Harry's goals. I predict very soon, something will happen to Fred and George next, which would also take away a possible friendship with Ron. (Neville, after trying to stop Harry from looking for Hermione, won't be considered a 'target.' His name's mud with Harry already, no doubt.)
anon chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
In canon, Lockhart was good at memory charms. I wonder if that will be useful.
MaeSilverpaws1 chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
just wow
DarkPencil chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I'm so glad you are updating fast, because this is so hard not to keep reading.
Zealot of Reading chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Great updates. Keep up the good work!
Gremlin Jack chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Is it wrong for me to enjoy the sight of Voldemort panicking? Because if it is, I'd enjoy it anyway. Looking forward to how this arc wraps up.
Guest chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
My god, was that A Black Comedy reference? Marvelous.
NightWithMoon chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
ominous...I'm not really sure what my reaction is to this...
EmiStone chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
This story is amazing. (Although slightly less funny as of late.) It is thoughtful, scientific, and deep. I quite enjoyed it. Thank you very much for writing it and sharing your ideas with others. Thank you very much. And, please, continue.
braindoll chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
First, I like having the updates come out relatively quickly but not simultaneously. It makes reading the reviews a lot more interesting, which is I suspect a large part of why you did it that way.

Second: several other reviewers are now discussing the QuirrelVoldemortMonroe idea, where his original good-cop/bad-cop plan failed because bad cop was winning so he aborted and went to something involving Harry. That theory still makes a lot of sense (though we shouldn't get attached to it). But I don't think that the Quirrel/Harry thing is just a reprisal of that. Harry doesn't fit neatly enough into either the good cop or bad cop roles, and neither has Quirrel been laying enough groundwork to step neatly into either of those roles. Though I guess the chapter names here are evidence against that argument.

On the other hand, there's no way Quirrel/Monroe isn't playing some game here. So: what predictably happens when he says this stuff to McGonagall? She ups the ante... but it's very hard for me to see how even Quirrel could predict the effect that would have on Harry. I mean, Harry already trusts her for some things but not for no-holds-barred help, so I don't think that situation would change; upping the ante affects the emotional side of things more, and Quirrel is (relatively) bad at that (in that he's only a couple of sigma above average). So he's probably doing it for the concrete actions she, and possibly Dumbledore and/or Snape, will take in response.

If I were her, and I heard Quirrel's call to get serious and Harry's to get creative, I would seriously think about making a deal with Harry. "I'll help you in whatever you're up to, up to and including destroying Azkaban and reviving Hermione, if you will promise to seek my council on existential risks." I think that, as written, she is capable of something this drastic; it's only the metastory logic of her NPC-ness that prevents this. And Quirrel is not one to rely on metastory logic in his plots. So I really cannot figure out what he's up to here.


What did Harry do in the past, besides putting Hermione on ice? He really has to be suspecting Quirrel. I mean, of the other possibilities (Lucius, Snape, Dumbledore, Wizengamot), only Lucius fits at all, and I don't see Lucius pulling this off without at least help from Snape, which from everything we know, would not be at all forthcoming. But Harry knows that Quirrel knows that Harry knows that, and Harry is certainly not operating at a level where he'd anticipate a prophecy happening (after all, he forgot about Lesath, and even forgot about the interrupted prophecy earlier when Quirrel asked him about it), so Harry would probably expect to see nothing particularly significant by checking up on Quirrel. So it may be that he doesn't do anything except deal with Hermione.

I don't think he'd have used his hours for an actual revival attempt. He knows of no such attempt which carries no risk; so even though I suspect the most rational thing might be to get her to a good hospital with some competent magical backup and give it a shot, he's too far gone into the zero-risk hubris of his to try that.

Bellatrix? Not likely he could manage getting there, plus saving Hermione.

Draco? Logistically possible... but, I don't see what would be urgent about that.

So for his time in the past, and aside from putting Hermione on ice... that only leaves an attempt on the third-floor corridor. Which from a meta-story perspective would seem anticlimactic; I don't think that will be a solo dungeon run if or when it happens.

So, I think the past time is just boring: putting Hermione (figuratively) on ice and constructing some kind of dummy corpse. Thus I suspect it will never be narrated, just revealed later.

But then, there's always the possibility of something surprising.

This is still a great story, but it's still badly unfortunate that you have (now perhaps literally) put Hermione in the fridge.
s-david-m chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Dark and twisted. Well done!
Cait.C chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I know how Harry can save Hermoine! He uses his Time Turner to the max and travels back in time. Then he finds someone else with a Time Turner, trades Time Turners and travels back in time again until he reaches the time when Hermoine died!... wait but TT work under the law of stable time loops. So it wouldn't work -_- *deflates* Anyway it's a possibility to travel back in time beyond the limits of a single Time Turner.
Though I guess it's pretty sure that Harry used the Time Turner while "saying his goodbyes" to Hermione and the reason why he spent hours in front of the door is to prevent anyone from entering and seeing what he is doing. (whatever that was he was doing. My money is still on Transfiguration.)
Jonathan Schattke chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
A true prodigy who decides to do something, regardless of the cost, is indeed the most dangerous creature in the world.
Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
"Set the world on fire Harry... Hermione is gone, and we can reach her no more... In this cold and lonely world... Nothing else matters... LET IT BURN... so cold... so cold... Warmness... No more".

Inspiration came out of nowhere : )
Arkh Cthuul chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Monroe, huh?

As for the epic shitstorm of DOOM this chapter evokes: well done!
jdboss1 chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
You killed Hermione
you have not recovered consciousness yet
and it's nearly been four chapters you'll harry potter must be ill
lazy incompetent
Phoenix fix the body
transfigure something to start a heart
blood transfusion sacrifice a minion or to cant be that bloody hard
to acquire a new body for Hermione consciousness to be transferred to

Promise to commit suicide if the adults don't perform every spell you ask
the combined magics of McGonagle the dark Lord and the headmaster combined should easily be able to fix
Hermione from instructed by harry

But the stupid adults or have their own agenda and will never get along so harry need to
pull out every piece of blackmail on all of of them and promised to blow up the school claim he's got a transfigured
suitcase nuke that should make Snape chipping with every potion

There was no need to directly kill Hermione you could have seriously hurt and nobody truly knowing if she was going to survive
and the fear and emotion could have just been as powerful specially if she was knocked out for several months while Harry
got stronger

Ignore all the fans Say don't bring her back
you must bring her back even if it's not instant
but you would least better demonstrate Harry Potter is coming up with a plan not just giving up
never give up death is not imminent if the brain is intact
people who say death is permanent that stupid cavemen religious fanatics

Souls do not exist
the dark Lord did not die he just retired and might have just been heavily damaged

I have a emotionally invested so much into your story I really felt it when you supposedly killed and have not yet
guaranteed even the slightest of recovery yes I'm weak and being silly and this is only a story
but you are such a brilliant writer I cannot help get upset if this was a lesser story movie TV show I wouldn't give a dam
but this is the Harry Potter story no other is greater

I believe he went back in time in the minute and a half he was out of sight and have done something with Hermione body
and possibly made a wax model

Use his minion in a sacrifice ritual to revive everybody is expendable

Brilliant writing as always just very disappointed that you choose Hermione you could have just picked anybody else literally anybody
ardhanareeshwara chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Oh, and to add some more observations:

7) Lucius Malfoy already thinks that Harry is Voldemort in disguise, which is why he was so scared of Harry (worried that he might use Draco disposably in some plot). His fear was only confirmed by the confrontation at the Wizengamot. That's one influential person already convinced Harry is dangerous and opposing him, not because Harry is "dark" but because he "nearly killed" Draco.

8) More speculatively, Quirrell has Bellatrix and may be able to manufacture evidence for the authorities that Harry effected her escape. Would strengthen further evidence against a "dangerous" Harry, as would any use Harry makes of Lesath.

9) Harry, in the hours that included prepping Hermione's body, obviously found out something about the stone Dumbledore gave him (and suspects something about Dumbledore's motivation in giving it to him). And its likely the Resurrection Stone. This is a bit of a puzzle, but clearly foreshadows (or aftershadows in Harry's chronology) something significant.

And to add to my previous comments about the character death, yes, it is rather a shame that a strong female character was killed off as plot device in an already rather masculine fic. But clearly this was planned from the beginning (witness the dialogue from Harry when he buys the emergency healing kit), it is after all author's privilege to kill off characters, and overall the story is fantastically plotted and also exceedingly well written.

(PS: Any replies to these comments can be sent to the reviewer name gmail).
DarkRavie chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Awesome chapter. I love this story and I can't wait to read what happens next!
ardhanaareeshwar chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Somewhat surprising how many readers/reviewers seem to be missing what is obviously hinted at (and sometimes almost explicitly stated).

For instance:
1) Quirrell was both Voldemort and the substitute David Monroe (after the original one vanished/was killed by him), and the original Voldemort game plan to use bad cop persona Voldemort as a way for good cop persona Monroe to capture legitimate political power failed.

2) Quirrell is of course behind everything that happened to Draco and Hermione recently. And he is not scared but rather delighted with the fact that he received the new prophecy: it implies that he has the power to avert it.

3) Quirrell's new game plan seems to be to drive Harry to be a new Dark Lord (a direction which is seemingly confirmed by the new prophecy), and then take on the Monroe role again of Defender against the Dark. The new prophecy gives him reason to believe that his ploy can be successful, since he will now work on "averting" the Dark Harry future.

4) Of course prophecies are notoriously hard to interpret. For example, "tear apart the very stars in heaven" could simply mean that Harry learns to harness nuclear fusion from the stars as a source of energy or something. Harder to guess at the meaning of "He is the end of the world", especially because of the personification there.

5) Harry obviously used his Time Turner in those last 2 minutes, and the Invisible Harry who had been waiting in the inner room with Hermione's body (presumably working for a few hours on creating a "waxy-looking" replica after ensuring the actual body was safely stored elsewhere at 5 degrees) came out to talk with McGonagall.

6) And harking back to the earlier prophecy, it seems very likely after the Snape chapters that the correct wording was "spellets", and that this refers somehow to the roots of magic in Harry and TMR/V/Q/DM. One may speculate that the original prophecy says that their magical essences are somehow fundamentally mutually incompatible (or too similar and hence mutually repulsive as seems indicated by the connection between the wands), and this is why they "cannot exist in the same world". Still doesn't make clear exactly how that prophecy (and the new one, talking about the end of the "world") will be fulfilled.

Anyways, rather terrible to see such a favourite and wonderfully developed character wiped out- while I wish you bring her back, I realize its somewhat unlikely (except maybe as a possible part of some unspecified future in an open-ended conclusion to the tale).
mattblackdragon chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
People are saying harry is going dark... But I dont really see it. Im seeing Harry preparing to take off the silk gloves... L. Lestrange wants to be a minion. And not a crabbe/goile/gormless minion, either. He is prepared to be a dedicated follower. A pillar to help a powerful wizard to become the stuff of legends. Harry has been a fool to constantly push away such an aid. Indeed, perhaps in teaching lestrange he could watch his own morals from an outside perspective. As yet, harry has not voiced the wish to harm anyone to achieve his ends... Indeed, he spat sparks when disturbed repeatedly, yet endured it. If he needs sacrifices, he will not be so foolish as to ignore the option of people with terminal cancer, people on deathrow, or even suicidal business men. Harry can not kill without cancelling out his own motivations, but I imagine he would love the idea of turning death against itself: the existance of horcruxes means if contained, used in hospitals, the unstoppable death of one patient at least ensures the *immortality* of another!

Quirrel, while he may be suddenly found wrongfooted by the new prophecy, is more likely to have moved a beautifuly graceful tactical maneuver into action... Knocking a tower off the chessboard, harry is moved towards drastic, rash and negative-emotion driven decisions, while the light side become more weary of their own hero, and quirrel secures his own halo effect mask of the tragic light figure afraid of a dark lord rising.

That said, while Eleizer has told us quirrel is voldie, has anyone told us voldie is evil in this ff? Come to think of it, I love the idea of a vanquished, disembodied riddle realising that now, he truelly is invulnerable, and over the centuries, new legends will turn up: that somewhere out there is a spirit who sometimes chooses a worthy magic user as a host, and grants them power beyond measure, and his ancient wisdom, knowledge and advice that without fail lead his host to greatness. And the name voldemort will forever exist as an awed and venerated whisper on the lips of the magical...

Reply with thoughts to my name at gmail. :)
Guest chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I have this horrible, wretched feeling that poor Lesath is eventually going to be used by Harry in a "flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed" manner (or something worse). I just want to give him a hug, I adore his character. :(
Notus Oren chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Good chapter as always. So I assume that the David Monroe name was borrowed from Nonjon's Black Comedy? I thought I knew the name from somewhere, just reread it the other day. I wonder if their true origins are similar...
D4st chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Waoou so much chapter in 3 days ! thanks.
Mich' Loinvoyant chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Two things: as of last chapter, Severus Snape has become my favorite adult in this. Maybe my favorite character.
Two, do you know you managed to attack my imaginary worlds with Hermione's deaths? I don't feel safe in my imagination, where I invent the rules and I know it, anymore. It will fade because I do know anything that happens in my mind happens because of me, but still. That's how much it affected me.
And it was a glorious hook, by the way. After that long hiatus I didn't feel like reading HPMOR again and I waited before reading the chapter. Now? I kind of jumped on the new chapters.
confusopoly chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Monroe seems terrified, but not appropriately terrified yet for the recipient of a HP-verse Prophecy about the end of the universe. Or he is not confident that he would be able to kill Harry because of the resonance between them and is desperately seeking other options.


Tearing apart the stars in heaven might look like the end of the world to Trelawney, but is it? He might have been going Kardashev Type 3 with whatever he ends up creating. And that is definitely the end of the world as wizards know it, nothing is the same as before at that point.
kruchy85 chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I was wondering when Lesath would come back into the story - although I was thinking of him in terms of sacrifice in an especially dark ritual that would be needed to bring Hermione back.

So, as everyone suspected - Harry is going darker and Quirrel looks really scared right now. If he is the one behind Hermione's trial and behind troll attack he must curse his lack of imagination:) It's worth noting that he felt Harry's reaction to Hermione's death and was happy about it, until he heard the prophecy and realized what Harry might really by capable of doing.

I still lean to the idea that Quirrel is the one behind attempt on Draco's life and troll attack. I remember his surprise when Harry told him that he wouldn't do some things before he is concerned what his friends might think of him. Result of this conversation - Draco far from Hogwarts and Hermione dead. Only Quirrel knew how much they mean to Harry and how they "hold him back".
LightsPast chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Ok, Quirrel's motives are now a complete mystery to me. . . . Can't wait for the next update!
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Entertaining. Thanks for this flurry of updates.
Corneille chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I really hope killing Hermione was an exercise in showing Harry that there are some things he can't fix, and that dead means dead. Please don't bring her back. I know you've already written it, but I'd be quite upset if you just rolled back all this character progression. This has been one of the best written 'Harry loses a friend' sections I've read.
insanelyproudpervert chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
after reading this chapter i m loss at words ... its truly amazing . reading this story is unique experience i have printed every chapter and i read it time after time it such a unique way of seeing life
Sangemaru chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
What is...
I don't even...
doctorpat chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Reading these reviews it seems that we have lost those readers who couldn't handle the story getting all adult on us. The rest of the audience are waiting with eager anticipation.
keeperofcoldtoes chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Updates over the past year (I think), have been slow, so I figured that while you were putting up new chapters I'd let them build for a while. Since, it's much more enjoyable to read multiple chapters in one go than read one per every few weeks or months.

And so I read this and get fucking punched across the face with all the events going down.

You killed Hermione FUCKING Granger. Completely out of no where. What's more, Harry is teetering so far into the dark zone, that I'm a bit uncertain on how it will end. Is this going to end with a Dark Harry? Will you kill more characters, and will it make a much of an impact after this one?

Holy shit.

That's some ballsy writing. I'll probably find myself applauding you later, but right now I'm pissed and can't talk to you right now without writing out a large amount of expletives. So let me just get this off my chest, because I need to convey this to you. And I want you to understand that I don't mean that it applies to you as person, just simply as writer. Which is actually a good quality since the best writers have this trait. And that is:

You're a dick. A bag full of them actually.

*grossly sobs on the keyboard* Take my tears, I know that you need them for nourishment.
JudgeMingus chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Even though (partially because!) I feel gutted by Recent Events, this story is still as engaging, thought provoking and intelligent as anything I have read.
Please keep it coming!
Double-Portion chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Your quick update times right now are very pleasant.
Guest chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Darklooshkin chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Quirrell outlined the problem quite well. With no emotional checks, it's curtains. But what about Fawkes? She's still technically under stasis... if I remember correctly.
Neeros chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Love it. Things are winding up to something big, can't wait to see the shit hit the fan.
Play4ever chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
You know ... even know I have no idea about Quirrell and who/what he is. Good? Evil? Voldermort? Not? Gaaaah! Great story (even of you killed Hermione) but soooo many layers!
Niqi chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
I wanted to make happy squealy noises when I learned this was a double update. You mentioned at the end of chapter 90 that up to chapter 96 had been written in advance. I've been waiting so long. Are you really going to give us nine whole chapters in one go? I might cry.
Quirrell's panic is glorious. I enjoyed seeing Lesath again. I have a feeling this is about to get SO GOOD. I will eat popcorn while I watch Harry's world burn.
Nightcrawlerfw chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Yeah I know it is 1:30 at night but just as I was going to bed, I saw that you had updated. Now please tell me that Hermione will come back to life. PM me or something, I just have to know. Thanks for updating again. This story has been going on for awhile. I'm glad your still writing. Well I'm off to bed. I seem to recall an author's note one time telling late night readers to go to bed. I thought that was hilarious. ..well good night. :)
Guest chapter 92 . 7/4/2013
Harry sure let dad have it. I'd been nodding my head stupidly whenever Harry complained about not getting any respect, but it finally snapped into focus this time. As forms of child abuse go, it's pretty subtle, but...
I wonder if a first-person description of Hermione's doom will somehow show up in a penseive?
And is the defense professor acting, or is he really concerned about what Harry may do? I am tempted to think he is genuine. Of course, I have been saying all along the Quirrell is not Voldemort, but I may be listening to Harry instead of the author.
I love this story.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
"Just stay out of the way of everything, every bit of craziness going on in this madhouse, while we get you out of here the first instant we possibly can!"
You cannot get him out of here. He is magical. He is a wizard. And there is nothing you can do about this.
"Clever move, bringing them here," Harry Potter said. "Probably damaged our relationship permanently."
I hate Albus. Permanently. I hated him before. I will not stop hating him, ever.
No, you won't, said Slytherin. You'll come up with more rationalisations for your petty qualms. You'll start listening to me after your next friend dies.
That's cruel. But probably true.
I cannot truly comprehend what drives others to break their bounds, since I never had them.
Then why do you wish for him to remain bound?
"I think I shall consult with Severus Snape. The man may be a walking disaster, but he knows the fact, and he may possess a greater understanding of that boy's mood."
"Imagine yourself at the end of your life as the darkness eats through the fading walls of Hogwarts, knowing that your students will die with you, remembering this day and realizing there was something else you could have done."
Why does Professor Quirrell expect that Harry acting without boundaries would destroy the world and plunge it into darkness?
Good day, good night, and good luck, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Quirrell, Severus, Tom, Voldemort.
G01den Unicorn 11 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
"You'll start listening to me after your next friend dies."
This was chilling.

I am somewhat disappointed in the shorter chapter lengths. I really enjoyed seeing that long page that just stretched forever.
tenchifew chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Again, amazing chapters.
The defense professor is scared, isn't he.
...and the great hall awaits.
Can't wait to see just how this all will play out.
Guest chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
So that's what Lord Voldemorte panicking looks like.

For those who can't figure out why Volde isn't just killing Harry: He heard a prophecy. Those cannot be averted. Killing Harry would just prevent him from mitigating the damage.
Brandon chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Every second you spent on these past few chapters were well worth it. The complexity and nuance you've injected into the story, and the craftiness of the whole thing, are a masterpiece to behold. While I am ever impatient to get to the next chapter, I am so glad that you have the self-control and strength of will to make us wait until you produce what you want to produce. I have no doubt that you could crank out better-than-average work at a much sharper clip, but you don't-and we are immensely edified by your restraint,
Zicou chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
awesome chapter!
foodfighter123 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Obviously, Hermione is dead for the near future, but if anyone can bring her back and defeat death, it's Harry. I keep wondering if Harry's experiences with dementors and his human patronus has anything to do with his attempts to bring Hermione back in the future...
adrian11 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
This is without a doubt, irrevocably and unquestionably, a review.
Fenrir666 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I almost can't wait to find out what's going on with Quirrelmort.
badkidoh chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
another good chapter.
Fresh C chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Okay, first of all, that was probably a very long 2 minutes, and I'm really wondering what happened during that time. It does explain why he was standing exactly at the spot that he was standing, and it's a nice touch that even in his obvious mental distress he was able to think of something like that.

Second of all, Mcgonagall is getting a lot of crap thrown her way. Some of it is reasonably deserved, because her actions have made problems worse in a lot of situations. Bringing his parents bad move. However, hindsight is 20/20.

I suppose the real issue you're trying to highlight with her way of thinking is that she is unable or unwilling to adopt new ways of thinking when new situations occur. Instead of analyzing a situation and exploring the posibilies that exist, she simply does what she has always done, which definitely works in most situations (thus why she does it in the first place) but is rarely the best choice.

The question is, is the way that she operates really all that bad? She has shown that she's willing to take good advice when she hears it. She won't deliberately do something stupid, after she knows it's stupid. She's certainly better than many people in that respect. However, she doesn't know how to look beyond what she knows to find something that is better. This may just be the limits of her ability. Maybe she litterally is incapable (given the situation) of coming up with the idea that "It's not smart to bring Harry's parents to school when someone is clearly targeting all the close people around him". If she seriously considered her best options for helping her students and this thought did not occur to her, I don't think it's proper (for the sake of delivering the message that I think you're trying to deliver) to be so harsh on her. Afterall no one can surpass their own ability. You simply do the best you can and learn from your mistakes.

However, if the issue is that she simply did not try to consider the implications of her actions, then I suppose it does make sense to put her through the ringer. In that case, it's a kind of mental negligence that you're calling her out on. Given the fact that she's showed a willingness to change when confronted with her own errors, it is possible that the sort of pressure Harry and Quirrell are putting on her will cause her to step up her game, and actually consider the ramifications of her actions.

She's comparable to Draco before he met Harry, in the sense that she doesn't know how to question the world and think for herself. However, she's in a position of power, and thus she gets a much less sympathetic view. It's kinda sad really.
Guest chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
The bastard is playing The Game. It never stopped. He's still at it.
Devil Reader chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I actually believe that either Quirrell is really David Monroe or someone else who is not Voldemort. Although, this doesn't mean that he isn't connected to Voldemort in some way.
Loonynamelass chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Again, thanks for the updates.
Ecorum chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I think we can all agree that for the immediate future Hermione is dead. I would say Hermione is now dead as a doornail but there is still hope, for example how many fan fictions in the super hero fandoms use time travel then erases the past's memories so that the perception remains the same? There are a lot of ways Harry could save Hermione through semi-relativistic time-travel, reality travel, magically created nanites to reform Hermione from the shrunken frozen brain in Harry's pocket...the possibilities are endless.
Finariona chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I'm less and less convinced that Quirrellmort was responsible for the troll attack or, if he was, that he intended Hermione's death. Perhaps he had a good day for other reasons, like managing to steal the stone or something else entirely - and then his good day was ruined by Trelawney's prophecy, and that's when he realized something was really wrong with Harry. Which would explain why he is going way above and beyond what would be necessary for him to say to Minerva if all he was doing was /pretending/ to be concerned for Harry.

But if he really is that concerned, on the other hand, why hide Trelawney's doomsday prophecy?

One thing I liked less in this chapter is that we did not have inside information about what Harry is doing and thinking like we usually do. We don't know what he did in the minute and a half he was with Hermione's corpse. Or if he resolved on any kind of plan. I much prefer when we are puzzled by events and the plot, but still aware of Harry's strategic thought processes. In this chapter we did not have that for the crucial parts and it was not as fun a read as a result...
Rago Dragovian chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Aaaand, it's already too late. Unless Hermione magically comes back, it's not gonna happen. Can't blame you for not wanting to discuss what was said to the family. I do wonder where you're taking this story now though. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Lazurman chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
That's right, Quirrell. FEAR the boy, for he is the one who will end the world.
DocCBM chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Very powerful. Very good. Will enjoy seeing Harry become as cold and relentless as Monroe. Much more dangerous than Snape or Volde ever could be.
Arashi - IV of VI chapter 92 . 7/3/2013

Loved it!

So...let me get this straight...

Quirrell is supposedly Monroe, Harry is supposed to destroy the universe, Hermione is dead, McGonagall is not helping, and Remus Lupin has not been called? Did I miss anything?

This was awesome. I love it. :D
Daniel chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Soo... is Hermione trully dead? That is awful... I cannot think where harrys interactions will come from now, with Hermione and Draco gone. Maybe Moody?

Afraid Voldemort is FUN! He does live in this world after all... and Harry will detroy it. Literally destroy it? humm... tough. And was that the whole propecy or part of it?

Your universe is astounding, I've lost count of how many times I've forgotten plots here. It's awesome!
WildCard-Yes Man chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
This took a ridiculously dark turn... Keep it coming...
iShiney chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Wow, so good, so good! I feel spoiled :)
mockingbuddha chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I kind of like this release schedule. Im not sure how many readers HPMOR has, but it's cool knowing all these people out there are just waiting for these releases. Especially right after the death scene. I also think some time turner stuff happened when Harry went in the room. I still hold some hope that this is all some plan of Hermione's to fix the debt problem. The section is called ROLES, and I don't want Hermione playing the roll she seems to be playing, especially after the SPHEW stuff. But I ain't holding my breath. Since this is supposed to be a review: these last couple of chapters obviously feel like marking time. We are being made to wait for the payoff, I hope it's worth it. Cheers!
Darth Parallax chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
With so few days between Chapter releases, and the utter lack of restraint of readers in the face of a sequel, there is no point in trying to guess on what comes Friday. This is a brilliant shift in the pace.

Before, no updates. We had all the planning we could want.

Now. Disaster. All of our prediction notebooks are on fire.

I ask only how many Chapters do you think "Roles" will take up?

TSPE, Self Actualization, and Taboo Tradeoffs put together were about 35, with maybe 5 Chapters not really belonging to any of them.

Time Pressure was aptly named at 2. Chapter 96 is the last one we have written, I believe, which makes me guess Roles will be no more than 5.

If we look at Sections before TSPE, 5 would be a record-holder for a short, to-the-point, topic. Whose Roles have been examined?

Lesath Lestrange- Minion
Professor Verres- Dad
Petunia Evans- Mom
Minverva McGonagall- Disciplinarian
Severus Snape- Walking Disaster
David Monroe- Dark Lord Fighter/Dark Lord?

I don't think we've actually addressed Magic's Role, Dumbledore's Role, Harry Potter's Role, or Fawkes' Role

Hermione Granger- She's-Not-My-Girlfriend in the Fridge

The Malfoys? Other Hogwarts Students?

What will happen to Dragon Army? What will happen to Sunshine Regiment? What will happen to Chaos Legion?

Quirrell's Armies are going to be in a very weird place and a very important one SOON. Will they be the next Order of the Pheonix or the next Death Eaters? How many factions will there be? Will Neville be the New Dragon General or the New Sunshine General?

The Ministry of Magic has GOT to be shitting themselves shitless right now. Just Think Back to that trial. You know, the one where an 11-year-old boy decided to defy the whole Wizengamot over the safety of a now-dead 11-year-old girl.

They KNOW it wasn't their fault (I am pretty sure that while Umbridge was the type for revenge in canon, THIS Umbridge has seen THIS Potter frighten Dementors, and wouldn't actually be stupid enough to call Potter's bluff.)

If I were the Ministry, I would be begging the ENTIRE Dept. of Mysteries to report to Azkaban IMMEDIATELY and do everything they can to DESTROY the Dementors before Potter decides they would make excellent minions. If I were the Ministry, that's what I would be afraid of.

Everyone in Ravenclaw, whether they signed Harry's paper saying Hermione gets to say "I told you so forever" or not, is also going to be curious and frightened. I wonder how stupid they are going to be.

This story does have room to pass 100 Chapters, but I've concluded there's no way it will get to 150. We are well past the half-way point of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.
Koura chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I've been thinking, a lot about what happened in these recent few chapters. So I'm just going to word-vomit-think here.

It's surreal - the matter with Draco and Hermione, and now Hermione. It seems as though someone is trying to take all of Harry's friends away from him. Or that someone is intent on making Harry's world collapse like a system crash, when Harry doesn't actually have a direct antagonistic relationship with anyone yet.

I tried thinking about who would benefit the most with Hermione's death - Lucius, who loves his son and wants revenge, but it seemed to be so inelegant a method - a troll... unless that's what he wants people to think.

Why wasn't Hermione in the hall, right at the start? Why are the wards keyed that way in this scenario? In Chapter 79, you mentioned, "The clear intent of the Blood-Cooling Charm had been to kill Draco Malfoy so slowly that the wards of Hogwarts, set to detect sudden injury..." That's why Hermione had gotten into so much trouble in the first place. Dumbledore should already have been notified when Hermione's legs got bitten off.

Were the wards keyed to detect sudden injury switched off, then? To go to so much trouble to kill one Hermione Granger... surely, if the perpertrator could do that, Harry Potter would already be dead. Assuming that the perpertrator is ultimately gunning for Harry.

This scenario, is so keyed to Harry's basic fear - the fear he described at the beginning of a story about a friend not forgiving him because he wasn't prepared -, plus the fact that there were so many near misses, with Hagrid in the Great Hall, the messaging with the Patronus, him being pushed right to the edge with his parents' appearance, Hermione's last words doubling his guilt, it seems almost as though someone already knew how Harry was going to react, and did this to him.

Maybe it's foreshadowing, or maybe it's to build up tension... but my best guess, with all this, is that someone's trying to whisk Hermione away, and at the same time, push Harry towards in the direction that he is heading towards, now.

I'm looking forward to the rest that you have in store for us!
Guest chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
You finally give us more Quirrel and he is unreadable. If he were actually worried of Harry endangering the world, he would just kill Harry. So this is some form of manipulation? But to what end? This isn't a "stop him from killing himself accidentally" but rather a genuine attempt to find someone to console Harry. Why?
w chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Did I say impressive yet?
Squeamish O chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
"Roles" Now we can't know what David Monroe really thinks.
gwybodaeth chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
There are not many works of fanfiction that are as well-written and as compelling as yours. It is a wonderfully original concept, and is a delightful airing of many of the problems I had seen in the original canon, and many I had not. This is a truly gripping story, and I have followed it avidly, but I do really miss the earlier parts when it was funny. It is an incredible story, and I am desperate to know what will happen next. I just hope that there will be an opportunity for more laughs before the end. Thanks again for writing!
Final-Fan chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
If Quirrel's stated concerns are entirely sincere, why hasn't he said the "P" word? Is he afraid the response would be TOO extreme?
electron chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
The new update schedule drives me mad. The athor has mentioned that the 94st chapter was finished even before the 87/88 update. It's like Quirell, who threatened Hermione to take points from her one by one by one...

After trying many people, who seemed to be able to break Harry's grief state, Minerva has a talk with DADA Professor. Quirell thinks she doesn't tried her best, he says he is scared by the boy's perspectives.

Looking at the scared Quirell is fun. The tension is growing, and I can offer some outcomes. We'll see the final of the arc at chapter 96, probably, that will be Sunday. Minerva, for example, can get out of her role and take Harry out of grief state(which the title somehow suggests). Harry can get true spell-creation instructions in Hogwarts, despite the best Quirell's efforts (from Snape, for example), deduce the principles governing the Source of Magic and bring Hermione back. Harry as well can be unable to get over Quirell, and in this case, I suggest he'll leave Hogvarts with Hermione's frozen body and look for other magical libraries and powerful magicians, maybe outside Britain.
becuzitswrong chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I have a solution for those who want to help Harry: Find a way to bring back Hermione. The End.

Otherwise kill him now, while you still can. Before it's too late...
timunderwood9 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I may be getting better at paying attention to clues.

Its obvious Harry used his time turner to do something with Hermione's body, probably replaced it with a copy and used some sort of permanent stasis charm on the real one. The details of course elude me.
reesessweetie chapter 92 . 7/3/2013 with every chapter, i'm filled with more and more apprehension. i'm truly scared for all of them. i have no idea whats on harry's mind, what he plans to do. i think his plan has already been set in motion. i'm so curious as to what it is, yet at hte same time, i'm afraid.

can't wait for friday! i always love fridays, but this friday will definitely be a day that i cannot wait for! thank you for this! and thanks for so many updates! i almost can't believe it!
summerful21 chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Can't believe I forgot about Lesath, I actually have a list of plot threads that I looked at and consulted and he was on it... Poor Harry, really. Still don't know what to make of Quirrell. He sounded quite sincere and the least mysterious I have ever seen him, and it makes sense that he'd like to avert Armageddon but with him of course, I'm always doubting.
The prophecy is still quite worrying- it all depends on interpretation, of course, but it still looks like at the very least a war's happening or some serious messing of timelines...
Chrispy chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
Not bad. Interesting usage of your rules in these three chapters.
Tom chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
I'm guessing the Philosopher's Stone will come into play soon.

I must admit I don't quite understand why you are waiting to release the chapters you have written if you aren't using feedback to modify them prior to the release of the next chapter. Could have released them all on Saturday so we could have read them over the weekend. Oh well.

Also, nice to see Quirrelmort taking this seriously.
Mrs. SRE Snape chapter 92 . 7/3/2013
sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. Great job! loving the story