Reviews for Searching For The Power
Janie.ohio chapter 1 . 11/22
even if the ending was a little forced, I liked it. this was a fun read, and the smut was great. thanks for the good time.
Janie.ohio chapter 78 . 11/22
hmmmm. maybe a oneshot someday of the missing orgy lemon? pretty please?
Janie.ohio chapter 33 . 11/19
This is a really odd mix of smut and story, but I'm loving it, lol!
NarutosBrat chapter 76 . 10/10
Fairly easy fix to the Hannah and Neville situation. Susan and Hannah play in a bed, while Harry and Neville both watch. After the girls are done with each other, the boys can take their girls off for a personal after party.
NarutosBrat chapter 72 . 10/2
I know you've probably gotten this mentioned more than once, but a part of me kind of wishes he'd get to spend at least one night with Rosie the cougar.
NarutosBrat chapter 71 . 10/2
So Babbling teaches in a similar way to Snape, but done in a decent manner, as she's at least willing to answer questions, and not be a twat about it.

You can just feel the Sodium Chloride dripping from Hermione's last comment.
NarutosBrat chapter 69 . 9/30
I know I'm not the only person thinking it's about time, yeesh.
NarutosBrat chapter 66 . 9/27
Haha, Harry completely missed the hint Daphne was giving him about Blaise. Looks like Blaise is probably more interested in dragging Harry into a broom closet than he would Daphne.

I'm guessing Pansy was the last one, and that explains why she was so pissy to him about everything. Or maybe it was Susan, and that's why it took so long to come back. Or way, what if it was a massive curve ball, and it was Lavender?

Yeah, Midnight Sun was such a good story that I was actually there for the plot, rather than the 'plot', and was a little disappointed when we started getting less of the former. I've got a smut style fic that I'm writing 'Power The Dark Lord Knows' not, and I've basically committed to one major smut scene a chapter, and the rest I hope to fill with actual plot.
NarutosBrat chapter 65 . 9/27
I want to hate you for putting the image of Voldemort and Lily in my head, but thankfully I can repress thanks to all the rest of the story.

It's funny, both times I've read this, I was kind of expecting Snape to end up getting eaten by a Sarlaac as soon as they started watching Starwars.
NarutosBrat chapter 62 . 9/24
He's probably already done it once, so frankly, Harry just needs to bang Pansy like a drum, and get it over with. Avoiding the situation is really just adding to his issues.
NarutosBrat chapter 54 . 9/20
If Moony and his attempt on Hermione in canon weren't enough reason, you just gave me a reason to exercise extreme prejudice on Dolohov in any future fics I write.
NarutosBrat chapter 53 . 9/20
I wonder why Harry didn't just say he never slept with Lavender. All he has to do is mention that Lavender was pissy because he made love to Hermoine on her birthday, but refused to have sex with Lavender. Despite his fragile ego, his jealousy, and his temper, mentioning that would get Ron's attention.

While I understand plot purposes, Gabrielle dying rather than someone like Lavender is almost as frustratingly annoying as when Rowling killed Fred, Moony, and Tonks while the Malfoys not only survived, but got a happily ever after.
NarutosBrat chapter 50 . 9/18
Noticed before, and hadn't thought about it for awhile, but Wenny is Rowena Ravenclaw isn't she?
NarutosBrat chapter 48 . 9/15
Hmm, trying to point out that Ginny and Hermione don't try and look their best for him...she plainly has no intention of sharing if she keeps trying to point out the flaws of the girls he's already said he's in love with. She also really doesn't understand him if she thinks that will work. Me thinks her past has left her with more than a bit of a cracked psyche.
NarutosBrat chapter 47 . 9/14
The fact that she took it as an insult, instead of trying to understand why he was freaked out by the baby voice, is another strike against Lavender. My god he's so naive. It's plainly obvious what she was trying to do with that line about Hermione and Ron. Just let her go, Harry. Everything about his interactions with Lavender just screamed 'GET OUT'. The fact that she was purposefully trying to make Ginny and Hermione jealous also make it painfully obvious that she won't fit with the group. Kind of surprised Harry didn't give his ship with Lav a 'THIS IS SPARTA' style kick when she took a shot at Hagrid. My god, I cannot wait until he gets rid of this chick. She's so flocking annoying. I can't believe two words have made me utterly despise a character. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but the fact that she's trying so hard to sleep with him, she might be trying to trap him.

Okay, maybe I jumped a bit to conclusions. I don't remember that part of them going through her memories, and it showing her being abused as a kid. To be honest, I think I might have skipped ahead the first time I read this, because I got so fed up with her. While I can understand why she's is the way she is, and even feel sorry for her, doesn't change the fact that she's still not a good fit with Harry.
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