Reviews for Cold blood
Redery chapter 34 . 6h
This was a really good story. Enjoyed it a lot.
Redery chapter 33 . 7h
Rollll Credits! Lol
I love Bill.
Really hope you don't kill or imprison Snape. I think he redeemed himseld and was only there cause he can't get away.
Redery chapter 32 . 7h
That was pretty freaking epic. Even how they dealt with the politics, especially when they shoved it up Dumbles rear lol.
But after learning being Draculea you can take 3 AKs everyone would sign up lol
Redery chapter 31 . 17h
ROFL this is my favorite chapter so far. I literally loled at the start with the twins questioning Harry. And then the awesome wards and the death eaters crashing on them.
Redery chapter 30 . 18h
Really liked this chapter for some reason
Redery chapter 29 . 18h
No! That want is awesome!
Redery chapter 28 . 19h
Lol good to see a fic that doesn't do the cliche of the goblins being super awesome supporters of Harry, even if those are a bit fun.
Redery chapter 27 . 19h
This sounds awesome! Invading the entire country with an army of Draconics... never seen that before!
Redery chapter 26 . 20h
Now that is an interesting character. Quite scary too.
Redery chapter 25 . 21h
Lol that was an amusing chapter.
Redery chapter 24 . 21h
Fun chapter.
Looks like Harry might should move out here after all seeing as Umbridge is Minister and they're trying to label him sub human lol.
Redery chapter 23 . 22h
Huh, quite interesting.
Well they're the same blood type so should work.
Redery chapter 22 . 23h
Ok guess I was wrong about Viktor being imperiused lol. But looks like Voldy is back with Diggory's blood. Wonder how Barty charmed the Cup though.

Never heard of a fire breathing vampire before. But that fight was pretty cool.
Redery chapter 21 . 8/28
Poor Cedric, still gonna wind up dead it seems
Redery chapter 20 . 8/28
OMG I can't believe you actually crushed Rita xDD
That's hilarious. Really nasty and gorey, but hilarious.
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