Reviews for Cat'O'Nine Tails
Guest chapter 38 . 8/11
Update! PLEASSSSEEEEE! I'm begging you.
joey.chew183 chapter 1 . 7/30
This is my 4th time reading it and I STILL can't get enough ! Omg please please continue to finish this story ah this story is just too good I wish it would be in the anime or something. I look forward to the next update~
Guest chapter 38 . 7/28
I'd really love to read more
Sugarpuffluv chapter 38 . 7/27
It's been forever since you last update I completely forgot about this story! This has always been my favourite so I'm so glad you've gotten time to update date once agin. I can't wait to see how all the relationships progress with Sakura. I love everyone but lately I've been in the classic Sakura x Sasuke. We need more fluff! And more updates! (Though I don't mind waiting)
Guest chapter 38 . 7/25
Oh my lord, please don't stop updating. This is one of my favorite fic of all times I've come back to it an inumerable amount that of times, and have the same amount of excitement each time I read. I mearly cried when I saw you had updated it . Please don't ever give up in this story.
AllFourSeasons chapter 37 . 7/10
OKAY I HAVE TO MENTION SOMETHING BECAUSE I FORGOT TO MENTION BEFORE ( only one review per chapter is allowed , so I'm posting on 37)

why is no body talking about the writing for Sai?

That passage that you wrote about " how to tame your pussy"

HILARIOUS; allllll the akatsuki memebers were reading oh dear; even emotionless Sasori LOL . He had one eye directed to the book and Hidan was straight up reading LOL

I seriously don't understand why people are not raving over it.
AllFourSeasons chapter 38 . 7/10
I've been reading this story nonstop: literally my eyes are gluedddd onto the screen and HOLYSHIT I love kitty tachi it's the most hilarious thing to grace the planet.

Really cursing Karin and team Hebi right now but not as much as Madara and his scheming !

I forever ship itasaku!3
akampana chapter 38 . 7/1
I was Sooo happy to find this story again, abd with new chapters too! You'll never know how much I love your writing. I've been following this even back before I had my own account. I hope you keep this story going. I'm completely fascinated by how you managed to make a work so creative and beautiful, and I especially love how you wrote Itachi. He's easily my favorite character in the series. Plus, your Sakura is superb. She's so real. I just...I dunno...I love your writing so much. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 38 . 6/25
One of the funniest and most enjoyable things I've read on ffnet. Thank you for providing this. I was SOOOO excited when I saw it was updated. It's cute, funny, sassy and an intreaguing plot!
Guest chapter 38 . 6/7
Will you update faster from now?
meshou storm chapter 38 . 6/6
This is really good. I hope the next chapter includes what Itachi did to that scumbag in those missing 10 minutes.
UrNightmarez chapter 38 . 6/3
Hi! I was reading this fic and I immediately fell in love with it on the first chapter! I was just wondering if you would finish it though.. cheers!
AnimeNerd667 chapter 38 . 6/3
I've become addicted.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/1
Sakura is a savage
Jimin You Got No Jams chapter 38 . 5/25
Read this in one go. I LOVE it! Everyone is a kitty, its a sort of weird reverse harem where some are still reluctant to love Sakura and Kisame has a crush on Tsunade. I'm not usually into the harem thing but I really want them all to love sakura and the last three of the Akatsuki that have so far escaped the cat curse are won over by a combo of the usual Naruto conversion and Sakura's cute and caring kitty.

I keep imagining Tsunade falling for Kisame who becomes like a sort-of-big-brother to Sakura. Kakuzu is persuaded to stay by becoming the village accountant/budget master thereby cutting down Tsunade and Shizune's paperwork, who also develops a not-so-one-sided crush on him etc.

Like one big happy family (minus Madara, who does something stupid causing the others to abandon him and Tsunade to leave him forever a cat).

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