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ElnaKernor chapter 20 . 11/2/2015
Why isn't there an end?! Why?! I'm going to cry and soak this story in my tears! I mean, seriously, this is great, this is incredible, I love how Bloom and his handsomeness and awesomeness are everywhere, and your ideas are perfect, and by the way, can I murder James Sparrow? I can? Thanks!
Sad how it's left unfinished, still.
Love it anyway.
earthdragon chapter 20 . 2/4/2015
It seems that you have had another long hiatus, since it is five years since this story was updated. I have read and enjoyed all the previous stories in this series and excellent they were too. Is there any chance that the fifth (and final?) story will be completed? You have already written 20 chapters, so there it can't be far from the end. On the other hand, have you stopped writing fan fiction completely? If so, it is a shame, since you are a very talented and imaginative writer.
ShiraChan-Desu chapter 20 . 11/29/2013
I'm at the end.

. . .

shushanepa chapter 20 . 8/19/2013
Well I have the read the whole series now. And I must tell you, this is the best crossover fanfiction I have ever read! You are truly a talented writer. Please update this story soon and finish it.

Miss Mercury101 chapter 20 . 1/27/2013
This is a fantastic story! I really hope everything goes well for Legolas, and he can get his immortality back, but given the presence of James Sparrow and Beckett, that might not happen. Looking forward to the next chapter.
mudkipz chapter 20 . 1/19/2013
Are you dead?
fantasywind chapter 19 . 10/25/2012
Great chapter, I like this mysterious island. Aside from that, when I was re-reading ,,Legacy of the Third Age" and I reached the meeting with druids, I suddenly remembered that Yule is celebrated also in Middle Earth! Especially it's a holiday among the hobbits (in Shire it's two days holiday, last day of old and first day of new year, they also have lithe, Midsummer holiday during which a Free Fair is taking place on White Downs, where once a seven years a Mayor of Michel Delving is elected, democracy in Middle Earth ehh ;)? Michel Delving is the largest town in Shire, it's capital, it has museum Mathom-house and Town Hole mind you ;), Mayor is known also as Mayor of the Shire who administrate Shire's postal service as Postmaster, also Shirriffs and Bounders, Shirriffs are the closest thing to police hobbit's have, and amusingly enough they have a power to arrest someone haha) besides the hobbits, Yule is celebrated by men of upper Vale of Anduin: Beornings (greatest bakers, known for their Honey-cakes, apparently commonly they kept large bee farms where they breeded bees the size of a thumb, the way Beorn did, he had clearly magical abilities in these matters), possibly other peoples like Woodmen of Mirkwood, Bardings Men of Dale, Lakemen of Esgaroth (being another example of democracy, electing Master of Laketown from the old and wise, who ruled their city state, huge and wealthy town builded on the Long Lake, I like Tolkien's illustration of it by the way). Speaking of centers of civilization in northern Rhovanion, I think that kingdoms of Dale and Erebor, including Esgaroth and realm of the Wood Elves would be great place for another adventure for merry gang of Balian ;), city of Dale is a capital of large kingdom containing all lands between Celduin and Carnen rivers, dwarven kingdoms of Erebor and Iron Hills would be a great change, imagine lots and lots of dwarves, magnificent underground halls, bursting with activity, all kind of industry, bell-making, forging weapons and armours, tools, builders, masons, stoneworkers, miners, engineers, toy makers, Toy-market of Dale is wonder of the North after all ;), those piles of treasures: gold, silver jewels of all kinds you can think of, enormous temptation for pirates like Pintel and Ragetti, even for captain Jack Sparrow, by the way I would like to see him meeting Tom Bombadil the only guy in the universe to rival Jack's weirdness and still remaining an ultimate badass, who would kick Barrow Wights ass single-handedly hehehe, hmm what about Watcher in the Water, Jack reaction to this creature would be priceless, okay I'm changing subject too quickly;). Just as I described Gondor in previous reviews there is much more to do even in one small region of Middle Earth. Another thought came to me, maybe some adventure concerning Ents would be interesting, Barisian could finally meet them, maybe even visit their dwellings in Fangorn, Wellinghall of Treebeard (,,furnitures" like stone table, bed, really magical place: ,,‘Treebeard lifted two great vessels and stood them on the table. They seemed to be filled with water; but he held his hands over them, and immediately they began to glow, one with a golden and the other a rich green light; and the blending of the two lights lit the bay, as if the sun of summer was shining through a roof of young leaves.’" TReebear using magic?
fantasywind chapter 18 . 10/17/2012
To add something to my previous review, to Gondor also belonged coastal region of Anfalas (Langstrand meaning Long Shore) with it's lord Golasgil, it was sparsely inhabited by hunters and fishermen, probably elves lived there long ago, it contained hills of Pinnath Gelin, west of it was Cape of Andrast largely deserted, but inhabited by men of non-numenorean descent (actually many regions of Gondor were populated by people of migled heritage, like in Lebennin, who's people resembled more Men of the White Mountains, than Numenoreans, more pure blooded Numenoreans were amongst the citizens of Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, Pelargir, nobles like Prince Imrahil and other lords and military commanders of the fiefdoms, who together were Council of Gondor, with Steward and king at it's head), lords of the fiefdoms are actually subjects to the king and have rather administrative position than real power. Aragorn has also kingdom of Arnor in the wastelands of Eriador, but he declared that he'll sent more people to recolonize it. So centers of civilization in the North are not only Shire, Bree-land with it's four villages (more likely small towns, fortified with high hedges, Bree, Staddle, Archet and Combe, were hobbits and men lived together), some hidden settlements of Dunedain (rangers had families, wifes and children and probably small forces to defend them, while they wander freely around, dispatching common bandits, brigands, orcs, trolls, wargs and whatever other creatures and threats there are in Eriador), there are some natives in lands of Minhiriath and Enedwaith, scattered hunter and fisher folk, especially in Eryn Vorn, Settlements in Dunland at the foot of Misty Mountains, maybe remnants of Hill-men of Rhudaur (three trolls, Bert, Tom and William, eaten half a village ;) while they came from mountains to Trollshaws) also in the Angle south of famous Trollshaws, after those three were dispatched, Aragorn's people builded new Dunedain settlements, he as a Chieftain of Dunedain could lead them there to be closer to Rivendell, there is also mysterious Fosaken Inn in some small inhabited region, along the dwarven Great East Road, ,,a day's ride east of Bree" in the so called Lone-lands between Bree and Rivendell, the elves live west from Shire, could be still protecting White Towers, builded by Gil-Galad (later lands near Emyn Beraid, Tower Hills were given to hobbits as Westmarch of the Shire, land between Far Downs and Tower Hills where town of Undertowers was build, but in this point of story it will be long in the future, 32 year of Fourth Age), major cities of Arnor were Annuminas (city of Elendil and first capital, located at the shores of Nenuial lake, near the sources of Baranduin by hobbits known as Brandywine, Aragorn had there royal palace, also in ancient times one of the palantirs was placed there, now submerged in the wreck of Arvedui's ship on the Ice Bay of Forochel, very valuable silver Scepter of Annuminas was the symbol of power over northern kingdom, city was close to Hills of Evendim, which have it's name from the lake, Nenuial is also known as Lake Evendim, hills were populated long ago by native men and Dunedains), Fornost Erain (second capital of Arnor, now ruin after the war with Angmar, Men of Bree called it Deadman's Dike and fear to go near, probably it contains remnants of orcs and other evil creatures that lived there when witch-king captured the city after siege, and it was also capital of Arthedain, which was one of the three split kingdoms: Arthedain, Cardolan, Rhudaur, which were all parts of Arnor divided between sons of the king Earendur), Tharbad (great port city on the river Gwathlo, on the edge of lands Minhiriath and Enedwaith, with massive bridge, which used local forests for gathering timber for ship building industry, it was also trading center on the trade route of Great South Road also known as Greenway or Old South Road, with garrisons of both arnorian and gondorian forces on the both sides of the river, it was one of the first numenorean colonies, destroyed by great flood in the Third Age and abandonded, Boromir lost a horse there while he was travelling to Rivendell, it means the bridge didn't survive, "A considerable garrison of soldiers, mariners and engineers [were] kept there until the seventeenth century of the Third Age.."
,,In the early days of the kingdoms the most expeditious route from one to the other (except for great armaments) was found to be by sea to the ancient port at the head of the estuary of the Gwathlo and so to the river-port of Tharbad, and thence by the road."
" undertake the great works of drainage and dyke-building that (would make) a great port on the site where Tharbad stood.."
The ford was deepened to receive sea-going vessels, and the massive fenlands above it were extensively drained, until a much smaller Swanfleet was all that remained. Tharbad's new river-port was spanned by a bridge, the immense labour of which "was shared by the North and South Kingdoms", and included "a fortified town and haven about the great bridge over the Greyflood.."), there also was a Lond Daer Ened, port on the sea coast.
fantasywind chapter 17 . 10/17/2012
I really think it would be great to have a next part of the series again in Middle Earth (when this part is finished:). It's much bigger than it seems on the maps, for example both Rohan and Gondor have many places of interest, Rohan besides Helm's Deep (and Hornburg fortress along with highly populated valley beneath), densely populated valley of Harrowdale, Dunharrow fortress, royal city of Edoras (which has plumbing by the way :), they have fountains, probably sewers, drainage canals) also ancient city of Aldburg (first capital of Eorl the Young, home to some nobles related to royal line and seat of power of Third Marshal of the Mark, Eomer lived there for a time), there are some nobles in posession of lands on both sides of river Isen (Adorn) like Freca from the time of Helm Hammerhand. Gondor has even more, all the fiefdoms: Anorien (it's northern edge near border with Rohan on Merring stream, with exception of Druadan Forest being home to Druedain, savage tribe but friendly with the West in late Third Age was largely deserted) which contains Minas Tirith on the fields of Pelennor, wide farmlands full of villages and settlements, surrounded with the walls of Rammas Echor, great fortifications builded in big ring over Pelennor, (interesting fact is that the walls were breached by Sauron's army with explosives: ,,The bells of day had scarcely rung out again ... when far away he saw fires spring up, across in the dim spaces where the walls of the Pelennor stood. The watchmen cried aloud, and all men in the City stood to arms. Now ever and anon there was a red flash, and slowly through the heavy air dull rumbles could be heard.

'They have taken the wall!' men cried. 'They are blasting breaches in it. They are coming!'"
,,Walls stand up no longer: gorgûn knock them down with earth-thunder and with clubs of black iron. They are unwary and do not look about them. They think their friends watch all roads!' At that old Ghân made a curious gurgling noise, and it seemed that he was laughing."), Lossarnach, Lamedon, Lebennin, Ringlo Vale, Morthond Vale, Belfalas together with Dor-en-Ernil and isle of Tolfalas, Harondor (South Gondor), there are also numerous cities like Osgiliath (probably rebuild in the time you could write next story), Harlond (port city fullfilling the role of Minas Tirith's harbour, being part of fortifications of Rammas Echor), in retaken Ithilien there should be city on the hills of Emyn Arnen, ancestral home of the steward's line, and seat of power for new Prince of Ithilien Faramir, city of Ethring at the crossing of the river Ringlo (Aragorn came through it during his march with army of the dead, it was the capital of Riglo's vale small fiefdom or I should wrote province of Gondor which had it's own lord, an unnamed nobleman, who's son Dervorin took three hundred men to Minas Tirith while his father took larger force to fight off Corsairs), Calembel (quite large town in region of Lamedon, actually it's capital, located on the road between Erech and Pelargir, on the ford of river Ciril, it's inhabitants fled when Aragorn came with the dead army), Linhir (port city, probably second largest city of Lebennin, in the place where river Gilrain and Serni flow to the sea, near the Ethir Anduin), Pelargir (largest city in Lebennin, probably one of the biggest in all of the kingdom, main harbour of Gondor, huge port, where the fleet was stationed especially during the reign of four Ship-kings, who made Gondor the greatest naval and military power of the Third Age, the last of these kings Hyarmendacil I made Gondor an empire spreading far and wide, all the lands of Calenardhon (later Rohan), all the coasts and lands of Enedwaith as far north as Mirkwood and Lothlorien, to the east as far as Sea of Rhun, south all the way to Umbar, and kingdoms of the Near Harad were conquered or tributary to Gondor, Mordor was occupied, it was the Golden Age of Gondor) the first of Numenorean colonies in Middle Earth, at the beginning belonged to King's Men, many of whom became Black Numenoreans, Pelargir is sometimes compared to Venice, it had some buildings raised on platforms or pillars in the water, Anduin is really wide in this place so it could be done, it was there where 50 great ships of Corsairs transporting troops and unnumbered force of smaller vessels were waiting in docks to go north to Harlond and assault Minas Tirith, and there Aragorn captured this fleet. And of course there is Dol Amroth with it's famous: Sea-ward Tower (with ,,one slow bell high in the Seaward Tower", probably could serve also as lighthouse),castle of Prince Imrahil (the only noble to have such a title before Faramir get the same one) and Swan Knights, elite troops of Gondor. Oh and there is often forgotten city of Tarnost, somewhere on the Hill of Tarnost, east from Dol Amroth, further inland of Belfalas (or Dor-en-Ernil). And I didn't even begun to describe other lands of Middle Earth.
Dreamsteel chapter 20 . 10/3/2012
Look, I've discovered your stories about three days ago, and basically my parents haven't seen me since, because I was too busy reading them, locked up in my room. I... er...There are no words powerful enough to say this, but I'm going to try: I LOVE these series of yours! I was ecstatic to see that there was a fith fanfic to this, and I almost died when I came to the end of it and I realized that you hadn't updated it in more than two years!... please could you continue it ? My brain, nerves, and imagination are itching to know what happened next!
I think you're a brilliant writer, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
fantasywind chapter 20 . 9/30/2012
Hehee hmm that last mile long review is actually mine, I didn't notice that I was logged off, it happens heh.
Guest chapter 20 . 9/30/2012
Great chapter, I hope that you'll finish this story soon. Maybe you could write another part, in Middle Earth to balance things out :):)(first part was set in Middle Earth, second outside, third again, fourth outside and this one so one other middle earth adventure would be welcome haha). After all Fourth Age is not total end of everything mysterious and magical in Middle Earth, there are still many things, for example dragons, they are still existing and numerous in Middle Earth, breeding on the Withered Heat near Ered Mithrin, Grey Mountains, cold drakes and fire drakes, but not so powerful like Smaug (by the way he was the most powerful dragon of Third Age), they are intelligent, cunning capable of speech (compelling voice just like Saruman's ;), with incredible mind bending magic, so called ,,dragon-spell" that allows them to mind control victim, totally hypnotyze, paralyze with gaze, wipe out memory. Achilles could prove his worth, as he wanted hehe, just like other men of Middle Earth, Fram of Eotheod who killed dragon Scatha, Turin Turambar, oh wait better not like him, ;). And of course there are other nasty things, wargs, werewolves (connection between those two unknown, but it's certain they are different somehow), Giant Spiders, with their demonic mother Shelob weaving webs of shadow (I'm pretty sure she had mental powers: ,,he (Gollum) had bowed and worshipped her, and the darkness of her evil will walked through all the ways of his weariness beside him, cutting him off from light and from regret."). Though Mirkwood became Eryn Lasgalen, I doubt that the forest was so easily cleaned of all evil things, or simple animals twisted by the dark power of Sauron, black butterflies, moths the size of a hand, huge bats, probably the same as those during Battle of Five Armies feasting on blood of wounded and fallen, and others, possibly other kinds of giant insects: ,,Insect eyes" he thought, "not animal eyes, only they are much too big." (those could be Dumbledors and Hummerhorns from hobbits folklore in a poem from ,,Adventures of Tom Bombadil" and these bats reminded me about vampires to which in Middle Earth are only few references, Sauron took form of a vampire once, and there was Thuringwethil, flying bat-like being possibly humanoid, cause Luthien impersonated her). There are mysterious Stone Giants, few probably quite decent as Gandalf said ;), there are still Ents (no sign of Entwives though:), Great Eagles, still there are orcs and trolls (especially in Misty Mountains with Gundabad as capital, Coldfells where the Mount Gram was possibly and Ettenmoors homeland of trolls), few surviving Black Numenoreans, many of which were sorcerers, just like Mouth of Sauron and queen Beruthiel few centuries before. Many High Elves are still residing in Rivendell and remnants of Lindon, Teleri, Sea Elves building ships in Mithlond with their lord Cirdan Shipwright, the oldest elf in Middle Earth, remembering the Great Journey, also numerous Wood Elves, and at least six clans of Avari in Rhun who refused to go to Blessed Realm. Many places still weren't explored by our merry gang :). For example large and wealthy Kingdom of Dale and Erebor with it's kings: Bard II, dwarven king from House of Durin Thorin III Stonehelm (Longbeards, Gimli's folk). Men of Dale have some minor magical skills of understanding and talking to trushes, there are Beornings with their chieftain Grimbeorn the Old (it's the one who was alive during War of the Ring) able to shapeshift into bear, talk to animals and probably enhance them (Beorn breeded bees the size of a thumb, his house animals could serve him a dinner, it's clearly magical way of teaching them). If our pirates want sea aventure no problem ;) waters from Ice Bay of Forochel, islands of Tol Fuin and Himring, possibly Balar island (it could survive destruction of Beleriand as well), peak of Meneltrama and other maybe islands that could exist in the waters around Numenor, warm waters of Near and Far Harad (as Ithilien is a mediterranean climate with the same flora and fauna, there are cedar, cypress and olives, Greeks should recognize those ;), Haradwaith is more african, tropical, references to dark woods of the south with monkeys in them). There could be even some unknown artifacts made by Gwaith-i-Mirdain elven smiths of Eregion, they after all made lesser rings of power in addition to nineteen Great, so why not other trinkets, just like Elessar, stone with healing powers in possesion of Aragorn. Wood elves also made enchantments, warding off evil creatures, confusing and casting sleep over intruders, kindling fires on site of their feasts in matter of seconds. Magic is still present in Middle Earth it must only be discovered. :);)
fantasywind chapter 15 . 9/30/2012
Good story so far really, but sometimes confusing with all the double characters hehe. One funny thing that stick to my memory from this chapter (I don't know why:) is Gimli's rumbling about his chainmail rusting haha. I wonder if rust really would be problem for a superior dwarven work, especially when: ,,For the hauberks of the Dwarves were so fashioned that they rusted not but shone ever as if they were new-burnished." But who knows ;). It's very entertaining, very good work.
BookLover2000 chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
This is a very well written story. It's one of my favorites. Can you please update?
incarnate of evil chapter 20 . 3/13/2012
Hey, been a long time. I finally got round to reading all the new stuff, you've been busy!

I like this story so far, quite unpredictable as well although I have a hole or two to pick. I'm sure Ragetti and Pintel went with them as I remember them guarding the ship at the beginning and they have never been mentioned again. Also I'm very surprised that they have never mentioned how helpful the Opal or Pearl could be at any point and in fact besides right at the beginning of being in the parallel world have not even wondered or tried to find their ship.

That is all, just thought I would point it out as I noticed but as usual I'm enjoying your work and can't wait for the next chapter! :)
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