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enterwithalohamora chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
Okay, so i didn't actually have internet to review it while I read it but here it goes, My review. It goes from being all "good grammar and sorta sophisticated" to "broken fangirl" in a manner of chapters.
Super stoked to find this story. Akusai is my KH OTP and I just can't with them. I love their first encounter. Honestly, very excited for character developement.
By the way, 17 reall isnt that bad, I mean I guess you would see the gap... but really isn't. When reading your summary I thought you meant like 12/13 nah. you are good.

Okay, one love what you did there with Roxas. You through in a Akuroku joke out (not saying the ship is a joke) like i read that 'or you wish it was you in my bed' line and I was like oooooh i see what you did there. Also, ten years isnt bad. There is 17 year gap with my parents and I've dated someone ten yrs older than me. But I can say Roxas I want to punch you. Demyx, nothing but love.

woooooah..plotfuckingtwist. Really great saïx developement. was it accidental. like it was all a misunderstanding? Man I'm telling you now if you break my heart I'm going to be so disappointed. Like seriouLy I'm already feeling for your interpertations of Saïx and Axel. *tear*

wow. so straight Roxas was in love with Axel? The plot thickens. I'm not going to lie the akuroku shipleaser in me cringed. Even so, I've been there. So like I get it? 5 1/2 months tho? I hope it works out. ndkdjdxjxnbx i just cant.

omgomgomgomg the kid was zexion?! he recognized the tie. didnt he?!... omfg HIS Uncle? its his mothafuckig uncle. wahhhaahahahat. omfg so wait. it WAS zexion?! but is it like uncle uncle or by marriage.. wait no hes single doesnt make sense? nephew by marriage?! omfg im freaking out here. whats happening?! Axel i am so sorry. but saix is so caring. it cant be. no. it just cant. So I was sortish right? Honestly, why would zexion do that? Like you can't... it was his uncle. Then to lie to his father? Man.. Im so torn. It was one of those wrong place at wrong times things. Axel saw through that ... Im glad.

okay IM sorry but whats wrong with zexion?! he has a brute for a fricken bodygaurd... something is up... wow. zex. wooow. Two for you Rox. Two for you. but he threat. Ax hang in here.

no man two wrongs dont make one right. zex is in deep

after that pounding shldnt he NOt sleep?... and excuse me piggy-backing your sorta conscious lover is the most romantic thing ever. okay. like really.

man, my trust in you is fading. Its literally being wiped away from my eyes.

wow zex is full of crap... his dad is im denial man. and woah.. no dont leave. this plot keeps getting thicker. like good gravy.

Heeeeey Xemnas. you would be the officer. okay so please dont take sai away. please?

no dont break up with him sai. -overly gross sobbing-

amajsnsjzjs zemyx im okay with this. please make this happen. and axels like me go with the flow. i hope zex opens up and gets sai out tho.



msjxnxbsnxbdnxhsnakxmxnndnxbjdnchndxjxnd yayayayya demyx and zexion

the trust comes in waves, yo. but axe its jail saix needa to survive

dude its 4:34am i started reading thi like 3 hours ago? no... maybe two.. but i love it.
SO LIKE STORY WAS SO FUCKING GOOD 10/10 Recommend. Please. omfg. Two for you Sam. TWO FOR YOU.
devotedtodreams chapter 18 . 11/9/2012
OMG... haven't written a review in a long time, so I hope I won't be overbearing ; Where to start...?

First off, I found your story via a sporking over on Dreamwidth. And while I must say that the sporking itself was entertaining, I absolutely do not regret clicking on the story link because I simply HAD to know what would happen next ;)

I loved this story. Absolutely LOVED it! Not only did I enjoy the main pairing (it has quickly become my favorite one), but I also loved the dynamics between them and the other characters. I wasn't quite prepared for Sephiroth being Zexion's father, but I caught myself quickly again. Maybe some people would claim that some characters were OOC, but that doesn't matter to me because I took the story on its own merits and thought it all fit together well :) At first I really disliked Zexion (he's one of my favorite characters in general), but I was ridiculously happy when he redeemed himself and came to be part of the gang again. Seeing him getting paired with Demyx was the icing on the cake, so kudos for that! _

This story had everything I love: romance, drama, my favorite characters and a happy ending. It also really engrossed me; sometimes I was literally squealing and screaming at the monitor, like: "NO, don't cheat on him! T_T" And in the end, when all was said and done, I was left with this feeling of overwhelming happiness for the first time in quite a while. Thank you so, so much for this amazing story, I loved it from the start till the end!

(A small pinch of criticism, though: Sometimes I got confused by the abrupt scene changes due to the absence of a visible scene changes (series of hyphens etc.). But apart from that, I really loved it!)

I'm still very new to the fandom and have much material to go over (can't play the games because I own no consoles; only got YouTube and the manga), but man oh man, how I wish I could write a story as good as this. Don't think I'll ever be able to get back into writing, though (way too afraid and shy after my long hiatus), but at least there are awesome folks like you who provide stories like this! Again, thank you so much for this highly entertaining story, it more than deserves a fav! *applaudes*
Magister Ludi chapter 18 . 8/21/2011
Great story! I'm glad everyone gets a happy ending (well almost, Roxas is currently alone).

I'm sorry if this question will annoy you, but is there a chance you may write a sequel to this? It is really my inner Saixel fan girl talking here. It is my favorite paring and there isn't enough of it on DA or in my opinion.
XxMadaraUchihaxX chapter 18 . 10/25/2010 are my idol...have a question...I want to make a doujinshi of this story if you allow...w I'll give you all the credit for the story and everything you diserve the credit for...w please~~~~ *begs you* I'll let you be the first to see it once it's done... if you want to get in contact with me I'm always on my yahoo message I'll give it to you just tell me who and where I found you and It'll click...w PLEASE~~~~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE~ contact me soon... it's naruto_fan_girl1 minus the spaces...w LOVE LOVE LOVE~~~! the story~! keep it going~!

~Madara Uchiha~
elric0sis chapter 6 . 10/24/2010
/.\ that's so cute...
fetishfuels chapter 4 . 8/16/2010
Uke!Axel and Happy!Saix fill my heart with bliss. And yeah, that last line was really sweet!
fetishfuels chapter 2 . 8/16/2010
Axel was so adorable in this chapter. xD Well, I don't know...Adorable and Axel..those two words seem strange, but it makes me happy when Axel is so happy. And age is just a number...but I feel a little bad for Roxas.

Well, I am babbling and not really granting you an adequate review, but you write them in character, and this story is cute so far. Its got me smiling. :)
fetishfuels chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
Ooh! Yay! I love this pairing. This first chapter was really good! I think I am in for an amazing night, reading this. c:
abarai-kun chapter 18 . 8/7/2010
very cute. i loved this story a lot, it was very well written and entertaining. and it's not shoujo-like! it's.. like.. real. awesome, the best story i have read. thanks for writing this! )
abarai-kun chapter 17 . 8/7/2010
yey~ i'm glad zexion confessed. )
abarai-kun chapter 16 . 8/7/2010
nyaaah~ i can't wait to read the rest. )
abarai-kun chapter 15 . 8/7/2010
seifer is definitely cool in this chapter. :D
abarai-kun chapter 14 . 8/7/2010
i really liked those last lines. "And no more dancing with strangers, okay? You've already got yourself a wonderful person." xemnas is really cool in this story, and sexy. cops are just.. sexy. :D
abarai-kun chapter 13 . 8/7/2010
this chapter was really cute. i'm glad that roxas rejected axel too. o3o
abarai-kun chapter 12 . 8/7/2010
i'm not angry (lawl, i was just listening to 'second chance' by shinedown when i typed that), i'm happy that axel is happy. )
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