Reviews for Fullmetal Thunder
Guest chapter 15 . 8/14
Wow, i wonder if everyone is gonna be in this or not. That battle scene was awesome. I hope Ed will learn how to fight soon.
Days358-2 chapter 15 . 8/13
Ha ha i can't wait for the next one!
DaWubber chapter 15 . 8/2
Woah. Wasn't expecting an update to this story... Still, nice to see you back.
CrizBN chapter 15 . 7/30
I honestly did not believe this story would ever live again. Wow. Also, I was wondering when Team Rocket would show up. Like, wow. Just, wow. Really good. Hopefully it won't be another three years before chapter 16.
June Hiryu chapter 15 . 7/29
I love u so much right now
xiulric chapter 14 . 7/29
Dude. DUDE. I'm tripping balls over your announcement you have no idea how very much I loved your fic back in the day. I even made hideous awkward fanart of it as a preteen and I'M SO GODDAMN HAPPY YOU'RE UPDATING IT. I don't care how much time has passed I'm dearly endebted to you for updating this thank you thank you
Lemonado Girl chapter 15 . 7/29
Fullmetal Thunder, it's been three (thousand) years. But damn, was it worth the wait. Great work as always. Hope to see more soon!
Karyn Phantom chapter 15 . 7/29
Welcome back! I baked you a welcome back cake. I hope you enjoy!
June Hiryu chapter 14 . 7/28
U little shit i luv u

No but seriously thank you A LOT for continuing this awesome story.
Alchemist Astrid chapter 14 . 7/25
You... you're not dead! YES!
Midnightkills chapter 14 . 7/23
I just started this story and I luuuvvvvv it :3 I know you just updated yesterday so im sorry for being demanding but pwease update soon:3
Sketchyflower21 chapter 14 . 7/22
Awesome! You're back! :D I know that the wait will be worth it! XD :3
a ghost named yukimenoko chapter 14 . 7/22
finally! You know how much I was waiting for an update? no matter how afternoons, just do not give up on your fic! they are amazing!
Ed FanGirl chapter 14 . 7/22
Yay! You're back! I missed you! I hope you update a chapter soon! ;D
Bagget00 chapter 14 . 7/22
About time! That being said; welcome back.
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