Reviews for Left Turn of Fate
ngregory763 chapter 36 . 9/19
This AU is awesome! I generally stick to cannon so I started reading this figuring I'd give it 2 chapters, well I was hooked by the time I finished chapter one. couldn't put the kindle down, lol! I can't wait to start on the sequel.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/6
I'm not a John fan but I love him in this and he is very in character
pipinheart chapter 36 . 8/13
It took me two days to read this, but I must say, been the most enjoyable read in a long time. Love Dean and sam here how before they knew they were brother's they had a connection. Its nice to see a story with John as a good father and taking the time he needs with his boys, not may out there you see the human factory with his emotions, a lovely touch. Are you planning on the sequel to this anytime soon. I'd love to hear it since I seen what was planned in it.

Love it!
jkwhedon1919 chapter 36 . 7/23
Wow! I love this! The first time I read this story was right after chapter 20 was published, and I remember at some points believing that you would never finish it, but I am so, so glad you did! I love the way you write these characters, like the way Cass will quote the Dean of the first timeline. I love the way you change their personalities, and the way you don't, and I love the way you mess with the plot but keep the themes. I am VERY into time-travel, so if you were ever willing to give a more in-depth explanation of how Dean being abducted changed things and why Cass remembers the previous timeline. But, if you're saving that for later chapters, I'm happy to wait. Thank you again for writing these! I can't wait to read more!
LunaBianca chapter 36 . 7/18
Thanks for the story, it was a fun AU!
LunaBianca chapter 32 . 7/17
Wow, an intense wrinkle with the spell activating with Dean's full name. I like you keep the danger present. :)
LunaBianca chapter 26 . 7/17
Yea for Castiel!
LunaBianca chapter 24 . 7/17
I am so proud of Dean for standing up to Trish, and working through the demon research. And Tiffany is likable, whether or not she becomes a romantic interest.
LunaBianca chapter 16 . 7/16
I really adore Bobby. :)
LunaBianca chapter 15 . 7/16
Still happily reading. :)

Purdue attacking Sam was quite an exciting twist! I wonder if Sam or Dean will later remember John's words about his two sons? Maybe they are lurking in the boys' subconscious...
LunaBianca chapter 5 . 7/16
Really digging this story. I appreciate that all the Winchesters are quick-witted and perceptive; you've provided reasons for why Dean doesn't remember, why Sammy hasn't consciously identified his brother, and why John is moving cautiously.

Poor Dean and his broken arm! I hope John instills some pants-wetting fear into Jake!
LunaBianca chapter 2 . 7/16
I am enjoying this! Thank you for sharing. :)
LunaBianca chapter 1 . 7/15
An intriguing beginning. I'll keep reading. :)
Doni chapter 36 . 7/6
Great way to end this book: John setting out to save his boys. Lovely work.
Nina Ferraro chapter 36 . 7/3
Omg,! This story was awesome can't wait for the sequel! Also can't wait I t for azzazels plan b I see some fun reading in my future!
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