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bikermo chapter 79 . 9/23
OK. I've read this several times now. I'm still waiting for Harry to rescue Gabrielle and for her to be a real/physical part of the rest of the story. Hem Hem. I'm waiting. At least the epilogue.

FANTASYLORDMICKEY90 chapter 79 . 9/3
Wow! New reader and I loved most of this story,sucked when Gabrielle was killed,but some of it was made up when Sirius was brought back.
Kane Richards chapter 53 . 8/10
Sorry, I had to stop at this point. It's a superb story but killing her at this point seems wasteful. You basically treat her like a F*ck doll for Harry to use then throw to one side when the plot doesn't need her. I can only presume Harry will be upset for about a thousand words or so in the next chapter before going back to sleeping with the women you've made clear he actually has feelings for, Hermione and Ginny.

Your writing is brilliant, I thoroughly enjoy what you've done but your plot really needs to find a spine and stick with it. To be honest you need to make a decision to either write smut, and have Harry work his way through "the Plan" without the Angst or a story with plot, and ditch the plan in its entirety (as you seem to have decided to do two thirds of the way through the story). Combining the two in this instance leads to a fair amount of text which doesn't really go anywhere (the whole Hannah sub-story can be pulled out and no one would notice. Tonks as a character in this story is pointless. Both sub-plots makes sense if you're just writing smut to make up the numbers, but as a story it just slows the plot down)

You start with the premise of trying to teach Harry about love and go so far to have some characters draw up a "plan", but it's obvious to everyone apart from Hermione and Ginny very early on that the plan isn't required but Harry seems to be forced into it. The fact the "plan" is thrown to the side almost immediately once it starts up means all the talk of the plan seems pointless. The fact that Ginny is the one pushing for it then completely disregards her side of it when it comes to implementing it just compounds how absurd the initial plan was.

The story feels a bit like another fic I read, Harem of Honeys. In that Harry is with Hermione but she keeps forcing him into relationships with other women when time and time again he says he just wants her.

Good read up to the point I had to stop because of the issues I've mentioned
Kane Richards chapter 37 . 8/9
It's been a great read so far but I wanted to make a point that I feel the confrontation with Dumbledore was a huge misstep for the story. The way it was written seems to have been "oops Dumbies done bad. Dumbies sorry" and then throw in a quick physical joke about nudity to make it all better, but your Harry, the Harry who you've written spend 37 chapters trying to discover what love is, would have been absolutely livid, beyond anything you have written. If anything he'd have gone into a destructive spiral of apologising to the girls and/or avoiding them like the plague.

Even going on the idea you will no doubt have all the girls forgive Harry (so to speak), I can't see this Harry forgiving himself for "messing" with their minds (to paraphrase a quite from earlier in the chapter) albeit without knowing.
Pyryp chapter 2 . 7/25
Riviera literally means coastline. So what you are saying is that the whole southern coast of France is a topless beach.
morcheller chapter 76 . 5/31
The Bin-Wah episode was one of the funniest scenes I've read in a long long time! Thanks.
I hope you keep writing these characters in a sequel.
Even though this started out to be PWP it has evolved into one of my all-time favorite stories and you one of my favorite authors!
Secundum chapter 11 . 5/21
Interesting story so far, but WAY too many Americanisms, and circumcision isn't practised in the UK. None of the characters feel in character.
Secundum chapter 2 . 5/20
Liking it so far, but your constant spamming of the word 'nutters' is REALLY OOC and detracts from the overall experience.
Galisaa chapter 53 . 4/25
DAMMIT, I liked the fluff, I like the little bit of action, and the pinch of sex. I fell a bit in love with gabby too. It hurts a lot. Not sure if I want to finish but holy moly, good job.
akasanta chapter 79 . 4/22
Very good story!


babiluv22 chapter 79 . 2/28
I...absolutely loved the story oh my gosh oh my gosh ...loved it.
Raethor chapter 16 . 2/20
So... Ron should be glad that his girlfriend an little sister are sleeping with his best friend?
Ron's being upset that his girlfriend is more willing to sleep with his best friend rather than him is understandable, yet you try so hard to make him the bad guy for it. I mean he says outright that he would still want Hermione if she had sex with Harry, but that he would rather that she didn't, and Harry calls him an idiot about it, before saying he'd do the same and 'hopes he doesn't make her choose'
Then his girlfriend tells him that he isn't allowed to be upset about the fact that she's more willing to sleep with Harry than him, and if he wants her at all he has to accept that. And Ron is willing to attempt telling harry that, even if its not true.
How is Ron the bad guy in this situation?
JModulator chapter 33 . 2/12
Nice story. I love author's style :)
biob1 chapter 19 . 2/8
FINALLY now we're getting somwhere.
biob1 chapter 15 . 2/8
You call this sprinklings of r/hr
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