Reviews for College
EchizenRyoma chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
i cannot quite grasp the concept of this story yet. pls continue. but i can tell you its good.
The Hand of Destiny chapter 3 . 4/9/2010
I am thoroughly perplexed by this fic. I don't get it, sorry. There does not seem to be much of a plot and you're on the third chapter. To me, it seems that you write a bit then post it and continue the chapter later as a separate chapter. This sounds harsh but I'm just confused...

I'm busy these days, but I can beta if you want until you find another beta. I really think you can take the story somewhere or I will not offer.

You have to be careful of characterization and descriptions only where they are needed. Also, you have to build suspense. Syaoran and Meilin accepted Sakura Pretty Fast. Well, those are my thoughts. I really hope I did not discourage you. Congratulations on posting your first fic - it was nerve-racking for me! Lol. Ja ne!

P.S You can consider rewriting chapter 1 to draw in more readers and writing a better story summary with the plot _
beautiful.girl96 chapter 3 . 3/11/2010
I have to say i am really enjoying this story...and if this is your first story then you are doing better then me on my first story :)
HeroFluffy chapter 3 . 3/7/2010
Hi you said that you havn't had any reviews yet so let me be the first to offer some hopfully constructive criticisim.

First of all i like your concept the meeting in colledge thing is classic and you can easily run with it. And i'm waiting to see what you do next.

Second i think your writing sounds a little nervous and like your nervous about it. Don't be it's your first fanfiction, and most people love ccs and i don't think you's get flamed to hard.

Third thing is the way that you've written it sounds a lot like a onstage play we know the setting, but now your describing the characters, maybe a little too much, and since it reads like a play in half expecing you to describe the school and classroom in more detail.

Other than those things your doing great. As for the beta reader i'd offer but i don't think i'd be of much or any help.