Reviews for Cold blood
DaSalvatore chapter 35 . 11/22
I never really had an issue with the Krum scene. Sophie, on the other hand, continues to be the point where I either skip entire sections or stop reading the story. I never understood the thought process behind writing a scientist aunt doing the jokester routine when they're working with someone going through an unknown and potentially lethal genetic mutation. Aside from trying to make her a female Sirius copy with no common sense to switch it off.
k.hall-amazon chapter 35 . 11/15
Thanks for the fun story.

omh666 chapter 34 . 11/8
Hahahaha. That ending is great. Just come swooping in like complete bad asses and casually ask, "is there a problem?" Well, if there was, there sure isn't now. Love it.
omh666 chapter 24 . 11/7
I don't believe I've read this chapter before. That ending was fantastic! Huge thank you for writing, and again for posting here for us to read it.
WhatHaveIDiscovered chapter 35 . 11/5
Just finished the whole story after seeing it recommended in another story. Really enjoyed it through and through!
DarkBan chapter 34 . 11/1
Loved the story! The scene with H and K bothered me a lot, but more for the scene itsel than thewritting or something like that, i have a chip on my shoulder about stupidity and cheating, watching both made me angry for a few minutes xDD

Other than that, amazing story! loved everything in it!
Thanks for the time and effort you put into it!
DarkBan chapter 33 . 11/1
F YEAH! what a finisher!
DarkBan chapter 32 . 11/1
Best use of -the greaer good- line i have seen to date. Great work!
Guest chapter 29 . 10/24
It's almost as if Dumbledore was a DUMBASS in not stopping this.

Hell, I'm sure he might have ended up helping Umbridge out. "We must forgive her for murdering Fudge. So I'll just cover up the evidence."
Guest chapter 18 . 10/24
There was almost a perfect opportunity to pass on the memory of Snape using legimeancy on Harry. 'Accidentally'. Though I'm sure that his 'helpful' suggestion that Harry was 'confounded' to Fudge was in there.
Wicked Kisses chapter 35 . 10/22
As always, excellent story and original plot twists. Lots of fun! :)
erstwhile-S chapter 34 . 10/14
Thanks for another enjoyable story.
MrToasterMan chapter 35 . 10/12
A fun and very interesting story. Thank you for sharing. I had a good laugh when I realized you wrote Rocking the boat way back when. XD
Linda chapter 35 . 10/7
Love the story
Schnuff chapter 34 . 10/3
thanks for writing this story
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