Reviews for Searching For The Power
Guest chapter 79 . 4/13
brilliant really enjoyed it would love a sequel about them having kids
Lando chapter 11 . 4/8
Good story so far. Hopefully Harry's interaction with the women improves because it's cringe-worthy at times. They also don't act like 16 year olds alot of the time. Will continue.
flowerchild33 chapter 79 . 3/17
Ok I finished now. Glad that you brought Gabrielle back sort of. The ending was interesting but a bit rushed. Overall good story.
flowerchild33 chapter 53 . 3/15
I can't believe you killed Gabrielle! Liked it until now.
Taliseth chapter 79 . 1/7
This was a surprisingly good read considering it started off as something else.

Some unique ideas where used I wish were in onder stories like the way they dealt with the horcruxes. Sadly some possibilities only were used once. Like the twins had great potential for some havoc.

Of course with the way you handled Tom. It begs the question of how they could trade serius for a piece of tom's soul. was serius' soul that cheap or tom's so expensive?

The fight was rather anti climactic in the end, but entirely fitting what with their preparations and help.

You could've got a bit more creative with their bonds (like at the end with Gabrielle) But glad you did pick up some of it.

Good fanfic, good lenght too and most of all thanks for completing it too few authors do this.
G the Headmaster chapter 59 . 12/30/2016
Did you advertise this as a crossover?
Guest chapter 54 . 11/3/2016
Harry is really in a forgiving mood. Dumbledore made Harry's life hell. That Harry looks up to Dumbledore is a result of the manipulations. Harry should by now see through them. Gabrielle is dead because Dumbledore refused to accept her at Hogwarts.

Yes, all that is in the past, and the past can't be changed. However Harry called him out when Dumbledore claimed to care for Harry. He should not forget that now. Whether Dumbledore is incompetent or evil, the fact remains that his past actions speak against him, and he should not be trusted.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/1/2016
Hermione is supposed to be a smart girl, why would she say that Harry's scar is the "mark as an equal"? The "mark as an equal" requires intent to mark, and intent to mark as an equal.
Voldemort didn't intend to mark Harry, he intended to kill Harry. Therefor the scar is not a mark, it is an accident.
Also Voldemort did intentionally mark others, using the Dark Mark. That is a mark, but it is a mark as a servant, not a mark as an equal.
So it is wrong to consider the scar as the mark as an equal, and it is wrong to consider the scar as a mark at all.

According to various dictionaries, vanquish doesn't necessarily mean permanent destruction, just a thorough victory. Banishing Voldemort for ten years would count as a thorough victory. Neither can live while the other survives means that Voldemort didn't survive because Harry is obviously alive while thinking about the prophecy. Or otherwise the prophecy is not true.

While I agree that Ron is an idiot, what is the exact reason in this case? That he prefers to share Hermione, rather than have nothing with her? Harry said he would do the same in that situation.
The idiot here is Hermione, because for some reason she thinks she wants to be with Ron, although she knows she prefers Harry. I might understand that she wants to be with Ron if he is the last available man on earth, if she thinks Harry doesn't like her, if she is insecure about her looks and how others see her. But at this point she knows that Harry finds her attractive, and that Ginny doesn't mind them all being together. Is she just too stubborn to admit that the situation has changed and she wants to stick to her previous decision?
Yes I know, chapter 20. You want to take your time till she realizes that.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/1/2016
So Dumbledore admits that having Snape as a teacher is bad for society as it means fewer Aurors, Healers, and probably other important professions. It seems that Dumbledore didn't consider his duties to the school important for the last fifteen years. Also, he knew Voldemort was back the last year and still let Snape teach Potions.
The class that starts now, sixth year, will need two years to finish school, and then some years till they re Aurors or Healers, so either Dumbledore expects a really long war, or he is lying, as usual.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/1/2016
You have many good points.

The prophecy is worthless. It is worthless for Harry, and it is worthless for Voldemort. The only point of the prophecy is that Snape hears the first part and brings it to Voldemort. And why would Dumbledore hold a job interview at a pub when he has a perfectly good office? And why at his brother's pub, when they don't like each other?

The remark about grief being selfish is insightful.

Ron and Hermione together would make each others life hell. The best explanation for them is love potions, for both of them. The same for the chest monster when Harry sees Ginny.
The best explanation for Hermione without love potions is that she has low self esteem and thinks nobody would look at the bucktooth know-it-all, and therefor Ron is the best she can get.
Newbie1104 chapter 53 . 9/23/2016
Ugh... Next time please put a warning for major character deaths. Not everyone of us take that well, even if it was foreshadowed. Reading this just makes me angry instead of feeling sad.

I praised this story in my earlier review, and I'll keep my opinion. This is a great story that I recommend for everyone who like harem fics. However, as it stands, I have no desire to continue with this fic any longer.

Switching to Hogwarts Shuffle!. Thank you for the hardwork.
Newbie1104 chapter 51 . 9/23/2016
Love the story to death :D. It's been a long while since I last saw a harem fic that I like with decent character development despite the large number of characters.

The "dramatic emotional/power outburst when your loved one got hurt" is too old though, and a bit overdid for my taste. I expect Harry to me much more mature than that "get away from me everyone I love dies blah blah blah" whining after 51 chapters, especially with the way he'd been training his mind.

That was one of the few cringe-worthy bits that I found in this story (the other one being the scene where Tonks kissed Harry for the first time at the start of the story, too soon too fast that it became abrupt). Other than that, the story is going very well.

Oh, and your decision to add plot after chapter 30 is a right one. PWP got stale after awhile.

Gonna check out your Hogwarts Shuffle! after this. Hope you continued that story though.
otakumick chapter 79 . 9/23/2016
fantastic story, I loved it.
mworth1019 chapter 79 . 9/22/2016
Wow. Lots of smut! Good story little rushed at the end would like to know what happens next...
TheDarkMan19 chapter 18 . 8/1/2016
Nope lost me. hermione is a terrible person, and Ron isn't much better. a little ooc is humorous especially for a smut piece, but your characters just don't make any sense. Better luck next time.
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