Reviews for There But For The Grace Of God
ccase13 chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
I think that without Dean's obsessive efforts to care for little Sammy and help his Dad that John Winchester would have done a lot more drinking and less demon hunting.
Lola Stang chapter 1 . 3/15/2010
:D love love it! It makes me so happy :)
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
aw this was awesome! bless! :)

i love this!
IWannaLiveInABigBlueBox chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
aw that's so true...dean is sam's big advantage. i like your title it's the title to a stargate episode. daniel goes to an alternate reality where earth is being attacked by the goulds that is really random for me to remember that episode do well...huh...o well
Katydid43 chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
I love your title, "There But for the Grace of God" so, so true. Nice job! Very poignant. I wish Sam would share things like this with Dean on the show. I know Dean would Hem and Haw, going on about chick flick moments and touchy-feely stuff, but deep down inside, especially now, he needs to hear it.
LivingForTv chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
Oh, you chose one of my favorite idioms - keeping demons at bay! Wonderfully apt. Also, I just adore the brothers standing united! Thank you so very much!
nwspaprtaxis chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
That's what I thought during that episode too... it wasn't Dad who stood between Sam and everything else. It's Dean. Dean's the one who willingly and selflessly places himself between Sam and the world and it's Dean who's the one who just fixes everything.
mousefiction chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
Good job!
buggyswifter chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
Another good one! You definitely hit the nail on the head with this one:)
DeansBabyBird chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
Hey Hunny.

I'd be fine too if I had John to take care of me...Umm he's a great big hunk of a man!

bev x