Reviews for The Diva Diaries
debnin chapter 11 . 2/20
why are you doing this? don't punish us like that please!
Sooz88 chapter 10 . 2/20
I am going out tonight to get my copy of Bad romeo! Hey, maybe it will be picked up for movie rights! You never know, look at Erica! xx
JessaCloud chapter 11 . 2/20
Thanks for this! It's a nice "extra!" ;)
mysticfighter111 chapter 10 . 2/20
They were so frustrating most of the time.
mysticfighter111 chapter 11 . 2/20
When Bella gets to read this she's going to melt - I would.
ashiana chapter 11 . 2/20
Edward's come a very long way..
alli62 chapter 11 . 2/20
I just love this fucked up Edward. He slays me. And I love Bad Romeo!
Heatherl8367 chapter 11 . 2/20
Awwww. Loved this! xx
lemonangeljuice chapter 11 . 2/20
My kind of "love" letter - filled with honesty. Thank you!:
archy12 chapter 11 . 2/20
I suppose Edward wrote this after breaking off with Bella for the second time? Perhaps he had begun therapy as well?
Pyejammies chapter 11 . 2/20
Poor old St. Val
Rebadams7 chapter 11 . 2/19
missmelly chapter 10 . 2/16
I am so pleased to be able to buy Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet; to have read your gorgeous words and then be able to pay you for them is an honor. I am so proud of you.
Savannah chapter 10 . 2/4
Please update soon! I am soooo adicted to this fic. I check EVERY day to see if you have updated!
debnin chapter 10 . 1/27
god this is so good please hurry up next one please
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