Reviews for Cold blood
MartinDeShade chapter 27 . 22h
"This is madness!"
I immediately thought "This is Sparta!" when I read it.
Concolor44 chapter 34 . 11/23
That was one of the more enjoyable reads I've had in a while. Thanks!

Adding to Favorites.
Concolor44 chapter 24 . 11/22
This is simply delightful! Your 'playful banter' is among the best I've encountered.
Concolor44 chapter 19 . 11/22
I find myself pleased and impressed by your vocabulary. You use the right word - appanage, in this case - when the right word is available. Kudos!
Concolor44 chapter 6 . 11/20
This is a most riveting story. The level of anticipation you have so-subtly injected is quite delicious. When is Harry going to REALLY erupt?
Vanadir chapter 34 . 11/2
Thank you for a great story
Ryan Chessman aka Crys chapter 34 . 10/31
Hermione, a show-off? Wonders never cease . . .

Never read this one before. Thanks for sharing!
montanoaries9 chapter 1 . 10/25
soniasingh25150 chapter 3 . 10/23
May be ur mother must have given someone else a blowjob like Hermione did and your father forgive her for that and that is why u r able to write such ridiculous story
Twelveplusone chapter 34 . 10/22
wonderful read, thank you for writing and posting!
ripper34 chapter 34 . 10/19
Good story
mithrilandtj chapter 23 . 10/18
Why did Cedric have to die if the whole kidnapping of Harry happened just after Easter?
mithrilandtj chapter 11 . 10/18
Muggle contacts could hide Harry's eyes

There are contacts to make your eyes look a different color and also alien, cats, vampire, etc.
There are (or should be) contacts that make eyes look normal
automaton14 chapter 11 . 10/17
Hermione's dad trying to intimidate Harry is gross and not funny at all
Nigel943 chapter 7 . 9/23
Hey DerLaCroix...
The authors notes at the end of every chapter...
Well, it's a really poor attempt at humor don't quit your job...
It's fucking annoying and pointless
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