Reviews for Idle Hands
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 3/6/2010
Whoa, that was a great angsty piece! You captured Faith's turmoil within herself perfectly. Your writing is always so poetic that it manages to capture both the inner and outer workings of the character. I think character psychology works in a variety of ways and aspects and what I love about the way you portray Faith is how you convey both her outward and inward psychosis.

I love that you decided to write it in first person present tense. I think that allows the audience to dig a little deeper into Faith's mind, as you have allowed me to do so. This allows me access to the character's perspective that I might not have if it was written in third person or otherwise. As this is a first person character account, I am able to feel Faith's angst a lot more and become emotionally involved in her journey and actions. Your words are crisp, clear, descriptive, lucid and alluring. Your writing is most definitely a reflection of the thin line between frustration (obviously brought on by the restlessness) with an insatiable craving of insanity.

Beautiful piece. I can always tell that you have a lot of fun writing for Faith. I'm a huge fan of 10-20 word one-shots. How long did this piece take you to write if you don't mind me asking? And please continue to write more fics. I'm such a fan of your style! :)

As a side-note, I have read both of the other Dollhouse fics you posted. Just haven't reviewed yet. I'm sorry! I hope to review sooner rather than later. If I can't review this weekend, I'll review sometime after Tuesday. I have a midterm to take and a paper due that day, so I'm hoping to review afterward and also catch up on my own fanfic writing as well.

Until next time... ;)