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GeneaLady chapter 14 . 4/22/2013
Absolutely LOVE this story. Only a few small criticisms... 1. It ended... (lol) 2. You didn't write any details about the proposal, wedding, or honeymoon.
MariskaBaby92 chapter 14 . 6/27/2012
This was absolutely precious from start to finish. I loved every but of it and I loved Jibbs! The fact that she and Jethro had to live under the,same roof blew my mind. I wasn't sure how you were going to write them but it turned out amazing. The fact that they do have the stern, reserved attitude about themselves made this story just that much more interesting.

The bet was classic. It never seems to fail and Abby always seems to win. Lol love it. I think Abby is too cute for her own good.

I'm glad you had Jethro make up with his father at the end. I think deep down he knew,it was time and Jenny was all the reassured help he needed to make that step. I also loved Jen's insecurity at the end. It was so adorable.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
OITNB FTW1 chapter 14 . 12/1/2011
That was a wonderful end to an amazing story and I very much enjoyed reading your work of art. When Abby said that she had won the pool, I couldn't remember what it was but then it did. The thing I liked most about this story was how they got together. I enjoyed it heaps. I hope you continue to write. :D
alix33 chapter 14 . 6/3/2011
“she wound her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as she tried to press closer to him. She moaned in frustration when her bump got in the way, resting her forehead against his. "He needs to be born soon. I miss being close to you." she whimpered slightly, her eyes turning forest green as arousal coursed through her, her hands tugging at his neck. She kissed him again, need clear with her lips. "I want you so badly." "Jen, just another two weeks." Gibbs said, trailing his lips down to her neck, nipping gently at her pulse point. "Jethro, try another eight. We're waiting the full six weeks after the baby is born." Jen said, pulling back slightly so that she could see his gaze. "I'm serious Jethro." "Jen…" Gibbs started, but Jen slid her hand over his mouth, rolling her eyes. "Jethro, this will be upheld. Unlike when you were shot." "Yeah, we'll see." Gibbs said, and Jen rolled her eyes again, sighing.” – Hehehe.

"And one of the men in the waiting room, Tony, not only tried to hook up with me when I went out to give them your status report, but also tried to bribe me into giving him the details of the baby. Something about a big pool he has going on?" "That would be DiNozzo." Gibbs said with a roll of his eyes, rubbing his hand down his face, his own weariness coming to the surface. "Don't listen to him, Addison. He's an idiot." "A cute idiot." Addison said under her breath, and Jen rolled her eyes as her legs were put into stirrups. "I heard that Addie." "Yeah, well, it's the truth. Is he seeing anyone?" – EW, the taste in men of the Addison Montgomery (and all of a sudden I had to really think hard there for a second: I totally forgot what her surname was!) you have in this fic sucks, IMO, almost as bad as does the taste in men of the one in “Private Practice” hwen she stopped seeing Pete and started seeing that cop!
alix33 chapter 13 . 6/3/2011
“Jen's morning sickness went away after her first trimester, which was a godsend to her.” – Lucky her! My mom was pregnant three times and each time she had morning sickness right through the pregnancy. I would not know about what that was like when my sister was pregnant with my niece, though.

“her eyes narrowing as her frowned deepened.” – “her frown deepened”.

“Jen found that Jackson was quite funny and entertaining, telling stories of when Gibbs had been a boy that made Gibbs turn red in embarrassment.” – AW! We readers and reviewers wanted to hear those stories too!
alix33 chapter 12 . 6/3/2011
“I somehow managed to switch off all of my alerts (I'm an idiot)” – No you aren’t: It has happened to me too and I have a degree from graduate school.

“in slim khaki pants and a simple black sweater,” – Again with the snappy dressing.

“There was another knock, and Jen opened the door again, revealing a nervous looking Tim and a calm, collected Ziva with him. "Hello Tim, Ziva. I'm so glad you two could come." "It's nice to see you Director." Tim said sincerely, and Jen smiled. The young man was such a gentleman. "Please Tim, call me Jenny." she said, taking his coat to hang on the rack. "There are drinks in the kitchen, and Jethro's in there as well." "Thank you, Jenny." Tim said, sending her a smile. Ziva stepped forward, giving her a hug. "Shalom Jenny. How have you been?" she asked, stepping back as if to assess her. Jen laughed quietly, looking forward to seeing the look on the Israeli's face when she discovered Jen was pregnant. "I have been very well, Ziva. You were right. It just took a little time." Jen said, and Ziva's face broke out into a grin. "Jenny, I am so happy for you." Ziva said, hugging her again and kissing both of her cheeks. Jenny laughed again, returning her friend's embrace. "Thank you, Ziva. Now, is something going on between you and Tim?" Jen asked, watching as the younger woman's face flushed slightly, her chocolate brown eyes widening fractionally. "Z?" "He is just a very good friend at the moment, Jenny." Ziva said, but Jen could hear the tone of delight in her voice. "Well, Ziva, he's a very good choice." Jen said, bestowing a wink on the Israeli.” – Ziva has good (no, superlative) taste, IMO.

“Ducky, looking quite handsome with his polka dotted bowtie and his black fedora-style hat.” – What background colour and what colour polka dots, please?

"My dear, you are one lucky woman." Ducky said, grinning at her. "He's going to make an excellent father. I'm surprised he has not been before." Jen froze, panic filling her. It hadn't even crossed her mind that the team and Ducky might not know about Shannon and Kelly. But that comment solidified it. Only she knew…how was she going to keep this to herself when it was so vitally important? "Jennifer?" she was pulled into the present by Ducky's concerned voice, and she shook her head slightly, refocusing. "Are you alright my dear?” – Those paragraphs made me feel, I don’t know, uneasy…

“I've missed you guys so much. Work isn't the same without Mommy and Daddy!" Abby said, taking Jen's arm and practically dragging her into the kitchen. "Abby, why do you call us Mommy and Daddy?" Jen asked, following Abby into the kitchen. "Well, you two are like the parents, and we're kinda like the kids. You two kind of, I don't know…fit together. You're good parents." Abby said,” – AW!
alix33 chapter 11 . 6/3/2011
You have no idea how much that means to me." she whispered, reaching a hand up to wipe at the tear running down her cheek. Gibbs looked at her with concern, and she let out a hesitant laugh. "Apparently pregnancy makes you emotional- or so I've heard." "It gets worse before it gets better, Jen." Gibbs said, tucking her hair behind her ear. She sent him a glare, smacking his good shoulder. "What, I'm telling you the truth!" – AW!

"Jethro, I have no idea where you stand on this. I might be pregnant. You've lost a child before. For all I know, you're ready to turn tail and run at the first chance. I just…Jethro, I'm working blind." Jen admitted, shrugging her shoulders. Gibbs frowned, tilting his head. "Jen, I'm not going to run. Yes, I'm sure there will be moments where the memories are going to be difficult, but having a child with you is something that makes me happy." Gibbs said, stroking her cheek. Jen looked up at him, tears forming in the corners of her emerald eyes. He brushed them away, cupping her cheek. "Shh. That wasn't supposed to make you cry." "Jethro, everything is making me cry, intentional or not." Jen said with a quiet laugh, sending him a smile.” – AW!

“they'd driven to an out of the way 24-hour convenience store to by a pregnancy test.” – “buy a pregnancy test”.

“Just take a deep breath babe." Jen leaned into Gibbs, tucking her head under his chin and her arms around his waist. His warmth surrounded her, and she sighed, content. Gibbs slid the money across the counter, taking the plastic bag and handing it to Jen. He accepted the change before nodding to the cashier and heading towards the door, wrapping his arms around Jen's shoulder and cradling her closer. "Babe?" Jen asked after they had exited the store. "That's a new one." "It was purely for the sake of the cashier. I think she assumed we were married. I decided to play it up." Gibbs merely replied, but Jen could hear the smirk in his tone. "Bastard." she muttered, turning her nose towards his neck, breathing in his scent. "D'you wanna get married?" he asked suddenly, and she stopped, shocked. "What?" she asked, thinking she hadn't heard clearly. "I said, do you wanna get married. I mean, if you are pregnant I don't want…ya know…people to think…things." he said, finishing lamely. Jen remained frozen, shock still pulsating through her. Gibbs interpreted her silence wrong, and turned away, averting his gaze. "I mean, Jen, we don't have to. Not if you don't want to." "No, Jethro, that's not it, not at all. I mean, maybe someday…but not right now. I do want our relationship to be public, and I do want people to know…but I think that marriage is just too big a step, at least right now. Yes, someday in the future, I would love to get married. But not right now. Let's…let's get used to being in a relationship again, and let's figure out this baby situation. Then we can talk about marriage." Jen said, looking up into his blue eyes. She truly wanted him to understand; this did mean a lot to her. To know that he did want to get married…well that showed that he truly was in this for the long haul. "And that was kind of a lame proposal." "Yeah, well, unplanned ones generally are." he shot back,” – Gibbs and Jenny were so funny there.
alix33 chapter 10 . 6/3/2011
“He was just putting her omelet on a plate when she walked into the kitchen,” – What filling in the omelet?

“I didn't know you knew how to cook." she said, cradling the warm mug in her palms. He let out a laugh, setting the plate on the table. "I'm full of surprises." he answered, and she rolled her eyes. They both knew the reason behind his ability, but neither said anything. She took a bite of the omelet, closing her eyes as she sighed. "You really do know how to cook." she said, and he let out another laugh. "So I've been told." he said, a hint of sadness crossing his face. She squeezed his hand, and he sent her a small smile.” – AW!

“and the doctor's are optimistic that I won't get it." – “doctors are optimistic”.

"an odd look crossed her face, and she sprinted to the sink, retching up her breakfast. Gibbs was close behind, holding back her hair as she threw up. He rubbed her back, and helped her stand when she'd finished. She took a sip of water before turning to him, glaring. "Jethro, I think you knocked me up." - Oops...
alix33 chapter 8 . 6/3/2011
“bringing it into his mouth to sooth the teeth marks.” – “soothe the teeth marks”. “Sooth” without the e is an IMO old-fashioned noun that means “truth”.

"Look whose talkin' “ – “who’s talking”., and the “who’s” is a contraction. “Whose” is a relative pronoun.

“Jen was sleeping peacefully when she heard Gibbs' voice, which pulled her from her dreamless sleep. "Shannon, Shannon…" she frowned, looking at Gibbs. He was tossing and turning, the sheets tangled around his legs. He was obviously having a nightmare; she remembered them vividly from Europe. She ran a hand through his sweaty hair, trying to calm him down. "Sh, Jethro you're okay, it's just a dream." she whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek as she cuddled close to him. He calmed at her touch, falling silently as he unconsciously hugged her closer, his arm wrapped around her middle. She heard his breathing even out and knew he was asleep again. But there was no chance of her falling back to sleep. Who the hell was Shannon? And why was Jethro calling out for her in his sleep, during a nightmare?” – Crud! Those paragraphs all sounded so ominous.

“Gibbs was confused. What was wrong with Jen? Why was she so distant all of the sudden? He shuddered, the remnants of his nightmare finally going away. He hated dreaming of Shannon and Kelly. Jen had always helped in Europe, and he assumed she'd done the same with this latest dream. He wanted to go and find out what was wrong with her, but he knew she needed time alone. He rested his head against the headboard, sighing quietly. He'd never understand woman. Jen leaned against the closed bathroom door, closing her eyes. She could not believe how much this affected her. She had her own secrets, she knew, but…it still hurt. Walking over to the sink, she splashed cold water on her face, sighing quietly. Glancing up, she ran a hand through her hair, brushing back her bangs. She had to face him eventually, so she might as well get it over with. She walked out of the bathroom, keeping the robe on. She sat on the edge of the bed, keeping her distance. Gibbs looked at her, confused. "Jen, what's wrong?" "Jethro…" Jen said, her voice a mixture of confusion and hurt. "Jethro, who is Shannon?" – As did those.
alix33 chapter 7 . 6/3/2011
“Where was Jethro? She walked towards her study, shaking her head. If he was trying to sneak a bourbon in when she wasn't looking…"Jethro?" Finding her study empty, she started to worry. Her house was only so big, and she was sure if Jethro looked hard enough he'd find something to snoop through. Where the hell was he? "Boo." Gibbs whispered in her ear, coming up behind her. She jumped, turning around to glare at him. "Jethro what the hell?" Jen demanded, her hands on her hips. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" "Just wanted to see if I can still sneak up on you." Gibbs replied, grabbing hold of her waist and tugging her closer. "Well you succeeded. And you managed to make my blood pressure skyrocket." Jen retorted,” – Hehehe.

"Are you listening to the Director, Gibbs? 'Cuz if you're 'listening' like you listen in the office, I don't think you're going to be doing any healing." Abby said, her hands on her hips and her tone scolding. Gibbs rolled his eyes and Jen hid a giggle in her hand.” – Abby’s scolding tone made me laugh too.

"No problem Gibbs. Get better soon!" Abby said, hugging him carefully. She pulled away and hugged a surprised looking Jen, causing Gibbs to laugh.” – AW, that made me feel a whole lot sad for Jen: Think of how many Abby hugs Gibbs got in all the time he has been at HQ, and Jenny has not even got, maybe a millionth, of that number of Abby hugs.
alix33 chapter 6 . 6/3/2011
"Well, elflord?" "Yes, Tony." McGee said, sitting behind his desk and promptly ignoring Tony.” – I am weird: Whenever Gibbs calls Tim “elflord” (in fics or the RL show) I want to Abby hug both him and Tim to death, but when DiNozzo calls Tim “elflord”, I want to shoot DiNozzo, or something, maybe kill him with one of Ziva’s paper clip methods. To me, that is Gibbs' nickname only for Tim.

"Speaking of women, where is our fearless leader, the lovely Director?" "You do not know?" Ziva asked, her eyebrows rising. "And you do know she asked us not to call her that Tony." "Don't know what, Zee-vah?" Tony asked, waggling his eyebrows. "And I don't see her around to reprimand me." "Gibbs is staying with the Director while his wounds heal." McGee said, looking up from his computer. "And how do you know this?" Tony asked, outraged. How had he not known this before right this second? "Because Jenny is my friend, and she informed me that I would need to keep a close eye on you, since neither she nor Gibbs will be here for the next four weeks." Ziva said, raising one of her eyebrows. "And she gave me permission to do this." With that, Ziva stood and walked over to Tony, head slapping him.” – I like the way Jenny gives permission, hehehe.
alix33 chapter 5 . 6/3/2011
“My muse just decided to pull a Gibbs and go on vacation to Mexico.” – Hehehe.

“How's your shoulder? Are you in any pain?” "Jen, I'm fine." Gibbs said, rolling his eyes. "Do not you roll your eyes at me Leroy Jethro Gibbs. You got shot less than a week ago, and yesterday you didn't exactly take it easy." Jen said,” – Hehehe.

“A warm hand inched up her thigh, and Jen placed her hand over it before it could go too high. "Jethro, so help me God, it's only seven in the morning. It is way too early for that." Jen said, glaring at him. "It was never too early in Paris." Gibbs taunted, moving his hand another inch higher. "That was also six years ago." Jen reminded him, raising an eyebrow. "Still haven't learned to pace yourself Jen?" "I'm not that one who doesn't last more than two minutes in the shower." Jen said, her eyes gleaming with mirth. Gibbs' gaze darkened, and he leaned closer, his face mere inches from hers. "I will get you for that." "Sure you will Jethro. I'm sure you will." Jen said, laughing” – Hehehe.

“Gibbs went to wrap his arms around her, and groaned when he moved his injured arm. Jen broke away quickly, worry evident in her eyes. "Are you alright? What hurts?” "Jen, calm down. I just have to remember not to move my shoulder like that again. It kind of hurts." Gibbs said, wincing slightly as Jen ran her fingers lightly over his shoulder. "Kind of? Jethro you're bleeding through your bandages!" Jen said, “ – Yikes, do something, then!
alix33 chapter 4 . 6/3/2011
“Jen woke up slowly, unusually warm. She opened her eyes a crack, seeing her living room, and she felt confused. Her house was always cold. She kept it that way, and she liked it that way.” – I would die of hypothermia in a jiffy in a cold house (or look like the Michelin man with all the layers I would be wearing on top of one another), honestly.

"I realize that there are three billion men in the world, and they don't all have to want me. I do realize that, Jethro. What I do not know, however, are your feelings for me. I know you feel something for me, but I don't know if it's alive, or if I completely lost my chance six years ago. But you should want me. You should want me Jethro. And if you don't, then I don't know why I ever wanted you in the first place." – Why do these words sound so familiar?
alix33 chapter 3 . 6/3/2011
“Patience is a virtue, Jethro." "Yeah, I don't follow those. Isn't lust one too, Jen?" Gibbs said, an eyebrow shooting up, an unreadable emotion flickering across his face. "Those would be the seven deadly sins Jethro. You would be familiar with those." Jen replied, muttering the last part under her breath. "Sorry, I didn't catch that last part. My hearing is going with my age." Gibbs said, cupping a hand behind his ear and tilting it jokingly towards her. "Oh, I don't think your age affects anything." Jen teased quietly, her gaze reflecting her meaning. Gibbs merely raised an eyebrow, his eyes speaking for him.” – Hehehe.

Just a stray thought: Poor Dr. Gelfand, if he is constantly going to be the one patching Gibbs up! He will start to loathe NCIS in a jiffy.

“having returned home to change out of the previous days clothes,” – “previous day’s clothes”.

“She reached his room, her shoes for once making no noise at all, as she had sneakers on. She stepped inside, finding the bed empty. She heard the sink running, and discovered Gibbs shaving in the bathroom. She leaned against the doorway, watching him shave with steady accuracy, shaking the razor against the sink as he turned to face her. "Morning Jen. Where are the heels?" "In my closet. I figured sneakers are my best bet if I'm taking you home." As Jen said the words, she realized how it sounded and closed her eyes, awaiting the comment she knew was coming. "So that's how we're putting it now? You're 'taking me home'? I feel like I just got picked up at a bar or something?" "You wish you were that lucky Jethro." Gibbs simply rolled his eyes before returning to shaving. Jen smirked before walking back into the room,” – Hehehe.

“sipping her warm coffee, enjoying the vanilla flavor as it trickled down her throat. She was totally unprepared when she felt an arm snake around her waist, taking the coffee from her expertly. Gibbs had a satisfied smirk on his face as he took a sip, frowning slightly before handing the cup back to her. She still tingled where his hand had brushed against her when he spoke. "You drink girly coffee." "Girly coffee? Jethro, just because it's vanilla does not make it 'girly.' I know it isn't Jamaican blend, but that doesn't mean it isn't coffee." Jen said, rolling her eyes at him. "Yeah, okay. Whatever you say Jen." Gibbs said,” – Hehehe.

“feeling the knots in his shoulder at neck,” – “shoulder and neck”.

"Well, will you finish when we get there?" Gibbs said, lifting his head off hers to meet her gaze. "If you so desire me to, then yes, I can continue when we get home." Jen said, rolling her eyes at him. "You are seriously my favorite person right now Jen." Gibbs said, sighing as he stood. "Don't say things you don't mean Jethro." – Hehehe.

“He didn't even notice Jen had fallen asleep until her head slid on his uninjured softly,” – “slid on his uninjured shoulder softly”.
alix33 chapter 2 . 6/3/2011
“You're right side is pretty hurt." – “Your right side”.
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