Reviews for Moonlit
LumosLyra chapter 39 . 5/11/2021
I really loved the way you told their story. The slow build was well done and the bits of angst interspersed kept me on my toes. I loved the extra lore with Bella and Charlie and watching how Bella grew. I would love to see more of Bella and Carlisle's life together after that final chapter. Beautiful story.
ageise02 chapter 21 . 5/10/2021
So is Charlie saying that if Carlisle changes Bella that he will send the wolves after him?
ageise02 chapter 20 . 5/10/2021
I think what she tasted was Carlisle's venom left from his taste after all she used the same fork after he did
S1203 chapter 39 . 4/25/2021
What a story! I didn't put it down until end! I am relatively new to this pairing, but, Carlisle is so lovely! Great writing. Thank you very much for sharing.
wearethewitches chapter 39 . 4/24/2021
this was amazing. i read it all in one go, through the night till 7am. amazing fic - thanks so much for writing it!
Bogdon chapter 32 . 4/4/2021
Bogdon chapter 30 . 4/4/2021
You know, from the moment Edward ate Bella's tears, from the moment Bella liked Caralil's poison, I thought about it. Given the supernatural speed of Carlisle's tongue, I wish Bella the best of luck :DDD
Bogdon chapter 29 . 4/4/2021
I think this is my first vampire story where Bella's romantic line is perfect. I really came to the conclusion that their couple (a young woman and an old vampire) looks natural, romantic and healthy. This story is even the only one who gives Bella real life, and not a parody and a dream. Bella grew up and changed and became an adult. This is amazing.
It is also probably the first story that makes the Cullen coven a robust, realistic way. In the books, it was clear that the members of the coven are not very connected with each other (or even feel destructive dislike) and their interests are very different. You didn’t change their characters and didn’t make them ooc, but you actually designed them in such a way that the dynamics became healthy. This is cool. I just really wanted to see how this family would work without whitewashing them or making them other people forcibly. And this is great.

I love that in this story you really let Bella become her own person and understand herself. It's amazing, even if her journey is clearly not over. It would be a shame if turning into a vampire slowed her progress. I didn't speak, but the addition of quilts was awesome. And Charlie and Rene. Bella has a family and does not need to look for a surrogate in the Cullens (as she did at seventeen). This story just makes me so happy, so sorry for the incoherence. I even love Edward and Jacob here. This is a shock. This is a story that really plays the role of finding yourself and love, instead of the story of Mayer, where Bella just closed her eyes and plunged into a fairy tale, fooling herself that this is not a nightmare.

I love that you haven't made vampires less omnipotent, but their power doesn't seem intrusive or too unhealthy (still applaud Renee, she's great for keeping it on the brakes). The scene after the kiss was magical. Like the whole kiss!

And the party! And recognition! I've always been a romantic, but this story lifts me to heaven! Oh my God. Alice!
Bogdon chapter 18 . 4/4/2021
I wanted to write about justice and humanity and Bella and Carlisle, but then you broke my heart. I'm serious. My family had money problems, non-catastrophic, but still. The scene where Charlie throws out the wrapping paper because he's not going to give Bella a simpler, cheaper phone just breaks my heart. And she doesn't need a very expensive phone. And Charlie tried. But yes. You killed me. Phew. I'll probably cry tonight.
Bogdon chapter 17 . 4/4/2021
Oh my God. I didn't think I would like it that much. Oddly enough, I loved the romance between Edward and Bella here. I agree that they shouldn't develop it. But Edward, who decided to make the world a better place in the simplest way for his condition, is a much nicer and more interesting person than Edward from the books. So did Rosalie. But I just love the way you characterize it in such a dynamic state of constant mission. This is cool. I love the mention of the war. It's very colorful and interesting and makes sense. And I think Rosalie's reaction can be expected. Many countries also believed until they realized that it was not about the Jews, but about everyone who did not belong to the Axis (I know people who were in the camps and in their blood and there is no Jewish blood close to her). I want to clarify, this is still Edward, but at least he's not connected to Bella in such an intimate and twisted way. Bella and others have the ability to decide for themselves, so I love the way you write it!

Excellent chapter!
Bogdon chapter 14 . 4/4/2021
Ah, this is very interesting! I feel like this is a very good analysis of Edward and his relationship with Bella. The same lust from blood and to blood. This is pretty critical of their relationship in the books. And I agree with that! Even Bella, by virtue of her personality and state of mind at that moment, was in love with what Edward personifies, with vampirism and freedom, with a share of lust, of course. And I don't blame her! But their relationship was pretty horrible. And I'm so thrilled that in this scenario, where Carlisle (and everyone in their coven) is forced to see his family very soberly and is faced with the ambiguity of their personalities early, so he immediately analyzes Edward's behavior and his motivations. It's a shame that no one stood up to defend Bella this way in the original books. There, everyone calls this love obsession relationship.

But yes. I love meeting them. Not a single character struck me as unnatural or fake.

Is it bad if I think Rosalie's chosen path suits her very well? I'm surprised now that she tortured herself with the way she behaved in the books. Quite expectedly, she decided to clear the streets of the world in order to protect the innocent. She is by no means innocent, but she does justice in our very unfair world. And I think it heals her more than pretending to be human and forgetting about more and more sacrifices.

I love the moment in the bathroom. That is, it was Bella's usual moment with a slight criticism of herself, but in a healthier manner. I don't know, I found this scene so charming. Like a compliment to Jessica)

I love opposition! Bella has a very moral but naive attitude here of a person who has never encountered a system error. She was never interested in data on rape, on the percentage of people who went to the police. About how often people were punished. She was not interested in these things and does not seem to be interested now, because she rests on the moral part and the need for preventive punishment. Rosalie did not tell her the sad prevalence of crime and court faults. So Bella will just take a good moral position. Or not. I'm afraid she'll just take Carlisle's side: I don't understand, but I respect Rosalie and Edward themselves. But I love that she is so solid here. She is afraid, but still ready to fight. He's confident enough and independent of the Cullens to shrug off canonical murder. This is cool.

I love this chapter!
Bogdon chapter 12 . 4/4/2021
i'm really live Maggie! She is a cool and terrible here! And I like how the Sabbard is organized in relation to the thirst for Edward. But I can't not make a grimace when choosing words .. Bella knows Callens a few weeks. Callene lived for a long time and live even longer. How does Bella quietly perceive such confessions that it is part of the family? Isn't she just a good friend? It can be assumed that she is just a moment in their lives. Or does she assume that will be in their lives for many years as a vampire? Why didn't she feel false? Because anyone (like me) felt it. Or is it all about the charisma uttered? Also, you are very well depicting Cullen. I do not like that they planned the meeting of Bella with a guy who wants to eat from her as a diabetic cola, and then surprised that she did not want to just meet danger. But it is very similar to their family dynamics. Honestly, I love what you did them with such humans and sinners, even if I feel that the dynamics of strength stalls greatly on the sides of the vampires, not a teenager. He forced her to meet with danger and Bella chooses to trust the accurate adult, which is too concerned about the ideal picture of family reunification. (Again, it is sad that Carlisle in her eyes is a very trusted face and she is ready to take a chance, trusting him. This is not such a healthy dynamics for her, given the future Berlisle. Too much self-preservation is involved here. How Bella had to love Edward, to be Security from it and not to go crazy from his descriptions, as he strongly wants to kill or what it is weak). It is simply not a very healthy situation, Oatura and she simply should take it. Okay, do not pay attention, I just grumble.

I appreciate the conversations here though! I hope that there will be more conversations between them)
Bogdon chapter 10 . 4/4/2021
I think that the Union of Rosalie and Edward (not in the romantic sense!) It is quite easy to imagine. I like it very much, honestly. As a woman I fully support) Although I suppose this is an orgrom for Carlisle, who appreciates a human life, but does not interfere. And he is created by these two. I am glad that Rose has the opportunity to make justice. ...
Bogdon chapter 9 . 4/4/2021
Wow! I really like this story. While I have to commend you for a very nice sentence construction that does not question the authenticity of the characters, I have to admit that there are elements that bought my interest very quickly.
First, you've obviously been thinking about the Cullen coven for quite some time. Over time, I realized that Carlisle's goal was to find others like himself or create those who will value human life like him (not that he does not value Aro's friendship, for him it was special, but Aro drank blood, which Carlisle does not want to do) ). But in his family, vampires rarely appreciate a person's life as his personality and everything that it represents. At least look at their thoughts on Bella. Even his very first Edward is filled with divine contempt for people, because people's thoughts turn him away (as if people always follow their vile thoughts). So I was really interested that you reformed the composition of the people who play school. And I really loved it. We all know that Edward and Rosalie are really not embarrassed by murder and are very bitter about humanity. It would clearly be unpleasant for them to be always in public at school. So it makes sense that they don't sit in one place for so long and shine in public. Although they are still members of the coven, they do not take part in everything (which is normal). And this is clearly better for them. Esme in the books was not a very saintly woman, but she was very careful with how she post-poses when it comes to the integrity of her family (so she was even willing to sacrifice Bella), so it's no surprise that she opted for a diet and a surrogate for human life. Glad she found love though. But here we come to the question! How did Maggie leave her coven? I thought she was a very respected member and advisor to her coven, how could she leave them to live with Esme? Wasn't that a little irresponsible? Esme didn’t want to go out of gratitude, but how did Maggie leave? (Jasper and Alice don’t surprise me. Jasper didn’t want to live long even with Peter and Charlotte, it’s not surprising that he stayed with Carlisle, who does not cause fear and pain in people. And Alice with him)

Although I love that Renee stayed with Charlie until later because it makes sense. Women rarely leave the family without a dangerous extreme situation, plus they usually tell themselves that they will soon leave and never leave. This is pretty realistic. But why was it done? To give Charlie and Bella a healthier relationship? For Bella to have a healthier childhood and healthier self-esteem? You did it by the way)

Bella! Hot doctor! Glad she doesn't connect the dots though. Like I love this couple, but age and differences in maturity really confuse me. Eighteen years is different from twenty or twenty-five. Moreover, four hundred and eighteen. It's great that Alice doesn't force events for her chapter here)
Love that you paid tribute to Jessica. She seemed pretty sweet to me based on her behavior towards Bella, even when she was insecure or jealous of her (screaming because it is not thoughts that characterize us, but our postpoks based on them). Bella is not so inclined to perceive indifference or discontent at their account (and consider the grudge as hate), so their relationship is very enjoyable to read)

I would not say that romance love is needed for an easier life. Carlisle already loves. He loves Alice. He loves Esme. He loves Maggie and Jasper. If he admits it and gets love in return, I don't see how he might lack support. He has friends in every corner of the world, so I think his only instability is only possible if he has a rather romantic nature, who longs for a romantic myth like Marcus il Esme. It is possible. But I think it's bad to write that he doesn't have that love and support.
hisbrightsunshine chapter 18 . 3/18/2021
Aw! Charlie! He’s such a great dad.
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