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blackheart4life chapter 24 . 6/1/2011
ooh a scene inspired by season 3! hahaha, Go Blair! i'm glad it's just a game for them here. Though I hope it won't always be a game, this was cute. it seems she initiates these games and he goes along with them for her, which is incredibly sweet. And she's pregnant! Ahh Chair babies! D their snark is always welcome and loved, "You could still spank me," she offered, and he laughed." i literally laughed out loud at this. You really get their dynamic down, or at least i feel you do. i enjoy it immensely."Yes," she whispered, and then kissed his bruised mouth so gently he could hardly tell that it was a kiss at all. "And I love you too." ANOTHER PERFECT OUTTAKE, amazing story all in all. It was absolute beauty :)
blackheart4life chapter 23 . 6/1/2011
Their wedding night sounds amazing. i really like how you make him considerate towards her, they still have that fire but he is finally showing her his sensitive side also."Chuck Bass is a romantic." Blair let her fingers drift over his torso, over the harsh lines which littered his back. "Who knew?" I'm a sucker for Chair lines (aren't we all?) and this was just PERFECT!"He had never been loved before." I actually pictured him looking serene here, almost at peace, and i loved that image. it's great that they share passion but more than that even as Blair has her doubts, he knows just what to say. Or perhaps it's because it was honesty..."Silly girl." He brought her in that bare inch closer, that bare inch that spelled everything and nothing between them. "I'm not Chuck Bass without you." Okay I think this was THE BEST LINE EVER. I couldn't help but grin like a fool3
blackheart4life chapter 22 . 6/1/2011
Louis! I am Team Dark Knight ALWAYS but i can't say Louis doesn't have a warm place in my heart. he is the one guy i think could truly be firm competition against Chuck. Good thing that here he really isn't, it's just means for Blair to irritate Chuck. Which she does D. hahaha it's amusing seeing Chuck jealous, and only because he made her jealous first. Darn i thought Blair would rlly win at Wild Card. But i'm not disappointed that it's actually Chuck that wins *grin* Chuck Bass is the best seductor EVER! And he is such a tease :) AHHH this was such a pefect finish. This story deff. had it's harships, its own sadness, but all throughout that you pulled through with a head-strong Chair and a happy one at that also. I LOVED this D
blackheart4life chapter 21 . 6/1/2011
i loved dorota's first response D!"Miss Blair." And to the great surprise of both, Dorota bent and kissed her charge lightly upon the forehead. "You are good girl," the maid said firmly. "And you have good, kind heart. Even ten Mister Chucks battering the house down will not change that." awww! So Blair was running because she feared the words were still not sincere? I have to say i can see where she's coming from. HA I love how they start playing the "i hate you" scene reminded me of season 4 when chuck and blair have hate sex on the piano. It's incredibly intense but in here i love how you continue it,she gives herself to him willingly and then she gives in to her love. And he does too. His proposal had me squealing like a fan girl. Just LOVE!3
blackheart4life chapter 20 . 6/1/2011
since we never rlly heard about chuck's past i'm surprised to learn Bart abused him this we also get to see what stops him from openly loving someone, he doesn't recognize love without pain. That's so sad :(.I am curious since Blair says she's not rlly good with the game, did chuck have an ulterior motive on having her play? or was it sincerely so she could gain her freedom or lose it?"Chuck put his lips to her ear. "Do you mind? That's ten thousand pounds you may have just thrown away." idk why but i found this endearing :).Personally i also don't know how to play poker but when blair started to basically have a meltdown i srsly thought u were going to have her lose. And then Carter lost and i almost yelled TRIUMPH outloud xD! OMGHETOLDHERHELOVEDHER! he finally said it! he said the words! And she only thanked him xD I can only say this amused me to no end, i just LOVED IT!
blackheart4life chapter 19 . 6/1/2011
IT'S A SET UP! Friggin Carter,jerk! i really love that blair catches on but unfortunately she's not rlly in a position to fight him...i can't believe he drugs her! Friggin asshole! i just absolutely loved the next scene. I read it, then read it again, and read it a third time."You cannot deny it," Lady Abrams conjectured to her friend, sipping champagne with a curl of her lips. "The boy has style." I couldn't help but agree with this assesment. By the way this actually kind of reminded me of Harry am curious, i know Chuck arrived at the "whore house" alone but from the previous scene i thought nate was going to go with him? i felt so bad at the condition that chuck found blair :(. oh man i can't believe she dislocated her shoulder, the fact that he could set it was kinda surprising. Theis scene was incredibly bittersweet, chuck is finally bearing out for her.
blackheart4life chapter 18 . 6/1/2011
CARTER AND BLAIR! i was not expecting that. And in a way i feel foolish for feeling surprised...idk."As far as I can see, his greatest crime was to help you," Serena countered hotly. "I have thought you many things in my life, Blair, among them cold, callous and cruel, but because you are my sister and my friend I would never have voiced these aloud." Her blue eyes glittered, darker than frost. "But I would never have guessed you for a whore." DUDE! My jaw literally dropped at this, i mean i kno where Serena was coming from but dude! I was glad when Blair slapped her even thou in a way i think it hurt her also, you know? The second scene confused the characters are omnious and unnamed i can only tell they're selling someone? a female? aww Chuck is trying but blair is still too hurt, at least Carter can take her home. Maybe she can reflect and heal herself? what the hell happened with the carriage? holy crap. what just happened? (to the last scene)
blackheart4life chapter 17 . 6/1/2011
Chuck copes in what way he can...I'm honestly surprised that the person he finds comfort in here is Lily. I love what she tells . we know chair is worth it :).At first I was confused at what Chuck was doing at the shop until Dan's name was called out and until Chuck asked to "borrow" him. Well shit, honestly Idk why i didn't expect Dan to be the father of georgina's spawn."Give me one good reason why I should refrain from killing you." I may have giggled aloud at this line D. UGH CARTER! Okay my distaste is driven away by the fact he went there to clear the air...but even as he did,i'm not sure anything is solved/fixed.
blackheart4life chapter 16 . 6/1/2011
I loved the Arhurt/Guinevere/Lancelot reference here! And Dorota3. AHH! Chuck taking action,scheming, taking what is his? LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really enjoy the play in that scene. He starts off prety simple,without threat but in the end he shows how deadly he can be, it was friggin hot! Oh man i didnt expect the heartbreaking scene between Chuck and Blair, it tore at my heart ((. noooooo
blackheart4life chapter 15 . 6/1/2011
This scene reminds me of when Blair went liberal in GG i believe in season 1, or was it two? man i have such a horrible memory but i basically love how you wrote it. Chuck seething in the sidelines, Serena angry with Chuck and then Chuck going for the way she almost seduces him...ugh and then Marcus. YES! I loved the punch, loved Chuck putting him in his place, just YES!
blackheart4life chapter 14 . 6/1/2011
I thought Blair would actually send Chuck away but she braves it on. I still hate how their meeting goes though, the fact she's still planning on going through with the wedding because she is so hurt is wrong :(. Blair is coming out! well...she's going libertine / though I loved the end.
blackheart4life chapter 13 . 6/1/2011
Damn Georgina and her plots! i like that she got the information for Chuck but she's up to something...AWW I love how you started writing Serena, it was really amusing honestly. And her standing up to Chuck for Blair? Friggin priceless!OMFG! I expected Georgina to do something brash but DUDE! Poor Blair/3
blackheart4life chapter 12 . 6/1/2011
Oh noes! Blair is engaged! Ugh Lord Marcus sucks. This was a great chapter, i loved Chuck's jealousy (but of course, i always do :D) but i didn't expect Penelope to be his sort of...helper? I suspected Georgina would be able to get the information for Chuck but I was still sort of unhappy he went to her. But a man has to do what a man has to do right?
blackheart4life chapter 11 . 5/29/2011
Angst does always follow Chair around doesn't it?
blackheart4life chapter 10 . 5/29/2011
This is all kind of confusing at first since some time has passed but from what I've gathered they are going to be attending Serena's engagement party? Chuck is so persistant! I have to say considering how indifferent Blair used to hold herself, I do understand that Chuck did help break her walls down and right now she's heartbroken, but the fact that she opens up to him still after he broke her heart did seem a little surreal to me. I'd think she'd fight him harder than she has /
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