Reviews for Chaos Quest
Glimpse hedgehog chapter 3 . 10/7/2013
Hey silver first off I have to say this is an interesting story Don't stop just because of a lack of reviews. And now for my OC.

Species Mobian hedgehog

Name Glimpse hedgehog

Gender male

Age 20

Personality: he is optimistic, and cares deeply for his friends, but he has a temper that he tries to control, he also warms up to people slowly.

Look: looks like shadow but has green fur, gold stripes, and green eyes

Where they are sorrows end

History: he comes from a world that was in it's final days, he was created to save it but failed he is now looking for a new world to call home.

Powers: he has all of shadows moves and can learn new moves, he can turn super without the chaos emeralds but only for a few minutes, his fur changes to silver instead of gold. His signature move is chaos bind which only freezes a single person, he can run faster than shadow but not faster than sonic. He can chaos control to other worlds but can only do it once and it leaves him exhausted.
Amber-the-three-tail-fox chapter 2 . 8/31/2010
Amber The Fox

Amber age:16


Powers:ice powers

Animal:Two Tailed Fox

Birth Stonepal

Blood Stonelack Opal


Likes:Wearing pants,Flying,Video Games,Computer,Tv,Music you can say Techno things she's also a techno lover

Manga,Anime,Comic Books (her kind) and Regular books

Dislikes:being bored,mean people,chores,grossness,idots,hyperpeople,annoying people

Favorite Foodepperoni Pizza,Chips,Sushi,Cookies (chocolate chip)

Dislike Food: Brocalie,Carrots,Fish,Cheese,Bacon

Favorite Drinks: Root Beer,Water,Flavored Water,

there's no dislike drinks

Freinds:Sonra (Best freind) mostly a loner

Favorite Music:My Darlin,Darlin Please,Love is war,Fireflies,(weird name but she like it),KOKORO,Lamba Lamba 3500,Don't say Lazy,Bam Bam Boo,MeltDown,what hurt the most,Piece of Heaven,It's My Life,God knows,Astrosexy Redone,Thanks for the memories,Baby Looks at us

Personality:well she's quiet doesn't speak very much oftan unless she needs to though she's a tomboy I will tell you this she does alot of things but she's a loner she doesn't talk to people only Sonra Amber can get alot fistey and VERY MEAN if you be mean so be nice to her and she won't kick your ass she's very nice though if you be around her very like Sonra did also she's loves to wear glasses small or big and the cool part is that she can Kick ASS! wearing glasses without breaking them she be at quite places for she can read she dosen't like disturbance when she does something when bad guys or girls come around she uses her Ice powers to stop them with it.
hannyfish chapter 3 . 7/31/2010
wow am i really the first reviewer? surprising. i'm afraid i don't know what elf quest is but i'll give an OC a go

Species: Mobius-Hedgehog. What is a mobius anyway? Like Sonic and whatnot?

*Name: Dusk

*Gender: Female

Age: I have no idea. 17?

*Personality: Very sarcastic. Quiet. Gets annoyed with people who whine a lot or are acting obviously stupid.

*Looks: Black with blue streaks. Wears black boots and a red shirt.

Anything else of importance: Acts a lot like Shadow the hedgehog. You do know who that is, right?