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Jessie chapter 6 . 4/26/2015
Okay, I really liked it, thought it was okay. Thanks for the warning, I know kids just mess around looking for stuff like this, and I appreciate you trying to stop underage knowledge. thanks.
P.S.-this review is for all chapters
MajorRomantic chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
so romantic! totes luv Frank and Nancy!
Weird request, could you write a totally romantic scene like this 4 Barbie? THere's not hardly any over there.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/28/2012
dude, IM never going to think about that food without blushing...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
oooooh, what if someone hsd walked in?
loved it!
Audrey chapter 3 . 6/16/2011
I'm surprised they didn't choke on their food!
angry penguin chapter 6 . 6/15/2011
:) Excellently done.
Severedwasp chapter 5 . 11/7/2010
Kinda quick, but definitely enjoyable. Gracias :-). Very interested to see how the dinner with Carson Drew will go and where you'll take this. Great work!
LilyoftheValley4 chapter 4 . 9/10/2010
Denise Allen,

First, I want to commend you on a great story about Frank and Nancy involving no mysteries. I have enjoyed the simplicity of their life in Must Have Been the Mistletoe. I believe you have done well in staying true to the characters.

I am glad you have also removed some of the innocence from the characters in righting this sub-fic to your original story. Most writers shy away from sex scenes. I understand why you wanted to separate the two aspects of the stories in order to keep it friendly for everyone and give people the option of indulging in the sex scenes, but I wish you didn't. An author should never be afraid to come out and write it like it is. The physical aspect of Nancy and Frank's relationship is just as important as the emotional, especially since it's never addressed in the regular series. Sex is a normal part of everyone's life.

As I mentioned before, I'm glad you have written sex scenes, but even in your sex scenes it's obvious that you hold back most likely because you're trying to be "tasteful". I don't want that to sound like a bad thing, but I believe properly referring to genitalia and orgasms for what they are and how they feel makes it more real. I respect you're writing. You have talent, but you referring to this "edge" all the time makes me want to jump off it. These are passionate moments between these characters. Show us what it means to either of them. Give us their experience. Give the readers the whole experience, with the story. This is just something I'd like to see more of from you. I don't mean any disrespect and I look forward to your future stories.


PrincessSkywalkerOrgana chapter 4 . 7/29/2010
angry penguin chapter 3 . 5/18/2010
angry penguin chapter 2 . 5/18/2010
Wow. Very well done.
angry penguin chapter 1 . 5/17/2010
Oh ... Wow! Very well done. Very.
KennaC chapter 3 . 3/22/2010
lol - love the food play. Very nice.
babygirl94 chapter 2 . 3/17/2010
Loved it. It was written nicely. Can't wait for the rest of the story.
Hanner Nanner chapter 2 . 3/15/2010
Very good. I think this chapter is very well written. Can't wait till the next chapter!
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