Reviews for Secret Sex
Guest chapter 49 . 9/17/2014
Absolutely adorable chapter . . . turtleneck dress with puffy sleeves . . . funny . . . had me giggling. Sigh, the next chapter is the end :(
ChristyWIX chapter 50 . 9/17/2014
I'm not quite sure I can express how magical this chapter was to read. I love that you went the route of narrated, so we can get a glimpse in, around and throughout all of the characters. Brilliant! I loved hearing Bella's voice finally. Don't get me wrong, Edward is always my preferred voice in fic's and you did a fantastic job with him. Yet, finally hearing her voice here and there in the chapter was wonderful. His messages on her body in light grey . . . swoon. Charlie's, 'her mother and I do', . . . . my heart. The beauty of their love, and as selfish as this sounds, how much it resonated with me in my own fairy tale life. Some things you said, was as if you pulled them out of my, or my husband's minds. We never endured separation as your BxE did . . . never longer than three days . . . so that part was very much not us. The love though . . . goodness. The speeches, his to her and hers to him . . . they were both powerful. I really loved that you put the journal entries in hers . . . so much. It gave their guests the insight of just how long they loved one another, how long she relied on him. On each other. As a reader, the journal notes, pulled by Renee herself, showed us how she saw what it was, even back before it bloomed into what they have now. What, I guess, they've always had. I loved the description of their sliding glass, accordion doors and that beautiful backyard. Such a beautiful setting, made more so, by the decorating fairies . . . it sounded like a incredibly romantic setting. His and her undressing of her was so perfect . . . adding the humor of the caveman grab up to their bedroom. Ending on such a lovely note, 'our future', bringing the chapter full circle with the grey ink. Seriously an amazing love tale . . . the years and the journey . . . thank you for sharing your imagination with us in the fandom.
ChristyWIX chapter 48 . 9/17/2014
I've always found him very capable of words. The way he thinks about her is always very deep. I realize that's all you, not him . . . but, to think he is having issues getting his words out, that's just silly to me. He'll find them and they will be beautiful. This selection, I just loved, as it explained how my husband and I never have had a single fight, in the twenty-four years we've been together, " . . . not in the way Bella and I never fought-we were cut from the same cloth, we very seldom had a difference of opinion as it was, add to that our history together and if we ever did disagree, we usually handled it without production." Every once in a while, I may not agree with my husband, or he with me, but it has never ever got to the point of a fight.
ChristyWIX chapter 47 . 9/17/2014
You made me crave yogurt, granola and oddly, peaches. Cute 'lil chapter. Your end a/n mentioned fatal family emergency . . . my condolences . . . these many years later.
ChristyWIX chapter 46 . 9/17/2014
Funny stuff there. Mayonnaise the crap out of the had and the brush and pull . . . it'll loosen right up and slip out . . . lots of finesse, but it works. No need to be clipping anything at all. Poor Olivia.
ChristyWIX chapter 45 . 9/17/2014
I love that they are living together, around family, enjoying family life with all of them. The planning of the wedding sounds like it's getting out of control. She can reel them in, I just know it. It was really cute, the conversation between Edward and Carlisle, about trying to get pregnant. To hear Esme's squeals, when Carlisle gave her the news later on, 'cause you know he would . . . may have been deafening . . . hehehe. The End . . . your readers probably flipped out . . . that you would end it there . . . HA! Lucky for me, finding it nearly three years after completion, I know there is more . . . YAY!
ChristyWIX chapter 44 . 9/16/2014
Another grandmotherly woman for Edward to bond with on the airplane. I loved that! I never knew how much went into a dissertation. For some reason, I thought it was much like a thesis . . . only in different fields of study. That's quite a lot to go through. Goodness. I loved that they finally outed their relationship to the family, that of course, everyone already knew. The engagement wasn't even a surprise! They all already knew that too. Too funny! The closeness that bind them, was also the closeness that spoiled their non-surprise . . . hehehe. At least the date will be a giant surprise that will have the women in a flurry . . . August thirteenth is only a few months away. I did that, my husband decided late June we should marry in September, we chose the eleventh, and started frantically planning. Just celebrated twenty-one years of marriage five days ago. I kind of liked that it was just Edward, Bella, Alice, Esme and Carlisle there for this. That Jasper, Rose and Charlie weren't ther to wrap up his east coast life. Don't know why, as it wouldnt have mattered if they were there . . . just thought it was sweet. Did Alice and Jasper marry somewhere along the line? I don't recall. I absolutley love, love and this story has so much of it. Sad it is ending soon.
ChristyWIX chapter 43 . 9/16/2014
That house sounds absolutely amazing. That island is fantastic too. I've been to Seattle and seen it. I can easily see why it would be in the top five places to live in the USA. Whether it's true or, you embellished, I can see it. The story behind that ring was one of the most romantic things I've read in this fandom. Being the age that I am and watching people pass away from the horrid disease of cancer . . . I can see where that ring Renee created with Bella, was created for Bella. Renee having those delightful moments with her daughter, creating this beautiful thing . . . knowing that, most likely, she'd already discussed with Charlie, to keep it for Bella. That any man worthy of their daughter, would know of this symbolic piece, and want it for Bella. As Edward said, any other ring, would be unworthy of her hand. Absolutley beautiful proposal, just magical. Perfect location, perfect setting, perfect couple and perfect ring. Fantastic job on this chapter!
ChristyWIX chapter 42 . 9/16/2014
As i knew they would, that family couldn't have been more proud of Bella and her book. Also, very excited for her and her accomplishment. Edward worried about Charlie, had me taken aback . . . only because, I saw it as him processing. When he did finally speak, it was so understandable the way he felt. Of course, you had to separate these two again! I knew that she comes off that plane with 'their' family . . . but, I was thinking she flew home a week or two before to visit with Charlie . . . and just flew back with them. Your way is so much better. For her to go home to finalize her book and get that house . . . yeah, so much better. That was a hot dream she had . . . loved that she called him . . . you scared me with the time, but it was worth it! TMI: I've had those dreams, of my husband, with him in the bed with me. Waking me up after . . . ahem, completion . . . surprised as hell. You really can't help those dreams . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 41 . 9/16/2014
A big giant part of me is so happy that Bella and Edward were together when the news came through announcing Amelia's birth. The way it hit him so very hard that he wasn't at home for the birth, was nearly overwhelming of him. The thing that made it better was that Bella was there with him, and she was just as sad they weren't home. Them getting home as soon as they could arrange was sweet. His elation of meeting and holding Amelia for the first time was very well written. Esme's reaction to it was so touching. Their decision to start looking at homes in Seattle on that trip was a great natural step in their lives starting the next phase. When it came to him heading over to Charlie's house to ask the question . . . I was yelling at him to stop brooding . . . that they are already together so deeply, Charlie has to be expecting this. So, when he opened that door and got past the awkward beginning . . . Charlie's 'oh, hell', was fabulously perfect. I loved both of Charlie and Edward's remembering her growing up . . . the different versions of the very same things . . . that was very good as well. I love that you flew through the eight months of his schooling and their visit, with a simple sentence of just that. Love that this is progressing and they are finally at or near where they were at chapter one. It has been quite the fun journey. And, your top a/n, I think I've been quite patient, so there! Although, I've got the luxury of reading right through and not waiting through, what appears to be years, of this story and the updates. You found out you were pregnant in one chapter, then had that baby in another . . . it's been less than a week here . . . hehehe.
ChristyWIX chapter 40 . 9/16/2014
I would read that book. I would buy it for my best friend and my two sister-in-laws who all lost their mom's. That little excerpt you created of what Renee wrote to Bella was just beautiful. Really lovely, sad and well, beautiful. The part with Emmett calling Edward to wife-sit was wonderful. I knew the photographer caught BxE . . . well, you sort of gave that away with him hearing the click . . . but, I expected it to be in a surprise book from Esme, not in the actual wedding photo book . . . eek! The words he shared with Rosalie was good for him to do with her. Which reminds me, I wonder if he ever got around to talking with Emmett about his relationship with Bella? Clearly, everyone knows, but I still would've liked the heart-to-heart between brothers . . . if they even bothered after that blow up when Olivia was taking her mermaid bath. They may have just left it at that. Edward was really quite pissy with Charlie's pissiness . . . hehehe. Edward cranky from the drunken baby-sitting duty . . . Charlie cranky from whatever set him off at work. Not a good combo. Funny though. Carlisle explaining to Charlie the difference between daughter and son and their others was really cute.
ChristyWIX chapter 39 . 9/16/2014
Although, I can hear the 'pinned you', I can't remember which Disney movie it was from. Bugging me. Her late nights at Sorso, sounds entertaining. The owners and workers must really like her? As they have to kick her out often. Sort of funny, in a way. Funny, that you mentioned our Pacific coast weather . . . we really are spoiled and have no seasons. I've been in the San Francisco Bay Area my whole life . . . we have 'no-jacket' or 'do-I-need-a-jacket' seasons. I only own an actual coat, because I needed it to travel someplace cold a few years back. Thank goodness it is a classic style, for I have no idea when I'll wear it again. What has she been keeping from him? That must've been an evil cliffie with your live readers. Thankfully, I can just click 'next' . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 38 . 9/15/2014
You finally got them on a plane home together . . . both terribly exited to be living together . . . but, you just couldn't pull that trigger, could 'ya? You just had to keep them apart longer. At least you got her in the same time zone. When Carlisle and Edward were having their heart to heart about knowing the others pain, in missing their wome . . . I thought, 'oh no, she's going to get Bella on a paper in Seattle' . . . I figure that is where she'll eventually go but, seriously, you had me worried. This is both bad and good. She will be busy with work . . . which will allow him time for his dissertation planning or writing, or whatever . . . yet, they can still see each other whenever the need gets too strong. They can even try to get those weekends back on track. They may miss a few here or there . . . and I think she needs to make an effort to come to him more often . . . but, they will be just fine . . . separate, yet together. I mourn the pink daisy sheets too.
ChristyWIX chapter 37 . 9/15/2014
Your Edward is so adorable, wonderful, romantic and thoughtful. To throw in him going straight from the airport to his niece's ballet class instead of Bella's house . . . made me adore him even more. So freaking cute those toddlers trying. The love she had for her Uncle Eddie was too sweet. Quickly distracted by her present. Then later when she wanted to play mermaids and count to ten . . . too cute! I'm glad they finally got around to that conversation. It was six years overdue. The way you worded that waaaaay back then, it sounded to me that they did have other partners. However, knowing their love, I thought if they did in fact do that, that it would have been purely physical . . . as neither of them would've been able to put any part of their hearts into it. Glad to know, they never strayed. I mentioned in a much earlier review, that I didn't think Emmett was as oblivious as Edward was thinking he was. Then just the last review, or the one before that, I was wondering how dense Em could possibly be, with all of his off and odd comments. So, thank you for having Emmett blow up at Edward in this chapter finally. I've never understood Edward's reasoning behind wanting that to be an 'in person' conversation for him and his brother. Again, very glad they finally had it out, sort of. He really should sit down with him, either while he is there, or on the phone later when he's back in NY, and let the whole story flow out of him. It was really kind of mean of Emmett to be throwing these comments out over the year, knowing they would hurt ExB somehow. I guess just being mean, because he wasn't getting what he wanted from Edward? I think I'm with Edward, and wonder if Emmett's really been raised by the same family that raised Edward.
ChristyWIX chapter 36 . 9/15/2014
Whew, long one! That was hard to get through while working today. We were busy. I hate that, especially when I want to read, not work. Don't they know they pay me to read . . . geez! I liked that you went back to the dinner in this one and through the bit where he made the decision for her, without even realizing it. I really liked that she gave him shit about that too. At least it made him realize that she is all grown up and can handle everything life throws her way . . . together they have strength. The baseball injury was a surprise . . . what with how hot it was outside . . . well, in his apartment must've been just as hot . . . so, I don't blame them for going outside. Antibiotics, sex and pills make babies . . . I'm going to let my head go the shot route and know that they didn't just get pregnant for having sex on antibiotics . . . since the shot isn't affected and the pills are. Neither of them are in a spot right now in their lives to have that happen . . . eek! Emmett was funny . . . assuming Edward has another girl in his life that is accident prone. Emmett can NOT be that dense . . . I refuse to believe that. Edward keeps saying, for years now, that he will speak to Emmett, yet never ever gets around to it. He really needs to call the man and have it out. Otherwise, he is going to feel really bad when everyone around him is not surprised and he finds out that they all knew but him . . . and possibly Rosalie. Well, after the Rosalie and lube demonstration . . . she HAS to know too, right? She can't be that dense either. RxEM in their dense little baby making bubble. hehehe
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