Reviews for Cat'O'Nine Tails
Unwritten Scene chapter 1 . 7/17
I hope sakura ends up with Itachi or even Deidara. this story is pretty awesome. I'm a little concerned with how much Sakura just becomes a push over with some people, cant wait to read more
SomeoneWhoCares chapter 39 . 7/4
Please tell me Sakura's not gonna end up with that Sasgay here. I mean, Itachi is the first choice but Deidara'd do too...hell even that freaking Madara is better than that stone hearted ice-king. The poor girl has already suffered enough in cannon by ending up with the ass hole who never cared for nor respected(and STILL doesn't!) her, please don't make her suffer here in your fiction too.

Don't take my words as a flame, I really loved and enjoyed reading it, it's just that I really despise SasuSaku, for obvious reasons. Nothing against this story or you. :)

Have a nice day.
fairyninjaM4 chapter 39 . 6/18
Yaaay another chapter! wooot! thank you so much, it was great, as per usual. Lol everyones reaction to sakuras gift had me snickering inappropriately while my children looked on in confusion. Cant wait for more chapters, please keep up the good work.
carlavibes chapter 31 . 6/17
I cant' wait to see Naruto's reaction to Sasuke's cat form
GalaxyCat101 chapter 2 . 6/14
the fight scenes were amazing! Good job!
sakura2381 chapter 39 . 6/4
Love it keep going please this is really good
KittyCat134 chapter 39 . 5/30
Honestly, Sakura’s mother is pissing me off. Also Sakura’s attitude most of the times. She’s acting like a complete pushover.
Other than that, the story is extremely fun to read.
fanofthisfiction chapter 1 . 5/29
What a wonderfully crafted new and original story. There is so much possibility in what can change as a result of this S class mission too.

The details in the history mark this as a crucial time and having Sakura be the central protagonist (instead of Naruto) will certainly make for a new way of working though things.

I really enjoyed how the personalities of the characters are already shining though. Thanks for sharing!
FireDragonX23 chapter 39 . 5/25
This was perfect chapter to read after a long hiatus. Good to see you’re back.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/21
hilarious! Love the twist with Hito's meeting and the comedy with the akatsuki cats :)
mbravesgirl7 chapter 39 . 5/21
This is great! Comedy, action and romance is a masterpiece in here!
Guest chapter 39 . 5/13
Poor kitty hidan. I like itachi’s cluelessness. Still adore this story and so glad it’s still going. Best Naruto kitty fic out there.
Ori Heartlyng chapter 39 . 5/14
...Oh my. *waves* Welcome back Kaze! *hug* Who knew that Sakura's fiance was into 50 shades? x'D Anyway. Great chapter as always! Keep it up! *cuddling ensues with Kisame*
Mizuno Tenshi2 chapter 39 . 5/14
This story is hilarious and messed up... So, Sakura's fiance is a masochist... Or was turned into one. Flushing Hidan is great too. I look forward to the next chapter.
moor chapter 39 . 5/12
Okay, the scene with Itachi goading Sasuke by sweeping Sakura's bangs was fun, but the whole crate-unveiling was frickin hilarious! Also, nice touch making Itachi so innocent, I was almost in tears laughing.

Thank you so much for the fun update, and thank you for sharing!
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