Reviews for The Boy Who
KidzRule chapter 31 . 8/3/2017
I'm grinning like a giddy idiot right now. This chapter is PERFECTION! :D
KidzRule chapter 28 . 8/3/2017
Woohoo, Hermione's staring to become friends with Goyle, Harry met Padfoot and Malfoy had a non-hostile (well, mostly) moment with Harry! :D
KidzRule chapter 27 . 8/3/2017
GENIUS chapter from beginning to end! :D
You have no idea how much I love this amazing story. Coming from a grown ass man, that says a lot!
KidzRule chapter 26 . 8/3/2017
Holy crap! Although, I should've seen the secret leaking out sooner or later thing coming... Heh.
Draco and Padfoot bonding is one of the things I really, really, REALLY wish Rowling had done, so kuds to you for being smarter than her! :D
KidzRule chapter 23 . 8/3/2017
GENIUS chapter! Right now I'm grinning like a giddy idiot!
KidzRule chapter 21 . 8/3/2017
...Now I'm smiling since a) Magic isn't a cure-all, b) Malfoy confessed of his own free will and c) Snape's not going the least bit easy on him. :D
KidzRule chapter 20 . 8/3/2017
Okay, I had a tiny bit of sympathy for Malfoy over the Snape thing since obviously he's just a kid and reacting like any other human would; but now I only feel contempt. The LEAST he coulda done is try and help Harry!

P.S. Your writing is amazing. Lupin and Snape getting along as well as what you're doing with Crabbe an' Goyle and Hermione is a nice touch! :D
KidzRule chapter 13 . 8/3/2017
It's not at all O.O.C. for Vincent and Gregory to be smarter than they had been in Rowling's books, since those were from Harry's POV therefore he would only see one side to everyone (except for Hermione and Ron, of whom Harry saw two or three sides). Besides, why would they have gotten into Slytherin if they weren't secretly much smarter than they look?
...Huh. Interesting how Goyle and Malfoy see each other!
Ooh, I can't wait for Snape to show Petunia the what for! :D
KidzRule chapter 12 . 8/3/2017
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Harry getting put on time-out by Snape is HILARIOUS! :D
U-oh, Malfoy knows!
KidzRule chapter 10 . 8/3/2017
Haha, I really like your rendition of Crabbe and Goyle! :D
Comrade'sRoza chapter 39 . 7/9/2017
PhoenixShadow23 chapter 16 . 6/7/2017
I forgot to mention the eye! Ahh! Best thing ever! I don't know why this amused me so much but I love it and was kinda sad when Snape looked at the eye later on and noted that it would likely be meeting its demise the following day. A working eye that floats around in a jar watching you with a tail of optic nerves... Brilliant!
PhoenixShadow23 chapter 39 . 6/7/2017
Thanks for this fic! I started it after reading Perfectus Memoria, which I also greatly enjoyed. Both of these fics I read in the span of a couple of days. I think my favorite part of this one was how all the houses came together. I know everyone gets caught up in the rivalry, but I think the Gryffindor/Slytherin comaraderie is wonderful! I love how Harry helped change Severus, and in turn, Severus became a better teacher, and that he formed a friendship with Remus (a storyline I've always supported because they are so similar), and made amends, to an extent, with Sirius. Also how Sirius is able to become another "adult" figure for Draco is great! I loved that particular plot line. Vince and Greg were great too! I think you did a good job maintaining canon aspects while creating your own story. You're a great writer. As an English major, little things likes proper grammar and spelling make a huge difference to me. Thanks for this story. I can't wait to read more of your work!
Anna chapter 25 . 5/25/2017
Oh, wonderful! So yet again, someone who should be on Harry's side is going to support the person who crippled and nearly killed Harry. This is fine if you are going to present as another thing Harry has to overcome; his own godfather playing the role of Vernon, excusing the severe harm another child has inflicted on him. But, I get the feeling that you are not going to play it like that and Harry will be just fine with his godfather taking the side of the boy who so grievously injured him...
Leopard1 chapter 1 . 4/26/2017
I don't know if it was intentional or not, but your choice of turn voice for Ron right after Peter was turned back into a man, was very funny. It's great how you made Ron "squeak" when Pettigrew's form is a rat!
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