Reviews for Children of Destiny
scholcomp25 chapter 4 . 1/21/2011
Very interesting story so far, cant wait to read more of it. Please continue.
GreatMarta chapter 4 . 5/5/2010
To begin with, the whole idea of the kids learning to use their powers is a sufficient material for a story on its own, not just one chapter. You had quite a few pretty good ideas, but expressed them all in a couple of sentences, which is a little disappointing. You could have played with the material a little more.

We learn that they are all staying at JDs place, which implies a house or apartment, and then we see them all excercising, which implies a great deal of open space in a remote area. This may be confusing. I suggest being more precise.

Rory became a fine example for the rest of the group, which is a good idea. I liked that part, it seemed to me as probable and a good lesson indeed. Plus Ikarus comes to mind.

I wish I could see Zoe destorying the building. Must have been a great deal of action.

'Becoming visible again turned to be just as hard' loved that line.

'Drum roll please!' that line made me laugh.

Love the codenames.

Overall a good chapter. One thing I regret is that it's so short. But I see you were trying very hard to make it work well, which I appreciate.
MaryJay13 chapter 3 . 3/9/2010
I'm afraid I'm partially responsible for the renaming ;-) I encouraged Lilith to do as she wished, if she wished to change names. I don't really see it as a renaming, but squarely as changing characters that did not suited her in her stories. So exit Momo, make up a new wife. Same for JD's wife.

In any case, I really enjoy this story :-) I'm looking forward to the reaction of the children when they wake up!
GreatMarta chapter 3 . 3/7/2010
You re-named them AGAIN? Oh well, I knew you wanted to re-name the kids, so I shouldn't be surprised, but the SPOUSES? I just can't say how shocked I am. I mean, no more Bunji-Momo? I'm curious of what made you take such drastic measures.

Okay, on the chapter itself:

The way you distributed the powers between the kids seems to make sense, only that in some cases it can't be explained by genetics (like Kenji taking after Lace). It's cool to learn of their powers nonetheless. Heh, poor Bunji, he's so disappointed _

One thing still left to settle is their codenames _