Reviews for Best friends and siblings
ChristyWIX chapter 39 . 12/26/2014
Color me shocked that Edward answered truthfully, to Charlie about having a physical relationship with his daughter. Good for Edward. His answer was very well said too. I'm glad he was honest. Charlie and Renee had to have been banging each other before marriage as well. They seem to be my age, so they'd have to understand. Thankfully, Charlie understood. Great place to stop in this part of the story. Looking forward to the sequel, see you there shortly.
ChristyWIX chapter 38 . 12/26/2014
It was really kind of awkward,yet funny, when Jasper interrupted BxE, in their wake up sex. Esme's talk with Bella was also perfect. Your presents for everyone were absolutely well thought out and perfect. For each and every person, from each and every person. Loved Carlisle thanking Bella for bringing his son back to him, whilst hugging him. Poor Rose, barely escaping the attack on her and her father taking his word against her. What an asshat. I'm glad she's never gone back alone since. Smart woman. I was super worried this whole story about Charlie's reaction and now it seems I didn't need to be. Let's hope he didn't just put on a good attitude in front of others, only to become a bear later with the her, when family isn't watching. Renee noticing the change and speaking with her as an adult, even asking her if it was okay . . . I loved that, truly loved it. I hope Renee offers to get Bella on the shot or, the pill soon. Condoms are good right now, but she should pair those with another form of control . . . until they are ready for children.
ChristyWIX chapter 37 . 12/26/2014
Now that, was more like it. Both of them wrapped up in each other, loving each other and loving on each other. Beautiful chapter! I had always wanted a tattoo on my wrist for years, yet had no idea what to get. Since it's permanent, you don't make that decision lightly. Then one day, I figured out exactly what I wanted and got it. Still love it to this day . . . so many years later. I've since got one on the opposite wrist too . . . and an ankle. I too find the right kind of tattoo, sexy on the right person. The idea of delicate down her side as he suggested, sounds incredible, love it! Also, I agreed with all of your statements about certaind tattoo's. The tramp stamp on a woman, is soooooo overdone and has been for years. Men who get peck tats, need to get something creative and not pick shit off walls . . . too nasty if it's wall art.
ChristyWIX chapter 36 . 12/26/2014
Well, that was a turn of events! The experienced guy couldn't bring her to finish, before he did? I'm a little disappointed with him. If he'd been a virgin himself, then this woul've made sense. However, he isn't the virgin, by far. He knows the signs and he knows what to do. He should've stopped, pulled out, got her off . . . then slip back in for his big finish. All this talk in his head, and out loud, about how he'd wanted her first time to be special and then he didn't bother to make sure she got hers first. I'm sure she was pleased as punch and it was special to her . . . but, he's the one with so much experience to not be the selfish lover. SMH
ChristyWIX chapter 35 . 12/26/2014
I can relate to Edward going down this path in his quest to quell the hurt. Lost my father when I was twenty to cancer, my brother was only sixteen. I was better prepared for the loss, as I was older and understood it more. My brother was thrown for a loop, and spiraled out. He dropped out of school. Was reckless as hell . . . all the way to his mid thirties. He's married and has a daughter now . . . took in his wife's nieces when they found out they had been abused . . . raising the three girls now, all teens, has made him mature a bit . . . but he still stumbles a bit here and there. Loss of a parent, at a young age, can really fuck you up. I loved reading his reaction to her confessed I love you . . . so perfect in its timing. Like a life raft in an open sea. Beautifully done.
ChristyWIX chapter 34 . 12/26/2014
The spa day and talk that Renee and Bella had was wonderful. I enjoyed that. Charlie is a clueless fool . . . I just know he'll stroke out, when he learns of Bella's disregard for him advising her no dating Edward. Her report card was more proof in her corner, than his, so her internal snort was funny. What a wonderful announcement Carlisle and Esme had for the group. Edward's reaction was so odd, considering how much he loves Esme. However, you explained why his reaction was the way it was and it all made sense suddenly. I loved her frustration mounting into realization that she loves him. That was a very sweet way to get her feelings to the surface. Loved it. I hope that Edward comes around again and offers his congratulations to his dad and Esme. At least they understand. Thankfully.
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 12/25/2014
I'm really glad that Renee has found a friend in Esme. Also, really glad that Bella suggested mom and daughter time over the winter break . . . it was sweet of her and it made Renee's night. The fact that she was going to suggest the same for Emmett was super sweet as well. Loved Renee joking around with Bella that Edward was goin to sneak back in . . . cute. Rosalie and Alice hatching the plan against Victoria was a good plan. The girl is dense, so I'm not quite sure if it will sink into her head though. Loved the comments on her clothing and that cumdumpster comment was spot on! The crowd liked it as well. As for Edward, I think the boy may have shot a load at how hot that was to him . . . we'll have to be in his head to hear the real reaction . . . but, I think I'm pretty spot on. Emmett must be super proud of his little sister right now. Rosalie must be bouncing like Alice right now. Fun chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 12/25/2014
Once again, Charlie is away on business. Now, I know people travel often for business . . . I am a corporate travel agent after all so, I really know how often they travel. I have no idea then, why Charlie traveling all the time, is so hard for me to believe is 'just' travel and not him going to his alternate family, I've made up in my head? LOL. Bella handled the bitches in school once again . . . however, it does make wonder why Bella isn't telling Edward more. Victoria really needs a restraining order placed against her. She's stalking Edward at their school. She has come into his home, his bedroom, uninvited. She is spreading lies around . . . can't there be some sort of justice thrown her way? He already scared her when he didn't kill her for what she pulled. Yet she's just as delusional as ever, spreading lies to Whitney . . . which in a planned manner are making their ways back to Bella. It's all so high school . . . HA!
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 12/25/2014
Every time he says he wants to explain 'everything' to her in one of these situations, he doesn't. She either stops him from doing so or, he says just a few words and all is fine. I guess I'm supposed to think that they are completely discussing it but, you're not writing it out in the story? That said, I'm glad it was rectified that night with both Bella and Emmett. Too bad Emmett got his punches in first though. It was funny the reaction to Alice losing her virginity . . . Edward was ready to throttle Jasper . . . Bella reining back into reality. Reminding him how long those two have cared for each other and that they have been together just as long as them. Brought him back to reality. His ILY was so thought out and he couldn't contain it . . . it was beautiful. Also, understandable that she wouldn't say it back right then . . . she's still reeling from the night. Good job with writing that, that way. She'll say it when she is ready . . . but, now that he's said it to here . . . I'm sure it's uncorked the bottle and he won't be able to stop saying it now. Love it!
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 12/25/2014
This is so very out of control right now. I'm marking it all up to Bella's naïveté right now . . . because I can't even fathom how she could not even let him explain anything. She knows he loves her. Yet, even though she saw what she saw, she KNOWS Edward. Emmett attacking him makes complete sense. He only knows Bella's very screwed up side of things right now. I hope like hell that Alice talks to Bella and that Edward gets a chance to explain also. And, explain that night . . . not let it fester for longer than it needs to. Otherwise, even if she doesn't EVER get Edward, Victoria wins.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 12/25/2014
I know, just know, that Edward was blindsided by an attack Victoria and all that Bella saw happen was ALL that happened. However, Bella has no way to know any differently. Why would I think that? He's never had any other girl to his room, ever. Victoria has been playing games with Edward since day one and she is sick and twisted. Alice probably tried to go after Bella and took the time to call Emmett instead so, she probably didn't hear the rein of hell Edward brought down on Victoria after he couldn't get Bella to listen. Victoria just did an exceptionally stupid thing. Not to mention he's one hundred percent in love with Bella and can't stand Victoria. How the hell did she get into his house? Gross.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 12/25/2014
I love that he thought of taking her for her permit and then driving. Checking first with Renee and then with Emmett, as to not over step. He's really quite thoughtful that way. Thank you for the clarification from Renee an what she will and will not tell Charlie. I like that she did that. I'm wondering if Charlie has another family out there? Why would he have to work over Thanksgiving and travel to do so? Sounds very suspicious. I'm a corporate travel agent for a living . . . people don't generally travel around specific holidays, and that's a big one. Anyway, him letting her drive them afterwards was really cute. He wasn't nervous with her either . . . he seemed relaxed even. Alice trying to kidnap Bella was cute . . . glad it was thwarted. Great schmexy in this chapter too. Your lemons are pretty darn hot.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 12/24/2014
I was actually shocked you chose to go this direction . . . I thought Bella and Edward would remain a non-item as far as Renee and Charlie were concerned. I really like that you took it here. I agree with Renee on what she said too. She won't lie for her and will answer Charlie honestly, based on what she's been told. Meaning, Bella's been creative in omitting things thus far, not really lying, yet not saying anything either. I'm gathering now she needs to keep that up. Loved that Esme felt Bella should tell Renee, as keeping it from her will only hurt her more later. Renee was hurt and did feel as though she was left out of the loop. However, Charlie didn't really give BxE any choice in the matter. At least all is out now with Renee. I just know Charlie will flip the fuck out when he finds out. He may move again, just to spite them. Or, lock Bella in the attic and begin home schooling . . . ha!
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 12/24/2014
Yikes! My weakness . . . self loving Edward . . . so freaking hot! Being interrupte by a very curious Bella was fantastic. Her curiosity is completely normal and from his perpective, she did very, very well. I loved this and their progress. Fun chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 12/24/2014
Okay, he was just too sweet with only wanting it to be all about her and declining her potential reciprocation. That was rather amazing of him to do . . . endearing, even. I imagine he took care of himself in the shower though . . . he just had to . . . after all of that, he would probably explode in mere moments anyway. That was a really sweet and fun first date. I loved that each of the guys picked a part of the date. Bowling was fun, albeit sadly eye opening about Edward's past. At least all of that is out in the open. What I really like about this story is how he comes across as having been disgusted with himself one day and deciding he didn't want to live his life that way anymore. Selling his old car . . . thankfully, since he'd had that skank and who know how many others, in that back seat . . . getting the new car, not going to the frat parties as much, if at all anymore. Stopped being a man-whore quite a few months, before he'd met Bella. That has really been a very nice part of this story. I loved that they talked it over and got it out in the open. She knew it already but, this really got it out there. More importantly, they didn't allow it to ruin anyone's night and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Alice going with her to the restroom to check to make sure she was fine. Even starting to offer that they could go, if she wanted to. Alice is a true friend and quite mature for only seventeen.
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