Reviews for Invitation
Crow's Talon chapter 1 . 6/2/2013
This was an absolutely fantastic story. Where do I begin?

As always, I love your multi-dimensional characterization of Sherry Squires - she's arrogant, but not completely an unsympathetic character, and I like the small hints that she does have some concern for Jonathan. It makes her a far more interesting and complex character than a snooty cheerleader who played a cruel prank on him in high school and is killed as a result. I appreciate the depth you brought to her here and her relationship with Jonathan, and it makes sense that they knew one another in some way beforehand or that she was friendly to him at some point. In fact, it makes more sense for Crane to lash out in the way he eventually does if he did genuinely trust Sherry beforehand. Seeing them have some casual, even friendly interaction here is very refreshing and a great expansion on Sherry as a character.

I enjoy your take on Jonathan, too. You capture his younger characterization very well, and I am always interested in good fics that explore this period of his life. Sherry doesn't realize how dangerous he has the potential to be, but he seems more shy and awkward here than anything else. especially when Sherry is casually stripping to swim in front of him. He's clearly nervous, both about the idea of swimming and probably being around Sherry, especially when he internally contrasts himself with Bo. Their exchange of dialogue is completely in-character - I especially liked Sherry's casual tone, such as calling Jonathan "Jonny-boy". It fits her, and his own dialogue is appropriately awkward and nervous. I also liked that young Crane always has a book on him. It suits him perfectly.

The writing itself is fluid, well-written, and gives a perfect picture of both the lead characters and the scene. It's nice to see that Crane did have some quiet, relatively peaceful moments in his childhood. The dialogue is believable and suits the characters, and the descriptions are vivid and engaging. Excellent job - I enjoyed this piece very much, and you always do such great work with Sherry and Jonathan.
AZ-woodbomb chapter 1 . 3/2/2010
Smooth, Johnny.

Neat little snippet, this. Makes his childhood a bit more interesting if it isn’t all suffering.
Anime Monster chapter 1 . 3/1/2010
Interesting. Damn it, if I were there I would teach him how to swim. *huggles* I have an idea, he needs one of those personal cooling fans attached to his book like a book light (if they don't make those already they should).

Okay, unlike normal I'm not going to make this a long review, I feel bad for not doing it, but I can't put my thoughts in proper order...