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ChocolateReader chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
That ending. HIt me hard.
Chaotic Reflections chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
I like Kikyo. I understand her pain, what she's been through. She really didn't deserve being alone. You did an excellent job in portraying her and how she felt.
Daughter of Shadow chapter 1 . 11/9/2012
Before I make any further comments, I want to say that I really love your writing. Your story "Illumination" and your hilarious Hentai series have been some of the highlights in my entire fanfiction reading indulgence. I will give you reviews on each, though I'll probably only post in one Hentai installment and let my comments apply to the whole series. Anyway let's get on to the important part; the review for this story.

I do think you were very accurate in the portrayal of Kikyo's personality, or at least the part of her soul, or more correctly Kagome's soul that is stuck in the clay reincarnation of her body, but that is just it isn't it? It is Kagome's soul, not Kikyo's.

I am not a Buddhist, nor do I have much knowledge in their theory of reincarnation. I believe that the soul reincarnates itself depending on its actions in its last life, and sometimes that sends one to a more evolved soul and sometimes a less evolved soul, but the ultimate destination is Nirvana and the soul will continue to evolve, even with the occasional slides backward, until it is ready for that final glorious state of light, oneness and knowledge.

Personally, I think that being reincarnated in Kagome, and make no mistake, she is a reincarnation, was Kikyo's reward. Kagome isn't just a girl who looks like Kikyo, she is Kikyo, or more accurately she is Kikyo's soul after 500 years of evolution; she is Kikyo, but she is better than Kikyo and a Kikyo finally able to be with her true love, Inuyasha.

Kagome is her own self of course, because she is very different from who Kikyo was, but that is basically due to the fact that with a more evolved soul comes a more evolved personality, and one worthy of Inuyasha, who despite being brash and uncultured, bitter and often foolish, is still a very special person and being. Of course, I believe that she is also meant to "illuminate" Inuyasha and give him a reason to become a better person himself, as well as karmic payback for his 200 years of suffering and sadness.

My whole point is that really Kikyo didn't lose everything, she gained everything, when she was reborn as Kagome and was pulled back through the well to be with Inuyasha again. Had it not been for Urasue's evil interference, this unnatural being with only the anger and bitterness in the piece of her evolved soul that managed to remain in this undead body, would not be faced with such terrible sadness and loss. And though the situation is a tragic one, the clay body that is now walking around with that tattered piece of the soul that should have been hers, is not really Kikyo; only a shadow of who Kikyo once was.

Kikyo is alive and well, happy and whole; at least she will be once Kagome and Inuyasha accept their love for each-other, defeat Naraku and get on with the business of being together as mates.

Great story by the way, but I prefer to look at the happy side of things.
Lord Lelouch chapter 1 . 10/12/2012
I just stumbled upon this one-shot and I think you captured Kikyo's character perfectly.

I never believed that she was a cruel heartless person. She is simply someone who always did what was right and did her duty always. All she ever really wanted was just to find a small measure of peace and happiness. She's not asking for much or something so special.

I can understand why she's bitter, seeing the life that could have been her's and realizing that it will never be. I mean even Kaede didn't really care for the clay being she was resurrected as. That was probably what hurt her even more than anything, even the fact of Inuyasha falling for Kagome.

I don't think she ever really wanted to be a priestess in the first place. I'm quite sure she only became one for Kaede's sake. From what is indicated, her parents probably died while Kaede was still a baby and she was just a child. She probably accepted the fate of becoming a priestess so that it would be easier to provide for Kaede even if it was at the cost of her own happiness.

To be honest in the end I believe that Kikyo was the better woman in the end when compared to Kagome.

That's just my personal feelings. Her end truly was a tragic.
qartvubhnj chapter 1 . 12/30/2011
Ah, poor Kikyou. Though I, too, prefer to be alone, I can understand how she wouldn't. I'm pretty sure most wouldn't think of how she might not be happy living how she is. Poor girl.
moocow chapter 1 . 11/25/2011
u shouldnt of tried to kill ur boyfriend then bitch xP ahahahahaahaha Ima a meanie ;)
Glon Morski chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
Wow. You rarely see fics which embody Kikyo's point of view on hr situation and her two lives and actually make her sound like the person I believe she is. At least,I haven't found many like that. Most of the time... well, I'll drop that subjet, I'm here to talk aout THIS fic now :3

Anyway, it was a great fic. As i said before, I rarely find a fic which embodies Kikyo without... well, bashing her at least to some extent (it's ridiculous how most people/Inuyasha-fans hate her, really... she should be pitied more than anything). But you portrayed her thoughts exactely how I think se had thoug them herself. That'a perfect IC Kikyo I see here. Great job. Than you very much for sharing XD
Tenkasen chapter 1 . 6/2/2011
I was always one to believe InuYasha really did love her, completely and whole-heartedly. But it was also most likely his first love, as well as hers, which tends to be strong, uncontrollable love that overflows in a way due to inexperience. And you never completely give up on your first love (or so I've been told), so I believe that a part of InuYasha's love for Kikyo kind of rooted intself in his love for Kagome as well, due to their physical similarities and such.

But enough of that rambling; You captued Kikyo's personality well here. Sorrowful and true, kept well to her viewpoints. Well done.
cellarsalts chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
Excellent story, I loved it. Although I'm inclined Inuyasha really did love her, you captured most of Kikyou's sentiments amazingly. I think Kikyou is one of the most wronged and misunderstood characters around... This little rant of Kikyou's is the perfect answer to anyone who thinks she is evil or someone who wants to "steal" Inuyasha from Kagome. ) Thank you for that!
child of neptune chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
I am a loner as well, it is so much more peaceful that way. You escape the drama that others thrive on and can go your own way without having to check and make sure others are ok with it.

Good story.
Foayasha chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Good viewpoint, and really, I am sure plenty of people have felt similar. I can't hate Kikyo exactly for this reason, although I don't really like her all that much either.

Even though it is sad, I liked it.
Beloved Bellflower chapter 1 . 6/27/2010
God, that's so sweet and sad! I cried when i'm reading it :'(

I have felt in love with Kikyo since the first time i watch InuYasha. I have tired about people who judge Kikyo so, and got her misunderstood.

You done the job well! Thumbs up!

xXthenextbookwormXx chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
I feel sorry for Kikyo. Admittedly she is nasty, but like the point you made here, one can't exactly blame her for some of it. I think maybe if she really tried she could be a bit nicer, but what did she get for that? She is kind and caring for others after being resurrected, she is most always to be found in some village or other, helping out, or treating warriors after a battle, or something like that. She just has a thing agianst InuYasha and Kagome, and maybe their friends, by association. I think the largedt problem with those three in the manga was that everybody was so confused. I feel Kikyo was totally disoriented by being dead and brought back to life, InuYasha was confused about which girl he favoured, and maybe about Kikyo's motives and stance in the whole thing. Kagome is confused about InuYasha's heart, and, to some extent, her own. That was the big issue with the little triangle.
XxMzMaryJaneWhitlockxX chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
i can see where she is coming her point of veiw...and her bitterness...her disdain fof being alone
kokoronagomu chapter 1 . 3/7/2010
why does kikyou forever fail to realize that all she has to do is fall asleep and if kagome is truly her reincarnation, she will BE kagome when she wakes?

and saying kagome is her replacement... i think the 'replacement' is a word that confuses me... when fics have kikyou call kagome a 'replacement' i think that she's putting herself down. when one buys a defective item, they take it back and get a new and non-defective 'replacement'. when something breaks or has become obsolete, one tosses it and obtains a new and more versatile/useful 'replacement'. -this always amuses me. LOL
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