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ravenskyys chapter 1 . 10/4/2014
Ok Im a little confused. Did all this happen because she was on her period
BSunkissed chapter 31 . 9/19/2014
I know that this is like two years late but it's brand new to me. You did such a magnificent job. I love how much attention you put into the entire story, never once faltering and creating sub par work. I have so much respect for you as an author because I can clearly see how hard you worked with plot and character development and still the pacing was perfect.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire 13 hours I stole to read this and it was worth it in so many different ways.

I just want you to know that your writing inspires not only the imagination but other writers to keep stories passionate.

I digress, and thank you again for this. It is worth every bit of praise and more!

Pandamunk chapter 31 . 9/16/2014
Goodness gracious, this fic was a wonder to behold.

I've only recently started watching Soul Eater (it was on netflix and after YEARS of hearing/seeing how good it was, I watched it out of curiousity ((and now currently reading the manga))) and this fic.

This wonderful, multi-chaptered fic, was a beautiful testament to the series.

Ah! Where do I begin, I mean, obviously the content. I stumbled upon Amplify by pure accident while google hunting for fanfics and this little doozy popped up. The summary made me crack up (though I am not sure why I thought it was a oneshot when the chapter count was RIGHT there), so I peeked into it and as soon as the first cliff-hanger of Maka's immediate womanly-troubles becoming much more severe, I was hooked. With each alternating-point-of-view chapter I was getting more and more invested. You could even say that this entirety was the black-hole, pulling me into a super nebula of feelings? ;D

Speaking of feelings, I cannot stress enough how many times I covered my hands in second-hand embarrassment with Soul being awkward and so devoted to Maka and Maka trying her best to read Soul's aloof nature even with the Soul Chain established. Which, by the way, was a very good element that was explained wonderfully by the best teacher in existence, Black*Star. I love how you write the characters, it feels like them and also has that feeling of them being a little older too, with these new feelings and needs and wants and experiences.

Honesly, I am so curious about the threesome that Kid and the Thompson sisters have going on like you have no idea.

Can I also mention how much I love the plot? I said before that I thought it was a oneshot and about Soul dealing with pms through Maka's influence but it's so much much much more than that. Love the smut, love the underlying problem with the Black Blood and Little Ogre even more. And I also love how Maka and Soul kept having these moments of "we should bang but we shouldn't because _". It build up the-excuse the pun-climax of the scene where they finally did the do even more.

(That scene with them in the shower house and their bits just rubbing together without actually penetrating kept my face so hot, I had to go outside haha!)

There are a lot of multi-chapter fics where it's easy to make two people who can be absolute shits to each other but love each other bang endlessly. But it's very rare and a diamond in the rough to witness and see a beautiful masterpiece as this. A wonderful testament to their devotion to each other as partners, budding romance that builds from years of friendship and respect for each other, and the heart-wrenching love and bond that keeps them together even after shit hits the fan and it looks like we're all gonna die.

I was freaking out when soul was losing blood, but that soul sway (another lovely concept and very interesting to attribute to how Asura ate his weapon), that little accidentally found ability kept him alive.

These two dorks deserve to get married and have all the kids Spirit can spoil and smother to death.
HoldYourHortas chapter 31 . 9/10/2014
This'm out of words. Sorry.


Screams of a fangirl will have to do.
TigerStriper chapter 9 . 9/8/2014
Can not. Contain. Uncontrollable. Laughter. Yo.
I'm not even sure it was that funny, but I just couldn't stop laughing. Love your story by the way, the humor mixes perfectly with all the other parts.
Pasht chapter 31 . 9/6/2014
Oh my goodness, that was a fantastic story! Spent so long looking for a good SoMa, and you've hit it spot on! I almost want the story to continue, though this is a pretty good ending.

My only complaint is having to go to LJ to read the sex scenes. I've read more graphic ones on FF so I really don't think you needed to remove them. The story is rated M after all, so graphic scenes (sex or otherwise) are to be expected.
SeraphOmega chapter 1 . 8/30/2014
Wow, its always the stories that I remember after long periods of time that are the best. Its funny, this is probably one of the best SoMa fics I've seen in this site, EVER. Just the right amount of realistic interractions, no OOC moments that I could see, and the lemons on your livejournal aren't overbearingly fake! I absolutely love your work, even after so long. It's always fun to reread my favorite works, in case I've forgotten any details!
WtfSmut chapter 31 . 8/20/2014
This story was beautiful and amazing so well written and I'm so glad my very first Soul Eater fanfiction was this story. You are an excellent author who had exceeded expectations. If this story were to be published if be the first one in like to buy it. Seriously. I wish I could buy it and keep it forever. I haven't even checked out your other stories yet and I'm not even sure if you've written anything else. I hope you have. I'm hoping for a sequel or epilogue filled with marriage days and little white haired sharkbears - one can dream, can't they? A year or two slipped out when I read the "C-sharp minor" sentence that ended your fic and it really made me realize that your gorgeous story had actually ended. But that's what makes you such a great author! You always leave the audience wanting more, leaving so many things up for interpretation! Gah, I could go on all day about a story that's almost 4 years old. In short, I really needed this story in my life and I'm glad you were the one to write it!
RuskaSky chapter 31 . 8/14/2014
.Goodness. *drops of perfection*

Thanks to my ***** internet connection, I couldn't review the last chapters, so I just pour it in here: YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Goodness, my heart is mingling and happy and everything and quite sad and longing because such an awesome story is over.

I totally didn't expect the devolpment in the beginning. Granted, your style was amazing even in the first chapter, but I just expected some smut, fun and that's it. Nothing like "How can I even dream of becoming an author if there are people like THIS out there?"

This story is so well done, so interesting, believeable, Soul-Eater-like, I just LOVE it! Ahhh, will surely read it again one day. Flawless writing, so many details I sometimes needed to take a step back to get it and not be overwhelmed by it all. The ending just made my heart go smdfsjdnsd. Too cute, too fluffy, and even though I have no understanding of music whatsoever, the final paragraphs just tugged at my heart strings.

You're an excellent writer *bows*
RuskaSky chapter 28 . 8/14/2014
Nooo, Souuuul! Oh my, that's dangerous!

Quickly throwing it in here, your style is so captivating it's amazing!
RuskaSky chapter 27 . 8/14/2014
Oh no! Tsubaki, nooo! What an intense chapter! No offense, but during all of the SoMa, the storyline somehow got lost - glad to see it's back up now!
Gnaaa, so curious as what will happen next. If Soul's blood is completely black, that really means trouble, doesn't it? mdfdnfkd.
RuskaSky chapter 26 . 8/14/2014
Oh, I haven't even thought about the fact that Maka might be seriously pissed off once Soul is "disqualified". A really interesting chapter, I'll give you that. Loved Kid's appearance, he should get more screen-time in basically anything.
Off to the next chapter! (Sorry for the short review; too caught up in the story to take the time and write.)
RuskaSky chapter 25 . 8/14/2014
Great chapter! The explicit stuff was hot, and overall very interesting! I wonder just why Soul can see Maka's soul now - I know, probably because of their whole resonating and stuff, but still. Love how Soul is so confident with Maka *drools*
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2014
I like how you displayed Soul, its how I like to imagine him to.
RuskaSky chapter 24 . 8/9/2014
This was so intense! So good! So wonderful! Oh my goodness, I don't have the words to express it. Just brilliant, perfect, just the way I hoped it would be when they finally go there!
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