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all the lost souls chapter 10 . 3/10/2011
holy crumbcakes, it's over? /insert rushed apology of how ** overdue this review is/ mkay, first off, i haven't felt this insignificant since...well, around the time of your last update, which poses, once again, the question of leesh, how the hell do you do it?

you're like a wizard, with a keyboard, only better 'cause you have a sheep instead of a cat. and lame jokes aside—really, i take no responsibility for these today, thanks to my drug-induced disabled state—this was both brilliant, and suckish.

i. it was brilliant because you wrote it. /duh/ and ii. it was suckish because c'est la fin.

and i'll maybe add a iii. because I DO NOT SEE CALICIA HAPPENING. which is an example of both your brilliance—your supervillain skills really pay off sometimes, don't they?—and your suckishness, 'cause they were so perfect together that you just want to tear you hair out. so screw Edster and Jakey, i'm Team Calicia all the way. i was pretty much torn between laughing hysterically to the point of tears in that way i do when i'm awfully happy at their reunion, and then they don't get together? :/ it's cute he ended upwith Massie, though.

oh lord, i have not said one thing today that actually sounds sane.

between my tired mumbling and yawning—hell, do i hate being sick. all i do is stalk One Direction and eat ice cream.—it's a miracle i even got this review typed, so to sum it up, this is one of the most beautiful epilogue-type endings i've ever read, so kudos to you for that, too, and i hope this craptastic ramble-filled review makes up for my slackness past few weeks.
scintillating stars chapter 10 . 3/6/2011
oh my fucking god. leesh it's over! i literally felt tears creeping out of my eyes near the end. :/ UGH I SORTAKINDAMAYBE HATE YOU FOR NOT ENDING IT WITH THEM BEING TOGETHER. but it was so damn amazing, the bittersweet way that it did end up...



and damn your writing is too good.

write another multi-chap soon? :)

rory chapter 1 . 2/13/2011
can you make a sequal for still in the shadows? the clique story you wrote?
all the lost souls chapter 9 . 2/12/2011
first off, i'd like to apologize for the lateness of this but i have been slacking off with all things FF-related, as usual, but i'll try to make this long, which will inevitably result in a lot of unrelated rambling, and you might need to invest in a pair of 3D glasses to not risk permanently damaging your brain.

okay, so CALICIA. i'll ignore the fact that merging 'felicia' and 'cam' gives you the same result and i'll take a rain check on calling Social Securities to tell them I know where a potential druggie lives.-oh, does that even make sense? Probably not. I'm also going to write a letter to the President to ask him what the hell is wrong with kids these days, 'cause this seriously deserves a hell of a lot reviews?- anyways, the reason i've chosen to ignore this is that if you get sent to reform school,-or Alicia's, ahem, rehabilitation centre- whose going to write such epic amazing stuff that shoots down my self-esteem points, to the very core?

i'm going to cut my rambling short 'cause there really is no need to elaborate, you're amazing, m'dear, and i'm also insanely sleepy and in a zombie-like state. it's Valentines Day soon and i still have maths homework to do, & also, i really badly want some ice cream right now. i'll reply to your gmail now, though, mkay? mm. since i haven't heard from you in forever, thought you should know I STARTED WATCHING SKINS SEASON 3 LAST WEEK. and it's half-term on tuesday, dude! sighh. i miss you, yo.

scintillating stars chapter 9 . 2/12/2011
EEP! YOU FINALLY UPDATED! we really need to talk. :/ it's like we're never on MSN at the same time anymore! D: anyway i loved this chapter, it was so emotional and saaaaaad... but the descriptions are amazing and oh my god i can't believe alicia told him to leave! why? WHYYY? D:

well anyway you better update soon. :)

tash chapter 8 . 1/24/2011
:O dramarama. leesh, this was—

that was a damn good example of speechlessness right there. anyways, the morale of this review is that your writing is so beautiful and flawless that it discourages other people and you seeeeh-riously need to update 'cause even though i sort of deflated-as i do whenever i read anything this amazing that Oxford have yet to invent a word for it-and i'll. be. hyperventilating. on. life. support. until. i. find. out. what. happens. next. comprende?

i can't even keep count of how many times my emotions switched

i think the best kinds of stories are the ones that make you FEEL, y'know? i hated alicia and i hated claire and then i felt bad for cam and then i fucking wanted them to get together NOW. so my mind was just a jumble of oh-my-god and other panicky shit for the two-minutes-or-so it took me to read this. you're amazing and Calicia are love and i'm kind of sad that this story's almost finished : i'll go back to my Ben&Jerry's now (:

much love, your favourite loser, Tash.
Guest chapter 8 . 1/24/2011
LEESH! you updated :D thanks for the dedication and lawl yes, we have a good deal going there. (:

anyway. I TOTALLY LOVED THIS CHAPTER. claire is a whiny pretentious bitch and can just go SUCK IT. and cam is so effing stupid for not seeing what he could have with alicia, but still really adorable. and i just feel sorry for alicia. :/ her parents neglect her and she's addicted to drugs and cam just ditched her. D:

and i really don't like the authors note you put at the end. WHY WOULD WE HATE YOU FOR THE END? WHY LEESH? CAM AND ALICIA BETTER END UP TOGETHER OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. KAY?

okay. (:

well update soon? :D

Abi chapter 3 . 1/14/2011
I like the gossip girl vibe you have on them, I really do! But it seems that Claire is more of a Blair and Alicia is more of a Serena, I mean with the way they act and all. :D
all the lost souls chapter 7 . 1/4/2011
perfection, as always. i legit squealed when i saw that you'd updated xD dude, i love you. you know that, right?

the only thing i remotely dislike(d) about this is that the pairing's Cam/Alicia -a pairing i generally avoid 'cause, y'know, people always portray Alicia as a bitch-, but you writing it makes it bearable. she's a badass. i'm so jelllyyy of you being such an amazing writer. i feel deprived & inadequate and ugghh.

i love how everyone's hating on Claire. is it wrong that i feel bad for her? but cam is adorable (i strongly suggest you kill Alicia off and change the pairing to Cam/Tash ;) and you really do need to get off your skinny ass and update more, love, because i love this story too freaking much.

hmm, you know what else i love? Starbucks. i think i'm going to walk there now xD

scintillating stars chapter 7 . 1/4/2011
leesh you have all but ditched this story! D: lawl but anyway so glad you updated. claire is a bitch who so doesn't deserve cam and alicia has so many problems yet is so awesome. :P anyway update soon?

love you!

smilez014 chapter 7 . 1/3/2011

i literally, literally died when i saw this :D

i just love the Cam x Alicia thing going on xD and i hate Claire. ughhh! i do not understand why i even bother reading things with her in it, because i always end up hating her OO:

this was well-written, amazing, and i'm going to re-read In The Shadows soon :D

update, again :)
fading fairytales chapter 7 . 1/3/2011

i. fucking. loved. this.

(excuse the language, tee-hee. :3)

i fan!girled when i saw you updated. seriously. i love this story so freaking much, it's just pure lovelovelove. and thanks for dedicating it to me, but that's besides the point.


do you know how much i love you for writing this? you're just so amazing at writing, thank god i didn't get you for the secret santa exchange, my writing would be horrible compared to yours! (well, i got chantal another amazing writer, my writing was still horrible.) but yeah. i loved this chapter. claire's a whiny bitch, y'know? glad she broke it off. and it was funny 'cause she was spilling coffee everywhere.

mmmmm. reminds me, i'm so hungry! :O

so cam is so adorable. he's just so cute, how he loves alicia (and doesn't know it) and wants the best for her. i love him, do you have his phone number? xD lol. and claireclaireclaire, being a bitch will get you nowhere in life, mkay? alicia was just trying to make things better, god. take a chill pill. and alicia, dear, i'm glad that you're at least trying to do something, 'cause i didn't exactly like you all wasted. and i'm kinda sensing that josh will come and kidnap or something? and make her, errr, pleasure him? -blushes-

'kay, so after this crappy review (sorry! i'm really tired. Dx), i'm going to ask to update. cuz i really lovelovelove this story, but you already knew that. :)

rinette34 chapter 6 . 11/25/2010
this is really really really good. please updates soon.
fading fairytales chapter 6 . 11/16/2010
do you freaking know how much i love this story?

(sooo much.)

i love alicia and her badass-ness and cammie-boy coming to the rescue and being all superman hero-y. and claire being an uptight b!tch i adore to hate. is it just me or did this story just get better?

(nope, def. the latter ;)

you have to show me how you write so well, i mean, when i saw this, i literally fan!girl'd in my mind (it's midnight, almost:) and pounced on my computer, i couldn't click on it fast enough (;

and that my dear, is not normal. xD

so please please update soon b/c i need to find out what happens next.

does claire go all into b!tch mode when she realizes cam ditched her (AGAIN, but god knows she deserves it;) for alicia?

will alicia stop being our favorite badass? or will she stoop to a new all time low (love them!;) and have cam save her yet AGAIN?

and will cam finally snap in two and go to insanity? will he dump claire (finally!) on her b!tchy a$$ and swoop alicia off her sky-high heel-clad feet? or will he crash and burn under claire's wrath and lose it?

(cue the DUN DUN DUN music.)

only time will tell. watch out for the next chapter of SUPERMAN! :D

(did you like my TV impersonation-thingy? LOL! xD i may have finally gone insane, but wasn't i already?;)

so merci beaucoup (oh yeah, i'm going french now!) for the split dedication on this wondrous chapter of a story i love to love! :D

update soon! :D

(i'm going to fave&alert again, but i think i did already!;)

(brackets are fun!:D)
all the lost souls chapter 6 . 11/14/2010
okay, so, i have to make this super-quick because i really have somewhere to be, but;

-I can't believe i have never ever read this before. THIS. IS. AMAZING.

-I'm really jealous of your crazyamazing writing skills. It's really well-written and original and fun to read and the gossip girl references are great :)

-It's named after the FNB song, right? -insert huge smile-

-Thanks for the dedication! Was I really your 700th question? xD I'll dedicate the next thing I write to you, kay? Maybe start on a multi-chap or something.

-I have never read a Cam and Alicia fic, but i think i love them after reading this xD

-Sorry if this is a crappy review; I'd write tons more but I have to go. update soon, kay? LOVEYOU


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