Reviews for Secret Sex
misscullen86 chapter 51 . 5/15/2023
Gosh I went back and re-read this entire story when I saw the update and I think I loved it even more the second time around. So beautifully written. I loved the ending but I’m glad to have the sneak peek into their lives again. Well done xoxo
Camila0803 chapter 51 . 5/14/2023
História linda demais
Há tempos que não vejo uma história apenas focada no amor dos dois.
Sem tanyas e jacobs importunando
dreamthief19 chapter 18 . 5/14/2023
omg as someone named Erin I was always so jealous everyone else had a shortened version of their name but I never did. air is cute! I never even considered it. my family's "nickname" for me was urine.. so... definitely prefer air. lol
CynMar Rom chapter 51 . 5/7/2023
Oh my God, girl. I did not need to be choking back tears on a pharmacy parking lot, yet here we are. I got the alert for this chapter and of course I started from the very beginning to have the content fresh in my mind.
I've been slowly re-reading my favorites list since I rediscovered my obsession with fanfiction. I took a few years off reading, life happens, you know.
When I was younger all I wanted to read was the happy ending, and how they'd be married with kids and disgustingly happy.
But now that I'm older, and I have a five year old of my own, this kind of chapter is what gets me all in my feelings.
Thank you for sharing! I hope there's more where this came from.
chocolate teapots chapter 51 . 5/7/2023
oh my how did I miss this update. thank you thank you thank you so much for the glimpse into their future
foxen1 chapter 51 . 5/6/2023
This has always been my very favorite story ️
VryUnique chapter 40 . 4/30/2023
Edward is really sweet! I want one…
VryUnique chapter 38 . 4/30/2023
Poor Charlie but I loved Bella’s words afterwards.
VryUnique chapter 37 . 4/30/2023
I finally have my answer I have been wondering about! Edward and Bella have never strayed! Yah!
I also think that Edward should have added in that after being alone and celibate he comes home and hears how a guy is answering Bella’s phone in the morning. She had actually dated someone, though I’m glad to know she wasn’t intimate with him.
So I guess Emmett isn’t as clueless as we all thought, I did say he might be doing on it on purpose. I think Edward should have expressed how Emmett’s actions helped to keep them apart. Him throwing the girls Edward was screwing in Bella face didn’t help the situation. What is even worse is that he acknowledged that he knew they were having problems when Edward had stayed in New York. Since he knew that than the only point to screwing with Bella was to rub salt in her wounds, why would he do that, it’s fucked up.
Emmett was an asshole with his comment about the ring, Edward should have looked at him and said “this is why”.
We already know the whole relationship was kept secret so they weren’t under scrutiny like they are right now. Edward early point was made.
VryUnique chapter 16 . 4/30/2023
Emmett is so clueless.
VryUnique chapter 30 . 4/29/2023
Dying to know…
VryUnique chapter 29 . 4/29/2023
Pretty extravagant gift.
Edward had to get roommates at college and complained about the price of books.
VryUnique chapter 28 . 4/29/2023
I can’t believe Emmett doesn’t know they are together. I really hope Edward gives him some shit for all the stuff he had said to Bella about other girls.
VryUnique chapter 34 . 4/29/2023
Nice…. But Edward was still only giving minor details.
VryUnique chapter 41 . 4/29/2023
Awesome! I liked Edward’s words. I was a bit disgruntled had Charlie because Bella isn’t a young
girl anymore and at her age this is what Charlie should want for her.
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