Reviews for Sea Mucha
Sirhc Llirrem chapter 2 . 3/31/2010
OK. The grammar isn't good and barely have any quotation marks, so I couldn't tell who is talking or what that person is doing until I re-read the sentences over and over until I kind of got who is talking or what that person is doing. I've felt like I'm reading a script-fic mixed with a children's picture book (not a very good hybrid I must say).

Now for the actual story itself, this is where I could have the most fun with because I have lots of problems just after reading it. The story itself is cliche. I know what both Ponyo (a movie I like) and Mucha Lucha (a cartoon that I don't like)is, but putting these two together is like putting My Little Pony with Dragon Ball Z, two completely different shows in two completely different genres that should never go together. The Ponyo characters are going to Mexico (which you spelled it wrong, btw!) because... they're going to Mexico isn't a good reason why they are in Mexico. Unless you've been to Mexico (I haven't, but my parents did on their honeymoon) just by reading from what you wrote, you have no idea what Mexico's really like (and neither to the people watching Mucha Lucha). There's one scene in Chapter 2 where you got both Sosuke and Buena Girl to kiss which left me scratching my head. This is completly out of character with Sosuke (which I often thought that Sosuke is generic). Unless you return to this (I really hate using that acronym)O.O.C. moment later on with your story as a problem in love triangle between him, Ponyo, and Buena Girl in a later chapter which I assumed that may or may not be as well developed, we (of course I'm speaking for myself) do not need to read this!

The idea of Ponyo wanting to wrestle makes me want to bang my head against a rusty pipe a few dozen times. There's a plot hole in your story that also left me scratching my head. I have no idea why did she win when in fact that she's isn't magic after the movie... unless they are in Mexico, because everybody knows that if you can get super powers in Mexico, then you are a wrestler.

To close, the fic is ridiculous. There's no thought in the story, the chapters are short, the grammar sucks, (I'm somewhat guilty of this as well), and the characters are either out of character or just plain stupid. I don't know whether or not combining two cartoons and two genres is a good idea unless you make it into a parody, I can understand that. You could have pulled it off somewhat on an OK level to good with that idea, but meanwhile you wrote a story about Ponyo going to Mexico just to wrestle for no apparent reason with several characters dicking around and serve no purpose in the story (not that any character in this story has a purpose anyway).

The End.