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theyoungelite chapter 2 . 10/10/2016
OMG Sooo beautiful~~

I love this so much! :)
AcornWarrior chapter 4 . 2/14/2011
You're the Yuvi GODDESS.

I hope you know that.
rizuka chapter 4 . 6/26/2010
Sorry for being so DAMN late to review this drabble that I myself requested xD

Anyway... This is somehow unexpected which is GREAT (cuz I dun like things that are quite predictable). The way you put this is how "there's nothing that is ETERNAL". I like the way you put this in Kanda's PoV (cuz yes his life depicts un-eternal-ness...orz is that even a word?). And even after realizing nothing is eternal, they're still content with what they have for now. Very nice tho it's too short xD (*hey rizu, this is a drabble, remember?). DONE!
Annette Aoi chapter 4 . 6/26/2010
Awww. That was cute. I really liked it. It's nice to see Kanda having certain insecurities about relationships that everyone has. It's also always nice to see him being affectionate for once. ;) Much love for Toss for writing this. 3
Morphine Dementia chapter 3 . 6/7/2010

...everyone always runs to Lenalee. And she runs to Komui and Kanda (actually I'm surprised she didn't suggest going to the latter since he seems to be the only one not actively suffering from 'caring too much', lol).

Lol at Lavi baiting Lenalee with chocolate cake. Also the failed attempt to feed her was very IC, from both sides - Lavi's flirtateous and Lenalee isn't; very nice. Also the switch to seriousness was rather well done - although I did get a bit "hurr" about him blabbing this much out when he's actually being serious and genuine, like the leaving thing and especially not being allowed to care thing, he should be smarter than just mention something and then say it's classified - to some extent it can be blamed on what Lenalee's presence does to people, since she does make them open up more, but I'm not sure if she would affect him THIS much. Oh well.

The title conveys the problem just perfectly. These two really do care too much, don't they? Obviously. The comfort scene was very cute, and LOL EMO!LAVI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean aw, he sure looked miserable there, and nope, no shortcuts.

Very nice, once again hooray for gen!fics! Good work~
Morphine Dementia chapter 2 . 6/7/2010
Oh my. Angst goes there.

Um, how DID Kanda get water? It freezes into ice at zero celsius, and if Kanda somehow managed to warm it to prevent that, it wouldn't be just as ice-cold until just before it freezes...oh well, physics can't be applied to the manga itself, either. 8D


A nice concept (yay friendship gen fics), and you did it justice just well. I don't think your Allen was OOC at all - blaming himself, check, Messiah complex, check, bickering with Kanda, check. Also awww Kanda, you care, how sweet! The golem conversation was very in-place and well done too. And of course the whole interaction afterwards. The mention of Lenalee was a low blow, but completely true and right - Allen always needs someone to smack sense into him, lol. Also Lavi is pretty sweet even if he's a hurled around mass for the most part of the fic. And in the end, gotta love the "I'll kill you if you die" attitude haha, so epic.

And of course, shirtless Kanda in the freezing weather is just an awesome image, because yes, he IS inhuman like this, and it's always awesome to see the proof of it. (Also for some reason the snow reminded me of when he actually nearly froze in the NF RP, sitting in the forest's 'special place' on snow for hours after Lavi had left - well since we stray from canon there I guess it's alright.)

Now thinking if there's not something else I forgot to add, because honestly enough with the double reviews.

Seems not.

Really, really nice work. Geez, this far this seems to host some of the best stuff you've got (it SHOULD have been all separate, dammit! You'd have four awesome fics instead of one series.) Have some more love, well done.
Morphine Dementia chapter 1 . 6/7/2010 I forget a lot of things today. Well, at least you'll have many reviews? : D

Anyway! I feel the need to mention the epicness of Kanda's thoughts about Japan. The one time visit to your supposed home country while you actually come from a pond like the Aphrodite is both pathetically sad and lolarious. Not to mention that it's most likely true.

Awesome job thar.
Morphine Dementia chapter 1 . 6/7/2010

Kanda is being so Kanda, I love it so much. And Lavi is being the less annoying Lavi than he is which Kanda loves so much, also LOL at his assumptions what Lavi should normally do (cause ruckus) and it not happening.

And yes, Lavi is a smartass...silly thing you, only because Kanda isn't exactly smart doesn't make him any less capable on the field. The opposite, in fact. Instincts are often more useful in the battlefield than brain, as they don't need time to function. And, low blow or not, you're still like one of the weakest so yeah, dun diss your Yuu. (/shot)

Lovely interaction! Lovely apologetic Lavi lovely failing yet it all sorts out lovely in the end and Kanda is lovely too.

Great work, I loved this too, just as much if not more but probably not lol, awesome!
Morphine Dementia chapter 4 . 6/6/2010
Oh, and I forgot to mention that Kanda hating love for making him a "coward" - little silly thing you, you never tell people you care about them, not even Lenalee! - is absolutely love too, and so Kanda. Loved that too.

Morphine Dementia chapter 4 . 6/6/2010

(although I really agree it could have all made perfect separate fics. I never really like it when something that is not a multi-chapter is put together - in your case all of the drabbles are good so as far as faving is concerned it doesn't matter too much (but after doing that it's still easier to forget what's inside), but there are also things out there that have, for example, different pairings, and one chapter you want to fave, another to flame. And...yeah. Anyway. I'll review the other chapters too. Eventually. I believe I've already read them actually, lol, no idea why I didn't comment.)

About this fic... HELL YES. I like it subtle. Also you fully well know that I LOOOOVE insaneish-Kanda. A lot. Your characterization made justice too, I have no complaints about anything. And Kanda's secret wish to hurt Lavi... I melt from such things lol, it makes such great sense in a situation like this.

Very, very good. Write more drabbles. Excellent work, loved it.
seiyuurabu chapter 4 . 6/6/2010
Hot! And yet, somehow depressing... because yes, dammit, it should be forever. :)
Evanescent Silence chapter 3 . 4/11/2010
My inner fangirls is squealing with glee. That was just so adorable, and it nailed some things that I didn't know I was thinking, and some things that I should have noticed - like how Lavi, if he really did start caring too much and notices it at some point, it's pretty logic that he'll go to Lenalee since she's the one who's precisely known for 'caring' and have a talk. It just makes SO MUCH SENSE. He might try breaching the subject with Allen or even Kanda or Marie or one of the others, but it would really be Lenalee he'd finally settle for, I'm sure.

(well, it all kind of depends on the situation, but my point is, this makes just. So. Much. Sense.)

And I loved how it ended. Oh yes I did. Now i'll go to bed very happy 3 thanks for this~
TeaMistress chapter 2 . 3/11/2010
*gnaws lovely not-quite-drabble* Sensei approves~
Niacy chapter 1 . 3/1/2010
Oh ! It's so cute ~ !
Evanescent Silence chapter 1 . 3/1/2010
god, they're so cute. socutesocutesocute. oh, Kanda, he really /SHOULD/ be angry, and Lavi deserves his glare-from-hell-i-really-hate-you punishment... if only he wasn't so adorable, feeling so bad and offering Kanda tea to calm him down xD

hopefully Lavi will mend his ways from now on... and Kanda won't get mad at him anymore.

also, i can totally see them making this a habit for whenever one of them makes the other get pissed off. xD socutesocutesocute.

thanks so much for writing this 3 I'll happily go to class now xD
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