Reviews for The Secret Diary of Alana Jane Smith
Ash-Varnei chapter 5 . 2/27/2011
"I can assure you," the computer intoned in the same calm, smooth voice, "That human pro-creation is not within my –admittedly extensive- capabilities."

Okay, that is just the best line in an SJA fic, EVER. ;)
The Master of Time chapter 5 . 12/21/2010

I was just reading 'Parallel', and was thinking "This NEEDS a sequel!" Then I find out it is one!

There needs to be more Alana Jane stuff! And some more Jake stuff! And there needs to be more about Laura, Cammi, Isaac and Nathan.
RomanaLadyPresidentOfGallifrey chapter 3 . 7/23/2010
wow. this story being read major emotional impact. plz write some more
like clockwork chapter 3 . 6/3/2010
you havnt updated for AGES please update because i really LOVE THIS STORY and i MUST read more ppppllllleeeeaaassseeee
KrazyKimmy chapter 3 . 5/26/2010
This is really good.

Keep writing it how you see it, how it makes most sense to you.

Can't wait for the next update!
That idiot chapter 3 . 4/18/2010
rma123 chapter 3 . 4/15/2010
OMG its BRILLIANT your writing ROCKS PLEASE update my life DEPENDS ON IT
LostLyra chapter 3 . 4/8/2010
Hey! Nice to see that you still exsist and haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Anyway, Maria had a miscarrage? Or something along those lines? I'm enjoying this so far, please update.
blackleatherboots chapter 2 . 4/8/2010
...and now I want to know more!

"That's so cool! Are they evil? Do you blow them up?" This so works! I can't believe it!

And I love the way they all live on Bannerman Road.

This is really brilliant - so smoothly written and well-balanced!

Lots of love,

El 3
blackleatherboots chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
This is so GOOD!

Wow. I am seriously impressed.

"He's a Vinvocci. 'Cactus' is racist." LOVE IT!

Now I need more...

Thank you so much for this.

3 El
Cara-Jane Smith chapter 2 . 3/12/2010
So far... this story is very gripping, it has not even got to the climax yet... please write more... it is a very good story so far! From Cara-Jane Smith ;-)
CrimsonElevenDelightPetrichor chapter 2 . 3/6/2010
That was an awesome chapter!

I don't know what you mean when you say you aren't proud of it, because it's really good!
CrimsonElevenDelightPetrichor chapter 1 . 3/5/2010
This is a good start :) I hope to see more soon!
LostLyra chapter 1 . 3/5/2010
I'm liking this so far! It's unusual to get a second generation story - but I'd like to see how this one evolves. Please update soon. LL