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Anon chapter 36 . 3/9
Beautiful! Can't wait for more, though to be honest, if you were to end it here, it would still work out really well :D
ladopa chapter 36 . 2/6
Okay, I have to admit that I started this story with some skepticism, and there were some parts that made me cringe but I thought you stuck well to the characters, the reaction of Snape to his fatherhood of Potter seemed spot on to me. I love how you are giving personalities to Crabbe and Goyle instead of having them in the background, you don't read that very often. I also like what you did with Harry and Draco, again I was worried how it would go but you made Draco into a better character through it. This story is really good and I hope to read more soon.
Keep up the great work :)
shlv143 chapter 26 . 2/4
it is very good please continue
regicha chapter 36 . 2/3
Parabéns pela história estou gostando muito de le-la super ansiosa pelo proximo cap .
rmiser1994 chapter 36 . 1/10
great story so far! .
MinervaSnape394 chapter 36 . 12/31/2014
This is an incredible story! I read it all in one shot and think it is one of the best I've ever read. I love how your developing snape and harry's relationship. I like how snape isn't trying to suck up to harry to win him over but staying in character and developing the relationship slowly. I also think the friendship developing between the trio and malfoy, crabbe, and goyle is great and makes sense...harry's father being slytherine would help fight against the prejudice between the houses and it's an example of how things might have been different had harry had a living parent to guide him.
Anyways thanks so much for your story! I hope you will update soon. Happy New Year!
kitty-gurl1 chapter 36 . 12/30/2014
can't wait to see how this turns out!
julesa66 chapter 15 . 12/27/2014
You need to have Harry tell both his friends to bug off. They are too nosey with his life and what he does. They need to mind their own business.
julesa66 chapter 36 . 12/27/2014
Enjoying this story very much. I do have one question. Since Harry is Severus' son, why is he still wearing glasses? Severus and Lily had great eyesite. Also is is under any type of glamour if so why has it not been removed and what will be done about his height? Neither parent is short and there should be something that can be done to correct any problems if he is not under glamour.
Gladoo89 chapter 36 . 12/26/2014
I'm glad I finally took the time to catch up with your story! :)

I wish you a Happy Holiday!
Elliania chapter 36 . 12/22/2014
Just discovered your fic yesteday (I watched chamber of secrets on TV and suddenly felt very nosalgic and in need of some good Snape-Harry/Father-Son story. Yours is really great! It was the first time I've read one where Harry's so young, not 16 and a young man, but a teenager, almost still a child... loved it! I also loved that Lily had loved Sev, that *he* wasn't the mistake, the man she had cheated James with (or worse!), but her true love that she tried to protect as much as their child! Loved your James, Remus and Sirius! He came late into the story, I thought for a moment you weren't going to include him, but I'm glad I was wrong! And I'm not even speaking about Draco, Crabbe and Goyle! I love what you did with them! That dyslexia idea was great! For what I could gather, you take time updating this story. I don't mind, I understand this way too well. Also, it seems to me you already covered the basic! There is the matter of Harry's hand, and (more importantly to me) Harry's name, but this story can stand alone as it is now, so it's all good, I'll be patient! Great work, great storyline and twists... I'm sure I forgot to say a lot, but just know that I really enjoyed it!
Selande chapter 36 . 12/11/2014
I like how you weaved this story and how your tweaking of Snape's background and fatherhood came across. Very enjoyable! I look forward to more.
Rosabel Moonstar chapter 36 . 12/6/2014
Please update soon . Love it a lot.
Requiem-of-Forsaken-Life chapter 3 . 11/30/2014
Why in the name of all that is holy are you redeeming Snape of all people?

He is the second-most despicable person in the entire book series, behind only Dumbledore in being truly evil. Redemption? His only two good deeds were the counter-curse in book 1 and killing Dumbledore in book 6.

He ABUSED children! There is no act more evil, no act less worthy of redemption.
He abused his best friend's son. He should be raked over hot coals, sharp nails and dunked in lemon juice every day for the rest of his miserable life.
Love Faith Embers chapter 36 . 11/19/2014
Please continue. This is amazing!
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