Reviews for Easy As ABC
mary chapter 2 . 4/27/2014
i love it
hannah chapter 1 . 4/27/2014
elizabeth chapter 3 . 4/27/2014
great story
babygirl chapter 2 . 8/31/2010
Wow! that was really good! the thing about Arianna's eyes was a bit much though
Daughter-of-Eirene chapter 2 . 6/1/2010
it looks really promising I loved the bit about the styx... so far your characters aren't mary-sue but they do seem almost borderline so be careful and maybe add some flaws in here and there. Other than that I say this story is off to an an awesome start and I can't wait to read what happens next.
asimplecritic chapter 1 . 2/28/2010

This is too short. One thousand words make the cut. Not five-hundred-sixty-three.

Nico is OOC. He wouldn't care that some girl seems to like him. He would be indifferent. Not in love.

On that note, Nico/OC stories are done to death and beyond.

And this 'Cecelia' character is showing signs of being a Mary-Sue.

So work on those problems and maybe this might be good.
Frocked chapter 1 . 2/28/2010
I'm glad you didn't tell me to review. I would have flamed your ass of for that.

This wasn't bad. You just need a beta to help you add detail to your stories.

And, no offense, Cecelia sounds like a Mary Sue. Of coarse, I don't know much about her but she sound Mary Sue-ish to me.